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Lakers say they hope to sign contract with Mike Brown 'within the next few days'

Photo: Mike Brown. Credit: Gregory Shamus / Getty Images The Lakers said in a statement that they were "very impressed" with Mike Brown and hopes to sign a contract Brown "within the next few days" that would officially make him the team's head coach.

"In response to rampant speculation and reports about our head coaching position and Mike Brown, we’ve met with Mike and are very impressed with him," the Lakers said in a statement. "In addition, we have an outline for an agreement in place and hope to sign a contract within the next few days."

The Times' Mike Bresnahan and Broderick Turner earlier reported that Brown is expected to sign a contract later Wednesday or Thursday in a deal worth between $4 million and $4.5 million per season. Bresnahan and Turner also report that Brown's contract is thought to be for three years, with a team option on the fourth season that would give him partial pay if he is not retained.

-- Mark Medina

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@Justa ... Glad to see your great handle made the transition. Although Brown caught me by surprise, I think in retrospect that it was a great move. I tend to agree with you that we will be fine on offense and am glad to see the team basically follow Kobe’s proclamation that we need a “defensive” oriented coach. Hopefully, he will jump on the bandwagon and be happy with the move once he gets over the disappointment associated with Brian Shaw not getting the gig. Hopefully, Shaw will get the Warriors job since he was from Oakland and Brown had been Joe LeCob and Jerry West’s pick for their coach.
@NBA3ETERNITY... LOL. Someone really had already taken NBA4EVER? It’s almost like playing a game where you have to guess what each bloggers new iteration is going to be. I was thinking of changing my blog name to Nobody so that I would always be logged in. Welcome to the new world. Jerry Buss hands the reins to Jim Buss. Phil Jackson hands the reins to Mike Brown. Kobe Bryant hands the reins to... defense-first team-oriented share-the-ball old-school basketball. Changes!!!!

wait a minute so now the Lakers " hope " they can sign him?...

what kind of a hope? like the OBAMA 2008 campaign HOPE?

they way the news is blowing up, I think you can count on Mike Brown as the Lakers next coach...

I mean what is he going to do, go back to being a BSPN analyst and get paid minimum wage?? I DONT THINK SO!!!

MR. MIKE BROWN, welcome to the Lakeshow...
the pressures on, I mean you cant do worse than 2nd round sweep in the playoffs lol or maybe i shouldnt say that!

@NUGGETSCOUNTRY ... Hey, at least a Mike Brown announcement would mess with your heart. Think if they had announced they were hiring Mike Dunleavy. Only thing worse would be trading for his overpaid kid. I was surprised by the hire but have grown to like it. I had also reached the point by the end of the year that changes were needed. I think a new coaching style and attitude will help rejuvenate this team and help them get their mojo back. I still think our top priority now that we are not hiring Shaw and continuing with the Triangle is to get an elite point guard. My trade du jour now is Lamar Odom for Raymond Shelton. I hate to give up Lamar but Felton would give us an excellent point guard who can attack the paint, hit the 3, and play tough defense. Starting Fish cannot go on.
@ART ... Again, I am assuming this is you to whom I am addressing this post. I agree with your comments about Kobe’s “no comment.” Right now, he is probably disappointed because Brian Shaw did not get the position and now he will have to adjust to a new coach and systems. I think the key is his earlier comments about the need to hire a defensive oriented coach. His comments and Brown’s resume are a pretty good match. Bottom line, Kobe wants to win another championship and I think Brown has just as big a chip on his shoulder. It should be a fascinating situation should the Lakers meet the Heat in the Finals next year. Brown will make the Lakers even more eager to beat Miami.
@PEACE ... Wow, hard to believe you were able to keep the same handle. I think part of the reason that the team wanted to go outside the organization was to get a fresh start for everybody, including Kobe. We may never know exactly why team that went 17-1 after the all-star break suddenly collapsed but there were obviously a conflict between some of the players that led to Bynum’s “trust” comments. I think the Lakers felt it was time for the coach and not the superstar to dictate how we play.
While it is too early to really tell, I am guessing that the team did not consult with Kobe about hiring Mike Brown because they already knew his preference was Brian Shaw and Kobe had already stated that selecting the new coach was the general manager’s and owner’s job, not his. At this point in his career, Kobe should have enough trust in the organization to support whomever they want as coach.

Laker Tom,

Yes, it is me to whom you were addressing the post.

Your comment about Kobe having already voiced his opinion making asking him a non issue it a good point.

Kobe's clock is ticking louder and now he can hear it go tick tock, tick tock, and I can't see him wasting another year trying to dominate a coach. It would be foolish and a lose-lose proposition. I expect he will be fine.

Funny, I seriously considered choosing 'Nobody' as a user name also.


A good thing about the Brown signing, or any new coach from outside the org, is they can wipe the slate clean.

Hopefully a new dynamic can be established which will help produce better results.

Shaw may end up being a good coach somewhere, but he was a big part of the PJ regime last year and he should have seen this coming when the Lakers told him to go interview elsewhere.

No need to splice what the statement means. Mike Brown is the coach. He just has to sign the contract

Woohoo, I made the transition to TypePad in one piece.

I'm surprised too, that Mike Brown is the new coach. I really was expecting Rick Adelman, whom I prefer. But hey, Mike Brown is no slouch either. Welcome aboard Brownie!!! I'm sure you'll do a heckuva job. Now that we've got the coach selection out of the way, I wonder what kind of tweaks to the Lakers' team will be done that Dr Buss was alluding to.



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