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Poll: Do you think Mike Brown is a good choice for Lakers coach?

As The Times reported Tuesday night, the Lakers have put a deal in place to make Mike Brown their new head coach.

What do you think? Is Brown a good fit, considering that he took the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals and has experience in dealing with a superstar player?

Or would you have preferred one of the many other names tossed about by the media and among Lakers fans to replace Phil Jackson?

Please vote in the poll and leave a comment letting us know your reasons.


Coaching candidate profile: Mike Brown

Jerry Buss: Lakers won't continue exclusively with triangle offense

-- Chuck Schilken


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BShaw was my #1 choice because he understands this team, he's a no nonsense guy and has a great understanding of the game.

Adelman was my #2 choice because of his proven track record, offensive brilliance and allowing his players to play.

If Mike Brown is ultimately hired I'm cool with that. His teams are always very good defensively, something the Lakers lacked sorely in the playoffs. Plus, he learned from Pop and was the lead assistant under Carlisle with those very good Pacer teams. (BTW - I'm happy for Carlisle. He was fired for non-basketball reasons by the Pistons, and then built the Pacers into the best team in the league in 2005 before the Malice at the Palace doomed them).

Brown will need to bring in a top assistant with a good offensive mind to help him on that end of the court.

As a few users have mentioned, for whatever reason the login says to some that you are signed in as "nobody." Same thing happened with me. But I notice when I left a comment, it still had my name attached to it anyway. So don't get thrown off by the signin status. If you're having login troubles, please e-mail me at [email protected] Hopefully that will give me a good sense on whether this experiment will work or not

Interesting factoid: Both Mike Brown and Eric Spoelstra started their coaching careers as video coordinators...

I thought there were much better candidates out there. Although I'm not even sure he was available, my first choice was Jerry Sloan. He always manages to extract every bit of talent and effort out of his players, and his teams always execute brilliantly on offense. He would have had the respect of Kobe and the other vets, and I believe he could have implemented a new system which may have forced Kobe to play off the ball more, which is what should be done. My second choice was Adelman, because of his record with the Blazers, Rockets, Sacramento, etc.


I have to admit that I never had Mike Brown on my Lakers coaching radar but he has a strong resume. While he never won an NBA championship, he did post some impressive regular season records coaching the Cavaliers, even winning a Coach of the Year award. As a Popovich disciple, Brown also has a reputation as an excellent defensive coach who leaves offensive strategies to his assistants.
Putting the pieces of the Lakers puzzle together, I had expected the front office to go for an offensive oriented coach like Rick Adelman due to the rumors that Jerry and Jim Buss wanted to bring back Showtime. I also found it fascinating that Jim Buss appears more and more to be taking over at the helm of the Lakers. Mike Brown may join Andrew Bynum as major moves engineered by Jim.
Listening to Jerry Buss’ comments, it’s beginning to appear that the Lakers are not looking to make any major moves this offseason, instead focusing on tweaking the roster rather than blowing it up. Hopefully, the tweaks to which he is referring will include upgrading the point guard position, a move that is going to be critical if we are really abandoning the Triangle Offense as it would appear.
The big question to be answered is what offense will Mike Brown run. Is there a chance that he will retain some of the Lakers current assistant coaches and actually run a version of the Triangle? Or will he look to bring in a strong offensive oriented assistant coach to take over the offense? One thing you have to say about being a Lakers fans is that you never lack for drama and intrigue win or lose.

hire Mike Brown !!!

Mike Brown is a solid coach and deserves some respect. Nobody will be as good as Phil Jackson and expecting Mike to be Phil is silly. My only reluctance in fully endorsing the idea is that Laker fans have as much a sense of entitlement as Cleveland fans had a sense of desparation. Both are spoiled fan bases.

Mike Brown is better than you naysayers deserve.

Mike Brown is an idiot. Probably the most overrated coach in the last 20 years. The Lakers as we know them are now gone.

I believe that Rick Adelman is the best man for the job. He understands the Laker team to some extent. He coached the "Queens" and the Rockets. Both teams gave the Lakers problems during their post season runs. It is arguable that he may have won championship(s) if his teams did not run into the Lakers in the playoffs.

I do not like the idea of having rookie coach coaching our Laker team. As much I respect and admire B. Shaw, your first coaching gig should not be with the Lakers.

Brown's track record is impressive. It's definitely an upgrade to his Cavs roster all across the board (exception at the 3 of course). The more I think about it the more I've become in favor of it. I just hate the way he talks, his facial expressions are just annoying!

Adelman was a good idea, but the dude has "can't win the big one" mojo, and unfortunately luck also plays a big part. He don't got it.

Mike Brown is a great hire, head coaching experience, young, and defensively minded. Inherits a way more talented roster than he had with Cleveland. And he's a brutha (icing on the cake!)

ABAR = Anybody but Another Retread

but now he's got to deal with the wrath (and pouting) of Kobe. Gonna be an interesting year...

I remember watching Brown coaching in the playoffs and he remined me of Del Harris. Harris never could adapt and change as the playoff games extended. Del never could take us to the Mountain Top. We had great players but Del never could adapt. Jackson adapted...and 5 rings.

The only reason I can think of why the Lakers hired this guy is they believe he'll be able to handle the prima donnas in the locker room. Maybe teach some defense...I see boring...slo mo ball...brutal.

BTW someone posted he'll take us away from the Triangle. The Laker players abandoned the Triangle all by themselves during this years playoffs.



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