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Phil Jackson believes Ron Artest will be suspended for ejection in Lakers' 93-81 Game 2 loss to Dallas Mavericks

After watching a clip of Lakers forward Ron Artest clothesline Dallas guard Jose Barea in the closing seconds of the Lakers' 93-81 Game 2 loss Wednesday to the Mavericks, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson conceded there's a "good chance" Artest will be suspended for Game 3 on Friday.

"It's uncalled for," said Jackson, a rare admission considering he often argues on his players' behalf when certain ejections shouldn't result in a suspension. "It's a good chance he'll be suspended, but I hope not."

The league office, according to NBA rules, will consider the following factors in determining whether to classify a foul flagrant 1 or 2, reclassify the flagrant foul and impose a fine and/or suspension: "how hard the foul was; the outcome of the foul (e.g., whether it led to an altercation); and the level of the injury sustained by the player who was fouled."

Said Mavericks Coach Rick Carlisle: "The league will handle it."

-- Mark Medina

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Well this certainly puts a damper on my vacation

What's surprising is that the Lakers looked good winning the last 2 games of the regular season against the Mavs.

Oh wait, that was practice season.

Ho hum. The Lakers lose a few. The sky is falling. Sounds like the 2010-2011 Los Angeles Lakers.

Do people think they or the Celtics will close up shop that quickly?

Think again! This season has and will be of epic and dramatic. If the Mavs can win 2 in a row, don't you think so can the Lakers?

jq well said ... kobe pretty much implied the same thing:

["If you want to make history," he said, "you have to do historic things."]

Laker fans, hold your head up high. We still have a championship to defend, time to go into Dallas and lay it all on the line. Bench play's been terrible, hopefully PJ plays his starters extended minutes.

Don't undestimate the heart of the champion haters.Lakers will win this period...


And on the second game the sky fell in Los Angeles and neighboring counties.

As dire as this looks I believe we're still the better team. The Mavs are playing with more heart and more determination but the tools on our team are superior to those of the Dallas Mavericks. The quicker all of our guys stop looking at the refs, play defense and rebound like they did in the last two minutes and keep pounding them down low the quicker they'll turn this series around.

Steve Blake has to shoot it more than Shannon Brown. I would even lobby to have Barnes back up Kobe and let Shannon think about it for a game (he has just nose dived as the season has wound down) except for that Artest is likely to be suspended for at least one game. If Luke gets up off the bench it might help calm the second unit down a little. They'd put Terry on him and he could take him into the post which would open up our three point game.

I'd also let Joe Smith and Theo Ratliff bang on Nowitzki for about 10 minutes a half. It's obvious Pau is gassed, Lamar, too; so I'd like to see those two guys rack up a couple of fouls, body Nowitzki as he moves, get physical off the ball but don't hack at him, stay in contact so he's never comfortable.

We're in a dog fight and winning game 3 is essential. But we have something they don't: Kobe Bean Bryant and The Peej.

go on and suspend artest..that brooklyn thing dont work around here...jealous dude.. lakers are crumbling....el heat, surprising...

Pain upon pain. I'm not giving up, but I'm really not happy. The Lakers have made things really difficult for themselves here. If I had to bet, I would bet against them in this series at this point.

I'm still watching game 3 and beyond and still rooting for them.

We need more help.

Adrian Palomar: "Don't undestimate the heart of the champion haters." I say, don't underestimate the LACK of heart of a champion. We've been extremely lucky through the years, winning despite playing without a sense of urgency and displaying all around arrogance. But as the great Kobe put it: "We finally got what we deserved." I think this is it. We're done and the greatest coach in history will leave the game in utter shame.

Clearly the players have tuned out PJ. We've seen evidence of that all season long. I am not the one who gets on his case for doing this or that in games but I've seen a lot of questinable desicions this post season. The latest being to leave Blake in the game when he stunk up the Staples Center.

Speaking of Blake, here's another player imploding when putting on the Lakers uniform. But we all knew that the incredible play of the seasons first games was a total fluke and reality would set in. But I'm sure we never saw this horrendous play coming.

I won't even mention Gasol. Oops, I just did. Now there's a man with a broken spirit.

Besides the puke inducing play of my beloved team there are two things that really, really annoys me. First it's the destruction of the game by the refs. We the fans don't want sissy basketball. We want to see some pushing, shoving and hard feelings. This is the playoffs for crying out loud! Am I right people!? In this game they completely killed our momentum when they assessed Ron Ron with his first tech - for what?!?!? It was the same thing in gm 1 of the Pukes vs. Crybabies in the east. Secondly, it just absolutely kills me to see I-wannabe-one-of-da-boys-Cuban celebrate on our floor. I wish someone would throw a water baloon filled with bodily fluids in his face.

I hope this will be over quickly. Mavs in 5? Now I can't see anyone stopping the the Gloria Estefans from winning the title. *throwing up by the buckets*

Hoping for a hungry Lakers team whenever there's a next season.

Champions go down fighting. If the Lakers do lose in these playoffs, it better be in Game 7, of the Finals.

I said to myself that the Lakers vs Hornets was a disappointing series because the Lakers should have swept them in 4. It took them 6 games to finally win the series.
I thought to myself that the Lakers need to prove that they are the best team in the playoffs and the favorites; therefore they should sweep the Mavericks. They lost Game 1 and 2 at Staples Center. They can still sweep, not the series but the next 4 games.
Now I'm convincing myself that this Laker team is going to comeback and win this series. For some strange reason i know they are. It may be cause i bleed purple and gold; but it could also be that the Lakers haven't been swept since 99. It only takes one game to change the series.

Hey Joe,

If you are bleeding purple and gold does that mean you are related to Barney. LMAO What a fruit cake

By the fourth quarter the Lakers looked as dispirited as a U10 girls soccer team that had just given up 6 unanswered goals. This is not like playing the Jazz in the second round or the tiny little Suns in WCF like last year; they are playing an elite team and the Lakers have been exposed as the posers they are.

Almost every 7 game series has a game that one team shouldn't win but does. Game one was the death knell for the Lakers; just like the Spurs losing game one to Grizz; both were games that should not have lost but were and when that happens in a seven game series it becomes impossible to overcome.

Think back to Orlando and Courtney Lee in game 2 and Fisher's 3 point heave in game 3, both were games that should have been lost by the Lakers and given Orlando a 3-1 lead; when the Lakers managed to win those two games the series was over, it became impossible for Orlando to comeback. The Lakers losing game one of this series will have the same impact on this series.

it is with it

Last I heard you have to beat a team 4 times in a seven game series. We just have to take things one game at a time Laker fans! Yes we are in an uncomfortable spot being down 2-0, but I have all the confidence in the world that we can go to Dallas and even things up. Just like Kobe said maybe its a good thing that we are getting the hell out of L.A. Besides, we had one of the best road records in the league this year so we're obviously capable of coming back home tied. We definetly need better play out of Pau if any of this is possible. We also have to find a way to defend the pick and roll. Its seems like I've been saying this for the last decade! We just can't defend it! Even back when we had Shaq we always struggled against the pick and roll.

Also, Ron Artest is a scrub who can't play and whose only value is to try and rough up the other teams best player/s.

BTW, Dallas has 4 guys that the Lakers can't cover, Dirk, Berrera, Chandler and Jason Terry; thats a lot of guys they have no answer for

Part of the blame has to go to Mitach Kupchak for acquiring Steve Blake as THE main acquisition last off season. Kupchak is not good at spotting talents. Throughout the regular season and the playoff games, we see so many guards, who are less known and earn significantly less money than what we paid Steve Blake, outperforming our guards. Basketball is an emotional game. Blake brings no energy to the court when he enters the game. He is not creative and has very low confidence in himself. Most of all, he is weak. Other teams sense that in Lakers.

Last night was typical. When Blake was in the game, Dallas simply packs in the middle making it almost impossible for our BIG guys to shoot the basketball. When Gasol or Bynum wanted to pass the ball out, Blake disappeared. When Blake penetrated, Dallas knew he would not shoot the ball, so they just blocked his passing lanes. As a result, the Lakers were very predictable when Blake was on the court. Dallas didn’t even have to play hard defense when Blake was on the court.

It was painful to watch. Having a non-factor point guard on the court for such an extended period of time, other Laker players were basically emotionally drained. They were so overwhelmed by the pressure of scoring 4 on 5, that they had little energy left to play defense.

We often blame our big guys for not being aggressive. But it is tough to play basketball 4 on 5, or sometimes 3 on 5 when Brown is in the game.

The big question is: why didn’t Kupchak foresee Blake’s weakness. Blake has been around for a while. His weak psychological profile should have been apparent from his history of being kicked around different teams in his career. What a shame!

Part of the blame has to go to Mitach Kupchak for acquiring Steve Blake as THE main acquisition last off season. Kupchak is not good at spotting talents. Throughout the regular season and the playoff games, we see so many guards, who are less known and earn significantly less money than what we paid Steve Blake, outperforming our guards. Basketball is an emotional game. Blake brings no energy to the court when he enters the game. He is not creative and has very low confidence in himself. Most of all, he is weak. Other teams sense that in Lakers.


I said this all season when people lauded his "high basketball IQ" and "little things that he does" ....

It's time for L.A. to get nervous. We (Mavs) are outplaying the Lakers. Oh and btw, what the hell is a Laker, and do you guys even have lakes in LA?

Ha ha wasnt it funny when LA fans started leaving early and were getting booed go mavericks time to finish them off at home

Sorry guys but its over. The lakers aren't playing with the same heart and intensity like the past 2 years. Mavericks are hungry and full of vets who want a championship. If Kobe, Gasol, Bynum and Odom don't drive the ball in the paint like they did in the regular season, they can kiss the playoffs good bye! Go Mavs!

Ladies and Gents, let's buckle up our seat belts and ride this bus till the wheel's come off. Lakers in 7, it's not over till I see Aretha at the mic.

Typical NBA thug! That is why the NBA will be struggling more and more. They allow too many crimials into the league. Artest should be suspended for the rest of the playoffs. We are all watching less and less of sports these days. Not many dedicated players anymore for the sport they play.

with artest out, what's wrong with a bynum-gasol-bryant-fisher-odom starting five for game three? No blake, brown, barnes and especially no walton...i think it's clear, that what bynum, as the youngest and therefore freshest in terms of perspective, says about trust issues is correct....this team needs a one hour scream-out or cathartic clearing to get its passion back...zen and detachment or just "do the job" mentality does not resonate in this moment with this team...phil jackson needs to remember his youth and transmit energy not wisdom right other words, give a good kick in the ass and light a fire under these guys...on the other hand just like the fat romans invaded by hungry barbarians, this team's empire is probably finally over...sad to see so much talent, wasted by a lack of will...

nba is the only thing keeping those guys outta prison

>>>It's time for L.A. to get nervous. We (Mavs) are outplaying the Lakers. Oh
>>>and btw, what the hell is a Laker, and do you guys even have lakes in LA?

Sure... Silver Lake... Echo Park Lake...

Never been to LA, huh?

It's renowned for it's famous lakes. In fact they call it Los Angeles, Land of Lakes.

(and if you believe all that, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you).

BTW, we all remember what happened to the last guy to label himself "Maverick" in a national campaign, don't we?

>>>Sorry guys but its over.


Granted, the fat lady is standing in the wings wearing her metal bra and spritzing an atomizer into her mouth and the orchestra is playing the overture...

But this could still turn into a preemptive rock concert and preempt Brunhilde. All the Lakers have to do is win both games in Dallas. Do that, and suddenly every timid heart that has deserted the Lakers will be back on board.

wRONg-wRONg---What were you thinking?! The Lakers need Ron-Ron for game 3, not the one you were last night, cuz' now you prob'ly won't be playing in game 3...

As a true Lakers fan, I am disgusted. Not by the fact that we are losing, more by how we are losing. No energy on the floor, allowing opponents to get easy shots and thinking we can make this up in the 4th quarter - a time we generally show lack of interest, because we have a huge lead (and how many have those have disappeared for this very reason - 16 points sound familiar?). The Lakers fans IN ATTENDANCE don't quite help either. I watch Miami play ... every one of those fans is wearing his/her team's colors and their loud voices drown out even the space shuttles taking off in the same state. Time to knock out the arrogance. We are down two games (losing at home) to a team we should be contending with (note that I did not say dominating). If the other (losing) L.A. team were playing, we'd be seeing some heart and energy from both the players and a crowd of true fans (the ones who cannot afford ultra-pricey Lakers seats that guarantee the crowd will consist of suits who must remain in professional character throughout the game). I feel like I'm cheering alone; although, I can assume that gangland L.A. was probably enjoying Artest's despicable WWE act with a shout and a gun shot or two. Time to wake up Lakers... elders are supposed to teach the young. You are not quite Yoda, but you are proving that you are anything but a Jedi. Bring back the energy and show your talent, before I realize that I have to route for Chicago or OKC to bring down the LeBron James circus. And to the "fans", if you can afford a playoff ticket, there's nothing wrong with getting loud for your team. Yes, I'm disgusted!


It's a fast paced sport that is charged with energy and passion. It is bad enough how much second guessing players have to do w/rules now. The commentators are blowing it out of proportion and creating unnecessary drama.

Look at the video- even the Mavs didn't seem to think much of it despite the histrionic reaction of Barea. From one camera angle a play can appear flagrant and the same move can look completely unintentional from another angle.

Did he also attacked Odom? NO! It was 3 players colliding and the controversy lies in the short stature of Barea (Artest's arms were out chest level) and the fact that Ron has a history. People need to chill out and let these players PLAY.



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