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Lakers release 2011 preseason schedule

Lakers Here is the Lakers' preseason schedule. This is, of course, optimistic thinking on the Lakers' part, considering the strong possibility of a lockout of some kind during the 2011-12 NBA season.

But even if the Lakers are making plans to trim down their training staff and the NBA players union is currently unhappy with the latest collective bargaining proposal from league owners, it never hurts to at least keep this handy to see what games you might miss.

Date      Opponent                        Location                                      Time

Oct. 9    Golden State Warriors       Fresno (Save Mart Center)            7 p.m.

Oct. 12  Atlanta Hawks                  Ontario (Citizens Bank Arena)       7 p.m.

Oct. 15  Atlanta Hawks                  Staples Center                              7 p.m.

Oct. 16  Utah Jazz                         Staples Center                              7 p.m.

Oct. 19  Utah Jazz                         Anaheim (Honda Center)               7 p.m.

Oct. 21  Sacramento Kings             Las Vegas (Thomas & Mack Ctr)      7 p.m.

Oct. 25  Clippers                           San Diego (Valley View Casino Ctr)  7 p.m.

Oct. 27  Clippers                           Bakersfield (Rabobank Arena)          7 p.m.

In a test of fans' optimism that the NBA will have a preseason -- let alone a season at all -- individual game tickets for the Lakers' games in Fresno, Ontario, Anaheim, Las Vegas, San Diego and Bakersfield go on sale at 10 a.m. Monday through or (800) 462-2849. 

Photo: Jack Pringle, left, of Oceanside and Mondo Martinez of San Pedro protest a call against Lakers from $900 seats behind the basket at Staples Center in 2002. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

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I'm not going to get into a detailed commentary, but the last game was an example of what I've said many times in the past: "The only team that can beat the Lakers are the Lakers themselves."

And like Game 1 of the NOH Series, the game never felt like they were going to lose until they lost.

'Nuff Said, Shaw 'Nuff!


SERIOUSLY...We are in the thick of the playoffs...who cares about the practice season and worse the pre season schedule...

How about something on the rumor that Blake will start over Fish tonight...

checking in for roll call, and please leave the crashed sweep bus.

Is it true Derek's out and Blake is in?

Dr. Buss came by the practice facility yesterday to thank each and every Laker for making sure an extra game will be played at Staples. CHA CHING.

Why is this posted?

I expect the Lakers to give their full effort tonight. If Dallas still manages to win, then so be it.

Fisher should be benched. Even though most of you would never think of criticizing him. Steve Kerr the game analyst for TNT kept pointing out how
the slow footed Fisher kept leaving Jason Terry and it was killing the Fakers.
Argh ? To Ludvig von know nothing aka Angry Jonny boy K.

@S Perkins, what was really disappointing wasn't so much that Fish is slow-footed (we've all known that for a long time) but some of his decisionmaking on defense was not becoming of a 5 time champion. More than once he left Terry wide open to help on defense in the paint. Now, I admire a guy who wants to help his teammates, but Andrew and Pau are fine in the pait. The Mavs scored very few points in the paint off of drives. Terry is the key, and leaving him wide open was indefensible.

MM is feel their is a handle jacker running rampant in here today...


please don't let the moronic ID hacker persuade you to go to moderation

It's just what he wants you to do

Will the game be a win, or are we going to do what I always do when i SEE a well hung boy on the strip looking fine for a cruising and a bruising, (wink wink that pink)..Pre Evacuation!!

Posted by: LEWSTRS | May 04, 2011 at 11:51 AM


YEP...We have been infiltrated by the Taliban...

MM please check to see the IP address on the above post...It was not me...and send the Navy SEALS to liquidate this threat to Homeland Blog Security...

S. Perkins

It's obvious it's you hijacking handles
give it a rest
I hate moderation

Lakers need to look at HOW they get the ball to Andrew in the post. Way too often he is catching itand having to rush because he has been in the lane too long.

Drew needs to effectively get position quickly in the lane.

His teammates need to anticpate him getting that position and make the pass AS he makes the move instead of after. That way he can catch as he makes hims move and have time to do something.

Drew needs someeffective, quicker post moves for when 3 seconds IS an issue.

Get the ball inside to Drew, Pau and Odom and ATTACK Dirk and Tyson relentlessly. This is really the only adjustment the Lakers have to make. Dirk, Chandler and that bum Brendan Haywood, are getting off much too easily - they're just not being challenged enough by our bigs. We're settling for this idea that the Mavs lack a Kobe stopper. Save that stuff for the fourth quarter - don't make Kobe have to carry the team early on. Put your strengths inside to work early and often - make them pay dividends for you to begin with - so that Kobe can get into his thing later the clutch.
The "bread and butter" for this team should be a steady diet of post-ups and inside-out - and back inside - play.
Pau, Drew and Lamar (and Ron too) have got to start really forcing the issue by consistently getting position inside the painted area - make Dirk and Tyson work! The hard part, unfortunately, has been establishing position - Pau and Drew have struggled to get to their deeper spots - and that's just effort.
Kobe will get you the ball as long as you have position.

Geez, seems that impostering is rampant around here.

Is there any point in posting under your own name?

Foo Fighters:

I saw Drew with his man sealed on the block at least 4 times when the Lakers failed to give him the ball. Maybe they should try giving him more touches, esp when the bench is in and Kobe is sitting down.


The funny thing is, Memphis was doing the very exact thing your talking about yesterday, and actually all series long against San Antonio and OKC. They kept on feeding ZBO in the post or Marc Gasol and when they couldnt make aplay on the ball they would dish it out on the perimeter to Collison and he would send the ball right back to both bigs in the paint, which forced them to drive in and make a play.

too bad they lost, I honestly think if we get Memphis next round it will be much easier than OKC. even though they play really hard, we have them covered on all fronts, starting froom PG to Center. but nontheless they are playing great basketball and a dangerous team no doubt. i think the lakers can learn a few things by watching Memphis play, they really play well and keep seind the ball down to da paint, even though they dont have BIGS like us. Drew and Pau need to step up and correct their mistakes in Game 1. I do smell a victory already, after last game, were overdue for a victory already.


Put Kobe Bryant in at the 9:oo mark of the fourth quarter. Last game he was on the bench for 15 minutes (real time) that's almost a full half-time.

Also you took him out of the third with 41 seconds to go. Get him out earlier if you feel he needs all that time to regenerate.

Well now I know who was posting all that junk yesterday morning LOL

It's funny when it's done as a joke, but don't use someone else's handle. That's just being an a-hole

I also noticed that during a loss I don't see the best writers in this blog posting like LakerTom, KobeMVP, Tom Daniels, Let's go L, PLG, LakerTruth, Thirty two, Tim4Show, Phred (where are u), Mamba24 (Ithough you'll be back during the playoffs), dj. LRob, 63, Justa, lakerMike, JollyRogers and if I missed some couple names please forgive me I can't remember everyone. Please get back to the blog. Don't be frustrated on what you read. There has to be a counter balance on bad postings. As the saying goes: evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

We want to hear more from your perspectives and hopefully MM will eliminate those malicious and unworthy posts.

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | May 04, 2011 at 10:13 AM

Unfortunaley we are stuck with writers like you, too many words and toolittle content!!

Geez, seems that impostering is rampant around here.
Is there any point in posting under your own name?

~~Is this the reason why u try to steal names/handle in order to get into no-name handle scenario. Crazy as it can be, but fellow bloggers u have an idea who is this impostor is who is ruining this blog. Can't really do anything from the outside, it has to be MM freezing those IP address or 'es. These are technical issues that IT guy has to address because we can't have civil conversation when a kid kept on interrupting or an immature adult seized handles to secure more attention .

Lot of handle jacking going on...but this is the real LRob (standing up like on the show "To Tell The Truth")

@Jon K – Congrats on the Friedman. No Worries. Eye of Tiger on full display tonight!

@Edwin – I was present and accounted for yesterday. But I agree with your sentiment…after a tough loss is not the time to disappear.

@Art/Tim-4-show – That was a jacker that posted that about DFish supposedly being injured, not me! Also some other bogus post.

No matter what happens tonight, I just hope Shannon Brown doesn't play. Watching that guy play is just annoying.

@Lew – Thanks for the roll call and rocking Roxy…you sir are ready for game day! Very confident I’ll be Howling to a Laker win 2nite… here’s my selection ….this should get you pumped!

Black Keys – Howling For You

@jefe – classic by Sweet…great selection

@mclyne – thanks for having the Foos drop in on us :-)

@Tri – another smooth selection sir!

Magia32 ,

I would call it torture, the dribbling, dribbling, dribbling, bad pass or bad shot

but every now and then he comes up big


Shannon is not really hopeless, he just have to be micromanaged by Phil or any of the assistant coaches. No more early 3-pt shooting but more of dissing inside or getting the ball to the bigs. By passing the ball to the bigs, don't pass it to a Maverick!!! If he wants to make his own shots, try the mid-range like within the shaded or free throw area. He is a good shooter within those range. Shannon has an athletic body, youth dexterity but "awfully" bad decision making. I wish Luke Walton's brain is in Shannon's head or vice versa, Shannon's athleticism is in Luke's body. lmao!

One thing I noticed in the first game was the ease in which Kidd would stroll through the lane. Kinda like CP3 only in slow motion. Kidd never went for the basket but found an open man.

Partial blame goes to Fisher but Kidd was walking thru a 10 foot gap in the paint. Where were the bigs? Inquiring minds wanna know.

I knew it wasn't you. LOL. I've been around long enough to know when someone's opinion doesn't match their personality. My handle was hijacked long ago and that's when I switched and added the 4-Show part.

But in responding to Edwin's comment about people disappearing after a loss - I had a self imposed ban during the regular season, but right when I put it into effect the Lakers went on that huge winning streak. Now it's the playoffs, and I'll post here or there after a loss, but mostly there's just too many garbage posts by handle hijackers to warrant spending too much time here... look, too much time already today, got to get back to work...

Come on Lakers!


watch it with those 4 letter words

LRob - The Black were like very much!!!

Kobe does not need me to defend him, but I do have to bring something up that drives me mad. The Times writers have been better about this lately, but there is still a contingent of writers, pundits, and bloggers who take the position that "Kobe did not share the ball enough and that's why the lakesr lost." People fall into this trap continuously. Rest assured that someone that argues this knows little about how the game is played.

First, the only evidence supporting the argument for the position that Kobe is shooting too much is when his shots go up, magically the team is more likely to lose. But the cause and effect is twisted. The reason Kobe had to shoot more is primarily because no one else is taking it upon themselves and if that's the case his shots go up and the lakers are more likely to lose. Put another way, when Kobe's shots attempts are 20 or less the lakers tend to win - but that's not because he is sharing more - it's because other players are making their shots and he does not need to score more.

If you still think this is a Kobe problem -- think about all the times TV shows Fish on the bench near the 4th quarter giving a fire and brimstone pep talk. Do you think this is for Kobe's benefit? Do you think Kobe needs motivation? If you do, you have not been watching. The pep talk is for Gasol, Odom, Artest and Bynum. Those guys need it. They drift in and out like a comatose patient in a hospital bed.

And Kobe can tell when the coma has set in -- if so, he will shoot more -- if so, the lakers likely lose -- not because he shot more, but because the other guys are grazing in a pasture - i.e. not running the offense and not working on defense.

By the way, just because Gasol and Odom are scoring does not mean they are running the game plan. The old addage "it's not if you win or lose, it's how you play the game" is dead on. There are many times you do things completely wrong and are are rewarded. For example chasing a gut shot staright draw with $10 in the pot and hitting it. The bad playesr will continue to do that because they hit it "sometimes." But that's not the right way to play poker. Similarly, Gasol needs to stop taking turaround jumpers - I don't care of they go in. And Odom and Artest need to stop taking three pointers - I don't care if they go in.

Shannon is not really hopeless, he just have to be micromanaged by Phil or any of the assistant coaches. No more early 3-pt shooting but more of dissing inside or getting the ball to the bigs. By passing the ball to the bigs, don't pass it to a Maverick!!! If he wants to make his own shots, try the mid-range like within the shaded or free throw area. He is a good shooter within those range. Shannon has an athletic body, youth dexterity but "awfully" bad decision making. I wish Luke Walton's brain is in Shannon's head or vice versa, Shannon's athleticism is in Luke's body. lmao!
Posted by: Edwin Gueco | May 04, 2011 at 12:58 PM

Hopeless? dissing? wishing? awfully bad? RCOTD!!! Materful post and insight!!

Have the Lakers Management conceded.

Game 2 , 3, &4 ,, exit and then 2011 Preseason...

2011 Preseason ... It has such a lovely ring to it!

Hmmm. I gues God is really a Lakers fan!

Kobe should take first 15 shots and last 15. Some in between if Pau and Bynum can't get it together.

That should work.



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