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Lakers Report Cards: Andrew Bynum

61376481This is the eighth edition of Lakers Report Cards, focusing today on starting center Andrew Bynum.

Grade: A-

In the midst of the All-Star afterparties, Blake Griffin's electrifying slam dunk performance and Kobe Bryant collecting his fourth All-Star MVP, Andrew Bynum's conversation with Phil Jackson during the break helped lay the groundwork for what became a career-building season for the 23-year-old center.

After missing the first 24 games of the season because of off-season surgery on his right knee, Bynum at the time lamented his role in the offensive system and his two-of-12 outing in the Lakers' most embarrassing regular-season loss to Cleveland. That's when Jackson implored him to take ownership of the Lakers' defensive scheme that emphasized funneling players into the lane so the frontline could disrupt their opponents' shots. Bynum laid out the perfect blueprint, averaging 11.2 points and a Western Conference leading 12.3 rebounds and 2.36 blocks per game after the All-Star break, disrupting passing lanes and significantly altering the shots he didn't block.

Of course, Bynum also provided that presence when he returned from off-season surgery and when he grinded his way through the 2010 NBA playoffs while nursing a lateral meniscus tear on his right knee. The difference this time around was Bynum's willingness to embrace this responsibility as his primary role and that he avoided a major injury throughout the rest of the season.

Certainly, there were some blips on his resume this season. His flagrant foul on Dallas guard J.J. Barea in Game 4 of the Lakers-Mavericks playoff series soured an otherwise impressive season and earned him a five-game suspension next season as well as a $25,000 fine for taking off his jersey. Although Bynum avoided major injury, he collided his knees twice late in the regular season, he avoided further damage because of the 18-inch brace he wears on his right knee. And even if Bynum's honest revelation that the team had "trust issues" after the Lakers' Game 2 loss to Dallas, many in the Lakers organization viewed that as finger pointing rather than displaying any heightened sense of leadership. 

But Bynum earned his high grade because his 24-game absence easily could have resulted in a slow transition period for him coming back to full form. It may be debatable whether Bynum's decision to delay surgery was warranted. It also may be indisputable that his absence created a trickle effect on the Lakers' struggles, most notably on Pau Gasol. But it's also clear that long-term rehab finally paid off in providing Bynum the opportunity to show his true potential when he's healthy.

"I think I just went into the playoffs with the intent of playing good basketball and I put myself in the position to do so," said Bynum, who led the Lakers this postseason with 9.6 rebounds and scored a second-leading 14.4 points per game. "I can definitely grow on that."

Bynum on multiple occasions has pointed to his All-Star break talk with Jackson as the turning point for him this season, but there was also another one for him. This took place in Boston on Jan. 10, a week before the All-Star break, where presumptuous ESPN trade reports connecting him going to the Nuggets for Carmelo Anthony dominated the discussion. The Lakers have held a strong-held view that they wouldn't trade Bynum because Lakers executive Jim Buss strongly backs him and the organization values his size and youth. But Jackson had Bynum talk with sports psychologist George Mumford to ease his mind on all the outside speculation, help with meditation and refuse to hold anything back on the court. 

That same night, Bynum posted 16 points on six of 10 shooting and nine rebounds in the Lakers' signature road win over Boston, wiping away any notion the Lakers would remotely consider trading him. The next step involved providing that presence, however, on a consistent basis. He explained how he could do that after the All-Star break. The team's 17-1 mark mostly pointed to his defensive resurgence. He grabbed double digit rebounds in 16 of the last 25 regular-season games, including doing so in March for eight consecutive games. And he suddenly felt emboldened by all the responsibility.

It's unclear where Bynum game goes from here. He wants to assume a larger responsibility in the offense, but Kobe Bryant immediately fired back saying, "he needs to fall in line" behind Bryant and Gasol. But regardless of how that dynamic shapes up, Bynum showed the full potential he has when he's healthy. The scary part: Bynum's only going to get better, assuming he avoids further injuries of course.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers center Andrew Bynum tries to power his way to a shot against Mavericks center Tyson Chandler in the first half of Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals at Staples Center. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times / May 4, 2011

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Lakers should make Andrew Bynum the offensive focal point or trade him for Dwight Howard. Lakers can't win championship if Kobe is the only option.

Hold up a second....

"Blake Griffin's electrifying slam dunk performance"???


Sorry - I couldn't read past that. I was laughing too hard.

The "he needs to fall in line" comment was very unfortunate...

@Todd: there is one more option, not that I endorse it but it is there: trade Gasol.

Here's why it might work: without Gasol, Bynum will be elevated from #3 to #2 and if the new coach uses Kobe judiciously due to his age then Bynum will have plenty of chance to influence the game.

Which should lead to the second question: who should Lakers trade for Gasol? It is absolutely necessary that if Bynum is going to play an important role in the offense, Lakers will need a PF who can shoot from long-distance.

Anybody remember a dude named Robert Horry? EXACTLY, Robert helped tremendously to space out the court and opened up the middle so Shaq could dominate. That formula can work again!

It's interesting. I was always somewhat lukewarm about Andrew Bynum because 1) his seemingly delicate knees and 2) he carries himself and plays "soft" in spite of his physical prowess and power.

That is until the Mavs serie. IMO, the silver lining that came from that debacle was that Andrew Bynum suddenly became real OUTSPOKEN. Suddenly he became a real FORCE and be FORCEFUL. His play on the court followed with his outspokenness. For once he had became "THE BEAST" like many of us had hoped and envisioned him to be one day. The flagrant fouls on Beasley and then on Barea have greatly ENDEARED him to me and I am now a lot more supportive of Andrew Bynum. So much so that I'm willing to take a chance on his knees being healthy for the future.

I can see pretty soon the torch being passed from Kobe to Bynum and have no problem with it. That is if Lakers FO do not do the foolish thing and trade Andrew away first.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


@MM… I am sure you are going to get flamed by certain posters for giving Drew an A- grade but I think you have been spot on with most of your report cards. I agree 100%. A- is the grade I had for Drew just as B+ was the grade I had for Kobe.

Despite some differences of opinion as to the seriousness of Drew’s flagrant foul, which I agree was classless and deserving of the 5-game suspension but do not agree would be a factor in evaluating Drew’s future with the Lakers, I have to commend you for not being afraid to have a take.

The key to me is that the Lakers have to take a hard look at how they were playing, especially on defense during the 17-1 post all-star game streak. That was pure dominating championship ball. We need to get the chemistry back to playing like that. It was our most impressive stretch of great basketball since this team was put together. If you reprise that, then we won’t need major moves.

What is going on with respect to the login situation. I actually like the TypePad login via Twitter. Is there any way we can have instant post for those who login and moderation for those who prefer not to login? That might solve the problem for everybody. Just a thought.

Hey Everybody,

It seems that Jon K's Eternal Struggle To Remain In His Hometown continues.

My temporary position as a proofer/copywriter ends in a few days and I need to find employment.

I'm pretty stressed about it quite frankly. If you know of any work, please let Mark Medina know and I'm sure he'll pass it along to me.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Kobe, you need to be very careful about that fall in line comment. You might be the one that have to fall in line if Andrew keeps playing like an "All Star" you are getting old my brother.

Bynum needs to spend the summer with "Akeem the Dream" and learn some more low post moves. With Pau always seeking the path of least resistance, i.e. avoiding contact at all costs, the Lakers need a big man who will go strong to the basket. Bynum has got to be that guy.

JAMF - Glad I made you laugh

Laker Tom - Thanks for the feedback. But let me clarify one thing and perhaps it's my fault for not wording it right. I don't think Bynum's single act for getting ejected would determine whether the Lakers would trade him or not. But if the Lakers see a deal they were on the fence on, it certainly wouldn't help his cause.

Medina i actually agree with your grade of A- for the Beast. The guy is only 23. Yall saw how he went coast to coast in game 3 against the mavs and dunked the ball. If kobe did passed him the ball in the second half LA would have won that game. I gave Kobe a D+ for his report card. Next year Bynum must be the number 1 option that means 20 shots a game. Bynum is no Shaq but his impact is Shaq like in today's nba. There are hardly any quality centers in the nba any longer. Buss needs to sit down with kobe and get the ball hog to accept his new role. Bynum is shooting 60+% kobe shoots 44%. Do the math. When Bynum was the focus, LA went 17-1.

Personally, I agree with the comments, fall in line..Can't get no more real than that...Everything takes time and has to run its course and I think gradually, he will get more opportunities for whatever personal goals Andrew has, but for purposes of this Laker team as constructed, he has to fall back right now...

it is what is..........

@PSP.. Nash top3all time?? Yellofever agrees ur brother/cousin talking blasphemy.. Are you sure that is ur blood not adopted brother? Nash is arguably top10. No defense and no finals appearances are his biggest deterrents from even considering in any GOAT conversation... Magic west oscar isiah stockton AI the glove are just a few I can name offhand

@MM.. I say B/B-. Even if he ACED his finals exams which I wouldn't give him in the playoffs either.. he shouldnt get an overall A for missing the first midterm even with extra credit he never completed.. I also say deduct a grade for removing his shirt. Its not like he had pecs of steel if u know what I mean.. :-)


More like a grade B.

Remember Bynum did not play a full season. I don't think anyone can get a grade A if they missed part of the season.

And Kobe grade should have been a C. As Team Leader, they didn't make it to the finals and got swept in the second round. Plus I believe his lack of practice with the team this season also played an important role in why team chemistry was bad in the playoffs.

I know if my team mate is not practicing with me, I lose respect for him. Because I believe to trust him less at game time.

I believe Kobe's comment solidifies Drew's "trust issues" remark. If Kobe trusts other players to produce, they would still be playing right now. But continuing to tell people he is the no. 1 option is absolutely foolish, both for Kobe's career and the Laker's fortunes. Kobe can still carry the team at times, but if he trusted his teammates more he won't have to, he'll prolong his career and possibly win more titles, and they'll win more games. I hope the new coach can get that message clear and simple to Kobe.

Hey JK. Wish I could help, but I'm out here in Orlando. Keep your chin up and best of luck to you on the job hunt.

I don't really understand the basis for this grading system. Are players being graded against some objective standard that applies to everyone equally, or are they being measured against a player-specific standard (e.g., an average player who plays about as well as he is capable of gets an "A" even though he isn't half the player Kobe is)?

I don't see how Andrew deserves an A-. He played great for a stretch that consisted of about a third of the season. He stepped it up in the playoffs, but still had awful games (6 points, 6 boards).

In the past, we've seen Andrew show the ability to consistently score 20+ points per game, while averaging well over 10 boards. To me, that's his "A game" and I don't think he came close to replicating that level of play for a long enough period of time to give him practically the highest grade possible. He had a solid season, and a phenomenal stretch (a stretch that lasted as long as the season opening stretch where he did not play a single minute...), but overall I don't know how you can give him more than a B.

Same goes for Kobe. B+ suggests a well above average year, which doesn't come close to describing Kobe's season (or post-season). On my curve, Kobe gets a C.

B +

Bynum for Dwight Please!

In fairness to Bynum, he was the ONLY Lakers out there who is really really committed this season.... but to trade Bynum for Dwight, I'll do it in a heart beat. No Contest!

I hope Dwight & CP3 will both declare that they will ONLY want to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. After all, this is the only place where Franchise Players' name becomes immortalized, other than, MJ from Chicago Bulls

In over fourty five years of watching laker's basketball. This is on of my hardest or hardest decision ever. Would I or wouldn't I trade Andrew for Dwight. Drew has so much raw potential and I think more offensive moves than Howard, however Howard is the best right now defensively and has a monster game in regards to offense. I seriously doubt the lakers would be able to have Drew and Dwight, so In a nail biter. I would keep drew. I would have an honest private sit down with Pau to find out if he still wants to stay and play in LA and to try and ascertain what happened during the playoffs. Players are human and when ever there is a total collapse like the one in the playoffs to such a great and prolific player. you need to get to the bottom of this issue prior to the start of the new season. Many times if people know you genuinely care, they will be straight up and honest .This team needs to get together among themselves and have an honest discussion to iron out their differences. The public needs not know or get involved. A true family will never allow the public to know family matters. That's strength and that's unity. psalms 121 Zechariah 4:6

Mary Chandler, why aren't you a GM for a team? No other GM seems to know how to put a team of 10-12 allstars together like you do.

Posted by: Bay to LA | May 16, 2011 at 05:00 PM

Bay to LA,

that's because I just turned 14 years old last month.

I would want to be the only woman to become a GM in the NBA in the near future.... especially for the Los Angeles Lakers!

Laker Kev,

Thanks, man.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Good article on why Sloan should be the next coach of the Lakers:

As I've said before, I would love Sloan to be the coach.
He would not let Kobe play "free safety" defense.
He would not let players take long lapses on the defensive end.
He would not instill a mentality of the "Parctice Season."
He would instill a offense based off of cuts and pics(which this team pretty much abandoned for most of the season).
He would bring his giant HUNGER to win it all- which has been sorely lacking.
He would attract a great PG to come to L.A.

The only downside I see is if we have any chance to aquire D. Williams, signing him as the coach would not work. I'm not sure if the FO is going to go for a coach first, or new blood.

Medina obviously the consensus is that Kobe grade should between a D+ or a C-. Even kobe would agree with a D. As captain, the lakers got swept by the mavs and got a historic beatdown in game 4. How can he get a passing grade for that? Plus the defensive specialist Jason Kidd locked the Mamba down in the 4th quarter. As a side note the Black Mamba should get an F for the worse nickname in all of pro sports.

"Blake Griffin's electrifying slam dunk performance"

The camera angle makes it seem 'electrifing'. But Blake dunked over the HOOD, not the ROOF but the HOOD of the car. The HOOD is about 3 ft high, for crying out loud...

I see this trade as win/win for everybody involved:
A.Iguodala SF/6-6 (from PHI)
J.Holiday PG/6-4 (from PHI) *-TradeExcept
D.Lee C-F/6-10 (from GS)
D.Wright SF/6-9 (from GS) *-TradeExcept
#-Also Draft Picks from CLE/GS (?)

K.Bryant SG/6-6 *-NoTrade
L.Walton SF/6-7

P.Gasol C-F/7-0
A.Jamison F/6-9 (from CLE)

S.Blake PG/6-3 *-TradeExcept
R.Artest SF/6-7 *-TradeExcept
D.Caracter PF/6-9 *-TradeExcept
A.Nocioni SF/6-7 (from PHI) *-TradeExcept
J.Meeks G/6-4 (from PHI) *-TradeExcept
A.Beidrins C-F/6-11(from GS) *-TradeExcept

LAKERS 2011-12:
PF D.LEE 6-10
F L.ODOM 6-10
F M.BARNES 6-7 *-PlayerOption
G S.BROWN 6-4 *-PlayerOption

The only way it doesn't work is if Kobe uses his No-Trade Clause. Comments?

Bynum should have got a C- and the entire team should get a F. I am very disappointed with my team performance most of the season and playoffs. They did not play championship kind basketball.

Medina obviously the consensus is that Kobe grade should between a D+ or a C-. Even kobe would agree with a D. As captain, the lakers got swept by the mavs and got a historic beatdown in game 4. How can he get a passing grade for that? Plus the defensive specialist Jason Kidd locked the Mamba down in the 4th quarter. As a side note the Black Mamba should get an F for the worse nickname in all of pro sports.

Posted by: island priest | May 16, 2011 at 06:01 PM

Island Priest,

I completely agree with you the nickname 'Black Mamba' is the WORSE OF ALL WORSE NICKNAME IN ALL PRO SPORTS!

Class Claaasss Claaaaaasssss SHUT UP
thank you

Big Andy - I'm concerned with you becoming the school bully, your last fight on the last day of school will cost you a one-week suspension at the beginning the next school year. All your absences prevent you from becoming a straight-A student, but most importantly, doing well for a few weeks at a time doesn't make you a top student. A top student is consistent throughout the entire year.
Grade = C

the worst nickname of all sports is no other than Kobe's 'Black Mamba'

The best ones are:

Air Jordan
Magic Johnson

even Van Exel has a nice nickname.

or even LBJ into Queen LBJ

@MM … The sad thing about the way the season ended for Drew was that the lasting memory will likely be the flagrant foul on Beria and getting ejected rather than his great steal from Dirk and coast to coast drive and dunk. I think the latter image will be what the Lakers front office will remember.
@GG … “Kobe can still carry the team at times, but if he trusted his teammates more he won't have to, he'll prolong his career and possibly win more titles, and they'll win more games.” That is my vote for a Friedman, GG. It defines the essence of the Lakers future and what it demands of Kobe Bryant.
@RICK …. Outstanding post. Mitch said it best when he talked about players fitting the roster. What we saw from the Lakers during the vaunted 17-1 post all-star run or from the baby Bulls last night were perfect examples of the synergy that comes from the chemistry of a perfect fit. There are many reasons including money, touches, and ego that support the Lakers not trading Drew for Dwight.
@JON K … Sorry to hear of your employment dilemma. Hopefully something will come up. It’s the nature of life for most of us to go through up and down cycles. What always keeps my spirits up is knowing that there are always better times to come when you won’t even remember the struggles. Best wishes and good luck finding something in which you can commit your great passion.

No way I grade AB with an A-...are you kidding me? Had surgery late which caused Pau to be over used early in the season, This resulted in Pau being out of gas come playoff time. AB gets a B- at best. Kobe gets a solid B...nobody else on the team get above a B in my book and several players failed. The Brick being the worst at F-. He should be released because he was the main factor for us failing this year...Jordan Farmar is smiling, I told you so!


Sister Mary Elephant gave no one a grade higher than a B.
Here's a repost of her final school grades, she's a very tough grader

Class Claaasss Claaaaaasssss SHUT UP
thank you

Well class we've come to the end of another school year and unfortunately it ended sooner than expected when that school in Texass at the regional semi-finals defeated our debate team.
Grades have been so good over the past few years it really hurts Sister Mary Elephant to reveal your final grades, but as your teacher I must objectively evaluate your performance so that you may improve in the areas that are sub-standard.

Little PJ - As teachers aide you were more passive than usual this year. Of course this is nothing new as the results the prior 2 years have been outstanding. Your system of starting slowly then cramming for the Finals did not work this year. Perhaps the students just didn't pay enough attention to you because they knew you were moving to Montana with your parents. Perhaps it was just because the students had a lot of extra-curricular activities and they didn't devote enough time to their school studies. Whichever the case, you did not recognize the students needs for this school year and they were left without the leadership required of a teachers aide.
Grade = C-

Baby Kobe - Your prior scholastic career has been exemplary. But I am grading for this year and your performance while still good, was somewhat disappointing. A little advice, when debating other teams let some of your schoolmates answer the questions to let them feel part of the team, but most importantly, if they answer a question wrong, don't make all those mean faces at them. You win as a team you lose as a team.
Grade = B

Gassy - You started the school year strong but ended weak. As our only exchange student perhaps you missed your mommy more this year than in years past. Maybe your mom can come and be with you next year to give you the love and support you seem to need.
Grade = C

Big Andy - I'm concerned with you becoming the school bully, your last fight on the last day of school will cost you a one-week suspension at the beginning the next school year. All your absences prevent you from becoming a straight-A student, but most importantly, doing well for a few weeks at a time doesn't make you a top student. A top student is consistent throughout the entire year.
Grade = C

RonBabyRon - Since coming to this school your grades have not come close to the level in your transcripts. Perhaps this is a tougher school district but I don't think it helps your studies by losing valuable study time to auction off your bicycle nor does it help when your parents insist on taking you to talent shows all the time.
Grade = D+

Little Fishy - The school allowing you to stay an extra year even though you had enough credits to graduate was a mistake. Sometimes it's hard to leave something so familiar and comfortable but your presence caused a more worthy student to be denied admission. I want you to think about that.
Grade = D-

Baby Odie - Another up and down school year with more positives than negatives for a change. That scholastic award you received was deserved but the little boy from Dallas who finished in second place was a better student when it counted most. Your parent’s decision to allow you to be on the "Mickey Mouse Club" seemed to make you lose focus on the task at hand. As always, maybe next year you will put it all together.
Grade = B-

Lil Machine - Though you were forced to transfer out of this school district early in the school year I believed the superintendent should have done more to keep you here. Your dumb fights with Little PJ's friend, B. Shaw, was your undoing as the district had to do the politically correct thing and back those students up. I am sorry for that and the school district is now aware what a huge mistake it was.
Grade = n/a transferred

Stevie B. - It's hard for all transfer students to do well at this school as our standards are higher than any other institution. That being said, your performance was far below standard and should be acknowledged accordingly. I fully expect a complete turnaround next year.
Grade = D-

Matty B. - With you getting sick and being out for such a long time, your less than expected performance can be somewhat explained. However, next year is probably your last chance to show you belong at this prestigious school. Good Luck
Grade = C-

Shanny B. - With all your talent you failed to realize that, like in Math, you can't go directly to Calculus without knowing Algebra or trigonometry. Master those subjects and your potential is limitless. Do the same as this year and you might have to go to a public school.
Grade = C-

Baby Lukie - I know you are at this school because you are the god-son of a high ranking official but it would be better if you just take the alternate computer classes instead of wasting space at this school.
Grade = F

Now class I know there are other students in this class but Little PJ failed to turn in any progress reports on them but I did find a list of their names
Theo R.
Devin E.
Derrick C.
Baby Trey
I will have to give you all an incomplete grade because I have no record of any of you participating in any school activities. I so very sorry for this, it seems to happen every year some students are ignored and not given an opportunity to.......

Class Claaasss Claaaaaasssss WAKE UP

Posted by: Sister Mary Elephant/Troll Man | May 14, 2011 at 07:24 PM

I'll definately give the big man a A- inspite of how he started the yr,its all about how he finish.He was a big part of the Lakers finishing the reg season at the number 2 spot and positioning them selves for a nother championship run.I know but they blow it, but Bynum was a positive sign looking at the present state of the Lakers!

Go Lakers!

AB gets graded down for showing up late for the season on purpose! Max B.

led the Lakers this season with 9.6 seconds? Is that how long he played defense compared to the rest of the Lakers? Then yeah, he led in that stat.

@Psycorp- I totally agree with everything you said. My take is Bynum and Gasol do Not compliment each other on the floor. In fact there seems to be confusion as to their respective offensive roles. I believe that is what sparked Drews "trust" statement. I also see Kobe's "fall in line" statement as an attempt to clarify this situation. The Lakers success the previos years came with Gasol at center. This year he (Gasol) seemed lost with Drew in the lineup. This should in no way be deemed as a slight to Gasol. He was instumental in the Championship years. However, I do not believe he can co-exist in the same lineup as Drew. The 17-1 streak this year was when Drew was a monster. I say trade Gasol for a premium PG who can slash and shoot the three and a back-up PF, move Odom into the starting lineup. Make Drew the 2nd option. Still need a to strengthen

Drew's the 2nd best center in the league when healthy. I feel another Kobe/Big Man confrontation coming next year. Drew does need to become the #1 option for Kobe to become a more effective player as he gets older. Thats how the Shaq/Kobe Lakers succeeded. Will Kobe really be willing to dish off more of his shots down the middle just because Dwight is standing there instead of Drew? Pretty unlikely especially since Kobe will be in hot pursuit of MJ's career points.

We would have to pay Dwight a max contract. Drew could probably be had far cheaper meaning we could and should move Pau for a top flight point guard. Forget Dwight.

Mary you are obviously an A student. I took note that you have a sharp intellect like the Priest. I look forward to when you become the GM of the lakers and return us to respectability again if Kobe continue to lead us down the path of destruction.

What I don't like about the nick name the black mamba is that it is forced and self annointed. No one was watching Kobe play and say you know what, you my friend are a black mamba. maybe kobe friends could have came up with a better nick name. Wait a minute, Kobe has no friends. kobe is an enigma. Mary you are right with Magic at number 1, Air Jordan a close number 2, Hakeem The Dream Olajuwon at 3, Prime Time Deion Saunders at 4, The Play Maker Michael Irwin at 5, King James and The Chosen One is tight and it is number 6, etc etc. I would place The Black Mamba in last place. maybe because the mamba is too close in sound to mama.

Kobe: The Lakers are getting ready to take the ball away from you and your point guard Derrick Fisher.

The Lakers are getting ready to make Andrew Bynum the go to guy. real soon Kobe will become a support player like Tim Duncan real soon.

Maybe Pau Gasol is sick of Kobe's ego and Me against the NBA mentality. Lack of team ball.

That Sister Mary Elephant is spot on with her grades...well done Sister!

Definitely a B/B+.

You don't get an A until you play a full season.

I think the we should hire Shaw, stay with the triangle and run it, and start LO at the PG position and bring Fisher off the bench. I think LO can be close to Magic Johnson on the floor if given the chance. Pippen played more like Johnson as "point forward" and I think that would be good for us and LO. He can rebound the ball and run the floor. If you look at alot of plays where LO rebounded the ball and ran the floor, that led to alot of transition baskets for the Lakers.

Posted by: Bummi | May 17, 2011 at 06:52 AM


I completely 120% agree with you!!!! This should have been done long time ago!

Lamar Odom as POINT GUARD make it happen!

How does Bynum rate an A- as basically a part-time player that is rarely on the floor at the end of games? Maybe A for potential, but he still hasn't gotten there.
If Phil Jackson thought Bynum was an A-level player do you think he'd replace him with Odom every fourth quarter?
If Bynum was an A-level player would Dallas have neutralized him with Brendan Hayward and Tyson Chandler?
As for the people that believe Odom should play PG, if Fisher can't defend the likes of Chris Paul how do you think Odom will guard him or other quick points? Odom already has some trouble defending some small forwards.

Andrew Bynum has already tried hard to do his work in this season!



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