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Mo Williams endorses Lakers' hiring of Mike Brown

Lhtkagnc Mo Williams thought it was a major mistake when Cleveland dismissed coach Mike Brown a year ago and  criticized the Cavaliers for making the move.

 Williams, the Clippers’ starting point guard, remains just as supportive of Brown now that the Lakers have agreed to hire him to succeed Phil Jackson.

 “There’s going to be pressure on him,” Williams said Wednesday in a telephone interview with The Times. “But he’s dealt with pressure for five years in Cleveland. So pressure is nothing new to him. The pressure in Cleveland has prepared him for the ultimate pressure of coaching the Lakers.”

 Williams was crushed by the back-to-back blows:  Brown’s dismissal and the departure of LeBron James. Williams and James were teammates for two seasons in Cleveland.

 “His departure was the biggest loss that we had outside of LeBron,” said Williams, who came to the Clippers in the Baron Davis deal at the trade deadline. “I thought he had his footprint on that organization and on our team. Defensively I can’t think of anyone better.

 “I think it’s a great hire. Mike Brown in my opinion is one of the top coaches in the NBA.”

 Williams thought that Brown would work effectively with a veteran team.

 “With Mike Brown’s mentality, with his approach to the game, he’s going to be good for them,” Williams said. “He knows how to prepare veteran teams, when he’s got guys up in age and needs their rest.

 “And at the same time, even though you are a veteran, he still coaches you. He still teaches you. With Mike I could go on and on about him. I was vocal about the departure in Cleveland because of one reason: He’s a great coach.”

 Williams and others have described Brown as someone who would stand up for his players, that he would take the heat, or a bullet, if you will.

 “Oh man. He’ll take it,” Williams said, laughing. “Without a bulletproof vest on.”


Mike Brown reaches deal to become next Lakers head coach

Kobe Bryant has no comment on the Mike Brown hiring

-- Lisa Dillman

Photo: Los Angeles Clippers guard Mo Williams. Credit: Mark L. Baer / US Presswire

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Still got the power!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!

This is completely bizarre to me. Mike Brown? Did anyone see that coming? Weird....

Well - let's get behind the new guy in town. Our team can be very potent on O regardless of what they run. I can't see an entirely new offensive system being put in place - some modified triangle...maybe some more PnR.... a wrinkle here or there.... Our guys know how to get it done on O for the most part.

Our D is where we could use work. Lots of work. If Brown can bring a solid defensive scheme to the Lakers, then I think we'll be golden. Our D failed us miserably during the PO's. Slow energy...miscommunications all the time... Yeah - complete understanding of a solid defensive system would definitely be a huge plus.

I'm ok with this - like WE had any say in the matter LOL!! Brown's got big shoes to fill, not to mention this organization has winning expectations - and he knows it. If nothing else, I expect that we'll see/hear about him constantly working hard. That should hopefully translate into getting the respect - and attention - of the team, which in turn should lead to winning.

Or at least here's hoping....

Well - if MO's endorsing this, it's GOTTA be good. Thanks for the report MM. I think all of Laker Nation is now heaving a HUGE sigh of relief.

Is Mo Williams coming to the Lakers next? He's no Cp3 but is still an upgrade.

Mo Williams? really?

he ended up in the clippers with his belief that Mike Browns a good coach lol jk

but yeah this is a wierd one, really, I mean I didnt see this coming...

As newsworthy as it is, I don't know what else Mo Williams is supposed to say. Brown was a great coach but I still have my doubts

I like Mike Brown.

He's a stand-up guy.

But he doesn't run and offense and is in no way prepared for the pressure that comes with running the Lakers.

I know this may sound insane, but it's true, Mike Dunleavy would be a better choice. Yeah. I mean that.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

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