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Should Lakers fans root for the Miami Heat or the Dallas Mavericks?


Lakers fans are in quite an uncomfortable situation.

To root for Dallas or to root for Miami, that is the question.

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of cheering for a team that swept you, or to embrace a sea of trouble by siding with LeBron James.

Seriously, the options are dim.

James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh already ruined our Christmas, 96-80. And now they have a 50% chance of wearing those cute little championship caps that should have belonged to our boys in purple and gold. Not our summers too!

And the Mavericks, well, they made Pau Gasol look bad in the playoffs -- I hear "soft" has officially become a bad word in some school districts -- and they are the catalysts behind Magic Johnson saying that Jerry Buss needs "to blow this team up."

Wasn't Kaboom one of Shaq's nicknames at some point? We sure could've used the Big Fella during that series.

I digress. (Choosing another team really is that hard.)

Anyway, Game 5 is Thursday night.

Lakers fans: Which team will you root for?

-- Melissa Rohlin

 Photo: Lakers fans. Credit: Cary Edmondson / US Presswire

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What a SAD state that lakerholics are praying, pleading and hoping for a Mav’s win. This is what you have been REDUCED to, a pathetic SAD @zz fans.

Posted by: Lionel | June 09, 2011 at 02:35 PM

Or, we are true NBA fans and are just fans that want to see the vet team that has been climbing to the mountain top through trial and tribulations finally earn its due. I can't speak for anyone else but for me I would love to see Kidd, Dirk, Terry, Marion, and Tyson get their rings as well as that awesome coaching staff.

I'm not a Miami hater; I just believe you have to climb to the top after getting knocked down. Detroit past Boston, Chicago past Detroit, and now Dallas past San Antonio and the Lakers. I would hate to see a team of young guys in there prime put together by free agency win it all. At least Boston in 08 was a bunch of vets that have paid their dues and it was put together by the front office with trades of their young assets.

This is how my cousine put it,

since I choose not to root for any team, but here's how he put it...

he said " wouldn't you at least be better knowing that we got swept by the Champs? lol " so yeah I'm going for the West if I have to choose...

Lechoke didn't earn the name King, he was given a BS nickname that don't mean squat!

I also choose to root for the Vancouver Canucks and not Boston!

i love b-ball, i hate marc cuban, but i do like/love dirks game, i do appreciate/respect jason kidd. as for the the question is do i hate marc cuban more than i love dirk's game. well, i have listened to people say that cuban is a good owner, gives them what they need to win. so i have to say that if given the options ( i tried just enjoy the game without rooting for some one and i ended up turning the channel and watched "kloe and lamar"),i have to say go? mavs???

Honestly, I HATED, HATED, HATED Dallas for sweeping our Lakers. I used to fabricate stupid reasons to convince myself to hate them even more: i.e. the ugliness of their players (Dirk, Marion), the awkward shot release of Marion, Jason Terry's attitude, etc, but after watching them battling Miami, whom Bulls couldn't keep up with, I would have to say that I have some sort of new found respect for Dallas.

I'm not a Miami hater, I am a LeBron hater. I feel that his move to Miami to form the Big 3 has already changed the NBA. If Miami did not have LeBron on the roster in this finals, I would be rooting for Miami - because I truly like Wade as a basketball player, not to mention that I still think he's better than Lebron.

Go Lakers!
Go Mavs! (for this year's finals ONLY)

[I'm finally back after dealing with a bunch of Type Pad nonsense.]

I'm not rooting for Dallas as much as I'm rooting AGAINST Miami.

The Miami Heat are bad for basketball. They're an artificial monstrosity in a town never known for any meaningful sense of basketball passion.

And they've got a jerk on the team with the term "CHOSEN 1" stenciled into his back.

When I last checked there was only one "Chosen One" and he was living near the Sea of Galilea approximately 2100 years ago... and he wasn't playing basketball.

I hate Mark Cuban, but at least the Mavericks play as a team, they only have one superstar on their team, play defense and have fine coaching.

They're also from the West.

The Heat set a bad example for basketball and professional sports. They are ultimately the inevitable monster which-was-to-be generated from Darth Stern's leadership.

Darth Stern (starting with Michael Jordan) made the game about superstars, athletic ability (pizzazz!!), and individual accomplishments.


Because superstars sell jerseys. Superstars sell merchandise. Superstars sell to the selfish instinct in our society that it "can be all about me."

It was only a matter of time as athletes grew up in this marketing culture that it would overtake them, they would believe the hype, they would become the hype, and the essential beauty and spiritual aspirations of the game would become lost in materialism, narcissism, and spectacle...

..until the point where it becomes all too much and people begin to lose interest and move on to something else.

If the Miami Heat become the overwhelmingly dominant team in basketball, it will severely hinder the popularity of the sport for years to come.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


No struggle with me: Mavs, in a heartbeat. Even tho' they beat us (well, we beat ourselves more than they actually took it but I digress), I've always had a soft spot for Dirk and have always wanted him to get a ring (and now that we're out of the picture, I can root for him =) ). Plus, Dirk is playing like this is his last chance so I'd like to see that all rewarded. I hate that over-rated Tyson Chandler will get major press should he get a ring, but he can get exposed as the fraud he is when we come back next year.

The Heat winning it all will change too many things culturally. Because even tho' Wade has literally carried the Heat, Lebron will be crowned King, which makes no sense. That and a new era will be "proclaimed". See, if Dirk wins a ring, the status quo stays the same. Lebron getting a ring means he's arrived and his very silly self given nickname will become an "era". And all the bandwagon Lebron lovers will ignore how bad he's choked in the Finals and spin it into "his limited play was for the best of the team." So, if it wasn't for Lebron, I could deal with Wade getting his second. Bosh is whatever to me.

Watching the Finals now.

Observation 1. Lebron should dominate this Finals. He is guarded by Jason Terry most of the time.

Observation 2. Dallas defense is good. especially the zone.

Observation 3. Miami's shooters and big three should have a field day with this defense by Dallas.

Observation 4. Clearly and without question, Wade is Miami's MVP not Lebron.

Observatpion 5. Terry is a streaky shooter and nothing else.

Observation 6. Dirk is the series MVP, second close is Wade.

Observation 7. Dallas is well coached.

Observation 8. Lebrons' one-on-one defense is a suspect.

Observation 9. Lakers is still the best team in the NBA with how it is currently setup. Long rest will benefit them next season.


Observation 8 should be: Lebron's one-on-one defense is exposed as mediocre.

WE are all Witnesses....

Terry claimed that if the mavs scored 100 they can't be beat.Well they did,so did miami but oh well.So they now have 2 chances to close.(he just said it in the interview again lol).Anyhow sticking with the topic, definately the mavs.They beat the champs,so rightfully so,also payback ,and karma is a b.... Like Noah said those guys are to hollywood,a couple a punks too btw.The chosen 1,at least he had 2 4th quarter points.

VI Lakerfan..

Btw that type thingy sucks,I tried and tried to change my handle,all I see is something about subscribing,Oh well.. Go Lak,. I mean Mavs.............

yeah, definitely the MAvs... they beat us... it would be a eral downer if they should lose to these Heaties.

I don't blame them for sweeping the Lakers because, frankly, the Lakers didn't deserve to win it this year anyways with their sloppy, lacksidaisical play.

As long as the Mavs can finish it up in Miami, I'll be happy.

Scott, I agree with you about the sweep. But I believe it was more of having nothing left in their tank than lackadaisical play. Of course when your body is tired and you have no more strength left, you tend to play like that. I don't even blame them for having played like they did. 4 years in a row to the finals is just too much to ask for any team having to go through 82 games during the season not to mention the playoffs.

I just would like to share this very interesting article from foxsports.. well... i find it funny that LBJ has to this to himself...

Don't care who you're rooting for, These are both good teams and they both earned their way to the finals, and they're playing like it.

Tonight was the best game of the playoffs. It was like watching two heavyweights go back and forth - one team would go on a run and take a lead, then the other team would come back and take it back. Miami came up a little bit short at the end, but they played well for most of the game.

But now Miami gets two games at home, so it's tough sledding for Dallas from here on out.

Barea and Terry played tonight like they played against the Lakers. I think they've been getting a lot of the shots they want for most of the series, but tonight they were hitting them at a high rate, like they did most of the time against the Lakers. They're going to both need to shoot that well in the same game for Dallas to win one on the road.

I have a feeling LeBron will really step it up at home. DWade is already playing out of his mind basketball. He's a remarkable finals player.

May the best team win (but I hope it's Dallas :-)

Wow, I don't think the Heat can come back from this loss!
POLL: Given the Maverick's victory in game 5, do the Heat stand a chance of the comeback?

What a SAD state that lakerholics are praying, pleading and hoping for a Mav’s win. This is what you have been REDUCED to, a pathetic SAD @zz fans.

Posted by: Lionel | June 09, 2011 at 02:35 PM

Hello, Lionel ... I guess you don't understand the concept of cheering for the conference of your favorite team even when eliminated by another western conference team in the Dallas Mavericks.

It's all about western conference over the eastern conference and that's all. Oh, by the way... try to control you vulgarity so you don't have to use @ and other symbols... speaking of pathetic, you take the prize!

Go Mavericks!

From Day 1 of the Finals I want Miami to win beacuse Dallas beated my Lakers.

Now thats funny beated my Lakers? I will never root for the Heat event though I do like DWade. I just hate how they went about forming a title contending team instead of paying their dues and going through the heartbreak year after year and then being able to appreciate that first title because you know you worked so hard for it, the whole organization worked so hard for it. I think what Lebron did was pretty selfish. True an employee has the right to work for who ever he wants. but he left because he could never get over that hump. They had great teams in Cleveland and believe it or not was decently coached. Looking at what I have witnessed from Lebron the last few games in the finals... Cleveland and his teammates was not the problem. He needs to look at himself in the mirror. If MJ had the athleticism and the talent the LBJ has there aint no way on earth he would score less than 35 ppg in the finals. The main reason that I am rooting for Dallas is because the way they have played all playoffs long they deserve to win and deserved to beat us (Laker Fan till I die). The main reason I want Miami to lose and have all season long is because I hate what they did last summer. Keys to the city? Title parade with no title not even playing a game together. That was pure disrespect to the other teams in the league and disrespect to basketball and everyone that has worked hard to try and win it all. You have 2 of the top 5 on the same team and then 3 of the top 20 players in the league as your big three? just totally not good for basketball.



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