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Video: Watch Kobe Bryant's pregame shooting routine

With each jab step, pump fake and pull-up jumper, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant gradually built up a rhythm that he hopes will prove instrumental in Game 2 Wednesday night at Staples Center against the Dallas Mavericks.

The game doesn't begin until 7:30, but Bryant began his half-hour pregame shooting routine at 4:30 p.m., mixing in mid-range shots all around the court. Lakers Coach Phil Jackson expressed displeasure after Bryant engaged in a rigorous postgame workout following the Lakers' loss to Miami in early March, believing it would exacerbate his fatigue level and provide further risk to injury. But similar to his routine before Game 1 of the Lakers-Mavericks series, Bryant's routine was far from physical. Bryant jumped very little when he elevated and the shots he fired weren't close to game speed, an approach most likely attributed to his sprained left ankle.

But this being the Black Mamba, his shots definitely fell, something he hopes continues after having a mixed performance in Game 1. He led the Lakers with 36 points on 14 of 29 shooting, but he committed a turnover and missed two of his last three shots, including a potential game-winning three-pointer.

--Mark Medina

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His ankle looks fine, so does his shot. What I wanna know is who are the two chubby guys hanging with Kobe on the court? How did these two phat asses get so lucky, they surely don't look like atheletes????

Shalom, Lakers.

The bottom line is this, I want to see the 2 teams that have the biggest basketball fan-base to meet in this finals. That is, the Lakers and the Bulls. Once that happens, I'll call the games fairly. I need the ratings and the revenues. As you know, Phil has won 6 rings with the Bulls, and it's most appropriate (for me to) give a well deserved sendoff with a win and his 6th ring with the Lakers.

I thought I share this with you, the Laker fans, and allay any concerns you (may) have.

is he practicing passing?



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