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Mike Brown reaches deal to become next Lakers head coach

Photo: Mike Brown with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010. Credit: Mark Duncan / Associated Press Mike Brown has agreed in principle to become the Lakers' next head coach, according to an NBA official who was not permitted to speak publicly on the matter.

Brown is expected to sign a contract later Wednesday or Thursday. The deal is worth between $4 million and $4.5 million per season, NBA officials said. Brown's contract is thought to be for three years, with a team option on the fourth season that would give him partial pay if he is not retained.

Phil Jackson retired as the Lakers' head coach after the team was eliminated by Dallas in the second round of the playoffs.

Brown, 41, was head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers for five seasons until he was fired in 2010. He had a 272-138 record.

He was named the NBA's coach of the year in 2009, leading the Cavaliers to a 66-16 record.

Brown also led the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals in 2007, but Cleveland was swept by the San Antonio Spurs.

[Updated at 3:55 p.m.] The Lakers issued a statement: "we’ve met with Mike [Brown] and are very impressed with him.  In addition, we have an outline for an agreement in place and hope to sign a contract within the next few days.”

 -- Mike Bresnahan and Broderick Turner


Poll: What do you think of the Mike Brown hiring?

Mike Brown and the Lakers don't seem like a great fit

The pros and cons of Mike Brown

Photo: Mike Brown with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010. Credit: Mark Duncan / Associated Press

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Good Luck to Mike Brown. If things go well, we won't have to be doing this again next year

This is OCisMambaCounty:

Congrats to the newest Laker, Mr. Brown. Can't help but think of last offseason when the blog talked about all the positives of the additions of Barnes, Blake, and some promising rookies before we saw the final product.

Mike has some big shoes to fill. Best of luck.

'12 Ring.

First a comment about the Typepad sign in. Now I do not mind signing in as a registered user because it convey more legitimacy to the posts. However I also absolutely detest joining the latest fad of "social networking" like a mindless lemming. Luckily there are other choices such as Yahoo and Google to use in place of Facebook and Twitter.

Jim Buss is getting off to a great start ..............Great Hire for the Lakers!

A young hungry defensive minded coach is just what the Lakers need.............I think Buss did the correct thing in not consulting Kobe who seems to have been hoodwinked and manipulated by Phil Jackson to believe in the Zen B.S.........Kobe at sometimes can be too loyal and Buss seemed to understand this dynamic. The further you get away from Phil Jackson the time Kobe will realize just how much he's been hindered by Phil Jackson and grow to appreciate Mike Brown.

Also this hire is early enough for Mike to evaluate the draft and find players to fit into his defensive scheme and ready the Lakers to make some off-season moves to place the Lakers back on top

.....again, Great Job Jim Buss!!

are the Buss's crazy??

he had a winning record because he had Lebronz on his team.. a single player who ran the freaking offense single handadly, how can they make their decision to hire a coach who had a freaking superstar, but guess what happend in the post season, they fell apart faster than products made in China..

well see what happens, but bad move on the owners side!

I think it's hilarious that someone blogs about how much they hate social networking, even though there are other ways to sign in - as the blogger noted, after an article about The Laker's new coach.

Brown is a good choice.

As for Mike Brown I'm perfectly OK with this selection. While he is not among my top choices I like his pedigree and his track record.

For pedigree I always admired Gregg Popovich and how he coached the Spurs. The Spurs have always been one of the most fundamentally sound teams. They always hustle, play smart team basketball and rarely ever beat themselves. They also stress DEFENSE which is exactly what the undisciplined and complacent Lakers needed. Coming from the Popovich's school of coaching is MUCH MUCH BETTER than from Phil Jackson's hand down.

For track record Mike Brown has been COY and has had several 60+ win season in spite of having a very mediocre team with only one Superstar LBJ.

Somebody please, please compare Brown's pedigree and proven track record to Brian Shaw and tell me with a straight face and un-demented mind that he still prefers Shaw.

Now I understand Jon K's doubt about Brown's offensive approach but think about it logically people. Imagine you are given a team of mediocre players in every which way and a young Magic Johnson. Now wouldn't you want to give the ball to Magic and let him direct the offense?

I love and appreciate Kobe as much as anybody but the difference between Kobe and LBJ is that one is a pure prolific scorer while the other is an all-around triple-threat player a la Magic. I'm pretty sure Mike Brown realizes the difference and is not going to give Kobe carte-blanche to run the team's offense. Sorry but Kobe, like Jordan is no PG no matter how good a player he is. Just the fact that while LBJ is still on the upside of his career while Kobe is on the downside should preclude Kobe from doing more than being a scorer.

This is why the next step should be of UTMOST importance. Once this is accomplished anything else after that will be pure gravy. That is getting a more than adequate PG.

There is no way Kobe can or should be used for running the offense the way LBJ is doing so a legitimate PG is a MUST! Lakers should thus spare no effort to get the best possible PG.

Zen B.S? 5 titles you call b.s.? You're an idiot.

The Laker's won not just because of talent, but because Phil Jackson knew how to make great adjustments. Riles knew.

Mike Brown will last two seasons because he CANNOT make good adjustments.

Ask Cleveland.

Jim Buss, you don't just blow, you swallow.

Fans are so naive.
After age...10, its always about the players. period!

Its not about the coach, its never been about the coach.
The coach is just there for the ride!!

Give me the best players.
The best players always think on the fly on the court.

The players coach themselves. Why coaches get the credit or the blame is beyond me.
There is plenty of evidence to back my statements

I have no idea how good a coach Mike Brown is. However, I am fairly sure that if Kobe likes him and Kobe does not go downhill fast, Brown will succeed.

But Kobe looks like he might be starting his decline phase. If so, or if the Mamba simply does not like Brown's system or his style, the Lakers will be looking for a new coach in a couple of years. Rick Adelmann, anyone?

Adelman > Brown, Lakers dropped the ball on this one. Lakers management loves Brown's defensive mindset but the reality is that A) Phil has always been good defensive coach, and B) Laker players lack discipline to execute defensively on a nightly basis. At least Adelman is known for being a players coach, whereas the Cavs were willing to fire Brown to convince Queen James to stay - if Brown couldn't sync with Lebron's mega-ego, how's he going to do it with the multiple big egos on the Lakers squad?

Jim Buss did mess up. Whenever I watched the Cavs when Brown was there coach it always seem like he was in over his head. It was very apparent during the playoffs. You don't have to coach as much in the regular season, but you have to coach in the playoffs. You have to adjust your team to whatever is effecting it at any given time. You would see Brown sitting on the Cav bench looking as if he was locked in a two foot by two foot room and had no way out. I think the Laker players will embrace his defensive ideals, but his offensive ideals are no existent. What would it be. Give Kobe the ball and let him create the offense. I get the feeling that this is not going to workout well. Besides that goodluck to coach Brown.



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