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Lakers vs. Mavericks, Game 2: Lakers fall to Mavericks, 93-81

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant looks up at the clock during the final seconds of the Lakers' 93-81 loss to the Dallas Mavericks in Game 2 on Wednesday. Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times
This Lakers season has been filled with highs and lows and everyone thought the ultimate valley was losing to Cleveland before the all-star break.

But Wednesday night at Staples Center the Lakers hit a new low by losing to the Dallas Mavericks 93-81 to fall behind in the best-of-seven series, 0-2. Unlike Monday’s loss, it wasn’t even a good game. The Mavericks didn’t play that good of a game either.

Even the Staples Center crowd had seen enough as they started leaving with about three minutes to play.

Can the Lakers dig themselves out of this hole with the next two games in Dallas? If Wednesday was an indication, certainly not.

Let’s look at the shooting stats: Ron Artest (4 of 10), Pau Gasol (5 of 12), Derek Fisher (2 of 7), Lamar Odom (3 of 12) and Steve Blake (0 of 5). Andrew Bynum was bright spot making 8 of 11 (18 points) and grabbing 13 rebounds. Kobe Bryant finished with 23 points on 8 of 20 shooting.

Dirk Nowitzi was the leading scorer for the Mavericks with 24 points. Shawn Marion had 14 and reserve Jose Barea had 12.

If you are a Lakers fan, you are officially at Defcon Four.


Fourth quarter, 2:51 remaining: Mavericks 86, Lakers 73

After a timeout, Kobe Bryant came back in with 8:15 to play. The Lakers caught a break when the Mavericks were charged with offensive goaltending. The Lakers then turned the ball over a couple times, but the Mavericks weren’t much better. It was bad basketball.

The Lakers couldn’t do much right, especially Steve Blake, who was getting roundly booed.

Baskets by Jose Barea and Tyson Chandler gave the Mavericks a 10-point lead with just over six minutes to play.

If the Lakers were to have a chance they needed to start something pretty quickly. But that’s not going to happen when you miss a shot, give up an offensive rebound and allow Jason Kidd to hit a three. The Lakers then fell behind by 15 after Barea drove for another runner.

Shannon Brown was fouled by Kidd and missed both. Could it get any worse for the Lakers?

Bynum, the one bright spot, made a shot in the lane and Bryant followed that with two foul shots to make it an 11-point game with about three minutes to play.

But then came Dirk Nowitzi to make a two with one foul shot coming after a timeout.


Fourth quarter, 8:15 remaining, Mavericks 75, Lakers 67

The Lakers had possession to open the final quarter and Steve Blake missed his fifth consecutive shot. After a couple more misses Brendon Haywood put the ball back to extend the lead but Pau Gasol answered it.

But Jason Terry hit a three and suddenly the Maverick lead was nine, 73-64.

Gasol was fouled on the next possession and Gasol only made one of the free throws. He was three of six from the line.

Gasol then picked up his fourth foul as Jose Barea made both shots and it was a 10-point Maverick lead. Lamar Odom brought them back to eight.       


End of third quarter: Mavericks 68, Lakers 62

The Mavericks were able to extend their lead to four on baskets by Dirk Nowitski and Jason Terry but Kobe Bryant cut it to two with a jumper. Nowitzki, who was shooting a torrid eight of 12, made his jumper and the lead was back to four with three and a half minutes to play in the quarter.

Bryant then missed his next shot  as did Jason Kidd. Steve Blake didn’t help by missing two long shots. Then Kidd missed, it was not great basketball.

Peja Stojakovic upped the lead to six and after a turnover by Terry upped the lead to eight.  The crowd at Staples Center was booing.

But Andrew Bynum finally got the Lakers a bucket making the margin six.

The Lakers are in trouble. Can they rally with just 12 minutes to play?


Third quarter, 6:50 remaining: Mavericks 57, Lakers 56

The first half was pretty evenly played, which is not what the Lakers were looking for. The Lakers had 26  points in the paint compared to 22 for the Mavericks. The Lakers had eight second chance points, with the Mavericks having only three.

The Mavericks biggest lead was eight while the Lakers was four.

But, the Lakers needed to get something going if they were to avoid falling into an almost impossible 0-2 hole in this best-of-seven series.

The half started slowly with Kobe Bryant missing a layup off a steal and Ron Artest missing a three. After a Derek Fisher steal, Artest was fouled on the drive and the Maverick lead was one. But Tyson Chandler extended it to three with a slam.

Shawn Stevenson then made a wide open three and suddenly the Mavericks were up by six. Then on consecutive possessions Pau Gasol was stripped of the ball and had his shot blocked.

Gasol then got a two off a Fisher assist and the margin was four. Gasol then got the next bucket and it was a two-point game.

Andrew Bynum then fouled a driving Nowitzki, who converted only one of two foul shots. Fisher then stole the ball and got the layup to bring the score to 57-56.


Halftime: Mavericks 51, Lakers 49

The Lakers returned most of their starters with seven minutes to play in the quarter and the Lakers got baskets from Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant to cut the lead to three, 37-34. Steve Blake then stole the ball and Bryant put up a shot for his 10th point.

The Mavericks called a timeout to try and slow a 6-0 Lakers run that cut the lead to one.

But there was no immediate help as Bryant stole the ball from Jason Kidd and finished the play with his patented jumper and the Lakers were back in the lead. After a Maverick miss, Andrew Bynum put the ball in after two Gasol misses and the Laker run was 10 points.

Shawn Marion stopped the streak with a two but it was answered by Bryant.

On the Mavericks next possession, Ron Artest was given a technical and then Gasol fouled Kidd while shooting a three. Kidd made two of three and the score was tied, 42-42.

Dirk Nowitzki fouled Gasol on the next Lakers possession and he made only one of the foul shots and the Lakers led by one. Nowitzki then put the Mavericks back in front with a jumper.

Bynum put the Lakers back up with a reverse from under the basket. But a foul by Artest sent Nowitzki to the line where he got his 12th and 13th points. At that point Nowitzki was five for eight from the field.

The Lakers went up by one on a Bynum put back off a Bryant miss . Marion then drove to the basket for two and followed with a foul shot and the Mavericks were up by two.

Artest then tied it on a put back off a Bryant miss. Nowitzki then scored the last basket of the half and the Mavericks had a two-point lead.

The Lakers were shooting 47.7% (21 of 44), while the Mavericks were shooting 50% (20-40).

Bynum and Bryant had 14 for the Lakers while Nowitzki led the Mavericks with 15.


Second quarter, 7:13 remaining: Mavericks 37, Lakers 30

The second quarter opened with Andrew Bynum and Dirk Nowitzki the only starters on the court. The play was kind of sloppy and the Mavericks extended their lead to eight on a Peja Stojakovic bucket.

The Lakers cut it to four with baskets by Bynum and Shannon Brown but the Mavericks answered with baskets by Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry.

Coming out of a timeout, Lamar Odom picked up his first points of the game. Shannon Brown followed that up with a basket and the Lakers were with four. After a Maverick free throw, Odom drove the basket for a two, picking up a foul but he missed the foul shot.

The Mavericks then got two  baskets from Jose Barea and the lead was back to seven.


End of first quarter: Mavericks 26, Lakers 20

 The Mavericks took the lead, 15-13, coming out of the timeout when Jason Kidd hit a three. It was the Mavericks third three in five attempts.

A soft jumper by Andrew Bynum brought the Lakers back to within one but Tyson Chandler answered with a slam. After each team missed, Bynum took a nice lead pass from Lamar Odom and also slammed it home. Odom came in the game for Pau Gasol.

At that point Bynum was the leading Laker scorer with six, followed by Ron Artest with five. How often do you see that? Definitely a different strategy to get more people involved in the offense.

Kidd was guarding Bryant and doing a pretty good job. Bryant did make a couple foul shots off a Kidd foul but Dirk Nowitzki answered with fallaway jumper.

After Steve Blake missed badly, Nowitzki came back and made a three and the lead was six.

The Lakers were seven of 19 (37%) in the first quarter while the Mavericks were 11 of 23 (48%).

Nowitzki was the leading scorer with seven. Bynum and Bryant had six for the Lakers.


First quarter, 5:40 remaining: Lakers 13, Mavericks 12

In Game 1, Kobe Bryant scored the first seven points for the Lakers. Wednesday, the early look was they were going to try something different. For example, Ron Artest took the first shot — and made it.

The second possession, Andrew Bynum was fouled going to the basket and made both shots. The next time down it was Pau Gasol scoring off a Bryant assist.

OK, that was enough. It was time for Bryant as he scored the next two baskets. Now, it’s not like the Mavericks weren’t scoring too. The first few minutes were pretty even with a slight advantage to the Lakers.

Gasol was more involved in the offense, shooting three times in the first six minutes — only one went in.

Shawn Stevenson hit a couple of threes for the Mavericks to keep it close as the Lakers hung on to a one-point lead going into the first timeout.   


Pregame update

After the Lakers lost Game 1 in their series against New Orleans, the team didn’t seem too worried figuring they were just better. But, after losing Game 1 against the Dallas Mavericks, the tone was a little different.

“Yeah, we’re worried now,” said Lakers coach Phil Jackson a little more than an hour before tipoff of Wednesday’s Game 2. “They had the same (regular season) record as us. We have to play better through the series.”

That is pretty evident or the Lakers will be bounced from the playoffs. A loss on Wednesday would likely be more than the defending champions could overcome.

“But one of our strengths is we get better as a series goes on,” Jackson said.

In a couple hours we’ll know if the Lakers have improved from Game 1. Follow the game right here with frequent updates as the game unfolds.

-- John Cherwa

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant looks up at the clock during the final seconds of the Lakers' 93-81 loss to the Dallas Mavericks in Game 2 on Wednesday. Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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Listen to the young man folks.Bynum speaks the truth.
"There are deeply-rooted trust issues on offense. Major issues"
"If they're not addressed, nothing is going to change. Get to the root, to the bottom of the problem."
What are those issues?
Can you spell mambrika?
Telling it like it is, young man. Speak the truth.


Like I said, one game at a time, just win game 3!

I like my chances at 2-1, against the phony, SOFT Mavericks team. And don't forget, the Lakers are a great road team.

Just win game 3!

The Mavericks are perennial chokers, the pressure will cook them if the series goes 2-1 (with the looming possibility of having to go back to L.A. tied 2-2).



Cuban's Chokers will RETURN!!!

The Mavericks are a bunch of front-runners, period!!!

Where are the real Lakers? The one that became a Champion last year and from the previous year? I didn't see them. In game 1, i see a glimpse. in game 2, none.
Looks like they are uninspired. No sense of urgency. Did Phil retire already? Coz he stop coaching and inspiring his team? The offense suck big time. And the defense, are they stop talking to each other? coz the defense sucks also. oh well, back to back champion is a feat on itself.
DHoward on Lakers uni next season? Count my vote on that one.

All good things must come to an end.
Age catches up to us all.
Even Kobe's incredible will isn't strong enough to have him play at MJ level with a broken finger, a bad knee and a sprained ankle.
Kobe, Artest, Gasol, and especially Fisher are all past their primes and will continue to decline at the end of a season that started 8 months ago with barely 3 months off.
Phil just doesn't have the passion he once did and that lack of passion is infectious.
The Lakers of the last 3 years are one of the great teams in NBA history - but its just that now - history.
Thanks for all the great times guys.

Tim-4-Show how you doin?

Looks like coby is kaput. And did getting rid of farmar and the slovenian really hurt this team that much? I warned you guys last summer that hiring Barnes would be a mistake. He's a bonehead, and doesn't make the team better.

Gotta hand it to Dallas though. They look really impressive so far. Bucked that trend of softness and road losses.

You have to show up more often than when my team is down 0-2 to get any respect around here.

At least SonnyB. had the fortitute to be a nuisance for an entire season...

Anyway, I'm taking my wife's advice and going to bed.

Mavs Fan,

remember when the Heat came back from 0-2. That was oh so sweet.

Yeah the Mavs will beat the Lakers, but they have zero chance against OKC.

Let's get it simple and straight....playoff game is a 7 game series, a team must win 4 games to eliminate its opponent...the score is 2-0 Mavs...which means its not yet over...period.....Lakers 3 peat and beyond

That was a bad loss. It looks like all hope is nearly lost. The Lakers couldn't make a shot, couldn't defend the pick, just bad basketball. Yet, I'm still not ready to declare this series over. It time to regroup go to Dallas and get two wins. Very disappointing indeed, but I still believe.

Why does everyone keep harping on offense? Our defense was just as pathetic; why are we the only team in the league that can't defend a pick n roll. EVERY TIME the other team big comes up for the screen we NEVER switch back the pick. Terrible, terrible coaching on this team folks. Sadly Kobe is getting older and cant do the things he used to. If we are going to win, Pau will have to step up; that is the only way.

Oh and Wild Bill, LOL

PSP Officer

Posted by: Mavs Fan

Its funny how when a team gets beat down...the losing teams fans try to use the winning teams past as a way to make themselves feel better!! Lol!! Yep..the mavs have never won a championship .....but the Lakers just like all teams had to start somewhere!! Quit trying 2 dwell on tha past accomplishments......that was then ..this is now!!

good point
yesterday is yesterday

I warned we the laker fans about practise season nonsense. Boston was able to coast last season because they are a better team and has a better coach. When i say better team i mean there is no alpha male like kobe. On this team kobe is the man and he let's everyone know it. Like kobe said he eats first. Plus doc is a better x and o coach.

"Hey Nuggets... You talk trash all year and now you are gonna TIVO???

Posted by: 0-2 | May 04, 2011 at 10:23 PM

You are a moron! I never talk trash as any regular on this blog knows! You are a coward and a troll. Begone!

I've seen the lakers since kobe started playing for the lakers, phil provided the best combination team in the past years, Kobe started to slow down but the sting of the black mamba is still there, 'D old horse now but still moving around, I guess it's the end of the road and started a new begining of new breed players. for the 7 footers, the best center L.A ever got was Big Shaq!!!! Pau Gasol the worst ever 7 footer i ever saw on my understanding of this game basketball. weak and lazy....Bynum he need to rest his legs for the next season...Odom good ballplayer...Ron...I not really sure what type game he is playing....Shannon Brown need a good partner to play with....if only the L.A Laker GM could get players to assit Kobe that would be great the problem here as we won championship we trade our players instead of keeping them for the next go around..we don't have the speed for pick and roll why? because there's no speedstar our legs are heavy... i remember what Chauncey Billup said the lakers made a stupid mistake of letting Trevor Ariza go from salary they don't want acommodate.....instead giving up a eazy six figure salary,if they could affort all those bench players just watching not even partaking just watching....Thats pathetic....we 've been swept by the Maverick why because there coach and GM shop for responsible players they don't relay to the past they leave the past behind there target is to win, this is the second time we came across this crossroad the finals with Pistons, its all about getting a better younger players that could jive...

I think the last straw is when kobe threw his bench under the bench after game 1. Kobe took 30 shots with 0 assists but he insisted the bench should dump the ball in the post but he will do what he do. Kobe is a sure fire hall of fame, the 2nd best player of all time etc etc. But his team play has regressed there is no doubt about that. The way he carries himself in public and in the lockerroom is that it is all about him. That is bad for team chemistry. Why doesn't he build up bynum and gasol.

mclyne... I thought I sent you to bed??

I'm disappointed as anyone here, BUT...

1. PJ still has 11 rings, which is 9 more than all the other coaches have (as coaches) combined.

2. Kupchak did what he could with what he had. No one was gonna take Artest or Walton. And he didn't want to break up the core of what had just won 2 in a row. The guy they wanted before Barnes was Raja Bell. You think he would've made the difference? Hardly.

3. Jimmie Buss ain't gonna trade Bynum. Period. So if you're hoping for D Howard, the Magic would have to take other guys. Don't see it happening. Lakers are cap-strapped.

4. There will be a lockout. Sadly, these will be the last Laker games we will see in 2011.

Edwin Gueco

kiss your Gasol poster and …

"Lake show 2011 is historio...........2011=12 ....need a point, big shakeup
Bynum, Lamar, Brown, Fisher, Blake, Barnes & Walton all gone.......
To Get D Howard & why not Steve Nash for 2 yrs, its a punto league !"

They need to get younger, not older.

Having said that, if the Lakers do trade away both Gasol and Bynum, which I doubt, one player they may want to pick up in free agency may be Yao Ming, maybe Carl Landry, but you don't want to give up so much height. Have Odom start with Howard, CP3 at guard, Kobe, Artest, and have Yao Ming coming off the bench playing only 10-20 minutes a game.

nuggets... Ive got your nuggets right here!!

Never give up Laker fans! Dallas went 2-0 against Miami back in '06, still they lost in six games! Lakers will do the same! Lakers will win it in 6 or 7 games, believe me. Kobe won't let the Lakers lose the series.

If I were the GM, I would get rid of artest next season, he's an over-rated defensive player, he's slow, can't defend quicker guards of small forwards, unlike in his Indiana days where he was a monster on the defensive end. I would prefer having Iguodala or Luol Deng at SF to pair with kobe, he needs a Pippen-type sidekick that can defend quicker guards of SFs, can slash and shoot 3's. They should also get Kirk Hinrich, a PG that can defend and shoot 3's as well.

"I warned we the laker fans about practise season nonsense. Boston was able to coast last season because they are a better team and has a better coach. When i say better team i mean there is no alpha male like kobe. On this team kobe is the man and he let's everyone know it. Like kobe said he eats first. Plus doc is a better x and o coach.

Posted by: island priest | May 04, 2011 at 11:28 PM

AGREED! I too have been harping on the practice season garbage as bad habits practiced are hard to overcome. I mourn another Kobe wasted season with his supporting cast and useless (this year at least) coach- PJ.

I know I said I am outta here, but I am waiting on a hard disk restore that takes 14 hours...............

That's it for me folks! TiVoing the rest of the games (2).

No answer for Dirk. No answer for Barea. AND Mavs have 3 7 footers, so why do these pundits all say Lakers have the inside height advantage!? Pau is MIA due to his softness and weak hands. Not even Kobe can rescue this series now that it is going to Dallas!

I blame this poor season on PJ with one foot in Montana and mostly on Mitch Kupchak for wasting 4 of our existing bench to save money for JB. Blake is a total bust as is Brown. Time to trade away, buyout, or waive Brown, Blake, Luke, Joe Smith, Theo, Pau and get two fast waterbug type guards to wreak havoc on the other teams for a change! Another wasted HOF Kobe season! Look for this off-season to hear a lot of talk like back in 2007 by Kobe and others. Pau is currently our only trade worthy asset, so get rid of him! Let him weak-sister some other team to death! Get a big that will actually block out and have more than a 2" vertical jump!

CYA next year.

Gone fishin'.....................


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


So Bynum is saying

"There are deeply-rooted trust issues on offense. Major issues"
"If they're not addressed, nothing is going to change. Get to the root, to the bottom of the problem."

Is that directed at Kobe?

All I know is take Kobe off this team and then what?

Los Angeles Lakers, a HISTORIC franchise in WORLD professional sports...


DALLAS is a PHONY team!


Sit Steve Blake…It’s that simple!

Blake has play poorly ALL SEASON!

I’m tired of Blake NOT contributing on offense or defense!

Blake is a LIABILITY!

nuggets... Im sorry you misunderstood me!! I didnt mean you talk smack!! I meant anything that you say is trash!! Like not worth reading!!

Mr. Medina,

You wanna predict the series again? I did not think so. Lakers are going to lose this series in 6 games.


they had that type of player his name was Trevor Ariza

Its true tha mavs did allow tha heat to come back from 0-2 and win....but that's the heat against a different mavs team! Plus...that doesn't mean the Lakers can. Dynasties rise & fall. I'm a big witness... look at my cowboys .....badest team of the 90's(remember that's the past).....but look at them now!! So the Lakers could b goin downhill the same way!! Just give credit where credit is do.....if the Lakers do come back...which I don't doubt that they can...don't act like it was a Cakewalk!! Bcuz its not for either team. That's the only reason I dislike the Lakers or their fans is bcuz of arrogancy!! Look at my cowboys stadium.....baddest stadium ever..but the team sucks!!! So throw arrogant out tha window!! Never underestimate nobody!!

Quit ragging on Gasol. The entire Laker team, including 4th place MVP Kobe, looked soft out there. Is it just me or is Kobe looking like an old man out there?

Jersey I don't hate kobe like you claim. Criticising someone is not hatred. All i am saying is that kobe at $24 million per should be leading his team by getting everyone involved. Why is Fisher our starting point guard? I laugh at S Perkins Fisher focus but he is right on because Fisher is pathetic. But he is there because Kobe cannot relate to his mere mortal teammates. That is his role and Kobe even said it. That is why a more talented point guard farmar is playing in Jersey. If kobe had the ability to foster team chemistry fisher will be retired polishing his 5 rings and the lakers will be rolling.

looks like LEWSTRASSS

drove the buss in the ditch …

never mind … he is just a a trash guy …

I've said it before the start of the playoff,i.e., we have to forget the Lakers doing a threepeat this season. What with the kind of consistent errratic games that they have been playing since after their first 10 games of the regular season. They did not fare well against the top teams in either side of the conferences. There must be a serious effort from management to change the composition of the team before the start of the next season.

1. Phil Jackson. It's good he's retiring. Look for a coach who is a good game strategist.
2. Kobe Bryant. He may still be retained, but may be traded if he continuously show deterioration in his statistics.
3. Trade Pau Gausol with Dwight Howard. Gasol has become ineffective in offense and poor in defense. Dwight could form a formidable duo with Andrew Bynum.
4. Replace Derek Fisher with a much better point gusrd.
5. As to rest of the teams, retain Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odum, but replace all others (they're a bunch of mediocre players).

Quit ragging on Gasol. The entire Laker team, including 4th place MVP Kobe, looked soft out there. Is it just me or is Kobe looking like an old man out there?

Posted by: Matt | May 04, 2011 at 11:48 PM

get a life

GASOL the MEMPHIS choker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



the Lakers got Artest to defend Carmelo Anthony, LBJ, and Pierce after these guys backed down Ariza and scored at will against him because he didn't have the strength to guard the above guys. Now that the Lakers likely won't ever see the Heat or Celtics in the finals, you may be right that the Lakers need to get rid of Artest. But as bad as his offense is, and even if he is slowing down, it helps to have someone like him to do some of the dirty work like fighting for rebounds against more physical players. So no reason to trade him, but I'm not sure that I'd play him so much against a team like the Mavs. He can guard Marion, but he should NOT be guarding Dirk.

There's hope and then there's reality. And the reality is that if the Lakers are getting booed at home and can't perform well in their own house then how in the world are they gonna do well with chants of "BEAT L.A.!!!! BEAT L.A.!!!" ringing in their ears?

I don't think Kobe did himself or his team any favors by admitting that the Mavs could beat them because that's exactly what they did.

I'm very emotional right now and almost want to tell the Lakers to just lie down. I want Kobe, Fisher, Gasol and Bynum to all sit on the sideline in their Armani suits and not even bother playing because it's over for them. I want to tell Phil Jackson to stay in L.A. and not even travel to Dallas because nothing he does or any of the Lakers will do can dig them out of this hole. I want to see nothing but bench players on the court in Dallas so Dallas doesn't get any satisfaction of actually "beating" the Lakers.

I'm so bitter right now I don't think I'll watch another NBA game this season. I might change my mind tomorrow after I sleep on it but I doubt it.

game 1, kobe zero assist, game 2, kobe zero shows kobe bryant was way past his prime and his body is giving up, gasol also not that dominant anymore, odom was again flop just like game 1. the best player in the lakers lineup is now bynum, too bad he played aweful in game 1, down 0-2, lakers are done in 5 games the least...

Derek Fisher ------3.7 million
Steve Blake --------4 million
Shannon Brown---2.2 million

What Jordan Farmar and Sasha are thinking right now


I still believe the Lakers can win. They just need to step up and play like they did after the all star break where they went on a 17 - 1 run.

Their payroll is too large for them to play like this. I still say Ron should not have auctioned the ring. It is a honor to win something like that. He should have did a fun raiser for the cause. His name could have drawn more money in because people would love him for doing that.

Anyways, we can do it. Remember how Dallas lost to Miami in 7 after being up 3 - 1. Anythings possible. I'll give Dallas credit though, they look really good. Kupchek should have upgraded.

PJ the PATHETIC "11 rings" wannabe …

the ONLY triangle:

PJ - Fisher - Gaso;

just a bunch of politicians

but another SPEECH does not give U a W in the column …

All these haters will be back on the bandwagon as soon as the Lakers start winning. Way to support your team, people.

"3. Jimmie Buss ain't gonna trade Bynum. Period. So if you're hoping for D Howard, the Magic would have to take other guys. Don't see it happening. Lakers are cap-strapped."

Not true. Not even Elgin Baylor would be stupid enough not to take Howard over Bynum. I think it could happen. If Howard wanted to re-sign with Orlando, he would have already done so. He's not waiting to see what the new collective bargaining agreement is going to be like, because the owners stance is to cut almost 1/3 of the revenue that the players are currently getting. So there's a VERY good reason he's waiting. Orlando knows that if he opts out after next year, they can lose him like they did Shaq. There's no way Orlando is going to risk that when they could get a guy like Bynum. Bynum would be happy because he's already won 2 rings, doesn't have much more to prove with the Lakers, and he'd be the MAN in Orlando. I think they're going to do a straight up trade later this year, Bynum for Howard.

Although you can't blame JB too much because he has the highest payroll in the league, would it have really hurt that much to pick up Peja or try to pick up Bibby??? Peja is shooting 40% from the 3, and is playing pretty well in this series.

It never ceases to amaze me how some fans forget soooo quickly -- if not for Ron Artest, the Lakers LOSE game 7 against Boston last year (yes, another loss to the hated Celtics! How would that have tasted, having the dreaded green celebrate as Champions on our home court???)


if not for Derek Fisher's heroics in Game 3, the Lakers LOSE yet again to the Celtics last year (they wouldn't have even come back to L.A. for game 7)! Some fans are simply PATHETIC in their lack of loyalty and short-term memory!

Sorry guys this is my final post for the night have to go work an the dentist. Mitch Kupcake screwed this team right up. We should have kept farmar and bring fisher and ron off the bench and start lo. Speaking of lo why is everyone criticising gastrong when he had 11 points and 13 rebs lo only had about 6 points.

End of an Era ! Reminds me of when Jordan and the bulls finally beat magic and the lakers, L.A. probably won't see a championship for 15 years. This was a great last decade for the lakers, but we'll probably be dismantled and led by a bunch of scrubs for a long time. oh, well, the Laker era is over and the Miami era is beginning, time for Lebron to break all of Kobe's records.

1. Phil Jackson. It's good he's retiring. Look for a coach who is a good game strategist.


2. Kobe Bryant. He may still be retained, but may be traded if he continuously show deterioration in his statistics.

Kobe has a no trade clause. But they need to surround him with true talent so that he can be more of a spot up shooter, or low post player rather than someone who has to drive or take turn around fall away jumpers.

3. Trade Pau Gausol with Dwight Howard. Gasol has become ineffective in offense and poor in defense. Dwight could form a formidable duo with Andrew Bynum.

If you were Orlando, would YOU take Gasol, especially when you have no other back up center?

4. Replace Derek Fisher with a much better point gusrd.

Like who, CP3?

5. As to rest of the teams, retain Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odum, but replace all others (they're a bunch of mediocre players).

Agreed, but again, no one wants these guys.

my god are the trolls ever out tonight! who declared the mav's a winner in this wc semi-finals? i thought it took 4 games to close out the series. yeah, the Lakers stunk it up tonight, possibly their worst playoff effort yet! but until the mav's win four, L.A. is still in it! the mav's have the chokers mentality. remember 2006 nba finals, up 2 - 0 and a double digit lead late in the game to CHOKE it and lose to dwade and shaq. well, it:s going to happen AGAIN. the mav's will not be able to stand prosperity. do you think kobe's going to let this team GET SWEPT, NO WAY JOSE!

"What Jordan Farmar and Sasha are thinking right now..."

The only thing they're thinking about is which sunscreen to use and whether or not to watch the playoffs in HD or 3D.

It's O-D-O-M. 7 years is long enough to learn to spell a 4-letter name correctly.

almost accurate comment in live chat

viewer comment by manoellakerfan @ 10:05 pm

Shannon is still Shannon, but I have to say that Farmar+Luke+Sasha > Blake+Barnes.

phx... Go to bed!!

MarkyMark writes --

"I'm very emotional right now and almost want to tell the Lakers to just lie down. I want Kobe, Fisher, Gasol and Bynum to all sit on the sideline in their Armani suits and not even bother playing because it's over for them."

Dude, that's utterly UTTERLY PATHETIC!

You know what you are?

A quitter!

I feel sorry for you, quitters never win -- thank God we're talking about the 16 Championship-winning Lakers, because they're WINNERS, which means they will NOT quit!

Lakers in 7!

Though I think your comments about Kobe go overboard your are a fairly rational fan

Kobe at point? Why not

Lamar starting? oh hell yes instead of Artest

Kupchak ruining the team? he should have kept intact the Championship team instead of thinking some non-championship tested journeymen could withstand the pressure.

I can see a bestseller book by Phil Jackson titled "You're Not Michael"

Lakers, like the already eliminated Spurs and the also on the verge Celtics, have just gotten old. It happens to every team. No team wins all the time--remember the Lakers have been the best team in the NBA over the past three decades, with nine (9!) titles in that span plus many other Finals appearances.

At least three of the starters are past their prime, and several of the other bench players (Blake, Brown, possibly even Barnes) just haven't stepped up to the challenge/opportunity of wearing a Laker uniform. Gasol, Kobe, and Odom not only have played in three straight Finals but also have even more added miles from playing international ball during the off-season.

Other good teams in the NBA are maturing, have added players and $pent money big time on their rosters. Just as the Lakers have, the Heat, Grizzlies, and "Thunder" (formerly known as the Sonics, before being pilfered from Seattle) will also age, in time. It happens to every team.

Meanwhile, Laker fans should appreciate what's happened here over the past decade. Be thankful. You could be, say, a fan of the Mavericks--who, if they are lucky enough to get to the Finals and win a title, have plenty of space to choose from to hang their banner.

Basketball Citizen --

"Remember how Dallas lost to Miami in 7 after being up 3 - 1."

Get your facts straight, pal. Miami beat Dallas in 6 games and they were up 2-0 and then the Mavs lost the next 4 games!!!! in a row!!!!

This could -- and probably will -- happen again!!!!

The Mavericks are basketball's Cubs!!! The Cubs were up 2-0 in the 1984 NLCS against the Padres and then lost the next 3 in a row (5 game series).


You can bet that Farmar and Sasha are reveling (for you = taking great pleasure) in the Laker's misfortunes.

Gasol was soft? Really? Did you happen to witness Kobe's defense. That was soft! Get off of the Gasol is soft bandwagon and put blame where it belongs. The ENTIRE team has sucked the last two games (and yes, that includes Kobe). Now people don't have to wonder why he finished 4th in MVP voting.

And on the second game the sky fell in Los Angeles and neighboring counties.

As dire as this looks I believe we're still the better team. The Mavs are playing with more heart and more determination but the tools on our team are superior to those of the Dallas Mavericks. The quicker all of our guys stop looking at the refs, play defense and rebound like they did in the last two minutes and keep pounding them down low the quicker they'll turn this series around.

Steve Blake has to shoot it more than Shannon Brown. I would even lobby to have Barnes back up Kobe and let Shannon think about it for a game (he has just nose dived as the season has wound down) except for that Artest is likely to be suspended for at least one game. If Luke gets up off the bench it might help calm the second unit down a little. They'd put Terry on him and he could take him into the post which would open up our three point game.

I'd also let Joe Smith and Theo Ratliff bang on Nowitzki for about 10 minutes a half. It's obvious Pau is gassed, Lamar, too; so I'd like to see those two guys rack up a couple of fouls, body Nowitzki as he moves, get physical off the ball but don't hack at him, stay in contact so he's never comfortable.

We're in a dog fight and winning game 3 is essential. But we have something they don't: Kobe Bean Bryant and The Peej.

"You can bet that Farmar and Sasha are reveling (for you = taking great pleasure) in the Laker's misfortunes."

Yes, and they're doing so from the comfort of their couches... far, far away from the sidelines, much less the court.

Yes, and they're doing so from the comfort of their couches... far, far away from the sidelines, much less the court.

which is where there replacements should be right now

With their consistent erratic performances, the Lakers may well be written off as a title contender this season.

The Lakers management should seriously start thinking of rebuilding the team in preparation for a much better campaign for the next season.

The following may be considered:
1. Replace Phil Jackson with a good game strategist, who knows how to deal effectively with the situation on hand.
2. Trade Pau Gasol with Dwight Howard. Gasol has become ineffective in offense and weak in defense. Dwight could form a formidable duo with Andrew Bynum.
3. Look for a good point guard to replace Fisher. This is one area that needs a lot of improvement.
4. Scout for a good three point shooter. This is another area that needs strengthening.
5. Lastly,rid the bench of consistent benchwarmers. There's no need to waste money on them if they can't be used in an actual game (other than for practice purposes).


oh I am sorry, meant to say "their" not there

don't want you to correct me on my spelling now

"which is where there replacements should be right now"

I believe you mean THEIR. But, it's late and you're a troll...

they are more likely to get swept,

but NBA playoffs have game 3 and 4 for a reason....

we just need to concentrate to steal one game and crawling the rest of series from there...

i know it's hard to swallow but there is a slight chance, very very slim, they may be able to come back..

Even they are down by 3 (since artest will get suspended), i still do believe they are able turn the table around...but once again, hopefully the Lakers have a chance to steal one before Dallas gets four..


The best thing to happen to this team (Lakers) right now is to get away, to get on the road, get away from the southland.

Kobe loves to play on the road.

The Lakers always play great in Dallas.

The Lakers are a very good road team with a top-shelf road record this year, because they unite and come together on the road.

Dallas is a phony team.

And, Dallas has been better on the road this year than at home.

Translation: Lakers win game 3 and 4.

The real fun starts when the Lakers come back home tied 2-2.

I can't wait!!!


and obviously you're not a regular


and you're predictable as I showed


Something in my gut says Lakers will get 3 and 4. What happens after that is open to debate. But I honestly think the Lakers will get 3 and 4. I mean, it's not like the Mavs are killing us, we're just doing stupid things, particularly on D.

Good night, Troll Man.

See you Friday after the Lakers win!


and after Sunday and Tuesday's win

Good night

If there is a silver lining to the defeat tonight, Game 1 showed that the Lakers can beat the Mavericks handily but this team gets careless and thinks it can pull it out at the last second. They need to play Game 3 like the first 3 quarters of Game 1 and play shutdown defense for the last quarter. Artest will not be there, I know, but it can be done. Steve Blake should not be used in critical parts of the game- will use Shannon Brown instead - understands triangle better, but needs to score.
As far as defense, the Lakers have been stretched out due to Mavs' shooters and Nowitzki is a tough job because he can shoot on 1 man defense or pass to open shooter when he gets the double team. All I know is the Lakers have to limit them to 1 shot each time and control the boards.
As for Bynum's "trust issues" in the team, that's Phil Jackson's area of expertise. Worried about Pau Gasol - looks both physically and mentally spent.
I know this Laker team can beat this Mavericks team - erase Game 2 from memory and play in Game 3.
And finally, for the people who booed the Lakers tonight - shame on you!!! You did not even stand during the last quarter to rally the team!

@jackson can't coach and bryant can't play.>>

Agree with Jackson can't coach but Kobe can play.

Kobe should have taken 25-30 shots. Why? because he would have still made a few that would have mattered. Your cast is not same as last year or year before. Mental Artest is no Rodman. Odom is no pippen for the long run. Bynum does not have knees. Fisher is still a little relevant. Pau and Blake r like chickens with head you knw what.

Kobe had 23 pts on 9-20 shooting. Had 5 steals. thats like 10 extra pts > 33 pts.. and PJ sat him down for 4 min in last quarter when Mavericks were running away. Screens for Kobe like Ray Allen I bet he dumps extra 15 pts every game.

PJ has 11 rings. Minus 6 for having Jordan. Minus 3 for having Shaq. Minus two for having Kobe +Gasol (in his peak).

PJ when undermanned cannot coach well because he cannot coach. Inheriting great Players like MJ, Shaq, and Kobe do make coaching a little easy.

Couple points to validate my theory:
1. When MJ left Pippen was throwing chairs in stands and Pat Riley outcoached PJ. Jordan was the trump card.

2. When Shaq went flat in 04 against Pistons there was no other plan other to hand Kobe the ball. Excellent game plan. Undersized Pistons took the title with nobodies.

3. When Shaq left Lakers were irrelevant and even pom-pom organge-purple skirt wearing Phoneix Lolitas beat them. PJ needed Bynum & Gasol to just have huge line up to basically win two titles.

Kobe's tires are a little flat but instead of using his ACE he is sitting him. Look how Doc Rivers utilizes his underman team for years and makes Pierce look so good. Aging star is still a star you just have to know how to utilize him instead of not helping him out. Kobe should be on the floor last 10 to even 12 minutes.

PJ never figured out how to do the most simple things in Basketball from high school level:
1. Defend Pick&Roll (CP3 made me laugh at PJ's defense)
2. USe Pcik&Roll for Kobe
3. Set screens for Kobe

High-low works when you have Horry and Shaq. Bynum-Gasol with Fisher/Blake is not working. Artest is erratic and worked out in Game 7 luckily against a worn out Celtics team that had no business being in the Finals. Score like 87-84? I forgot.

I say let Kobe take over. Mavericks have never been to historically stop him.


I have always preached that the regular season is a microcosm of the playoffs totally opposite of "practice season" followers.

just hope from here on out its the microcosm that was after the all star break when we went 17-1

Posted by: Troll Man | May 04, 2011 at 11:21 PM

Same here, this team is going to dig down and return the favor in Dallas and win the next 2 games...I can feel it!
GO LAKERS you are down but "not" out...the fat NBA analyst hasn't sung yet!

Nothing more satisfying than the tears of a Laker fan....

As a Laker fan, I'm worred.. but I'm not. I'm worried because we are down 2 games now, and we played so bad last night. But, Lakers are good under pressure. I don't understand how last night they didn't feel under pressure.. but now they really are. The reason I still have faith... we went down 3-2 to the Celtics last year in the finals, had to win 2 home games in a row to win. And we did. I'm not for sure they'll win this series, but I hope they'll put up a good fight. I'm still rootin for them, game 3 is going to be a big game.

Steve Johnson,

That's because you're BITTER and JEALOUS of all the glory heaped over 50 beautiful glorious years upon the Lakers franchise and their fans.

Now go sooth your jealous sores.

@Veinticuatro - I agree. I've only seen them play that Trey Johnson once, but when he was in he did really good! I wish they could try him out, at this point in time you can't risk much, though.

brill man

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