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Poll questions surrounding the Lakers' 2010-2011 season

Photo: Guards Kobe Bryant of the Lakers and DeShawn Stevenson of the Mavericks embrace after Game 4 on Sunday. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times / May 8, 2011 The Lakers' second-round elimination in the 2011 NBA playoffs may have ruined everyone's championship parade plans, soured their enthusiasm when watching the rest of the postseason and significantly altered everyone's work schedule. But one thing's for certain: By no means is The Times' Lakers Blog taking a break.

This is just the beginning in which we dive into exit interviews, sift through everything that happened during the team's failure to three-peat, and wonder what's ahead. Everyone has shared their two cents, but this is a perfect way to capture everyone's sentiments. Use your democratic right to vote in the various poll questions below the jump and I'll follow up Tuesday with an analysis piece on what Laker fans currently might be thinking about the franchise.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Guards Kobe Bryant of the Lakers and DeShawn Stevenson of the Mavericks embrace after Game 4 on Sunday. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times / May 8, 2011

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Mark Medina,

If you put up a dozen threads today, I'm going to have a complete and utter freakout.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Haha Jon. K - Well it's going to be hell week, I guess you could say. There's exit interviews Tuesday and Wednesday as well. I imagine it'll be a busy week and then things will slow down.

My Lakers flag still flying high on my car window today.

Posted by: Magia32 | May 09, 2011 at 10:29 AM


And I am still wearing my Lakers' cuff links at work...


We need to vent and that means having enough space to have a cohesive dialog between fellow Lakeraholics.

That dialog gets broken up when you're posting a thread every 15 minutes.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Stick a fork in Kobe...Father Time always wins.

Start over with Dwight as the #1, CP3 #2 and Kobe as #3

By the way, Khloe Kardashian is by far the least interesting person in the world.

We are clearly on the verge of the Apocalypse when someone who is so blatantly unexceptional has successful reality television programs and is on the cover of major magazines.

We've lost all sense of perspective as a society.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


@LROB ... Like all your posts, extremely fair grades. Ending like this is especially hard for bloggers like me who wear their hearts on their sleeves but it is only one season and we will reload and come back better than ever. Thanks for all your efforts at keeping us positive and focused. You are the class of this blogging group without a doubt and I look forward to sharing many more rings.
@CCX ... I agree with your post. As Lakers fans, we have more to be grateful for than any other NBA fans. Even though we want to win every year, reality is that we have to let other teams win once in a while. Yes, we made front office and coaching mistakes but you can’t predict things like Pau falling apart. I am sure Mitch and Jerry will make the right decisions moving forward. We will be back.
@NUGGETSCOUNTRY ... Well, we did not win but we still have you in good health and that is more important than a championship. Congrats on another Friedman. Rick would be proud of you. Looking forward to sharing more championships with you in the future. Stay healthy and relax.
@LAKERMIKE ... Welcome back, Mike. There will be more wins and more championships in the years to come. Time now for us just to be grateful for everything this team has accomplished in the last three years. Wished it was four rings but 2 out 4 ain’t bad and 3 out of 5 will be our next goal.
@DEREK JETER... Not to rain on your little parade, but if anybody is traded from this team it needs to be Pau Gasol, whose play is the primary reason why the team chemistry and trust fell apart as the year ended. To trade Drew and keep Pau would be tantamount to rewarding his bailing on the team. Yeah, let’s ignore all the problems at point guard, small forward, and power forward and trade the guy who played best all playoffs and keep those who didn’t. That’s like a Botox move, DJ.


I'm about to reveal a dirty secret here...

Tony Villarigosa has basically destroyed Los Angeles.

This city has long lacked a deep sense of social cohesion because it is such a transient center. It's created some odd cultural trends here.

What has kept us united as a community?

Two things and two things alone: The Dodgers and the Lakers.

Our admiration for these organizations has been the glue that has kept this community on good terms. It's been entertainment that has distracted us from all the tremendous problems facing this city produced purely through the mismanagement and corruption of our local government.

And here's the situation...

The Dodgers are in melt-down.

And the Lakers just FAILED because they've been too distracted with side projects to actually earn the millions of dollars they are paid by Dr. Jerry Buss.

So, guess what? We may be in for a really bumpy ride as a city.

Thanks fricken a lot Pau Gasol's former fiance.

That woman is the embodiment of all that is wrong in the world. Horrible, stupid, shallow, selfishness.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


@ MM - tough too answer some of the questions with just one answer.

@LakerMike - thanks for the excellent post earlier.

Not sure if Old Man Kobe can stand being subordinate again...

Remember the Shaq Era Lakers when Kobe would biatch and whine like a little girl because he wasn't "the man"?

It's already happening again with Kobe's wife supposedly injecting herself with Pau's personal life?

Anybody remember when Karl Malone supposedly "hit on Kobe's wife"?

This is the crap Team Kobe pulls to lay blame on someone else....same old kobe...take credit when things are good, but point fingers when things are bad.

>>>Stick a fork in Kobe...Father Time always wins.

Thought the second thought is correct, I think Kobe still has 2 or 3 more good seasons in him. Not MVPish seasons, but All-Star level seasons.

>>>Start over with Dwight as the #1, CP3 #2 and Kobe as #3

If the Lakers could pull that off, I would be very very very happy. I'm sure Kobe is now mature enough that he would be okay with deferring to DH and CP3 most of the time and taking over once in awhile when needed.

I seriously think the Lakers will need to part with either Pau or Drew (and/or maybe Lamar) if they want to rebuild quickly.

Barnes/Blake/Brown/Luke/Farmar have basically no trade value.

They'll have to part with one of their 7 footers to get quality talent back.

"Everyone else,

I'm very interested to see if LakerTom or KobeMVP888
have anything to say.

I admit to being fascinated by what will happen this offseason/before the
trade deadline.

I admit that I'm hoping for a lockout, because that would give Kobe more
time to heal/get surgeries.

Posted by: hobbitmage | May 09, 2011 at 07:57 AM "

LakerTom has been around but I don't expect to see KobeMVP888. I'm sure he is still reading the blogs regularly but I can't blame him for not wanting to come back here and answer for all of the strong comments he made all year.

I'm just happy that the practice season and flip the switch theories are officially debunked. I think the players had also bought into that nonsense and it cost them. When the team isn't playing well, it IS a problem. That doesn't mean a couple losses in November means it's time to pack it in for the season and blow up the team but it's important to understand why it happened and how it can be improved upon.

No one predicted the Lakers would lose in this fashion but I think we all can look back and realize we saw warning signs during the "practice" season. I hope Phil comes out with a book to see what really went on with this team. I think there was a lot more drama going on than we all knew about. Phil made several comments throughout the year that indicated he didn't have the team's attention.

To help put into perspective the level of pau's historic mental meltdown please consider before this series many so called NBA experts actually considered him a better player than dirk and even hailed him the best PF in the league... remember this is an allstar we're talkin about here that became a total liability every time he touched the ball in the playoffs...

In the past he matched up extremely well against dirk and even outplayed him with success... So I don't buy this physical fatigue crap for a second... Don't forget he got abused by carl freakin landry before dirk

There's no question he quit on this team.. For what reasons we may not know for sure yet.. And if his fiancee is any major reason than I do not pity him for once second... Kobe bryant was going through rape trials with his livelihood on the line and came back to score 40 the same day.. Pau gasol has girl issues and completely wimps out. Pau has always been soft in the head but this time HE CHOSE to wimp out and not fight back

Lakerholic checking in.

That was hard to take - not as bad as '08. I was already numb after the first three games. Everywhere I go today, people mention the Lakers to me with a grin on their face (I live in New England). What can I say to them? “They got killed…” It will be a very long off season…

Congratulations to Dirk and the Mavericks. I hate Cuban, but have always liked Dirk and Peja and I hope they do the Western Conference proud. If they win it all, it will be a bit of a consolation. I will be rooting for them.

Thanks to everyone on the team and in the Laker organization for doing their best and providing an entertaining season. Although we ended up being too old, too beat up, too tired, and too disjointed to even make a game of it, it was a great run of three trips to the finals and two rings. I am confident that we can rebuild and win again. I have seen if over and over. In Buss we trust...

This is the second time that Kobe's wife has cost us a championship. I love Kobe - his wife, not so much. She probably cost us Sasha as well - just my opinion. Think about it...

Team chemistry is so important. This is the biggest thing we have to rebuild. I harped on this earlier in the year. Why would you change five guys on a team that just won it all? Why would you trade the only real shooter on the team (who is also young and plays good defense) for an old guy that never plays? To save money? How much money do you lose getting killed in the second round?

I have faith. I have seen us rebuild over and over again. Personally I would keep Kobe, Drew, and Lamar… Fish is too old. Ron is too nutty. After getting booed at Staples (and playing like a weenie), I don’t think we will see Pau in a Laker uniform again. I like Ebanks and Caracter and I hope they are on the team and get some playing time. The rest of the bench should get shipped or waived – if anyone wants them.

I think Mitch should be replaced. He got lucky on a few trades, but most of what he has done for us sucked and he was beyond stubborn this year and refused to see the writing on the wall in time to do something about it. He could have signed Peja. He could have signed Bibby. He could have kept Sasha. He could have…
Jerry!!! (calling out in a little kids voice as in the movie Shane)

Task one will be getting us a new coach. It has to be someone who Kobe respects. I am not sure Shaw is the guy. I don’t think we need more of the same under a weaker leader. Sloan is tough. His teams don’t give up!

I will keep the faith. I have seen it all over the years. Real fans don’t quit (even when their team does)…

I am a Lakerholic.

Trading Sasha for Joe Smith was idiotic.

Giving up DJ Mbenga for Theo Ratliff was also idiotic.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I admit that I'm hoping for a lockout, because that would give Kobe more
time to heal/get surgeries.
Posted by: hobbitmage

RE: Kobe surgery

What is he supposed to get surgery on?

I have read there isn't anything can be done for his fingers at this point and the knee, is that even fixable?

Don't jump to conclusions. We do not know the facts. But here are a few we do know:

We never played up to our potential in any playoff game.

We are NOT an old team. Utter bs you will hear from media.

Pau was not Pau but we don't know why.

Kobe could not take over a game and could not close. Is that forever or just health issues?

Bynum needs the ball more. Maybe people want Dwight but we did not use Bynum to his full potential.

Our bench is despicable. Other teams got former all stars and specialists for a pittance, even the cash strapped Heat. We were the champs and Mitch got guys who never were. Clipper cast off? Geezer who played on more NBA teams than exist. Absolutely unforgivable decisions.

We had zero outside threats. Zero. Kobe could not hit 3s. Jordan and Sasha were dumped. We added older slower less range.

We never came from behind in the fourth. Not in the playoffs. Not most the year. Champions win the last quarter.

Those are things we know. The rest - to be determined.

We lose Joe, Theo, Trey, Possibly Shannon and Matt, Thats five guys, Trade Pau and Possibly LO and we get a younger faster bench and a PG and shooter for Pau and LO, hopefully CP3 or DWill and a seviceable 4 , someone say Carl Landry and Trevor!

If i was Vujacic and Farmar i would be looking at each other singing,

kobe you cant win without me
kobe you cant win without me

Andy L,

Another example was letting go of Mbenga and bringing in Theo Ratliff. Again, let's trade DOWN and get older.

Brilliant strategy

Edit: I see Mbenga in the poll above.

I knew there was a problem when Matt Barnes declared that he was growing a mohawk for the playoffs "to honor his mother."

How in God's name does that make sense?

Fricken idiot.

Focus on your game, Matt, and simply be less of an idiot. That's all we ask.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Okay how do we get CP3 and Dwight Howard?

Here you go:

1) Trade Bynum for Dwight Howard and bench player from the Lakers
2) Lamar Odom, and Steve Blake for CP3
3) Get Pau Gasol a shrink
4) Get Kobe Wife out of the locker room

Go Lakers!! Interested in rebuilding

The present situation the Los Angeles Lakers are in can be explained as follows.During the playoffs of 2010 began the demise of the Lakers . Each series became difficult beginning with the Okalahoma City Team and continued throughout the playoffs as the Lakers struggled through the championship finals with the Celtics. Charles Barkley gave a candid assessment of Kobe Bryant's game and said he began to see deficiencies in Kobe's game and his talents were declining. Throughout this season Kobe struggled to make those tough shots and they were not going in. Another example is when Denver played the Lakers after the Carmelo Anothony trade was made Wilson Chandler was defending Kobe and he took a shot from the right base line corner and he did not get the elevation needed to get off a good shot and the defenses are adjusting and Kobe has had difficulties. Wear and the vast number of games Bryant has played is showing. Please don't take this assessment of his game as pure criticism but as analytical evaluation and one issue of why the Lakers lost and need help. The bench beyond Lamar Odom is wortless and I can name five players the management needs to remove and replace with quality players. Barnes Brown, Ratliff,Smith and Walton.Artest and Fisher need to be replaced. Derek Fisher should consider retirement and move into the Laker's front office and Artest should be traded. Blake is an excellent role and situation player to remain on the roster. This is the cause this team has struggled and the offense is like night and day. The management,ownership and the Laker team players Kobe,Gasol,Bynum Odom that are the nucleus should remain should come together and reconstruct this team with good players by way of trades and free agency now. Thank you.

We lost Game 1 and Game 3 due to awful, biased officiating.

Darth Stern is an evil man.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


What the hell is Kobe's wife doing in the locker room?

These players (Pau, staring at YOU!) need to get their women in line.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Let be objective here. You’re always defending Drew and someone here always going to defend Pau, as I did, when he played good. This postseason Pau played like a crap, obviously something going on, because you cannot have someone averaging 18 pts suddenly starts averaging 7 pts without any underlying story. However Drew was a not a Beast either. It was comparably easy to put points against undersized NO, and not so easy against Mavs. Obviously, for financial reasons, Drew contract would be easy to trade, than Pau’s simply because it’s smaller and Drew in fact younger. I’m not saying they should, I’m saying if Lakers will pull Drew for Howard trade, I would completely understand. Orlando is another underachieving team, so they probably looking to change thing over there too, in order to avoid losing Howard next year via free agency for nothing. On another hand, trading Pau in order to get equal value going to be next to impossible, considering he just signed a very hefty extension.

I really don't get all the people dumping on Pau...

Without Pau, Lakers don't win ANY CHAMPIONSHIPS...

The Great Mamb-"me me" (cough kobe) was breaking scoring records but getting embarassed in the playoffs...(don't forget quitting in Game 7 of the Suns series) prior to Pau.

Get off of Pau's jock everybody...

Kobe Fans are a bunch of whiners just like Kobe.

Louis Penaflor

<< 4) Get Kobe Wife out of the locker room

LOL! What she was doing in men's locker room to begin with???


My first trade would be for CP or DWill for Pau (salary match) and yes, I would trade Drew for Dwight. Saying that, however, if that particular trade didn't go through, not that big of a deal. We need CP or DWill the most!

I also understand the CBO will play a huge role in whatever we try to do.

Jon K.,

Can you elaborate on the Gasol girlfriend issues - I've only heard a snippet of a rumor about it. What did she do to Gasol exactly?

So angry.

So upset.

Andrew, Kobe and Derek played admirably.

Everyone else played either gutless or stupid or both.

As a Lakeraholic, I'm disgusted.

These guys need to remember that this is Dr. Jerry Buss' team. Not theirs.

I don't give a damn about your tennis shoe or your t-shirt or your reality television series.

Actually I am offended by all of them.

Do these guys have any idea how expensive tickets are?

Losing because you can't figure out how to play with heart is unforgivable.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



You better fricken give up moderation today, man.

Now is not the time.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow.... Lakers Forever.


@mclyne – my grades were just for the playoffs. I thought you were too hard on a few and too lenient on a couple others, but you know I always appreciate your input.

@LT – Thanks for the kind words. A very rough ending indeed, but like you I agree the Lake Show will be back.

@art – I agree the organization as a whole failed…but some were more responsible than others…thus I tried to reflect that with individual grades. For example, I thought the coaches and players underachieved based on the talent the FO provided so I gave mgmt. a higher grade. But overall you’re right it’s one big F. Thanks for your reply.

1. No one is going to take Pau's 19 mil contract and his disappearing act.
2. If you get D Howard to LA who is he going to pass the ball to? In Orlando he was surrounded by great shooters all over the court and he still couldn't get out of the first round; who would he pass the ball to in LA.?
3. CP3's contract won't work with all the rest of the money owed to the scrubs already under contract Luke, Ron, Blake, Odumb + (Kobe will be making 24,25 and 30 mil per year until 2014) Yikes and double Yikes!

This team and franchise is screwed

Well – that sucked. Completely. I’m sorry but a sweep of the back to back defending champions is completely unacceptable. And to send PJ out riding into the Montana sunset like that?? Shameful at best.

That said, it’s been one helluva ride and I’m always grateful to the Laker organization for providing me with so much joy and entertainment, and giving me the opportunity to cheer for the best team in basketball year in and year out. I haven't been here much lately - too many trolls, too little love (shout out to phred there), but I hope some of you will still visit the RC – there will be a lot to talk about this summer for sure! And it’s open 24/7/365.

I’m not of the opinion that the team needs to be blown up. The core is solid in talent but the bench needs a big fat tweak or two. That said, the core needs to BRING IT next year. I can’t handle the thought of any more weirdness or weakness out there. This year was one of the strangest I’ve ever seen, and I know for a fact my heart couldn’t take another season like it. The confidence they deservedly earned by being the defending champs was overshadowed by a cockiness that did NOT bode well. It led to them being complacent to a certain extent, an inner fire that did NOT get stoked up high enough, and an ultimate inability to deal with a higher level of adversity than they expected. I’m extremely disappointed that they didn’t live up to their potential, to say the least.

This summer is going to be very interesting. Who’ll get traded? Who wants to come to LA? Who will be our coach? Who will we draft? Will there even be a season? So many variables…. Out of them all, I’m most interested to see what new coaching staff will be put in place. Regardless, we know that the Buss family wants to win. They’ve proved that. I have no doubt that they will do what it takes to ensure our ability to contend next year for # 17. I know Kobe feels the same way. It’s the rest that has me mystified.

Fellow bloggers…I was wrong about several things:

I thought the Lakers would 3peat if healthy. I thought Pau would regain his mojo and play at his all-star level when he was needed most in the playoffs. I thought PJ and his staff would figure things out and not get out coached in the playoffs. I thought LO would be consistent in the playoffs like he was in the regular season. I thought Kobe would perform like one of the greatest ever. I thought Ron’s meltdowns were a thing of the past. I was on board for signing all the Killer B’s.

I was also right about a few things… I knew Theo signing was a big mistake. I thought Drew would more motivated and play at a higher level in return for Mgmt allowing him to delay his surgery. I thought giving away Sasha was a mistake.

My overall grade = C. In the back of my mind I was worried about two teams OKC and Miami, but I felt strongly that this core group deserved a chance to 3peat and I’m glad they were given that opportunity.

Chin Up.

Always proud to be a Lakers fan.

Always believing we can overcome adversity.

1,2,3 Ring (2012).

As they "All good things come to an end", but the way it crashed was embarrassing. Two ppl to blame
Big chief triangle for not resting starters at the end of regular season, no the f'ing seed doesn't matter to us
Kobe-can't stay in front of no one and couldn't close game 1 and 3(he turned it over at the end in both games, i wouldn't have minded if he had just chucked it.)
Oh odumb is worthless, which is always my opinion.

Laker Season Wrap-up
1. In summary, it was truly a great run, no matter how badly it ended. Plenty of great memories, and lots of thanks to go around. The current hurt is bitter, but it won’t last long against all the highlights of the last 4 years, if not the last 10.
2. Our fate this year was sealed from the very start. Phil, as great as his legacy is, simply should not have returned. His heart wasn’t in it, and in the end, neither was his team’s. No small coincidence there.
3. The triangle offense is to the NBA, what the single wing offense is to the NFL. Methodical. Powerful. Predictable. And ultimately, outdated and beatable. One went out about 50 years ago, the other has just left the building, never to return.
4. Rule #1 for “inside-out” strategy: you better have at least one guy who can consistently hit the outside shot. The Mavs had at least 4 guys who could. We had none. Ergo, we had an "inside-none" offense.
5. The nucleus of this team (Kobe, Bynum, Pau, and Lamar) can absolutely, positively win #17 next year…but NOT if they don’t have a young, quick, athletic elite PG that can also consistently hit the outside shot, game in and game out. As much as most of us love Fish (and I do), it’s time. The bad news: NONE of the non-nucleus remaining players is worth enough to get the required PG.
6. Ergo, I agree with Magic, you have to blow up this team and remake it, not just tweak it. Lots of possibilities once you make this “all in” decision. My gut tells me that our best shot is: Bynum for Howard, Pau for Deron Williams (yes, I like him more than CP3). And trade ALL the remaining players except Odom, Barnes, Ebanks, and Caracter for Kyle Korver. You could have the Singing Nuns to fill out the bench and this team would still win #17. I truly hate to lose both Bynum and Pau, but the truth is, Bynum will never have Laker DNA/smarts/class, and Pau will never have the toughness needed to play PF against the elite teams in this league.
7. Next coach: Rick Adelman. Honestly, my first choice would be Monty Williams of the New Orleans Hornets. Young, smart, classy, great strategist, and cool under pressure, but may not have the chops yet for such a veteran team. Adelman has it all, and the veterans will respect him. No way that Brian Shaw or Kurt Rambis could handle the new team.
8. System: SHOWTIME! No more plodding half-court, lazy pass, lazy cut nonsense…triangle, rhombus, whateva, be gone! This is L.A…the entertainment capital of the world…play like it.
9. Lastly, no matter what, no matter who plays or who coaches, I love our Lakers and will cheer for them win or lose.


Jon K. - I'm sorry but it's a necessary evil. There's a lot of comments being passed through that's inappropriate so I don't want the place to get infested with termites

I dont think Cp3 wants to come to LA no matter what we trade!

he has his eyes set on the Big 3! he was watching the Miami game against Boston on the sideline after lakers took them out of the playoffs!! I think CP3 wants to go to MELO in NY or MIAMI to play with his BFF's Lebronz and Dfade!

but more realistic is D Howard! I could see us sending Gasol and couple of bench players for Howard, I say keep LO and BYNUM and get another big instead of Gasol and a very good point guard that dosnt stink!!
but the question is will Orlando trade him for Gasol?


I watched the game yesterday at a bar in Downtown L.A. yesterday.

Next to me was an extremely intelligent Lakeraholic who also played basketball in college for a spell. He told my about Pau's fiance. I asked his source and he said he read it on a blog and heard in discussed on ESPN radio.

It's the only thing that makes sense. Pau was clearly playing as if his mind was elsewhere and he was depressed.

Only the callousness of a woman could do something like that to a man.

She be a horrible, selfish, shallow human being to do that to a man during the playoffs. I mean, she couldn't wait a month to break up with him?

What scum.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



LOL. Guess how many banners in the last 12 years the Lakers would have without Kobe.

I'll give you a hint, it rhymes with hero.

Everyone seems to be forgetting. The Mavs owned the Lakers. This was no fluke. They simply owned them.


Today it is a completely unnecessary evil.

Let the inappropriate comments go through.

What else would you expect after such a historic embarassment to the franchise?

Chaos should be expected.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Darn, wish I had followd this web site earlier..some great comments virtually free of !!!!! and %$#%$

Someone said the Lakers weren't old. Perhaps you could make a case that many of them are in their primes but never discount what playing late in the season for 3 straight years does to both mind and body. They looked and played like a spent force. I am not surprised they lost but I am smarting at the WAY they lost. Go out like a champion, not some whipped dog that is just waiting for it all to end. Bynum's act was the signature of a malformed personality. It's how you react under pressure that is the true mark of a man or woman. It's not a flattering view of you, Andrew. You have a long way to go to be a professional.

I truly believe that he next title we win will be in the post Kobe era. He's a great, HOF player and I think he's as fierce a competitor as we have seen in this sport. But I don't see how they do a quick re-tool given the salaries and untradeable assets they have. Mitch might find a way but its a long shot. Patience is going to be called for and that's something few Laker fans have.

Quite a run. It's over. We should appreciate all we have been given as fans and try not to freak out over losing. I hope the Mavs win it all..they played magnificently.

Things that went wrong:

Pau Gasol ---- I don't know if we'll ever know what the behind the scenes answer to this was but he was not himself.

Derek Fisher ---- WAY WAY WAY too much was expected of him this year. He is a good role player, not a good starter. Even in his prime he was really a better guy to have off the bench. He's 36 and he was asked to guard the quickest most athletic guy on the opposing team each and every night. The excuse was that no one can guard those quick point guards so it didn't matter how poorly he defended them. It was wrong then and it's wrong now. Team Fisher will point out his rings and his clutch shots but all of his clutch shots and ring contributions came in the final seconds of games, not in the first 40 minutes. They are long overdue of upgrading this position. It kills them that they do not have a point guard with quickness that can finish at the basket. It's time to put pride aside and get someone with youth. Fisher should be a situational player at most.

Bench ---- Did not bring it after the first month or so. The Dallas series really showed how weak they were.

Lamar Odom ---- Was having the most consistent season of his career and that all seemed to change once the reality show started. I'm still surprised the team signed off on that idea. It added a lot more distraction to Lamar's life and it didn't appear to pay off.

Andrew Bynum ---- Played well the whole series until game 4 and then he put a huge black mark on himself. Not only did he not really show up in game 4, he exited in a very poor fashion. He is being grilled on ESPN for the foul and they're not even pointing out the Beasley foul yet. It's only going to get worse once they realize he is a repeat offender. He already has question marks because of his injury history, he doesn't need to attracting more negative attention to himself.

Kobe Bryant ---- He's still right at the top but I think his days of carrying other players are over. If other players aren't performing, he doesn't have that extra gear available to make up for it anymore. He couldn't have been asked to do much more than he did in the Dallas series.

This will be a telling offseason in seeing if they can inject youth and hunger into this team. The early exit and the coming lockout will probably be good in resting up them up for future seasons.

Ok so the venting begun in earnest. Let it all out people, then regroup.

Observation: Defense wins Championships. I am no expert but all Dallas had to do was watch Chris Paul rip through our Defense in the high pick and roll in the NOLA series to put together a good plan on dominating us. That's exactly what they executed. We got beat all four games, period. Do not blame the ref's (much to be desired though). Blow up the team no, but tweak the bench-we had some throw away trades that did not translate to any dividends this year. In the end, as said fix the bench and bring in a Speedy, Fearless, Smart, Young legged Point Guard and we will be alright. I hope Dr. Buss takes the reins on this and continues his great franchise legacy in Los Angeles. Our other treasured franchise is crashing like a lead balloon. Breaks my heart.


Unfortunately, you are only as strong as your weakest link. And like dominos, defense and offense starts to tumble when that weak link is exposed. Now many want to call out D-Fish as that weak link, but not so for this series. His ability to be effective required his teammates to be fully functioning on both ends of the court. (However, I do believe that Fisher should retire as a player and become an assistant coach.)

It's said that many a great empire had fallen because of a woman. And Pau let a woman affect his play on both ends of the court. Pau became the weakest link. They were blaming an upper respiratory infection, but he was definitey Pout Gasol throughout. If your mind's not in the game (preoccupied with things other than the game at hand), everything you do is a delayed response. Then you start to over think and it becomes even more delayed. You become flatfooted and your teammates lose faith in your ability to cover on D and to make good decisions in the triangle. And then you start to get confused on whether your teammates are going to trust in your decision making and pass the ball to you or whether you should rotate on the defensive cover (i.e., will your teammates trust your defensive cover). It then snowballs for both you and your teammates. And so, yes, Pout Gasol was a major reason for the fall of this empire.

An example of this was in game three in the 4th quarter when Pau and Kobe ran the pick-and-roll at the foul line. Except Pau, now thinking that Kobe and the rest of the team didn't trust him, didn't turn his head to see the ball coming. The pass hit Pau in the center of his back (perfectly right on the numbers) and resulted in a turnover. 

After all is said and done, if a feud has evolved out of Pout's loss of his fiancé, then Kobe (and whomever else was involved) and Pau need to sit down and clear the air. If they are unable to resolve this problem, then Pau is the one that needs to be traded. We need Pau, NOT Pout on our team. This is about chemistry and, if Pau can't get over this incident, then it'll be a nuclear winter for many seasons to come. And Pau's trade value will continue to plummet. However, if Pau can resolve his issues and get back to playing with Kobe the way we know he's capable of, then there's no need to trade him.

As for Drew and LO, they let their passion couple with their frustration which resulted in a moment of turning to the dark side. Unfortunately, Drew (being young and impressionable) followed LO's lead. I wouldn't trade either of them. And Artest walked Drew off the court to make sure his passion didn't get him into trouble with the fans. He made sure that Drew didn't have an incident like he had at The Palace.

As for Ron's so-called close line of J.J. "The Garden Gnome" Barrea, looking at it on replay (I didn't watch the game live), Artest's foul wasn't anywhere near the level of Raja "Ding Dong" Bell's close line of Kobe. Bell threw Kobe to the floor, whereas Artest held Barrea up and didn't follow through.

I had a feeling about the final game being another blowout and posted that in the first quarter of the game. The snowball effect was in play from Game 1 after the 16 point lead was blown.

Whatever happens, lockout, trade or no trade, it's been great up until this debacle. And so I dedicate the following to the 2008-2011 Lakers core:



I simply don't think many of these trades discussed are realistic. The team made its decision to keep a core together that had proven successful. The only contingency was Artest, who was locked up only because the team could not re-sign Ariza. Those signings were vindicated by championships.

Now, with the tradeable assets looking older and slower, and worse yet, lethargic, they may not be attractive. None of the players that may need to go did not acquit themselves well in the playoffs, and if those players couldn't "bring it" with Kobe and Phil running the train, why would a New Orleans or an Orlando or NY Knicks be moved to acquire them and send stars to LA in return?

There may be a LOT of players who'd kill to play in LA, but there aren't a lot of franchises who'd line up to help the Lakers add to their banner count. Let's be realistic. The fact of the matter is, the Lakers are going to have to try to win with most of the players already there.

The only reason any trade can be pulled off is by other players forcing their teams to trade them to LA. Neither of those two players will address the Lakers' overall need for depth, athleticism and speed along the perimeter.
LA may be able to benefit from other teams' player dilemmas, but those are too many ifs and buts, especially with a lockout looming.

This team may not be able to retool. It may have to carry its contracts and hope for the best.

I am very disapointed by how kobe played. I always thought Kobe is the next Jordan but more far away then i thougt. Why didn't he take over. MJ would destroy the Mavericks with his left hand. It looks like he is afraid to take over and not succed. I am still a Kobe Fan but i don't know what to think about it.
By the way I am from Germany.

Trading Bynum or Pau for Howard, if even possible, doesn't really accomplish much at all.

If you trade Pau, you have Howard and Bynum on the floor together. Both of them are centers.

If you trade Bynum all you get is someone not likely to break down from injury, granted that's a plus but even if Howard played this series with the Lakers against Dallas it still would have been a wipeout.

Just doing that trade doesn't improve the Lakers that much.
The Lakers have no bench, no perimeter game, no speed and no point guard and until they do this is what it is.

They are still good enough as is to win their division next year (of course it's a crappy division), and be a top 4 seed.

They just aren't likely to be Finals candidates.

They all will be yet another year older and they may very well decide to put in Shaw as coach and ride this out until Kobe, Pau, etc contracts expire.

>>>Everyone seems to be forgetting. The Mavs owned the Lakers. This was no
>>>fluke. They simply owned them.

They owned them in one game. All three of the other games were closely fought games that the Lakers couldn't close. This wasn't like a sweep where one team is getting blown out by 20 points every game.

They got beat in all four games - they only got owned in game 4.


>>>Trading Bynum or Pau for Howard, if even possible, doesn't really
>>>accomplish much at all.

Hell yes it does. Howard is the defensive player of the year. How many layups did the Hornets & Mavericks get that would have been swatted right back in their faces by Howard?

How many times did Drew or Pau get shoved 6 feet off the block, when Howard would have held position down low?

>>>If you trade Pau, you have Howard and Bynum on the floor together. Both
>>>of them are centers.

That much I agree on... if Pau goes in a deal for Howard, then Bynum needs to go in a deal as well... hopefully for a very good PG.

>>>If you trade Bynum all you get is someone not likely to break down from
>>>injury, granted that's a plus but even if Howard played this series with the
>>>Lakers against Dallas it still would have been a wipeout.

NOT. Howard shoots a higher percentage than Bynum, scores more points thanBynum, and is a better defender than Bynum. There were games lost by 2 points, 6 points, and 8 points. Replace Bynum with Howard (no other changes) and it's at least 2-2 right now, and maybe 3-1 Lakers.

>>>Just doing that trade doesn't improve the Lakers that much.

Bynum for Howard straight up does. If they have to give up more than just Bynum, then maybe and maybe not.

>>>The Lakers have no bench, no perimeter game, no speed and no point
>>>guard and until they do this is what it is.

Supposedly the Lakers bigs' great defense was supposed to challenge players coming into the lane. How many layups did Jason Terry get? How many layups did JJ Barea get? I guarantee you, with Dwight rotating over, those numbers would be less.

>>>They are still good enough as is to win their division next year (of course
>>>it's a crappy division), and be a top 4 seed.
>>>They just aren't likely to be Finals candidates.

Well, maybe. And maybe not. Boston didn't do much between 2009 and 2010, but made it back to the finals based on motivation from having lost before the finals in 2009. That could play a part. But I think they need an upgrade at PG and at least one more shooter (could be the same player) to get back to finals level.

>>>why would a New Orleans or an Orlando or NY Knicks be moved to acquire
>>>them and send stars to LA in return?

Did you sleep through the last offseason and this year's trade deadline?

I'll spell it out for you...

New Orleans and/or Orlando might be willing to trade CP3 or Dwight Howard to the Lakers because they wouldn't want to have them walk away for nothing when they reached free agency in the summer of 2012.

You want precedents? LeBron James and Chris Bosh walked away and left their teams hanging in the summer of 2009. New Orleans and Orlando know that their stars could do the EXACT SAME THING.

Denver already surrendered Carmelo Anthony rather than losing him this summer. Same thing with Utah and Deron Williams.

If Orlando assumes they're likely to lose Dwight Howard anyway, then getting back Andrew Bynum and some draft picks is a hell of a lot better than getting nothing.

Put yourself in Otis Smith's shoes... do you call Dwight Howard's bluff? Or do you trade him off and continue to make the playoffs with Andrew Bynum at the center?

Were not a lot of fanboys in the blog giddy like 5th graders who had a over-dose of Kool-Aid when we signed Blake and Ratliff, saying we are bring experience + solid shooting (Blake), instead of a horrible and worthless player (Sasha), and that Ratliff is a HUGE upgrade over Mbenga for his experience and shot blocking. Everyone was praising Mitch as the ultimate GM who got us the right resources every time.

You all see how it turned to be. When Mbenga was there, we started him for few games, and even won those!! But, on the other hand how many total minutes did Ratliff play throughout the season?? 20??

Blake was supposed to be a "good defender" and "excellent shooter" on 3s. His "defense" was so visible, and there were times when he was SCARED to shoot, despite being super-open. Sasha would never hesitate in such situations, and would nail the shot. Sasha is a pest and much better in defense than Blake or Brown.

All you Farmar haters who wanted him out, how is that you're getting new-found love for him??

And now, all of you are going against Mitch for his stupid trades?? If they were stupid, why there were no such comments on the blog for those posts when they were intro'd as Lakers??

All of you drooling over Marc Gasol and saying Pau is crap. Did you understand what Pau has brought to this organization? He has been so solid and along with Kobe, has taken Lakers to 3 straight Finals and 2 championships??

Cool down fellows. Take two days off.

LTLF -- you're letting emotion get the best of you. Read before you leap. You missed the rest of what I said.

The only reason any trade can be pulled off is by other players forcing their teams to trade them to LA. Neither of those two players will address the Lakers' overall need for depth, athleticism and speed along the perimeter.
LA may be able to benefit from other teams' player dilemmas, but those are too many ifs and buts, especially with a lockout looming.

Settle down and quit popping off. Get a grip on yourself. You're better than that.

Let's use some perspective here guys, our current core of players have trade value, in any venue of commerce when such a player's skills are held in high regard he/she is deemed a "valued-asset". Ok so for our Market 101 analysis: Pau, Bynum, Odom, Artest, all the way down the line with the exception of Kobe and maybe Derek Fisher (playing from the bench) are going to be in the crosshairs this offseason. This being the case, Dr. Jerry Buss and company will be following the off-season situation closely and let's be honest here folks, the Lakers are more likely to change a key player or two, and/or system in favor of a quicker, younger; more determined-hungry; sharpshooting, physical, team, end of story.

Now I am all for giving guys a benefit of a doubt here and there, but laying down and embarrassing the club, themselves, is inexcusable specially at this juncture, and if heads are rolling then that's what it is. Players are not more important than the team itself, and this is not what we should lose sight of. The team as constructed right now, with the 'trust-issues', lack of chemistry in the back of everyone's domes is not good for their legacies, let alone the future so a changing of the guard should be in order, so get used to it Laker fans - it's a new day in Laker-land this era IMO should be broken up if you upgrade, it's so worth it in the long-run.

"but the question is will Orlando trade him for Gasol?"

Posted by: LALakerz213 | May 09, 2011 at 11:56 AM


I think the real question is whether Orlando will have a choice. Howard holds the ball in his court and it's Orlando's job to try and capitalize the best way they can while they still own his contract.

-Just a thought: If Mngmt/Ownshp decide to keep the "triangle" and promote Shaw, then Kobe will have to commit to playing the Point and focus on Defense. It will be time for him to become a full time facilitator and lock down defender. I can't believe he's 1st team defense this year, but hey: it's the NBA where amazing happens.

-I think Bynum, Odom and Pau are assets that must be “shopped.” Bynum is doomed for a career riddled with injuries; Odom cannot handle the L.A. "glare" and Pau is simply not tough enough - mentally & physically - to play at this level. Now just because you shop doesn't mean you're going to have "takers" but I'm sure that's the route that will be taken.

Like it or not, the Mavs took care of business and the Lakers did not. It's really that simple now the members of that team can get their much needed beauty sleep.

This team had a rare opportunity to make history and do "historic" things but apparently it was more important to watch a soccer game; make rap music with titles such as "Peanut Butter;" auction off rings; sell fragrances; produce T-shirts; T.V. shows; exercise videos; commercials and guest appearances. This was not a focused team with a real "eye on the prize" but a team that believed the hype: Biggest and most talented Front line in the NBA; best Closer in the game; a storied and historic Coach.

Well, the one costly mistake was committed by the coaching staff. They truly miscalculated the ability, devotion and dedication of this team to winning it all this season. The coaching staff gave them a lot of leeway by believing and convincing everyone that it was a marathon not a sprint; that they're a little bit older and wore down by successive appearances in the post season.

Fact of the matter is that the coaching staff truly underestimated the maturity of this team to "figure it out by themselves." We witnessed the culmination of their entire season in the playoffs and if Pau was truly distracted to the point of implosion, then no one should care about what he did in the past but remember how he "performed" in these 2011 playoffs.

I know Phil would do it differently and who knows: he may not want to be remembered this way. Tick-Tock...Tick-Tock

with all these people wanting to trade somebody, i'm surprised no one's mentioned kevin durant.

also, posted by arash markazi, retweeted by MM, showtime lakers (1980-1991): 9 nba finals, 5 rings. zen lakers (2000-2011): 7 nba finals, 5 championships. quit all of your whining. we're fine, lol...

somebody tell pau bros > h**s

Tinkering with this team will not get them back to the finals. They already have the talent to get there; what they don't have is sufficient drive and chemistry. There is no choice but to shake up the unit.

The first question Laker management needs to answer is whether Pau and Kobe can still play together. Only those who were in the locker room would have insight on that issue. If they can, then the most obvious trade bait is Bynum.

While it is true Drew has great talent and nearly unlimited potential, he remains injury prone. That ugly foul at the end of the game shows he lacks both maturity and the mindset of a champion. Other teams will be willing to take a risk on him, so he has a great trade potential. But mark my words he will have injuries that take him out of a substantial number of games over the next 3 years.

Keep Fish, but move him to the bench. He can fulfill the Brian Shaw role of restoring order when things get out of hand. He would be perfect in that role. With the exception of Odom, the rest of the bench can all be moved for whatever talent can be acquired.

The most disappointing aspect of the sweep is that the greatest coach of all time was disrespected by (some of) his players. Lose giving your best, ok, we can understand and even admire that. But to make the kind of money these players do, to play for the best coach of all time, on one of the best franchises in all of professional sports, and to then not bring any urgency to the postseason shows a total lack of appreciation, and is totally inexcusable. Some of these guys need stop pretending to be champions and go out and get a real job.


with all these people wanting to trade somebody, i'm surprised no one's mentioned kevin durant.

Posted by: soshibo | May 09, 2011 at 01:45 PM

The present situation in the NBA has more readily available players such as Dwight: at or near the end of his "rookie-mandated" tenure with the Orlando Magic; Chris Paul: same situation, Deron Williams: same situation +/unlikely to renew options/contracts in there current teams to name a few. I have heard of one of the Lopez brothers in New Jersey.. the most important aspect of these trade scenarios is the "need" of the other team to upgrade or replace the player they lost because they were not going to re-sign anyway due to lack of success (see: Cavaliers not trading Lebron because they were told he was likely to resign there eventhough he was not; also see: Utah Jazz (Deron Williams), Denver: (Carmelo Anthony). Kevin Durant is hooked with the Thunder for the next few years however, he is in a position to succeed with pieces around him, so do not be alarmed if the Thunder, and KD don't listen to "trade offers" because there is literally no chance of that happening.

No one is mentioning Durant because the only way he's leaving OKC in the foreseable future is if the entire front office is replaced by the Three Stooges and their new coach is Dr. Phil.

I can barely work today.

The only thing that will make me feel better: A quote coming out of the Howard, CP3, or DWill camp that says anything about a positive move towards the Lakers. I know they can't say anything until the playoffs are over, but I can still dream...

"I'm just happy that the practice season and flip the switch theories are officially debunked. I think the players had also bought into that nonsense and it cost them.
Posted by: Bay to LA | May 09, 2011 at 11:04 AM

Exactly! As I was ranting all season!

"I seriously think the Lakers will need to part with either Pau or Drew (and/or maybe Lamar) if they want to rebuild quickly.
Barnes/Blake/Brown/Luke/Farmar have basically no trade value.
They'll have to part with one of their 7 footers to get quality talent back.
Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | May 09, 2011 at 11:03 AM

Good analysis. I would also add that nobody is going to take DFish either. I don't expect any GM out there to gift wrap a FAIR trade for AB or RA either. Pau may be our only fair trade value chip. I hope Lakers keep Trey/Ebanks for youth value to see what they can when they get a coach who will actually play them! I am bewildered why the ownership is reluctant to enforce off court restrictions and curfews, but if they aren't then they need to get rid of players who have Hollywood oriented (off-court) distractions or tendancies, IMO.

"@NUGGETSCOUNTRY ... Well, we did not win but we still have you in good health and that is more important than a championship. Congrats on another Friedman. Rick would be proud of you. Looking forward to sharing more championships with you in the future. Stay healthy and relax." @LakerTom

Thanks, seriously! It has been a very hard week or two. Hung up all the rooting gear, which is sad because one of my sons bought me a shirt he thought I wouldn't take off for 2 months, with his very scarce earnings!

Lots of good level headed stuff on here today:

LIKE: Posted by: Bay to LA | May 09, 2011 at 12:05 PM

Oh one more thing, not using homophobic slurs against a ref would've helped too. See how Gasol was treated and kobe himself stopped going to the hole as he clearly saw the writing on the wall. Time to grow up.


the primary reason i mentioned KD is because of how RW is playing at the moment. RW has consistently choked in these playoffs trying to be the bigger man that KD is. okc is up 3-0 if RW defers to KD. could KD want out? if you go pau + ?? for KD, both teams benefit. lal gets outside shooting, maintains defense at SF. okc acquires an inside/outside game from pau alone. actually, now that i think about it, if pau reverts to form, KD for PG + ?? benefits okc more.. sigh....

i know i'm dreaming... i can't work today either. i'm still =[ from this season.

also, i've always loved KD. this guy is more humble than d rose.

I don't know which one was harder to take, the Lakers being swept or seeing my 11 year old son crying after the debacle. My only consolation is the thought that there's always a next year and the LAKERS will rise again!

I've been a Laker fan since 1948. I'm not about to drop them now.

I've been a Laker fan since 1948. George Mikan was my first hero followed by Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, Michael Cooper etc. etc... I am not about to drop them because of some frustration and a little bad sportsmanship. GO LAKERS!! Jerry.

Don't get me wrong, I love KD's game and attitude as well, but I don't OKC would trade him for anyone right now.

Remember, he still hasn't fully reached his potential yet. Just wait until he develops a post up game- then he will be unstoppable from all points on the floor.

Hey Everyone,

Sad to see us lose, but it looks like I am back on here full-time since topbuz kicked me to the curb for dissing Pau !! But anyway..I digress.

I am wondering how Vanessa can break up a relationship that wasnt already fragile, perhaps? Just sayin. If Pau and exes relationship was all that tight can't nobody break that bond -- otherwise she weak and or wanted to bounce on him (Pau) anyone and simply needed an Out! And if that's the case, Pau has to man up and say NEXT..Chicks come a dime a dozen..Can't be sooo caught up..But I cannot see how one person can destroy a so-called solid relationship if its was really all that solid..........Seems to me it was already broken..but again, I wasn't there. Maybe Pau boinked another chick, Kobe snitched him out to wifey and she told Pau's ex?????? LOL Not like Kobe hasn't never called a next man out about their indiscretions!! lol

the sad part is, I don't think the best team won this series. The more DETERMINED one did.

The Lakers need to get rid of Pau Gasol. Although he has come up big for us in the past, he needs to go. Derick Fisher needs to go also. Lamar should start and we should find a good backup power forward/center to replace him on the bench. We also need a true point guard that is young and fast. Although getting CP3 is a very good idea, it is very unlikely. Personally I think we should give Trey Johnson or Shannon Brown a chance. Steve Blake isn't Lakers material and he needs to go too. Either trading Ron Artest or reducing his minutes can be an option because all those missed 3-point shots are unnacceptable. What we lose in his defense we can get from Matt Barnes.

I know if was a dissapointing finish to all Laker fans & Managment & players however this team DID go tot the Finals 3 straight years and won twice, so let's not start panicing and start trading guys left & right, this is where teams go with making wrong decisions and can't climb right back up. What they do need to do is get a starting PG. Fisher has been great player for this organization so let's stop trashing the guy, it's not his fault that Lakers management cannot bring in a solid starting PG in place so he can be a solid back up player. I much rather have Fish as a back up then Steve Blake. What they lack is PG & Shooters. They have ZERO shooters on this team and it showed on the court all season long. I say they bring in a PG & Shooters and get rid of Theo Ratliff, Jose Smith, Character, Ebanks and see if someone can take Luke Walton out of their hands since it's his expiring contract is up and hire Ron Artet's Psychologist to help this team - lol.

The biggest reason the Lakers didn't repeat was this: letting Trvor Ariza go. That may have been on e of the dumbest moves made by Buss. This is all on Buss and Kupchak!

Getting rid of Farmar was also unwise but not signing and wrapping up Ariza was pure IDIOCY and INCOMPETENCE!

Not so sad to see the Bulls coach go---hasta la vista Jackson!

Love lakers

i still dwights best bet for a ring at this point if he insists on going is Chicago. LA we'd only get damaged goods (bynum's bad knees, gasol=whipped, odom=a start but not enough) plus phil jackson is gone and kobe is old.

Get Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, & Kevin Love

Keep Bynum

Trade Kobe for Derrick Rose

Get Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, & Kevin Love

Keep Bynum

Trade Kobe for Derrick Rose

If we keep Kobe Bryant we should also keep Lamar Odom simply because he is the poor man's Scootie Pippen

We should also go after Kevin Durant & Blake Girffin within next 2 or 3 years.

Bench Ron Artest (he is not a starter/ we may not need to trade him), he is good where he is BENCH.... he would make the bench a lot powerful, simply not a starter. Also, we got him completely, a very good discount.

Derick Fisher cannot guard backup point guards in this league. He constantly gets beat. He can only guard off guards/bigger guards and that is liability for someone like Kobe who would have to guard a quicker player. Offensively, transition defense, pushing the ball, slow shot release, finishing at basket, etc. etc he needs to go and minutes need to be given to developing a point guard. No more, no more please. With bigger front line we need more quickness from other players. He also cannot get his slow release shot off whnen ball moves inside to out or ball swings. Any additional games he plays for this team reduces there chances of winning future playoffs.

When Lakers were so soft before Artest came, most fans here wants thugs because they are tired of watching lakers playing soooo soft!!!

Get Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, & Kevin Love

Keep Bynum

Trade Kobe for Derrick Rose

If we keep Kobe Bryant we should also keep Lamar Odom simply because he is the poor man's Scootie Pippen, and he is good for bench as well.

We should also go after Kevin Durant & Blake Girffin within next 2 or 3 years.

Bench Ron Artest (he is not a starter/ we may not need to trade him), he is good where he is BENCH.... he would make the bench a lot powerful, he is simply not a starter. Also, we got him very cheap.

Try get Ariza back with the same salary we paid him before... LOL!!!

First thing first. Hire a young and dynamic coach who is intelligent and creative enough to gain players' respect.

Kobe and Simmer may be crazy but they still think they can beat the Mavs.
Got to wait at least one more season before any good free agents show up so just hire in Brian Shaw and do your Laker thing.



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