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Lakers vs. Mavericks Game 3: Mavericks 98, Lakers 92 (final)

Photo: Lakers guard Derek Fisher is fouled by Mavericks guard DeShawn Stevenson while trying to split the Dallas defense in the first half Friday night in Dallas. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times The Last Stand looked more like the Last Wobble.

History is standing between the Lakers and a second-round exit at the hands of the Mavericks after Dallas stunned them, 98-92, on Friday night in Dallas.

No NBA team has ever managed to come back from a 3-0 deficit in the playoffs to win a series.

The Lakers led by eight points with less than seven minutes remaining but the Mavericks, boosted by a stellar fourth-quarter showing from Peja Stojakovic, kept chipping away at the lead.

“We didn’t panic,” said the Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki, who had a game-high 32 points and collected nine rebounds.

Stojakovic had 15 points off the bench, including three three-pointers. Eleven of those points came in the fourth quarter. 

Jason Terry added 23 more points off the bench for Dallas.


Lakers-Mavericks Game 3 box score

 Lakers-Mavericks Game 3 photo gallery

Lakers have usually gotten out of trouble

Lakers 81, Mavericks 75 (6:49 remaining in fourth quarter)

You know it is (mostly) going well when Kobe Bryant is smiling on the bench and then hugs one of his teammates.

It happened after reserve Shannon Brown’s drive to the hoop gave the Lakers an eight-point lead. Brown has 10 points and three rebounds off the bench, getting the big embrace and encouragement from Bryant.

Andrew Bynum just picked up his fourth foul and came out, reluctantly.

Jose Barea cut the Lakers’ lead to six points with 6:49 left.

Lakers 72, Mavericks 66 (End of third quarter)

Another strong finish for the Lakers, one quarter away from grabbing their first victory of this series.

They are doing it in a variety of ways, one of them being determined defense, having held the Mavericks to 19 points in the third quarter.

They finished the third quarter on an 8-2 run. Kobe Bryant went two for six in the third quarter but he has 13 points and six assists.

So who will be the hero of the fourth quarter: The Mavericks' Jose Barea (again) or the beleaguered Pau Gasol for the Lakers?

Lakers 58, Mavericks 51 (8:16 left in third quarter)

Pau Gasol made a running layup, Derek Fisher hit a three-pointer from the left wing and the Lakers managed to take their biggest lead of the game, going up by seven.

Kobe Bryant set up both Gasol and Fisher, and has four assists and 11 points on five-for-five shooting. Andrew Bynum picked up his third foul, though.

Lakers 51, Mavericks 47 (End of first half)

The Lakers stirred and came to life just in time for the end of the first half, finishing the second quarter on an 11-2 run, which was highlighted by Andrew Bynum on a fast break, finishing with a monster dunk to put the Lakers up by three.

Bynum and Lamar Odom have combined for 24 points for the Lakers, and Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry have contributed 30 points combined for the Mavericks.

Kobe Bryant has been efficient, going four of four from the field for nine points.

The Lakers are shooting 53%, the Mavericks 46%. Dallas made five three-pointers to only two for the Lakers in the first half.

Mavericks 45, Lakers 42 (2:53 left in second quarter)

It was Dirk Nowitzki and JET leading the way for Dallas. JET would be Jason Terry, who came off the bench and had nine points in the second quarter. He has 12 points in all.

Nowitzki is six-for-10 shooting from the field for 16 points.

Kobe Bryant has taken two shots, making them both. That is, two shots in the game … not the quarter. Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum have combined for 20 points.

Mavericks 38, Lakers 32 (8:41 left in second quarter)

The expected: Kobe Bryant with his fourth point of the game, passed Shaq for No. 3 on the league’s all-time playoff scoring list. No. 1 is Michael Jordan and No. 2 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

The unexpected: Joe Smith actually got into a playoff game for the Lakers.

Mavericks 29, Lakers 27 (end of first quarter)

The opening quarter had no shortage of drama. Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum landed in early foul trouble, picking up two each. Bryant was limited to only 6:27 of play in the first quarter and had a mere two points.

Dallas center Tyson Chandler also was called for two fouls in the first quarter.

The Lakers shot 55% and the Mavericks 52%, but Dallas finished the quarter on a big surge, going on a 9-3 run.

Bynum, looking more emotional and demonstrative than usual, led the Lakers with 10 points.  

Dirk Nowitzki had 11 for the Mavericks.

Mavericks 19, Lakers 16 (4:12 remaining in first quarter)

Just like that, the Mavericks got hot, at the hand of Dirk Nowitzki, of course.

Dallas went on a 9-2 run with Nowitzki hitting back-to-back three-pointers. The Mavericks are four for four from three-point range, and the Lakers have not yet attempted a three.

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson immediately called a timeout after Nowitzki’s last three and aired out Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol.

Looked like he wanted to put them both into a timeout.

Lakers 14, Mavericks 10 (5:48 remaining in first quarter)

The opening minutes had the expected highlight. Kobe Bryant’s 17-foot jumper with 9:02 left in the first quarter meant that he passed Shaquille O'Neal for third place on the NBA’s all-time playoff scoring list. 

Lamar Odom, starting in the place of suspended Ron Artest at small forward, is one-for-three shooting from the field for two points.

Jason Kidd has five points for the Mavericks.

--Lisa Dillman


There are a lot of things the Lakers must do better in Friday's Game 3 at Dallas.

Among their challenges: outplaying the Mavericks' deep bench. In Games 1 and 2 the Mavericks' reserves outscored the Lakers' bench by 70 to 37, and Dallas' second unit created 20 assists to only nine for the Lakers.

Lamar Odom, of course, is the Lakers' best bench player but he's expected to start Friday. So that puts the load on Shannon Brown, Matt Barnes, Steve Blake and, maybe, Luke Walton.

Gambling site favors the Mavericks by 2 1/2 points and likes the Mavericks by 2 points in Game 3.

--Barry Stavro

Photo: Lakers guard Derek Fisher is fouled by Mavericks guard DeShawn Stevenson while trying to split the Dallas defense in the first half Friday night in Dallas. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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Well said Edwin. Its been a great three year run.

Laker Jeff , well said.
However , we need some improvements in the next season (regardless of this season outcome).
Fish has to go , we suffer so much defensively because of him. He was able to make up for his atrocious defensive play by hitting some heroic threes and stuff , but this season its clear : he lost his mojo , too old.
I truly believe , if we find a good PG , Lakers will still be a contender.

Next game walton should get 30 minutes and Artest and Barnes 30 minutes. The entire starting lineup stinks including Fisher and Kobe. They're just plain bad. My daughters high school team could beat them. Time to get rid of them all and bring back Shaq. Everyone knows Shaq is the only player who can defend Dirk. Bring back shack and Vlade. And Sabonis is available too.

Oh I almost forgot. Lakers need to pick up Greg Oden now that the blazers are cutting him loose. Oden can defend Dirk.

One more thought to those who want to blow up this team - why trade Gasol for Howard? We're not losing to Dallas because our inside game is weak..we're killing Dallas inside..there is no need to blow up this team. We're losing because we have no legitimate 3 point shooter...we have no Korver, no J.R. Smith..heck we don't even have a Rick Fox. All this team is missing is a 3 point punisher who delivers if the other team wants to pack it in...that guy used to be Fish and we thought would be Artest. Go out and get a 3 point shooter, maybe 2 and the dynasty lives on. Bottom line of the Dallas series...3 point shooting PERIOD.

Im not sure it will be that easy for the lakers to retool like in old times. Don't forget you have NY and NJ out there trying to load up as well other attractive large market big money cities like Chicago, Dallas, and Houston ect also trying to stock up. I'm a bulls fan and also like the mavs but respect the lakers especially more than the Heat which most of their phony fans live in middle america.

What laughs. The braindead Dallas losers are talking smack. You haven't won ANYTHING fools, so cork your cryholes.

You'll get mopped by the Thunder.

Warner.......are you smoking something psychedelic. You're not making any sense. Shaq is ready for retirement.

Congratulation to Dirk and JKidd, they deserved to win it all.

I think the fat lady is is now peeping edgy to give her song. That fat lady looks like Kloe who dragged Lamar to complacency.

Maestro, here's my contribution before the end of the real season.

I believe we laker fans are too arrogant and assumed that the 3 peat was automatic. You remember what kobe said that you can't beat me in june! A big piece of humble pie is good for an out of control ego! Stern is happy because the nba is unpredictable again with la and perhaps boston going down in flames. Next season there will be no talk about practise season. Respect the game and the game will respect you.

Bynum should have gotten more touches in the early fourth when the bench was on the court. There were straight plays that didn't go inside. I don't get why people don't understand- go to the guy that's hitting the shots.

I love Pau, and I appreciate what he has done for the Lakers, but I'm not sure that we wouldn't be better off trading him for a speedy point guard and a couple good athletic cutter/shooters. I like Lamar as the power forward more, and Pau and Drew don't seem to be able to play together. I couldn't help but think every time the ball went into Pau that it was a touch Bynum wasn't getting. Bynum is a talented big man with a lot of post moves who is solid under pressure. He may or may not be "injury prone," but he's a strong center and his play this season (and particularly the postseason) has showed that he deserves to be the number 2 option on this team. It depends, but if the Lakers want a change from Phil's triangle they need a speedy pg. Yes, the Lakers are good because they are big, but they need shooting more than size.

I'm hoping the Lakers don't enter a rebuilding phase entirely- we can make some trades to get more athletic and better shooting and cutting. A core of Bynum, Odom, and Kobe, plus a couple more slasher/shooter guards and some speed could help us a lot.

And yes, I am sounding defeated. I didn't see a lot to show that the Lakers can stop Nowitski down the stretch or that they have a real answer to the Mav's shooting and ball movement. The Lakers have more skilled big men, but they aren't playing like it.

12 to 3peat- four in a row.

With kobe not passing to bynum down the stretch was is the surprise? When the priest pointed out this selfish behavior i was attacked. But as you can see practise makes perfect. I think the lakers have one more ring in them but they must play the right way. Kobe must have the ball go inside and then out. He must turn the reins over to bynum ala robinson did with duncan. Kobe for next season must be option 2. It's as simple as that.

Disappointing, yes. But clearly there are things going on we won't know about until further down the line, if at all. Gasol's fiancee left him recently and word is he had a blow-up with an unnamed Laker about this, going so far as to blame the player's wife for causing the split. Maybe these are the "trust" issues Bynum spoke of.

bring back shaq, trade for kevin garnett, steve nash and raja bell. new lineup will be shaq in the middle , KG at the 4, Bell at 3, bryant and nash at guard. maybe they can beat dallas next year with 4 future hall of famer . with james worthy coaching and john ireland being the trainer. eveyone need to go except kobe.

Unfortunately , I truly believe , Kobe will not anybody dominate the 4th quarter while he is on the team . And I think its going to be the case for as long as he is on the team.
Kobe is great but he is getting old , he is not the go to guy anymore and needs to understand it.

We need another PG as well !!!

Sweep by the Mavs !!! The whole Lakers team looked pathetic. Pau especially. I kept saying all year long to Laker management Buss and Mitch and Coach Jackson to go out and get some faster, smarter PG's but they said things were fine. They wanted to go with their veteran Fisher. What a joke !! Mitch, need to clean house and go after Howard for a start even is this means Gasol and Bynum and Odom. The rest of the team is all junk and need to be replaced. Therre is no bench per say. Laker fans will be watching your moves this summer.

If Laker owner is smart and wants to build a Laker team with discipline and leadership then the answer is coach Loan from the Jazz. Shaw is ok as an assistant but not head coach. Buss get serious and get the Lakers a great and proven coach. This is how you start the next season.

There doesn't seem to be any discipline within the lakers organisation. Lo hawking perfume and doing a reality show. Ron hawking his corny rap single after a beatdown by the heat. Brown marrying a has been star he just met. Kobe playing outside the offense with impunity. Barnes with that stupid haircut. Bynum delaying his surgery so he could go to world cup. Zen master not coaching and failing to rein kobe in. Kupkake getting rid of farmar. I can go on and on.

In this game, the Lakers we outscored 20-32 in the 4th quarter, even after being up by 8 half way into the quarter. In the last three games the Mavericks have totally outplayed the Lakers in the fourth quarter.

In the matchup between the two closers, Dirk has outmatched Kobe. In both the first and third games, it was crucial mistakes by veterans and captains that killed any chance to win. Either the Lakers have run out of what it takes to win, or they are teasing the basketball world and will turn it around and win 4 in a row. Then repeat the same drama in each of the following series.

My feeling is that they might have a movie deal going with Jack. Just imagine, it could only take a Hollywood finale to turn this season around, and 3-peat. Jackson finishes up the Heat, rides into the Montana sunset with Jeannie in the back of his Harley, hoisting the O'Brien trophy all the way to the ranch.
I'm sure Jackson is slapping and giving 40 lashes to Gasol right about now.

What was Phil Jackson's plan with scolding Pau Gasol on every timeout? Is Gasol now Lakers' scapegoat?
It looks more like Phil has no game plan so he's singled out one player to blame, a big no-no for a coach.
Though Phil won't be coach next season so I don't think he cares. What a bad way to go out though.... 0-4!

The speculation I've heard is that it was Steve Blake's wife. But I don't want to go starting rumours. This was all on Cowherd's ESPN show, btw.

Pau is hurt by the split up , I am sure its the reason he plays so poorly , there is no other explanation .

This laker team is the most talented in all of basketball. Kobe the closest person to jordan. Bynum a real beast. Gastrong the most multifaceted big man. LO a real star. Ron the best wing defender. Barnes a former starter. Brown an explosive player. But one of the biggest problem is that Phil can't or refused to develop rookie players in the regular season. Doc has done it. Pop has done it but Phil has never done it. The other problem is that kobe have destroyed the chemistry on this team. If he had set the example by going inside out from the regular season la would be up 3-0 by now. I said it from the regular season that la needed facilitator kobe and it was confirmed by both kenny smith and charles barkley. But the priest was again attacked for stating this. This was a wasted season.

Lakers need to send Pau Gasol and rest of the team to Navy Seal 6 training and then they will win championship at least 6 yrs in a row!!!!!!! send pay gasol right now........

Lakers have checked out for the summer. Take your photos, folks! The 2010 season is over!

Not the championship level of play I expect from the Lakers. No excuses.

The NBA is fixed so anything is possible.

I've been a Lakers season ticket holder since 2003, and have followed the team since the Magic & Kareem showtime era. I was at game 7 of the 2010 Finals, and it was an amazing moment...

With that being said, here are my thoughts on the 2010-2011 Lakers:

1) To win one Championship, let alone a 3-peat, is extremely difficult to do and takes great sacrifice. A team must earn this, it is not a birthright.
2) 98 teams have been down 0-3, and none have come back to win. If the Lakers somehow manage to come back and win this series, they will make history.
3) Lakers basketball does not end with the 2010-2011 season. If the champs lose this series a heavy re-tooling of the team will be made by management.
4) Free agents available for 2012 include Dwight Howard & Chris Paul, among others...
5) You do not need to convince a top free agent to come to the Lakers; the tradition, weather, and location take care of all that by themselves.

I've never seen a Lakers team with this much talent, take winning a championship so lightly. It seems as though they don't respect the process that it takes to get there, and it is very frustrating to watch. However, regardless of what happens in this series, the future of this organization still looks very bright and I wouldn't be surprised if a newly revamped Lakers squad going forward from 2012 starts a new dynasty...

Trade Kobe while you can, he believes he can coach a team.

The Laker style is very slowww and boringgg

Not fun to watch

Yeah, I agree. As much as these guys should be "professionals" you can't be unaffected by a spouse/GF leaving you right as the playoffs start. That's a tough one. Just ask Tony Parker.

This game was lost tonight in 2 areas: 3 point shooting, and free throws. OK, I will give Dallas their due that they have better 3 point shooters. But the Lakers scored most of their points in the paint. They were aggressive and drove to the basket. Usually, when a team does that, they get free throws because they draw fouls going to the basket. Why did the Lakers get draw so few fouls driving to the basket?????Why did Dallas, who did most of their scoring from the outside, get so many more free throws??

Laker Jeff, you're absolutely right.

"there is no need to blow up this team. We're losing because we have no legitimate 3 point shooter...we have no Korver, no J.R. Smith..heck we don't even have a Rick Fox. All this team is missing is a 3 point punisher who delivers if the other team wants to pack it in..."

Laker Jeff --

Here's what I wrote earlier (about the need for a legit 3-point shooter):

MITCH KUPCHEK needs to take a lot of blame here. Not since Glen Rice in 2000 have the Lakers had a knock-down 3-point shooter (other than "the Machine" in 2008). This falls squarely on the GM. Isn't it utterly pathetic to go 10 long years and not come up with a 3-point shooter on this team? They have gotten away with it for years, with Horry, Fisher and Kobe stepping up with big shots to win games, but not in Game 2. The Lakers were 0-18 from 3-point range until a couple of meanningless ones in the final minutes.

KUPCHEK is the same guy who gave Luke Walton a 6-year contract, the same guy who signed Devon George to a ridiculous contract when he could have worked out a sign and trade for Chauncy Billups that same year. Billups went on to become the Finals MVP in 2004 against the Lakers. With Billups, you'd have another Championship banner in 2004.

KUPCHEK got lucky ONCE, with the Gasol trade, but more and more even that trade doesn't look all that great as the younger Gasol improves. After all, how would a younger and more physical Marc Gasol look on the Lakers right now, lined up next to Andrew Bynum?

KUPCHEK, what ails this team is a lack of a pure 3-point shooter, FIRST AND FOREMOST. Why weren't you able to secure Peja the dancing queen for the Lakers this year? Why? He killed us tonight! Killed us in the 4th quarter! We desperately needed a 3-point threat this year (after Sasha). You knew that by mid-season. So why haven't you been able to secure such a player in TEN LONG YEARS?????

Shaq needs to revive the Lakers. Grease him up and throw him on the floor in the purple n gold. or yellow iguess it is. Shaq has another 5 good years in him. Why did we trade him? Also, Luke Walton can be the saviour. He and Ron Artest need to play maximum minutes in the final four games against the Mavs. Go Lakers.

Some of y'all is just plain ig'nant! Kobe gave us 5 rings. People need to get off the negativity. Tweak the team a little next year (Howard!)

Instead of splitting the mid-level exception between Barnes and Blake last off-season, Kupchek should've gone after Korver (who was an unrestricted free agent) or Mike Miller and given either one the entire mid-level, and then signed Trey Johnson to back-up Fisher or just kept Farmer. With either Korver or Miller (preferably Korver), the Lakers would win some of these games where they can't hit a 3 if their lives depended on it.

They lost this game in the 4th quarter because the Mavs hit some dagger 3s (thanks to Peja, who was also available to the Lakers this year!) -- on the other hand, the Lakers couldn't hit any 3-pointers (Blake got one in the 2nd quarter)!

The Lakers have not had a legit 3-point shooter since Glen Rice, and even then, we got the very old Glen Rice!!!

It's over laker fans. Move on.

Let's see how loyal you really are when Kobe gets traded.


Greeting From Texas: The Mavs rule now. They own the West! Kobe and the rest of the LA over-the-hill gang are now relics from the past! And Phil Jackson is about to lose his mind---even pushing/striking a player. Carlisle outcoached him again! And Ron Artest is a shameful Laker who picks on the little guy! What a jerk! So.....Lakers bow down to the Dallas Mavericks now...and admit defeat! Rebuilding time for the Lakers! Hallelujah!

Alright... as much as I'm frustrated with Pau all postseason...
All this talk about getting rid of Pau because he's the "weakest link" talk is stupid and ignorant. Before we got him, we were lucky to get into the playoffs.

The truth though is that the dude has to find his fire. He's tired. And it's hurt the team this post-season. You can even hear it in his interviews. But the fact remains that he has helped delivered two championships and three straight trips to the finals.

As much as I am frustrated with this team, this is what they deserved. And last year's run is what did it. That run against the Celtics REALLY beat them down emotionally and mentally. Don't forget how good that felt to beat our arch rivals. I will take that win any day over what we have going this post-season.

Yes, it hurts now. But there are probably 28 other teams in the league that would gladly switch places with the success LA has had.

To the Lakers' faithful movie star fan---Jack! How 'bout those Mavs, Jack!! You better go back to watching "The Shining" for entertainment now! 'Cause the Lakers are past history, kaput, finished......rebuilding time! Even the coach is apparently going bonkers because of the Mavericks prowess!

kobe makes a dumb foul, hits gasoft in back w/ one of his rare passes and chokes on another big shot late in game with a older smaller player guarding is over for celtics too but i hope they can go out like champs and not get embarrassed like fakers are....LA is such a lousy sports city they dont even have the big daddy of pro sports, the nfl, in least celtic fans have the bruins, sox and patriots going for championships but anyways it has been a fun 4 years

Jetstar Jim, go to bed bama

On PAU - dude's fiancee left him couple weeks ago. Cut the guy some slack... he's only human.

and now that it is over for lakers i am sure the great phil will retire or try to weasel his way into heat job...i didnt see him hang around after jordan got done

i dont even think mavs are better team, la could easily be up 2-1 if they had any heart...the lakers havent been getting as many cheap calls this year like in 2010 when ray allen got 3 quick fouls in gms 1 and 3 plus epic hosing in gm 7

People threw Pau under the bus in no time at all. Lets not forget that without Pau coming to the Lakers, we don't go to the championship games for the last three years. We won the last two championships with Pau playing a pivotal role so i for one will not give up on him just because he's not playing up to his norm during these playoffs. Next season at the beginning, the coaches need to have a new mind set and should demand that the lakers share the ball on offense and play together. No more one player(Kobe)going one against three and making bad plays at the end of games. This team will be ok if kept intact with just a couple of additions to the bench and a younger/quicker point guard.

The hardest thing to do is to close a series out. It is likely that the lakers can win one in Dallas to avoid the sweep. Later the lakers can win another in L.A..But the real challenge of this championship team is to win that sixth game in Dallas. It would be simply historic to be the first team to come back from being down 3-0.... Is L.A. the team to do it? Do they have true Championship calibur? Well Kobe? Well Paul? Well Andrew? Well Mr Jackson? This is the time the team must pull together and just play!!!!

Oh Pat;;;;;;;; Jordan had Scottie, and Dennis and the support of his hold team and a great coach. Yes Kobe, Fisher, Bryum is good but with no support from other team members like Brown, Odom, and Gosal they can't win.....they all have to be on the same page!!! It the same for Football the QB is only as good as his team mate will allow him to be. Let's take Brett Favre the year before you could not stop Allen he sacked every game this year he fell flat as a pancake and the injuries to his main reciever but no you want to put down someone who gave us nothing but joy and fun when he played the game. He sould have been able to finish as a Packer that's where his heart really was, but three egos denied him this opportunity. But I had the opportunity to experience watching greatness in my lifetime, and he made the game of football fun for young and old alike. Thank you Michael, Thank you Kobe, Thank you Tiger, and thank you Brett for some really great memories. Your 72 year old Arizona Fan who loves each of you. God Bless you and your family!

I should have added two more Thank you to Phil Jackson and to one of the biggest fans of the Lakers Jack and his buddies they crack me up when they get upset on the side lines. I would love to be there with looks like a blast!! Good Luck Lakers today! I feel you will come away with a win!

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