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Live chat with The Times' Mike Bresnahan

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Photo: (from left) Lakers players Andrew Bynum, Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol at a game on March 6, 2010. Credit: Harry How / Getty Images

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I hope we don't have later irony to Derek's possible overhaul statement. He usually saves his motivations for the fianls, which this might be. I don't think so....what's up with the chemistry, is doctor Phil being called, or rons shrink?
Bynum would have been outta line in Magics day, but Phil airs in the press, so Bynum might have started the mending...I hope so ...what's up with the chemistry?

@LT - I remember that Portland game quite well, as I am a Triple-Tower enthusiast myself and was very excited at that time at the prospect of a Triple Tower starting lineup.

AB tweaked his knee during a rebound and did not return. He also missed the next two games. Shannon filled in very well for Kobe and after Drew came back to the lineup, Shannon continued to be on the starting five until Kobe returned. It was during this period of both Kobe and AB being injured but Lakers kept winning thatPau made remarks about 'we are just playing team ball' and other people misconstrued that as dissing Kobe.

Stu also made some observations during that Portland game that the presence of the 3 bigs were clogging the cutting lanes. As you know, the 3 basic ingredients of the Triangle offense is SPACING, SPACING, SPACING.

But I am sure that the coaching staff would have fine-tuned the Triangle playbook to adjust to the Triple Towers and the 3 bigs should have a better performance than that Portland experiment.

Bench? What bench? Give me the Big 4 playing 40+ minutes each tonight. There is no tomorrow.

good toughts all around regarding the big 3...

heres my two cents: yes we did see the BIG 3 lineup on the court, but KOBE was not there. Now try this scenerio KOBE,PAU,AB,LO,FISH... a little bit different since KOBE's in. But against this Mavs team the big 3 might stand a very strong chance!

And i honestly think this portland team was way better than the Mavs!

@SNAKE ... Thanks. Don’t know whether my memory is finally going or I had too many libations and related accoutrements that my memory was fried that night. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to see the Lakers use this lineup to punish small ball teams. Unfortunately, my perfect lineup if the Big 5 with Kobe and Ron so that we have five guys who could post up. No way the Mavs could leave Barea or Terry in the game with that lineup. Anybody they were guarding would kill them in the post. I’m hoping that we see enough positive that Phil gives the Triple Towers a shot as part of the Big 5.
@TOM DANIELS ... I’m with you on the 40 minutes for the starters tonight. The only time the bench will play is the last 8 minutes of garbage time with the Lakers ahead by 30 points. LOL. You know the Mavs will start to worry about blowing the lead as soon as the Lakers pull away to a double digit lead. Then fears of history repeating itself will start to flow through their veins.

count down to the game!!! 2 hours and 25 minutes left!!!

How's it go? You keep running the same lineup and rotation and expect different results!

any more rumors on Gasol and Kobes wife???
what is all this drama man? I tought they were adults not little kids bickering about who should date who, I mean come on, I know its hard for you guys to leave all your household drama at home, but cmon man pull yourselfs together and lets make this one last ride! After this even LO's wife can come in and start a fight, as long as all this is done on the Championship Tour Bus parading through Figueroa lol

who cares what Kobes wife said that made Paul's ex break up with him! leave it at home when you come to your job! at least thats what ive been told by my boss " Leave all work related "drama" at work, do not take this things home with you" once the game starts it should be all about the game!

so KOBE and PAU get a grip and lets 3-peat!!!
Lakers in 6!!!
Go Lakerzzzz

i agree with you TOM. there is NO TOMORROW! this is the game they NEED! i look for a very limited substitution tonight. the bench hasn't been there a all during these two losses. PLLEASE P.J., NO STEVE BLAKE! let's see what trey johnson can do! btw, andre ethier got a hit in his first ab against the mets. that's straight games for him. one away from tying willie "three dog" davis for a 31 game hitting streak!

Pau needs to do what Andrew did. Learn to live in the moment and not let yesterday or tomorrow get in the way. Forget about everything but winning this game and the next game and the next... Show us the Pau Gasol that everybody said was the most talented big man in the game. Show us the fire that led this team to three Finals appearances and two NBA championships. The real Gasol. Don’t blow this opportunity because your feelings were hurt or your love unrequited. That’s life.


After reading all your posts ... Looks like you got the Mavs right where you want them!!

With Lakers down by 0-2, I'd like to ask our 1-2 punch stars, who needs this drama? Odom on his reality tv with his fatso wife, Gasol heart broken and Bynum crazy with his kindle and complaining of trust issues and on the news the Zen Coach pushes the panic button....well what do u expect the loyal Laker fan faithful believe on this generation of broken system? Do u expect us to follow this conundrum of mischief and bad attitude?

Before Round 2 started, Mark Medina predicted Lakers victory with precise score, and in this chat Mike Bresnahan reverses his prediction goes to Dallas in 6, I know Chickie-baby and Jim Murray have passed away however where are the productive insights and direction.

PS. It's OK MM if u don't possess one, can u not manage ur blog. You don't have to go on moderation but is there a way u can assign a staffer, a secretary at the sports dept who would read what was posted and ELIMINATE those malicious post, stolen handle, before they remain in our archive. Yes, there is plenty of news to cover during playoffs but got to control ur adrenalin and keep up with ur posters. We are becoming a bunch of suckers here blogging and responding to a stolen post.

Seriously people. I just heard on the radio that none of this stuff about Pau and his g/f is true according to someone close to him. Why do people believe such insane rumors about others on blogs that have no credibility. That story about Pau, Kobe and his g/f is completely false. Not one ounce of truth in it!!!
Use your brains people and don't believe everything you read or hear especially when it is such a scandalous story like that.

Not hatin' on anyone, but I find it tough to believe Vanessa Bryant would even socialize with the other players' women/wives, much less influence one.

It was nice to read about some perspective when discussing Pau Gasol's recent struggles. I am not saying he should be flat out excused, but many Laker fans should give him a little bit of a break. Also the boos from Staples in the second quarter of game 2 was completely classless and actually made me agree with the perception that Staples is an awful home crowd.

Larry, if you're using your brain, then you won't discount a story that would explain a lot about what's going on with this team.

Furthermore, you don't honestly believe either player, or their reps, would admit to any of this? Get real.

Does anyone in the league screen players out for rebounds worse then lamar odom? I don't think so, he just isn't that smart let alone you don't want him in a pressure situation.



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