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Poll: Who do you side with in the dispute between the Lakers and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?

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He deserves a statue. Not before West with all he did for the franchise during and post playing days, Not above Magic for electrifying a nation and all he tried to do post playing, and to be upset about Chick getting one before him does not show much class. Getting one next sounds about right. All of the other issues of respect I have no knowledge of, so I have no comment on.

For crying out loud, Kareem failed to read his employment contract, got health insurance for part time work (which he used extensively to pay for leukemia treatments), was promised a statue by the person in charge of such matters (who isn't affiliated with the Lakers), and has long had his number hanging in the rafters at Staples and, before that, the Forum.

His cries of "disrespect" seem pretty damn hollow to me.

Are you kidding me?? It should have never come down to this. He is unarguably in the top five of all time in the NBA. He hold records that will NEVER be broken. Without him the Lakers would not have won even one championship in the 80's. With him they won five. 75% of Magics fame is a direct result of Kareem. Like he said it wasnt even about the statue. There is much more to this. I am on Kareems side. He has never complained about anything. The Lakers top people appear to be getting a little sloppy on all fronts lately.

Putting tools like Twitter in the hands of professional athletes and celebrities is like giving children a loaded gun to play with. Every public relations consultant out there should be advising their clients to resist the lure of tweeting with their fans. It can only lead to disappointment and disillusionment. Kareem’s tweets about his dissatisfaction with the Lakers for their failure to erect a statue of him in front of Staples center is a perfect example of it can undermine a celebrity’s public relations image.

I have always loved Kareem as a player and a person. While Magic might have had the million megawatt smile that captured your heart, I always found Kareem to be a more intelligent, serious, and socially aware individual. While I can understand the frustration of fans with whom the Cap might have appeared to have been rude, they need to have some sympathy for what it must have been like for Kareem as the league’s premier superstar, a Goliath for all of the David’s to hate.

Starting with how John Wooden secluded a young Lew Alcindor from the media when he was at UCLA, Kareem struggled to come to grips with his stardom and all the attention it attracted. I think fans need to understand how different his situation was compared to Magic and other more outgoing stars. What Kareem contributed to the legacy that is today’s Los Angeles Lakers cannot be denied or trivialized. As much as Jerry and Magic, he deserves to be respected and loved by all Lakers fans.

Until you’ve walked a few miles in Kareem’s shoes, I suggest that you put aside any bitter memories and give the guy who may well be the GLOAT the break he deserves. I refuse to lower my gratitude or respect for this great Laker player because of a few possibly inappropriate tweets. He was and will always be a heroic figure to me who deserves to be given some slack as he tries to come to grips with his legacy. Don’t let inconsequential incidents like this undermine the greatness that was Kareem.

Both sides are at fault...especially the Lakers!

The Lakers NEVER should have allowed the situation to reach this point. They knew what they were dealing with....a very sensitive, proud, insecure, and introspective man. He clearly deserves a statue. Simply by giving him a date as to when he could expect it...would have eased his concerns enough to have silenced him.

Jabbar should realize that his "unlikable personality" is the reason behind the delay. He never gave people a reason to "feel good" about him.

It`s all about one thing : How you make others "feel".

Magic had a smile, optimism, and tons of charisma...Jerry played with intensity and class...Chick had people rolling on the floor with laughter.

Jabbar brought a scowl...Baylor had no personality or charisma.

AMEN! LakerTom!

It is very unfortunate that the Lakers let it come to down to this. We won 5 rings thanks to him. He was always there to save the offence with his skyhook. He is the best center we ever had. He had the complete package. He was not personable, but every opposing coach feared him. People who watched him can attest to that. Dr. Buss should do right by him and stop all this nonsense.

"Can you please lift your white powder laced face off that 18 year old's chest for a second and take care of the Laker family here?"

BAHHAHAHAHAAAAAA! Priceless! Friedman award for tomorrow.

Kareem is all about the Lakers! The Guy has been slighted all of his post Laker career. Lets just get it straight, Mr. Jabbar needs to be treated like a champ. Period. So do the right thing Lakers, you did it for Magic, Chic, Jerry...C'mon now...dude shouldn't have to be in this mess...Anyway, if you care about Lakers fans, who by the way make it possible for you guys to make millions, you will do this.

Kareem has no reason to be dissatisfied that he does have a statute in front of Staples Center. In fact, which of the 3 Lakers that have statutes would you have put Kareem ahead...NONE!!!!!!

Kareem has always had problems with individuals throughout the NBA and that's the reason he CAN'T even get an NBA job. He looks to blame everyone else, but he has caused his own issues. The Lakers gave him a job as special assistance for six years by which they did not have to because Phil won titles before Kareem was a special coach and Andrew didn't get any better than he would have had Kareem not been around.

Through all of his BS, the Lakers have still respected him and have come out recently and said there hasn't been any il-will toward him, despite inconsistent and erroneous accusations by the captain.

It appears that the Captain is crying out for financial support as everything he has complained about has reportedly been traced back to his financial instability. His petty disputes and complete disrespect for an organization that gave him a chance to play a role on their team when they didn't have to and when no one else would give him another coaching job has obviously been overlooked by Kareem!

Give the MAN his statue! The Laker melt down represents bad decisions by ownership and front office, as does this situation. Magic is off spouting non-sense about blowing up the team, this is the first time I have ever seen Kareem speak ill. Get it together. Promote Shaw, Get Dwight Howard, get a consistent point guard, GIVE Kareem his statue.

there is PLENTY of room ALL AROUND the staples center.
I would love to see ANY and ALL Laker "personalities/players" that truly "deserves" a spot in a "ring of Laker legends" to have one, regardless of any other teams he may have played for.
Statues are cheap compared to the contributions these players made to the overall Lakers history/brand/glory. Quite obviously, the Lakers would not be the franchise they are today without these people.
having said that, who would YOU, put in that ring Laker fan?...

Abdul Jabbar?
dancing Barry? (just kidding)
"iron man" AC Green?
Michael Cooooooooper?
B. Scott?
"big game" James Worthy?

Did I miss something?

Have the Lakers come out and said that Kareem doesn't deserve a statue? or isn't going to get a statue?

I thought in Kareem's interview he specifically said that someone in the Lakers org told him that he would be getting a statue, but it just hasn't happened yet.

Why are the Lakers such bad guys here?

If they intend to build him one, and they told him so, then what's the big deal?

" Don’t let inconsequential incidents like this undermine the greatness that was Kareem.
Posted by: LakerTom | May 19, 2011 at 01:06 PM

Agreed. I also think his latest rants are due to a continued lack of respect for his abilities in teaching AB. I personally don't know the day to day of that, but it seems anyone getting advice from a player like Kareem who is well educated would be grateful and assist him with the FO types.

Very disrespectful IMO. How many championships did 'the logo' win for the Lakers? ONE. How many championships did Chick win for the Lakers? NONE. How many championships did Kareem win for Lakers? FOUR!! The man has leukemia. We dont know how long he will live. Are they waiting for him to die first?! Chick was the greatest announcer in Laker history, but he did not play the game. I felt it was wrong to put Chick and West ahead of Kareem. They gave it to West as a makeup for all the bitter years and his leaving the franchise on bad terms. He did a lot for the franchise as a GM. But dang give Kareem his statue. He's only one of the greatest centers of all time!! Let him enjoy it while he's still living.

Kareem is the all time leading scorer in NBA history and was very prominent in the Lakers winning five Championships in the show time era. It's wrong for them to not honor him with a stature after what he did for that organization. I think that his stature should be erected in front of the Staples Center without delay. He's one of the all time great Lakers so if he wants to remain with the Lakers, Lakers management should always have a prominent position in the organization for him.

Jabbar, while the class among all centers who've ever played, remains a classless act. He's sorta like Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, who in an act of total shamelessness, put in for his own Purple Hearts!

To LongTimeLakerFan's point, the Lakers have already mentioned to The Captain that he will receive a statue. However, the records state that this is not a decision solely by the Lakers, but by AEG, the entity that actually sponsors the statues and is the most influential with the final decision to who gets a statue or not as was indicated by John Black on ESPN radio.

In addition, the point that the Lakers are at fault in any way is unfounded as they have never disrespected The Captain and have contended all along that he will get one. And the comments that others around the Lakers organization have been respected more and treated better than he has is RIDICULOUS!!!!!

I don't recall the last time the Captain promoted the Lakers and LA like Magic, Chick and West did. These guys were LA true and true no matter what. Hell, the Lakers fired Magic as a coach and Magic could have said he didn't have the same talent on the floor during his tenure as other coaches and that's why he was unsuccessful.

Instead he took it like a man, still promoted the team and was offered some ownership of the team. These things happen because of the relationship that he built with the organization as did other individuals.

Therefore, we must not confuse Kareem's play on the court with the lack of respect he has given many people throughout the NBA and feel that he is entitled to something, especially after he was already told he would receive it. So, relax big fella, be happy you still have an organization that has been willing to support you when no one else would (paid special assistant for six years) even though there was no significant value added overall.

You'll get your statue sir, just be patient as Jerry West has waited more than 30 years!!!!!!!!!!

Amen LakerTom!

Lakers management should also give ME a statue too, heck, let's give everyone a statue.

First in Line to get a Statue;

Jerry Buss for being the best owner for assembling the best players / team in the NBA.

Then Next, next, next, next..... everyone gets their turn....

Also, the Fans gets a Statue too called 'L.A. Fans Statue' because without the fans then there will be no revenues for the franchise.

Everyone gets their turn and get a recognition. Amen. Amen. Amen.

If Kareem thinks he has made more of an impact than Magic, Jerry West, or Chick he is wrong. He gave the Lakers all he had but the other three gave the city more than Kareem and those statues are for the fans not the Laker brass.

Great Article "C’mon Kareem, Can’t The Clippers Get a Statue?"
Sam Saletta
Actor/ Recording Artist/Songwriter/Composer/ Prod & now Sports Writer



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