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Lakers-Mavericks Game 1: Mavericks rally to defeat the Lakers, 96-94

Lakers1_600 Mavericks 96, Lakers 94 (final)

After losing Game 1 in the last series against the New Orleans Hornets, the Lakers were certainly looking for a better start Monday night against the Dallas Mavericks in Game 1 of their Western Conference semifinal series.

But the Lakers built a 16-point lead only to lose, 96-94, putting themselves in the same hole they started the last series.

The final 1:20 went like this:

--Kobe Bryant hits a two to give the Lakers a 94-81 lead with 59 seconds to go.

--Dirk Nowitzki makes his shot and Dallas is down by one with 40 seconds to play.

--Bryant loses the ball with 20 seconds to play and it is the Mavericks' game to win.

--On the inbounds pass Pau Gasol fouls Nowitzki, who makes both free throws and the Mavericks lead, 95-94, with 19.5 seconds to play.

--Jason Kidd commits a non-shooting foul against Bryant with 8.8 seconds to play.

--Gasol loses the ball after the inbounds play and fouls Kidd, who makes one of two free throws, leaving the Lakers with 3.1 seconds to tie the score or win the game.

--Bryant misses a three-pointer at the buzzer off a well-designed inbounds play that gets him a clean look from the top of the three-point area.

Bryant was the game’s leading scorer with 36 points. Gasol added 15.

Nowitzki had 28 points and 15 rebounds to lead the Mavericks.


Lakers-Mavericks box score

Lakers-Mavericks photo gallery

Lakers 92, Mavericks 89 (2:12 left in the fourth quarter)

Kobe Bryant rejoined the game with 6:38 to play. The Mavericks scored quickly but Bryant answered with a jumper. Then after a Mavericks miss, Lamar Odom drove to the basket and gave the Lakers a five-point lead with a little over five minutes to play.

After a Mavericks timeout, Dirk Nowitzki hit a fadeaway over some tough defense by Odom. After a Bryant miss, Nowitzki tried the same shot but missed.

Bryant then made a jumper, giving him 34 points in the game, and the lead was back to five. But an alley-oop to Tyson Chandler made it a three-point game. Bryant missed badly the next time down the court. Nowitzki then missed and there was a timeout with 2:12 to play.

Lakers 86, Mavericks 83 (6:38 left in fourth quarter)

Certainly Kobe Bryant has been the key for the Lakers but he needed a rest and he opened the fourth quarter on the bench, as he usually does.

A fadeaway by Dirk Nowitzki cut the Lakers' lead to five and three-pointer by Peja Stojakovic cut it to two. But a breakaway by Matt Barnes got it back to four. Nowitzki answered with a three-pointer and it was a one-point game with a little more than three minutes gone in the quarter.

After a timeout, Andrew Bynum went to the foul line and made both free throws. He now has eight points in the game. Jason Terry closed it to a one-point game and after a Shannon Brown miss the Mavericks had a chance to take the lead. But Nowitzki missed his shot and Brown made a basket underneath, was fouled, but missed the free throw.

J.J. Barea closed it back to a one-point game before the Lakers missed two shots. Jason Terry missed for Mavericks but Lamar Odom made a reverse under the basket as the teams headed to a timeout.

Lakers 78, Mavericks 71 (end of third quarter)

Coming out of the timeout, Kobe Bryant sank an uncontested jumper. The Mavericks had good ball movement and Tyson Chandler scored underneath. Ron Artest then put up an airball. Pau Gasol fouled Chandler, who missed the first of his foul shots but made the second.

Bryant came down court and made the next shot and the lead was back to four. Bryant then hit a three-pointer, giving him 27 points so far, and it was a seven-point lead.

The Mavericks then picked up a couple buckets and the Lakers' lead was cut to three. Bryant then got to 30 points with another three, but followed that up with a miss.

Phil Jackson’s normal substitution pattern would have Bryant on the bench resting at this point. But he waited until 41 seconds remained in the quarter to rest him. Gasol then hit two free throws and the Lakers were up by eight.                   

Gasol finished the quarter at the foul line, making both shots to give him 14 points and the Lakers a seven-point lead entering the fourth quarter.

Lakers 64, Mavericks 61 (5:19 left in third quarter)

Things started well in the second half for the Lakers as Ron Artest stole the ball on the Mavericks' first possession and drove in for a layup. The Lakers then followed that with a Pau Gasol slam and their lead was 13 points. After Derek Fisher stole the ball, Kobe Bryant hit a three-pointer and the Lakers were on a 7-0 run to start the half and a 21-2 run if you go back to the second quarter.

The Mavericks called a quick timeout, trailing by 16 points, with less than a minute and a half gone in the second half.

Dirk Nowitzki broke the Mavericks' dry spell with a jumper, which turned into a three-point play when Fisher fouled him.

Andrew Bynum countered with a nice hook shot but that was answered by Tyson Chandler. A turnover led to another Mavericks basket and the Lakers' lead was cut to 11 points. Fisher then missed a jumper and Jason Kidd hit a three-pointer to slice the Lakers' lead to eight.

But Bryant then made a basket, which was answered by Corey Brewer. Nowitzki closed Dallas' deficit to six points and the Staples Center crowd became nervous.  Artest then missed and Brewer made a three, cutting the once 16-point lead down to three.

Lakers 53, Mavericks 44 (halftime)

Out of the timeout, Lamar Odom fouled Dirk Nowitzki, who upped his point total to 10. Odom then scored, cutting the Mavericks lead to three.

The Lakers closed it to one, 38-37, on a fadeaway jumper by Kobe Bryant, his 11th and 12th points of the game. Nowitzki missed his next shot as did Ron Artest. But a bad pass gave the Lakers the ball back but Derek Fisher missed a layup. Jason Terry followed with a two and the Lakers just couldn’t shake the three-point spread

Coming out of a timeout Bryant missed a shot as did the Mavericks. The game closed to one when Pau Gasol converted on a Bryant miss. But Terry was hot and made a two, giving him 13 points. Odom answered that as the period headed to the two-minute mark.

Nowitzki missed his next shot and Fisher drove the floor, got the two, was fouled and converted for a three-point play. The Lakers had the lead, 44-42.

Things were getting spirited and the referees gave technicals to Tyson Chandler and Gasol.

After a miss, the Lakers drove down the court, Bryant was fouled, and suddenly the Lakers were up by four.

The Lakers caught another break when Chandler was assessed a foul, sending Gasol to the line. He missed his first foul shot but made the second. The Lakers picked up a block and Fisher drove the lane again for a basket and the Lakers were up by seven.

Nowitzki scored what should have been the last points of the quarter. But Terry fouled Odom on a desperation shot with less than one second left. Odom went to the line and made all three.

But things got worse for the Mavericks as Nowitzki was assessed a technical. Bryant made the shot and the Lakers were up by nine.

Bryant was the leading scorer for the Lakers with 15 points. Odom had 11. The Lakers were 20-for-42 shooting (48%).

Terry's 13 points led the Mavericks while Nowitzki had 12. The Mavericks shot 18 of 42 (43%).

Mavericks 39, Lakers 36 (6:15 left in second quarter)

The Lakers came out of the timeout by adding Pau Gasol to the lineup while Kobe Bryant stayed on the bench. It paid off when Gasol’s assist to Andrew Bynum gave the young center his first points of the game. The Mavericks answered and then a series of misses and fouls sent Jason Terry to the line. He made both free throws and the Mavericks' lead was five points.

With 6:34 to play, Bryant and Ron Artest rejoined the game and the Lakers had their starting five on the court.

Bynum then picked up a slam off another Gasol assist and the Lakers had closed the deficit it to three.

Mavericks 32, Lakers 29 (8:00 left in second quarter)

One thing the Lakers need to do as the second quarter starts is get Andrew Bynum involved in the game. In 10 minutes he was zero for two from the field with no rebounds.

Lamar Odom tied the score with a 11:18 left until haftime but Dirk Nowitzki answered with a two. After a three-second violation, Mavericks guard Jason Terry put the Lakers down by four.

The next few minutes saw a series of mistakes and the Lakers got back to within three points when Shannon Brown scored his third and fourth points of the game on a drive down the lane.   

The teams went into a timeout with the Lakers having the ball.

Mavericks 25, Lakers 23 (end of first quarter)

The Lakers did something they haven’t done too much: started a game strong. Kobe Bryant scored the first seven points for the Lakers. But as the quarter developed the Mavericks started getting hot from three-point range. They took the lead, 21-19, with about three minutes left in the quarter after a 9-1 run.

With 1:35 to play Jason Terry’s bucket gave the Mavericks a four-point edge. Lamar Odom then went to the line and made two free throws for the Lakers; it was the first bench points of the game for the Lakers. The Mavericks had 10 at that point. Matt Barnes then gave the Lakers two more points off the bench.

The Lakers closed it to two after a Mavericks miss but Steve Blake missed a three-pointer and the Lakers were down by two.

The Lakers were nine-for-23 shooting for the quarter while the Mavericks were 11 of 23. Each team sank three three-pointers.

Bryant was the leading scorer with 10. Dirk Nowitzki had six for the Mavericks.


The last time the Lakers were at Staples Center -- Game 5 of the New Orleans series -- all the talk was on how Kobe Bryant’s ankle would hold up. Clearly, it held up just fine.

But on Monday, before Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinal series against the Dallas Mavericks, the mood was very different.

“I think he’s a lot better,” Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said before the game. “He took a limited amount of shots (at the shootaround) and that’s always a good sign.”

Bryant is a lot different than Jackson’s previous superstar. Michael Jordan, when he played for the Bulls, did not have the injury problems and showed up for every practice with intensity. Bryant doesn’t really like to practice.

“I don’t anticipate that he’ll ever practice again,” Jackson joked before the game.

Staples Center is filling up and game time is approaching, Come back for updates throughout the game.

--John Cherwa

Photo: Lakers forward Ron Artest strips the ball from the grasp of Mavericks power forward Dirk Nowitzki in the first half Monday night at Staples Center. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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Derek is also a team captain and the starting pg. Does he shoulder any blame for getting AB the ball or is it all Kobe's fault? I refuse to say anyone should get Pau the ball. He got his touches and did nothing with them.

Where is Laker's killer instinct. Had the Mavs be the jugular and should have gone for the kill. Kobe still not practicing with the team and it shows with instinctual stuff.

Wow. Yet again, Kobe Bryant takes 29 shots with no assists and Pau and Bynum take 18 combined. When this occurs, the Lakers usually lose, period.

Lots of smack posted here.

Let's see what happens Wednesday.

I think the predictors need to remember this is a 7 games series

Mavs suck dick and will lose,

See you fairies in game 6 after we win 2 games in Dallas..

Lakers in 6

all you mavs trolls have some balls coming here and talking like the ignorant monkeys that you are, what has your pathetic team won? NOTHING! the only thing your team has going for them is their jim carrey look alike coach, at least he'll have a job as a vegas impersonator when he retires. back to the series, lakers will play much more physical defense wednesday night. and i'm expecting one of those thunderous, black mamba poster dunks on one of the dallas bigs, to wake the lakers up. see you wednesday bitches!

Kb24 has balls that are bigger than Dallas mavs

This game was for Kb, but Gasol had to fuck it up

Fuck you Gasol

Lakers in 6

interesting Kobe had the same type game in the first NO game
Lots of points maybe 2 assists that game. No assists tonight?

lakers need to slow the pace and get the ball to bynum how hard is that?

Kobe Bryant is now 6/23 game winning shots in the playoffs:

Hey, what is going on in that photo up on top? It looks wrong.

I love him, but everything Pau Gasol got his hands on the last 3 mins turned to mud.

Prediction adjustment

Lakers in 5 unless they lose another game


Lakers in 6 unless they lose another


Laker in 7

remember Dr. Buss gets more money the more home games there are


the cubans, who are you the homo mark cuban himself? i've never seen a wealthy owner of a team wear so many t shirts, the guy looks like a retarded 40 year old kid.

Jersey-Im gonna buy your house out of foreclosure and evict you!!

Storyline tonight is SELFISHNESS.

Artest was selfish, kept making shots when he should've passed.
Gasol was selfish, kept losing the ball when he should've passed.
And Kobe? Well...ahem....

Why do the Lakers have to make things so hard?

Why does Jackson stick with the underwhelming Killer Bz unit while the 4th is whittlin' away?

This 'Team' needs to step up and be...a TEAM, not a bunch of perimeter-huggin' primadonnas.

Lakers in 5.

Kobe may have shot 50%, but he's the one that lost it for them by a couple of really horrible fall away shots in the 3rd that led to easy baskets by the Mavs. That's when the Mavs made a run.

PJ, the idiot that he is, doesn't call a time out, but that's expected.

What a waste. Series over.

Those delusional fans who think this will be the same as the Hornets series knows zero about basketball and probably are just bandwagon fans.

The Mavs have ALL the momentum now with this win, and will go back to Dallas with a 2-0 lead. Lakers will win game 3, but lose game 4 and be down 3-1, will win at home and tease us, to bring it to 3-2, but will lose in Dallas when Kobe tries to take over. Just watch.

Kobe will be MAD. Kobe will get Dwight Howard to come to the Lakers. This time, Bynum will be out of here. Fisher, Artest, Blake, Brown are history as are the rookies. If they want to keep the dynasty going, they really should trade Kobe so that they could keep Gasol AND get Howard and CP3, but that's not going to happen. They may win 1-2 more championships, but not until Kobe is no longer the go to guy.

What a bunch of crybaby fairweather fans. Gasol's the only reason Lakers even won the last 2 championships and now he plays bad for a stretch and everyone's calling for his head. Phil Jackson brought the Lakers 5 rings, but a few losses and everyone curses him.

Agree with u yellofever, so many tactical error in playoff no 2 by our Lakers

~~too many shooting on the outside when they should go inside

~~bynum forcing shots too much when he should read and react

~~gasol can't hold on the ball, butter fingers allow double teaming overpower him

~~kobe too much jacking shots on the outside, got his points but gave away the game

~~other Lakers are fascinated by 3 pts. imitating Mavs when they should be focusing on their forte which is the inside. not much defense on the post. kobe, lo, fisher, artest should go inside play. Get all the Mavs in foul trouble

~~PJ trying Odom to guard Nowitsky, why not treat him like another CP3, swarm him with double team or switching defense.

~~finally, can Lakers please hold on the ball and avoid those quick shots and get back to transition defense.

~~lastly, respect the Dallas and do the defensive homework for 48 minutes like the Navy seals in taking away Been-Laid-Down.

Kobester - 29 shots

ZERO assists.

Whoa, dude sorry. I meant to say that Kidd didn't SHOVE Kobe to make him fall.

Should never come down to a final shot against a team with multiple good shooters like Dirk, Terry, Peja and Barea....dang!! That run in the 3rd qtr was fool's gold...they needed to play lockdown D to hang on, and instead were settling for perimeter play...uneven game...needed to get the ball into the post more. Kobe did what he usually does, but the rest of the guys seemed out of it...Artest and Drew had lousy games...and PJ should have called a TO long before they lost most of that lead....gone are the days of "let them figure it out"....they didn't, they lost the lead and most of their momentum.

That being said...they'll figure it out for Game 2...

But seriously, Please explain it to me.

What is going on in that pic up on top?

Everybody take a deep breath! This game could have gone either way. Phil is the greatest coach ever and he WILL make the necessary adjustments to win this series. Thats right! It is a SERIES. Not ONE game but a best of SEVEN series. The first team to win FOUR games advances, not the FIRST team to win one.

I still stand by my prediction, Lakers in 6!

Like Mark Twain said " The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated". So have the reports of the Champs demise. For all you Laker haters who have to come to a LAKER BLOG to spew your dire prognostications, rediculous trade talk and just plain assnine comments, we,ll see you at the O'Brien Trophy presentation. Again! GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bad coaching decision tonight,should have called time out when the bench started shooting tomany outside shots when ysou have a 16 point leads and you start loosing it without a time out.pau need to play more agressively.whre is bynum did
he play tonight.i want blame kobe because he is the only one on the team who can make a shot.i want even mention fisg tonight because he has been consistent cant guard anyone or shoot.but i dont blame him it the coach fault.
dalas will win this series because the lakers bench cant score any points the bench players many outside shots.

Wow! Talk about the refs gift wrapping a game for the Mav's.
Questionable call on Pau against Dirk with 20 seconds sends him to the line, and then on the other end, Kobe gets pushed to the floor by Kidd with two hands on his waist with not only no call, but two free throws for Kidd. ANYONE that calls themselves objective would see the disparity and lack of continuity on those two calls made 8 seconds apart. Combine that with the Mav's being allowed to push with both hands in the back in the low post ALL GAME ( I counted 16 times)and you have some serious questions on if this series will be called fair. I don't think Stern wants another Laker title. As for the Kobe and Pau bashers, go blow, this team can win again as long as they keep it 5 on 5, not 5 on 8 with the refs. I will admit Phil blew it with the lack of timeouts tonight.

desertlaker or lakerdessert???

All the posts on this article = complete denial, "Mavs didn't win Lakers gave it away," blaming refs, just overall crybaby behavior. You call yourselves Laker fans?

When Kobe doesn't have a big game or doesn't shoot enough and Lakers lose, he's shit on for not taking charge and being too passive. When he does have a big game and shoots a lot and the Lakers lose he's shit on for being too selfish. He can't win can he?

When Lakers win Phil is the all-praised "Zen master." Lakers lose and Phil is a terrible coach who doesn't know what he's doing and should have subbed player a for b blah blah blah.

LA lost this game due to a couple simple facts....1) Their refusal to run the offense thru Bynum. You can all scream for Howard but Bynum is more polished than Howard. Bynum is bigger than Howard. Bottomline, when they ran thru him, they got a 16 pt lead. 2) LA's bench is pathetic. Shannon Farmar (as I like to call him because he just wants to score) refuses to pass the ball and continues to think he is some elite scorer when time and time again he fumbles the ball, jacks up an early jumper or dribbles the shot clock away only to give it to someone who has to toss a desperation shot. Steve Blake's problem is he is deferring too much. I've seen him play in person at least 20 times up here in Portland and he is just not being aggressive because he's trying to defer to our better players. What he's missing is that we brought him in to play like he was up here in Portland. 3) Pau Gasol for whatever reason had digressed. Last year he shed some of his soft persona and played tough. This playoffs he is worse than he was 3 yrs ago. It's almost as though he doesn't have a passion for the game. Bet some of you would like to reneg on that trade and bring Marc Gasol back...he plays tough. 4) Kobe shoots too much. He has become a black hole with the ball. He needs to understand that he can't just "will" his team to victory every night and trust the advantage we have. 29 shots when your advantage is length and cohesiveness is waaaay too many, unless he puts up 45+ on those shots. He came up with 36. Not enough. Lastly I'll add that Phil is a great coach. He didn't bring those guys back early enough but did it to see how they would play under pressure. He constantly coaches for the complex of the series and sometimes it costs individual games. He is the best at making adjustments and often coaches series like chess matches...not just racing the Queen out to kill a pawn, rather positioning his team w/ proper tendencies and coverages to maximize later in the'll see. LA in 6 or 7.

@edwin... this giving away games mentality has got to stop. ITS THE PLAYOFFS!! that said i still got plenty of faith lakers show some heart soon and sweat this one out (knocking on wood).. maybe being in the third leg of the 3peat motivation is just harder to come by and they just need a little pressure to wake up.

@Troll.. i'm with you. i wanna change my prediction to lakers in 6! i want off this lakers in 5 bus! i think i got robbed tonight. what do you say Lew?!

Game was lost in the third quarter. Phil is coaching as if this were a regular season game. He's got no sense of urgency. Up by 16 points and the Mavs mounting an exerted comeback, why can't he call a time out? (Oh, he did when their lead was down to three.) On the other hand, Mavs' coach let both Dirk and Terry to start the 4th, while Kobe came in w/ 6 minutes to go, lakers by one. And lastly, his substitution pattern towards the end of the game was horrible. He was probably confused which eventually sealed the game for the Mavs.

These are the playoffs, Phil.

Like Ive been saying all along, Phil is there for the ride, when he actually has to "coach" he doesnt know what he doing.
Great players have bailed him out time and time again.

This series is the usual NBA trick
Split home and away, then the Lakers will get all the calls to win it in 6.

whats a foul? foul or not, these non calls late in the game are easily fouls early in the game. NBA is a mess of phantom calls and fouls for drama.

Whatever Game 1...
still cheer for LA team...
Wish the team play harder, smarter and tougher in Game 2, Game 3, Game 4, Game 5 and finish the series in Game 6

Go Lakers... are the Bozo. Do you not watch Obama speak? Did you not hear anything he said before and during his campaign? If Obama had his way we wouldn't of been there in the first place. A little hard to go with the "At my direction" when all along your only position has been to bring everyone home. That being said, Obama DOES deserve some cred for sticking to it and seeing it thru regardless of what he prefers. However, will totally disagree with you about the RAPE of the american people. Stupid, uneducated and foolish comment based on nothing but political bias. Bush, while no doubt a bad president who ruined a surplus handed over by Clinton with his reckless spending, left ~1.67 Trillion deficit. Government agencies, programs, employees and most of all spending, has gone up 2 and 3x ACROSS THE BOARD under Obama. Wall Street Journal has a nice debt graph where you can see one example of it. Think of it this way.....If you have a credit card with a 10k limit and it's maxed you then go out and get 3 more credit cards w/ 20k limits each and max those out to pay off the 10k? Essentially that's the argument those on the left use when they say...."he had to spend that money, because of Bush"....wrong. If he truly was a leader (never ran anything his whole life, not even a lemonade stand) he could still use that line of thinking but instead make necessary cuts to trim the spending, trim the debt, and be fiscally responsible, because Bush wasnt. Only Obama's admin has done the opposite, spend WAY MORE, and they sell it to the public as it's needed because of the previous guy. Then if you follow where the money went, has it helped? Are we better off? Has it solved the problems Bush created? Cut down the debt? No, no, no and no. I could go on but I realize that the majority of you on here are liberal democrats who refuse to have solid thought provoking debates and would rather use foul language and uneducated barbs to try and score points.

Lakers stop going inside and they lose. Plans only work when egos don't cause players to digress. Mavs in 4. Lakers malaise will finally catch up to them.

@Iceberg...I disagree on some level. Their malaise may catch up to them but not against Dallas. This is a little different than vs NO, but NO made them look much worse. Officiating is officiating and their will be bad calls both ways. It happens every game. But a couple things you'll see going forward, one, Kobe will NOT shoot 25+ times in a game the rest of the series. Two, LA will not allow Dirk to get 15 boards again. Lastly, you will see LA win game 2, win game 3, and game 4 will be close but Dallas will win. I see LA winning in 6 or 7. One game is one game. Phil is the best at making adjustments. Trust experience when the series as a whole is looked at.

Even with the refs calling everything their way the last few minutes, and Gasol making his usual late game silly fouls, Dallas could only win by 1. Dallas better hope Nowitzki keeps pouring 28 points a game like he did tonight if they expect to win the series.

These Laker bloggers who want to condemn Phil Jackson's philosophy and the triangle offence dont have a clue and are just ignorant of the beautiful game of basketball.One most of the Laker players by now should have known Phil Jackson tactics and what he expects from then by now.He has 11 rings and they just dont come by by just mere luck.Its players like KOBE who think that they can go beyond and take things all by themselves and not involve the other players.Phil Jackson by now is probably fed up of some of these egoistic players,men who are selfish and dont want to play within the confines of the triangle offence and who are not will to play defence.Thats why Michael Jordan is consider a far superior player than all who ever play the game,he played the game with commitment,he always involve his other team mates,he encourage them and when things presented itself he take such opportunities.These present Lakers are non of that and even if they made it in the finals they will be always consider a lesser team than these Bull led by Mj

don't whine about the refs faker fans, refs gave you 20 attempts to the mav's 11. so the mavs beat both the fakers AND the refs.

mavs in 6. they play more consistently than kobrick cryant, gasoft, and the rest of your pathetic bench. bye faker fans, keep dreaming of your "three-peat." hey, if the mavs step it up then enjoy your four-peat and fishing trip!

Keen observer excellent post and analysis. You should get the Friedman post of the day. Obviously you understand the game of basketball unlike most of the people on this blog. Yeah kobe had a great shooting night but he takes his team out of the flow of the game. Gasol is exasperated with Kobe the ball hog. Gasol is used to playing on his spanish team that emphasises passing the ball and getting the best shot. Kobe is interested in shooting the ball 30 times to score 34 points. My only complaint about you keen observer is that you should post more to take the burden of the priest in educating the lakers fans about winning basketball. Kobe had 34 points but 0 assists. Dirk had 28 points, 14 rebs and 3 assists.

Let's talk about crying about refs! Crybaby Cuban does it at every game he attends, and has done so FOR YEARS! Why doesn't he show some class and dignity if he is going to sit with the fans? I don't see any other owners making fools of themselves at courtside like he does. He was even fined $250,00 by the NBA for his childish antics! So much for professionalism! It's one thing for ticket holders to carry on, but owners are suppose to behave with more etiqutte....EVEN AT AN NBA GAME! I can't wait until Wednesday's game when the Lakers beat down the "tricks" while Mark Cuban goes into a rage at the refs, and gets thrown out of the arena; maybe he'll get fined $500,000 or more this time.

Yes, Kobe was fouled by Kidd; a lot more so than Gasol was whistled for against Dirk. I wonder why the ref did NOT see Nowitzki's push off with his elbow, and call him for an offensive foul? It should have been a no call. The Lakers will regroup, win games 2 and 3; game four win would bring us back to LA with the chance to close out the series. Rest assured, there will be fewer clean looks on the perimeter for the rest of the series. We will anihilate you in the paint, as the Mavs' three's and jumpers start to fall short. And well will keep Dirk and Tyson off of the boards. GO LAKERS!!!
THREEE PEEEEAAAT!!! :):):):)):)):):):):)

Apparently, the blog's "monitors" have abandoned ship, leaving wayyyyy too much room for potty-mouthed, juvenile miscreants to chime in. Pretty disgusting... anybody home, LAT?!?

Wow........Are you serious? Lakers fans crying about officiating is always comical to me. It's the equivalent of the Nazi Party coming out to condemn mass genocide. Check the box score please and refer to free-throws attempted for both teams. The Lakers nearly doubled the Mavs free throw attempts. So, Pau going through Nowitski's back on the inbound wasn't a foul? Really? But, the four free throws with 2 seconds left in the first half were all on the up & up I suppose. Don't you worry, the refs are gonna' come out whistles a' blazing for the Lakers on Wednesday, believe that. Both of Dallas' bigs, (Chandler/Haywood), will be in foul trouble and on the bench before the 1st qtr. is through, guaranteed. The NBA is first and foremost a business.......a BIG business. David Stern is a businessman, and he is not in the business of losing out on money. If you think for one second that the "commish" is gonna' allow a Memphis/Atlanta or OKC/Chicago finals, then you haven't been objectively watching the NBA the last 25 years. How many t-shirts, flags, jerseys, and ad-spots would those match ups sell? The big money is gonna' come from a Lakers/Heat showdown, period. But don't listen to me, I'm just a basketball fan watching the playoffs who doesn't care for either L.A. or Dallas. I just want to see the best team, playing the best ball at this time go all the way. Go throw on some "real," objective NBA reporting like Vic "The Brick" Jacobs if it'll make you feel better.

And as for all you sheep who will inevitably call me a "Laker-Hater," save that noise. I've lived my entire life in L.A. watching L.A. sports teams. This team is not the Lakers. I remember the Lakers. I grew up watching the real Lakers. The great Los Angeles Lakers organization ceased to exist in the late '90's to early 2000's with the Del Harris over Nick Van Exel debacle, the acquisition of Kobe De La Hoya, and the signing of Dennis Rodman. Doesn't matter how many rings have been won, the organization sold its soul and has been dead to me ever since. But sadly, most of the super-size me, snot-nosed, instant-gratification, Jersey-Shore watching putos on here probably couldn't even tell you who Wilt, Elgin, Jerry, Kareem, Magic, Big-Game, McAdoo, or Norm Nixon are anyway. The NBA didn't exist to them until WaQ came over from Orlando. I quit......I'm moving to Boston.

It's disingenuous to place the blame on Phil for this loss. If Dallas had turned the Lakers' 7 point lead into a 7 point lead by Dallas, that would be one thing. But Phil rested his stars as long as he felt comfortable and put them back in in a good position to win the game, and they didn't get it done.

i watghed the lakers play the mavs tonight and iwas disappointed with the lakers defense, however i do think the lakers has an outside chance to win the series. first basketball is a very simple game, it is not rocket science, that is stay home with the shooters, do not allow players that cannot chew bubble gum and walk at the same time. Enough said match up with derk oneon one and take your poison, cover the other players on the floor, do not double team him. Get some versaility in your game, kobe it is not the same game as last year against the celtics, this is a different team ,you have to play them differently, hopefully you understand, plan the stratergy and take these chumps out.

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