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Lakers vs. Mavericks Game 3: Mavericks 98, Lakers 92 (final)

Photo: Lakers guard Derek Fisher is fouled by Mavericks guard DeShawn Stevenson while trying to split the Dallas defense in the first half Friday night in Dallas. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times The Last Stand looked more like the Last Wobble.

History is standing between the Lakers and a second-round exit at the hands of the Mavericks after Dallas stunned them, 98-92, on Friday night in Dallas.

No NBA team has ever managed to come back from a 3-0 deficit in the playoffs to win a series.

The Lakers led by eight points with less than seven minutes remaining but the Mavericks, boosted by a stellar fourth-quarter showing from Peja Stojakovic, kept chipping away at the lead.

“We didn’t panic,” said the Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki, who had a game-high 32 points and collected nine rebounds.

Stojakovic had 15 points off the bench, including three three-pointers. Eleven of those points came in the fourth quarter. 

Jason Terry added 23 more points off the bench for Dallas.


Lakers-Mavericks Game 3 box score

 Lakers-Mavericks Game 3 photo gallery

Lakers have usually gotten out of trouble

Lakers 81, Mavericks 75 (6:49 remaining in fourth quarter)

You know it is (mostly) going well when Kobe Bryant is smiling on the bench and then hugs one of his teammates.

It happened after reserve Shannon Brown’s drive to the hoop gave the Lakers an eight-point lead. Brown has 10 points and three rebounds off the bench, getting the big embrace and encouragement from Bryant.

Andrew Bynum just picked up his fourth foul and came out, reluctantly.

Jose Barea cut the Lakers’ lead to six points with 6:49 left.

Lakers 72, Mavericks 66 (End of third quarter)

Another strong finish for the Lakers, one quarter away from grabbing their first victory of this series.

They are doing it in a variety of ways, one of them being determined defense, having held the Mavericks to 19 points in the third quarter.

They finished the third quarter on an 8-2 run. Kobe Bryant went two for six in the third quarter but he has 13 points and six assists.

So who will be the hero of the fourth quarter: The Mavericks' Jose Barea (again) or the beleaguered Pau Gasol for the Lakers?

Lakers 58, Mavericks 51 (8:16 left in third quarter)

Pau Gasol made a running layup, Derek Fisher hit a three-pointer from the left wing and the Lakers managed to take their biggest lead of the game, going up by seven.

Kobe Bryant set up both Gasol and Fisher, and has four assists and 11 points on five-for-five shooting. Andrew Bynum picked up his third foul, though.

Lakers 51, Mavericks 47 (End of first half)

The Lakers stirred and came to life just in time for the end of the first half, finishing the second quarter on an 11-2 run, which was highlighted by Andrew Bynum on a fast break, finishing with a monster dunk to put the Lakers up by three.

Bynum and Lamar Odom have combined for 24 points for the Lakers, and Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry have contributed 30 points combined for the Mavericks.

Kobe Bryant has been efficient, going four of four from the field for nine points.

The Lakers are shooting 53%, the Mavericks 46%. Dallas made five three-pointers to only two for the Lakers in the first half.

Mavericks 45, Lakers 42 (2:53 left in second quarter)

It was Dirk Nowitzki and JET leading the way for Dallas. JET would be Jason Terry, who came off the bench and had nine points in the second quarter. He has 12 points in all.

Nowitzki is six-for-10 shooting from the field for 16 points.

Kobe Bryant has taken two shots, making them both. That is, two shots in the game … not the quarter. Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum have combined for 20 points.

Mavericks 38, Lakers 32 (8:41 left in second quarter)

The expected: Kobe Bryant with his fourth point of the game, passed Shaq for No. 3 on the league’s all-time playoff scoring list. No. 1 is Michael Jordan and No. 2 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

The unexpected: Joe Smith actually got into a playoff game for the Lakers.

Mavericks 29, Lakers 27 (end of first quarter)

The opening quarter had no shortage of drama. Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum landed in early foul trouble, picking up two each. Bryant was limited to only 6:27 of play in the first quarter and had a mere two points.

Dallas center Tyson Chandler also was called for two fouls in the first quarter.

The Lakers shot 55% and the Mavericks 52%, but Dallas finished the quarter on a big surge, going on a 9-3 run.

Bynum, looking more emotional and demonstrative than usual, led the Lakers with 10 points.  

Dirk Nowitzki had 11 for the Mavericks.

Mavericks 19, Lakers 16 (4:12 remaining in first quarter)

Just like that, the Mavericks got hot, at the hand of Dirk Nowitzki, of course.

Dallas went on a 9-2 run with Nowitzki hitting back-to-back three-pointers. The Mavericks are four for four from three-point range, and the Lakers have not yet attempted a three.

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson immediately called a timeout after Nowitzki’s last three and aired out Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol.

Looked like he wanted to put them both into a timeout.

Lakers 14, Mavericks 10 (5:48 remaining in first quarter)

The opening minutes had the expected highlight. Kobe Bryant’s 17-foot jumper with 9:02 left in the first quarter meant that he passed Shaquille O'Neal for third place on the NBA’s all-time playoff scoring list. 

Lamar Odom, starting in the place of suspended Ron Artest at small forward, is one-for-three shooting from the field for two points.

Jason Kidd has five points for the Mavericks.

--Lisa Dillman


There are a lot of things the Lakers must do better in Friday's Game 3 at Dallas.

Among their challenges: outplaying the Mavericks' deep bench. In Games 1 and 2 the Mavericks' reserves outscored the Lakers' bench by 70 to 37, and Dallas' second unit created 20 assists to only nine for the Lakers.

Lamar Odom, of course, is the Lakers' best bench player but he's expected to start Friday. So that puts the load on Shannon Brown, Matt Barnes, Steve Blake and, maybe, Luke Walton.

Gambling site favors the Mavericks by 2 1/2 points and likes the Mavericks by 2 points in Game 3.

--Barry Stavro

Photo: Lakers guard Derek Fisher is fouled by Mavericks guard DeShawn Stevenson while trying to split the Dallas defense in the first half Friday night in Dallas. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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I'm a bulls fan,and I'm certainly not a laker's hater. But,let me tell you that I'm picking dallas to win it all in the west. Dallas is an offensive machine thus far versus lakers. It's over mates.

Lakers=Tattered and torn
Mavs=Scorching Hot
Heat= kickin' butts
Celtics= old and weary
Bulls= Aiming high
Memphis= Best mover

Is it bye bye for lakers?

JUST WIN THIS GAME (and it's a new series)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're playing Cuban's chokers!!!!!!!!!

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Ludwig: It's over. Move on,sir.

16 Championship banners, fool, it's never over with the Los Angeles Lakers, the greatest sports franchise in human history!!!

Now go eat sour grapes when the Lakers win this series, you bitter, jealous fool!!!


wait so if mavs win this, then they beat lakers? since they alredy won 2 games?

The Lakers are imploding. Too many egos on one team.


16 banners doesn't mean a thing. You're a fool for believing that lakers can win this series down 3-0? You're still pre-occupied with that 16 banners yada yada? You're a joke.

Everybody knows lakers isn't the team to beat. It's the miami heat. I can sense a 7 straight championship for the heat. That's inevitable.

Complete 4th quarter collapse 3 games in a row. How many touches did Bynum get in the second half? Lakers froze him out. Yes, Gasol destroyed his rep in this series but these were team losses. No one except Bynum played well. Kobe looked very ordinary. Anyone who says "it ain't over...," "we're still confident..." or anything of that nature needs a reality check. After the last 3 games how can they NOT totally quit. Mavs by 30+ on Bloody Sunday.

Cmon, game's over. Update the blog. Lakers lost!

Lakers have no game plan.
Phil just rode the backs of great players!
He had no plan except hoping and praying his players play better

Where's the update?????????

@Ludwig: Can I eat a sour grapes now? I'll take it eventhough I don't see lakers winning this series. I just don't want you to be in utter shame. You're a joke,sir.

Nah,50% of the laker fans are a bunch of hypocrites, 30% are fools ,and the 20% are the ones who see's the reality. I'm inviting you to join our heat bandwagon! Come on! Laker's an obsolete team.

The great Phil Jackson out coached by Rick Carlisle?

Dallas didn't "stun" the Lakers; they beat 'em--again.

Isn't it sweet? The demise of this elite team is at hand. Now it's time for the miami heat to take over.
Go heat!

Thank you Phil, for 5 Titles. We didn't win today, but we're still Champions.


Of course Gunner shows up when the Lakers are against the ropes. He'll disappear (like usual) when the Lakers win out this series, and hopefully he'll take his all-caps and gross misspellings (it's "reel," smarty) with him.

I believe. And I always will.

Go Lake Show!

Posted by: The Outlaw | May 05, 2011 at 08:55 PM


The brutal truth that Dallas fans don’t realize right now is the Lakers have the Mavs right where they want them. This weekend will start with the Lakers blowing Game 3 wide open in the 1st quarter and end with the Mavs trying to pick themselves up off the floor after 2 humiliated thrashings at home and suddenly realizing they not only lost back home court advantage but probably the series as well. With Dallas’ confidence reeling, the Lakers pound out 2 more dominating wins to close out the semis 4-2.

So get your act together Lakers fans and show up for your team whether in person, on TV, or on DVR. Will your team to triumph. Let the collective karma flow and inspire the greatness that we know this team has to emerge at last. From now on, our motto needs to be just win out. Every game. Metal to the pedal for full48 minutes. Don’t let up. Don’t slow down. Don’t look back. Just win out!

Posted by: LakerTom | May 05, 2011 at 06:44 PM



Usually teams dont make 3 point shots like this 3 consecutive games.
So be it.

But this team should be able to score a million points on the Mavs defense.


Gasol sucks period. I say get rid of him and get another real player. He ruined his reputation. Bynum you are the MAN!!!

Go Bulls. Go Mavs.

Hell, I'll even cheer for those Greenies to win a few games against the Cheat.

That is, unless the Lakers really are capable of "making history"

Sadly, I just don't see it fellas. I was made to feel like I'm not a fan after game 2, which made it mathematically improbable - while now it's basically mathematically impossible.

What's PJ's record when facing an 0-3 deficit?

Oh yeah... hasn't happened yet.

So, Lakers DID make history.


Good news? I'll have more time to actually get work done.
Thank you to the Lakers, and I'm especially PROUD of Andrew Bynum tonight. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

No one is talking about the leaps in improvement he has made when he WASN'T injured in the offseason...

I expect Socks to be even MORE of a monster next season!

I'm out.
It's all yours Trolls. Have at it. Your day in the sun has finally arrived.


Big time overhaul next season, and lets start with Gasol.

The dream dies hard.



Not to worry Dallas fans.... the Mavs will get beat down by the Heat.... lol.

Lakers are done it's over no more excuses it's time to rebuild and become heat fans

LAKERS - (L)ost (A)gain (K)obe (E)veryone (R)eally (S)ucked!! I loved the way sore loser and I mean loser Kobe walked off the court! This is great!! Done!! Put a fork in them!! Warm up the Grill!! Toast-a-matic! Hey Fair weather Laker fan enjoy your long summer! Oh and enjoy paying that luxury tax for wheelchair has-beens like Artest, Odom, Fisher, Barnes and Gasol. Hey Laker fan it's kinda hard to win when you and Kobe don't get the calls anymore. Don't feel bad Lakers... we saw how average Tim Duncan and the rest of the SA's were without the ref's help. This series is the best choke job I've ever seen the Lakers display. Let's just call them the LA Chokers!!

People in LA shouldn't be upset, you had a long string of success, the rest of the teams have just caught up to you. Just like the Jordan era, the sun is setting on Kobe era. The Lakers are kind of symbolic of all of L.A., living off the past. Maybe it's time to clean up your city and your team.

Phil Jackson has destroyed the Lakers in this series. His coaching as been awful. Why does he keep leaving Kobe on the bench to start every fourth quarter? Horrible. It's pretty much over on sunday.

Laker bench 15 Mavs bench 42.Wow! after being out scored again in another fourth quarter by the Mavs, andwatching the Lakers coming apart like they was the team with out experience.I think its time to press the PANIC button.The Mavs are just better than us right now.And the Lakers they played offense,but forgot how to play defense with all those uncontested 3 pointers. Terrible,just have to not get sweep.

Go Lakers!

Posted by: OCLEZY | May 06, 2011 at 09:42 PM

Trade Pau and Odom for Howard! Kobe, Bynum and Howard will be awesome for the Lakers next year. Magic will do this they will get value for Howard rather lose him to free agency next year. The Lakers gotta reload. We gotta get a better bench next year. Trade everyone except Kobe and Bynum!

Phil was not out coached but his players are just dam-dam in the 4th quarter. This is now 3rd game where the Lakers blew the 4th quarters. Symptoms appeared during the Christmas Day game and nobody bothered to cure it, not even Mitch Cupcake. I move that Laker owner should FIRE this GM.

Repost from the other thread:

It was so near and yet so far away.....

After building an 8 pt lead and six minutes to go, let's award the bummer trophies to the following players:

1. To Odom who did a great job in dissing shots in the inside for three quarters and made a two second bum catch in the end plus poor defense of Stepa and kept on jacking up bricks. Bad decision for the Reality TV best actor, don't quit your Hollywood job.

2. For Fisher who has been in NBA since 1995 and made fouled Terry for a sure two shot. Why do you have to guard him when you're giving two free throws. Bad decision by the smart Union President.

3. For Gasol who put up his best game, not enough again outplayed by the German. Time to say goodbye for Gasol

And last but not the least, please FIRE Mitch Cupcake who never added a three point scorer during the ASG trading dead line, in fact Stepa wanted badly to join the Lakers, Cupcake snubbed him because of overspending on luxury taxes. He traded prematurely the only three point scorer in Vujacic. This is another Mitch re-enactment of Cupcake decisions made in 2006 & 2007. No vision, no foresight bad GM. Promote Phil Jackson to that position and eliminate this inept overstaying bummer.

Wow the end of the Phil era. Not many Laker fans will sleep tonight.

Since the coaching staff cant come up with a decent defensive plan

I feel that it is our responsibility to give them direction


I know too simplistic but we have some bright minds out there.
All suggestions welcomed except for Kenneth (Mr. practice season) who is still deferring to Phil

Unload Gasol. He has always been our weakest link.

yes. the Lakers have not closed out games all year

Pau Gasol. Good bye. Ship him outta LALA for D wight

Dumb-eating fools! Who's laughing now? ROFLMAO
-- fisher is a cluth turnover director. What a PG, a comedic bum. LOL

Miss me yet......Sasha Vujacic

One more game in the illustrious career of Phil Jackson. It's been fun.

I still have lots of LOVE for the LAKERS!!! Superman, Drew, the black momba, and new role players... I LOVE L.A.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Lakers Lose!!

Wondering how many fans are going to pay the big money next year to watch the Lakers play on Time Warner Cable.

Finally, Lakers practice season is over. The light switch is turning on. No more playing like soft chumps.

Wow! I can't believe what I'm reading. First of all, I'm an avid Lakers fan, but it's so obvious they don't have the right team to make a run for the title. Has anyone been watching them play? There is so many fans on this page in a state of denial. Let's start with the PG position. D-Fish is old and he gets annihilated by speedy PGs (e.g. CP3). Secondly, the Lakers bench is not producing as expected. How can they match up against Peja, Haywood, Terry (former sixth man of the year), and Brewer coming off the bench? Come on. The Lakers bench is composed of Blake, Barnes, Joe Smith, and Brown. I'll exclude Brown because he's playing solid minutes. The same goes for Odom. Then, last by not least, the Lakers perimeter defense is horrible. Their opponents are killing them with the pick and roll and they're late in rotating to the ball. For some reason, they don't contest shots whether it's an 18 footer or beyond the arch (3-pt.). Where the heck is attention to detail in terms of defense? As a suggestion for Mitch Kupchak, strengthen your bench, acquire a better starting PG to replace D-Fish, and trade Pau for Dwight Howard. You may lose some points with Pau, but you could compensate with a better bench. At the same time, those new players will complement the core of the team (Kobe, Bynum, Odom, and Brown). Those players still have 3 to 4 years left to contend and regain the title. If Boston could win a championship with their plus 30 big three, I don't see why the Lakers could do the same....Just a thought. I'm not watching Game 4 because the writing is already on the wall. I rather spend 3 valuable hours on the weekend doing something productive than watch the Lakers lose and disappoint.

We had a 8 point lead until Kobe came back into the game with 5 minutes to go and killed our offense.

This series is not coming back to LA, on the bright side fans in LA will be save by ridiculous high priced tickets for a losing team.

Lakers need to make some changes for real,but the Dynasty is not over yet.Just need to relock and reload that's all.

Go Lakers!

I'm sooooooooo glad Dirk let his hair grow back. It's made a world of difference.

Lakers & Lamar Kardashian suck! Maybe Mr Kardashian should focus more on BBall than his reality show with his loser wife!

Just how many years now will Kobe be able to perform at a high level? Please, blow this team up, for Kobe's sake. Pau must leave Los Angeles and never come back. Period, end of story. Fisher can move to the bench and be a coach. Every bench player except Lamar and Barnes need to either be traded or put down in the D League for good. Phil can go on and retire to Montana. Luke needs to go, maybe he can play in Europe with Iverson.


I know it may be hard to swallow for you fans, but bottom line is that Dallas is the better team. You can argue that Lakers are the most talented, but they are not the better team.

Of the two superstars, Dirk is out producing Kobe.
Of the two point guards, Kid is playing better.
Dallas's bench is superior.
Dallas is out shooting the Lakers from the 3-point line.
Dallas is playing better in the 4th quarter in all three games.
And Carlisle is out coaching PJ in this series.

So you can split hairs and throw the blame around. But the stats and results don't lie; Dallas is the better team.

Thanks Phil. You gave us your best. Five (5 !) Championships are the envy of the league. Enjoy retirement.

Wow!! You stopped approving my comments... typical hollywood! It's cool because I'm about winning, unlike your loser Lakers!! Chokers!! Dallas is wiping the floor with Kobe and the rest of you has-beens! There are other blogs to tell the truth about how sorry you LAKER losers are!!

Well, it was a great run, but all good things must finally come to an end.Just WAY too many blown assignments on D tonight and throughout this series. As painful as it was to watch, I'm thankful for the great run this team made for the last 4 seasons, and I do believe it won't be that long before we'll be making another trip to the finals.


@LRob: Nice track by Freddie, another superstar jazz trumpeter!


For today's musical contribution, Imma go with one of the true masters...enjoy!


Let's go Ls...and not get swept!:-)

Howard, D-Will and CP3 all have Player Options after next season, just like Melo did. Melo wanted to go to NY and did. If Howard and CP3 or DWill want to come to LA, pretty simple: Howard for Bynum and Gasol for CP3. Salries match well. It just depends on Howard and Paul or DWill to tell their teams LA or I walk and you get nothing. It all depends on who wants to come to LA.

"Now Phil Jackson knows how Jeff Van Gundy feels" Panic. Marc Jackson tonight.

OC is right, the Lakers are just a step behind. You've used up Kobe for 14 years plus all the extra season play, what do you expect?


The game seam fixed, but your in dallas, what do you expect, you cant worry about that shit, championship teams can play threw that crap and overcome adversity, you cant worry or sweat about all that small stuff or those bad calls, you can't give them an inch

Yep, we are watching the end of an era. I remember when the Bulls dethrone Magic and the Lakers.....

Good game. Now lets make way for the HEAT!

Trade for Howard! That is the only way you guys can ever win?!! You need to go out and get somebody like Howard or Shaq to help Kobe win? Jordan never needed Barkley or Ewing or Miller or Olajuwon to help him win!

At the rate each conference is going, I think it will be Miami vs. OKC in the Finals. Durant will match Dirk point for point and Westbrook will slice up Kidd. The Bulls will have a tough time against the Heat because Wade and Co. are peaking at the right time and handling their business against a better defensive team in Boston. Oh well!

As for the Lakers moving forward, it obvious their major weaknesses are at the PG position and the bench. Perhaps, Mitch Kupchak should strongly consider replacing D-Fish for a younger PG. At this point, D-Fish's pride and previous accomplishments should no longer supercede the Lakers' pursuit of a championship. Pau should be traded for Dwight Howard. Yes, Pau provides solid scoring, but that can be compensated by strengthen the bench. We've seen what Dallas has done with their bench. They are 10-deep and quite difficult to stop. The Lakers couldn't stop them. Last by not least, I think the team should hire a better defensive assistant coach because I've seen so many times this year where the Lakers failed to contest shots. They're either lazy, complacent, or slow rotating to the ball. Oh well! This is just a thought from a concerned Lakers fan. I'm an avid fan, but the writing is on the wall. In my opinion, it's time for the Lakers to retool their roster whether it's with Dwight Howard, CP3, D-Will or a band of solid players who can shoot and play defense. Good luck to the future Lakers!

Gasol is the problem? Really? The ball hog has sucked during this entire series as has every other Laker, with the exception of Bynum. This is karma my friends. When the Lakers stop disrespecting other teams by saying that they lost because of (fill in the blanks) and actually congratulate other teams for winning, the good Karma will come back. Arrogance gets tiring. The rapist still acts like a punk and even disrespects his own teammates. You don't think his teammates get tired of it? The problem is that Jackson has lost control. See you next season.

They lost because Artest wasn't allowed to play. They need to start using Luke Walton and those other dudes collecting hemeroids on the bench. Coach Jackson seems to be lost in a haze. I think it's time to scrap Jackson, trade Kobe to Dallas and bring back Shaq. We need Shaq.

PJ was saying in game 1 that Mavs won't outplay them?? really?? Lakers arrogance is contributing factor for their defeat.

Okay Captain Obvious

I didn't realize that Dallas is the better team or that Dallas has the better bench.

Thanks for pointing that out.

lets not go crazy Laker fans..the team is tired and its just time to rest. 3 straight finals, there's a reason no one has ever done this..gasol has played horribly but he's the main reason we made it the last 3 years. we are spoiled and use to success. but our guys may need a real summer off to relax and reload. i am not mad at them. i appreciate the run over the last few years. if they can't come back and win, i am still proud of them and i am and will forever be a laker fan who happens to live in Texas....

All of you who want to trade pau to Orlando....get a clue. Do they really want gasol? Mitch is hesitant to make any moves. Getting something decent now seems a big stretch

For the first time in years the Lakers actually have to play an elite team in the second round and they are getting exposed as the posers they are. They are a lot better when the team they are playing has 3 injured starters in street clothes (Houston 2009) or is a pretty weak (Jazz 2008 & 2010) team.

Exposed as the posers they are

retooling? forget miami heat are a very young team with space to sign more free agents and an attractive location in south beach.. good luck retooling

The Barnes curse continues! Farmar and vujacic are laughing with good reason.

Cool to see Matrix force odum to fumble. That ought to look good in the reality show.

Peja seems to be having the last laugh after all these years.

79 -71 Lakers 3 straight trips down the floor without really running or excuting anything, that is when the game changed. That is when my Lakers really lost this series. Late fourth quarter 3 straight possession for Dallas resulting in 3 wide open threes, Lakers just mentally not aware and playing the worst fourth quarter of playoff basketball I have seen in a long time. This series is over now not because the Lakers aren't capable but because they are not able. Mentally drained and physically tired my Lakers aren't capable of doing the basic basketball fundamentals required to win a basketball game. Complete melt down in the fourth, please fellow Lakers fans please don't complain that Kobe lost the game because he did not shoot enough. The Lakers are just not there mentally.

Phil actually started to show that it matter but a bit late. His late game management tonight was horrible. He let this team slide all year with the pretense that the 3-peat is draining and taxing on them. Well guess what Phil they are still drained both mentally and physically.

How the Lakers let Stokavic (I think that is the way it is spelled) beat them is beyond me. It going to be a long summer for Gasol, Odom, Blake, Artest, Barnes and Brown. Why didn't I include Kobe in this list; well simple Kobe is damned if he do and damned if he don't. Why didn't I include Fish in this list because simply nobody on this Laker team plays harder.
Finally Kupchak has much to answer for because this bench he put together has imploded on him.

For a team as "well coached" as the Lakers are. The Lakers take very difficult shots. Its almost like they have no game plan at all.

The zen master cant figure out how to stop the pick and roll?

Why is he a genius again?

Oh yeah! Jordan Pippen O Neal Bryant! Thats right!!!

Bye bye Gasoft. Same goes for Barnes and Blake.

Lewsters Put me on the "Lakers in 7" bus. This is brilliant! We got em right where we want em. The Zen master will become the first coach in league history to bring a team back from down 0-3 and win the series. The Lakers Will Go on to win their record 17th championship. And Jackson will will get his 4th 3peat and 11th ring. Absolutely brilliant! Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I can say is I predicted this back in the fall of 2010. I said that Bulls would be top seed in the NBA, and that it would be Bulls VS Heat in the Finals.

Go Bulls! (oh and Dwade and Lebron, go get over your egos, Derrick can run circles around you both, and he beat your MVP records a younger age)

I feel bad for the Lakers, although I am a Bulls fan - but the heat, thank God Nike is dropping them.

"bring back Shaq." Really? You want a 40 year old center, why not bring back Wilt? L.A. has a really hard time adjusting to when an era is over.

Just how much money will buss lose after this quick exit? Gotta be alot. Ouch

Bench warming Luke walton, hand clapping, butt patting towel waving cheerleader gets 7million bucks a year.

Bulls= Best record in the NBA this season.
Bulls= Team that got their star player MVP nomination
Bulls= Team that got their Coach an NBA 2011 "Best" nomination
Bulls= Humble spirited enough to beat the ego chimps on the Heat's team

How can you NOT love the Bulls?

lakers are losers. mavs are the better team. loving every second of destroying you clowns!

Before game one in this series, I was at the Y exercising and overheard two Lakers fans talking about the Lakers playing the Celtics later in the playoffs. Having been an old Texas retired to California, I said, but they haven't even played the Mavericks yet. They were astounded that I had the effrontery to even contemplate that the great Lakers might lose to the lowly Mavs.

Well, Lakers fans, pride doeth goeth before a fall! Go Mavs!

It's the Kardashian curse, kind of like the Simpson curse that plagued Romo

If you don't think this summer is going to bring about major change for our roster then you don't know your Laker history.

Jerry Buss doesn't like to lose, and this is the squad that he thinks might be hist best Laker team ever. Best talent ever and they are facing a 2nd round sweep. The owner is going to be angry.

I had asked this question earlier: Is it bye-bye for the Lakers? The answer has now become very obvious.

As I've commented several times before (from the regular season up to the second round of the playoff), there is no way for this team to accomplish a 3peat this season due to their consistent erratic plays and poor coaching.

Hopefully, big changes will happen to the team to get it back to championship form.

I was hoping the trade proposals would already be flying. Who is going to coach next year? Thoughts. Please don't let it be Shaw. Although perhaps that's all jerry can afford

Kobe's not the legitimate go-to guy anymore down the stretch. That's not the reason the team is losing though. They're losing because they don't understand that Bynum is that go-to guy now. 21 and 10? The guy could have kept us in the game if they had gotten him the ball in the last minute. I'm kinda tired of him being disrespected.

I like phil's attitude

Yes, Dallas is the better team, but tomorrow is another day.

I'm saddened at times to read Lakers "fans" tear at their Coach, the mamba, fish, "Gasoft" and on and on. All PJ has done is coach this team to (3) straight finals, winning back to back...all mamba has done is win Lakers fans (5) championships while playing in (7) finals in his 14 years..all "Gasoft" has done is revitalize a team 4 years ago that could not make it out of the first round. Shame on you! We can't win it every year...Kobe gives it all playing through pain. I'm proud to be a Laker and proud of the last (4) exciting years this team and their coach has given us!

bigmav & Mike Wigton,

Lakers have been in the last three Finals for three consecutive years, we are no losers, we are no chokers compared to your Mavs who choked against the Heat. Please don't brag too much, you're just in the 2nd round and caught the tail end of the long run of the Lakers. Be humble in your victory for you're not sure yet how you can get a chance of moving on.....

The Mavs can match the interior size of the Lakers, can consistently shoot 3-pointers and have the more consistent bench. It has been the exact same story for 3 straight games...

...and probably four in a row. This looks more and more like a Dallas sweep to me.

No perimeter effective defense against the opposing point guard.

The Lakers have no answers. I say they're done.

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