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Lakers vs. Mavericks, Game 2: Lakers fall to Mavericks, 93-81

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant looks up at the clock during the final seconds of the Lakers' 93-81 loss to the Dallas Mavericks in Game 2 on Wednesday. Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times
This Lakers season has been filled with highs and lows and everyone thought the ultimate valley was losing to Cleveland before the all-star break.

But Wednesday night at Staples Center the Lakers hit a new low by losing to the Dallas Mavericks 93-81 to fall behind in the best-of-seven series, 0-2. Unlike Monday’s loss, it wasn’t even a good game. The Mavericks didn’t play that good of a game either.

Even the Staples Center crowd had seen enough as they started leaving with about three minutes to play.

Can the Lakers dig themselves out of this hole with the next two games in Dallas? If Wednesday was an indication, certainly not.

Let’s look at the shooting stats: Ron Artest (4 of 10), Pau Gasol (5 of 12), Derek Fisher (2 of 7), Lamar Odom (3 of 12) and Steve Blake (0 of 5). Andrew Bynum was bright spot making 8 of 11 (18 points) and grabbing 13 rebounds. Kobe Bryant finished with 23 points on 8 of 20 shooting.

Dirk Nowitzi was the leading scorer for the Mavericks with 24 points. Shawn Marion had 14 and reserve Jose Barea had 12.

If you are a Lakers fan, you are officially at Defcon Four.


Fourth quarter, 2:51 remaining: Mavericks 86, Lakers 73

After a timeout, Kobe Bryant came back in with 8:15 to play. The Lakers caught a break when the Mavericks were charged with offensive goaltending. The Lakers then turned the ball over a couple times, but the Mavericks weren’t much better. It was bad basketball.

The Lakers couldn’t do much right, especially Steve Blake, who was getting roundly booed.

Baskets by Jose Barea and Tyson Chandler gave the Mavericks a 10-point lead with just over six minutes to play.

If the Lakers were to have a chance they needed to start something pretty quickly. But that’s not going to happen when you miss a shot, give up an offensive rebound and allow Jason Kidd to hit a three. The Lakers then fell behind by 15 after Barea drove for another runner.

Shannon Brown was fouled by Kidd and missed both. Could it get any worse for the Lakers?

Bynum, the one bright spot, made a shot in the lane and Bryant followed that with two foul shots to make it an 11-point game with about three minutes to play.

But then came Dirk Nowitzi to make a two with one foul shot coming after a timeout.


Fourth quarter, 8:15 remaining, Mavericks 75, Lakers 67

The Lakers had possession to open the final quarter and Steve Blake missed his fifth consecutive shot. After a couple more misses Brendon Haywood put the ball back to extend the lead but Pau Gasol answered it.

But Jason Terry hit a three and suddenly the Maverick lead was nine, 73-64.

Gasol was fouled on the next possession and Gasol only made one of the free throws. He was three of six from the line.

Gasol then picked up his fourth foul as Jose Barea made both shots and it was a 10-point Maverick lead. Lamar Odom brought them back to eight.       


End of third quarter: Mavericks 68, Lakers 62

The Mavericks were able to extend their lead to four on baskets by Dirk Nowitski and Jason Terry but Kobe Bryant cut it to two with a jumper. Nowitzki, who was shooting a torrid eight of 12, made his jumper and the lead was back to four with three and a half minutes to play in the quarter.

Bryant then missed his next shot  as did Jason Kidd. Steve Blake didn’t help by missing two long shots. Then Kidd missed, it was not great basketball.

Peja Stojakovic upped the lead to six and after a turnover by Terry upped the lead to eight.  The crowd at Staples Center was booing.

But Andrew Bynum finally got the Lakers a bucket making the margin six.

The Lakers are in trouble. Can they rally with just 12 minutes to play?


Third quarter, 6:50 remaining: Mavericks 57, Lakers 56

The first half was pretty evenly played, which is not what the Lakers were looking for. The Lakers had 26  points in the paint compared to 22 for the Mavericks. The Lakers had eight second chance points, with the Mavericks having only three.

The Mavericks biggest lead was eight while the Lakers was four.

But, the Lakers needed to get something going if they were to avoid falling into an almost impossible 0-2 hole in this best-of-seven series.

The half started slowly with Kobe Bryant missing a layup off a steal and Ron Artest missing a three. After a Derek Fisher steal, Artest was fouled on the drive and the Maverick lead was one. But Tyson Chandler extended it to three with a slam.

Shawn Stevenson then made a wide open three and suddenly the Mavericks were up by six. Then on consecutive possessions Pau Gasol was stripped of the ball and had his shot blocked.

Gasol then got a two off a Fisher assist and the margin was four. Gasol then got the next bucket and it was a two-point game.

Andrew Bynum then fouled a driving Nowitzki, who converted only one of two foul shots. Fisher then stole the ball and got the layup to bring the score to 57-56.


Halftime: Mavericks 51, Lakers 49

The Lakers returned most of their starters with seven minutes to play in the quarter and the Lakers got baskets from Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant to cut the lead to three, 37-34. Steve Blake then stole the ball and Bryant put up a shot for his 10th point.

The Mavericks called a timeout to try and slow a 6-0 Lakers run that cut the lead to one.

But there was no immediate help as Bryant stole the ball from Jason Kidd and finished the play with his patented jumper and the Lakers were back in the lead. After a Maverick miss, Andrew Bynum put the ball in after two Gasol misses and the Laker run was 10 points.

Shawn Marion stopped the streak with a two but it was answered by Bryant.

On the Mavericks next possession, Ron Artest was given a technical and then Gasol fouled Kidd while shooting a three. Kidd made two of three and the score was tied, 42-42.

Dirk Nowitzki fouled Gasol on the next Lakers possession and he made only one of the foul shots and the Lakers led by one. Nowitzki then put the Mavericks back in front with a jumper.

Bynum put the Lakers back up with a reverse from under the basket. But a foul by Artest sent Nowitzki to the line where he got his 12th and 13th points. At that point Nowitzki was five for eight from the field.

The Lakers went up by one on a Bynum put back off a Bryant miss . Marion then drove to the basket for two and followed with a foul shot and the Mavericks were up by two.

Artest then tied it on a put back off a Bryant miss. Nowitzki then scored the last basket of the half and the Mavericks had a two-point lead.

The Lakers were shooting 47.7% (21 of 44), while the Mavericks were shooting 50% (20-40).

Bynum and Bryant had 14 for the Lakers while Nowitzki led the Mavericks with 15.


Second quarter, 7:13 remaining: Mavericks 37, Lakers 30

The second quarter opened with Andrew Bynum and Dirk Nowitzki the only starters on the court. The play was kind of sloppy and the Mavericks extended their lead to eight on a Peja Stojakovic bucket.

The Lakers cut it to four with baskets by Bynum and Shannon Brown but the Mavericks answered with baskets by Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry.

Coming out of a timeout, Lamar Odom picked up his first points of the game. Shannon Brown followed that up with a basket and the Lakers were with four. After a Maverick free throw, Odom drove the basket for a two, picking up a foul but he missed the foul shot.

The Mavericks then got two  baskets from Jose Barea and the lead was back to seven.


End of first quarter: Mavericks 26, Lakers 20

 The Mavericks took the lead, 15-13, coming out of the timeout when Jason Kidd hit a three. It was the Mavericks third three in five attempts.

A soft jumper by Andrew Bynum brought the Lakers back to within one but Tyson Chandler answered with a slam. After each team missed, Bynum took a nice lead pass from Lamar Odom and also slammed it home. Odom came in the game for Pau Gasol.

At that point Bynum was the leading Laker scorer with six, followed by Ron Artest with five. How often do you see that? Definitely a different strategy to get more people involved in the offense.

Kidd was guarding Bryant and doing a pretty good job. Bryant did make a couple foul shots off a Kidd foul but Dirk Nowitzki answered with fallaway jumper.

After Steve Blake missed badly, Nowitzki came back and made a three and the lead was six.

The Lakers were seven of 19 (37%) in the first quarter while the Mavericks were 11 of 23 (48%).

Nowitzki was the leading scorer with seven. Bynum and Bryant had six for the Lakers.


First quarter, 5:40 remaining: Lakers 13, Mavericks 12

In Game 1, Kobe Bryant scored the first seven points for the Lakers. Wednesday, the early look was they were going to try something different. For example, Ron Artest took the first shot — and made it.

The second possession, Andrew Bynum was fouled going to the basket and made both shots. The next time down it was Pau Gasol scoring off a Bryant assist.

OK, that was enough. It was time for Bryant as he scored the next two baskets. Now, it’s not like the Mavericks weren’t scoring too. The first few minutes were pretty even with a slight advantage to the Lakers.

Gasol was more involved in the offense, shooting three times in the first six minutes — only one went in.

Shawn Stevenson hit a couple of threes for the Mavericks to keep it close as the Lakers hung on to a one-point lead going into the first timeout.   


Pregame update

After the Lakers lost Game 1 in their series against New Orleans, the team didn’t seem too worried figuring they were just better. But, after losing Game 1 against the Dallas Mavericks, the tone was a little different.

“Yeah, we’re worried now,” said Lakers coach Phil Jackson a little more than an hour before tipoff of Wednesday’s Game 2. “They had the same (regular season) record as us. We have to play better through the series.”

That is pretty evident or the Lakers will be bounced from the playoffs. A loss on Wednesday would likely be more than the defending champions could overcome.

“But one of our strengths is we get better as a series goes on,” Jackson said.

In a couple hours we’ll know if the Lakers have improved from Game 1. Follow the game right here with frequent updates as the game unfolds.

-- John Cherwa

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant looks up at the clock during the final seconds of the Lakers' 93-81 loss to the Dallas Mavericks in Game 2 on Wednesday. Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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We are the witness! This is the end of our run! The road to 3peat is currently closed! Mavs will win this series. I can bet on that.

Lakers just need 2 play their game. No more excuses, no more turning the switch on/off, no more saying what they have 2 do better. Just go out and PLAY!!!

Some one stop Dirk please, he's killing Lakers

lakers are done, the heat reign will begin. perfect timing for the devil cometh soon!

Well, once again I'll have to miss the 2nd half. The guys have gotta play much better on D and definitely have to do a better job of stoppin Dirk. I sure wish they would stop getting away from feeding the bigs, they're just making things more difficult than it has to be. Hopefully, they'll get their ish together next half.


@LRob and Amit: Sorry, I've haven't been able to get on the blog since last Thursday, so here's my musical contribution for today...enjoy!


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

I wont feel good about the mavs until they shove a stake through the lakers heart!

This series is pretty much over. The Lakers are being outclassed in every way. Steve Blake has done the unthinkable by becoming a worse point guard than Derek Fisher. Kobe is trying but looks older than ever (missed layup on a breakaway?), and Pau Gasol is playing like the softest 7 footer in league history. Only Bynum is able to play with energy and efficiency.

Someone said Fisher was not playing tonight. And they were right...he is on the court but a total non factor. So far 1 of 5.

change pj fast...poor coaching on his part

Well Lakers will lose tonight and be down 0-2. as has been the story of season No Bench and No Discipline.

I hope in the off season which will begin soon, that we will get a new point guard, and a new bench.

This Team is an embarrassing disappointment.

CYA Steve Blake.

It was a good run. All good things come to an end. Congratulations Mavs. Lets go get some bench players and come back next year stronger.

Look like they're going to be down 0-2.


playing with no urgency or fire at all, what is going on?????????

Wow..Dallas is the better team no matter how we look at it....Pau is playing like he wants to be traded back to Memphis to join his brother. Phil is getting out coached...



how are we OKAY with losing??????!!!!!????

2:51 left, Lakers down by 13.

The Laker season is Over.
The Laker season is Over.
The Laker season is Over.
The Laker season is Over.
The Laker season is Over.
The Laker season is Over.
The Laker season is Over.
The Laker season is Over.
The Laker season is Over.
The Laker season is Over.
The Laker season is Over.
The Laker season is Over.
The Laker season is Over.
The Laker season is Over.
The Laker season is Over.
The Laker season is Over.
The Laker season is Over.
The Laker season is Over.
The Laker season is Over.
The Laker season is Over.

lakers sleepwalking


Yep, all good things come to an end eventually. It could have been extended if Farmar was given a chance - well, at least I can say we would not have seen this train wreck tonight.

I guess now I should pray for the Bulls to win it all... or the Grizz?

Anyway, aside from everyone's misplaced disgust in Farmy and failing to see the bigger picture last year, it has been an honor corresponding with all of you these past 6 seasons.

It sure has been a roller coaster.

Thank you to the Lakers for putting out a great product - back in 07, I thought the franchise was done for with the whole Kobe trade demand thing.

Catch up with you guys during trade time.

I hate the Lakers losing, but it does look like the series is over. They look really tired. You can't play all that ball into the post season and just keep going. It's OK. No one is going to die. They'll come back next year improved, and I expect a championship run. No hard feelings. It's OK.

I love you, Los Angeles Lakers. Thanks for a great past two years, and all the years before that where you entertained me. You forever have my heart.


This game is long over folks, Go Mavs

to all of you geniuses who were complaining that kobe takes too many shots, this is the result of him being "unselfish". no one else on this team can hit a shot, now they go to dallas down 0-2. this one is over, i doubt lakers win 2 at dallas.

Paula Gasoft is the "Bruno" of NBA.

Its not over for the lakers,kobe is the true definition of pro basketball.he can't do it by himself,but he can get his teammates to feed off his energy and pull off 2 w's in L.A. easy.mall from new orleans

Never underestimate the heart of a Champion.

Never underestimate the heart of a Coward.

Lamar, Blake, Gasol- where did your heart go?





Disapointed Lakers fan but let's not be overly negative..I mean to make four finals in a row has not been done in almost 25 years. Dallas has exposed Laker weakness in that we have NO 3 point shooters..none...not sure why Fish was kept and Farmar gone...definately don't understand why Artest is here and not Ariza...Ariza was actually only decent 3 point threat this team in past championship years. But oh well...I'm still proud to be a Laker fan and proud of their accomplishments over last 3 years!!!

Wow . The Lakers just lost and looked terrible doing it. Does not bode well. But they will make adjustments (gulp) and improve (gulp) and win the series (gulp, gulp). go lakers

jackson can't coach and bryant can't play.

what a pathetic bench, i said during the regular season that if the bench did not improve, it would cost the lakers the title. well, now they won't even get out of the second round because of the DYING bees!

We have to remember that no team can continuously make it to the finals, year after year. We've had our fun, let some other team win it all now (anyone except the damned Heat)

lakers fans are the worst

booing their team, the same team that won 2 titles in a row

i hope that in the future your lakers don't make the playoffs so you can appreciate what you have and show some respect

Why is Steve Blake playing so much? He has been terrible all season and hasn't scored a basket in this series!

wish larry brown is our coach for games 3 and 4.... triangle is obsolete...

Now I know that the PSP is supposed to lead by example and all that but the PSP is not shoving that aside like it don't mean anything. The PSP know it's important, the PSP honestly do but we're talking about practice playoff season.

We're talking about practice playoff season man. We're talking about practice. We're talking about practice. We're not talking about the real season. We're talking about practice season. When you come to the arena, and you see us play, you've seen us play right, you've seen us give everything we got, but we're talking about practice playoff season right now.

PSP Intern

The smallest player on the court JJ Barea single-handedly finish the Lakers.

and how much does steve blake make a year?
lakers need to stop payment on his check

Artest for bum of the year. Fisher first runner up. And Blake second runner up.

This is what happens when your GM makes moves and downgrades your team while other teams upgrade theirs

We have to remember that no team can continuously make it to the finals, year after year. We've had our fun, let some other team win it all now (anyone except the damned Heat)

Posted by: troy | May 04, 2011 at 10:12 PM


9 missed free throws, 18 missed three pointers, recipe for an ugly and disastrous loss!

In Monday 's post- game Kobe insulted his bench by blaming them for the loss ( not his 0 assists) instead of self- reflecting. Dallas' bench came through for them tonight and made layups.

Kobe missed layups.

Mavs in 5 or 6, as much as I hate to see this.

That's it for me folks! TiVoing the rest of the games (2).

No answer for Dirk. No answer for Barea. AND Mavs have 3 7 footers, so why do these pundits all say Lakers have the inside height advantage!? Pau is MIA due to his softness and weak hands. Not even Kobe can rescue this series now that it is going to Dallas!

I blame this poor season on PJ with one foot in Montana and mostly on Mitch Kupchak for wasting 4 of our existing bench to save money for JB. Blake is a total bust as is Brown. Time to trade away, buyout, or waive Brown, Blake, Luke, Joe Smith, Theo, Pau and get two fast waterbug type guards to wreak havoc on the other teams for a change! Another wasted HOF Kobe season! Look for this off-season to hear a lot of talk like back in 2007 by Kobe and others. Pau is currently our only trade worthy asset, so get rid of him! Let him weak-sister some other team to death! Get a big that will actually block out and have more than a 2" vertical jump!

CYA next year.

Gone fishin'.....................

Does anybody have a broom?

phil jackson has always been a front runner now we will see what kind of coach he really is

And this win by the mavs will silence these arrogant laker fanatics.. I always thought that laker fans are the most arrogant fans of all. And my mavs will let you know who's the real deal. Now lay down your swords,and bow down to our greatness. Go mavs!

Yes, the PSP was very disappointed in the crowd for booing the lakers that early in the game ... oh well, its LA.

PSP Officer

stupid mavs with a smile on their face....
anyway....I hate the mavs..I hate charles barkely...I hate mark cuban.

Oh, and let the troll procession commence..........


mark my words.

This was my post from the last game.

Didn't watch this one. Checked the box score every half hour. Phil does what he chooses. Bench is getting killed. Again. Stays with the same rotation. Definition of insanity is, I believe, to attempt the same thing in exactly the same way with negative results, and continue without change expecting different results.

I love the Lakers. Have since they moved to LA many, many years ago. That Chick, he was something, I'll tell you. Painted a picture with words. Made you feel like you were there. I miss him. He'd be calling out this team, and this coach, right now.

He's probably the only one who could get away with it.

It's not impossible to come back...but it's not likely. I will continue to hope...but I won't watch.

Bad for the heart.

We miss you Rick

Christopher Blake


is it just me, or is this more heart-breaking than 07-08 loss to Boston???

we just didn't want to play, it's so sad and weak......... wow

We are not dead yet, we can still make it happen! Haters be gone!

Thank you. You brought a smile to my face

Jackals are out tonight, PATHETIC Laker fans and even more PATHETIC Dallas fans -- mind you, the Mavericks have NEVER won a championship! NOT ONE!

If there ever was a WEAK-minded team that could choke two games at home, it's DALLAS!!! The Lakers CAN win two games in Dallas -- they beat this time by 28 points in mid-march.

The Lakers are a great road team, this series is NOT over!

A well deserved loss by the Lakers, as I've said all season long, this Laker team is highly over-rated.
Will see what they're made of, but Dallas has played much better all season and Dirk and Kidd are hungrier.
Mambrika surges again, Gasoft can't walk the talk, and Artest finally blew off.
But hey, what about the 11-ring guru, does he worry about it? Never.

You guys had a nice run, burned some cars, looted WalMart, but your time has come. The Mavs are the team w/the size to beat you. Buh-bye.

to be quite honest, if any guy deserves to win a title, it is the classy jason kidd. so as a lakers fan, i am going to do the classy thing and root for j kidd to win his first ring, if the lakers can't come back in this series.

show your face
and face the music
the regular season means something

JJ Barea?? LOL a fellow colorado laker fan..i must say you disappoint me dude..

You think we really are done?

Last time i checked you have to win 4 to move on....

so yeah.

Barkley is the Truth. He predicted the Spurs demise, and now the Lakers before the series started.

This team got old real quick and it showed today. And with Phil's looming retirement, it will be a while before they get back to the top.


boston fan is estatic

Word of the day is karma,actually the word of the season is karma.Kobe said "home-court is overated",now lets see.Barnes said "just punk em",now lets see.The lakers biggest advantage against this team is not size,but kb24.Those so called 7-footers look like rag dolls at times out there.Phil looks totally lost.Heck they should make a new tv show:Lost,The Phil Jackson Saga.... Having to stay up til 1am to watch this mess is really,really depressing.The writing was on the wall from b4 the allstar break,instead kupcake chose to ride with it.If and a big if they get through this one,I don't see em getting much further.

Nuggets... No more big talk?

Kobe said the team was worried about losing game one to Dallas and tonight they played like a team not worried about going down 0-2. There is no way in hell they are going to get back in this series playing they way they are playing right now. What they need to do now is save face and win one of those games in Dallas so they don't get swept!

Has this lakers team run its course? Is Phil going to leave on a loosing note? Is this team capable of resurrecting itself and win this series?

I am not content with the way the Lakers have played. Gasol has been playing too soft and Bynum has been trying. Gasol looks dumbfounded everytime he tries to play defense. Phil is giving too much bench time to Kobe. Nowitski is playing a good amount of minutes that still enables him to be efficient. Fisher does not know how to play defense focusing on the dribbler and not on his man which enables him to make a wide open three pointer of jump shot. If I were Kobe I would yell at Gasol and man up. No one wanted to drive to the basket to earn foul calls. Jump shots do no win championships! Defense and dribble penetration does. The triangle is out of the picture! Kobe needs to take over! I am done venting and I am in tears because the Lakers have always been my team to forget my childhood! I will not give up as I didn't in life! I will ask every single blogger we give up? No! Probability is against us, but it doesn't mean the end of the road! LET'S GO LAKERS!

Hey Nuggets... You talk trash all year and now you are gonna TIVO???

another mistake was having kobe guard kidd

where is 888MVP

practice season?

"this TEAM is BUILD for the playoffs" (you mean the playoffs from 10 years ago)

who will die this time?!

anymore excuses?

i know, i know, you can't blame anyone on this team:

Gasol (the best BIG "little heart" in the NBA)
PJ - he is just "experimenting with various line ups"
Fisher? - 1-5 and INTANGIBLES
LO - the 6th man?


the Buss'es - saving money on the Machine - we r really using J Smith and especially THEO RATCLIFF


I almost forgot..more karma..Why did artest feel he had to raffle his ring??like it was a a sure thing for another.

Love all the mavs fans who come to the LA Times and comment...Oh yeah, because they havent ever won anything. This is their super bowl.

to be quite honest, if any guy deserves to win a title, it is the classy jason kidd. so as a lakers fan, i am going to do the classy thing and root for j kidd to win his first ring, if the lakers can't come back in this series.

Steve Kerr put it best and i posted it before the playoffs. It's shear physical and mental exhaustion to go to four straight finals. It hasn't been done since there were only like 8 team in the league. The travel is a killer. The one that got away was 2008 not this year. I have to applaud this team for giving us greatness the last two years and thanks for the 5 rings Phil. I think Kobe has one more run in him after emotional recharge during this long off season and retool of the team.
Thanks guys. Have a good vacation. Heat over Dallas in 6.
Peace Laker Nation. Till next time the lakes are in the playoffs. It will be a long long offseason. Hey maybe la times did know something by posting the pre-season schedule already.

carmello anthony would have helped. at least he knows how to put the ball in the basket.

If you make shots, you're a hero. If you don't, you're a zero.

Time to start panicking laker fans..

Again, Mitch Kupchak has to be held accountable.

tonight was probably the worst Laker performance I've ever seen

we can win the next 4 of 5

we just have to actually play basketball.........

Yes, another lost because Gasol is soft.

Thank you Kobe for your 20 points with only 18 shots.
Thank you Lamar Odom your 3-12 are some fantastic numbers.
Thank you Derek 2-7 is very good too.
Thank you Barnes and Blake 0-7 helps a lot to the team.
Thanks to the whole team for their wonderful 2-20 3PM-A.

A beautiful game guys!!!!

And above all things do not forget (M.M. remember him in every post)
Pau Gasol is always to blame for all losses.


Phil, enjoy your year off before coming back to three-peat with the Heat.

Artest is a loser!!

pick and roll defense

The Lakers got knockout of the series.

Artest is a punk for that "sucker punch" on a guy half his size. I guess a leopard can't change his spots.

series isn't over till its over

The Lakers can't play any worse

Here's a Phil Jackson coaching skill.

Game 1 up by 14 take out the starters until Dallas in up in the fourth. Put the starts back in when Dallas catches up

Game 2 Keep Blake in no matter what

Game 3 scenerio - Lakers up in the 3rd. Jackson calls time out to take out the starters. Dallas catches up. Jackson puts starters back in when it's too late. Same scenerio.

Laker's THANKS for the run!!

Mavs fans are losers but the Mavs arent!!

PJ just said that OFFENSIVELY he is not concern: 76 points?


JerseyLakerfan: "if any guy deserves to win a title, it is the classy jason kidd."

This is the same "classy" Jason Kidd who bloodied and beat up his wife a bunch of times?

Has this lakers team run its course? Yes
Is Phil going to leave on a loosing note? Yes
Is this team capable of resurrecting itself and win this series? Yes, but won't happen.

jersey... this is not time to get sentimental!!

Tonight's loss should have not come as a surprise to any Lakers fanatic. This team has been the epitome of inconsistency and certainly the play that we have witness is indicative of our year.

The Lakers have no bench, suspect defensive play and the inability to make perimeter shots. Why did the Lakers get rid of players who contributed to the previous 3-yr run (i.e. Shasha and Jordan) with nothing in return. Hell, if we weren't going to play Joe Smith, why did we give up Sasha who can actually hit an open shot unlike the entire Lakers team, except for Kobe.

Also, Phil J. shows why it definitely is time to retire keeping Blake in the game when he couldn't hit an open shot and continuously got beat on defense. Finally, it's time to scrap the triangle and go with the pick-n-roll to utilize the Lakers talent of Lamar and Kobe on the same side or use Brown's athleticism because the triangle is predicated on perimeter shooters, which the Lakers do not have!

With that being said, the Lakers are the most inconsistent squad in the league and maybe they'll surprise us with 2 road wins.

Complacency kills. Lakers won and thought they had the pieces to win again, but they never replaced their horrible point guard, Derek Fisher.

Where do you think Shannon learns how to dribble, dribble, dribble, shoot? Derek Fisher.

Gasol never wanted to get better and he is as soft as ever.


how's that bus?

r u using a hand pump for the tires?

I am the biggest Laker fan..BUT the reality is this..the Lakers starters outscored the Mavs starters....
for the second game the bench has ben outscored by 15 or more points....
here is all you need to know about why the Lakers are down 0-2..

Game 1
Mavs bench +19

Game 1
Lakers starters +15

Game 2 Mavs Bench +18

Game 2 Lakers starters + 6

The Lakers bench has been outscored by +37 in two games.....

And Pau simply looks dead on his feet...physically he looks weak and mentally he seems weaker

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