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Steve Blake takes Ron Artest to school in sandball, but Artest accuses Blake of cheating

Ron Artest threw with the same inaccuracy as his questionable long-range shots. His defense looked nothing like it does on the basketball court. And his conditioning only two weeks removed from the 2010-11 season surely looks like he may want to start off-season workouts early.

Artest's impromptu pickup sandball competition with about 50 fans Sunday on the beaches in Southern California epitomized his fun and down-to-earth persona. But even some of his most passionate fans playfully teased Artest for appearing overmatched with Lakers guard Steve Blake. On one play, Blake threw a blitz on Artest and pressured him into throwing an interception, prompting Artest to charge Blake for counting "5-Mississippi" way quickly before charging the line of scrimmage.

"Steve that was too fast," Artest playfully shouted at him. "We're taking it to [NBA commissioner] David Stern!"

"I just followed the rules," Blake insisted. "They said count to 5 Mississippi and I said 5 Mississippi and then I rushed him. He's not ready for this quickness right now."

When I asked Blake if Artest was just being a sore loser, Blake cracked, "That's what [sore] losers do right?" In turn, Artest responded, "No sore losers. He was being a sore counter, a fast counter."

In fact, Artest had a point. Go to the 1:54 mark in the video above and you'll see Blake blitzed Artest after only three seconds. But as Artest readily conceded of Blake's team, "They went 4-0 today."

There were plenty of memorable moments that defined Artest's fun persona. He kept switching back and forth on whether he wanted the football field to run parallel or perpendicular to the ocean. When he placed a few cones on the sand to mark the end zone, an on-duty lifeguard appeared moments later asking for the cones back. And of course, there was the competition between Artest and Blake.

On the first possession, Blake exposed Artest's poor secondary skills by throwing a touchdown pass to a fan Artest was covering, leading one fan to tease the Laker forward, "You got burned on the first play!" On the next play, Blake scrambled out of the pocket from a blitzing defender and found an open receiver moments later. And plenty of Artest's deep passes proved too difficult to catch.

As someone who has jokingly aspired to play in the NFL after his NBA career is finished, Artest has plenty of areas to fix. Good thing he plans to have a sandball tournament throughout the summer. 

"I was horrible," Artest said, laughing. "I just couldn't catch. I couldn't convert nothing. This is all bad. I have a lot of work to do. We're going to break [Blake] in and see the next game, though."


Ron Artest plays in a dodgeball tournament.

-- Mark Medina

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Aren't they supposed to be "fishing?"

There may be no denying the Heat's superiority at this point. I have a feeling they are going to sweep the rest of the games against CHI. Derrick is their only "real" offensive weapon and he's a Point Guard. Not good. Boozer is playing like he's drunk and Noah is like a glorified Varejao.

Too much offense and defense on Miami's side. This could be it folks. All of the LeBron haters whether it's his "Decision," tossing out the "race card" or his aim to win a "chip" in order to advance his brand and become a billionaire may have to deal with the reality that he and the Heat are on their way to winning it all this season. I don't think Dallas or OKC will be able to beat the Heat; the Bulls are certainly on their way out.

It was only a matter of time before LeCrab won it. But remember, he has some pretty good backup, and I'm talking about more than Bosh and Wade. He has Riley.
I'm getting more pissed every time I turn on the TV and don't see our PnG playing. Obviously they can't win every year, but I'm used to good effort, at least. Ah well - at lease SoCal is so beautiful that I can lose myself at the beach. But come training camp I'll be right back in it.

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!1

Should this be any surprise? You take two of the top four players in the game, and throw in the best power forward, and even a fool can predict the likelly result. The interesting thing to me is that the league allowed such collusion and for players to rig the game. What happened in Miami is bad for NBA basketball, but good for ESPN, who owns or is owned by Lebron James. Now is Stern going to allow other players to rig the game as well?.....I bet he doesn't.
If you put Kobe, Durant, and Blake Griffin on the same team, and you could mail in a championship as well. Anyone can figure that out.

So ....this is what the Lakers do in May when they don't make it far in the playoffs

Nice reporting MM. Great to see these types of videos of the Lakers during the off-season

After flaming out in the second round, Lakers fans have been pretty quiet as they anxiously await any news about who will be the team’s new head coach and what roster improvements will the team make.
What jumps out at me as I watch the Bulls vs. Heat and Mavs vs. Thunder in the Conference Finals is that none of these teams are really better than the Lakers when we bring our A-game. While that may sound like sour grapes to the trolls, it is something to keep in mind when looking at roster moves.
It’s looking more and more to me like the Lakers are going to surprise everybody with their selection to be the team’s new head coach. The Lakers slow and steady approach to choosing Phil’s successor probably works against Brian Shaw or Rick Adelman being chosen since both are also being talked about as prospects for other NBA head coaching positions. The delay may well mean that the Lakers will make a surprise move. Hopefully, it will be picking someone like Jeff Van Gundy, whom I would greatly prefer, instead of a former Lakers’ coach such as Mike Dunleavy, whom I really dislike.
The fact that we now have a second incident where an NBA player used an anti-gay slur during a game surely indicates a league wide educational effort is needed to teach professional basketball players that such slurs are a serious matter and something to which they need to pay attention. You would think that a league dominated by African-American players would be more sensitive to the damage and hurt that can be caused by using off-color slang and crudities that demean any minority group.
The more I have thought about it, the more I think the team’s top priority in the offseason is going to be to get a new starting point guard, regardless of whether the team opts to stick with Brian Shaw and the Triangle Offense or goes a different direction and hires a new head coach outside the organization. We just cannot continue with Derek Fisher as the starter. We need a point guard who has the speed and quickness to help cut down on penetration and the leadership to intelligently direct the offense.
There are three reasons which I specifically believe demand that we upgrade the point guard position. First, we need a playmaker who can push the ball in transition to get easy baskets. This is where we really miss Jordan Farmar’s contribution. Second, we need a playmaker who can get the ball to our bigs in the post. You cannot play inside-out basketball if you cannot get the ball inside. Imagine how many dunks Andrew Bynum would get if he had CP3 or DWill feeding him the ball in the post.
Third, we need a point guard who can get the ball to Kobe Bryant in position to make easy baskets. The way that teams are guarding Kobe on isolations and pick-and-rolls make it very difficult to isolate him the way we have in the past, not to mention how such isolation plays bring the offense to a halt. It’s time now to begin to run plays to take advantage of Kobe’s midrange jumper much like the Celtics run plays for Ray Allen, using screens and motion to get easy shots from within the offense. Kobe will much more effective as a focal point WITHIN the offense rather than always GOING outside it.

Based on Artest and Blake's struggle in the play-off they should start practicing basketball not football where they both have no future at all.

@LUDWIG ... It was common knowledge by the time that the Lakers and Grizzlies made the Pau trade that Marc was the top ranked center in all of Europe. He was a main reason why Memphis was willing to trade Pau. They got a top center prospect as well as Kwame’s expiring contract.

Posted by: LakerTom | May 23, 2011 at 08:06 AM "

If this is true, they did a good job of hiding it. I remember most of the talk being about how excited they were to get Javaris Crittenton.

@Larry of LA & Tom Daniels – I’m with you both on BShaw as the next coach. I think Adelman would do a good job also (short term).

@ :-( - Booze was big yesterday…at least offensively with 26pts/17reb. If he can keep it up it still may be a long series.

@Oregonian – Not many here are rooting for the Heat, but if they do win it…it’s because they’re the best team…not collusion. If they do win lets show some class and congratulate instead of hate. The Lakers can’t win every year.

"... Obviously they can't win every year, but I'm used to good effort, at least."

Agreed 100%. Phil Jackson's last season was clearly his absolute WORST. The players probably sensed that he was just coasting and taking it easy since early in the season. Obviously the players take their cue from their coach and all season long they never put up the effort and hustle required to repeat.

Yet another reason why Brian Shaw should NOT be coach. He was part of the coaching staff responsible for this CATASTROPHIC DISASTER of this season.

Whatever happened to ACCOUNTABILITY? Why is everybody giving Phil Jackson, Brian Shaw & Staff a free ride?

When you have the BEST team in basketball money can buy (#1 payroll) and you can't do better than a 4-0 sweep in the second round that's SHAMEFUL and INEXCUSABLE.

Curious to know how the lakers plan to get DWill or CP3 given their current financial situation and their complete lack of expiring contracts. Would YOU trade Bynum for Chris Paul??????
Perhaps Eddie Jones can come out of retirement for one day!!

Well looka here, Lakers on the BEACH. What a SAD and pathetic sight, the 2x champs playing in the SAND why don’t you just put your head it, you did in the playoffs. This is what they've been REDUCED to, a disgusted, dysfunctional cast of under achievers. Remember that slogan “If were healthy NOBODY can beat us 4-7”

Dude...I've been beating the Heat as the new NBA Champs all season, and all you Lakerholics, HATER has to face REALITY. It just makes you SICK...don't it haters.

Six and counting, when you turn on your idiot box to ESPN and behold the KING getting his RING. You can only ask yourself WHY, HOW and WHAT HAPPENED to 0ur team. The bottom line, next year you can'll be the same results. Just be happy that the Heat won't be busting you a new one in the FINALS. Just start a BANDWAGON to say a PRAYER for the Mav's, but how bad can a sweep get? 4-0 with a 36-point @zz kicking to BOOT. SAD, Go Heat

@LakerTom: Right on! Derek Fisher has had NO BUSINESS being a PG for a championship team. And that's for at least the last TWO years...

I just could not stand it whenever people talks about Fish's intangibles such as leadership or toughness or whatever... blah blah blah.

Fish's total lack of PG's required skills cost the Lakers dearly. When Kobe and/or Shaq were able to dominate the opponents his deficiencies were masked and made up for but that is no longer the case.

Let's face it, Derek Fisher has got to be the WORST passer in the league as far as PG goes. He also is the WORST slasher AND finisher as well. Worse still is his horrible and lousy Defense that makes the Pick n Roll a Lakers sore point all the years he's been here.

Perhaps either Fish or Blake need to go but there is no question the Lakers will need a more-than-adequate PG if they are to stay an elite team. The free ride on Kobe is OVER...

Also second your opinion on JVG also my #1 choice. Anybody who knows anything about basketball and has listened to JVG would have come to the same conclusion I did: this guy is a real GENIUS at the game and knows the game inside out.

Stu Lantz for Laker coach!

Lakers will have Dwight Howard, Bynum/Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, CP3, Kobe NEXT YEAR!

Bench: Blake Griffin, Yao Ming, Steve Nash

re: the heat. well you can't have that much talent without it showing itself eventually. as much as i find lebron's style rather obnoxious, i can't deny his game. you are seeing bosh begin to really find his place on this looks to me like heat and mavs. thank goodness for the barcelona/manchester united game on saturday

if only Dfisher would retire and be an asst coach to BShaw,am sure they will have a great coaching tandem coz they are both familiar with the triangle.

Seems they are having much fun since the season came to an abrupt halt! Almost scary that it seems like they are actually "enjoying" not playing!

Maybe these clowns need to go shoot some 3s in stead of playing in the sand.

Lifeguards use cones to mark emergency access areas. I can understand why the lifeguard wanted them to be put back where they were. Maybe if people asked to borrow the cones or offered Lakers tickets for next season they could have kept using them.

What is there left to say.

GMoney...................Please take your your rediculous opionions and bandwagon to the Heat blog where people actually care!!! You know what? If they DON'T win it, it would be a travesty in the making after all the maneuvering they did to to get to South Beach. Just remember.. Kobe wanted better players around him not go to an All Star team. Pretty much shows the LACK of confidence La Brick has in his abilities to have to ride DWades coat tails. HE IS NOT A LEADER but a FOLLOWER. Oh, pretty relaxing playoffs cause NOT all people care about the Heat enough to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!

To think we are stuck with "The Brick Blake" for 2 more years @ 4 mill each...that alone will prevent us from making it back to the finals next year. Not to mention Luke's contract...sheesh, we are doomed...LOL. Add to that Fish not wanting to step down...can't say I blame him times are tough! At least with a new coach we should be able to develop our young talent like Ebanks and Farmar. Oh, thats right, he wasn't good enough for PJ and we let our best point guard walk out the door...sorry my bad!
This team has a lot of work to do if they want to make it back on top. The core is good euough...but must fix the "problems".



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