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Lakers vs. Mavericks Game 4: Dallas sweeps Lakers out of playoffs with 122-86 win

Lakers1_510 Mavericks 122, Lakers 86 (final)

In a game not befitting the long and successful career of Coach Phil Jackson, the Lakers were embarrassed by the Dallas Mavericks, 122-86, and swept out of the Western Conference semifinals, four game to none.

It wasn’t that the Lakers played poorly -- although credit the Mavericks with an unbelievable three-point shooting game -- it was the total lack of class they showed down the stretch. Both Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum were ejected for cheap shots in separate incidents in the fourth quarter.

The game was essentially over at halftime, although the Lakers were able to cut their deficit to 19 points in the third quarter. The Mavericks outscored the Lakers, 36-16, in the second quarter.

But, in the end, the Mavericks were unbelievable in shooting threes. They were 20 of 32 with Jason Terry making nine of 10. Both tied playoff records. And Terry isn’t even a starter.

With four minutes to play, both coaches were playing reserves. Of course, in the Mavericks' case, it was the second-teamers who won the game. They outscored the Lakers bench, 85-37. In fact, the Mavericks reserves outscored the starters.

Terry was the game’s leading scorer with 32 points. Jose Barea had 22 points and Peja Stojakovic added 21. None of the three are starters.

The Lakers were led by Kobe Bryant with 17 points. Shannon Brown added 15.

It was a most unmemorable finish to Jackson’s career, since he has stated he is retiring after this season.

It seemed as if the Lakers retired even before the end of this game.


Lakers-Mavericks Game 4 box score

Lakers-Mavericks Game 4 photo gallery

Mavericks 100, Lakers 68 (8:21 remaining in fourth quarter)

Fittingly, the Lakers opened the final quarter as Shannon Brown missed a 20-footer, got the rebound and threw up an airball. Brendan Haywood, one of the worst free-throw shooters in the league, then made two of them and the lead was 26 points.

The Lakers got two back when Lamar Odom drove the lane for a bucket. But Dirk Nowitzki came back with -- what else? -- a three.

Matt Barnes got a different version of a three as he was fouled on a put-back, which went in, and then he hit the foul shot.

Peja Stojakovic then hit the Mavericks 17th three-point shot -- a playoff record. The lead was 27. Odom was fouled on the next possession and made one of two.

The game then started to turn chippy as Odom shoved Nowitzki for a flagrant foul 2 and Odom was tossed from the game. Nowitzki made the technicals. The referees were concerned about losing control and called a quick foul on Ron Artest to let the players know to dial things down.

But it didn’t work. Jose Barea drove the lane and Andrew Bynum elbowed him in the ribs while he was in the air. Barea landed hard on the court and Bynum was also thrown out of the game when a flagrant foul 2 was called with the Mavericks up by 32.

Mavericks 86, Lakers 57 (end of third quarter)

Jason Terry has definitely been a game changer -- one of many -- for the Mavericks. His eight-of-nine three-point shooting is one short of the playoff record.

Coming out of a timeout Pau Gasol made an easy jumper but that was answered by Jason Kidd. Gasol followed that up with a two. Kobe Bryant had suddenly lost his touch as he seemed to be missing shots that he normally makes with ease.

The Lakers did cut the deficit to 22 points with a Lamar Odom reverse. Jose Barea, who has been a pest to the Lakers, then drove for a two. Odom followed that possession with an almost identical reverse, he was fouled but missed the shot.

Terry tied the NBA record for three-pointers when he made his ninth with about three minutes to play in the quarter. Shannon Brown came back down for a three.

Dirk Nowitzki followed with a layup. Then after Brown missed a three, the Mavericks got their 15th three-pointer of the game when Peja Stojakovic scored from long range. The Lakers were now down by 29. No hope. No chance. This series is over.

The quarter ended as Odom made one of two free throws, Matt Barnes made a layup and Brown made another layup. But 24 points is too many for the Lakers to make up in just 12 minutes.

Mavericks 71, Lakers 46 (6:19 remaining in third quarter)

Can the Lakers come back from a 24-point deficit? Not the way they played in the first half.

The Lakers came out firing in the third quarter as Ron Artest made a three-pointer after two Mavericks misses to cut the lead to 21 points. But Dirk Nowitzki, who seemingly never misses, made a two. The game went back and forth with some sloppy play and a lot of missed shots.

Indicative of the way the Lakers were playing was when Artest missed a layup and then fouled a Maverick.

The Lakers had closed it to 19 points before Jason Terry knocked down a pair of three-pointers and the lead was 25 again.

Mavericks 63, Lakers 39 (halftime)

The Mavericks made their 10th three-pointer when Peja Stojakovic hit a 25-footer and the lead was back to 18 points. After some misses, the Lakers then turned the ball over on offensive goaltending. After the Lakers turned it over again, Dirk Nowitzki hit a jumper and the lead was 20.

On the Lakers' next possession, a bad pass resulted in another basket by Jason Terry, who followed that with yet another three-pointer. The lead was 25 points and this Lakers team looks dead in the water.

Derek Fisher did finish the quarter with one of two free throws, Pau Gasol missed the follow and the half ended a few seconds later.

Rarely have the Lakers been dominated like they were in this first half. There doesn’t seem to be much hope that they can come back, although stranger things have happened.

The story of the first half is in the shooting. The Mavericks were 25 of 42 (59.5%), including 11 of 15 from the three-point line. The Lakers were 14 of 38 (37%), and one for eight from long range. The Mavericks' bench outscored the Lakers by an astonishing 40-7.

Terry was the leading scorer with 20 points, followed by Stojakovic with 12. Nowitzki and Barea each had eight. Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 15, followed by Bynum with six and Fisher with five.

Mavericks 53, Lakers 38 (3:37 remaining in second quarter)

Coming out of the last timeout, Jose Barea and Ron Artest traded baskets but Jason Terry and Peja Stojakovic each hit three-pointers to extend the Maverick' lead to 18 points, 50-32. It was the ninth three-pointer in the first 18 minutes for the Mavericks.

Laker Coach Phil Jackson, not known to panic, called a quick timeout to try to settle his team.

Kobe Bryant did just that for a few moments but Barea answered with an easy basket. Lamar Odom came back down and scored for the Lakers. After misses by Dirk Nowitzki and Derek Fisher, the Lakers' point guard fouled Stojakovic and he made one of two free throws to give the Mavericks a 17-point lead. Pau Gasol finally made his first field goal to cut the deficit to 15 points and the Mavericks called a timeout.

Mavericks 42, Lakers 30 (8:11 remaining in second quarter)

The second quarter started strong for the Mavericks as Jason Terry made a three-pointer and Peja Stojakovic stole the ball and scored on a layup to give the Mavericks a nine-point lead. Andrew Bynum cut the Lakers' deficit to seven with a couple of free throws. After a steal, Bynum drove for a layup but it was answered by Dirk Nowitzki.

Terry gave the Mavericks a 10-point lead with another three and it was clear the Lakers had to find a way to shut down their long-range shooting or this series will be over. At this point the Mavericks were six for nine from beyond the three-point line, while the Lakers missed all five of their long-distance shots.

Coming out of a timeout, Steve Blake hit the first three-pointer for the Lakers. Jose Barea made a two for the Mavericks and Terry continued his torrid three-point shooting for another basket, forcing Lakers Coach Phil Jackson to call a timeout with his team down by 12 points.

Mavericks 27, Lakers 23 (end of first quarter)

Missing from the Lakers' offense early in the first quarter was Pau Gasol, who many are blaming for the Lakers' sudden downturn. He missed both his shots and had only one rebound.

Coming out of the timeout, the Lakers needed to stop the 6-0 Mavericks run but Derek Fisher missed a long three-pointer. The Mavericks made it an 8-0 run on a Tyson Chandler slam off a lob pass.

Kobe Bryant stopped the run with a jumper but Jason Kidd answered with a three and the Dallas lead was six. Fisher came back down the court for a two, with his foot on the three-point line. After misses by both teams, Bryant came back with a two and the Lakers were back to within two.

The Lakers were clearly leaning on Bryant. With three minutes to play in the quarter only Bryant, Fisher and Andrew Bynum had scored for the Lakers, while all the Mavericks starters had put up points.

The Mavericks called timeout with 2:53 to play and came out of it with a turnover. Gasol drove the lane, was fouled and made both shots to tie the score.

Jason Terry put the Mavericks up again with a three, underscoring how the Mavericks' bench has been playing. After a Fisher miss, Peja Stojakovic made a three and the Mavericks' lead was six. Bryant cut it to four with a jumper.  And Shannon Brown cut it by two more with free throws after he was fouled on a breakaway.

Jose Barea once again beat the Lakers through the lane for a two and the Lakers looked bad on their final possession of the quarter with two misses.

The stats painted a picture that explains the Lakers' troubles. They were eight of 19 from the field, including missing all five three-pointers. The Mavericks were 11-for-21 shooting but made four of seven from beyond the three-point line. The Mavericks' bench outscored the Lakers bench 8-2.

Bryant was the leading scorer with 13 points. Chandler had five for the Mavericks, followed by Shawn Marion and Dirk Nowitzki with four.

Mavericks 14, Lakers 11 (5:22 remaining in first quarter)

Lots of missed shots in the opening minutes of this ever-so-important game as both teams struggled from the field. Kobe Bryant scored the first three points for the Lakers off a free throw (he missed the other) and a jumper. The Mavericks got their first points on a three by DeShawn Stevenson.

A three-point play by Tyson Chandler gave the Mavericks a 6-3 lead but a couple of foul shots by Derek Fisher and a basket by Bryant gave the Lakers the lead at 7-6.

The Lakers extended the lead to 9-6 on a basket by Andrew Bynum. Dirk Nowitzki and Bryant traded baskets but after a turnover, Shawn Marion gave the Mavericks the lead 12-11. Ron Artest, back after a one game suspension, missed a shot and Marion scored on a runner to give the Mavericks a 14-11 lead heading into the first timeout.

--John Cherwa


The disparity in bench play has been one of the dominant themes of this series, and a clear reason why the Lakers are 48 minutes away from elimination.

In the Mavericks' Game 3 win in Dallas, their bench poured in 42 points to only 15 for the Lakers.

The Lakers' big men also had to play heavy minutes on Friday because Ron Artest was suspended. Lamar Odom played 42 minutes, Pau Gasol 40 and Andrew Bynum 37. And the Lakers' defense was sloppy in the final five mnutes of play.

In Sunday's Game 4, Coach Phil Jackson said he will play Artest, so at least the minutes should even out in the front court.

Somewhat to my surprise the gambling site has the same line on Game 4 as it did in Game 3: Mavericks favored by two points.

--Barry Stavro

Photo: Lakers power forward Pau Gasol attempts a shot over the double-team defense of Mavericks point guard Jason Kidd and forward Peja Stojakovic in the first half Sunday in Dallas. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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The best thing that happened in these playoffs is Drew grew up into a True Warrior Beast! He is our Future!


Sanctuary (An Ode to Pout Gasol)

Your fiancé has dropped your arse
And now your play has become such a farce

You pout and pout during each timeout
And search the sidelines for her as Dirk wears you out

Perhaps it's Dirk that reminds you of her
She's tall and lean and, like Dirk, has become a blur

You've taken a player I nicknamed No-Blitzkrieg
And turned him into the Second Coming of KG

It's not that he plays such tenacious D
It's just that you're preoccupied with she

And if you don't wake up soon The Playoffs will leave you behind
Like that cute little butt that once treated you fine

And now listen and take a lesson from Kobe during times when your heart makes you weary
Man Up and let the hardwood court be your Sanctuary


PS Pout, I've found your next fiancé:


i like Pout Gasol!

We all hate sloppy:

defense was sloppy in the final five mnutes of play

Love seeing the lakers choke !! You suck Phil and Kobe!!

i don't care if what i'm about to say is unpopular, but this team friggin pathetic! no defense, no heart, with the exception of kobe and bynum. even the reliable odom looks lost and uninspired out there. all of you kobe hating lakers "fans" should be ashamed. he is the only one giving it his all out there!

I really don't know whether to laugh or cry. Nevertheless, it feels good and then it feels bad to see the Lakers getting beat-down like this! I do mean they are getting their lunch take from them and eaten right before their very eyes. It is sad, but I'm lov'n it. Bye, bye Lakers is a good feeling. You have no sympathy from me at all. I am just glad I lived long enough to see this with my very eyes. All of the time, it's Kobe this and Kobe that. Well, you know what? F Kobe with at capital F.

This game has shades of 131-92 all over again. Thanks Pout Gasol. You've convinced the team to quit all together. The team is now getting beat by a Garden Pnome and it's over.



i'm agreeing with magic, this piece of crap team needs to be blown up. i have never been so disappointed in a "championship" team.

"n the reliable odom l"

Which odom is that?

Tyson Chandler and Jason Kidd said in an interview that they respect the Lakers. But, I don't beleive they do. You don't respect a team when you are kicking their butts the way the Mavs are doing the Lakers. My friend, the Laker fan, won't even answer his phone today. My, My, My, boy am I enjoying this thrashing! I mean Trashing! Will anyone be at the airport to meet the plane?

The Historic Significance is not a record 4th 3peat for PJ, it's that he's going to go out being swept for the first time in his career. The Lakers promised to send PJ out on a historic note. And they aren't letting him down. Thanks Pout Gasol for becoming Gasoft when we needed you most. Ricky can console you back in Spain. Time to put your LA home on the market cheap!


I hope another fantastic launch three pointer contest by the lakers.
I hope another fantastic perimeter defense by the lakers.
I hope another fantastic defense on Terry, Stojakovic and Barea.
I hope Kobe again exceed Dirk as the goat during the fourth quarter.
I hope our coach Phil Jackson egoless-man, back to overtake its rival in banking.

Above all, I hope the intelligent analysis that members of this blog will have after the defeat. Hysterical screaming like girls as the culprit for the defeat is just one more time Pau.

Thanks M.M. intellectual and philosopher of basketball for helping us to understand such a simple way each loss.

We sing together, Pau has all the blame!!!!!

A great nation like the United States of America deserves a great and intelligent president like George W. Bush I have no doubt.

God bless America!!!

Team never had any intention of showing up for this one. Oh well 5 World Championships in 11 years was a nice run. Start the rebuild process. Bye Zen.

I guess there will be no 12 hat for Phil? Eat it Laker nation!

Okay, so right now it's looking like a full summer of hate mail. Every Celtics fan, Heat fan, Dallas fan, Oklahoma City fan, Phoenix fan, etc. will be spewing how terrible Kobe and Pau and Phil and Mitch and Drew and everyone else is.


the Lakers wake up and manage to come back from 24 down to salvage a tiny corner of respect.

Not looking good for our heroes.


Not to mention every Kobe hater, Fish hater, Bynum hater, Pau hater, Luke hater (even though Luke didn't play in the series), Blake hater, Artest hater, Odumb hater, etc who aren't regularly trolls will be shouting over each other to insist that THEIR object of repulsion is fully to blame for the collapse.

Dude...Did I say BEATDOWN and K.Y. jelly. Kobe and Drew trying to ball, the others have QUIT. All season no HEART, no PASSION it was not a practice season, it was who they our. A shell of a champion, which is soooo SAD.
Now can we get a BANDWAGON for the HEAT....Lews start the BUS, G.Money is the DRIVER.

Memories of game 7 in phoenix in 2006 and game 6 in boston in 2008 dancing (err haunting) in my head. When the Lakers lose, they sure make it ugly. Shawn Marion will have enjoyed 2 blowouts in close-out games against the Lakers. Only question is if this loss will be by 40 before all is said and done. Giving up in Phil's last game is no way to send the coach on to retirement.

It's a hard one to watch. We've had a good run, and I hope it doesn't take too long to get back to the playoffs. I'm reminded of the pre Jackson years. Dallas, you'd better go all the way if you knock off my team and make it look this easy.

Welcome to the mothers day massacre.

Shakespeare - Dude...I can't get a Lakers fan to anwser the PHONE also, can't take the HEAT.

An end of an era.

Lakers need to speed up their tempo to break down the dallas's defense and they also need to move with and with out the ball.

Maybe it's just time to realize that the Mavericks came to play in this series.


Can't beat a team that shoots lights out. They don't even shoot like this in shooting practice without anybody else covering them or even on the floor!

But rebounding! Go get 'em!

Kobe: 7-13
rest of team 7-25

Johnboy, the Lakes will not be in "rebuild" mode at end of this season. Buss realizes that Kobe has only a few years of high quality years left, and he has already stated that he intends to take advantage of them. I foresee FO making some big moves, with every player except Kobe being on the market. Crazy as it may seem, but I see them keeping Fish as a PG reserve, as they will be bringing in a top tier PG.

This is soooo much fun to watch. Suck it fakers. You had last year handed to you by the refs. FU. Happy Mothers Day.

Jason Terry is a nobody, and always will be. No one will remember him. No one cares about the "Mavs", or Dallas, or Mark Cuban. No one will care about Dallas vs. Memphis or Dallas vs. OKC, and unless the Heat make the Finals, no one will care about the finals.

How many rings do the Mavs have? Zero? That will be the same total when this season ends for them. Too bad old age and HORRIBLE officiating finally got to the Lakers. The NBA is getting what it wants, a combination of Euroball set shot 3 point shooting and thug life street ball. I wonder if they stopped to think whether anyone wants to watch it?

Phil, thanks for a great run.

Kobe, you are the best. Hope you can accept it when your career is really over.

Pau, you need to play in a league where skills are respected, not a jungle ball hoopty mess.

Lamar, too bad you never really played to your potential.

Derek, you are the classiest guy out there. Much respect.

Luke, time to go on permanent disability and give the Lakers a chance to rebuild.

Ron, keep up the therapy. You have made a lot of progress. Don't lose it.

Mitch, go to the NY playground and recruit some out of control ballers. That is the future of the NBA.

Dr. Buss, thanks for the memories.

By the way, none of these other cities will ever "Beat LA".

Without the refs help the last two "championships" are unattainable. Your team is not that good,

Terry is 26 point?
Come on PAU your defense on Terry is terrible


Hand in your F'ing RESIGNATION!!!

This game is so much easier with a consistent 3-point shooter! You have not gotten us ONE goddamn decent 3-point shooter in 10 years!!!!



Dude...LO need to give Terry his 6th man Trophy, the real WINNER.

It's about time a Western team does not roll over. the West is a WEAK coference.

You must feel good that Hubie the rube is still rooting for you.

Dude...This team QUIT, gutless COWARDS. This Lakers organization should be EMBARRASS by these over paid BOZO'S.

3-point shots are like daggers, you don't have to have played basketball to know that they're demoralizing, specially when the other team is hitting 15 of them in less than 3 quarters!!!

KUPCHAK, you stink!




You could see it on all their faces when the game started. There was no incentive to try. Comentators are giving kobe too much credit for his performance. They are all playing like kobe(no passing, no assists, take the stupid outside shot) only they are not making their shots like kobe has. Maybe thats what they decided today. to do what kobe does, hog the ball. Five great individuals out on the floor, but no team.

Stojakovic 15 points in 21 minutes
Terry is 32 points in 20 minutes
Barea is 12 points in 13 minutes

Another wonderful defense perimeter for the Lakers.

The guilt of all, Pau Gasol and his poor defense MM was right.


Nice comments Celtic fan Classless as always........ Your just about done as well.

G Money - I'd have to agree with you on LO handing Terry the 6th man trophy. Wow did LO lay down today.

celtic ken-doll - you're posts are pathetic and show how sore of a loser you are. Be a man, accept that your celtics played great and won the world in '08, and that LA played great and won the world in '09 & '10. Deal with it dixie.

Someone should do a stat on how often a team gets blown out when they're down 3 games to none especially when they barely lose game 3. I'd say it's 100 percent of the time and the Lakers today are no exception. I'm shocked that the game announcers keep saying they're surprised the Lakers are getting blown out. Every Laker fan pretty much saw this coming, though we hoped they'd win. I just hope the players remember this drubbing ... wherever they may be playing.

the lakers dont have any one who can make shots consistet.and i will keep saying it the lakers will never be a contendat with fish playing point guard.pau is one sorry dude.and lamar is lazy pj will retire thanks god get rid of that stupid triangle.the lakers has no defense get rid of the whole coaching staff.get rid of barnes he is worse than
luke and fish and that saying a lots.
i agree with get rid of the whole team except kobe and drew.
unfortunately no one will want fish and luke.
if the lakers is going to get back to it winning ways the lakers is going to have to bring in a coach from the outside.

It's been a great run, thanks to Phil, Kobe, and all the Lakers for providing some exciting greatness for this city.

Like watching a car accident....the Lakers are the Deers in the Headlight

They Gave Up

I never would have imaged a Lakers team giving up. They ficking gave up. Heartless. They played game four and this playoff series the same way they played the majority of this season, heartless and clueless. They looked like a chicken with its head cut off.

Well, the run is over, for now. We'll see what happens in the future. As a Laker fan, I know that this organization does not stand for mediocrity. Unlike a lot of the clowns on here posting right now, whose teams have never won a damn thing, I know the the Lakers will be back and I support my team no matter what.

Would not surprise me one bit to see the Mavs fail again, just as I would not be surprised to see the Heat get beat. So, to all you jackasses here gloating, that's great, enjoy it now. Unlike you losers, I know I will never go to your team's website to post any bs.

To quote Jon K -- Lakers Forever!

Hey Laker fans watch tgame 6 anr 7 of last year. Total ref job. Goodbye Odumb.

I forgive you guys for not showing up, let's get a good group together next year to make another run


The Mavericks???........

Love It! Time to put away your stupid front-runner car flags, Laker fans. Lakers showed their true colors: Kobe whining, Lamar punk move, Bynum thug foul...what a pathetic bunch. Losers!

That's your boy Tom!!!


Lakers going down like the thugs they are. Can't even lose like champions.

The Lakers' true character is showing in this major butt-whipping. Bunch of thugs.

This is Carlisle's fault keeping Nowitski in!!!! Guy don't like being humiliated by keeping your starters in with a 30 point lead in the 4th!!!

This is why I dumped these punks, and the whole Hollywood mentality
decades ago.

What a bunch of slugs...

Wow, what real class the FAKERS have.

Bynum and Odom are scumbags.

In Jackson's likely last game as well.

I hope Dr. Buss gets rid of Bynum and Odom TONIGHT - just release them, and get nothing in return.

Man, you'd never see a Celtic behave like that...

You Laker fans actually follow and support guys like that??

Out of control Lakers.

Hey Lakers fan..take your POS classless loser Bynum and keep him there in your cesspool...worthless human being that he is

Real classy, Lakers. Instead of losing like the champions you claim you are, your players throw two of the cheapest shots I've ever seen in professional sports. Karma, baby. You Californians are familiar with that concept, right?

The Lakers win like Champions and they lose like Losers! Cheap shots on the Mavs. I'm ashamed to be a Lakers fan today.

Wow, never thought Bynum could be such a dirtbag...honestly he's a pathetic excuse for a player...he could have seriously hurt Barea. Lakers have no class apparently.

What a no class bunch of punks the Lakers turned out to be......

I hope LA is proud.....

boooooo! artest plays dirtyyyyy!!!!

Surely this is what they like the lakers fans
Pau is playing out now as a man
Odom and Bynum are really men and play hard.

Trade Gasol for Hulk Hogan.

The Lakers are an embarrassment to the City of Los Angeles. Lamar Odom is a thug and Andrew Bynum is a gangster. You really showed your true colors today. At least now, the fans can take those silly Laker flags off their cars. Disgusting!

absolutely classless on behalf of Bynum! I'm glad the Lakers are getting punked. Suck on that Laker fans!

This is so damn great to be watching. Great job Odom. Shows how much of a loser you really are. Great bush league shot Bynum. What a loser you are as well. The Lakers have shown in the last two games how pathetic they truly are. They are getting their butts handed to them big time and they are responding like a bunch of p*****s. This is truly a great day. Watching the Lakers crash and burn like this is such a great thing to see. Bye bye Phil, bye bye Kobe, bye bye Fisher and all the rest of you pathetic losers.

Dude...talking about a complete MELTDOWN, what a classless display.





Just watched Odom get tossed for a cheap shot on Novitzki and then Bynum for a foul he should have been arrested for on Barea. What lowlife ghetto punk behavior.

With Kobe getting old and Pau Gasol losing interest, all I have to say about the Lakers from here on is....

Clippers. Get your tickets now.

magic was right. don't expect to see gasol, bynum, and odom in a lakers uniform next year. fisher is gone, too.

Bynum and Mr Kardasian showing their TRUE colors now.. Andrew, pick on someone alittle bigger you punk.

LA is so bush league!

Odom, Artest, and Bynum typify what TRASH LA is!!! Crap city full of gangbangers and fake people. Enjoy you trash, smog, and traffic. RIP SCUM!!!!!!!!

what bush league team is wearing the Lakers uni's here as this game ends? This isn't the Lakers. Phil! Get hold of your team! Who's soft???? WHO IS SOFT????

Classless LA Lakers. Enjoy your golf tee times you losers!


Posted by: Johnboy | May 08, 2011 at 02:25 PM


Dude...the Lakers organization desires better then that, show some CLASS.

Bynum has been one of my favorite laker players, but after that shot to Barea, I hope he is supended half of next season. He will definitely be traded now.

Lakers are true front runners. Have no real heart and do not react well to adersity!

Boy, don't Bynum and Odom have a lot of class, huh?

In Jackson's last game too.

You'd never see Celtics behaving like that...

Yes, yes, say whatever you want about Gasol. But the real reasons about this disaster are in the locker room right now. What a shame! Shameless and mediocre players Odom and Bynum. How easy is to talk rubbish about Gasol when things go wrong, not to talk about the bunch of friends in the bench...

Good bye and good riddance to an overrated franchsie. I'd like to see how this organization would do ion Cleveland!






This is so sweet. It's all down hill now for the Lakers.

The Clippers will now be the hot team to see at the Staples Center.


Zero class. I hope Lamar and Bynum get hit with 6 figure fines
and 1/2 season suspention

Deep down the Lakers are quitters as we are seeing here.

Reminds me of the total thumping the Boston Celtics gave the Lakers in game 6 in Boston back in '08!


Hey LA, let me know when you get an NFL franchise!

Zero class, Lakers. Bynum and Odom should be locked up.

The Heat will be the next posers to go down.

I hope you Lakers fans dvr'd all their championship ceremonies, cuz you won't be seeing anything like that for a LOOOOOOOONG time. It's gonna be nice watching the Lakers be the basement dwellers of the western conference for the next SEVERAL seasons!

doesn't this remind you of 2008? Didn't the Lakers finish the finals with a beatdown!

Cheap shots? Remember the 80's. And Laker haters.... Still got the titles. Hate all you want. Losers.

Should be a long flight back to LA. Come to think of it, based on how the Lakers played, take the bus!

Where is Jack Nicholson when the Lakers need him?

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