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Exit Interviews: Phil Jackson, Lamar Odom, Ron Artest, Luke Walton, Joe Smith, Devin Ebanks, Derrick Caracter and Trey Johnson

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

Lakers forward Lamar Odom

Lakers forward Ron Artest

Lakers forward Luke Walton

Lakers forward Joe Smith

Lakers forward Devin Ebanks

Lakers forward/center Derrick Caracter

Lakers guard Trey Johnson

--Mark Medina

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The dreaded new post as soon as I leave a comment...expect a repost, MM!!! :-)


Mike "Can't Coach His Way Out of a Wet Paper Bag" Dunleavy is NOT the answer, Laker brass. Want to alienate a fan base? Hire the uber controlling, stubborn guy who couldn't win with the wealth of talent he assembled for the Clippers. Only Dunleavy could fail with that much talent. He bailed on the Lakers after Magic's HIV announcement so we know loyalty isn't one of his better attributes.

He helped submarine and circumvent an NBA legend in Hall of Famer Elgin Baylor so we know he doesn't put much stock in respecting his elders and he managed to antagonize and alienate practically every single player that ever suited up for him.

Can anyone justify why we should even entertain the notion of putting this half dead fish in the coaching seat vacated by the greatest NBA coach of all time? I'd rather see Magic come back and try coaching again. No joke.

Rick Adelman is the clear choice among candidates outside of our organization. He likes to run an offense similar to the one we run, he has a proven track record of being able to deal extremely well with adversity (just go back and see how many times Adelman used injuries to star players as reasons for failure, now do the same with Dunleavy, see a pattern yet?) and above all else he seems ready to take a team in a big time market on after years of dealing with second tier teams.

If we go with an internal choice, I think Shaw is pretty much the unanimous choice by Laker fans. Would've been Kurt, but seeing his track record in Minnesota maybe his hiring there was a blessing in disguise (granted, he's not blessed with a line up full of talent).

Plus imagine the irony and howls of despair as Adelman hoists the NBA championship trophy coming from Sacramento? How glorious the cacophony would be...


Just wondering, is blog moderation now the "new normal"?

Did insta-post go the way of beta vcr's?

Rick Aldeman had smart strategy for Houston to play against Lakers, he said:" Lakers biggers, but we are quicker". New Orleans used that strategy against Lakers in round 1 this year. I just hope Aldeman can hire good defensive assistant coach, Lakers will be alright.

Hey Art

Dfish for 3.4MIL for each of the next two years!! How INSANE is that???

I was mad then and I'm even madder now.. This is why you should never give contracts right after a championship!! Let's just say kupcakes never saw this implosion coming and thought lakers could remain competitive running the triangle for at least 2 more years

My guess is jim buss just about had enough and adelman is his first choice!

Another thing phil n jim buss hate each other haven't spoken for over a year.. With phil out of the picture don't be surprised if jim can't wait eliminate everything phil related.

Kupchak just a freakin puppet now!


Enough already if anybody wants an ex-Laker for sentimental reason it's better to try to get Byron Scott or Michael Cooper. At least Scott has plenty of head coaching experience and didn't he win COY?

Did somebody say Tom Thibodeaux was also a rookie coach and he flourished? yeah, but TT had already built a reputation as a defensive genius at Boston and his Celtics showcased that outstanding defensive system.

OTH, not one a single one word was ever heard from the Laker organization what good Brian Shaw did as an assistant coach.

Judging by the product of his work, he has NOT done that well considering how LAME the Lakers defense turned out to be and how the team CRASHED and BURNED in the PO.

Phil Jackson, Brian Shaw & Co. will forever be judged by the HUMILIATING 4-0 sweep by Dallas in 2011 and the way the team IMPLODED despite having the #1 BEST talent in the NBA as evidenced by their #1 payroll of $91M.


Since outside shooters seem to be a hot topic, these are the top 10 3-pt shooters during the regular season:

Matt Bonner , SAS .457
Ray Allen , BOS .444
Stephen Curry , GSW .442
Mike Bibby , MIA.440
Richard Jefferson , SAS .440
Luke Ridnour , MIN .440
James Jones , MIA .429
Arron Afflalo , DEN .423
Anthony Morrow , NJN .423
Reggie Williams , GSW .423

Bibby, Jones and Williams are unrestricted free agents. Afflalo is a restricted free agent.

wussup lakers fans no need 2 worry. i have the perfect scenerio. hire rick adelman, trade gasol artest and either fisher or blake for chris paul trevor ariza and emeka okafor. I need you guys to pass it along lets get mitch kupchak's attention and make this thing happen. with this trade we get youth, athleticism, and great 3 point shooting; all of the things the team was missing this year. And with okafor we will continue the length and great interior defense that we enjoyed the last couple of years.

Would've been Kurt, but seeing his track record in Minnesota maybe his hiring there was a blessing in disguise (granted, he's not blessed with a line up full of talent).

Posted by: Jamie Sweet | May 13, 2011 at 01:31 PM

Kurt is bogged down trying to implement the Triangle in MIN. By now he should know that it only works if you have an MJ or a Kobe....

Art - I unfortunately have to have moderation because there's too many trolls stealing handles under various IP addresses.

If Adelman is the choice, I think the odds of the Lakers keeping Pau increases. Adelman's offense favors big men who can pass well from the high post. This was true in Sacramento with C-Webb and Vlade, and in Houston with Yao and Scola. Pau fits that mold pretty well, so I'd be surprised to see the Lakers trade him if Adelman becomes coach.

I personally think Adelman or Shaw would both be good candidates. I think for continuity purposes Shaw would be a better fit. For a team also trying to save money, I presume they could pay Shaw less than Adelman

A note to those handle-jackers: You messed it up for everyone. Nice job. LA Times has gotta go to a log-in system where it would avoid this stuff. Something has to be done. I'm sure that MM has better things to do than play gatekeeper because some childish nitwits haven't evolved past Beavis and Butthead level sense of humor.

- - -

Art: I didn't know that about players, thanks for posting that.

About the Lakers needing to go in a new direction, I think you're right. If Shaw were going to come in and be a continuation of Phil it would be a mistake. The team clearly needs a new direction, they practically cry out for that with their listless, uninspired play ending the season and playoffs.

I also agree about chemistry issues. There were times where it was downright painful to watch as they'd struggle and bungle their way through offensive possessions. Definitely not the execution they've had in the past, and all those poor shots seemed to lead to half-hearted defensive efforts on the other end of the court.

A new direction seems imperative, I guess that's why the Buss family is having trouble making the call on Shaw, who seemed like a shoo-in up until a month or so ago...


Guys as an experiment do you want me to require that you have to sign in either through Facebook or Twitter. That might help keep the trolls out

Bay to LA: "I think Kobe was guarding the point guards by choice. Other than Westbrook, he has usually been guarding the point guards that either always drive or only shoot from the outside. He won't take the point guards like Derrick Rose that you have to cover everywhere. Against Andre Miller or Rajon Rondo, he can stay home and not use much energy. Against Jason Kidd, he can stay outside and not use much energy. Westbrook has improved his shooting so Kobe struggled with him this year and probably won't be guarding him in the future. They tried him on Chris Paul and it didn't work well either.

I agree with what you are saying but sometimes it is better for Kobe to guard the point guard. Against Miami, it would be better if Kobe could guard Chalmers but there is no way they can put Fisher on Dwyane Wade. With a quicker point guard, they could put that pg on Wade and let Kobe rest on defense."


The reason that Kobe took Westbrook last year, covered CP3 was because no one else could cover them. This has been the case for a long time though, except we have no Ty Lue sitting on the bench that could stay in front of speedy guards anymore.

We were also cross-matching against Kidd, who's game is more cerebral than athletic and allowed Fish to cover him. Kidd though was covering Kobe on offense and to his credit and his age, he still did a good job. Kidd is one of the most underrated great defenders of our era.

Basically, we didn't have another option but to use Kobe on speedy guards. We simply need defense at the position.

BTW, haven't heard if the Nuggets want to keep to PG's after the 'Melo trade, but if they are looking to move Felton I hope Mitch places a call. He's young, he's quick, he can spread the floor and most importantly - he's about as good a defender at the position as there is in the league. Just a thought...



Yeah, I was reading about how PJ hasn't even spoken to Buss all year, something not right there ya think?

Not much to look forward to right now with the CBA hanging...



I'll join that bandwagon.
Oh wait, nevermind...

Let's just say I agree with your take on that.

meant 'two PG's' and not 'to PG's' above. Guess that's what happens when rushing a post before leaving to pick up the kiddies from school...


Art - I unfortunately have to have moderation because there's too many trolls stealing handles under various IP addresses.

Posted by: Mark Medina


Is it that big of a deal?

Anyone who reads this board regularly knows who really wrote something and who didn't probably 90% of the time.

And we can always tell you if it's getting out of hand.

So we lose more freedoms and the terrorists win.
Gee, just like real life.

Your solution is not a solution, just a stop-gap.

I WISH whoever the Lakers hire give Ebanks a chance….

Happy Birthday Stevie – I Wish

I prefer Adelman to Brian Shaw.

Art - Honestly I felt that way too. But the handle jacking became all too frequent, Typepad is an ineffective system in permanently deleting users because it only bans the IP address though users then simply change it and frequent commenters have gotten agitated by the atmosphere and the name calling. I personally have argued that people should simply ignore them, but the reality is the majority of the readers here get bothered by it. So this is the price we pay. Remember, The Times for a while had moderation on and simply let go because at first it wasn't an issue. But now it is.

How about Kurt Rambis?

Anyway, let's celebrate diversity this postseason. This is the first Finals in 13 years not to feature Shack, Duncan, nor coby.

No Adelman....he is garbage! He couldn't win with all the talent he had in Sactown...nor in H-Town...Please don't hire any more bums!

I personally have argued that people should simply ignore them, but the reality is the majority of the readers here get bothered by it.

Posted by: Mark Medina

I wonder if that is really true, the majority of readers bothered?
Or just a small vocal minority disliked it??

Perhaps you can run a quick poll to flush that out.

Guess you cann't devise a sign in procedure, or a membership giving each poster there own ID or acct number, something like that...

Dunleavy or Adelman is not the answer...personality conflicts with King Kobe.

Shaw is a better choice because he'll appease D-Bag Bryant.

I don't think the Lakers can realistically contend next year with an aging Kobe as the #1. Bynum should be the #1 (I would say Pau, but Pau doesn't have the alpha dog personality), but I can see Kobe's already trying to put Bynum in his place or lobby for a trade...[recall "ship Bynum's a#$ out"]

Hey wait a minute...

Coby Jelly Belly Bryant lobbying for a trade of a powerhouse center...where have I heard of this before????

"So we lose more freedoms and the terrorists win."

When i was blogging here in 2005 with the K-bros, this was the same old, tired sentiment about dissenting opinions.

Trolls, haters, etc. would be the typical name calling for "fans" with negative opinions about the lakers (especially about Kobe).

I guess it's now "terrorists"?


Agreed, lets run a poll and see. The PSP will bet all his coins and dollars that majority will vote for instapost. Start with mine: +1 for instapost

PSP Intern

We might as well throw Del Harris in the mix as well

"... I personally think Adelman or Shaw would both be good candidates. I think for continuity purposes Shaw would be a better fit." - Mark Madina

Sorry but I don't think I want to CONTINUE to see the Lakers clueless on how to defend the pick n roll, CONTINUE to only turn the switch on only when they feel like it, CONTINUE to play soft, lackadaisical and unmotivated...

Thanks but no thanks to that kind of CONTINUITY!

Guys as an experiment do you want me to require that you have to sign in either through Facebook or Twitter. That might help keep the trolls out - MM

~~LakerTom suggested before a log in system towards the end of KBros management, please try to search it on the archive and see if that can work. If LT is keeping up with out with the blog, he might email u on how that system works. I have a facebook but I'm not willing to share it with LAT and I'm sure a lot of posters have that kind of reasoning too. Nothing is safe today in cyberspace except a log in system which I do when I surf on other news websites, bank accounts or investments. The idea of CyberCosmiX is also preferable.

Folks, Adelman is just the first candidate being interviewed. There will be more. Will someone please tell me why he allowed Brooks, Landry and Battier traded to other team? He may be a good fundamental Coach, does he have that personality who can handle the high stakes drama here w/ the Lakers? Another thing to consider, we have a trade exception of 5.4M on Vujacic contract, four 2nd round draft picks, these other criteria can be used as a filler in trying to get one of these PG's: Paul, Williams, Brooks or Westbrook. With regards to Dwight, he specified the teams where he wants to be traded: LA, NY, Dallas and Chicago. Orlando Sentinel is pushing for: Dwight and Arenas = Gasol, LO and Blake. On the trade machine, it also works straight up trade between Bynum = Paul or D'Will.

There is parity on all those trade, Lakers gave out their triple towers but got two dynamic positions that they really need the best CEnter and fast/wily PG plus of course our Kobe. With the new Coach, go for our fast remaining players like Brown, Ebanks, Barnes slide Fisher and Artest on the 2nd unit plus the 4 new 2nd round draft picks. Mitch K went to Europe last month, it is possible he was looking for players who would fall under the Lakers draft picks.


I have a NuggetsCountry twitter account, but Facebook under a different handle, but automatic IP filters would be easier than double signups and singins.

On another topic, I am very concerned about the seeming disinterest in the FO about revamping this team! They may just be playing their cards close to the vest, but listening to MK, I don't think so. Yes, this currently comprised team can make the playoffs, but unless they add about 3 quick players at PG and SF, and a legitimate 3pt shooter or two, we will have the same garbage next year. My cardiologist will make me dump League Pass if that transpires. Time to swap Pau for good value in getting some of the fast and shooting I mentioned. Pau is the only trading chip we have that can get significant value, as I have said about a hundred times the past month. I am among the crowd who hopes we hang onto our rookies and maybe get them some legitimate court time with a new coach.....or get other 1-3 year players who will. MK has made some bonehead moves the past few years in making us old and slow for the sake of JB pocket change money. Maybe due to JB/JB influence, but if we don't start this year with upgrading our speed and 3pt shooting, Kobe will waste yet another year without a chance at a ring (& of course the rest of the team.)

I hope they hire am ass-kicking coach who will make everyone accountable, including Kobe, and who has a defensive midnset, also. JVG is that although I can't see him and Kobe getting along. I like Brian Shaw, but he is too close to the players to kick anybody's behind. Person is also a player's friend, although more removed than Shaw, but he can't take the King's crown in Lakerland yet....maybe a dukedom somewhere. Adelman, not so much - too bland for LA. Dunleavey - hell no! Michael Cooper is an interesting thought....... Nate McMillan would work if we could get him in the future.

NO to Dunleavy!
No to JVG!
No to twitter or facebook!

Yes to Adelman
Yes to Shaw
Yes to Sloan

Out of this bunch, everyone except for L.O. has to go. I'm still on the fence with Artest. He might be better next year and we need his strength underneath but then again ...but if he is part of a package to get a player like Howard, or CP3 then let him go too.

Get rid of all of these players except Lamar. We can do better than these guys! Everyone from the above must GO Except LO!



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