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Lamar Odom says he will start in Game 3 against Dallas

Photo: Lamar Odom #7 of the Los Angeles Lakers goes up for a rebound in the first half while taking on the Dallas Mavericks in Game 1 of the Western Conference Semifinals at Staples Center on May 2, 2011. Credit: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images Lakers Coach Phil Jackson was coy at the team's shoot-around Friday about who would start at small forward in place of suspended Ron Artest for Game 3 of the playoffs against the Mavericks in Dallas.

But Lamar Odom, who practiced with the Lakers starting unit Thursday and at shoot-around Friday, said: "As far as I know I am [starting]."

Artest was suspended for one game by the NBA for his flagrant foul on Mavericks guard Jose Barea in Game 2 Wednesday.

Before shoot-around, the Lakers issued some game notes saying that Shannon Brown would start Friday, but Jackson merely said the league mandates the team release some pregame information.

The Mavericks won the first two games of the playoff series at Staples Center. Tipoff Friday is 6:30 p.m. PDT.

-- Broderick Turner in Dallas

Photo: Lamar Odom #7 of the Los Angeles Lakers goes up for a rebound in the first half while taking on the Dallas Mavericks in Game 1 of the Western Conference Semifinals at Staples Center on May 2, 2011. Credit: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

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What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


"The only question remaining is 'Who will face the mighty Heat?

Posted by: Angelo Faker | May 06, 2011 at 05:47 AM
the hawks or the Bulls
isn't that very clear?

by the way, the HEAT needs 4 victories over the celtics. they have ONLY 2!

hold your horses!"

Posted by: archived | May 06, 2011 at 05:59 AM

No problem. The Heat are the clear class of the East.
They'll be there. It would take a complete idiot to bet against them.
Everyone knows it, but what I was really wondering is whether it will be
the Thunder or the Mavericks.


"Angelo fakers is a miami cheats fans and gay lover of Lebron...hahahahahaha

Posted by: Adrian Palomar | May 06, 2011 at 06:21 AM"

Some people get kicked off of the board for making personal attacks and saying a whole lot less.
I guess it pays to be a Laker fan.

Angelo Faker

Posted by: Angelo Faker | May 06, 2011 at 11:16 AM

Thank Deity for LO starting. Shannon has zero lateral movement on D.

And, Mark, the easiest way to tell what might happen is to find out who spent most (or all) of the practice with the first unit. Bresnahan reported that it was Lamar.

"The only question remaining is 'Who will face the mighty Heat?

Posted by: Angelo Faker | May 06, 2011 at 05:47 AM

based on your previous post, you sound like a "gay lover of Kobe...hahahahaha"

Posted by: archived | May 06, 2011 at 06:26 AM"

I'm surprised that attacks against Islam and sexual orientation are allowed
by the Los Angeles newspaper. Some posters are even allowed to make personal attacks against individuals.

I guess it pays to be a Faker fan.
Maybe the days of moderation for this person are numbered.

Dallas in four. Get out the dust bin.

Angelo Faker

Posted by: Angelo Faker | May 06, 2011 at 11:29 AM

Interesting! I think alot of people have been talking about a lineup featuring Gasol, Bynum, and LO for a couple of years now, so now we have it. Hope it works! Let's go Lakers!

The Triple Towers! Well, if they try to match us on size, put out more size. The Mavs come close to neutralizing our size advantage with only two 7-footers. Let's see how they handle three.

12 to 3peat

This should be interesting. That sure does weaken an already weak bench.
I suspect we will always have starters on the floor tonight subbing in a bench player or 2 for short minutes.
If we see a line up of Blake, Barnes, Brown and Luke + 1 starter and aren't up by 20 points I think I will be convinced Phil wants to get to Montana ASAP.

yay LO is starting for Artest!

good choice rather than Walton or Shannon!
Im sure with 3 bigs on the floor, plus the black mamba we shouldnt have any problems, except maybe guarding Dirk on his wierd shots!

In related news, it appears Phil is actually making some real coaching moves in this series. Let's see how the triple towers work against the Mavs. If Carlisle goes with Barea and Terry, they might hurt us, but that would require shaking up the starting lineup and benching Kidd.

I believe in Laker miracles.

12 to 3peat.

Our bench better step up tonight, big time.

This jacking up threes from the outside crap has to end NOW!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Man I know we were not getting much from the bench before, but LO Starting? That pretty much means our main boys are going all out 40 minutes plus....

Which I wish would have been done in game 1, no more cutting minutes
Kobe - 40+
Odom - 40+
Bynum 40+
Gasol (If he is finally over his lady friend) 40+

are we still on modoration??

I'm scared for Blake tonight.

Why lie, we need help from the refs tonight. Our defense is only as good as the refs say it is.

wait so who read the Article about Gasol having to part ways with his EX because someone on the lakers were messing with the girl? i tought Delanto West is in Boston not LA. Someone said this on the previous thread but tought to mention it anyway. Im guessing its Tray John. lol or maybe even Character... its funny tho how a girl can break a mans heart and leave him desperate in time of love. such as now in the playoffs down 2 games, we need the Gasol back, cmon bro once you win this years championship think about how much that would rub in your ex girlfriends face, because you would be the 3 time champion, while shes probably dating a looser! so come on Gasol show her and make her regeret what happend! whats done is done! now put on your game face and lets get this Dalls crowd silent just like the Staples Center!!!

GO Lakers!!
Lakers in 6!!!
I hate this moderation

We could really use Mark "Mad Dog" Madsen right now. He would solely serve as motivation for the Lakers to win a championship so he can debut some of his soul train dance swagger.

Is this a desperation move by the Lakers?

I don't think so, not at all. This can create some very good and favorable match ups for the Lakers on both ends of the floor.

My worry? This could also weaken our transition defense and 3 pt shooting.

Fascinating start. But still look to see some heavy dose of LO, Barnes, and Kobe to carry the slack for Ron Ron.

Fatty - Who can't wait to see the look on Cuban's face when his boys go down tonight.

Dirk is unstoppable! !!!!! Its hard to guard the mavs when your 7 footer is on the perimeter. I love Kobe as a player but he's the only player the Lakers have that can score, and if the majority of kobes shots are from 18ft its going to be a long night for the Lakers.

@ Magia32 - If Blake plays then its going to come down 2 simple facts:

1. He is going to have breakout game, 5+ assists, 6+ points, and some 2.5+ rebounds. He will be a pain either on Jason Terry or Baretta lol instead of bowing and being ashamed he will come out and dominate the PG position from the begging of the game to the end of the buzzer!


2. He will carry over from the last game. He probably has it pictured in his head on how he messed up and will continue to do sloppy defense on the other PG, will throw away passes, and wont even be able to make a shot to save his life. He will forever go down, as the lakers worst PG of all time.

I personally, go for option #1, cuz i feel like he has to prove to us why we signed that big contract for him since he dropped a triple double on us last time he wasnt in Laker uniform. So I hope he really steps up, with Ron down we need a consitant bench to be able to compete! so get out there Blake and show this Laker Nation what you can do to help us with this 3peat!!!

Go Lakers!
Lakers in 6!!!

Huh.......just had a post mysteriously removed after it was already posted. No cursing, personal attacks, or racist/homophobic filth. I guess if you don't bow and kiss the almighty purple & gold hand, your post will be promptly removed. Nice work L.A. Times.

Posted by: Carlos | May 06, 2011 at 12:24 PM

I noticed that too. This was once a great sports blog where good back and forth could always be found. This included challenging comments from fans of rival teams. Now, it has become a "private" chat room which caters to a bunch of old lawyers who themselves have been allowed to determine what is appropriate to post.

The moderator reminds me of one of those security guards in Cairo...
Give him a whistle, and simply because he has it, he thinks he has to blow it.

If this is going to be a private board, then applicants for membership should
be required to take the Faker oath of allegiance and witness before Kobe.
Maybe some kind of blood rite. Does the big boss even know what's been happening here?

Oh...just so we are clear about something.
The Fakers are toast.

Angelo Faker

Ok, so is time for Gasol to step it up!!! Why is he being so soft? I mean, we know he's soft, but he went even softer at the start of the playoffs...we don't care if he's having personal problems, he gets paid to perform and perform he must!

Go Lakers!!!

yeah...still around.

Peeking in at leisure.

Too bad the Laker's can't play LO's FAT cow of a wife. She'd be good at clogging up the lane on defense.

Do or die tonight, can't wait to see the BIG lineup, should be interesting. Time to step up or go to the beach.

I think Steve will have a good game. If only after last game- it can't get any worse for him.

Laker fan forever but this is not this team's year. They do not have the testicular fortitude to win a third championship.

Wish they could turn it around but I've watched too many games over the years to know they are just too old in some positions, too young in others, and Kobe is too beat up.

Hopefully Mitch makes some smart moves ad can unload Artest somehow.

Game One: Artest 1-8 FG

Game Two: 1-17 3-Pointers

As long as we don't have a player or strategy that completely and catastrophically breaks down on offense, we should be fine.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


In related news, it appears Phil is actually making some real coaching moves in this series.

Posted by: LakersFanInExile | May 06, 2011 at 12:44 PM
No, Phil didn't do anything. Artest's suspension forced Phil to change the starting lineup. Just like Walton did a couple seasons back.

Fatty - Who can't wait to see the look on Cuban's face when his boys go down tonight.

Posted by: Fatty

Fatty - sign me up for front row on this! I so would throw a pie in that loosers face when their team looses at home tonight and on Sunday!! so I call front row on this!!
sign me up for "Cubans crying face" bus lol

Here’s hoping the Phil gives the Drew/Pau/Lamar front court lineup a better chance to work than the 3 minutes total he gave the lineup during the regular season. Here’s also hoping that the Lakers focus on pounding the ball inside to Drew and Lamar. And here’s hoping that Kobe stops playing on the perimeter and instead decides to post up also. One of the real strengths this team has over every other team in the league is multiple players who can post up and have back-to-the-basket moves. Points in the paint should be the primary objective of every player on this team.
I am also really thrilled that Phil gave the Triple Towers lineup the bulk of time in practice. I had been very disappointed to hear that Shannon was going to start with Kobe at small forward. To me, that would have signaled Phil blinking and deciding to go small to matchup with the Mavs rather than forcing them to matchup against our bigger team. It’s not just about size; it’s about talented size. With Drew, Pau, and Lamar on the court at the same time, the Lakers need to punish the Mavs in the paint at both ends. This could be an opportunity for the Lakers to unleash a new weapon.

Just say NO to Brown!

Excited to see the results!!!!!

I'm not sold on this line up but we will see.
Who will come off the bench for LO, Pau or Bynum?
Barnes and Luke or Brown with Kobe sliding over.
If they can't hit any shots from outside it's still going to be a long night.

I think you're going to see some new looks tonight from the Lakers.

This could give the Mavs fits.
We already know what to expect from the Mavs. They aren't likely to change a whole lot since what they've been doing has been destroying the Lakers.

So that's my hope - that our new unique looks confuse the opponent

So it basically LOOKS like one of the two proposed line-ups I listed yesterday and in the previous thread???

Or if it's both UPS and LO starting, that means Pau is coming off the bench.

That wouldn't really help the guy's confidence

The last time the Triple Tower configuration actually started a game was on Feb 06, 2010 against Portland:

Kobe was injured at that time and LO started in his place.

It was not very successful. Andre Miller kept pushing the pace and not allow the defense to set. By early 2Q, Portland had taken a 10-point lead and PJ was forced to return to the more traditional Twin Tower configuration and eventually won the game. The Triple Tower configuration never started again after that experiment.

If the Dallas coaching staff had done their homework, they would have scouted that Portland game. Look to Kidd to push the pace if the Triple Tower configuration is starting.

Dude...I know most of you lakerholics have that knot in your stomach. Like something BAD is about to happen, like you just got punch in the STONE'S. You fall down on your knees and roll into that fetal position clutching your jewels. Asking GOD ....why, why, why did this have to happen to my mighty Lakers, and GOD responds "Why not you Bozo, I've had your team in the finals the past 3 years. And gave you 2 championships that you really didn't earn, without the help of my zebras. And how do your team show their appreciations for theses blessings.....They refuse to play the chosen one. That's right the chosen one LUKE !!!!! yes LUKE. Until the Lakers give the chosen one minutes there will be NO CHAMPIONSHIPS this year. I have spoken, Dude...I think I to put down the pipe. HEAT in 4

i too have always wanted to see this lineup on the floor. i posted just before the playoffs if we could indeed see, bynum, gasol and odom in the front court. L.A. NEEDS to take advantage of this lineup. there's no one on dallas that can stay with L.O. if he decides to put the ball on the floor and take it to the rack. that being said, this threesome will probably log a lot of minutes tonight. i'm curious and nervous about what Lakers team will show up tonight? last year in the nba finals we came back to L.A. down 3 - 2, then won two in a row. this team is capable of that too! afterall, L.A. did have the 2nd best road record of 27 - 14. i'm nervous in arizona, ha ha

The rumor on the radio is Gasol's girlfriend broke up with him because one Lakers player's wife talked to her about something. I hope it's not the issue which Bynum talked about "trust issues" few days ago.
This Lakers team has coaching ,and personal problems.

@Fatty- True, Phil had to change the starting lineup because Artest was out. As much as I sometimes appreciate Artest's defensive presence (and his role in the NO series was key) he is so erratic on offense as to be a negative factor. The key, though, is the possibility that Phil might be taking the risk of putting in the triple towers lineup as opposed to taking the conventional approach of starting Barnes, Brown, or Walton. As far as the Laker's offensive woes have gone, Barnes and Brown don't seem to be major improvements over Artest- they haven't been shooting well either (though the athleticism of Brown and the activity level of Barnes can be pluses). Putting Odom in the lineup might change that. Odom has been hitting threes at a high level this season. His recent misses in the postseason as part of the bench can be attributed (in part) to the defenses keying in on him as the primary offensive and shooting threat of that bench group.

Simply put, on the defensive end you have three legitimate shotblockers to cover each other's men and protect the paint. On the offensive side, I like Odom taking wide-open threes more than I like Artest- Odom has been shooting well this season, and I expect him to hit those shots even when he takes them while loosely guarded five feet behind the line.

That old saying attributed to the Chinese (the same character in Chinese for "crisis" also means "opportunity"), though false, applies here. Benching Artest from the starting lineup would have hurt morale, but his suspension brings an opportunity to start Odom (or even Brown/Barnes with their quickness and energy level).

"Our bench better step up tonight, big time.

This jacking up threes from the outside crap has to end NOW!


Posted by: Jon K. | May 06, 2011 at 12:45 PM

YES! I cringe every 3 that is jacked up when we have lanes to post or open on the weak side. Well, I got the black 'got rings' w/ We Do and 16 chips on back T from my son, so I'm wearing it under my suit tonight to represent, if only virtually (watching the DVR version later ONLY if we win or some Laker (like it would be anybody but goes off for 40+ points.)

@LRob: (from one of your posts a day ago or so in response to mine) Agreed that Kobe has some issues in some games and my wife can tell you she hears me screaming at him when he does one of those brain freeze moves this year (one of the reasons I am forced to watch DVR versions until/if Lakers right the ship - she actually likes having me around after the season!). But overall, I love watching his work against all odds and still achieving the majority of the time.

i'd like p.j. to use trey johnson tonight. blake is just not cut out for the pressure that comes with being in the playoffs. could he have had any better looks than the five shots he missed the other day? the answer in NO! he's a choker. let trey come in and show what he can do!

how about some roll call?

where are is the lakers in 6 bus??

LEWSTERS?? lets see the bus's roll

The bench has already been invisible. Time for the starters to sack-up and play 42 minutes.

Marc should suit up for Pau LOL... Sure, the Lakers can point fingers in almost every direction. But the bottom line is that Pau Gasol plays the biggest role outside of Kobe Bryant. He plays well, and the Lakers could be up 2-0. It may sound like Gasol’s being made a scapegoat. In reality, he’s being held accountable.

I've watched the Lakers since I was a kid living in Hawthorne, a couple of miles south of Ingle wood and the Forum. I've coached H.S. Basketball too.
I's not the Lakers or Jackson it's the League management And namely Stern!
Three (3) 5'10" 45-55 year old refs cannot possibly see over or through 10 players 6-4-7-1. Heck I was sitting on the bench coaching Frosh-Soph H.S. PLayers and couldn't see what was happening 35' acroos courtfrom me! So how can the refsrunning with heads down or trotting backwards have any clue as to what is going on. No wonder they miss many "open" fouls. And it's impossible for them to see Bynum, Gasol or Odom getting hammered by three 6-10 trees surrounding him. Think a minute 4 umpires (6) in Playoffs ref the slow motion baseball games. Only Home Plate Ump has a severely critical problem. And Football? There are 7 not counting the coaches who can challenge 4 calls a game, and they are not running as fast or consistent as Basketball refs. My solution to the NBA is get at least 5 minimum referees per game, each one watching an offensive player. even then if a ref is thought to have missed a critical call the other four could intervene and stop play and correct the situation. Too many NBA games and seasons are turned upside down by 'horrible' missed calls and are really a no-fault situation of the present referee system. Again I'm simpathizing with the present refs who have an impossible situation, which can only be improved with 2-4 MORE REFS IN THE GAME!

Let's see if bryant plays his ball hog game and drops 50 in another loss. There's no game left in 'em. Lick your lips, chew on your shirt, cry about every little touch foul. BOO HOO



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