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Exit interviews: Matt Barnes declines to reveal whether he'll opt out of his contract


Matt Barnes exit interview

Lakers forward Matt Barnes acknowledged that he "knows what we're going to do" regarding whether he exercises an $1.91-million option to stay in L.A next season, but he declined to reveal what that move would be.

"That's already been discussed with the people that need to know about that," Barnes said. "As of right now, we'll keep that to ourselves."

Barnes, who's been on eight teams in his eight-year career, has often mentioned his desire for stability and told The Times' Mike Bresnahan that he is "comfortable" exercising his option to stay with the Lakers next season.

"I want to win," Barnes said. "I still feel this is the best team in the NBA."

Barnes also addressed other matter during his exit interview:

-- Regarding his knee injury, he said, "That was probably the hardest thing I've ever been through to find an opportunity to play for a championship organization with a legitimate chance to win a championship. The season started off so well. To tear my knee up, I never got back in the flow of the game. Once I returned, I just never really was comfortable. I never got back in the rotation, so to speak. I'm still beating myself up about that."

-- Talking about the effect the injury had on his game, he said, "My game is energy, getting up and down. I just wasn't able to do that effectively."

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Matt Barnes. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

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MM - will you be posting videos of the "exit interviews?" Thank you in advance.

Medina - will we ever get away from this moderation thing?

or is that because of the handle jacking going on around here!?

Some ill-timed injuries really derailed this season, not too mention a slight dash of over confidence.

Hopefully Barnes will stay with the team. A healthy Barnes is a big plus for the Lakers. But I really hope all this talk about trading Bynum dies down. He was one of the few bright spots this postseason.

If we don't trade Artest, and Barnes re-ups, I think we should trade him for a shooter. These two are very similar in that they are great defenders who can't be counted on to sink a good percentage of open jumpers.

I mentioned at the start of the season that Barnes was a bait and switch kind of playa. There's a reason he's been on so many squads.

ou guys dont get! When Labron had a boo boo he sat out a few games. Kobe couldnt make a lay up or dunk against Dallas, which showed his foot/ankle was a lot worse than Kobe led on. The only other player who ever played with as many injuries was Iverson. LJ, Wade, Westbrook, Durrant, Anthony, none of these guys could even do half of what Kobe does with half of his injuries. Period! Add Gasol's knee, Lamar shoulder and leg, Blake played hurt, Barnes played hurt; and you wonder why the Lakers didnt play well against Dallas. Last year other than Bonehead Bynum they were all healthy except Kobe's finger and knee and still won it all.

Has everyone forgot, other than the Heat, in the regular season before Kobe's, foot/ankle issues, add that the last game of the year even Gasol got hurt but he played through it, and the bench injuries and they still beat every team out there in a series and this includes the 2 away games in Dallas. The bottom line, a older team doesnt always equate to a slower team but when you add all of the injuries, no kidding, they are not going to far in the playoffs and no wonder they folded in the fourth quarters. I guarantee this, a healthy Lakers team is another NBA Championship. Period!

I've always liked Barnes, even when he didn't play for us. I hope we can keep him and get a healthy Barnes next season because I know he's a great player. The only person of "some value" I think we have and should use as trade bait is Ron Artest. To be honest, I would love to have Trevor Ariza back over Artest. We need speed! So bad. Hope we can land big without loosing big. GO LAKE SHOW!!!



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