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Lakers vs. Mavericks Game 4: Dallas sweeps Lakers out of playoffs with 122-86 win

Lakers1_510 Mavericks 122, Lakers 86 (final)

In a game not befitting the long and successful career of Coach Phil Jackson, the Lakers were embarrassed by the Dallas Mavericks, 122-86, and swept out of the Western Conference semifinals, four game to none.

It wasn’t that the Lakers played poorly -- although credit the Mavericks with an unbelievable three-point shooting game -- it was the total lack of class they showed down the stretch. Both Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum were ejected for cheap shots in separate incidents in the fourth quarter.

The game was essentially over at halftime, although the Lakers were able to cut their deficit to 19 points in the third quarter. The Mavericks outscored the Lakers, 36-16, in the second quarter.

But, in the end, the Mavericks were unbelievable in shooting threes. They were 20 of 32 with Jason Terry making nine of 10. Both tied playoff records. And Terry isn’t even a starter.

With four minutes to play, both coaches were playing reserves. Of course, in the Mavericks' case, it was the second-teamers who won the game. They outscored the Lakers bench, 85-37. In fact, the Mavericks reserves outscored the starters.

Terry was the game’s leading scorer with 32 points. Jose Barea had 22 points and Peja Stojakovic added 21. None of the three are starters.

The Lakers were led by Kobe Bryant with 17 points. Shannon Brown added 15.

It was a most unmemorable finish to Jackson’s career, since he has stated he is retiring after this season.

It seemed as if the Lakers retired even before the end of this game.


Lakers-Mavericks Game 4 box score

Lakers-Mavericks Game 4 photo gallery

Mavericks 100, Lakers 68 (8:21 remaining in fourth quarter)

Fittingly, the Lakers opened the final quarter as Shannon Brown missed a 20-footer, got the rebound and threw up an airball. Brendan Haywood, one of the worst free-throw shooters in the league, then made two of them and the lead was 26 points.

The Lakers got two back when Lamar Odom drove the lane for a bucket. But Dirk Nowitzki came back with -- what else? -- a three.

Matt Barnes got a different version of a three as he was fouled on a put-back, which went in, and then he hit the foul shot.

Peja Stojakovic then hit the Mavericks 17th three-point shot -- a playoff record. The lead was 27. Odom was fouled on the next possession and made one of two.

The game then started to turn chippy as Odom shoved Nowitzki for a flagrant foul 2 and Odom was tossed from the game. Nowitzki made the technicals. The referees were concerned about losing control and called a quick foul on Ron Artest to let the players know to dial things down.

But it didn’t work. Jose Barea drove the lane and Andrew Bynum elbowed him in the ribs while he was in the air. Barea landed hard on the court and Bynum was also thrown out of the game when a flagrant foul 2 was called with the Mavericks up by 32.

Mavericks 86, Lakers 57 (end of third quarter)

Jason Terry has definitely been a game changer -- one of many -- for the Mavericks. His eight-of-nine three-point shooting is one short of the playoff record.

Coming out of a timeout Pau Gasol made an easy jumper but that was answered by Jason Kidd. Gasol followed that up with a two. Kobe Bryant had suddenly lost his touch as he seemed to be missing shots that he normally makes with ease.

The Lakers did cut the deficit to 22 points with a Lamar Odom reverse. Jose Barea, who has been a pest to the Lakers, then drove for a two. Odom followed that possession with an almost identical reverse, he was fouled but missed the shot.

Terry tied the NBA record for three-pointers when he made his ninth with about three minutes to play in the quarter. Shannon Brown came back down for a three.

Dirk Nowitzki followed with a layup. Then after Brown missed a three, the Mavericks got their 15th three-pointer of the game when Peja Stojakovic scored from long range. The Lakers were now down by 29. No hope. No chance. This series is over.

The quarter ended as Odom made one of two free throws, Matt Barnes made a layup and Brown made another layup. But 24 points is too many for the Lakers to make up in just 12 minutes.

Mavericks 71, Lakers 46 (6:19 remaining in third quarter)

Can the Lakers come back from a 24-point deficit? Not the way they played in the first half.

The Lakers came out firing in the third quarter as Ron Artest made a three-pointer after two Mavericks misses to cut the lead to 21 points. But Dirk Nowitzki, who seemingly never misses, made a two. The game went back and forth with some sloppy play and a lot of missed shots.

Indicative of the way the Lakers were playing was when Artest missed a layup and then fouled a Maverick.

The Lakers had closed it to 19 points before Jason Terry knocked down a pair of three-pointers and the lead was 25 again.

Mavericks 63, Lakers 39 (halftime)

The Mavericks made their 10th three-pointer when Peja Stojakovic hit a 25-footer and the lead was back to 18 points. After some misses, the Lakers then turned the ball over on offensive goaltending. After the Lakers turned it over again, Dirk Nowitzki hit a jumper and the lead was 20.

On the Lakers' next possession, a bad pass resulted in another basket by Jason Terry, who followed that with yet another three-pointer. The lead was 25 points and this Lakers team looks dead in the water.

Derek Fisher did finish the quarter with one of two free throws, Pau Gasol missed the follow and the half ended a few seconds later.

Rarely have the Lakers been dominated like they were in this first half. There doesn’t seem to be much hope that they can come back, although stranger things have happened.

The story of the first half is in the shooting. The Mavericks were 25 of 42 (59.5%), including 11 of 15 from the three-point line. The Lakers were 14 of 38 (37%), and one for eight from long range. The Mavericks' bench outscored the Lakers by an astonishing 40-7.

Terry was the leading scorer with 20 points, followed by Stojakovic with 12. Nowitzki and Barea each had eight. Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 15, followed by Bynum with six and Fisher with five.

Mavericks 53, Lakers 38 (3:37 remaining in second quarter)

Coming out of the last timeout, Jose Barea and Ron Artest traded baskets but Jason Terry and Peja Stojakovic each hit three-pointers to extend the Maverick' lead to 18 points, 50-32. It was the ninth three-pointer in the first 18 minutes for the Mavericks.

Laker Coach Phil Jackson, not known to panic, called a quick timeout to try to settle his team.

Kobe Bryant did just that for a few moments but Barea answered with an easy basket. Lamar Odom came back down and scored for the Lakers. After misses by Dirk Nowitzki and Derek Fisher, the Lakers' point guard fouled Stojakovic and he made one of two free throws to give the Mavericks a 17-point lead. Pau Gasol finally made his first field goal to cut the deficit to 15 points and the Mavericks called a timeout.

Mavericks 42, Lakers 30 (8:11 remaining in second quarter)

The second quarter started strong for the Mavericks as Jason Terry made a three-pointer and Peja Stojakovic stole the ball and scored on a layup to give the Mavericks a nine-point lead. Andrew Bynum cut the Lakers' deficit to seven with a couple of free throws. After a steal, Bynum drove for a layup but it was answered by Dirk Nowitzki.

Terry gave the Mavericks a 10-point lead with another three and it was clear the Lakers had to find a way to shut down their long-range shooting or this series will be over. At this point the Mavericks were six for nine from beyond the three-point line, while the Lakers missed all five of their long-distance shots.

Coming out of a timeout, Steve Blake hit the first three-pointer for the Lakers. Jose Barea made a two for the Mavericks and Terry continued his torrid three-point shooting for another basket, forcing Lakers Coach Phil Jackson to call a timeout with his team down by 12 points.

Mavericks 27, Lakers 23 (end of first quarter)

Missing from the Lakers' offense early in the first quarter was Pau Gasol, who many are blaming for the Lakers' sudden downturn. He missed both his shots and had only one rebound.

Coming out of the timeout, the Lakers needed to stop the 6-0 Mavericks run but Derek Fisher missed a long three-pointer. The Mavericks made it an 8-0 run on a Tyson Chandler slam off a lob pass.

Kobe Bryant stopped the run with a jumper but Jason Kidd answered with a three and the Dallas lead was six. Fisher came back down the court for a two, with his foot on the three-point line. After misses by both teams, Bryant came back with a two and the Lakers were back to within two.

The Lakers were clearly leaning on Bryant. With three minutes to play in the quarter only Bryant, Fisher and Andrew Bynum had scored for the Lakers, while all the Mavericks starters had put up points.

The Mavericks called timeout with 2:53 to play and came out of it with a turnover. Gasol drove the lane, was fouled and made both shots to tie the score.

Jason Terry put the Mavericks up again with a three, underscoring how the Mavericks' bench has been playing. After a Fisher miss, Peja Stojakovic made a three and the Mavericks' lead was six. Bryant cut it to four with a jumper.  And Shannon Brown cut it by two more with free throws after he was fouled on a breakaway.

Jose Barea once again beat the Lakers through the lane for a two and the Lakers looked bad on their final possession of the quarter with two misses.

The stats painted a picture that explains the Lakers' troubles. They were eight of 19 from the field, including missing all five three-pointers. The Mavericks were 11-for-21 shooting but made four of seven from beyond the three-point line. The Mavericks' bench outscored the Lakers bench 8-2.

Bryant was the leading scorer with 13 points. Chandler had five for the Mavericks, followed by Shawn Marion and Dirk Nowitzki with four.

Mavericks 14, Lakers 11 (5:22 remaining in first quarter)

Lots of missed shots in the opening minutes of this ever-so-important game as both teams struggled from the field. Kobe Bryant scored the first three points for the Lakers off a free throw (he missed the other) and a jumper. The Mavericks got their first points on a three by DeShawn Stevenson.

A three-point play by Tyson Chandler gave the Mavericks a 6-3 lead but a couple of foul shots by Derek Fisher and a basket by Bryant gave the Lakers the lead at 7-6.

The Lakers extended the lead to 9-6 on a basket by Andrew Bynum. Dirk Nowitzki and Bryant traded baskets but after a turnover, Shawn Marion gave the Mavericks the lead 12-11. Ron Artest, back after a one game suspension, missed a shot and Marion scored on a runner to give the Mavericks a 14-11 lead heading into the first timeout.

--John Cherwa


The disparity in bench play has been one of the dominant themes of this series, and a clear reason why the Lakers are 48 minutes away from elimination.

In the Mavericks' Game 3 win in Dallas, their bench poured in 42 points to only 15 for the Lakers.

The Lakers' big men also had to play heavy minutes on Friday because Ron Artest was suspended. Lamar Odom played 42 minutes, Pau Gasol 40 and Andrew Bynum 37. And the Lakers' defense was sloppy in the final five mnutes of play.

In Sunday's Game 4, Coach Phil Jackson said he will play Artest, so at least the minutes should even out in the front court.

Somewhat to my surprise the gambling site has the same line on Game 4 as it did in Game 3: Mavericks favored by two points.

--Barry Stavro

Photo: Lakers power forward Pau Gasol attempts a shot over the double-team defense of Mavericks point guard Jason Kidd and forward Peja Stojakovic in the first half Sunday in Dallas. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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Respect Pau!!
If LA Win its thanks to Kobe and and LA lost is thanks only to Pau!!???
We've done a awful serie but repect this team because they give us a lot of happinest!!Gasol gave us two rings
go LAkers go!!


What a bunch of quiters,last time i seen a performance from a Laker team was 08 this is humilating, and atrocious performance a 2 time defending champion.I must say i'm very embarassed today to be call a Laker fan.Its one thing to loose but to loose the way they did is left me speechless.Enjoy your early exit boys you have all summer long to think about this performance.
On the bright side,last time we lost like this we came back the following yr on a mission and won the championship.We'll see.

A toally embarassing performance (or lack thereof) by the Lakers. The entire organization, Phil, Kobe and company should be ashamed of themselves!

Andrew needs to be traded. He is not there mentally.
He wanted to be called the A-Train.
He can take a A train out of town.

How call he foul a small guy with an elbow.
He is strong enough to just grab him and hold him.
What about standing there to take a charge.

Howard can not get to LA soon enough.
LakerBen a life long Laker Fan. Frank, Elgin, Tommy, Dick and Nick: Lakers

Laker Ben

Well I don't think this is an end of an era but the beginning of a new era.
The demise came about by these things;
1) At the center middle and end look to Phil Jackson and his methods. He wins because of the talent he has not by his coaching.
2) dealing away our depth and perimeter defense by downgrading it.
Dealt away MBenga who at least could have helped but no savior himself. We traded Sasha a good outside shooter and got Theo Ratliff a terrible move. Joe Smith what a waste and did not develop Caracter. Bench weaked. We got Barnes who did help but did not develop Ebanks. Ron was ok but not his old self and not much help in this Dallas series. Had Ebank been developed he could have helped on defense and offense. PJ when you have the tools use them just don't let them collect dust on the bench.
PJ punch yourself in the chest not Pau. You are not God and can't turn water to wine or change a finese player into a physical beast. Use his God given talents to win instead of setting him up to fail wearing him out.
Now I hope Brian Shaw will use the veterens and rookies and young players together in regular season so they can contribute when they most need to, in the playoffs. And little to no production at the one why not play Trey Johnson who assists and scores and familiar with the triangle???

Does it get any worse than this for the Lakers?

Maybe the '08 defeat to the Boston Celtics....

Bynum is a total bush-league hack. JJ Barea??? Really Bynum?

The Mavericks should call some of their Dallas Cowboy buddies to meet up with Bynum and Mrs. Odom-Kardashian in the parking lot.

Laker fans, sorry your season ended, I just wish your team wrapped things up with a little more class.

- Celtics Fan

p.s. Happy Mother's Day Ma Bynum!

See ya Phil.

We'll never know if you could have coached a normal franchise that doesn't always have the best player?




Hot dog? 5 bucks
Beer? 8 bucks
Beating the absolutely classless Lakers as they unravel for the world to see?

All thugs.....Kobe just had a better Lawyer or he would be in jail......

Where is Jack? That is the question.


t's funny how every laker hater is calling bynum a thug, when during the regular season that piece of crap jason terry shoved a defenseless blake with two hand from the back. the biased and gutless nba not only did not suspend terry, there was no disciplinary action taken at all. keep on hating, trolls!

Hey Los Angeles, why don't you just do what you usually do when you lose/win. RIOT!!!!!!!
Let's all listen to Goldfingers "The City With Two Faces" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No worries - we'll be back on top of the world very very soon. The haters 15 minutes of fame will be short lived.

As Charles Barkley predicted, the Lakers are going fishing.



In the midst of all the trash talking by trolls and the piling on by the few Laker fans here, let me just simply say...Congratulations, Mavs. Great game plans and strategies by your coaching staff, exploiting our weaknesses. Great team play by your starters and bench. And truly unbelievable perimeter shooting. As someone who specialized in corner 3s myself, I can vouch for the fact that even if you were shooting alone in a gym, there is no way you could match the accuracy of the Mavs in this series. Enjoy it, Mavs fans. I doubt if you (or anyone else) will be see this kind of shooting again.

And for my Lakers, there will now be time to reflect and to regroup. And I'll be back rooting for my team again next matter who is coaching or playing, and no matter whether they are winning or losing.

For the last time this season...LAKER AMIGOS, LET'S RIDE!!!

We need get fisher out and chris paul in and gasol out and dwight howard in and we will be alot better


The Bynum hit on Barea was shockingly similar to the one on Beasley that many of the people on here were defending. It was a classless move then and he didn't learn from it. Shameful.

Is practice season over yet?

The Lakers are acting like their thug fans. Damn, it's so great to see this.

good job mavericks, you played really well and capitalized on our worst play of the season, you deserve to win, we deserve to lose

I hate to be 1 of these fans that bash the lakers. After all, they are the winningest team in modern basketball history. Stilll, as a los angeles native I can say first hand that people in LA have a lot of entertainment options and it's a city where success, beauty and winning are very important. I'm not saying that's right, but it is what it is. We're hard on losers here, and right now the lakers are the biggest loser I've seen in a long time! They're not losers necessarily because their losing, they're losers because it appears they're not even trying! Everyone in america knows they play better than this normally. Why'd they would wait till now to start falling apart when it matters most is just a glaring show of unprofessionalism! No 1 will ever make me believe that they're actually trying today! This team does need to be dismantled and mitch kupchek has to go! His dismantling of the 2009 team was ridiculous! In my opinion he was terrible as a player, and is even worse as a general manager! He was there last year when we barely won the championship! Why didn't
See the need to make some necessary roster changes is beyond me! Oh, And this stalled remove of holding on to bill walton's son is absolutely ridiculous!

Its time to get some new blood in here. Thanks for the memories.
Bye bye PJ, Fish, Artest, Gasol, Blake, Brown, Luke, JSmith, Theo.
We need some quick, fresh legs.

Its time to get some new blood in here. Thanks for the memories.
Bye bye PJ, Fish, Artest, Gasol, Blake, Brown, Luke, JSmith, Theo.
We need some quick, fresh legs.

I'm sure the haters will own the blog for the next couple of months (some of the Celtic haters are already pooping all over the blog), so I'm making my goodbyes for awhile.

I'd like to congratulate Mitch for putting together a team that has gone to the finals 3 years in a row and won two championships. He's the only GM to do that in the last 10 years.

I'd like to congratulate Phil for coaching his teams to 11 championships in his career.

I'd like to congratulate Kobe for winning 5 rings, and proving to his haters like KL and Gunner that he CAN win titles without Shaq.

I'd like to congratulate Pau for being the #2 man on the team for 3 seasons of playoffs. Without him, I doubt they would have won the two championships, and he shed his "soft" rep toughened up for awhile during the 2009 & 2010 playoffs.

I'd like to congratulate Bynum for progressing from not recovering in time to help in a playoffs to being the second best player on the Lakers in these playoffs. I hope he can stay healthy and live up to the higher expectations for him.

I'd like to congratulate Derek Fisher, for some clutch play on 5 championship squads. Nobody will ever mistake him for an All-Star, but most people who left him unguarded with a playoff game on the line know they've made a mistake. But this last series, he hasn't been able to score well enough to make up for his extreme liability on the defensive end. Derek, I wish you luck in coaching or management in the future, but I can't see you continuing on as a starter for an NBA team.

I'd like to congratulate Lamar Odom for his contributions to the championships and for winning the 6th man this season. But I'd also like to question if all the time he threw into this reality series might not have taken away from his play for the Lakers... he certainly hasn't played well in the Dallas series.

I'd like to congratulate Luke for his small contributions to those teams. This is the first year where he's been mostly left out of a playoff series, but I doubt he would have made any difference.

I'd like to congratulate the Dallas Mavericks for playing with passion and intensity to knock off the Lakers. The first game of this series, you could say the Lakers gave it away at the end... but as the series went on, the Mavs proved that they were the superior team. Their defense stifled the Lakers bigs, their bench played exceptionally well, and they shot the lights out on 3-pointers. Vs New Orleans, the Lakers got better as the series went along, but in this series, DALLAS has gotten better as the series went along. I hope they get a chance to avenge their 2005 loss in the finals this season.

I don't know what will come next for the Lakers. They may stick with mostly the same players and the same philosophy and try to use their pain from the loss of this series to motivate them. They may trade off a couple of the core players to try to try to get more depth and outside shooting (clearly the lack of 3-point shooting hurt them in this series). But we know from experience that the Lakers future will hold many more great teams, many more great seasons, and many more championships.

And I'll be around to watch them.

Bye for now.

This is appaling! The lack of sportsmanship from these Lakers is truly unacceptable - the Lakers need to relearn the basics of sportmanship and to understand there is no "I" in team!!

Yea mitch get rid of sasha your best defender of the bench and shooter and you keep shanon n blake look at the results............

The Lakers the lakers, from the refs you were takers,
but most of us knew you were posers and Fakers.

I guess we'll soon see what all the "trust" issues that Bynum was talking about earlier...

jersylakersfan- WOW, that's the worst of both worlds! You must fist pump a lot.

I'm loving the outright racism of Dallas fans; words like "thug", "gangster", &c. over and over. You'd never hear those sorts of words being used for white players; it's pure dogwhistle bigotry at its finest. Of course, nobody should be surprised, they are from Texas after all. :)

The Lakers folded like a cheap lawn chair.

@ JerseyLakersFan

Are you defending Bynum's actions right now? Really?

Somewhere, Beasley is popping champagne right now (re: March 18)!

Go ahead pile on all you opportunitistic Laker haters;you were dieing for a chance like this to come so you can spue your venom at Laker fans.All good things do come to an end eventually if you wait long enough.But the Lakers will reload and be back next yr.Enjoy your party,cause thats what being a fan or in your case a hater is all about.

Go Lakers!

Love the Dallas Mavs running up the score, shooting 3 pointers in garbage time. Now that's classy. Barea shouldn't be surprised at getting smacked hard by Bynum after his garbage time 3 point shooting. Anyway, the Lakers will be back!

KObe take some rest get your fingers repaired come back strong next season and be the champions again.........

Thanks for a great run, Lakers. Understood the frustration that led to the two ejections. Doesn't mean Bynum's play wasn't bad, but I get it. Gasol showed signs of life. A lot of this was a combination of ridiculous three point shooting by the Mavs and poor closeouts, but once the Mavs got hot they didn't miss much. This would have been a loss either way, but the hot shooting made it a blowout. I don't blame the Lakers for giving up- they didn't run their offense much, but I don't think they gave up. The blog is crowded with Laker haters, so be it, but I will say thanks to the Lakers for giving us three years of finals runs. They'll be back for another run next year, with new fire in their belly and a strong desire to get back at the Mavs for this humiliating sweep.

82 and 16 to #17

I'd like to congratulate Kobe for winning 5 rings, and proving to his haters like KL and Gunner that he CAN win titles without Shaq.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | May 08, 2011 at 03:04 PM




Lakers will retool themselves and will be back. Celtics fan in a few years Lakers will have more titles than you. So don't kick dirt on someones grave.

Celtics fans I wold be a little worried about the THREE DIVAS that r gonna give you wedgies pretty soon.

Odom & Bynum must be great Dodger fans.

To GEORGE who posted earlier today. nice touching message to basically himself. Note: Jason Terry is the guy on this page shown after one of his 9 playoff record tying 3's.

He is also from Seattle and went to Arizona. I attached a link the nba player's page for you in case you wanted to read more (stats, etc). I am sure you can find more via the internet if you like.

ps You left off Bynum in your love letter above. I believe some sort of social skills class is in order for him along with a basketball clinic or 2.

If we have to keep the same core b/c of contracts, I still think we can pull off a title run next year. Gasol will get over his broken heart or whatever is wrong, Bynum will only get better (though suspended for a couple games at the beginning of next season), and Lamar still plays at a high level. A little more quickness on the perimeter would help- I'm a big defender of Fish but I didn't see the clutch play that we got him for, and I didn't see the leadership have an effect. We need a quick point guard or two and a few shooters. As much as I like Shaw, I think we need a coach to come in and re-teach fundamentals. Phil is a great coach for taking teams with talent and fundamentals to the title, but the Lakers have needed to get back to basics and I'm not sure he's the man for the job. Fresh perspectives are needed. Let's get some fast guys, some energy guys, and some athleticism to put around the core. Kobe will be back and hungry.

82 and 16 to #17

Now bring on the Celtics ... Rondo ! Rondo ! Rondo !

The beginning of the Kardasian Curse.

you celtics trolls are too funny, your team is hanging on by life support, and you have the balls to come here and talk? the miami cheat will take care of your sorry team in 5, count on it!

Chick Hearn, RIP, would have buried this group of players.

Congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks as you march to WCF.

Lakers, sorry for the unforeseen exit and unsportmanship display in the end. It is not part of the game to lose composure when there was no effort out there.

What can we say, it was an embarrassing season for the Lakers. All good things come to end but I did not imagine the ending would be in this manner.

"Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | May 08, 2011 at 03:04 PM "

Great post!

Check out the stats...

Across the board, Pau was the most rounded player on the team.

Ended the season and the playoffs on an UGLY note, but....thanks for the B2B titles and for getting to the finals the last 3 yrs.

PROPS to PJ...unbelievable coaching career...although he obviously deserved a better ending, he'll probably hunker down and write another book...

No matter how this team gets re-tooled in the offseason, the team that steps back onto the court next season, whenever that is...get ready for another run for a ring.


cuban your team is no better than lakers. They also are thugs and bums who cheat and get away with it. When they played the Trailblazers it was clear how crappy your team is. When they lost Dirk look like he was going cry. My question is how much did it cost to pay off David Stern and the refs.

Kobe hurts finger and ankle and the world stands still ... Rondo set the standard last night .


This is a test of the emergency broadcast system

The game you just watch was really a computer generated program funded by Mark Cuban. He paid his programmers top dollar to have every 3 point shot go in bya Mavs player.
Any person with a brain knows that it is impossible to hit 90% of your 3 point shots even in a gym alone by yourself.

we now return you to your normally schedule program "The Matrix"

Talk trash Mav's fans. After all, we all know how many rings you haven't won.

You'll get mopped by a younger, more athletic Thunder.

THe Lakers are one of the most spoiled basketball teams there are, so kudos to the Mavericks for bringing them, and all the L A fans, down to earth. By the way, I live in Los Angeles but never cared much for the Lakers since the vacuous Johnson days. I like them even less with that diva, arrogant and childish Kobe Bryant. He is a terrific player but doesn't have the calm and class of say a Dr. J or Larry Bird. Los Angeles is a very shallow town with many disresptful people, which translated into their fans. Let's not even comment on the papparazzi on courtside--can't stand the atmosphere at the Staples Center. In essence, there's little to like about the LA lakers. How I wish they'd relocate and get out of LA!!

Matt Barnes called tha Mavs soft punks.....& he didn't even play or contribute to his team's complete beatdown!!! Now he really knows everything's "BIGGER" n Texas!! Hahahaha..36 TS WIN TO CAP OFF 4-0 SWEEP!! KMSL!!!!

Although I am sad to see the Lakers' run end, I'm glad Kidd and Nowitzki are getting their shot to win a title. The Lakers were just embarrassing; they showed no heart. And to add injury to insult, Odom and especially Bynum acted like bad losers. A 36-point elimination loss by a defending champ is just unacceptable.

What a classless collection of human excrement. 38% shooting, that won't get it done... The Losers time is over...good riddance. Good thing the Kings aren't coming here next season - looks like the Clippers will be the team to see next season. Oh Lamar, how's this reality show workin' for you? Kobe - thanks for that great team chemistry. Pau - Adios. Andrew - enjoy Cleveland. Phil - don't let the door hit you on the way out - and take what's her name with you.

It was the Mother's Day Massacre.

@ Mark Cuban

How many championships do the Mavs have?

How many times have the Lakers been swept, 7? Is that the most in NBA history? I remember the Celtics being swept once. That was an anomoly, this is a trend.

Another run is over. It is a shame it had to end the way it ended. Now it is time to regroup, put pieces together to start another run. The Laker are about championships and nothing else matters. I am pretty confident Dr. Buss will do the right thing in the off season, he always does. Now for all Laker haters, those that say they are glad they have lived long enough to see the Laker fall this way, wow, that is without a doubt a looser's mentality. Definetely your comments are uneducated and poor judgement. Your comments tell the kind of individual your are and absolutely need to keep your word and do us all a favor and disappear from the face of the earth. Make way for a more productive individual that will contribute to make this great country of ours a better place to live.

when people go out of their way 2 celebrate on another teams page it just shows how afraid they are of the team. all those haters are just relieved that they don't have 2 play us again this year. people are happy that we couldn't 3peat. how many teams even get the chance 2 do that. hell nobody can even REPEAT like we did. so tough loss but we will respond. the Lakers franchise won't suffer the way other teams would after this type of loss. the lakers will just retool and respond.

& to all Laker fans that r still hangin on to tha past....that was then ..this is now!!! Past championships don't mean squat ....this series just proved that!! Back to back 09-10' just got tha dismantled!! Who cares if my mavs never won a championship.....but guess what...I know one team that definitely doesnt have a chance this year!!! LOL LOL!!!! ITS A DONE DEAL LAKESHOW!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

My champs are down....we will resurrect next season.......Lakers still....

Ah....good ol' three pointers! History repeats itself, twenty years later. Three pointers were a big factor in the Bulls winning the championship over the Lakers in 1991. I remember vividly how John Paxson of the Bulls was nailing three pointers almost at will, and all Magic and the rest of the "Showtime" Lakers could do was stare at the ball going into the basket from seemingly nowhere.

The other contributing factor to the Bulls championship that year was TEAMWORK. Back then, Phil Jackson knew what each player was best at, and how to make the most of that player. Michael Jordan was the main butt kicker, yes, but he was backed up strongly by his teammates.

Phil forgot about all of that this time. The Mavs have finally gotten smart and used Jackson's own tactics, however old, against him.

It's time for the Lakers, with Jackson's departure, to get a new playbook and get it through their heads that the triangle is done, and that "run and gun" is the new game in town.

You would have thought somebody would have predicted a complete blow-out. Oh wait, I did! Offer Luke a guaranteed 20 year $200k per year job as "special assistant" if he will retire. Make sure Blake/Brown both opt-out. Let Italy know if they can lure Kobe to finish(if he hasn't already) his career over there that the LaCkers would let him buy out his contract on the cheap. Make same offer to DFish as Walton, though if either had any pride they would retire any way. Dump anyone(Smith, Ratliff, etc.) that you can. Trade the "Crying Frog!" for whatever you can get. See if someone in mid-lottery range will take LO to let LaCkers move up - draft best PG available at that point or a fierce rebounder/defender at SF/PF. Then get busy in FA. Don't know how much of this would fly under whatever CBA, but it's my plan.

You saw the wrong coaching style of Phil, if you want to win the series, you win game 1, game 2 in LA,you don't want to win game 3 on the road and put pressure on big guys. Phil should tell players before the game, no matter what happens Lakers have 2 rings and Mavs got none, play cool and go home.


can you at least do an average job and approve comments faster than once every 1/2 hour today?

Is that too much to ask?

it was a nice run, now lets let the Bryant / Bynum era begin.

Gasol and Odumb need to be 3rd, 4th options.

Find a PG that can defend.

Don't lose heart, Laker fans.

Let the JEALOUS jackals savor their bloodlust.

WE will be back!


Because our owner's name is one Dr. Jerry Buss.


And hire Adleman!

No need for a yard sale, not at Staples!


Always a good day when the Lakers lose. Poetic justice!

I would like to congratulate our players and coaches on the great run we had, all good things come to an end at sometime. Magic can now relax since we didn't get one more ring them him!!!!!!!!!!He keeps badmouthing us and TWO of his teams got swept in the playoffs also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have lost respect for him. Feel bad for Phil that he had to witness LO and BYNUM act like jerks for his last game. But, if the 2nd and 3rd games were called evenly the tempers would have not come out in this game. By the time the finals come around Dirk will be so tired from playing the whole game he won't have anthing left. GO GRIZ and BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trolls... Please go on your own blogs where people actually care what you think!!

Laker fan-

Very CLASSY team!!

congratulation to Jackson for so many great years,as coach

To the jerseylakersfan:

You are right on. Actually, there were numerous times when the refs let the other teams literally beat up the Lakers and did nothing about it. Phil knows it, that's why he does not deserve the $35 gs he has been charged. The refs know they need to get some blood money for their misfit calls. They have fined the Lakers out of control all season from our beloved Kobe on down. It's as if they were in conspiracy to get the Lakers canned. I really did not appreciate the calls by the refs. The Lakers have been treated like crap by the NBA officials and that's enough to give them a bad attitude and compromise their sportsman-like position all the while. And, Leslie, said it well, not only that, "it's like a battered wife...something is wrong in the locker room." And like a battered wife, she has to make it public, tell her therapist, call the heart break police before she can get over it. What up, Lakers.

Love ya

Dude..after watching a replay of the foul drop on the midget, he deserved it. It wasn't that bad, dude was faking it. My granny can take a better shot, JJ and the Mav's are just girly men. The Lakers were just burnt out, needed a early vacation.
And the New 2010-11 NBA Champs Miami Heat.

Lisa Leslie on Channel 7 just talked about Lakers fans as like a "battered wife" - she's sitting next to Michael Cooper who, of course, has experience in that arena. Nice cheshire grin, Coop.

Congrats to the Mavs- You truly are the better team this year.

Throughout this entire season, this Laker squad showed over and over again just how much they really didn't care about going all of the way.

OKC will be going to the finals, so Mavs fans, enjoy it while it lasts.

I am actually excited about the offseason this year. Dwight Howard will be the next dominant Laker center and hopefully, we can get at least one decent long distance bomber.

Long Time Laker fan (1965) here. Bynum bush league total disgrace. Pathetic.

Sounds like a good excuse for the Laker fans to riot......

More class out of LA.....


Couldn't have said it better myself. As someone else said, Mother's Day Massacre indeed.

I'm not shocked there were flagrants with 7 minutes left and most starters for the team with the lead on the floor. I think that was both a strategic mistake and a slap in the face. Inexcusably unpoised actions by Bynum and Odom.

With Dallas playing this well, even at our best it would have been very challenging. As those that know the team are aware, we played far from our best.

I'm sorry to rub salt into your wounds Laker fans, but I just heard that Sacramento is moving to L.A. and the Lakers are going to become their D-League team. You can take some solace in knowing that the tickets will be a lot cheaper.

What an embarrassment to the Lakers fans to witness Bynum and Odom with those flagrant fouls..that is NOT how a true champion team should act...

You can say the Mavs haven't won a title in their history, that's fine. But, watching the Lakers quit and become thugs and whiners and pathetic losers is something enjoyable to watch. Lakers fans must be soooo proud of how their great champions went out today. The lakers didn't just lose....they had their asses handed to them in 4 straight. It's a great day.

I have always loved the Lakers. But after the classless show they gave Sunday, it will be awhile before I confess to being a Laker fan. Bynum and Odom should be suspended from games next year. A great example of a LA team for the country to see. Help the detractors with for ammo of a spoiled classless bunch of LA hoods.

I don't see Andrew Bynum growing up to be anything but a classless young punk. He has a habit of doing this when things don't do his way. Someone is going to go Artest on him sooner or later...and for his sake, I hope it is sooner.

Except for Lamar Odom, ship out the entire bench...starting with Luke Walton. Tell Lamar he has to decide between Hollywood and basketball. He wasn't all there this year.

Speaking about not being all there, that brings us to Ron Artest. He looked lost all year long..

It's not against the law to get a decent point guard. Fisher is older than Oprah...and slower.

Find somebody who can shoot the basketball. It's not that hard.

One last suggestion, get a heart transplant for this team. There is no comparison between the heart that the Boston Celtics showed yesterday and what the Lakers didn't show today.

The Lakers just plain quit. In the end, they were Fakers.

I also agree with Magic saying they need to blow this team up. CBA will restrict what they can do and other GMs are not going to gift players to the Lakers, so there is a limit what they can do. MK may have to go and even the triangle mentality. I would keep Kobe obviously. I would trade Pau, as he is the best equal value chip we have. AB will be hard to get equal value, so he may stay. LO is so variable and all the Hollywood crap with he and RA and Shannon maybe should go also to get some hungry players who have no eye on the limelight. Lakers need athleticism and 3pt shooters to compliment Kobe in his last years. Obviously sit DF, LW, Blake. Get rid of TR, JS, Caracter who Phil satotaged their ability to contribute. I would keep Barnes if he gets well, Trey, and Ebanks. Time for us to get one or two of these waterbug guards who can shoot (Terry, Berea, Kidd, Nash, etc.)like.

LongTimeLakerFan --

"I'd like to congratulate Luke for his small contributions to those teams. This is the first year where he's been mostly left out of a playoff series, but I doubt he would have made any difference."

Dude, are you for real??? You congratulate Luke Walton, for what???



The thing about champions is, they stay in the ring long enough, they're bound to get dropped. These Lakers were in the ring for 400 rounds since 2007. A competent contender polished them off when they let their guard down. Hats off to the Mavs. People forget they knocked off a defending champ in 2006 as well. Let's see if they've got what it takes to get where they say they're ready to go.

Honestly, LA earned its sweep well before this series began. They played with inconsistent effort most of the year. Key players missed time. The supporting cast was nowhere near championship caliber, perhaps the biggest free agent class bust in recent team memory. Phil's strategy of beating Small and Quick with Big and Skilled left LA at a decided disadvantage at the most important position, especially when the big guys ran out of gas. Then, whatever happened in the locker room -- whether it was the team tuning out Phil or turning on itself -- was the gentle wind blowing the house of cards right in. They disgraced themselves with they way they acted in the 2nd half. A whole lot of Mavs who haven't done anything of note in their careers just got their pound of flesh today. The law of averages catches up.

ALL THAT BEING SAID, 7 Finals appearances and 5 titles in 12 seasons isn't that bad. While their biggest enemy during this run has often been themselves, that's a great result. Once this beatdown stops stinging, LA fans will realize that the 12-year drought post-Magic was answered by a glorious 12-year title run.

And this team may be done, but I doubt it will be down for very long.

Thanks, Los Angeles Lakers. To all the fans of other teams still in it, enjoy the moment. We Laker fans have had plenty. We can wait a little while for a few more.

From 1987 to like 2008 Celtics were marooned on Island with NJ Nets and Clippers.

That is like almost 21 years. You have to be in Playoffs to be Swept Celtics Jen.

I would rather be swept in Playoffs then not be in it at all. Lakers had a good year and though I do not like anyone of them u still have to tip your hat to them for last 2 titles, 3 Finals Appearance, and even this 2nd year flameout.

Worry about ur own fortune mate.

3 DIVAS are still on top of u .. 2-1. U think u will beat the Divas 3-4? I don't think so.

Doc Rivers will leave Celtics after this year. Take a year leave and probably join NY or LA. I would bet on LA because Doc will have greatest Arena, audience, and endless talent at his feet.

Knicks will always be perenial loosers and Celtics will join the deep waters of hell very soon.

Ta-Ta Celtics Jen

I feel badly for Phil Jackson. Kobe and his teammates essentially quit on the Coach. The players packed it in after game three. They're quitters. They didn't fight tooth and nail to defend their Championship. They went out in a whimper. The Mavericks are good. But nobody believes that the Lakers played a lick of defense.

Hey Kobe.... it DOES matter how you and the team lose a deciding playoff game. Did you and the others leave it all out on the Court ?... or did you and the others pack it in and QUIT ?
Let the record show the team QUIT on themselves... their fans.... their City... their Coach.


I've been a Lakers fan since the days of West, Baylor & Chamberlain - the 1960's; Wilt remains my favorite and is still the greatest basketball player ever. That said, after watching 'certain' players lose their poise today, the name LA 'Thugs' comes to mind.

If you win with class, you lose with same...alas, circa 2011 and for too many years now, winners & losers variously every sport (re)affirm in ever greater portions why I'd rather watch highlights from yesteryear than the disgraces populate athletics today, et al.

Congratulations to Dallas, and best of success to you... adios to Jackson, and take some of those black marks the Lakers legacy out the door with you.

One bright spot about the classless Lakers getting swept: No idiots rioting and setting cars on fire downtown!

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