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Magic Johnson argues Jerry Buss needs to "blow this team up" and make drastic changes to roster during offseason

26618943Even with the odds stacked against them, the Lakers are publicly expressing optimism about coming back from an 0-3 deficit in their Western Conference semifinal series against the Dallas Mavericks.

But don't count Magic Johnson as one of them. The Lakers great argued as an ESPN NBA analyst Saturday that the Lakers, and owner Jerry Buss, will need to make serious changes to their veteran-heavy roster during the off-season. Johnson's most pointed suggestion involved the Lakers' trading for Dwight Howard,  even if it means giving up  Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol or Lamar Odom.

"Dr. Buss has a lot of work to do," said Johnson. "He's probably going to have to blow this team up after the season if the Lakers lose this series because you have to come back with some fresh faces. You have to pick between the two big men with which one you keep and then you trade the other one."

Johnson didn't aim his criticism solely at the Lakers' front line, arguing that everybody outside of Kobe Bryant should be considered trade bait in what will be an uncertain off-season. In addition to the strong possibility Dallas will eliminate the Lakers, the 2010-11 season will be the last for Coach Phil Jackson. Reserves Matt Barnes and Shannon Brown can exercise player options to stay next season, with Barnes telling The Times' Mike Bresnahan in March he planned to do that and Brown conceding he's open to opting out. And of course, the cloud surrounding the league's expiring collective bargaining agreement on June 30 weighs heavily on all NBA teams. 

Presuming the Lakers are eliminated, Johnson anticipates a very busy off-season. 

"The Lakers have two problems," said Johnson, who sold his 4.5% ownership stake in the Lakers  to billionaire season ticket-holder Patrick Soon-Shiong in October but has kept his title as vice president. "They're too slow and they have no athletes. This is an athletic league now. When you think about all the teams that are in the playoffs right now, they all can run fast and jump high.

"Sometimes you can be together too long," he continued. "This group has been probably together too long."

Even though the Lakers will likely fall to the Dallas Mavericks, possibly as soon as Sunday, Johnson's connection to the team makes his comments premature and disrespectful. He may be trying to motivate the team. He may be sharing his honest opinion. And he may be foreshadowing the Lakers' offseason plans. But wait until the season is actually over. For now, give the Lakers at least a chance to salvage what so far has been a disappointing postseason.  

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Magic Johnson. Credit: Los Angeles Times

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Magic know all to well about the decline of a Championship team

surely Mitch Kupchak could have done better. He had a lot of options this year and seemed to settle instead of being bold.

I agree with you Magic!

Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard
Gasol, Luke or Artest for CP3 and Trevor Ariza

Those deals will be on the table all next season!

I am in favor of keeping Lamar or Pau Gasol but Andrew Bynum will be the ultimate piece to get Howard.

Trading for an allstar, who doesn't get injured and is on the All Defensive Team every year for Bynum is a "no brainer"

Sorry Bynum but your a$$ will be shipped out this time!

They are going to do the best thing in the post season: to get rid of Phil.
In times like this you can see the result is predictable. Because Phil is predictable. He can't change the minds of his players in times of need. Putting a rookie in a playoff game can infuse some passion, some urgency some post-puberty hormones in the team. But he will never do that.
Don't expect different results when you do the same thing over and over again.

His "mind games" are only to subyugate te minds of his players to his will. "One PJ to rule them all". He is not a motivator. He can't change the way his players are feeling. His aura/image is playing against him right now. He can't descend to his players and give them a hug. He is still triying to mindgame them.

What else are we losing right now? make a glorious last stance right now!
throw all the meat to the grill!!
Be a man, and change your aproach!!!
Be a man, and say "i was wrong, let's do this thing instead"
Your pride and your ego are not bigger than our team, but in your mind they are. How good are you Phil? When everything is good is easy to be successful. In times of need is when the real coaches appear.
Remember last year's finals. You were so unPhillike. And we won. Be unPhillike right now, and make us proud.


Trade for the Memphis franchise. They have all the above. Mitch goes first, get Donny Nelson.



You're classic, loved the your piece on Walton. Has they're been a worse signing in professional sports than the 6 year contract to Luke Walton? Maybe Tony Mandrich, Packers in 1985, perhaps.

LakerTom --

I really appreciate the comments, I admit that yours and a few others are the only comments I look forward to as well as I try to navigate away from the trolls and the fair weather fans.

Agree with respect to Pau Gasol, rain in spain is right as rain, and Mitch couldn't have foreseen such a monumental meltdown, but he could and SHOULD have foreseen the lack of a knock-down 3-point shooter on this team. Did he actually think that Shannon Brown would fill that void or Steve Blake or Matt Barnes? If so, he's more stupid than I thought.

I have to agree to Magic about the two Lakers big men. The concept of the Twin Tower only works IF the two are surrounded by fast and agile athletes because by definition the two bigs are going to be SLOW. Sure the plus is that they can clog up the paint and provide shot-blocking in close but the minus is that the perimeter will be vulnerable, something a team such as the Mavs with all their long-range bombers can exploit.

If the Lakers are going to keep both Bynum and Gasol they will need young, energetic, fast and athletic teammates around those two. Assuming that Kobe is going to stay that means Fish and Artest will have to go or at the very least Fish.

The problem with the Lakers actually is SIMPLE to fix:


For far too long the Lakers have been relying on one-on-one talent domination be it Kobe or Shaq. Now as Kobe has gotten older and slower the league has caught up with LA. This means Lakers will now have to play DEFENSE to win. No longer can they just stand around and throw the ball into Kobe (or Shaq before) and call it the Triangle.

As witnessed against the Mavs the Lakers paid a heavy price for their clueless defense. Time and time again they kept leaving a Mav dead-eye long-range bomber all alone. This is not new. However they might have been able to got away with it against most teams but against a team like the Mavs who possesses deadly long-range bombers, LAL is paying a heavy price for their weakness.

For next year the Lakers need first and foremost a traditional coach who stresses defense and hustle. Good riddance with stoopid triangle and its laissez-faire basketball philosophy. Lakers players will need to be reading about the fundamentals of the game, especially team defense instead of wasting time on reading wacko books like under Phil Jackson.

Good riddance too with the "let-the-players-figure-it-out" attitude. LAL needs to hire a real, brand-name coach with plenty of credibility such as Jeff Van Gundy or maybe Jerry Sloan to learn the fundamentals and un-learn all the crappy bad habbits accumulated from the reign of Phil Jackson.

A new coach + a new PG + one long-range shooter + renewed energy on defense = 2012 Laker championship

Lakers needs a better point guard or for Kobe Bryant to play that position so they can find another shooter....How about the Lakers trade Pau, Caracter, Blake and Walton for Howard and J Reddick...At least Fisher could go to the bench with Lamar. Reddick, Kobe, Artest, Howard, Bynum would be a nightmare for the league....Pau's poor play is definitely one that should be looked into in trading.

If the Lakers are put out of the playoff this will be the worst ratings the NBA has seen in a longtime and could probably be a very bad image for the league because of the lockout. Imagine if the Lakers are put out. You will have OKC vs Dallas and possibly Miami vs Chicago...I see terrible rating coming. The league should pray the Lakers get their act together and the referees layoff making bad calls against the Lakers and the series goes 7 games because California ratings will drop and with all the Laker fans in the country I doubt they will watch too.

Magic says the Lakers have become "old and slow". Does that remind you of someone? Sounds like a reflection of their coach and his style.

Maybe Mitch did not do such a good job but he DID tried in the past to get the Lakers shooters. Remember Brian Cook? Radmanovich? Sasha Vujacic? now Steve Blake?

Problem is those guys WERE good shooters. Unfortunately Phil's Triangle has a way of RUINING their shooting and DESTROYING their confidence.


As long as it is the Triangle no amount of good shooters will be enough.

Yeah, apparently the one and only one good shooter who could thrive under the Triangle was Robert Horry, a rare exception.

Since Glenn Rice, another supposedly big-time shooter that went bust the Lakers have not had any shooters who came in and not failed miserably because of their crappy offense system.

I'd trade Bynum for Howard, but not BOTH Bynum and Odom for Howard. I absolutely would NOT take back garbage like Arenas or Turkyglue. If Orlando wants to play hardball, the Lakers should just see who they can get for Howard.

All those who say that Denver and NY had a 'fair' trade are clueless. Denver will NEVER win a championship with guys like Gallinari and Felton. NY may never win one, but now that they have 2 pieces to the puzzle, all they need to do is add one more superstar. Is CP3 going to Denver? Is Howard going to Denver?

In the history of the NBA, whenever the star is traded to another team, the team that gets a bunch of no name hustle support players ALWAYS gets shafted, unless they are able to turn those trades into something else.

Another rule is, NEVER trade a big for a small. NEVER. Gasol is totally gassed because of Bynum being hurt. Gasol can't play hurt, and since his bone bruise, he hasn't been the same. That's the exact criticism that Dirk got before the Mavs got Chandler, that he's too soft, doesn't play in the low post, etc. It would be nice to have Howard, but without Gasol, who's going to back up Howard? Odom? Ratliff?

The Lakers can get either CP3 or Howard, but zero chance that they can get both. They can find someone like CP3 in the draft if they get REALLY lucky like the Spurs did Parker, but no way that they can find someone like Gasol outside of the lottery.

Getting Howard and role players who can shoot the 3 is the key. CP3 would be great, because they REALLY REALLY need someone who can break down the defense, but not it's not absolutely necessary.

Although Bynum and Howard would be a good combo, I'd rather have Gasol and Howard because they would complement each other better than Bynum and Howard both on offense, but especially on defense. If the Lakers were playing Dallas, who would guard Dirk when he's at the 3 point line? Bynum? The Lakers would have to end up bringing Bynum off the bench and starting Odom.

I really love Magic, as a long-time Laker fan I love what he did for the Lakers and he deserves his statue outside Staples, but he should shut the hell up regarding the future of this Laker team.

As someone else pointed out earlier, did Dr. Buss blow up the Lakers after Magic's team choked in the first round against Houston in 1981, or when they got swept by the Sixers in 1983 (I was 13 and remember crying it was so horrible) or in 1986 when Ralph Sampson hit that famous jumper at the buzzer in the Western Conference Finals. Not to mention the 1984 Lakers and the 1989 Lakers (who were swept by the Pistons, although Magic and Worthy were injured) and the 1990-1991 Lakers loss to the Bulls. Magic's record in the Finals is 5-4, not including the early exits against Houston ('81 and '86).

Magic should just shut up. We're lucky he's not running this team (as bad as Kupchak is) for I'm afraid it would be worse under Magic, much like the way his one-time friend, Isiah Thomas, drove the Knicks into the ground. How has Larry Bird done as a GM the last 12 years? Just because you're a superstar baller don't mean you're automatically a superstar general manager!

This Laker team does **NOT** need to be blown up, NO WAY! All we need is a knock-down 3-point shooter, PERIOD (and maybe some time off and a new-found championship hunger). First and foremost, find some major league sucker to take Walton and get a sharp-shooter in here!

That's all you need for now!

We can win with this time as presently constituted, so long as you have a consistent 3-point threat ala Steve Smith or Kyle Korver.

"Inside out" (as in a proficient outside shooter), how much more simple can this be???

The idea of trading Bynum is just plain crazy. He is the most vocal and productive in this series. I'm so sick and tired of seeing a talented and skillful players like Pau and Lamar sleepwalk during the game and failed to do a fundamental tasks such as rebounding and defending their man. Fisher can't no produce in the clutch. Let's be realistic about it, this team is a bust! we have seen the signs of their characters during the regular season and nothing was done to improve the matrix of the team via trade. Sure, this is the playoff team, sure their focus will be difference once the playoff start! Sure, Kobe will perform his magic and dominate when needed. Well, the reality has set in. We could be eliminate from the playoff tomorrow. I totally agree with Magic on this one, Dr. Buss has to blow this team up and build the new new around Bynum! Get some players with great IQ & toughness. No more finese player like Pau or weak and slow player like Luke who was paid millions every year to sit on the bench.

I also agree that Phil's coaching style is too predictable. His substitute pattern has not changed in years, problems with P&R, too much reliance on veterans, not trusting the rookies and the worst of all, believe that no true point guard is needed in the triangle.

I am still believe in Kobe but let's be realistic, winning 4 straight games against the talented and well coached team like Dallas is an impossible task. Talk to me after Tuesday on that idea.

Go Lakers.
In Kobe, I shall Trust!

Oh pul-leze!
Reminds me of Magic's 1986 Lakers who got bounced out in five by Houston. (Ralph Sampson, anyone?) Instead of blowing up the team (remember, West wanted to get rid of Worthy!), Buss kept the team together, Riley figured out the twin towers, and the players got better/stronger, especially Kareem (remember Magic Rope!).
Try and get younger/more athletic, hope the players rededicate themselves, and make advantageous trades if possible.

Why is it that some former superstars just don't know when to go away? Why can't they be like W. Bush (forget his politics, the man knows how to stay away). Why do they all have to be like Jimmy Carter, who still sticks his nose into everything after 30 years!

Magic, do like George, not Jimmy!

shut up magic, you sound like a 12 year old blogger lately

The Bermuda Triangle Offense

Once you enter your body and mind are taken over by a life-force that eats your brain.

The only cure is to somehow create a vortex and escape.

Recuperation time is approximately the length of pre-season basketball
In extreme cases 1/2 a regular season

get rid of kobe since he won't buy into team ball.
get the ball into drew.

See if Memphis will take Pau back in exchange for his little brother. Glad to see there is one Gasol who knows how to play tough!

Does Kobe really have a no-trade clause?

I know he had one before the extension but I thought the no trade clause was eliminated by the league.

I would have thought when he signed the extension the no-trade clause would have been eliminated not extended.

Case in point,

Peja, the former queen, was begging to come to L.A. in January after the Raptors bought him off. Why didn't we go after him? He's not Korver at this stage of his career, but Peja is a better 3-point shooter than any Laker we have, by far, so why wouldn't Kupchak go after this guy? He would've come dirt cheap! Why would the Lakers allow a rival to pick him up?

It is truly criminal that we don't have a solid 3-point shooter on this team to compliment our inside/outside game. This Laker team, as presently constituted, BEGS for a sharp-shooter ala Steve Smith or Kyle Korver. In this offense, Smith would've been a monster! Why didn't we go after Ray Allen back in 2008? Why? Why didn't we go after him when he was with the Bucks?

JERRY WEST gave up a young Eddie Jones (14th pick in the first round, 1994)and Elden Campbell for an old Glen Rice in 1999. Why didn't we go after Ray Allen back then??? That's what this team has been missing since 2000!

Can you imagine a sharp-shooter from downtown (like Steve Smith or Ray Allen) playing along side Shaq and Kobe??? And still, in 2011, we have yet to address this monumental void. Brian Cook? Are you kidding me?

MITCH KUPCHAK needs to take full blame here, 100%. I don't care if Buss signs the checks, Kupchak should've made the imperative case to go out and sign a goddamn 3-point threat. Instead, we go out and sign a poor man's Raja Bell and Steve Blake.



I certainly agree with Magic -- the greatest Laker of the first "great" Lakers -- to a point.

"Fresh" is what the Lakers aren't right now.

No mystery there.

Not when you're the ONLY NBA team to play (almost) 4 x seasons over 3 during the last 3 x years.

82 + 21
82 + 23
82 + 23

== 313.

I don't care what anyone says. 313 over 3 *IS* a load.

With this regular/postseason, that count is now up to 404.

The Mavs, comparatively, are rested. Fresh. Thanks to first-round vacations over 2 of the last 3 postseasons.

Yes, adding Chandler was huge.

But tired legs, Laker-wise, is "huger", IMO.

Wow!!! The Lakers have always put together a playoff caliber team, and now that they are down 0-3 to a team that lives by the jump shot everybody is forgetting that they went to the big dance 3 times and won twice...I am a REAL Lakers fan and I understand that you don't freak out because they might not win it all...The Mavs hit some good shots that happened to go in during the 4th quarter....I think the Lakers can tweak the team SOME, but to totally dismantle the team because they couldn't 3peat is STUPID....Remember the last time we broke up a good team because they failed to win the championship after winning it the prior year??? I will tell you, we DIDN"T make the playoffs and the Lakers had to rebuild on the FLY!!! Magic is an analyst now so they pay him to say stuff that he knows WILL most likely NOT happen...The players we have NOW are still good, the Lakers just came up against a team that is hot from the 3 pointers...Any basketball mind will tell you that if you live by the jump shot you will die by the jump shot...But for people to bash the TRIANGLE offense which brought the Lakers 5 rings is STUPID....Pay attention people, how can the Mavs shoot mostly jumpshots yet get to the free throw line 29 ? Yet the Lakers score 50+ points in the paint yet only go to the line 14 times....No I am not going to say it was a setup, but the refs were not calling some things for the Lakers but were calling ticky tack stuff for the Mavs...Its called home court advantage, but DAMN!!!! Now the Lakers played a good game, they just failed to close out in the last 2 minutes of games 1 and 3... You don't break up a championship team because of 5 minutes of really bad play....Change the lineup and maybe get a more younger and athletic PG, and SF. but u don't get stupid and BLOW UP the team....

Lakers need to hire Jerry Sloan. He is a great coach and doesn't put up with crap. Teaches good Defense and more than anything, he can teach Gasol how to be tough and not such a Pillsbury dough boy.
Fish has got to go, Walton and Artest as well. Barnes is to concerned about his hair due and Blake is a bust.
Kobe is getting old, has lots of miles on his body. It is time to bust things up. I am disappointed that there is no emotion or passion.
Gasol could care less. He is to concerned about being dumped by his girlfriend and it shows.

And forget Jerry Sloan, I want Rick Adleman.

This is what I want from the offseason, nothing more:

1. Rick Adleman
2. A consistent 3-point threat ala Korver/Miller/Allen
3. Some time off and renewed Championship hunger

That's all the Lakers need to do. I would give Gasol one more year (he did help us win 2 Championships, and frankly, the win over Boston still tastes rather sweet). Just improve the "outside" part of the inside/out game. Get a goddamn sharp-shooter in here, first and foresmost, AND don't play any competitive BB over the summer!

I said the same thing one of the greatest players that have ever played said weeks ago. Give the Priest credit. Thats lakers biggest problem too slow and non athlethis. No fast breaks. The thing about it mitch Kupkake was thinking about not bringing back UPS last season. The Lakers is an old and slow team.

You are so right Magic - I wish there was someone who could play like you did !! All those triple doubles !! I really miss you and Chick Hearn !! ( yes- I'm old ) -- it's hard to watch the Lakers now - I liked someone's suggestion that we get Jeff Van Gundy as the coach !! Back to basics !! Real basketball - I still support the Lakers but I'm afraid the next game will be the end of our season - GO LAKERS !! Also - we could REALLY use Dwight Howard !!


I thought for sure when Peja was available that the Lakers would get him, if only for the reason to not let the Mavs get him.

I waited waited waited



Dallas is only paying him $706,000

Mackmo is right!

I, too, remember the last time the Lakers "blew up" the team, as in 2004, and it took us how long to get back to the big dance???

All you need to do is tweek this team, as in acquiring a 3-point shooter, period! Lay off all this UTTER NONSENSE about blowing up this team (the very same team that has gotten to the freaking Finals 3 freaking years in a row!!!). Has any other team done that lately??? Why would we want to blow this team up? It would be like blowing up the Lakers after Houston killed us in 1986. It would've meant forfeiting 2 more glorious championships (as in '87 and '88)!

That's ASININE, Magic!

Just go away and run your Starbucks in Harlem!

Early in the year I was waiting for our team to turn that switch on and play. They did for 17 games and the switch burned out it fickle. What has gone wrong will let's see everything Kobe,shot selection Gasol to soft,no three point shooter and our bench have been reduced to nothing. What did I miss,well our coach seems to be over the hill now is he thinking about any adjustment that will work. That defense that Chuck Person is over must have been found it in a trash can because that's what it look's like to me. Well we have one good thing going for us and that's next year maybe with a average point guard and a good outside shooter we should see some improvement. Well I got my boat out and tomorrow and am going fishing maybe Gasol well come with me so that I can throw him overboard.

Psycorp, Brian Cook and Radmanovic were 6'10" 'power forwards' who are 1 dimensional players. Instead of utilizing their size they relied on perimeter shooting. Not to mention both are horrible defenders. Neither has contributed to the their current teams, let alone with the Lakers. Once they were discarded the Lakers began winning championships. Vujacic was a good shooter in a contract year. But once he got the extension he signed away his 3 point shot. Don't know what's up with Blake, though.

As for Phil Jackson, that stoopid triangle offense was good enough to win him 11 championships while helping cement the hall of fame careers of Jordan & Pippen and eventually Kobe & Shaq, while solidifying his own. Before PJ, these guys could not win championships. Once he arrived he helped them get over the hump and was able to manage their inflated egos. How many coaches, past or present, can lay claim to that?

Jump shooting and 7-seconds-or-less offense don't win championships.

What the Lakers' Need

The Lakers' fans need to continue to have faith in this team for now.
Surely after the season this team must make some drastic changes. What the Lakers need to win game 4 is:

Player Points rebounds Assists

1. Kobe 28 6 6
2. Gasol 25 15
3. Bynum 16 17
4. dFisher 18 6 12
5. Artest 15 8 4
6. Odom 16 10

It is not asking too much to get this type of production from each of the above players tomorrow. The Lakers need much better coaching decisions from PJackson tomorrow. It was crazy to double Dirk on the last possessions in game 3. They need to shut everyone else down and let Dirk get his. PJackson have been getting his behind whipped in this series.

@Lakers 17,

"Another rule is, NEVER trade a big for a small. NEVER. "

Really? I guess the Lakers would have been better off had they not traded Vlade Divac for Kobe Bryant.

"The Lakers can get either CP3 or Howard, but zero chance that they can get both. They can find someone like CP3 in the draft if they get REALLY lucky like the Spurs did Parker, but no way that they can find someone like Gasol outside of the lottery. "

Good Lord, where to begin. Why can't the Lakers get both guys? Gasol for CP3 is not unrealistic. The salaries match, and Gasol would be an excellent choice to replace the now injured free agent David West in N.O. Bynum is the 2nd best center in the NBA. If Orlando, home of the best center in the NBA, is convinced that they are going to lose Howard, Bynum is the only logical trade that would leave them with anything close to a fair trade.

As for finding someone in the draft like CP3 the way the Spurs found Tony Parker, what planet are you on? Guards like CP3 get drafted in the first few spots. The Spurs probably have one of the best records in the league of finding talent near the bottom of the draft; the Lakers...not so much. As background, the best PG the Lakers have ever drafted late in the draft is Derek Fisher....

Buss, should take an advantage of Bynum's value improving. Since he's playing good in this 2nd round, it improves his trade value. The Magic will definitely make the trade with the Lakers for Howard knowing at least they are getting good value back without the risk of losing everything with Howard leaving.

"Dr. Buss has a lot of work to do," said Johnson. "He's probably going to have to blow this team up after the season if the Lakers lose this series because you have to come back with some fresh faces. You have to pick between the two big men with which one you keep and then you trade the other one."

I also agree with Magic Johnson on this one. The Lakers, even though very talented, experienced and very big, are too slow and not athletic enough to compete with the younger more athletic teams. The game has changed yet again and the style they play is just not working for them. It has become a guards game: chris paul, deron williams, derrick rose and russell westbrook have changed the way you have to approach the game. Then you have very athletic big men: blake griffin, dwight howard, LeMarcus Aldridge, it's time for the Lakers to rebuild.

Personally I think Pau Gasol has to go, even though they were able to reach the finals 3 straight years and win 2 back to back championships you can tell his run has ended. I love Derek Fisher but as tough as he is he's just no where near as fast as the other younger guards. They added Steve Blake but his play is so timid, it's almost like he thinks too much on offense and passes up the opportunity to score. Ron Artest is a great defender but his offense is still too shakey at times and he can cost the team a major possession. They added Matt Barnes but for some reason he's just not fitting quite well into the rotation, his offense is non existant and he's late on defensive rotations. Shannon Brown is debateable but I think we need someone who is a little bit more consistant and more decisive to back up kobe. In all to do agree with Magic, Jerry Buss has got to do something this offseason to better our chances in the playoffs next year.

Rick Adelman would be a good coach as well. Lakers got their choice of Jerry Sloan or Rick Adelman.

I would choose Adelman because he has always taken a whole lot less talented team than what Phil Jackson have and made them into a very competitive team. Even possible championship teams.

PJ said the reason Lakers couldn't defend P&R because Lakers pratice with trial angle offense (another excuse from Phil) . Sloan and Aldeman can be head coach of Lakers but Lakers have to make a trade to get a good PG. Another thing Kupchack had a bad trade in the past, Butler for Kwame Brown, Radmanovich for Morrision and Shannon Brown. NBA manager will take an advantage on Lakers. I don't believe in Kupchack, if he is smart he is already to keep one either Farmar or Sasha, he should know the reason Portland let Blake go because Blake failed to guard Brooks of Houston in the playoffs.

Lukes contract..Ratliff,Smith,Trey Johnson,Brown may not come back.Barnes has a player option..

The team could make up to 6 changes..somehow find a taker for Blake..

Artest has played ok but he will be shipped before Odom.

Maybe if Kobe his that game winner in Game 1 instead of clanking it like he normally does, the Lakers would be better positioned this series. Kobe is now 6/23 in game winning shots in the playoffs:

Excellent point, V.

V writes, "Psycorp, Brian Cook and Radmanovic were 6'10" 'power forwards' who are 1 dimensional players. Instead of utilizing their size they relied on perimeter shooting. Not to mention both are horrible defenders. Neither has contributed to the their current teams, let alone with the Lakers. Once they were discarded the Lakers began winning championships."

I couldn't have said it any better.


What he said.

Bynum for DHoward!
Gasoft for CP3!

I am all over those!

And while we're at it, Luke Waltonfor Blake Griffin, Joe Smith for LeBron, the content of my wastebasket for a couple of those goldenny bricks I've seen on TV, and my grandma Betty for Megan Fox.

Peja to the Lakers? No way! The dude can shoot 3 pointers but is allergic to defense (much like most of his European brethren). Shane Battier was a better option. The guy hustles on offense AND defense. Other players that come to mind: Trevor Ariza, Raja Bell and Jared Dudley.

As for future point guards, Deron Williams over Chris Paul due to his size and shooting range.

Troll Man --

I know, I was hoping the Lakers would go after Peja, specially because it was right around the time they saved roughly $5 million with Sasha -- I can't believe the Mavs are only paying the former queen $700,000!

What is Mitch paying Walton??? $5 Million a year, to warm the bench? Why couldn't Mitch be more creative? He stinks!

Theo Ratcliff is getting paid more than Peja, who single-handedly put our 3-peat chances on life support with 11 points in the 4th quarter of Game 3!!!

Mitch, resign NOW!

You stink!

I really mean it!

Maybe it's time for the Triangle to be retired as well?

It seems other young teams are doing just fine without the triangle. And the triangle make players play a "role", which some players are just not suited for, therefore we don't get the best out of them.

If it is time to retire the Triangle, then you CANNOT hire Brian Shaw as the Lakers coach for next season.

People need to remember that the present Lakers, the OLD and SLOW and un-athletic Lakers, went to the Finals 3 years in a row and won the whole thing twice. The thing is, during that run, Kobe was younger and he hit a lot of cluch shots to win games, but now, he's a little older and his shots are not falling as frequently, which highlights the very VERY huge need now more than ever before of a consistent 3-point shooter to shore up the inside/out game, which the "old" Lakers ran smoothly with a spry Kobe Bean.

But the man's legs are not what they used to be, so the need for an outside threat has now reached a new level of urgency. This is simple stuff if you've watched the Lakers over the last 5 years. Don't blow up the team, just tinker with the damn thing. All we need is a long-ball threat from downtown!

Wrong Again, Keep Bynum and Get Howard, Get Rid of Gasol.

But how can we get Dwight for Gasol?? add in all the Useless Talent in our bench and I'm sure they can make something happen.

Man i wished we had CP3 Dwight Kobe Artest and LO, Oh and Bynum too...but that's just California Dreamin'

Thankyou Gasol, but either Homeboy adds about 20 pounds of muscle in the summer or get the hell out of here, He can't even shoot anymore. It's over Gasol, it's Over ; Game Over man , Game Over. Go Home Gasol, your not even Gasol, you're just a wanabe imposter who looks like him, BEGOne, Begone. ---Space Jam

My choices for new coach

not necessarily in order of preference Any of these coaches would be acceptable IMHO

Jeff Van Gundy- defensive minded and knows how to run a pick & roll offense

Rick Adelman- Those Queen teams almost beat us and Houston has done well considering the injuries and trades

Larry Brown - probably good for only 2 years (then Kobe can take over) but is there any questioning his basketball expertise? A fundamentals coach is what the lakers have lack during the PJ years

Byron Scott - has always coveted this job and he's been to the finals twice in his short career. Has had relationship problems with players though.

Jerry Sloan - Meat and Potatoes coach (screw film sessions look at videos yourself) teaches how to play the right way. Defensive minded and a great great Pick & Roll Coach.


for some strange reason Peja is looking like an NBA all-defensive team player against the lakers as is Dirk and Kidd.


Back in 1983, when Magic's team was SWEPT by Moses Malone's Sixers, what did the Lakers do in response?

They certainly didn't blow up the team, no way. They traded Norm Nixon for a solid 3-point shooting guard as in Byron Scott (which allowed Magic to assume more of a PG duty). Even then, the inside/out game needed to be tinkered with in the aftermath of an embarrassing sweep, and that's all it was, a matter of tinkering, as opposed to a yard sale! They brought in a young stud 3-point shooter and the Lakers went on to win 3 more championships!

Hello, Otis Smith. You can have anyone on our team. I would love to give you Kobe too but he only has 2-3 more good years. The rest of my team is available for Dwight Howard. And whatever is left, we're calling New Orleans for CP3.

...The thing is, during that run, Kobe was younger and he hit a lot of cluch shots to win games, but now, he's a little older and his shots are not falling as frequently...
Posted by: Ludwig

That is exactly why the Lakers needed a player like Carmelo Anthony. Someone to take the burden and constant pressure off Kobe. Of course there aren't too many Melo's out there and it would have been a mistake to trade Melo for Bynum.
LakerTom and I were fervently advocating a Gasol+player trade for Melo during the trading deadline period.
Another missed oppurtunity, but that is hindsight, and Gasol wasn't stinking it up every single game as he is now.

V --

The Lakers are a horrible -- HORRIBLE! -- 3-point shooting team (they were 0-18 in game 2 until a couple of meaningless shots at the end). Peja would have filled this need, this desperate need. I know his defense stinks. But look at what he did in game 3 -- he had 11 points in the 4th quarter. He single-handedly destroyed us toward the end of that game. He would have been worth it, at $700,000 to come in and hit a few clutch shots. Jim Jackson did pretty much the same thing for the queens back in 2001, when he was available to the Lakers.

The Lakers NEVER make a smart, cheap pickup during the season, unless of course you think Joe Smith or Adam Morrisson were the exception.

Peja was the perfect choice to make.

When was the last time the lakers had a dead-eye shooter?

And Peja wasn't a case of having only career nights against the Lakers, he lit up the entire league.


I'm still here, but I'm not eating crow just yet. Remember what I said to you? You ONLY come around when the Lakers are losing. When they're winning, which they do most of the time, you're nowhere to be seen. So enough of the "my team" stuff. This hasn't been "your" team since you tucked your tail between your stocky little legs and went into championship-induced hiding.

This is "my team," win or lose. I'm riding this one out all the way until the end, good or bad. That's the difference between you and me: when the going gets tough, you show up. When the going gets tough OR good, I'm still around.

One last thing: This Dallas team is entirely beatable. The Lakers gave away Game 1 and Game 3. If they execute and defend like they did for 3 1/2 quarters last night, we'll be closing out this series in Los Angeles in seven.

Go Lake Show!

you guys need to lay off of Phil Jackson he won you 5 freaking championships phoenix Suns have nun we have 5 in 10 years the guy is a legend he is going to retire on his terms you just don't get how hard it is to win one championship let alone 11 or 13 including as a player so be great full The Lakers have great management and they will get us what we need me personally would love to get Howard now and Griffen later then we would rule the Nba again for another decade hooaaa

The decision to let Farmar walk last year and stick with Fish starting, then signing "The Brick", is the single biggest reason for our demise this year. Jordan brought us punch with his speed and quickness, scoring and 3 point shooting off the bench. Point guard play and scoring off the bench has been our weakest link all year, which has proved fatal. Other wise, this team is fine, and with the right moves can be back on top! GO LAKERS

The Outlaw

Problem is it's hard enough to give away one game in the playoffs let alone 2 games, and overcome that disadvantage.

This series is not over, but the Lakers have put themselves in a hole of historic proportions.

Peja is getting his shots because the Lakers are confused on defensive rotations and leave a spot-up shooter wide open. Cardinal sin - leave a junp shooter open and get burned. They have to put a body on them and consest. Force them to take a difficult shot. Make Peja play defense and he will get burned.

As Chuck would say, "you don't live and die by the 3. You die by the 3." What the Lakers need to do is to pound it in the paint and continue to go to the post. The perimeter game will open up with a solid inside game. Also, need cutters. More ball and player movement, less dribbling and isolation plays.

No more soft Europeans in Laker uniform.

Three Straight Years to the Finals and presure to 3 peat. Theres a reason this never happens, and if we dont advance.

Dont Worry Lakers always bring the Best to LA.

This will help us start working on getting Howard,Chris Paul and Blake over to our Lakers.

If we win this year, we would most likely keep the same squad for next year ? No one wants that....

I am a laker fan but reading the comments here I am starting to feel quite embarrassed of being one. It's like what this team has achieved in the last 3 years doesn't mean anything to anyone. Maybe everyone needs to learn what supporting a team means. Those boos to Gasol in game 2, what a short memory disgraceful crowd. Embarrassed to be a laker fan, but not for the team but for the city.

some of you people dont no anything about trading bynum for howard please

Alex, well said about PJ. No other coach, past or present, has the resume to match his.

If you trade Bynum for a player like Howard who does not have effective consistent post moves how are we going to win any titles. if you are a lakers fan shame on you for not taking time to compare bynum to got to be kidding me. Howard has not won a title ever bynum has 2 and counting.bynum not only knows how to get there but win it.the reality is bynum will never be traded thats why i dont worry about stupid comments.jim buss drafted bynum and will always be a laker.

Troll Man --

"When was the last time the lakers had a dead-eye shooter? And Peja wasn't a case of having only career nights against the Lakers, he lit up the entire league."

Dead on, bro. The last one was Glen Rice, the older version.

V --

"What the Lakers need to do is to pound it in the paint and continue to go to the post. The perimeter game will open up..."

Bro, the perimeter game DID open up in Game 2, but the Lakers went 0-18 from downtown. ZERO for 18! That was embarrassing!

Peja, the former dancing queen, as soft as he is, could've hit a few of those 18 blindfolded! We just don't have any knock-down shooters on this team! Who? Brown? Blake? Nobody! And think, if Peja was on the Lakers, he'd be killing the Mavs because Dallas DOESN'T PLAY ANY DEFENSE!

All I'm saying is that Peja could have been a decent spot up shooter specialist for the Lakers, no more! You put him in on those nights when the team can't score more than 12 points in a quarter, as in the 4th quarter Game 3! A specialist, not an everyday player, that's all Peja is at this stage in his career.

Posted by: RG | May 07, 2011 at 07:25 PM - [I]t's like what this team has achieved in the last 3 years doesn't mean anything to anyone. Maybe everyone needs to learn what supporting a team means. Those boos to Gasol in game 2, what a short memory disgraceful crowd. Embarrassed to be a laker fan, but not for the team but for the city.



I love Phil Jackson and what he has done for the Lakers, but I'm sorry to say that he has some serious issues calling time-outs. I think by waiting until the 16 point lead in the 3rd quarter was cut to 3 in Game 1 may have completely taken the energy (and confidence) out of our 3-peat chances. That was whacked, when he just sat there on his ass and allowed that lead to go from 16 down to 3! Any other coach would've called a time-out when it got down to 11!

Phil did the same thing in the 2008 Finals, game 4, when the Lakers were up 24 points against the Celtics in the 3rd quarter. When the Celtics came back to win that game, it completely eviscerated any confidence and energy the team and the city had in winning a championship. The Game 1 "delayed" time-out call has done pretty much the same thing to this teams's already teetering psychology.

Yes, I know PJ has done this throughout his career and won 11 championships, but the truth may be that on a lot of those championship teams his game-managing errors were superceded by superior talent (as in MJ, Kobe, Shaq, etc.). On this team, there is no Shaq, no MJ and Kobe is not what he used to be, so coaching errors sometimes can mean the difference between winning and losing.

I really don't know why PJ just sat there and let the 16 point lead go down to 3, for the life of me I don't know why he let that happen. I kept screaming, "call a freaking time-out!" But I guess the man couldn't hear me through the tube, although I seriously screamed as loud as I could!

In Mike Bres's article, a blogger named West Coast Ram writes:

"All those things are true so you can either FIRE Mitch Kupchek for making one good trade and countless bad contracts. Let's just start with Sasha, Walton, Artest, Blake and Fisher (last contract not first). Wasn't he the one that also brougth us Kawme Brown for Caron Butler, yes he was. With the tean struggling all year from three point range did he go after a shooter at the deadline? Well of course not, he sent our only three point shooter and a draft pick to NJ for Joe Smith. Gary Williams was so shocked that Joe Smith was still in the league he announced his retirement. With all that bitching the Lakers could be right back in the finals if they just upgrade the outside shooting. Dallas is not beating them because they are younger or more athletic, they are winning because of three point shooting!"

****SPOT ON!****

It's what I've been saying for FOUR FREAKING DAYS!!!

I think Dwight Howard for Bynum is a done deal, unless the Lakers shock the world. Which they are capable of doing. If any team can, is the Lakers. If any team can choke, its the Mavs...

That said, I think CP3 is certainly available. And if NO isn't interested in Pau then a 3rd team will be. He's is a very skilled big, and that's rare! He's just not right for us anymore...

I personally think Deron Williams would be better than Chris Paul. I also think he's more attainable. New Jersey should consider pitting Pau with Lopez. And, D Will would ball in LA.
Lakers starting 5 would be: D Will, Kobe, Artest, Odom, Howard. Sick wit it!

lets not talk about next season until the series is over ok?


send good karma towards the lakers....this is a team that CAN do it...I believe in win at a time boys

everyone needs to believe...cut this crap MM its not the offseason yet

I always loved Magic when he had the ball in his hands,
But when his mouth does the heavy lifting for him?
Not so much.

Yet I have to admit that Jerry West's opinion that the "Lakers are too old to be good for long" seems almost prescient.


No trade talk until after Game 4 from me.
And this "hire Sloan" jizz who bailed on his Jazz in mid-season?> Puh-lease.

My new biggest fret is the fact that Game 4 will take place before the sun's even set.
How's our record for early tips this season?
(Not too pleasing.)

But..Play/Win/Repeat from here on out.
Lakers in 7

Magic are you so starved of attention that you have to come out with this before such an important game?

I expect better from a Laker icon.

This is why Magic was not a good coach and will never be a GM. Blow this team up? You do know that an 8 seed won the first round right? The West is wide open. Sign a free agent here or there, make a trade for some athletic defense on the wings and pg and you are fine. Blow the team up, like the Mavs did? Or the Spurs? (I know they lost, but they won 60+ games too). Let's let Bynum develop, keep the core and fill the gaps. We are fine!

Not MM's fault. Magic said it. And the important caveat was IF the Lakers lose the series. At least one person believes we can still win it.

Bynum for Howard is very obvious. Bynum gave us great service and is playing into a solid trade for us. Given our commitment to him despite his persistent injuries it's quite fair that we trade him.

I say even if we blow game 4 that we give Pau part of the season before deciding his fate. With Adelman as a coach, it will not take as long to adjust to the offense since it will not be the triangle.

It's gonna be interesting for sure. Let's think about long term good decisions here. Shipping Pau out may still be a mistake. With Bynum's injury history I think he still has to go.

Walton retires. Brown and Barnes opt out. They still wouldn't have any cap room would they? They're totally unable to "blow up and retool" anything.

Send to to Toronto, etc. he's one SOB arrogant aging player. Lakers are old its a collection of antique, dinosaur players.

Provacative but we can get the most value by trading Kobe. Kobe and Bynum shipped off along with Shannon "can dunk but can't shoot" Brown for Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin in a three way trade. Letting Ariza go was a mistake.

Plus Magic is all about sour grapes. As good as he is is not coaching nor GM material and is know getting his punches back at the Laker organization. But will have to say his GM decisions would be better than Mitch "Cupcakes." Boo ya!

This will be our squad for next season:

Center: Dwight Howard

Power Forward: Andrew Bynum

Small Forward: Blake Griffin

Shooting Guard: Kobe Bryant

Point Guard: Chris Paul


Pau Gasol
Kolver (3 pt. specialist)
Steve Nash
another power forward

sure, blow the team up, but if the lakers think they're getting howard for bynum or gasol or kardashian, he's dreaming. maybe for both bynum and gasol, or bynum and kardashian, but not straight up for a player with bad knees or another who lacks heart. forget it.

Attention Mitch Kupchak and Jerry Buss

The Free Agency and players are gonna get annoyed with reporters!
Lakers gotta do something

1. Get Rid of this Bench/Reserves- Lamar should stay, Brown and Barnes Pretty Inconsistant but One More Chance. Steve Blake, Theo Ratlif and Pretty Boy Luke needs to go.

2. Hire Jerry Sloan or Rick Addleman- u need defense and 3 point shooting

3. Pau-er Outage- Gasol very soft he can be used in trades for dwight howard

4. Three Point Specialist- Ray Allen, Mike Miller, J.J. Redick, Steph Curry, Peja Stoajokiovic, Aaron Brooks, and Kyle Korver are consistant 3 point shooters.

5. Point Guard Problems- Fisher is older, blake is finished. Lakers need a Point Guard who is good playmaker/penitarater, scorer, everything. Jameer Nelson, J.J. Barea, CP3, D-Will, Montae Ellis, Gilbert Aernas and Raymond Felton are the Perfect Fits in Laker Land

6. Rookies get NBA Chance- Ebanks proved in 4th quarter garbage time that he can really rebound, defend, and shoot. Character has played pretty decent when bynum got injured

LOL look at all the armchair GMs. You guys are silly.


You guys have forgotten one major thing in all this... LOCKOUT.

you guys are not fans at all even magic he is just a sore loser.These guys won back to back championship and the moment they are losing everyone is ready to throw them out and I just can't believe what I am reading. Have anyone take the time to recognize the core group of guys have played almost a full season over the last three years. I love the lakers as much as anyone but these guys deserved our appreciation for what they have accomplish.

Hello Laker Fans,

This teams needs are very small and we donot need to blow up the team. As Rick said this team has been very good to us fans so when they are down we still support them. 'LAKER FAN FOR LIFE'

Today is the day of reckoning.
Will the Lakers save some face and at least win one or
will they go quietly into night.
With Kobe scoring 17 and 1 FT the Lakers are kidding

Sure However Gasol struggles come from playing soo much basketball as well as kobe. Kobe keeps trying play tough guy, playing through an injury now that is making him play worse.They go play long season wtih 82 games, and then about 20 plus more. On top of that kobe/gasol/odom played for their national teams in the summer. Realistically where do you get any rest.

If they can move Bynum and get Howard sure why not to that idea. They also need to improve their point guard spot and three point shooting.

I would say people are still overreacting to this all season. Back to Back Champions falling to the mavs is surprising, however they really don't need to blow up it as magic is saying because the Lakers didn't win this year.

boo hoo oo no how could lakers actually ever lose to another basketball team. They must be old, and kobe/gasol are clearly finished. You have to got to be kidding me! They said kobe was done last year when they struggled against okc. Kobe/Gasol both are not playing their best, they need some rest. Trade the pieces around them, but do not blow up and rebuild. I wouldn't trade Kobe or Gasol.

I disagree with Magic. I would trade Kobe for the right players or combination of players. Heck, if it was possible, I'd even trade Kobe for Blake Griffin straight up. Sure, next year Kobe is a better player; the year after next probably even, but after that Blake is probably the better player. The only concern is fitting a forward like Blake into a team like the Lakers who already have forwards and also loosing a guard so while one for one it would be a good trade in the long run it would be tricky affecting the mix.

Trade topic initializes human(fans) brain to think positive and creative, most of us would be giving weird smiles while writing 'CP3, DHow to lakers', because write it or not we do fantasize CP3 playmaking, Howard's dunks n blocks, and ofcourse Kobe being Kobe..all of that together?? Smile widens for sure. But whatever happens will not be according to us. All in all, comments pour and people like me scroll down to read each one of them! Oh and well my personal prediction, Lakers will make a move with minimum team change in starters, the trade will be on the bench and we will get a good shooter and I don't see him to be a definite All Star.

Honestly, no one (including Kobe) should be off limits. I'd take Kobe not being traded because he deserves to retire a Laker but off limits? No.

And I'll add my "No" vote as well to the Bynum for DHoward trade. Bynum is simply a more well-rounded player than DH. Period. Yes, Howard is s defensive machine, but so is Bynum. So we really don't need another Center as we have a perfectly good one already. The only thing that should be going through Buss mind right now is, "How can I get DH for Gasol to happen?" or "What really good shooters and PG can I get for Gasol?".

I don't even get why people say Gasol and DH would work better than Gasol and Bynum. It'd be the same exact thing all over again. DH will play on both ends of the floor and Gasol won't. If Gasol is going to stay a liability on defense then I'm sorry, thank you for the championships but you gotta go. Really the only reason it took this long to find this out is because he's always had Bynum and Artest/Ariza/LO to cover for his horrid D.

Of course, I also want to add my "We could come back from 0-3" vote to those already listed. The Mavs aren't beating us, we're beating ourselves. If they would just get their head out of their butt and close, we could do it.

Also, Brian Shaw shouldn't be tossed away for future coach because I think he'd run more systems than the Triangle.

Trading for Howard, sounds great on the surface, but don't forget, kobe passed to Shaq until Shaq kept being called the MVP, he stopped passing to Bynum as the press started building him up as a rising star and especially after the NOH series when the press called Bynum the MVP of the series. During these semi-finals, kobe has no assists to Bynum, so what makes anyone think that he would pass the ball to Howard, if Howard was a Laker? Seems to me the answer is to trade kobe if you want another Laker championship team.


Trades will need to be made. No doubt. I'm not sure if the Lakers need to blow up the team. I think that' s a bit extreme, but from where I sit we need 3 things:

1) A quality point guard (D. Williams, CP3, etc., )
2) A sharp-shooter
3) a bench

If it's possible to satisfy the above criteria without having to give up Pau or Bynum, that would be great. Of course, that may be wishful thinking on my part.

Also, getting a new coach is not going to hurt. I love Phil Jackson. I love what he's done for the Lakers, but the reality is that the game is changing and he is not willing to make the necessary changes to meet the ever evolving game. I'm not saying, he has to throw out his entire philosophy, but he must tweak some things for the Lakers to continue to succeed. For example: (a) having a slightly more up tempo offense. We play too slow. We get no fast break points ever! (b) allowing rookies to develop during the season so that they can be a factor in the playoffs. I would've loved to see what Ebanks could've contributed to our team if given a real chance throughout the course of the year. (c) being willing to tell Kobe he takes atrocious shots at times. Trivia: When doubled teamed in this series, who is more likely to pass to open teammate? Kobe or Dirk? (d) playing a more consistent pick n roll defense. Sorry, Lamar, but pick n roll defense does not mean you set a pick on your own teammate.

So, I do believe getting a new coach will inject new energy into the team.

Lastly, as far as defending the Mavericks, is there a reason why we have to double Dirk. DON'T DOUBLE DIRK! Let Dirk score 60 points if need be and stay glued to everyone else. The Lakers are getting killed because of poor rotations. If we double Dirk, we're pretty much asking to let Dallas kill us with an open three pointer. Let's eliminate that problem by forcing Dirk to beat us all by himself and playing straight up man-to-man.

Heck, I'm tempted to say that if one of the Mavericks' guards beat us with their penetration, then make them score over Andrew or Gasol (which they're sure to do sometimes) BUT let's not have our perimeter defenders (Fish, Blake, Kobe) slide over to help as it leaves open three's. The bottom line is Dallas is a great three point shooting team. That's their strength. We have to take their strength away from them.

Lakers in 7? Probably not. But it's not right for us to get swept out of the series. All I'll say is, let's bring this series back to LA for a game 5 and see what happens from there.

how can ppl blame the triangle offense when the defense is at fault? the triangle offense allows the lakers to control the momentum of the game, but defense is surely lacking in this series. i certainly do miss sasha vujacic. he brings out the fire, hustle and can shoot better than blake.


Magic is right on. Fist to go should be Fisher. He is too old, cannot run, cannot shoot, and certainly cannot guard any of the faster, younger PG's in the NBA. Bynum and Odom for Howard is next. Artest for a shooter and then clear the bench. There is no bench. Barnes, Brown, Luke, Character, Blake, all of them. Worthless. The weak point for the lakes is the PG position and I still remember Coach PJ, Kobe, Mitch and Buss saying everything is fine with the Lakers because they won the championship last year with this crew. Everything fine ?? Fisher is the weak link and has been all year. He is not athletic, cannot run and his shooting is the absolute worst but management says everything is fine. Lakers need Howard to start a foundation to make another championship run within 2 years. Kobe is getting old and slow and his shooting is off the mark and will only be good for another 2 years. Coach Sloan is the one to come in an get some discipline on this team and provide the leadership it badly needs. Hear that coach Jackson ??

I'm going to root like the devil for our men today, and if that doesn't do the trick, I'll put my faith once again, in Dr Buss. We've had a good run, win or lose. And Dallas looks to be the more focused team right now. Dirk is a monster.

Who here really thinks that Orlando wants Bynum at all? He is injury prone and disappears for long stretches even when he is healthy. If Orlando were to trade Howard at all (which I dont think they ever will) there is nothing the Lakers have that Orlando covets. LAL has no cap space either so they can't steal Howard like they did with SHAQ back in the day. Sorry, guys...

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