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What a Lakers contract with fans might look like

Photo: Jerry West. Credit: Elise Amendola / Associated Press As a way to assuage fan concerns about the state of the franchise, new Golden State Warriors owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber took a few concrete steps to show they're serious about winning.

First, much to the frustration of Lakers fans, the Warriors hired Jerry West in what will be an advisory role in the Warriors' management group. As West made clear to reporters, he wants to strike a balance -- not taking complete control of front-office decisions, but not being just a figurehead either. Second, the Warriors hired agent Bob Myers as the general-manager-in-waiting and have gone through an extensive search to replace Coach Keith Smart, including looking at Lakers assistant coaches Brian Shaw and Chuck Person as possibilities. And third, Golden State drafted a contract of promises for season-ticket holders, including a guarantee that the Warriors would make the 2012 playoffs, field at least one player in the 2012 NBA All-Star game, win at least 25 home games and offer a risk-free renewal with a 5%-interest-guarantee option for the 2011-2012 season. 

The Lakers aren't exactly in the same state of rebuilding as the team in the Bay Area, but they've also been going through a coaching search, possibly naming Mike Brown as Phil Jackson's successor. There are also certainly plenty of reasons the Lakers don't feel good about their 2010-2011 performance. Consider Jerry Buss' statement in an interview Tuesday with Michael Eaves and Bonnie-Jill Laflin on Sirius XM satellite radio about the Lakers' 122-86 Game 4 loss to the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference semifinals: "It was hard to come to a conclusion that any team could ever beat the Lakers. It was very disappointing and humiliating. But when you get slapped around like that, there’s a lot of resolve and teams come back fighting to get back on top."

Clearly, it wouldn't hurt if the Lakers wrote their own contract for next season. Sure, the Lakers aren't quite in the same disarray as the Warriors, who are trying to become a contending playoff team. But there are a few things that could be written in stone to ease the minds of not just season-ticket holders but all Lakers fans. Below the jump are a few of them -- some realistic, some wacky.

1. THE CLUB will win the 2012 NBA championship.

2. THE CLUB will hire a worthy successor to Phil Jackson

3. THE CLUB won't tolerate the team failing to bring its best effort every game. That means off-court ventures are only acceptable if the team is winning.

4. THE CLUB won't accept the Lakers taking physical cheap shots at players. We will avoid this by never losing in embarrassing fashion and making sure that we don't suddenly become a carbon copy of the Boston Celtics.

5. THE CLUB will erect a statue of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar before the end of the season, featuring his legendary skyhook. After that, it will put plans in place to ensure that Elgin Baylor gets his statue too. 

6. THE CLUB doesn't need to guarantee a player will make the 2012 NBA All-Star team. Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol are locks. But it will guarantee that Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum will earn a nod.

7. THE CLUB will ensure that Bryant and Bynum stay healthy.

8. THE CLUB will do what it takes to secure free agents next offseason, in Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and/or Deron Williams. But it's not going to accept just any offer. It's the Lakers, after all. 

9. THE CLUB will find a loophole to get out of Luke Walton's contract.

10. THE CLUB will drop its Time Warner Cable deal. Sure the 20-year deal starting in 2012 gives it as much as $3 billion. But it can't ignore the 1.6 million fans that watch the games for free.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Jerry West. Credit: Elise Amendola / Associated Press

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So as annoying as it might've been this morning to sign in, what do people think of the new format?

new format is fine MM... probably list actual sign in name instead of being signed in as nobody. just read through twitter timeline and it looks like mike brown is official... i'm still a laker fan, but i have a sour taste in my mouth... was there really no one else?

jim buss makes me =/

I saw the story. We're trying to confirm it right now. So we'll get something posted as soon as we know.

MM, I like the login, the fact that it keeps trolls to a minimum, totally eliminates handle-jackers, and essentially does what it's supposed to do makes it "winning!".

Typepad might not be the ideal system and using login might add a few seconds to posts but this is hugely better than moderation.

As long as people realize that being logged in doesn't display your name, just shows (nobody) then all is good.

- - -

As for a contract with fans, I wish they could guarantee #7 just by putting it in writing, LOL at #9, and give us a rebate check if #1 doesn't work.

The Lakers should go to a system like the Green Bay Packers, or better yet, one modeled on the way Euro soccer powers do things, and the Seattle Sounders do here in the states. They have an alliance of fans, made up of season ticket holders and team supporters that hold meetings and can literally vote out the general manager.

I wonder if the Lakers did that if all the Luke Walton bashers use that signing to vote out Mitch...

- - -

Jon K: Tell us how you really feel about the Mike Brown signing! I hope you are wrong, really do. I have more trust in Kobe than LeBron as far as clutchness and leading teams at end of games, but the fact that Brown could be so weak as to not be able to control his guys is scary.

LeBron was bigger than life in Cleveland though, and egotistical as anyone in the league. Kobe is all about winning. I hope this is a marriage made in heaven...

- - -

Formulized my thoughts on the Mike Brown signing into an article:

Let me know what you all think!


Some interesting quotes about the Lakers selecting Mike Brown to succeed Phil Jackson:
“Lakers brass did not consult Bryant during their coaching search, but sources say Bryant has great respect for Brown and is on board with the hiring.” –Chris Broussard for ESPN Los Angeles.
“I believe there will be a contingency that knocks the potential hire because of Brown’s failures to gain an NBA championship with the league's best player on his roster. And while I’m certain to be in the minority in saying I like the move, with Jerry West having been hired by the Golden State Warriors as a special consultant, and Mike Brown reportedly being their first choice to become their next head coach, I feel pretty good rolling with Mr. Clutch on this one.” –Matt “Money” Smith for Fox Sports West.
“One of the biggest issues that appears to have factored into the potential signing of Brown is his price tag. After Jackson drained Buss' checkbook with a robust eight-figure salary to go along with the highest-paid roster in the NBA, the Lakers are looking to find a good coach at a reasonable price. Of the three candidates, including Brown, Lakers' assistant coach Brian Shaw and former Houston Rockets head coach Rick Adelman, Brown would most likely take the smallest offer of them all.”
–Gil Alcaraz for Yahoo Sports.
“If you’re building a championship team, your DNA always has to start with the defensive end of the floor,” Bryant said on May 11. “Always. I’m a firm believer in that. I don’t believe in building a championship team on offense. It has to be built on defense and rebounding. Period.” –Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers
“Now, with the Lakers’ hiring of former Cavaliers coach Mike Brown, one thing is certain—the organization is putting Jackson’s triangle offense to rest. But what it will get in its place is not so clear. Brown was frequently criticized for running an offense in Cleveland that was too simplistic, but, at the same time, he earned respect as a very sharp defensive mind.” –Sean Deveney for the Sporting News. (In a video, Deveney also said it was likely that Chuck Person would stay since he had worked with Brown previously)


new format is okay, not the best, but wont the trolls be able to still log in using FB or tweeter? so we go back to the original format? but overall its okay, its wierd though because it posts your name on every post, but " You are currently signed in as ( nobody) lol I find that very funny!

Yahoo news is blowing up about MIKE BROWN, can this really be our next coach MM? or are they doing Lecons "decision" all over again...

Lakes to hire Brown

The Lakers have reached agreement to hire Mike Brown as their next head coach.
Four-year, $18 million contract

No yahoo sports say it isnt so!??!!?!??!?!?

Wow, the poll on the previous thread shows M Brown getting creamed in a landslide, 67% vote no.

I don't suppose Lakers mgmt reads the blog. But then, why would they listen to the fans about something like this anyway.

Without some roster upgrades it won't much matter anyway.

BTW, Yahoo Sports says this is a done deal, why would they know before the LA Times...

The Lakers and Brown’s representation spent Tuesday discussing salary and length of contract before agreeing to terms on Wednesday.

A close league friend of Brown’s told Yahoo! Sports, “He really wants this [the Lakers job] to happen.”

The Golden State Warriors also had Brown atop the list to fill their vacancy for several weeks.

Can a "print" button be added to the blog? Some of us want to print a story without sacrificing color cartridges.

As far as the new format goes MM, while it does keep trollers to a minimum e.g. saves them the time of creating an account, and if need be ban, I am not convinced it will eliminate the problem, but at least for now we should try this -- due to the nature of the Lakers fame, and access these trolls can have commenting on a popular blog/forum these bullies will be around forever as much as we might hate them.

"A close league friend of Brown’s told Yahoo! Sports"

This was pretty much what I figured.

The Lakers pretty much NEVER leak stuff when still negotiating. I personally do not see this as a very good start to his time in LA. The bosses (Busses) can't be too pleased that this guy is out spilling the beans to people before the deal is official.

That's not the way we do business.

"Of the three candidates, including Brown, Lakers' assistant coach Brian Shaw and former Houston Rockets head coach Rick Adelman, Brown would most likely take the smallest offer of them all"

I'm just dumbfounded by this. Shaw is "too big, too good" to take a measly $18 million over 4 years? If this is the case, then we just averted a disaster. Good job Busses


Im sure they didnt ask Shaw what he wants. They just assumed that Brown is desperate and his an analyst for ESPN

I can bet you that Shaw never even gave his option on sallary, rather people put things in his mouth! why wouldnt Shaw except a freaking 18$ mill for 4 years???

sounds like somthing the Buss's didnt do is, interview Shaw as a candidate.... do any of you remember Medina posting stuff about Lakers wanting to interview Shaw?? No but you did hear them sending Shaw to interview with Warriors and Houstone but not the Lakers, oh NO.. the LA guy get no love in Laker land... truly very very sad! :(

as a matter of fact if Brian Shaw gets the warriors or houston Job, then much props to him and much success, because lakers messed up on this...

I hope he becomes a head coach for Warriors and shows the Buss's family what exactly they missed by hiring BROWN!!!

@MM - New format is cool. No more jacking is a good thing!

@Jon K - If Lebron did everything in Cleveland than you should give him a lot more credit instead of dumping on him. Heck at 21 he led his team to the NBA finals as a Player/COACH.

@Cyber - saw your post last night regarding Lebron last night. Yes, I got torched for extolling Lebron's greatness here last summer/fall, but no way did I expect the Heat to win it all this year. I thought it'd take another year until they got a little more interior help. But then Orlando and Boston both made crazy roster shakeups...and the Lakers faded away. Now is up to the all hope is not lost. But its tough to beat a team with 2 of the top 4-5 players and another top 25 player.

Can we say Rudy T.? I'd be surprised if brown last till the all star break!

11. THE CLUB will not allow the coach to use Jeanie Buss as a tool.

12. THE CLUB will attach permanently, a shock treatment lock device on Kobe's ankle. In the event that said Mamba goes into shot jackup mode or defy's coach's commands, fans shall send an SMS text entitled "NO KOBE NO" to a specified number, which then triggers the shocks, debilitating the Kobester until he gives up the rock, forcing him to pass said rock to an open teammate, or recite coaches playbook aloud while wearing the t-shirt "I am a ballhog" and more ridiculous white fashion clothing.

{This Is Jon K. by the way.}

Mark Medina,

Nice contract, except for the Luke part. I like Luke.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The difference is that the Warriors have "penalties" that benefit season ticket holders if they fail to achieve the goals. What will the Fakers do when they don't achieve many of these goals? A date with Jeanie? A strategy session with Jim? The mind reels...

Looking at the proposed provisions:
#1 - not gonna happen, get real.
#2 - define "worthy" - similar resume? Good luck. Breadth of playoff experience? Winning record? I'm waiting. Fact is, regardless of what you think of PJ (and I think he's overrated), no one currently available meets that standard.
#3 - isn't that a given? And good luck trying to tell players that you're going to start regulating their off-court "ventures" - win or lose.
#4 - the club won't accept? David Stern is laughing. And nice cheap shot at the franchise who stills outranks you in total championships. "Physical cheap shots?" How about literal ones? Very classy.
#5 - The fact that this one exists is embarrassing.
#6 - Unless there's a plan to engage in a campaign of ballot-box stuffing (and good luck if either or both have subpar first halves) - no way.
#7 - Good luck with that.
#8 - And if nobody wants to play with his highness #24, for whatever reason, then what?
#9 - As if they wouldn't have found one already?
#10 - Let's see. 1.6 million fans v. $3 who, if desperate enough, will cough up whatever to get cable and see the games vs. guaranteed money regardless of who watches...loyalty to people who have supported you, bought your overpriced tickets and merchandise, patronized your sponsors vs. a big payday that renders them choice.



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