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Ron Artest should have apologized for ejection, one-game suspension

After his clothesline of Dallas guard Jose Barea earned him a one-game suspension, Lakers forward Ron Artest offered no semblance of an apology.

"No reaction," Artest said of missing Game 3 Friday in the Lakers' semifinal series against the Dallas Mavericks and losing $57,476 in pay. "Ready to move forward."

He reiterated that phrase eight times in response to all sorts of questions, including whether he had remorse for smacking Barea with his forearm, whether he was frustrated and what are the issues currently plaguing the Lakers as they face a 0-2 deficit. This is, frankly, Artest dealing with issues he doesn't like to address, whether it's talking about an ejection, a poor shooting night or his comfort in the triangle offense.

It's incredibly inaccurate to question the validity of Artest winning a citizenship award last week for his help with mental health charities because it's well deserved. It's too misleading to categorize Artest's ejection with 25 seconds remaining in the Lakers' 93-81 Game 2 loss as the demons surrounding the Malice at the Palace seven years ago reemerging because he's changed since that episode. And it's a bit reactionary to think Artest's absence will prove a devastating effect, considering his 6.5 points per game average in five of 18 shots (27.8%) during this series.

The Lakers aren't sweating his suspension, with Coach Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant both saying they weren't surprised with the ruling and Jackson only telling Artest he'd likely have to sit out a game. But with the Lakers dealing with a myriad of issues affecting their play, Artest could've at least expressed some regret for letting his team down. Instead, he gave nonsensical answers that only fuel his perception as an aloof and reckless player, even if that's far from the truth. 

Surely, Artest doesn't want to make this story any bigger than it could be, but he's shown his best side when he's talked openly about topics either both good or bad. But don't tell that to Artest because he'll only offer one response: "Ready to move forward."

-- Mark Medina

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why should he have to apologize? that wannabe thug did not apologize when he shoved blake from the back during the regular season.

A clothesline? Ha!

Somebody needs to go pick up some tapes from the eighties and see some real clotheslines.

Artest was trying to foul Barea to send him to the FT line and extend the game. He just reached out at the same time that Barea was changing directions.

@Chicken Littles

Please stop with the dumb trades and suggestions for Phil. I love trade talk more than anyone and will engage with my 2 cents between July 1st and the trade deadline, now is not the time. Why do you like the Lakers? When things are going good who do you admire the most on the Lakers? For me it is Kobe, and that simply means I have faith and believe in Kobe’s heart and determination that will carry us to the top once again.

Purple colored glasses you say? Why wouldn’t I have purple colored glasses on? I’ll take them off when the Lakers are not in the playoffs, otherwise why be a fan at all? Irrational you say? I’m not talking about the Indiana Pacers I’m talking about the 3 time WC champions, the back to back NBA champions; I’m talking about Kobe Bryant & Phil Jackson because experience does mean something.


I gotta say, man. These "he should've done this" threads are ridiculous. He should have apologized according to WHOM?

Onward, seriously.

Go Lake Show!

Repost from last thread.

There were two important things to take away from Game 2 of this series and those are that the Lakers first round struggle was not an abberation and the Lakers home fans at Staples Center are terrible fans. Pau Gasol's uninspired frist round play continues but the Lakers problems are much deeper than the Spanard forgeting how to play winning playoff basketball. Shannon Brown has been lost since mid season, Barnes has not yet recovered from his knee surgery, and who knows what happened to Steve Blake. Fisher's age is starting to show with no heroic shot his defensive problems and lack of offense are more noticable. After a strong first round Artest went back to his inconsistent ways along with Lamar Odom. Kobe looks tired and for the first time a little old, still looks like the best player on the floor for the Lakers though. The only person who has played a little above par is Andrew Bynum and that is only because Andrew has been so horrible in past playoffs, due largely to injury but facts are facts. Well, I still can have hope for the Lakers but it looks like Laker fans need to get used to seeing someone else play in the finals this year. If the Lakers are bounced from the playoffs I am at least happy for the past three finals appearances and the two rings that the Kobe/Gasol Lakers have produced.

As for the other point, I have always resisted the urge to talk down about Laker fans at Staples but last nights game proved to me that these fans do not know what home court advantage should feel like, it is an important distinction because there are plenty of hard core Laker fans who genuinely love this team win or lose. It was not the fourth quarter reaction that got to me, it was the pathetic energy for the entire first two games. Clapping and cheering are problably too uncool for the hipsters sitting in the crowd and maybe they chose to show team loyatly through sarcastic comments and not cheering. Every fan should watch an OKC home game to see a real home crowd root for a team win or lose.

After saying all of that I still have some faith, or I am just a homer, that the Lakers can win. If the Lakers win it will take 7 games but man would it be sweet.

This is soooooooooo silly! Did Kevin McHale apologize to Kurt Rambis for that vicious clothesline in 1984? What Artest did to JJ Barea was Mickey Mouse compared to what McHale did to Rambis.


This is retarded. Artest should not have been suspended at all. Did Jason Terry get suspended for blatantly shoving Steve Blake to the floor???? Did he apologize????

I am usually not a big fan of conspiracy theories, I routinely mock any birther within earshot, but I am starting to suspect a conspiracy on this very blog. Mamba24 has not posted since the playoffs began and the Lakers seem to be losing more often than when he was posting. If my memory is correct Mamba24 left around the same time that the Lakers took the slide at the end of the season. I am starting to think that Mark Medina is a Boston plant who has banned our good luck charm. Free Mamba24!

Also moderation really sucks this is the second post I had to repost due to moderation and a new thread.

yeah, why he has to apologize? did fisher apologize to anybody when he clothes-lined Louis Scola last year??

Even if the Lakers end up beating the Mavs we will not win the ring. Kobe sealed our fate with his gay slur and temper tantrum on the bench. Stern has had enough and Lakers will go down and go down hard. Why is everyone focusing and criticising Gastrong? What about LO and Ron and D Fisher. I believed their combined score was under 20 points. Is Gastrong in any rap video or reality tv show or marrying a famous woman you just met or marketing your corny album after a beatdown? No. Did the man hurl slurs against anybody? No. All he did was team ball and feed the needy after the earthquaqes in haiti and jAPAN. iF THE lakers had discipline they would have insisted that bynum get his surgery within 2 weeks after season ended.

Yeah Medina you are a kill joy with this moderation. People have to vent and it makes no sense to wait half an hour between comments. We are all adults so treat us as such.

Did this thread even need to be posted, why should Artest apologize it was not even that bad compared to other hard fouls. When it happened I knew the NBA would probably suspend him but maybe this can act as a turning point like Derek Fisher elbowing Scola in 2009 (I can hope right). We all know the NBA has changed since Kurt Rambis was clotheslined but asking the guy to apologize is really weak, what he should do is talk trash about Barrea and the rest of the Mavs and dare one of them to man up and retaliate.

Wow, MM is becoming a big ol' nag.

More analysis please and less knee jerk, reactionary and emotion based responses.

The only apology he should make should be for not doing it earlier in the game.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


If the man doesn't want to apologize he shouldn't have to. Let Artest be Artest and not what the media wants him to be. This isn't grade school and we aren't playing ball during play time.

PATHETIC Laker fans who pour blind, ignorant hatred on Ron Artest, who forget that BUT FOR the great Ron Artest the Lakers lose Game 7 last year against Boston!!! BUT FOR the great Ron Artest we would've had to suffer through a HORRIBLE green celebration on our home floor!!! BUT FOR the great Ron Artest, the Lakers today would have 15 to Boston's 18 Championships! BUT FOR the great Ron Artest, Kobe would be 0-2 against the hated Celtics, his legacy marred for eternity!

**PATHETIC** Laker fans with no memory, honor, shame nor loyalty. The less of you cowards the better!!!

Most ridiculous thread ever..apologize? For taking an intentional fan and for Barea changing directions simultaneously...for taking a hard foul on the guy who had been driving the lane with reckless abandon..Blake got pushed way more intentionally and nothing was called!

Getto millionaire, no sportsmanship have to act like a kid, bo ho ho! had me at hello, you are %100 correct. as i have stated the last 3 months, fans need to ask themselves are you a kobe fan or a laker fan. huge difference. if you are a true laker fan then you will know it is time for a farewell, for the better. and kobe is the golden ticket for dhoward. its been unforgettable but its time to let go. we can get a small country for kobe right now. he and bynum have to go. we rebuild with odom, artest, possibly gasol, and dhoward and hopefully cp3. there is life after kobe. i remeber how hard it was when magic left, and he left in a days notice, hell there was a game that night. i was devastated. but we made it, as we will again. LAKESHOW BABY! ALL UP IN YOU!

jokers. artest is a disgrace to the game. an absolute nutcase who refuses to take responsibility for his actions. whether you agree that the blow he delivered deserves a suspension (and with that cat's rep, it certainly does deserve a suspension), the dude should apologize to his team mates for such a bone-headed play. the last thing the lakers need is this distraction. and he does his team no good if he's not on the floor. lakers are cooked.

Where was stu jackson when paul pierce head-butted james jones??

this overreaction to every time the Lakers show some toughness is getting old. Hey MM, why don't you blog about how LA can't give the same type of fouls that happen in every single game we see unchecked? Even the talking heads on national telecasts seem to think everything LA does is somehow "worse" than other teams? This team has made an effort to be more defensive-minded, and has attempted to protect it's turf. Somehow, they're still expected to turn the other cheek, and allow other teams to enact toughness whenever they feel inclined.

As usual the media is trying to create hype and controversy where there isn't any. Give it to the man for maintaining his poise and focus during the interview. I agree with Ron Ron, let's move on.

why do my comments get deleted every time i say something about the ridiculous nature of the laker fans excusing a clothesline to the face by comparing it to 3-decades old nba games.

sorry this isnt the 80s. get ure head of of the past has-beens.

Enjoy the flight home in a dustpan LOSERS

I hate how everyone talks about the lakers LOSING. They SHOULD be talking about how dallas WON! Quit making excuses for them, The Mavs are outplaying them...plain and simple!

You come off as being really judgmental with this article, if man says he wants to move forward and look past game 2, maybe he is sick of answering the same repetitive questions

Its alright we done need Artest anyways. We might actually win tomorrows game.



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