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Golden State Warriors add Jerry West to executive board

6a00d8341c506253ef0147e2a5adaf970b-320wiFormer Lakers General Manager Jerry West has joined the Golden State Warriors' executive board, a role the team said in a statement will involve him helping out in a "wide-ranging capacity" including basketball operations, business, sponsorship and marketing efforts.

"I’m excited about this opportunity and, quite frankly, humbled that the new ownership group with the Warriors inquired about my interest in joining the organization in this capacity," West said in a statement. "I’ve had the good fortune to work for two wonderful owners, Dr. Jerry Buss [with the Lakers from 1982-2000] and Michael Heisley [with the Memphis Grizzlies from 2002 to 2007], as an executive and I know that you must have a commitment at the top to succeed. I sense that is certainly the case with the Warriors or I would not have made this decision. This role is appealing at this particular time because it will provide me an opportunity to remain close to the game and contribute to an organization in a meaningful, all-encompassing manner."

The Warriors said West will report directly to owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber and travel to the Bay Area, though West plans to remain living in Los Angeles. West plans to meet with Bay Area media Tuesday. The San Jose Mercury News' Tim Kawakami first reported that West would join the Warriors' front office in what he called a "non-decision-making advisory role," a move Kawakami described as "aggressive" and "surprising." The Warriors are also hiring a new head coach, which has included Lakers assistant coaches Brian Shaw and Chuck Person interviewing for the vacant position, as reported by The Times' Broderick Turner

“We are elated to add Jerry West and his incredible list of credentials to our Executive Board,” Lacob said in a statement. "His accomplishments in this business as both a player and executive are almost beyond comprehension and certainly well-documented. He’s simply a winner and, quite honestly, you can never have too many of those in your organization."


Magic Johnson, Chick Hearn and Jerry West statue inductions filled with emotion and humility

Snapshots from Jerry West's statue unveiling

--Mark Medina

Photo: Jerry West, left, speaks with Magic Johnson at the Farmers Field announcement in Los Angeles on Feb. 1, 2010. Credit: Nick Ut / Associated Press

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Congrats to the logo, but wish he would've joined the staff of the Lakers again!!!


Watching the Mavs play Oklahoma City last night, in between long moments of struggling to control the urge to shatter the eye socket of this drunk toolbag who kept leaning on my shoulder and blabbering incoherently statements that invariably included "You know what I'm sayin', dog?" or ""Me and my peoples, you know, we got it going, you know, fool?" while I was trying to focus on the game... I repeatedly thought to myself, "How the heck did these guys sweep us? More importantly, how did we not beat them?"

Quadruple urgh.

Observation: A person who uses the phrases "you know" and/or "you know what I'm sayin'" every sentence has no idea what he's talking about and you only empower his ignorance by responding with "Uh huh."

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


We are just in the beginning of the Jim Buss era. Many more will come. What is going on with the coming of Jim Buss? First, Jerry West moved to GS instead ofLakers; Second, PJ seemingly annoyed on his last year and never talked to the new Emperor; Third, the Cap is furious of being forgettable in the Laker management.

Is Jim Buss a Darth Vader?


Thanks Ludwig that you like my insights about the 60's. (in previous threads)

You said: "This is not to diminish the monumental sacrifices of Vietnam vets as a whole, by no means, but there was always an element of "self" and "me" amongst the baby-boomer generation and it continues to this day, this, even though the '60's were sold as the "we" generation."

I don't know your age bracket whether you lived in the sixties or just read about them. I wish to make some clarification on the people of the sixties in general not the one in particular issue directed on the whining Cap. Since I was a teen during the sixties, I can tell you that it is a selfless generation. True, Maryjane and drugs were prevalent in this era as I said in previous posts it is more of a protest from the ultra conservative upbringing of their parents and grandparents who realized hardship representing the generation of wars. Here are some famous quotes that described the sixties: "Make love not war"; "Flower People"; "Do not believe the establishment"; "Keep on Trucking"; "Don't trust anybody anybody above 30"; and many more and lastly it's selflessness - "Peace bro which still applies today as Peace Man".

I am not romanticizing its importance but it is the age of renaissance that usher us to age of technology, pop music and rap and all things around us today. It is like traveling on time got to a fork road, shall we go traditional or some new sceneries? There, we chose to something new, that's the 60's as a turning point. To this day, Kareem thinks it's still a turning point for him. On the other hand, if you are a patient of Leukemia, penniless and unappreciated, it understandable to release that pressure brewing from within. When he meets the Creator, he will be at peace that he already said what has to be said.

Amen, Jon K. I know what you're sayin' , dawg, you know?

As a teacher, the only thing that offends me worse would be "what time is practice AT?" - makes me nuts

Or, the inevitable - "Your" welcome - UGH!!

Edwin - You've been winning a lot of these awards lately. But I can't ignore your constantly insightful and interesting comments. Thanks very much for your presence here.

@HOBBITMAGE … ROFLMAO. It’s ridiculous to blame Pau’s collapse and disappearance on Drew, especially since he took off the summer to rest for the first time since joining the Lakers. To me, this is the same crap that Pau’s apologists keep trying to sell to explain why he folded and choked. I am really surprised that you would buy such a feeble and weak minded excuse. The reality is that teams started to get physical with Pau, which took him out of his game and undermined his confidence.

As for throwing Kareem under the bus, you need to read what I wrote about his deserving a statue in front of Staples. As great a player as Kareem was, it’s obvious that teams are not lining up to sign him up as an assistant coach much less as a head coach. I would suspect that part of the reason that the Lakers severed ties with Kareem as a special assistant coach was that they did not think much of his coaching skills. As Magic showed us, being a great player is no guarantee you can be a great coach.

As a blogger who appreciates effort more than anything else, you might want to applaud the Lakers 7-footer who works and plays hard and tough instead of lauding the big man who quit and played soft. At any rate, I am going to ignore your continued harping on what should now be long forgotten trivial issues that really say nothing about the character, contributions, or value of Drew to the Lakers. You will have to find another participant to continue this moot debate based on ludicrous premises.

We really are headed into a new era with the Lakers. I'm not too confident about Jim Buss' skills or lack thereof. I feel like he's out to prove himself -which is normal - which is going to cause the franchise to remain winless - championships - for quite a while. Time will certainly tell.

I wish Dr. Buss had rehired Jerry West as our Lakers GM. Too bad that the Lakers have to settle with Mitch; in my opinion, he is not doing a good job.

Edwin has been here as long as anyone I remember. I'm glad his comments are making the front page, because he has some excellent viewpoints.

Jim Buss era might well be like witnessing the rise of the evil empire (oppressing the common folk) - who knows. Will have to wait and see.

But it's an uncomfortable feeling, to say the least, to watch Jerry West help build these other teams up, while we witness our own team implode.

This sounds like Jerry's way of protesting the Lakers' treatment of Kareem.

To add more to what I said Ludwig before I call it a day, the baby boomer generation will finance this generation their future Social Security and Medicare through their life insurance and 401K savings. To this day, baby boomers continue working because their sons and daughters are always getting laid off every five years. There are no more jobs out there that will last for 30-40 years. Luckily the CEO's were halted in outsourcing this growing bunch of boomers to China, they don't like whiners and protesters in their area.

We are still back to the same question, who will be the Coach? What will be the changes in the roster? Shall we still stick to triangle? I think we will always stick to triangular decision in everything from Jerry, Jim and Mitch.

What the hell is happening in Lakerland these days? Let's recap, shall we?

-Pau Gasol plays worse than we've ever seen him play, and weird rumors surround him, Kobe and their significant others.
-Lakers bow out in 4 games in the 2nd round
-Lakers blown out in game 4, with Kobe nowhere to be found
-Lakers act like petulant children at end of game 4
-GOAT head coach Phil Jackson retires
-Kobe tells Bynum he'll have to "fall in line" rather than recognizing that perhaps the young fella should start to see more touches as he enters his prime and as Kobe exits his
-Lakers consider MIKE FREAKING DUNLEAVY as a head coach option
-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar goes on a bizarre self-pity spree and disparages the organization, embarrassing himself and the Buss family along the way
-The great Laker Jerry West gets hired by the GSW, a Pacific Division rival

I'm about 2 seconds away from punching the nearest person. This has been an unbelievably frustrating couple of weeks.

With Jerry West going to the Warriors, can a trade of Stephen Curry for Walton and some deflated basketballs be far behind?

With Jerry West going to the Warriors, can a trade of Stephen Curry for Walton and some deflated basketballs be far behind?

Seems like Jerry West wants to be anywhere instead of the Lakers front office. That place must be a mess right now. Kareem must have been right. He is a good guy, Jerry West is a good guy and they both have a bad taste for the Laker front office. I will add that Jerry West is not the greatest guy in front of the press either. He always seemed like a nervous wreck but he did get his statue outside of Staples Center before the GOAT Kareem. Im happy to see Kareem letting us know what the real deal is in that Laker front office and I am also happy that Jerry West is back in the business doing what he does best. Now if only we can start talking about Kareem coaching instead of Brian Shaw. What does Brian Shaw know about winning basketball championships(without Phil Jackson) that Kareem does not know?

Edwin Gueco is good people.

A fine Lakeraholic.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


To Jon K.
I hate to break the news to you.I see you post on different blogs. No doubt you are a true fan. In regards of what do we play for? The answer is money. It is not rings it is money. 90% or more of these fans can not afford to take there family to a laker game and get middle of the road seats. We are talking $1500.00 for a family of four. Half way up. Not courtside and not in the nose bleed section. Then when they get there the players do not feel like giving there best effort. Kind of disguting insn`t it?

I think this loss hurt worse than losing to the Pistons in the 2005 Finals. I was a complete mess afterwards. I'm meetings some Lakeraholics at The Sweep in Sherman Oaks tonight to drown our sorrows.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Posted by: Jon K. | May 12, 2011 at 03:18 PM

In this tragic comedy, one sweep drowns the sorrows that another sweep caused. This is like a painting I can stare at for hours. The ellipses have come full circle.

How long until the Warriors inexpicably send Stephen Curry and Dorell Wright to the Lakers for Trey Johnson?

I don't know what happened that caused West to avoid the Lakers, but we are far worse off because of it...

Congrats on the Friedman. Once again, well said sir!

Now that Jerry West is part of the Golden State FO, maybe we can pry Stephen Curry away. I know it was stated that he's currnetly in a "non-decision making roll," but honestly, how long do you think that will last?
This guy is one of the best ever in peiceing together a winning team. They will listen to anything he has to say.


So surprised that Brooks left Westbrook on the bench during the fourth. Hopefully, his confidence will grow in Maynor, Westbrook will become even further disgruntled and want to return home to L.A. I can dream, can't I?

If Mike Dunleavy becomes our head coach, I might just have to be a full time Clippers fan next season.

A below average couple of weeks for the Classy Laker organization!!


The Lakers have shown a commitment to excellence that has brought them to 50% of the Finals since the NBA was born.

That much said, I was equally disgusted by their effort against the Mavs. They did not play like Lakers.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Watching the exodus of Laker greats from the admin, business and sports side make it seem that there is a power grab going on.

That the Buss Family let Jerry West go to Golden State shows that a string of incompetent moves and player trades are forthcoming.

This is just not right. Why is Jerry West going to Golden State?

Jim Buss is a space cadet...get ready Faker fans, it's going to be a bumpy flight...

Now we can move West's statutue to Oakland and put up Cap's. We needed Jerry's help and he goes to a in division rival?!?!

Plus it was West who started this season's downfall by throwing bombs in the press that this laker team (kobe)is to old and slow. If he really thought that he should of kept it in house or go and work with the team.

I think Jerry doesn't want to work for LA out of respect for his friend Mitch. Regardless of any front office position he takes with Lakers, it would greatly diminish Mitch's role and power. He has said this in the past.

Love the comments on Jerry cutting more good deals for us.
The Logo is a Laker (double agent ) for life.

So who do we want off the GSW roster, cuz Jerry's gonna HOOK US UP! Just wait.

Does this mean Zeke will not be involved with northern trust (LA Open)
golf tn. ? He really did a good job inproving it ??

The first things Jerry West must do is make Jeremy Lin a starter. That's my boy.

Congrats to Jerry West. Anything he touches turns into a rose. We know what he did for the Lakers as player, coach and executive. He took the pitiful Grizzlies and turned them into a contender. As a life long Laker fan, it pains me that he'll play a pivotal role in turning the Warriors into a contender. It may not happen year 1 or 2. But I expect by year 3, we will see the Warriors with a team worthy enough of getting into the playoffs {thanks...or no thanks to Mr. Clutch :) }


As I said, your love for Bynum has caused you to miss the point.

The point of the last couple of posts was about how the Lakers treated
Kareem. Which I clearly stated.

I clearly stated that Pau played like a chump. I also clearly stated that you
have no knowledge of Kareem's personal skills and throwing him under
the bus was uncalled for and without merit.

I also listed the things that Bynum has done which was relevant to discrediting
your lame attempt to throw Kareem under the buss and magnify Bynum.

These are the cold hard facts:

Pau has been more instrumental to the Lakers winning championships then
Bynum has.

Bynum played well after the all-star break.

Pau played like a chump this year.

Kareem is feeling dis-respected by the Lakers.

The Lakers will not 3-peat.


Many thanks for your thoughtful reponse, it's always appreciated. The following is so true, "On the other hand, if you are a patient of Leukemia, penniless and unappreciated, it understandable to release that pressure brewing from within. When he meets the Creator, he will be at peace that he already said what has to be said."

Well said!

As for Jerry West... it bothers me greatly that the greatest GM this sport has probably known, the Logo himself, Mr. Laker, was pushed out back in 2001-2, and is now working for the Warriors. What is wrong with this picture? Why did the Logo even have to work for the freaking Memphis Grizzlies?! That, too, was asinine! The man should have never left! Obviously, Jim Buss does not want to share the power with anyone. Mitch Kupcakes is a tool, a yes-man, and can obvioulsy be pushed around. Jerry West is the opposite. He threatened to quit his job in 1986 if the old man didn't cancel a trade he had made by himself with Dallas, shipping James Worthy out of L.A. for Mark McGuire.

Jerry West stood his ground and ultimately paid dearly for it. Jerry West was a power to be reckoned with. Mitch Kupchak is a pawn, which is why he's still here after a decade of horrible moves (which perhaps were not all his fault, who knows???). Obviously, Jim Buss is not threatened by Mitch Kupchak. He was threatened by the immortal Jerry West. After all, with Jerry West as the GM, any and all credit would go to Jerry West, not Jim. But this is Jim's show now. He wants to prove his metal, that he somehow deserves the innately arbitrary position he has inherited through the genetic lottery. His desperate ego surely can't afford to share any credit, certainly not with the Logo.

In the end, isn't that why the greatest GM in the history of basketball is no longer an active member of Lakerdom?

I remember that West retired on his own terms. As a matter of fact he was a special consultant to the Lakers when he took the Grizzlies job stating" Retirement is not what I thought it would be" and "This opportunity gives me a challenge to do something unique". Magic sold his interest in the Lakers because it is well known that he wants to own a NBA team. He also sold 105 Starbucks at the same time. It was time for Shaq to go. As Tex Winter said "(O'Neal) left because he could not get what he wanted -a huge pay raise.there was no way ownership could give him what he wanted.Shaq's demands held the franchise hostage and the way he went about it did'nt please the owner too much".So in the seven years he has been gone he has made 130 million. averaged 16.1 ppg and has one ring..the Lakers have two rings and 130 million. As for Kareem for someone that was so introverted and sullen during his playing days towards the fans and press its amazing why he wonders why he has not gotten any coaching jobs...he knows why. He needs to start acting like the Hall of Famer that he is and not like a whinning 4 year old. If he wants a statue so bad why does'nt he just build one for himself? Someone said Gasol was pissed about something during the playoffs. He was pissed because someone stole his HEART, because he sure didnt play with any during the play-offs...Just my two cents

Chickens home to roost? For the last 3 years, Mitch Kupchak was the he's the goat. Now that we lost, everybody knows why? We with it, and try to get better. I'm upset about the way the team performed also, and I am not a fan of a player or coach "announcing" their last year. I don't remember anyone who announced their final year going out a winner. I believe the team tuned out a "lame duck" coach. It's not an uncommon thing.



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