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Lakers send tape regarding officials' substitution ruling in Game 1 loss to Dallas

Usually he carries his gripes about officiating to the media, but this time Lakers Coach Phil Jackson addressed those matters by sending tape to the league office.

Jackson expressed frustration after Tuesday's practice about not being able to make a substitution change in the Lakers' 96-94 Game 1 loss Monday to Dallas with 20.3 seconds remaining. With the Lakers leading, 94-93, and Dallas having called timeout, Jackson subbed in Andrew Bynum for Lamar Odom, but immediately wanted to send in Steve Blake for Odom instead after seeing the Mavericks were going with a lineup that featured a smaller unit, with Peja Stojakovic replacing Tyson Chandler and J.J. Barea subbing in for Shawn Marion. The officiating crew, according to Jackson, said he wasn't allowed to make the change.

"The decision at the end of the game where we couldn't put a substitute in, I think was misplaced," Jackson said. "That was something that changed the complexity of the last play. I've never had that happen to me in a ballgame before. . . . In a dead-ball situation, someone can be substituted in or out. He doesn't have to be in there for a play."

Jackson argued the lack of substitution helped change the course of the game because Bynum guarded Mavericks guard Jason Kidd on the inbounds play and tipped his pass, which prompted Lakers forward Pau Gasol to go for a steal and accidentally foul Dirk Nowitzki. His two free throws gave the Mavericks the lead for good with 19.5 seconds remaining.

It's a rare change of pace for Jackson to be tactful in his criticisms, considering he's drawn $245,000 worth of fines since May 2009, including a $75,000 hit to both Jackson and the Lakers for acknowledging last month that a potential lockout factored into his decision to retire from coaching after this season.

"If there was something that was egregious and I felt like Kidd was laying all over the top of Kobe [Bryant] and all that kind of stuff, coaches do that, try and gain that kind of thing. I don't see it," Jackson said. "I don't see anything happening in that ballgame that has to be brought to the attention [of the media] and that's not how they want us to do it anymore. They want us to send in tape and incidents to show that."

--Mark Medina

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MM, looks like my handle has been hijacked also. I'm out of here for a few days until some semblance of order is restored...


your */- stats don't tell the true story

Exactly how do starters find a rythym by sitting on the bench for that long and then have to perform immediately because your second unit has once again blown a lead.

The headless coach needs to put players back in earlier to re-establish their previous form. Damn simple

No coach in the NBA does this and phil is the headless Coachman

testing 3 2 1

Weird, says comment was posted BUT its not showing up .... hmm, must be a new kind of moderation then. The PSP is out too till further notice ... au revoir

PSP Vice President

Sick sick sick crossover by Wade ... poor KG, not so tough now are you baldie?


Tae Kwon Do is a Korean art and it will get you killed on the streets, toolbag.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Snake, you flamer. I hope you get AIDS.

Wow, Troll Man... calling Phil Jackson the "headless Coachman" is a reach, even for someone with the name "troll man".

That's like calling Jordan a horrible player or something.

Learn how to troll. You're doing it wrong- no one is going to argue with you if you make such horribly baseless statements like that.

@ The Snake

you know all you have to do is relay to MM that someone impersonated you and said some inappropriate comments, simple. But NO you have continue and say you're outta here until some semblance of order is restored

Besides a few bad posts last nights and your impersonator today it there isn't anything to warrant going on moderation

Thanks for ruining it for everyone

Ryan Kane

your obviously new here, my dislike for PJ is well documented and he continues to make me eat crow Championship after Championship.
Nevertheless, I am not alone in my convictions.
I thought "Headless Coachman" was quite clever and indicative of last nights (and others) performance.

Perhaps you should learn how take those rose colored glasses off once in a while


every week someone comes on here and ruins it for everyone

you ever think you are being played by some vindictive blogger who comes and starts hurling insults just so that you will start moderation?
Very possible.

Just quarantine the ip address and trust the faithful to warn you if he/she returns.
It's not fair to punish the regulars over a true troll.

So I'm watching the Boston/Miami game and Lebron runs over Rondo while doing a spin move and no foul called.

Again, it amazes me that kobe gets so few calls by the officials

WOW! Phil Jackson is full of excuses he wants to send a film to the league office..........what a joke. Phil can get away with these things because he is holding press conferences in front of a group that just read "basketball for dummies". Bill Plashke, T.J. Simers, Breshnahan....Lisa Dillman............Who are these people?

Here is a good question for Phil that I'm sure went unasked.

Hey Phil.........If you were so adament about making the change to ultimately put Gasol on Dirk (which he conveniently passes over) and have Steve Blake in the game...............why not call another timeout? During that timeout you could have drawn up a play in case Dallas scored. If Dallas had missed and the Lakers secured the rebound then Dallas would have certainly fouled and or they would have called a timeout.............which would have resulted in a free throw shooting contest.

We had a timeout left because you called one after Dirk nailed the free throws when Gasol fouled him.

Phil Jackson just sits there and says ANYTHING to the media that covers him because either they are afraid of Phil or they just do not possess critical thinking skills..............they accept anything Phil says............without question

Just call another timeout Phil.......if it's that critical. That takes the power away from the officials................but Phil never takes responsibility for his actions as June Jackson his ex-wife of 23 years so brilliantly described Phil in this quote.

"My answer to why he's so frequently misunderstood is that he's unclear … it's even unclear to him," she said. "He learned early on to dodge, because people don't want to be pinned down publicly in their statements. So you just become kind of a master of obscurity, which people misinterpret as aloofness. What appears to be his standoffishness is just obscurity and opaqueness. And then people say, 'Oh my God, it's brilliance.' "

--- June Jackson

I told yall LBJ will rain fire and brimstone on Boston. All the talking heads said how Boston will run over the heat. But last year the priest watched Lebron rained fire and brimstone and then took his foot off the gas cause he wanted to take his talents to south beach. A year later LBJ will simply rain fire and brimstone and send boston packing. Boston is done. I hate to say it But LBJ is the chosen one.

As wonderful as all this back-and-forth is...regarding the post, that makes a lot of sense. A fair number of people here questioned why Jackson left Bynum on Kidd. Personally, I thought it was an odd decision- had Pau not done the (marginal) foul there would have been some serious mismatches. I know its bad form to complain about the refereeing as the cause of anything, but that game had some bad moments. Whether or not the refs rig games, or if Stern wants longer series, or whatever, it seems to me that the Lakers don't get as strong a benefit from home court. Perhaps that's why they seem to play better on the road- at least then you know you aren't getting any calls. To expect at least a few more marginal calls to go your way at home and then not have it's more demoralizing. I've seen Laker regular season games lost at home spent complaining to the refs. Is it the lack of crowd noise (at least close the the court, up in the nosebleeds we used to yell the whole game)? Or what? Laker homecourt "advantage" never seems like much of an advantage- more just less of a disadvantage. Then again, I do see everything through purple and gold glasses....

12 to 3peat

I'm done in here.

The scumbags who have nothing better to do than to trash a head coach who has not only led the Lakers to 7 NBA Finals and 5 championships in his 10 previous years coaching the team, not to mention taking a 34-48 team to the NBA Finals in three short seasons, are not only permitted to run rampant in here with their imbecilic opinions, but are defended by the so-called Lakers fans who frequent this blog. This rhetoric not only shocks my conscience, but it is nauseating and embarrasses each and every Lakers fan on this planet. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Adios! Win or lose, whoever wants to join me for a standing ovation for this team and Phil Jackson, in particular, MM has my e-mail address. I hope the rest of you find another team to root for.

Several times this season I predicted that our pathetic reserves would cost us some game, hopefully these losses would not be a crucial playoff games. Last night loss was one of those crucial loss when we surrender our HCA and provides the Mavs an incentive to go 2-0 before returning home. I'm afraid that if we lost tomorrow, our season is pretty much over. Match failed to upgrade the reserves before the trading deadline.

Bynum must established himself early in the game since Pau has not proven himself this season to be the go to guy especially late in the game.

Well our Lakers are down 0-1 once again,but for some reason i'm not worried about it.The way we player the Mavs those 3qtrs,and even the last 4 from the reg season finally with them clearly you can see the Lakers are the better team.Just gotta tighten up on some loose ends,and make some adjustments and tie it up tomorrow going into Dallas.which i'm sure we can win at least one game to get the home court back.

Go Lakers!

Still Lakers win in Game 2...
I believe...

Go Lakers

Come on, all you Touchy-Feely fans, this is a free country, right?
Or at least a free blog?>

Someone saying that it's not PC to dis PJ's recent coaching (or lack thereof) is just not cool.

I agree that Jackson should be gettin' more heat for leaving his Starters sittin' on the benches while again and again, the Bz go and squander the lead.

The team never plays back to back games in this series, so why worry about a few extra mintues of playwearing them out (especially if the extra rest equals AN OPENING GAME LOSS?) Why does Jackson keep to the regular season habit of Starters comin' in with only 6 or even 4 minutes left in the 4th, instead of bringin' em in whenever they're needed to staunch the preventable point bleeding?

This is a legitimate criticism, and on this Jackson has been a serial offender!

With Barnes not back to his ol'pre-injury self, Blake petrified to even try to take shots and Brown insisting on a lot of non-stop perimeter bricks, this is a legitimate criticism of an obviously beloved and accomplished Coach!

Still, if you feel that you need to bail ship just because some think DaCoach should try out a different tip, then that's sad, but please don't let that get between your love for our Lakers team!

(Did you notice that I never once dissed about Kobe Bryant's ZERO assists?)

Boston sucks!
Get it together, LAL!
Lakers in 5.

If there was a bias in the officials, wouldn't it have been in favor of the Lakers? The Lakers shot about twice as many free throws as the Mavs.

Let's get this done tonight Lakers!!!

you armchair coaches crack me, by all means keep posting its great comedy.



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