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Ron Artest releases 'Go Loco' music video

Whether it's his game or finding ways to promote his rap music, Lakers forward Ron Artest has an incredible sense of poor timing.

Sometimes his songs' release only adds to the skepticism that he's distracted. Three days after the Lakers were swept in the Western Conference semifinals, he released the music video to his single "Go Loco." Artest had  elevated concerns when he tweeted the release of his Ball'N mixtape immediately following the Lakers' loss to Cleveland before the All-Star break, a performance that's universally deemed the team's most embarrassing effort all season until Dallas swept them in the playoffs.

At other times Artest's song releases perfectly capture the moment. After his Game 7 heroics of the 2010 NBA Finals where he had 20 points on seven-of-18 shooting, five steals and held Boston's Paul Pierce to 18 points on a five-of-15 clip, Artest ended up in Dr. Dre's studio between 5 and 6 a.m. to have the legendary hip-hop producer mix his single, "Champion." He pulled a nearly similar all-nighter following the Lakers' 139-137 triple-overtime victory in mid-March, topping off his performance -- 18 points on seven-of-14 shooting with three steals, a dunk, blown kisses and bicep flexes to the crowd -- by jetting off to Beacher's Madhouse Theater at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood where he filmed a music video for "Go Loco." 

"Most of the people on the song did their shoots early," Artest said of the various artists, including George Lopez, Fat Joe and Taz. "All I had to do was stay for two to three hours. It was fun. They had little people running around in a circus type of atmosphere with pandas, turkeys and stuff and models and artists. It was a very chaotic party in a fun type of atmosphere. Everybody was pretty much going loco."

Sometimes that "loco" persona drives Lakers fans nuts, such as during Artest's fast-break mishaps, horrible shot selection and slow understanding of the triangle offense. Sometimes that "loco" persona endears  him to Lakers fans, such as his Game 7 postgame news conference and his decision to immediately practice at the Lakers' facility following his exit interview. But like the release of his rap singles, you never know what timing you're going to get.

--Mark Medina

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Please no sign in in Type pad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was taken to a screen to sign in using a typepad user name/pasword or the option of logging in using previously existing accounts (facebook, twitter, google, etc...). Tried making a new user name and it only allowed us to do so using facebook, there wasn't an option to make a typepad user name.

So went back out to the typepad main screen and tried logging in using twitter account, which seemed to work up until it redirected back to this page. It said I was logged in as (nobody). Something screwy but I'll retry again and see what happens.


Personally I wouldn't mind logging in with typepad if it worked. It might be 2 minute hassle the first time, I'm sure we'd get the hang of it. At least it would minimize the trolling/spoofing/handle jacking and that is a good thing!


Another thing, you were asking people what do they think of this system? As soon as they start voicing out their opinion, change again to another thread.....MM imprint

Sorry to hear about the difficulty of it. Again I agree with everyone's frustration and I can tell you neither I nor some of the web people like Typepad's operation. But unfortunately the higher ups within Tribune company like it, so we're stuck with what we have for now

@Edwin - I had submitted this item earlier and it just got edited. It's not like I was just posting it up immediately after

CCX here, supposedly logged in with twitter acct but it says:

You are currently signed in as (nobody).

Oh well, it's a test. Let's see if it works...

Cyber - That's cool. On my system your latest comment showed your Avatar

MM, if we are stuck with what we have now, could u kindly ask the people in the management, how they were doing it during the KBRos time. As LT suggested, you should delete those handles jacked as soon as they're reported to you. By this time, don't you have any suspects who are doing it? the clues are all there even if they used different IP's, the semantics, the topics and sentence construction are all but familiar. Definitely, it is not Trollman because he already said what he did.

Oh good. It works. It shows signed in as (nobody), but it adds your correct twitter name when it posts. That's cool.

I like this system. I'm sure this will help reduce the incidents of handlejacking and such things. It's a login which is better than anonymous anytime.

BTW, I checked and it doesn't post what you write to your twitter acct, only here. The messages do also post to a typepad page that is at


Edwin - It was the same system but I think the differences are here. It's one person versus two. When I do get help from the sports desk, they're not as familiar with the sentence structure of certain handle jackers as you mentioned. Nor should they. They have an extra responsibility. The other difference is The Times had a strict policy of having moderation no matter what, but they eased up with me because it was a one-person operation and it initially didn't seem to be an issue

Dear Ron,

WE are not amused.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


This kind of stuff is so played out, so retarded.

I get it. I get it. I get it.

You're the big man hangin' in da club.

I get it.

I'm so impressed.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


When does Rebecca Black make her appearance in the video?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


@MM … I am confused about the login. I have a twitter account under LakerTom. Do I also have to have a TypePad account or can I use my Twitter username to log into TypePad? How does that work with the login on Lakers Blog? Thanks.

Laker Tom - Using your Twitter account should work


@MM …. I went to and selected “use Twitter.” When I clicked “Sign in with Twitter,” it took me to a TypePad dashboard for LakerTom. Then I went back to the Lakers Blog and refreshed the window but everything seemed the same. Was my last test email done through TypePad?

1. That was 4 minutes of my life I will never get back.

2. That song was beyond horrible, although it served it's purpose. It made me loco.

3. Don't you have to sing for more than 30 seconds out of a 4 minute track to call it "your" song?

4. For next year, a little less rap and a little more scoring would be nice.

Seems there were quite a few distractions this year. But that is nothing new with our basketball brand of entertainment. In fact we as fans even seem to embrace the soap operas. Our Championship teams were not immune to controversy, but they always had a coach who could keep the team focussed on the prize. Riles and Phil were masters being the ring leader of the circus. But something happened this year that I have never seen before from a Jackson coached team. He lost control. I believe his lame duck status caused a diconnect with his players. The result was teamwork died and selfish play doomed any chance of contending.

That being said, Thank you Phil for the wonderful run. You will never be forgotten and best wishes in retirement (although the way you left that door open for a return was interesting).

For the rest of you Lakers, ENOUGH of the Rap albums, reality shows, T-shirts, cameos, etc.!!!!!!! How about Lakers Basketball.

Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Artest did his job for the 50% which his leech-liked defense but absent on the other 50% which was his offense. I think he was also injured in the end, don't have the lift to execute a decent dunk. He was blocked by an immovable rim, hilarious! That's the picture of the Lakers in 2011 after winning b2b Championship, they were drown by their own success whether it's the new media and extra curriculars: to Bynum, his kindle and knees; Odom, his perfume and reality tv; Fisher, his constant communication with other players for the looming lockout; for Kobe, his shoes and injuries, for Gasol, his girlfriend. This is like winning the Lotto, after three years if you don't know how to handle your winnings, it will really affect your life, family and social relationships.

Therefore, give us the Coach who will RESET that button. Back to the first livelihood first which is basketball. Forget what happened in '08, '09 and '10 those are all histories. Evaaluate the roster carefully for 2012 vs. the teams on the rise in the West and the East, can the Lakers compete all the way to the Finals? Phoenix, San Antonio, Jazz and Lakers, suddenly they are out of contention in the playoffs. Well, how about Orlando, Celtics, Knicks, Sixers they used to be the power teams which are now out of contention. Therefore, a three year history makes a lot of difference between the young vs. the old? A good GM should have this foresight in detecting the sudden change. There has to be a right mixture of youth and veterans in every team. That has been the story of NBA since Russel era.

I love the Lakers as much as anybody, and I'm fine with Ron's timing.

Artest played great in the New Orleans series, probably better than any Laker outside of Kobe and Bynum. He's goofy. I get it. He's a great teammate though. If you notice, Artest was the only guy who went to escort Bynum to the Locker room when he got ejected in Dallas amidst a sea of hatred and rage raining down at Bynum at that moment. Let us not forget that BUT FOR the great Ron Artest's 20 points in game 7 against Boston, and BUT FOR his shutting down Paul Pierce and BUT FOR his 5 steals, the hated GREEN would have celebrated their 18th championship on our home floor, without a doubt! Kobe loses 2 championships to the Celtics, so does Phil Jackson. Talk about lasting blemishes on two otherwise legendary legacies.

Ron Artest saved Kobe and Phil Jackson from such a dismal fate. Let us not have such a short memory. Ron Artest was the main reason we won game 7 when Kobe was pressing so hard as he shot 6 for 24. Ron Artest kept us in that game or the Lakers would have been down by 23 points in the 3rd quarter instead of 13.

I don't want Artest to be traded. He will come back strong, he's a gamer. The guy can still play brilliant defense. Maybe if Adleman is the new coach, Artest can play a bigger offensive role as he's familiar with Adleman's "corner" offense.

Artest should be given another chance as should Pau Gasol.

@Ludwig... great point about artest.. i'm all for keeping this piece esp if lakers hire adelman because he will know how to utilize him.. and at only 6.7MIL for next 3 years he can be a missing piece to any championship contender and IMO still has great trade value.

How original Ron.

Testing twitter via sigin.

OK, anyway, I hope the Lakers FO clamps down on all these Hollywood distraction players and either gets rid of them or makes them stop and focus on the season! The Lakers were without focus last season, and wishin' and hopin' ain't gonna get 'er done next year for them and hoping Pau 'grows a pair' both physically and mentally!

Ron: you look like the "dope" that you are. Please retire and pursue your dream to be a gangsta, thug, Queensbridge wanna be rapper/musician/whatever. Let the Lakers buy you out if they're unable to dump you off on someone else and take that pin-head Lamar Odom with you too!

Get Deron Williams. He's available. He totally changes this team. Do it ASAP before someone else snatches him.

speaking of salaries... this is what pau will make next year:

***** $18.7MIL *****

now compare his salary to some other all stars who are the #1 OPTION ALPHA DOG for their teams.. their salaries for next season (from hoopsworld)

DWIGHT $18.0
CP3 16.3
pierce 15.3
drose $6.9
dwade 15.5
lebron 16.0
deron 16.3
carmelo 18.5
durant 13.6
zach randolph 17.7

now keeping in mind pau is supposed to be our reliable #2 option... heres some other salaries (for next season) of some other #2 options in the league

lamarcus 12.3
gerald wallace 10.5
ray allen 10.0
rondo 10.0
boozer 13.5
noah 12.0
scola 8.5
westbrook 5.0
rudy gay 15.0

so ask yourself are the lakers getting the best bang for their buck?? do you really want to pay ALPHA DOG SALARY to a guy who is a question mark to show up next playoffs???

food for thought???

yellowfever --

Lemarcus and Noah, making 12 million makes the near 19 mill to Gasol a tough swallow, as I like them both a lot, but then, Carmelo is making almost as much as Gasol, and melo didn't have a good playoffs either. A couple of years ago against the Lakers melo was pretty quiet in the playoffs as well, but for that one game.

It's a tough call.

Dunleavy new Laker coach. Wow!

Wow, who would have thought that MEM v. OKC would be the most entertaining series in the Western Conf?

The irony of it all was MEM tanked their last game against LAC so they could avoid LAL in the first round!

Well, this is to be expected from Ron suprises here. I just hope whoever the new coach ends up being, he doesn't start Ron Ron next season(that is, if they aren't able to trade him).


@LRob and Amit: For today's musical contribution, Imma go with one of my favorite jazz pianists...enjoy!


Let's go Ls...and make a comeback next season!!!!!

If worse comes to worse, Lakers should keep the core players which are Bynum, Pau, Artest, Kobe, and Fisher (although he should retire if he has any dignity to help the Lakers capture a much better player).

We should still go after Dwight Howard & Chris Paul. if we want to compete against Miami, OK Thunder, Memphis, Bulls, Mavs, and even Celtics, Spurs, Trail Blazers....


Bynum, Pau, Howard, Kobe, Chris Paul

Bench: Lamar Odom, Artest, Blake Griffin, Steve Nash, Barnes, Fisher,

It's not the timing of this video that irritates me, rather its utterly vacuous quality, though that is completely keeping with other "music" from this genre. Selebrate Stupidity!

Still love you though as a persona and a player, Ron.

honestly ron. you ned to practice your dribbling and shooting skills. in which your case, dont have any! dont you have more important things to do with your time?

You know what would have been nice?

If Ron would have "gone loco" against Dallas instead of playing like crap.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I feel that, nothing is different in this music. Now a days, everyone should want different and rock musics. Me too...........



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