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Pau Gasol's postseason play largely led to Lakers' demise

61460348There he sat on the Lakers' bench Sunday, drained and frustrated, a blank expression on his face.

"Come on!" Pau Gasol yelled to no one in particular in the waning minutes of the Lakers' 122-86 Game 4 loss to the Dallas Mavericks.

The moment captured Gasol's ineffective playoff push in so many ways. He continuously talked about his need to be aggressive, remain calm and to elevate his play. But rarely did he ever back up those intentions on the court, delivering with the same tepidness as he yelled for his teammates to pick up the intensity and the same passivity that defined his on-court play. Unfortunately for the Lakers, Gasol's 13.1 points on 42.9% shooting he averaged against the Mavericks proved the main factor in the Western Conference semifinals sweep.  

The irony behind all this is Gasol had been the missing ingredient the Lakers needed to contend for a championship. Since the Lakers acquired him in February of 2008, they had appeared in three consecutive NBA Finals, won two consecutive championships and even made some believe he should've been the 2010 Finals MVP for his Game 7 effort when he posted 19 points, 18 rebounds, four assists and two blocked shots. Only a year later, Lakers Hall of Famer Magic Johnson is suggesting Gasol, who's owed $57 million over the next three years, would be a good candidate for the Lakers to trade in a deal involving Magic center Dwight Howard, rapper Snoop Dogg is questioning his manhood via Twitter and Lakers fans alike are left wondering his value to the team.

Gasol's aforementioned accolades shouldn't be forgotten during his time with the Lakers and no one should suddenly wish the club had kept Marc Gasol, who's posted better numbers than his older brother during the 2011 NBA playoffs. But in the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately society that we live in, it wouldn't be surprising should Laker fans hold him in contempt. After all, some even argue Shaquille O'Neal doesn't deserve to have his Laker jersey retired, focusing more on the stops in Miami, Phoenix, Cleveland and Boston as well as his feud with Kobe Bryant over the fact that he was the main reason the Lakers won three consecutive NBA championships. Nonetheless, even when you account for the Lakers' inconsistent play, unreliable bench, Bryant failing to elevate his game, ineffective defensive rotations and the team's failure to close out games, Gasol's poor play proves to be the largest variable that led to the Lakers' demise.

61463325That's because Gasol's poor play created other problems that plagued the Lakers. His lack of aggressiveness and the emergence of Tyson Chandler and Brendan Haywood neutralized the Lakers' post presence. His frustration and inattentiveness on defense made it even easier for Dirk Nowitzki to hit ridiculously hard-to-make fadeaways and contributed to the Lakers' slow reactions on rotations. And his unreliability put further strain on Kobe Bryant to produce on offense, Bynum to carry the defense and many wondering what they should do about Gasol. 

The reasons were quite obvious. Everyone including Gasol acknowledged the fatigue wearing him down, an ongoing theme that dated to heavy playing time during Bynum's 24-game absence while recovering from offseason surgery. They all recognized the tentativeness. And Gasol denied Internet reports suggesting relationship problems factored into his inconsistent play. 

Just as Gasol's immediate comfort with fitting into the Lakers made a noticeable difference in helping them in three consecutive NBA Finals, his sudden drop in effectiveness made a drastic difference on the Lakers' chances to win. That's why the team couldn't suddenly work around his problems, appear indifferent to him or refuse to get him involved with the team. Instead they had to find any way possible to jump-start Gasol, ranging from Bryant calling him out publicly, the team giving him extra touches, Coach Phil Jackson berating him and thumping his chest on the sideline, Bryant and Jackson providing positive reinforcement and, in desperate measure, suggest that Gasol was getting unfavorable treatment from officials. None of those tactics worked, only adding further frustration as Gasol continued to experience the same struggles in each game. 

As discomforting and sorry as some had to feel seeing Gasol play at this level, none of the reasons for his sudden ineffectiveness should fly. He talked openly about the adjustments he needed to make. He acknowledged the problems affecting his psyche. And he vowed that he'd change course. But just like he did when he pleaded for a better effort as he sat on the bench with a tired and defeated look, all the gestures were just talk that he couldn't back with his play on the court.

--Mark Medina

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Top photo: Lakers power forward Pau Gasol takes a shot over Mavericks point guard Jason Kidd and forward Peja Stojakovic in the first half of Game 4 on Sunday afternoon in Dallas. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times / May 8, 2011

Bottom photo: Lakers power forward Pau Gasol unloads a pass as he's triple-teamed by Dallas defenders (from left) Tyson Chandler, Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd during Game 4 on Sunday. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times / May 8, 2011

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I am certain that, in due time, all the media talkingheads will tap their sources to uncover what was going on 'off the court' for Pau to so severely impact his play during the playoffs. I like the guy, would hate to see him go....he has been good for the Laker team and the people of L.A.

Laker fans will just have to bide our time and await the decisions from the Laker front office.

In the meantime, despite seeing how ugly this postseason ended, Laker faithful can still look up at the 2 banners from 3 finals that this squad with Phil's help put up there.

Thanks MM for deleting those posts. I would hope that the IP address for that handle has been blocked.

As for Pout Gasol, I don't think any team would trade what we need for him after he imploded right around the time his fiancé dropped him. Too much of an emotional risk.

NJ certainly wouldn't give up Deron Williams for him. However, CP3 might work as a sign and trade if he really wants to leave NOH. Still going to need outside shooters and a quality 4.

This all will be well hashed out by July 1st (I.e., if there isn't a lockout).


reading some other articles and player quotes, indeed this team was having internal issues which saddens me. I notice Kobe and Pau this whole season didn't have that one two punch they had in the previous ones, like Luke said the team just didn't click hopefully they can get it back

Time for a reality check! It sure is a great thing that the player decisions are not left up to a vote of teh blog. Gasol has been the key to our two title in the last two years and will be key to our renaissance in 2012. Our frontline is NOT the problem. We MUST deal with our lack of defense at the point. Fisher, God bless him, cannot guard ANY starting guard in this league. Penetration is what led to the defensive collapse in this series. Both Fisher and Blake lack the speed to stay in front of their men. We really missed Sasha! I would be happy to come back with the same front line but we MUST address the point guard problem either by trade or with the mid level exception.

This series will haunt him further than his 2008 Finals performance. Back then, extrinsic factors affected his play. He was a power forward out of his natural position and just couldn't meet the physicality of Perkins, Davis, and Garnett. Those players affected his game. This year's demise attributes to intrinsic factors. His hesitancy, timidness, slow reactions on defense are just a few of the variables that led to his disappearance. Dirk, Chandler, or whoever on Dallas didn't cause him to play poorly, although they did sure make him look bad. This performance, or a lack thereof was from an inner conflict which we may never know its origin. Whatever the cause, Pau was not there.

so long gasol and take larmar with you to orlando

la times buy a sign outside the orlando arena with the heat big 3 on it and message to dwight to move west because the east is set

All thge height in the world won't matter if you don't have shooters to make you pay if you choose to "pack it in" on the Bigs. When MJ was winning titles he had Paxson and Kerr, when Shaq's Lakers were winning titles, they had a younger Fish, big shot Bob and even Rick Fox. I really believe the difference in this series was not Gasol but rather Artest. He was brought in to be an outside threat. When he's hitting 3's and scoring 12 to 15 points, this team is virtually unbeatable. Ariza was becoming that guy and still scratch my head as to why he was let go. I personally would like to see Gasol stay UNLESS we can get Howard in exchange. With all the size we have, I'd rather see Odom traded for sharp shooter like J.R. Smith. I will never understand why Lakers did not force Barrea to show he can hit an outside shot, instead crowding him and then watching him drive to the rim for a layup or pitch for uncontested three. Gasol played poorly, no doubt but for this Laker fan, the series was lost because Ron Ron never showed up.

Simple as this, we lack perimeter quickness and effectiveness in the guard spots....small guards penetrate our defense kick out to shooters, again and again and again and again and , yes, AGAIN.
We talk about our inside presence, it was nothing in this series, Pau didnt show up (but he checked out around april 1st in my book).....Bynum had the fire, but instead of delivering cheap fouls, should have been focusing on blocking every shot at the rim.

We made Barea look all universe, and we continually did this by allowing him to break the middle down....we need quicker guards, period.

Our bench was , well , contributing as much as I was to the Lakers from my living room floor watching the game today, ZERO. NOTHING.

Steve blake, barnes, all non existant.

I have read so many comments today, positive and negative, it hurts my eyes and my brain to put everything into context and words...but still I say this, we just got outplayed, we never really showed up (except 3 quarters in game 1) after that it was as if we just lost all composure, belief, trust, whatever you want to call it.

I want to say this much though, I stand here STILL proud to be a laker fan, I think Pau is not the only one to blame, it was everyone, we QUIT, and that should be unacceptable, for anyone.

I would LOVE to see us get D williams, Cp3 or Howard in a trade, in fact I am fairly certain 1 of these players WILL be a laker next season....

Bynum needs to go.......

GO LAKERS! we still support you, phil jackson thanks for all the great memories! Kobe showed his true class today, way to keep your composure out there man, you were a leader, and a champion in defeat, I still believe you have some left in your tank....go chase number 6, and number 7 so you can retire on top!

Have a great , safe offseason everyone, hopefully there will be no lockout!

There definitely some truth to the internet report about Gasol's GF and Kobe's wife. Lets face it, they will never admit it in front of the reporters. Gasol said today that he learned something and that is not to bring off court problem to on court. In that regards, the off court problem definitely has something to do with his Ex GF (I am not sure if she is his EX or still GF). Its just too sad that it has to happen during playoffs. The fact that Gasol let this influence him shows his weak mental status which doesnt belong in NBA and definitely not in a championship team.

So what do we do now about Gasol? I think lots is depending on him. It may make him stronger but then again it may not. Should the Laker organization wait for Gasol to find himself? I am not sure. My personal feeling is that if they get a good value in a trade in (like CP3 or Howard, they should go for it.

In any case, Gasol is a super nice guy and I wish him the best of luck. He needs to understand as a man, there is not a girl in the world worth destroying his career. Really...and thats what he is doing. He is basically destroying his career.

My suggestions, Ron Artest should take him to his psychiatrist. LOL

Giant Green Bald,

I know you are a die hard lepre... so u will never consider any kind of trade with the Lakers 'hood. lol!

It will be like 2014 Kobe's contract will be expiring together with Gasol and many other Lakers. Seemingly, Lakers are now ripe to prepare for that event so as not to create a vacuum of Superstars in the big market.

CP3 & Dwight have a player option at the end of 2012, so practically they are on bind with the team wishes for next short lockout season. If NO & Magic do not entertain the Lakers offer, then these players could go with the trade and exercise their options with their new team, in retrospect decline to renew extensions for a new contract. If you are that team, will u allow to trade your marquee players without any guarantees from Dwight or CP3. A GM can control their destiny, however if a player does not abide with such decision, he could sacrifice one year and go where ever he wish.

Secondly, IF Bynum, Lamar, Artest, Gasol are on the trading block with fillers like Shannon Brown, Blake, Barnes and Fisher, would u not listen to the Laker offer? They are not bad choices at all, if Dwight or CP3 would not want to extend their contracts, would prefer not to go to the team they are being traded, would u not listen to the Laker offer? Trading is more of parity and filling up ur needs in line with the players' wishes(because they have a player options in their contract). Would u like to be Cleveland Cavaliers ending up with nothing on hand? Or rather be Denver Nuggets to get something from Melo/Billups trade? It's all business.

Having said that, what worries us would be the mindset of Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak. They're not daring like Magic or Jerry West but more on judgment calls. Jim Buss adheres to favoritism and Mitch is a "Yes-Man" type of GM. The way he shipped out Shaq and traded the '04 players leaves a lot to be desired, it created a vacuum for three seasons and wasted Kobe's prime. He recouped it in getting Ariza/Gasol/Artest but sat on a switch in augmenting his line-up by being frugal or cheap. Smith, Ratcliff what are these acquisitions and besides that his are contradictory to his Coach preference. If PJ does not play rookies what's the use of getting Ebanks and Caracter on his last year of coaching. As it was said, why not exchange them with a serviceable 3pt expert or a speedy PG?

Conclusion: I move for the head of Mitch Kupchak be EXPORTED to another team, I'm sure Celtics fans want also the head of Danny Ainge. This is the best time to change course.

Second motion: Brian Shaw is not the best option for head coach. We need a disciplinarian to redirect the swell headed superstars. I think Sloan or Coach K can provide that new direction. Coach K declined the offer in 2004 because of his loyalty to Duke, well offer it again. The more he says NO, the closer it will be to YES. Coaching the Lakers is rare opportunity offered to a Coach, it's a career change that put u on sudden spotlight on Coaching. If u decline it, there will be 10 other coaches vying for that dream job. Why? Because we are Los Angeles.

We should keep Lamar...

Gosh all this uncertainty is gonna drive me mad, I really want to know what happen with the team, Kobe was eerily calm tru all this.

Amid all craziness today I forgot to mention a play early in the third quarter that pretty much summed up the entire season


you know the one where he jump 2 inches off the ground and lost the ball out of his hands and hit the underside of the rim.

I just shook my head, that's been the Laker season. Missed oppurtunities.

KOBE IS ALSO A PROBLEM. He still struggles to be a good team player. He goofed up near the end of games 1 and 3 of the Dallas series.

The Lakers rise and fall with Kobe's attitude/outlook.

Why was he staring at Bynum (as they sat side by side) with such contempt during game 3? This is unacceptable behavior.

I just saw pictures of his ex-fiancee. I'd be worthless and depressed if that woman left me too. Better luck with the next one, Pau. Don't let this woman ruin your career.

It was a terrible performance, I agree. However, it saddens me greatly to see how easily "Laker Fans" are willing to put down the same man who helped the Lakers become back to back champs. Whether it was heartbreak or fatigue Gasol is an excellent player and as fans we shouldn't brush him aside. After all, he's just one man, nobody was talking smack when he had to cover Bynums position and now that he proves he's only human you have all these adults disgusted by the same man they once revered.

I for one cannot wait for next season, I guarantee Pau will be back and everyone will jump on the band wagon.

Aloha MM,

Here is my take on Pau. It is just way to easy to assign the blame to him. As the season progressed a blueprint for beating the Lakers emerged. Flood the paint with bodies and live with the consequences of leaving our shooters open. Outside shooting has been this teams weakness for a very long time and it finally caught up with us. Pau is a finesse player and needs a little space to operate. He didn't have any space not only in this series but against the hornets as well.

Remember at the beginning of the year, Pau was even being mentioned as a possible MVP candidate. What else was happening? Shannon and Lamar were league leaders in three point shooting. And Steve Blake was hitting his shots as well. Once Andrew came back teams began to really clog the paint and at the same time our outside shooting fell off the charts. I can only imagine what this team would have been like with a Jason Terry shooting for us. We would be the ones waiting for the next round to start.

I am not sure what Mitch will do during the off season but I am pretty sure that it will involve trading one our Bigs. Quality Big men are hard to find and should bring value. And for those who want us to trade for D Howard, remember that he will face the same problems that Pau and Andrew faced until some shooters can be found to keep our opponents defense honest.


This from Plaschke's column --

"I have to learn from this," Gasol said. ''I have to learn that when something happens off the court, you have to keep it off the court."

He was referring to the report that he stopped talking to Bryant during the postseason because Bryant's wife, Vanessa, had contributed to the breakup of Gasol and his longtime girlfriend. Lakers fans will remember that Karl Malone once publicly accused Vanessa of interfering with his personal life in a similar fashion."


I hate that Vanessa Bryant!

She's gonna sew Kobe's ruin one day!

She already destroyed the Lakers 3-peat chances this year! The Lakers lost mostly because of Gasol's disappearance. The guy was just not there!

CP3 is not going to be traded to LA. I don't know where that comes from... It's within the conference and there is no cap relief involved.... Just not going to happen.

Oly I'm with you, Kobe took this way to quietly. what's the real story, Pau admitted it was an off court issue.

I will absolutely guarantee this or else I will retire 'Troll Man" from this blog (not that I don't have a million other handles, but TM is used 97% of the time)

The Triangle offense will not be the main set next year.

In a way we have PJ to thank.
If the Lakers went far in this years playoffs Brian Shaw and the Triangle Offense would be a natural transition.

But with this year's implosion, you can bet Dr. Buss will be looking to getting back to a little more up-tempo team.

Thank You Phil Jackson

Here are a few comments on the Lakers and their '10-11 season:
- There should be plenty of good will for the Lakers considering all the success they've had over the past 10+ years; however, my two (basketball loving) boys lost their stomach to follow this team night-in-night-out because of their poor play this year. This team broke the sacred trust between franchise and fan - and Laker ownership has to address that big-time this off-season. A priority should be placed on character -- and I'm not talking about the one who got tangled up with a pregant wattress at 2AM a few weeks ago.
- Pau was forced to play lots of extra minutes early in the season after Andrew took his time to have surgey and get in playing shape. After Theo Ratliff got hurt and the Lakers declined to bring in another big man, Pau carried everyone's water & I think those 40+ minute games took their toll on him this season.
- Whoever coaches the Lakers next year has to put a higher level of priority on the bench. Phil's tendancy to discount bench and rookie players is too old school for today's game.
- Andrew is not Laker material; from his relucatance to learn the sky hook from Kareem, to his recent cheap-shot fouls, and the way he talks....he belongs with a lesser franchise as it doesn't seem he has the heart of a champion....better to make the move soon before he goes down again with another injury.
- Whatever went down between Kobe & Pau....Kobe better start talking better care of his teammates if he wants anothe ring. I sided with him against Shaq, but this sounds like another personality clash repeat resulting in humilating playoff defeat.

Wow, how weak is it to blame this series loss on one player. I guess there really is an 'I' in 'team' and Gasol was it. Coach Phil Jackson had nothing to do with this collapse, nor did Hall of Fame-er Kobe Bryant.

While you're at it, why not try to justify Odom and Bynum's flagrant fouls?

Yeah, Gasol was part of the collapse, and this weak apologist "sports writing" is part of the collapse too.

KD - Read the article next time. I make it clear there are other factors and I don't downplay them. But had Gasol played better and to his capabilities, the Lakers would've been able to absorb the other problems that plagued them

Wow. Nobody blaming Lamar? Or how about our patheic bench? At least Pau acted like a professional and did not cheap shot a guy 3 ft shorter than him. Let's ship Andrew out, if anybody is going. And Kobe was not able to play on one foot for the entire postseason. Don't blame Pau, before him Kobe was demanding trades and we were blowing 3-1 leads. He got us to three championship games. Show respect!!


I think what you meant to say about Vanessa is

She's gonna sue Kobe and ruin him one day!

Today's performance was disgraceful and irresponsible for a Lakers team! This team showed no HEART or concern for the legacy of this franchise. This was far worst than the debacle in 2008, considering the experience on this team.

The Lakers inability to make perimeter shots, defend consistently, close games and poor bench play plagued the Lakers all season and was the demise of their 3-peat run. Include the play of Gasol, and it's no wonder the Lakers got swept.

Many of these issues can be resolved if the Lakers are truly willing to make everyone tradeable except Kobe. The Lakers need to be clear on their objective to get DWIGHT HOWARD and another major player, along with a bonifide shooter to play with KOBE BRYANT.

Anything less would result in the wasting of Kobe's final 3 years, making it 6 total wasted years if you count 2005-2007. Lakers NEED to make sure they do what is necessary to get another championship IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Magic Phil,

Yes Lamar was the 6th man of NBA this season but in this playoffs, it seems that Jason Terry deserves more of that award. Forget the silly foul which was unprofessionally done even in it's execution. While they all have values, this is the best time to get a "better" player. Sometimes when we are attracted to the same player in every game, see him grow with the Lakers, it's hard to part with it. You become more subjective in our wants rather being objective on team needs and what options are available in the market. If I were Dr. Buss, I would ask my Superstar of the Showtime Magic Johnson to come back and rebuild the Lakers as a GM. Another idea is to consult the players of the Showtime era from Magic, Kareem, Big Game James, Coop, Norm Nixon and our other legends like Elgin Baylor, GAil Goodrich, Jerry West. Out from this meetings, I'm sure Dr. Buss will gather lots insights that will provide a new direction for the team.

we should keep Lama and Andrew...

Pau ?????????????

we should trade Steve, Luke, and Ron

go to bench Fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pau for Dwight Howard sounds good right now. Dwight adds needed toughness under the basket and an insurance policy if Bynum is injured again. Now, if Pau does leave through a trade, the Lakers will lose his offense. However, if the team strengthens their bench (minus Barnes, Walton, Blake, Joe Smith, Ratliff), then they could compensate for Pau's numbers. Kupchak does not have to overhaul the roster because he still has the core team intact in the form of Kobe, Bynum, Odom and Brown. D-Fish and/or Artest can come off the bench. Dallas is a prime example of tweaking their roster enough not to drastically change the team dynamics. What Cuban and Nelson did was build around Dirk, which actually worked based on the thrashing of LA over the last seven days.

In moving forward, I hope Kupchak and Dr. Buss (and Jeannie) strongly considers looking at Dallas' philosophy of how revamp a roster and keeping its core in place. If the Lakers actually pursue Dwight and another big name player (perhaps CP3 or D-Will) and surround Kobe ( Bynum and LO) with solid bench players, I believe we'll see them in the playoffs and more importantly the Western Conference next year.

Let's see what happens. Go Lakers!

Next Year's Roster:

Center: Dwight Howard
Power Forward: Andrew Bynum
Small Forward: Blake Griffin
Shooting Guard: (Kevin Durant if we get him) / Kobe Bryant
Point Guard: Chris Paul




Kobe, if you cut your salary to half.... I will let give you shares of my internet company in return so that the Lakers can pay or recruit solid young players to help you win championships in the next 5 years.

Next Year's Roster:

Center: Dwight Howard
Power Forward: Andrew Bynum
Small Forward: Blake Griffin
Shooting Guard: (Kevin Durant if we get him) / Kobe Bryant
Point Guard: Chris Paul




Kobe, if you cut your salary to half.... I will let give you shares of my internet company in return so that the Lakers can pay or recruit solid young players to help you win championships in the next 5 years.

Next Year's Roster:

Center: Dwight Howard
Power Forward: Andrew Bynum
Small Forward: Blake Griffin
Shooting Guard: (Kevin Durant if we get him) / Kobe Bryant
Point Guard: Chris Paul




Kobe, if you cut your salary to half.... I will let give you shares of my internet company in return so that the Lakers can pay or recruit solid young players to help you win championships in the next 5 years.

Troll Man --

Correction made, I think you're actually dead on!

The Betty's bad news. Kinda knew it way back in the day when KB's own family didn't show up to their wedding!


Christopher M,

I totally agree with you as a long time fan of the Lakers, it really introduced hooliganism on the basketball court. We are not used to this irresponsible behavior from these players.

Having said that, I am sorry to say that I am also very disappointed to the management of this blog this season. I know Mark Medina was alone in his pursuit but LA Times Sports Department is also to be blamed in allowing violations of their own legal spiel and closed their eyes for the sake continued commercial success. In every thread, there are uncontrolled proliferation of new handles (maybe coming from same IP), stolen identities, maliciousness and racial strife as well. Comparing it from KBros management, it also leaves a lot to be desired.

Dear Kobe,

If you cut your salary into half, I will give you shares (ownership) of my internet company so that the Lakers can hire Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant...... then, your future is quiet bright in the next 5 years.

Dear Luke,

Pls. give it up already ~ RETIRE!!!! This would be your greatest contribution to the Lakers organization. Help the Lakers recruit better younger A list Franshise Players....

Note: the rest of the Lakers Bench, pls. trade all of them!!!!!

yeah, it’s definitely gasol’s fault the lakers lost… personally i love to put the whole blame on one player when a team has messed it up.
And yeah, the lakers should trade him as soon as possible. I mean, why not? there are countless big men in the game with that kind of talent and skills, aren’t?
*sarcasm mode of*

my goodness, the lakers lost, dallas won – they wanted it more, where a little bit lucky in game one, but most of all, played very well through out the series.

I am both surprised and disappointed at the target of this article. Where is the blame and finger pointing to the ones who are really at fault here. Where was Phil Jackson, Mitch Kupchak, and Jerry Buss, when all of this was going down? Why wasn't this problem dealt with earlier? and why did Bresnahan blame it all on Gasol's earlier season effort for having to play so many extra minutes, when the problem is the coach and his staff's failure to deal with that, if it was indeed a problem earlier?
It's the management and coaching staff who dropped the ball here, it was never the job of the players to fix their own problem. Can we just get that part right?

Edwin - I'll take some of the hit for allowing insta post on for too long, but this was something the majority of everyone here wanted and were willing to tolerate even when the trolls came marching in. I'm no longer giving that freedom with everything now on moderation. But the blog for too long wanted it both ways with having insta post without the consequences of it. Yes, you're right. We should have more resources helping out, etc, etc. But the reality is we have dwindling resources and we are working around the clock to try to do what we can. That's beyond our control and we're making the most of the hand we're dealt. But it's nothing out of negligence, but more that we're stretched thin.

talking heads, the only way gasol will lead the lakers is if we all stop nursing bynum. we all like to put our big guy bynum on the pedestal by saying things like "without a healthy bynum the lakers have no chance in winning a third champ." all gasol wanted was to be recognized as the best power forward ever to play this game, what did we do? we ignored him. he'd flurish his game if he would become a captain next year and be the media's darling. give him the chance and acknowlegde that "without him, we won't have a chance in 2012." forget kobe and bynum. let gasol lead the team, that's all he's asking for. with that, i hope we have a better year next year.

I've been in this blog since 2003 just reading your comments fellow Lakers Fans.

I think Gasoft tanked this series. They should trade him for Howard. I think it would be

better if we retain bynum,artest and kobe.Get deron williams and Dwight Howard and some good

role players. Maybe Howard can play power forward then Bynum is our center.

To all Lakers Fans, Today we grieve, but tommorow is a new DAY so don't despair.

"It's all just a matter of time
between the days and the nights.
it's all just a matter of time
till what's new becomes old
what's good becomes bad
from what's bought is sold
so just close your eyes
and wait for a while
tomorrow is still one whole day
so don't despair
soon what's in your hair
will forever be brushed away
cause it's all just a matter of time..."
- Wolfgang (Philippines)

If Pau would have put up some kind of fight than fans would have understood the loss, but to know that he wouldn't put up a fight and rumors about his confrontation with Kobe and Bynum, he must go. Dwight Howard would definitely be great but he has definitely gotta go. This was suppose to be for Phil Jackson and he ruined it. If Phil does retire he should talk about him in his next book. Pau, Blake, Ratliff,Caracter, and Walton....if we can get rid of them we will definitely be back into contention. All of them except Blake and Caracter have titles so we time to add to the nucleus of Bryant, Bynum, Lamar, Artest....Even if they send Pau to New Orlean for Trevor and Chris Pau that would be nice....

The Laker fans booed him for his effort don't bring him back. PAU SOFT GASOL NEEDS 2 GO....

Who is snoop dogg to question Pau's manhood?
Last time i checked snoop dogg is not even man enough to stop smoking pot.
Now there is a top notch sissy!
As for the Lakers the GM Mitch Kupchak is to blame for this teams disaster.
Afterall he put it together.
Not signing Trevor Ariza 2 yrs ago & not signing Jordan Farmar last summer were huge mistakes. Ariza fueled the Lakers championship run in 2009.
Downgrading to Blake/Barnes was this teams undoing.
Lakers have many weaknesses that were exposed in their bench,PG,Artest,Odom vanishes,Pau struggles,Kobe messed up games 1&3.
So it was a team debacle not just Pau's fault.
With Dwight Howard not available until 2012 this Lakers team won't change much because they have to keep their trade bait like Pau/Bynum until next yr. I don't see Fisher retiring because he ain't going out like this. Most likely a bench player next season. Blake/Barnes won't move because no one will want them. The only sure thing is that Phil Jackson's favorite player Luke Walton is gone. Don't expect this team to have major changes until 2012. Maybe a new PG next season. Lakers are stuck with Artest/Blake/Fisher so don't expect a deep playoff run next season.

So disgusting. A team considered to have the most number of great talents and having the highest payroll being sweeped in a playoff? Shameful!!!!

Kobe is too selfish. Trade Kobe for CP3 and Trevor Ariza. CP3 is a good shooter, and a great passer. He is gonna have 20 assists every night if he has Gasol, Bynum, and Odom.

Dude..since Kobe's wife created this DRAMA does she get a pass? Just looking at her you know you can't trust her. That CRAZED psychopath look in her eyes. Make the trade nobody is an untouchable, including KOBE. My bad...dude has a no trade clause in his contract, damn you Mitch. Ray Charles saw this coming.

Bull. Gasol had opponents bring it. Stop blaming him and give them credit. Jebus!



dialogue not interupted
free flowing banter
self monitoring

But a few felt they were bigger than this blog and ruined it for everyone.
Those people are now posting on obscure blogs with a total population of 10 and deservedly so. Like the Lakers they got what they deserved

Sure there were some bad interjections from unruly outsiders and on occasion insiders, but there was also questionable loyalties being built internally that turned off many of us. Loyalties that backfired I may add.

If moderation is the status quo now (as other Laker blog sites are chuckling about) so be it. All I ask is that approvals be made as quickly as humanly possible.

I also ask regulars to stop getting all bent out of shape if MM misses an innapropriate post now and then. Some of you are truly indignant and rude.
Just alert MM and if he doesn't respond, alert him again. How hard is that?

Quite a year MM huh?

Bynum and Odom made me ashamed to be a Lakers fan, they should be fined heavily.
Kobe and Gasol should leave their personal lives outside the game.
Gasol is a gentleman player and the main reason the Lakers won two in a row.
Kobe is a good player but he is too much of a diva.
And Phil Jackson should have retired last year.

Here's to a better season next time.

and Mark Medina...blaming Gasol for the Lakers downfall is just too easy. He is not THE team, just a member of the team, what did the others do? Should he become aggressive like Bynum ?

I think it's time we tip our hat to Dallas.

It's easy to get caught up in the thought that LA deserved to win, and somehow if Pau' would have just played the way he usually does, then things would be great.

But the truth is - Dallas is a better team, and is better coached than LA.

Hats off to the remarkable shooting performance the Mavs gave tonight. Peja was perfect, and he deserves much of the credit.

Pau, like most other Caucasian/European players such as Notwitzki, Nash etc., are finesse guys. Other NBA players play the "power game," which the "Euro" guys do not have the physical characteristics to stand up to. I mean Pau is shoved around like a rag doll during the games. I just don't find the guy intimidating enough.

Far be it for me to criticize Mitch but not many people expected our bench to be as weak as it has shown to be all this year.. the Lakers bench and the un-cohesiveness came to full freakin roost and to echo Derek Fisher and Odom during the postgame interviews, it, along with the off the court drama led to our demise. Go look up the word inconsistent because you will see the Laker logo with a "2010-2011 Season" beneath it. That is not the only reason why we lost, chemistry issues that Bynum addressed overall sapped energy from what could have been a better series.

None of us know for a fact what was wrong with Pau, but he was definitely not the same guy throughout the final half month, and while we can never take what he has done for the team, this post-season in my opinion, basically opens up the possibility that he can be traded - lingering personal feuds lead to discontent among the team.. "allegedly". If you want to see a negative effect on a city, team, look at the Cavaliers this year, they can be devastating and they already gave up a 3-peat because of it.. I feel that strongly that these "rumors" might be true. Another thing: The Lakers need to get younger - well known fact. Bynum is a promising young center with a lot of heart and desire, Odom has been integral to our success, Shannon has been a good spark off the bench, but our 7-8 man rotation is severely lacking and is due for a shakeup if the Lakers are to rebound, and capitalize on Kobe's last 2-3 years of elite-caliber basketball. Dwight? Deron Williams? dude from New Orleans. Jerry Buss "Who will coach next year?".

I want to thank Phil for giving the Lakers a lot more success, the fond memories. Tragic ending, legacy never forgotten, ever grateful. Lakers-Mavs series has been lethargic, tired, slow, unfocused, shocking.. I knew the Mavericks would be better than everyone thought vs our Lakers but, to see their aged-equals out-shoot and dribble past them ..dominate them is flat out ridiculous.

Last I checked, Pau didn't play Dallas 1 on 5 and lose 4-0 to them, it was the Lakers who played and lost 4-0...hence, the fault lies with the Lakers, not Pau. The blame game has begun in L.A. and I for one hope Pau stays.

now is a good time to break up this team. they should trade softie gasol and the 3 thugs(odom,artest,bynum) and aging fisher and others(excluding kobe) for howard and cp3.

Wow. Nobody blaming Lamar? Or how about our patheic bench? At least Pau acted like a professional and did not cheap shot a guy 3 ft shorter than him. Let's ship Andrew out, if anybody is going. And Kobe was not able to play on one foot for the entire postseason. Don't blame Pau, before him Kobe was demanding trades and we were blowing 3-1 leads. He got us to three championship games. Show respect!!

Posted by: TNTLakerFan | May 08, 2011 at 11:00 PM

Lest I forget, the Mavericks deserved to win, they were just better and more motivated, focused (see 3-pt "skies falling") than the Lakers this year, we need to re-evaluate, take a break and re-tool for next year if we want to contend with the Celtics (big if), Heat, Thunder, Bulls, Memphis, re-vamped Knicks, next year... just to wipe that foul taste off our collective mouths. Oh if you are a Laker fan and you want to jump off-be my guest you will be back next year.

You all laughed most likely at the time, but giving up Farmar and even vujacic was a mistake. Farmar was able to get his own shot and provided 3-pt shooting.

Barnes is a disaster wherever he goes. That should be obvious by now.

I would be sick to my stomach if I was Kobe and this nonsense is true about his wife's drama affecting Gasol's play. Does this mean Vanessa cost Kobe his 6th ring? Or at least a better chance at his 6th ring? Man, what a little snake (not talking about the Mamba!).

Good Lord, Kobe's waterloo may just end up being his master bedroom! I hope to sonny Jesus I'm wrong!

Mark medina wrote:

"Unfortunately for the Lakers, Gasol's 13.1 points on 42.9% shooting he averaged against the Mavericks proved the main factor in the Western Conference semifinals sweep."

I realize most everyone is a homer here, but this is a little too much for this Suns fan. Isn't it possible that Dirk outplaying Gasol was the "main factor" in the sweep? I'd say the Mavs deserve the credit for what happened in this series.

Extremely upset.

Going to sleep.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Troll Man,

I think you're right.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Everyone has made Pau the face of this debacle but if you look at the numbers and assess the team performance, its clear that Pau was only 1 problem in a long list. Pau shot 42% in game 3, Kobe 40%. Gasol 13 points, Kobe 15. The team 3 points shooting has been dismal in the series. The bench production brutal. In today's game dallas bench has scored more than almost the entire lakers team.
Making Pau the cheap scape goat for this debacle is not only unsupported by the data but it speaks very poorly of the ungrateful LA fans and media. Pau is the reason for your back to back championships. Show some respect and appreciation.

I guess Bynum made Barea earn that foul for all the flopping and flailing he did all year.

The lakers look old and other teams kick Gasols butt. He is a big man but in the paint he was getting hadled roughly. Kobe is in decline, Artest a disapointment, Odom is hot and cold. I would get rid of Kobe while he can still bring some value back. It is going to be a quiet strech for the Lakers if there is a strike and they come back Kobe will be a shell of his former self. The buss family always brings in talent. Not sure they will be able to after a new collective bargaining contract is signed.

...Does this mean Vanessa cost Kobe his 6th ring?...

I think Vanessa should give back that $4 million dollar ring he gave her and call it even.


I've been blogging so much and probably contradicting myself left and right...

Exactly which post do you probably agree with? lol

For Chrissakes, JonK --

I'm afraid this is the cost of GREATNESS!

Look at what happened to the great Yankees in 2004. They were embarrassed by the Sox, who were down 0-3! It was the first time in baseball that a team had come back from 0-3 down. The great Yankees and the great Derek Jeter lost 4 in a row!!!

It happened to the great New York Yankees!

Do you know why?

Because if you're a **great** team, meaning you hail from GREATNESS, you're in the show all the time, and by the "show" I mean meaningful games, you're bound to set records and sometimes have records set against you -- all because you're in the big dance so often.

This just means that with GREATNESS comes the occasional humble pie -- it doesn't change a thing about the substance of the GREATNESS your team has cultured for over a half a century!

Get some sleep, the Lakers will be great again, sooner than you think!

also JonK

for today only I think it should only be

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

xxxxxxxxxxx... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I'd be one happy face if the Lakers get Dwight Howard next season. I'm disappointed in Gasol for letting his relationship with a woman get the better of him like a little puppy dog at 30 years old. Men would kill for a job like his getting paid millions to play ball! What a self-centered and immature man. As for Kobe's wife, Vanessa---if it's true...please mind your own business!

Good night, Troll Man,

I'm drunk and about to pass out,

good thing I'm not working tomorow!!!

To the few Laker fans who are being honest,thank you. The Mavs did play a great series.
To the others,get real. It wasn't one guy and it certainly wasn't a woman who "stopped their 3-peet chance",dumba$$ Lughead.
The Mav stars were brighter,the bench tougher and the coach smarter.
And remember,you wanted the Mavericks.You begged for the Mavericks.You said they were soft.
If you don't believe me how about the demi-god you worship;
"We played through distractions before," Bryant said. "You've got to put the credit in the right place, which is in the Mavs locker room. They played extremely well. They executed extremely well. Their spacing was excellent. Their depth hurt us. Every night it was a different player stepping up and performing and making plays. The credit belonged to them."

Or maybe this;
"It's like when you're 13 or 14 years old and you have a little fist fight or whatever," Odom said. "You get hit in the mouth too hard and you realize, 'I got beat, man.' Of course, you want to play better. You know that ... but they beat our ass."

Christopher M,

I totally agree with you as a long time fan of the Lakers, it really introduced hooliganism on the basketball court. We are not used to this irresponsible behavior from these players.

Having said that, I am sorry to say that I am also very disappointed to the management of this blog this season. I know Mark Medina was alone in his pursuit but LA Times Sports Department is also to be blamed in allowing violations of their own legal spiel and closed their eyes for the sake continued commercial success. In every thread, there are uncontrolled proliferation of new handles (maybe coming from same IP), stolen identities, maliciousness and racial strife as well. Comparing it from KBros management, it also leaves a lot to be desired.

Posted by: Edwin Gueco


Edwin is a moron

MM is awesome and his post game (hahaha) rocks waaay better than kbros ever did. Thank you so much for all of your care and work in your posts, it shows.


Oh well the first week of my vacation didn't go so well, I think I missed Mothers Day. Better start looking for a $4 million dollar ring.

Guys - Read the actual article. I'm not saying Pau is solely to blame. But he's a HUGE factor. As I said in the story, had he played to what he had normally produced, the Lakers would have won the series.

Medina is still drinking the purple wine.
He writes, " I'm not saying Pau is solely to blame."
but then writes that he is the ONE guy who could have made the difference and " would have won the series."

My god,so pathetic.

For the series, the Mavs made 49 3-point field goals, an NBA record for a four-game series. L.A. made just 15 3-point field goals and went just 4-for-31 from 3-point range in the fourth quarter during the series. I don't believe this was the real story, however:

Dallas did most of its damage off of catch-and-shoot jumpers : the Mavericks hit 18-of-30 jump shots **without taking a dribble** in Game 4.

**The alarming part for the Lakers is more than one-third of those shots came from Mavericks shooters who were unguarded.** The Mavericks made 8-of-11 field goal attempts, all coming from three-point range, when left unguarded by Lakers defenders.

In Game 4, the Mavericks outscored the Lakers bench, 86-37. That's right, 86-37. In fact, THE MAVS BENCH EQUALED THE LAKER'S ENTIRE OUTPUT for the game.

During the series, Los Angeles was outscored, 112-52, from the bench in the first three games.

Barea's ability to drive the lane opened the door for others to hit buckets from the outside.

Lakers backup guards Shannon Brown and Steve Blake failed to contain the Mavericks guards along the perimeter.

Jason Terry, J.J. Barea and Peja Stojakovic combined for 75 points off the bench. Terry led all scorers with 32 points. Barea's 22 points was a playoff career high.

Oddly enough, I don't think all of this this was Pau Gasol's fault. Nor did any of it hinge on his inside was happening because Mavericks were left uncovered and the Mavericks were able to drive inside and kick it out.

i can't believe all the amateur gm's on the site. obviously there was something wrong with pau and possibly it was between kobe and his wife, who knows.

i was hoping we wouldn't go back to the talks about trevor again over ron ron but every time something goes wrong it comes up with people forgetting how soft this team was before ron ron got here.
all this team needs is some decent rest and some motivation to win and we can't win every year especially when the bench this year wasn't as good as last years and last years wasn't that good. to be honest shannon had a good early season shot lights out and then faded as the year went on. blake never was the clutch consistent 3 pt shooter we thought we had and barnes was inconsistent.
i say bring back trevor and bring him off the bench and keep ron ron. sasha wasn't that bad and Luke hasn't had a good game in years.
sorry to say Fish should retire gracefully.
all in all i don't think too many teams would have beat dallas the way they shot the ball today. luck has a lot to do with winning and it just wasn't on the lakers side this series.

I think Gasol should stay. Get rid of Andrew - Signed Howard and D-will next season. Do your job Mitch!

And for Kobe, you need surgical repair before season starts.

Crush em' all mamba!

It's good to see that some of the Times reporters are mentioning the possible Pau - Kobe problems and the involvement of their significant others. Two days ago, I tried to post a link here to an article in the Orance County paper about this very subject, but my posts were quashed by the mods.

I guess it's still better than in Stern's league, at least MM can't fine me for telling the truth.

Disappointed like all, but we can't win them all and we will be back next year.
Thank you Lakers for the 3-4 years of pleasure. Lakers fans really are lucky ( spoiled ).

I'm already feeling a little better after reading good takes from so many fans. The knowledgeable ones who don't throw Pau under the bus and won't make him the goat.

Credit to the mavs, they played a perfect series.
We've always known that a team that gets hot from outside can hurt us. BUT, that typically doesn't happen since we are so strong inside.
Despite their shooters, LA has matched up well and owned Dallas in recent years.

So I kinda understand what MM meant. Despite a great series by Dal, if Pau had been more like his usual self...
Yes, LA's outside shooting and poor execution hurt Pau, but it was clear that Pau's confidence and game was shot.

Pau is perhaps the most important piece on this team (as talented bigs often are). His scoring, play making, creating open looks, D, rebounding just makes the game easier for everyone. When Pau plays well, LA is pretty much unbeatable.
I hope he stays in LA, comes back stronger and leads us back to title land.

it was defense more so than anything although pau playing well obviously would have helped.

their fourth quarter defense in game 3 was horrible and giving up 122 points is unheard of. they tossed away game 1 which showed their arrogance. phil should have flogged them after they lost game 1 against n.o but he didnt have it left in him, no wonder he said he was glad the season is over.

these are the stats: the lakers in the reg season were giving up 33.5% on 3s, third best in the nba. against the mavs? 45%

MM: You are spot on with the Pau majority folding in the playoffs blown reasoning. Lots of other lesser factors including too many mounting injuries that hopefully some significant players on this team will get started taken care of NEXT WEEK! Not 1-2 months from now!

I am now only rooting for somebody other than Heat, Celtics, Bulls to get the ring this year. Might as well be Dallas, except nobody in their right mind thinks Dallas will shoot 90% from 3 in any future 4 games, let alone a series! Lakers hit a once in a 100 year buzzsaw and their "practice season" mindset bit them like I and a few grounded others on this blog predicted. I hope the Pollyannas have learned their lesson about "but they did this (insert bad habit here)____ back then, so doing it now is fine" BS.

I am skeptical of Jim Buss and MK being very proactive in blowing up this team like they should and I have noted in other blog posts over the past day/week/month. Time to change how Lakers operate. Triangle is scouted by everyone in NBA so well it is really not feasible anymore. Get a new coach with a new system. Afterall, these NBA players have benn playing basketball for their whole lives, so read and react is basic to any system. If a player is too stupid to be able to adjust, then why would we want them on our team anyway!?

Anyway, off to find out my Chargers status! Go Chargers! Go NFL!

Pau had to come out to cover all the open penetrations. That's a hard work. He looked in bad shape. Like all LAL. I think it was a matter of determintation and lack of hunger from the hole team. Lakers have been waiting for playoffs to start playing. Surprise! everione else is quicker and stronger! If you have being walking through the court the last 2 months what do you expect. No legs.
This is a good loss. Next year they will take it seriously.
Get on shape!!

Mark Cuban is BOTH a very poor loser - and a very poor winner... That being said - the Lakers showed themselves to be a bunch of gutless losers - seeking to hurt Dallas when they new the Game was lost!

Fisher needs to go. Write about that instead. Weakest link on the team.

Even after being swept this forum activity blows all the charts.

Too much haters, but it is these haters that make the Lakers so great.
+ adversity = + evolution

I also find intriguing and I like the unity here by Laker fans.
After so many times Laker fans attacking each other at least now we find peace and true community.

First I want to thank Phil for all his work all this years with many highs and few lows. I learned a lot with him not only on basketball but on real life.

Thanks for Kobe for keeping his composure in the end of the game & for playing always with fire. As I have said many times we must enjoy him while he plays.

I also want to note the attitude of Andrew. Even though many call him sore loser at least did something instead of being a ghost on the court like other players. He has that fire that Kobe has, maybe it's the wrong path through anger but at least he wants to win no matter what.

I think we must take this with a little of good old humor, because when we reflect that this team with such amount of talent and experience got swept by such a regular team like the Mavs.

But I give credit to the Mavs they deserved it, no doubt, from owner to coach to the players they played their A game. They were better this series.

This is a great lesson for real life. Expectations and potential aren't enough to get things done we must work hard.

Let's move on! And keep the unity here!

Bye Bye Pau Gasol I'd trade Pau and Odom for Dwight Howard. Pau Gasol did not have one good game this whole postseason; I heard he had personal problems but playing basketball is his job and he did not do his job. Someone said that Kobe did not do his job and elevate his game because Dallas was double teaming and triple teaming Bryant off every pick n roll and almost every post up and isolation because Dallas believed if we take Kobe out of the game then they'll win because nobody on the Lakers could make a shot. Lakers need some changes here is wat I think: DEFINETELY a point guard upgrade, get rid of Ron Artest, get 1 or 2 shooters, try to get Dwight Howard(*if they dont get Dwight Lakers just need some young athletic talent to surround Kobe and Bynum), upgrade the bench, JR Smith is an unrestricted free agent and he'll get the Lakers that punch off the bench.

I'm shocked when Stojakavic got waived that the Lakers did not try to get him because he was killing the Lakers this whole series!

Gasol, the all too convenient scapegoat. Nevermind the pathetic bench production, bad coaching, and Kobe scoring only 17 points in both games 3 and 4, all the while disappearing in the 4th quarter in both games. He made zero attempts at driving to the basket, settling for low percentage 3's and jumpers instead. Odom's play also made you question if he really deserved that 6th man award.

Even if Gasol had played to his season averages this LA team would have still found a way to lose, I'm sure of it.

It's disgusting to think that The Lakers lost a bid to 3peat over personal issues that may have happened off the court. I Love the Lakers as a franchise. Any player that suits up for the purple and gold I am going to root for. In my opinion, the whole team is tradeable.
I'm seeing reports that it's going to be hard for the Lakers to trade players. Why is that? Bynum, Gasol, Odom have trade value. Their are teams that wouldn't hesitate to make a trade for those players. But since in the past they have been tagged as untouchable in trade scenerios, we never knew what other teams could offer. Now that they might not be untouchable, who knows what teams are willing to give for them. I will admit that the way they played in these playoffs has decreased their trade value.

Pau is one of the best players in the league, and he´ll still be one of the best players in the league in the next five or ten years. He´ll certainly overcome whatever cuased his recent low performance and come back the next years with his teammates to take the Lakers back to the top. The Lakers should have been able to cope with their adversaries with at least one downed player. I know he is important, and that he is very good, but he is no Michael Jordan, or for the mater, Kobe Bryant, to incapacitate his team in case he is out. Just leave him on the bench for a while. The Lakers lost the series, not Pau alone.

IF the rumors are true, their is no way that Kobe, Gasol, and Bynum can ever play together and focus to make another title run. Maybe it's just me, but deep down I feel that Bynum and Gasol won't finish the season next year wearing a Lakers jersey. That is if their is an NBA season next year.

Back to the reports that the Lakers are done, and that it's the era of changing of the guards. That is is now OKC, Blazers and what it seems like the Grizzlies; to be the top contenders of the West for years to come. Yeah the Lakers are older and won't get it done with the same roster anymore. But as true Laker fans know that more often than not, a dominant center asks for a trade and their prime choice is to be traded to the Lakers.
When has the Laker franchise ever drafted a Center that went on to be a dominant Center other than Mikan? Wilt, Kareem, and Shaq, all came to LA through a trade or free agency. History repeats itself, and it's going to do it again through a player in Orlando wearing #12.


A very sad day. Now, I concede. No Mas.

It has been a great ride since 2008, LA LAKERS- Three straight Finals and Back-to-Back Champions. Not bad, huh?

Thank you.

Let's start another great ride LAKESHOW!!!!!!


I was disturbed about how the Lakers reacted, They used to be a classy team, but reacted unbelievably bad under pressure. No excuse for Artest, Odom, and Bynum getting tossed for unsportsmanlike "flagrant 2" play and Phil complaining about getting unfavorable treatment from officials. They should have gone out with class instead of looking like poor losers.

Gaining Nuclear Disaster Containment:


Osama Bin Laden Dead:


Los Angeles Lakers Mutilated:


Things are starting to look up!

it´d be great Gasol was the only problem, that could be easier to fix, but Lakers must have a deeper analysis, not only the great Fisher is a liability, but Kobe has dropped his number from regular season in scoring, rebounding and asists, but not his turnovers, he´s had his worst playoffs of the last 10 years. With those starting guards it´s tough for the front line to achieve the expectations........

By reeading the article one would think that Pau is the new Jordan, and the fact that he didn't perform affected the whole team. First of all, I saw an over shooting (as usual) Kobe, and The other big men didn't help that much either. Pau was under his usual lever, but so was the rest of the team, and it wasnt the spaniard fault. Maybe the fact that Bynum was playing as 5 instead of that being Pau has something to do with it. I just hope Gasol leaves the ungreatful nest of LA and tries some other team with PO chances.

Howard couldn't get out of the first round in Orlando and he was surrounded by great shooters there; how effective would he be in LA with the brick layers that play on the perimeter for the Lakers?

After finally playing an elite team in the second round of the playoffs the Lakers were exposed as the classless posers they are.

blame fish for the lost coz he cant guard anymore...pls! retired now fish or lakers cant be champ again...fisher is the reason why pau and bynum out of defense..miz sasha and farmar this two can change the tempo of the game..sasha can gaurd terry and kid..what ashame almost zero 3pt field goal in game 3 and 4..

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