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Lakers Game Notes: Shannon Brown to start in place of Ron Artest

Liymjxnc The Lakers plan to start Shannon Brown at shooting guard and Kobe Bryant at small forward Friday in Game 3 of their Western Conference semifinals series with the Dallas Mavericks, according to the Lakers' game notes. 

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson wouldn't divulge who would start in place of forward Ron Artest, who will serve a one-game suspension for his clothes-lining of Dallas guard J.J. Barea in the waning seconds of the Lakers' Game 2 loss. But by no means are the game notes binding. According to NBA Statscube, the lineup featuring Derek Fisher and Brown sharing backcourt duties, Bryant playing at small forward, Pau Gasol at power forward and Andrew Bynum at center, has been on the court a total of 12 minutes through five games.

That's a very small sample to evaluate, but for what it's worth, this lineup posted a statistical improvement from the team's season average in offensive rating (170.35 versus 107.9), turnovers (four, 13), field-goal percentage (75%, 46.3%) and three-point field-goal percentage (66.7%, 35.2%). Meanwhile, the team's defensive rating dipped from its season average (84.41, 101.32). Brown, who has made six of 10 shots while playing 27 minutes in the two games against Dallas,  has largely been inconsistent since a strong start to the season (he shot 48% in November). Although Brown's 10 field-goal attempts makes it difficult to gauge what his shooting clip against Dallas really means, the start may jump-start his performance, considering he may not be as inclined to shoot outside shots with the starters.

The move would also give Bryant more freedom to operate in the post, a role that he thrives in. This lineup could surely change before tip, with Lakers Coach Phil Jackson possibly starting Matt Barnes or Luke Walton at small forward and increasing Lamar Odom's time off the bench.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Los Angeles Lakers point guard Shannon Brown. Credit: Gary A. Vasquez / US Presswire

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My initial thoughts about inserting Shannon into the starting lineup were very negative, but upon further reflection I think this is the best move.

In a post-season full of disappointing Laker players, Shannon is right up there with Pau in my mind. Perhaps putting him on the floor with Kobe, Pau & Andrew will be what it takes to cause him to refrain from jacking up long jumpers early in the shot clock. If so, this is a positive development; if not, he should be cut from the roster by game's end....

I would rather Trey start over Shannon and LO start over Pau. LO can break down the defense with penetration and either kick out or pass to Drew. Trey did a nice job with the few minutes he got in the first series.

I know PJ would never start TJ but i think his shot is better than Shannons at this point.

to MM
Every time you let this guy force you to moderation he wins and we lose.

Give me either:


Of the two, I'd probably opt for the first due to rotational issues; but since it's been said either LO or MB, then my choice probably doesn't even work

Posted by: Tim-4-Show | May 05, 2011 at 07:22 PM

Looks like I called that one, even though I didn't think PJ had it in him to do it. Maybe the guy is waking up and some rotations will actually make sense tonight!!

Go Lakers!

to those being jacked
us regulars know who's who


"If you want to make history, you have to do historic things"

Lakers will win this series

Trey does have a better shot, IMO but I don't see how you can START a guy that you haven't even given minutes to other than a single game in the first round when Blake was out with pox....

and you'll remember, many of us, including me, expressed bitter sweetness with Blake coming back, because frankly Trey Johnson is far more of a player - but has been added so late.

Well, now we have the backs against the wall, and it's time to unleash the optimal rotations... Trey BETTER get minutes tonight


so shannons in for Artest...

hmmmm maybe shannon asked Phil to start so he can prove something?? thats my inital guess, or else Im sure LO or Barnes would have been my picks in Rons position...

lets see how this works out...

Troll Man,
I even know when MM is getting hijacked... I mean, anyone that's been around more than a week can figure out who's who


MM, the better question is "What should Ron be doing with his free time tonight?" Here's some possibilities:

1. Charles Barkley'ing it in a downtown Dallas bar watching the game and downing some brews? If so, make sure you sit next to a plate glass window to get the entire Charles Barkley experience. I'm sure that there will be plenty of annoying Dallas fans willing to be thrown through a plate glass window.

2. Auditioning for the Hangover III by breaking into Mark Cuban's mansion, peeing in the pool and stealing Cuban's Sphynx (Canadian) hairless pussycat, Dirk.


3. In the gym shooting over a 1000 outside set shots from both corners and the top of the key preparing for Game 4.

Although all three are intriguing, I vote for #3!


I just hope Artest really feels bad about letting EVERYONE down, himself included... and that he looks to atone for that.

In the past, Artest has done exactly what you're describing... shown up early and gotten in his shots to regain his feel. Since he's not playing, he'd better be doing this like crazy... as in taking 2,000 outside shots today

I would rather Trey start over Shannon and LO start over Pau. LO can break down the defense with penetration and either kick out or pass to Drew. Trey did a nice job with the few minutes he got in the first series.

I know PJ would never start TJ but i think his shot is better than Shannons at this point.

Posted by: ChicNstu | May 06, 2011 at 11:17 AM


@Tim-4-Show - yes sir. That was my selection as well. Now its up to Shannon to deliver like Farmar did when DFish was suspended.

there is one big advantage of starting UPS!

while he is dribbling any viewer can:

go to the bathroom
refill and refresh drinks
fix a snack

and don't miss any BB action.
one knows the outcome: some badly missed 3 or some WAKI (Worst Attempt of a Kobe Impersonation)

@ Jeanette - the imposter either got to be a Mavs fan or a CHEAT fan, how about we find out from him!!!

Start Trey Johnson? Seriously? This is nothing more than the kind of nonsensical fan belief that the backup quarterback is the real answer to a football team's problems. TJ has played excatly how many NBA minutes, and now you want him to START? Who is he going to guard? Jason Kidd?

Get real.

I'm all for bringing Trey off the bench (in fact, I would support bringing him off the bench BEFORE the awful Shannon Brown once Artest comes back--at least until he proves unworthy of the role), but to suggest that we insert a D-Leaguer into the starting lineup in a must-win playoff game is just absurd.



I'm not sure i want to stoop to that level, but it would be fun if we could be civil about it without all the juvenile crudeness.

Anyway I'm off to the track, have a good afternoon.

The jacker is looking to having legal issues.

The Triangluator has been jacked!!

my friend you are the latest victim of a soar looser who has no job, no friends and is on here prancing about and stealing peoples names and writing very gay comments, it makes me think that he might be homo himself, he probably has a facination of men, and cant stop thinking about it!!

lets lought at him all at once!!

you know lakers are gonna win RIGHT!???
if you didnt? now you know!!!
Lakers in 6!!!


that's funny bout ShamWow

i already have this nightmare:

UPS fouling Stevenson on a 3 point shot, giving him AND 1 for 4 points in the first 3 minutes of the game. and 2 more 3's after and before!

is this the same Stevenson that played for the Wizzards and was creaming Cleveland? (the referees gave the series to the Cavs). this guy was brilliant a few years ago!

oh Brother! this is disturbing!

Does anyone know anyone from the crew Anonymous? Surely they can find out who this hijacker is, they managed to shut down Sony of America and Sony of Europe for almost 2 weeks now.

Tim-4-show - sorry about that. For the record I'm gone until game any post under my handle aren't the real deal.

Next season depends on what happens from here. If they pull a Lazarus, rise from the dead and win the title, the focus would be on continuity and choosing a coach who can provide that, most likely a PJ protege. There will still be roster changes (certainly Smith and Ratliff gone, Caracter probably gone too, role players all subject to change). But the core would stay.

If this series ends like it started, there will be more openness to change, starting with a head coach who may want to run different systems. Then the coach would be an experienced winner, I would think, with a lot of input into personnel.

In any case, the Lakers need to rethink the guards not named Kobe, which has been a real issue this year.

Hey my handle was stolen too. I'm cleaning up the mess right now

"LRob, Soory dude, but you are responding to a comment I didn't make there. I know this is annoying.
As for the Shannon Brown move, it only proves how badly we need to get more athletic, and are in dire need of more outside shooters. Sometimes I think we are too big a team. Still hurts to think we Gave away Caron Butler for next to nothing.

Posted by: Tim-4-Show | May 06, 2011 at 11:38 AM "

It isn't really too hard to find athletic players or guys that can shoot the 3 (or guys that fit both categories) The Lakers just haven't done it and they have relied on veteran players. Eventually that age does catch up and that may be what we are seeing here.

Kobe, Lamar, Pau, and Andrew are the guys you either keep or you only trade if it's a very good deal in return. They have to keep their size, it's the rest of the roster that needs fixing. Some of the people on here are absolutely thrilled with Trey Johnson and we've only seen a few minutes of him. That goes to show how easy it is to replace the roleplayers on this team. Trey was playing for peanuts and just waiting for a team to give him a call. There are plenty of guys like him out there that can be had for the league minimum. It's just a matter of staying away from guys like Joe Smith, Theo Ratliff, and Derrick Caracter and getting someone that can actually contribute instead.

Pau has struggled lately, but writing him off would be a huge mistake. The Lakers have a core: Kobe, Pau, Lamar, Drew. That group could contend for a maybe 3 more years. But the rest of the roster needs spiffing up.

Fisher has been a great piece for these Laker teams, but the time has come for him to step back. The Lakers need another starting guard, and whoever he is he isn't on the current roster. Fish, Brown and Blake have combined to be adequate at best. The guard position has to get more athletic, and have a major upgrade when it comes to shooting. This team doesn't need a pure PG, just a talented guard.

Artest has not worked out, and sadly there is a long term commitment to him. He made sense when the path to a ring went through strong SFs like Carmelo and then either Pierce or James. Now a team in the West is only likely to deal with LeBron. Against the rest of the league, Artest is not worth his salary. He is unathletic, a dodgy shooter, can't guard quicker SFs and can't play within and type of team framework. Plus he is prone to stupid behavior. His physical play and tough D is great. But not enough. With Ron and Fish spotting up, teams can collapse on Drew and Pau and the Lakers' offense becomes Kobe going 1 on 2.

Barnes is not the answer. Maybe Ebanks could be someday. But this is another problem the Lakers will have to think about in this possibly long offseason.

The Buss family may have to get out their checkbooks, but who knows what the labor dispute will do to player movement.

Tim-4Show, the "too big" issue does seem to be coming up this year. But when LA and Boston were dominating the Finals nobody was complaining about both teams being "too big."

It is the aging of the perimiter players (mostly Fish and Artest, but also a constantly injured Bryant) and the innefectiveness of the bench (the Bs have been athletic but unproductive) that has killed the Lakers. Not too much size. When they win, opposing coaches unfailingly say they length was too much. But unathletic perimiter players who can't shoot have been the downfall of the team.

Big good.

Phhhhheeeeeewwww. Knowing Phil's love for his son Luke, I've been having nightmares about Phil putting Luke in the starting lineup. Crisis avoided. Shannon is the best choice. I'm as frustrated with Shannon's play as anyone, but with Kobe and Gasol on the floor, Shannon won't be relied upon for his suspect decision making, and can simply focus on his strengths - hitting open shots, making cuts, running the floor and playing defense.


@archouuuch, welcome back!


Moderation ....... noooooooooooooooooooooo; Back to reading The Day of the Jackal then.

PSP Intern

MM, sounds like there is a different report out there about tonight's starting lineup:

Trey Johnson? A guy who couldn't make the Clippers or T-Wolves roster this year? Starting in the most important game of the year? Wow, that is a pretty ridiculous idea.

The choice to start Shannon Brown certainly raised my eyebrows. This is not what I would have chosen. But, then again, I haven't won 11 Championship Rings as an NBA Coach.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Uh yeah, you guys might to want to look into that headline, two other news organizations say THE GOODS is starting

It's possible Ebanks could be a little shiny gold nugget just waiting to be uncovered, hopefully next year he gets some real time during games to develop.

so is the imposter tired of posting under other peoples name?

or is he on standby?

Mr. Jackson is not a good coach contrary to what everyone thinks. He was just lucky over the years to have talented solid championship teams with players like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Shaquille and Kobe who are player coaches which makes his job much easier. Somewhat like today's Miami Heat who are doing well with a coach who used to be an assistant. In essence anybody with a little basketball knowledge can coach a super talented team to a championship.

What is the author talking about that Andrew Bynum has only played 12 minutes through 5 games?! This series has only been 2 games so far and Bynum plays between 30-36 minutes a game anyway.

To clarify, the 12 minutes in five games is the lineup specifically featuring Fisher at point guard, Brown at shooting guard, Bryant at small forward, Gasol at power forward and Bynum at center for this season

What is the author talking about that Andrew Bynum has only played 12 minutes through 5 games?!
Posted by: jordan

Read it again.
He is saying the line up of xxx has only played 12 mins together.


LRob, Soory dude, but you are responding to a comment I didn't make there. I know this is annoying.
As for the Shannon Brown move, it only proves how badly we need to get more athletic, and are in dire need of more outside shooters. Sometimes I think we are too big a team. Still hurts to think we Gave away Caron Butler for next to nothing.

Posted by: Tim-4-Show | May 06, 2011 at 11:38 AM

Did not make that post... but I'll hand it to S Perkins, he's trying to make his imposter posts look a little more authentic.

In my very last article that I wrote for, I extolled the virtues of Caron Butler - so it does sort of hurt to think we gave him away for nothing, but the rest of the opinions are garbage. I do NOT think we're "too big"... this isn't some virgin on prom night sort of thing

Lakers are so done!



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