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Lakers Live Chat: Discussing the Lakers' offseason

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--Mark Medina

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Photo: Los Angeles Lakers bench watches during the final seconds against the Dallas Mavericks in the second half of their Conference Semifinals round game at American Airlines Center on May 8, 2011. Credit: Larry W. Smith / EPA

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Wow, after watching yesterdays games, these teams are quick. Comparing them with the Lakers, the Lakers look as slow as molasses.
Lakers need quickness first and foremost, somewhere, anywhere on their team.
The team is so slow the idea of them being able to control the pace of a game is debatable because as Dallas proved the Lakers couldn't catch up with sharp passing.
Get quicker, you get better.

Has Thibodeau figured out how to defend the Heat and their 2 1/2 superstars?

Give Bosh his points and contain LBJ and Wade.

Of course it helps to have players who are athletic enough to stay in front of the big 2.


That link to the parody leading up to the Kobe Meltdown in the Dallas series is just classic.


Here's the link for anyone who missed it, must see comedy

Troll Man,

That funnyordie piece was really funny. What's ironic about it is that that's how the Kobe haters really perceive Kobe.

So I'm rooting for the Bulls to win it all.

Who'da thunk??

@Art – When I heard the stat they said no team that had been swept in a season series of at least 3 games had beat the same team in the playoffs. Thus, that would eliminated the Lakers-Magic and all other championship matchups since they started playing non-conference teams only twice per year.

@Justa – yes ma’am :-)

>>>So I'm rooting for the Bulls to win it all.

Here are my preferences for who to win of the remaining teams:

1. Dallas - I'd like to see Jason Kidd get a ring before he's done, and he's almost done. Also, Dirk deserves another chance after the preferential treatment the refs gave D Wade in 2005.

2/3. Chicago or Oklahoma City - Either way, I'd rather see less egotistical young guns win rings than see LeBron get his first. I think LeBron will eventually get one, but I want him to have to wait a little longer. Maybe I slightly favor Chicago over OKC, but not by much.

4. Miami - If they hadn't had freaking victory parades before they ever played a game together, then I wouldn't mind it too much, but they just put the cart before the horse. Win a title. THEN have the victory parade.


Thanks for the update on that, makes some sense now.

some classic lines from the Kobe parody skit

" I'm not pointing fingers you know, Andrew, Pau, Lamar, just small things on and off the court, my gatorade flavor they gave us orange today, I play better with blue

Part of the problem with the offense this year may have been because Kobe didn't practice with the team. It is one thing when Bill Russell doesn't like to practice. He was defense first and a low post guy when he did score.

Kobe is an offense player, and dominates the ball when he is playing. To practice sets without Kobe is a waste of time. His style completely disrupts or changes most of the sets. What are you practicing?

RE: Kobe parody skit

That was great, thanks for posting it.

" They're only up 3 games, just 3 games, not 5, not 15, just 3 games"

" wanna shot? Anyone wanna a shot? I figure we should take some shots since my team couldn't make any shots, you know? I just wanna see a shot made in Dallas."

"Nothing was working, the towells weren't working, the towells weren't absorbing my sweat like they normally do. Gatorade? Didn't quench my thirst. Can't win games with a dry Mamba, the Mamba's gotta to be moisturized."

"My teammates didn't respond to the Kobe face"

" I think the NBA should just cancel the rest of the season, but you know, who am I to judge?"

F dallas, F Dallas, F Dallas"

The team quit on Koby, no body really wants to play with a ball hog. Koby's attitude is terrible and the other players on the team are feed up with him. Secondly as you are seeing in the playoffs the Lakers with the team they now have connot compete at the upper levels they need to desperatly retool and get guards that can penitrate and dish off.

F Dallas, F Dallas, F Dallas.


Still can't join live chat.

Stupid fricken everything.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Tom Daniels

it's probably still a good thing that Kobe practices his shots all the time otherwise he'd shoot 35%.

2010-2011 Early Exit Post-Season Pros/Cons

Only 10 games played > Kobe gets extended summer rest
Weaknesses exposed > it's obvious now where our improvements are needed
Competitive analysis > being out, we can all closer analyze the 4 other contenders
Internal analysis > our off-season productiveness gets an early start
New coaching > I love Phil, but didn't agree with lots of his decisions this season
No Olympics this summer > even more rest & workout time for Mamba
Grounded > our feet should now be back on the ground, with our heads out of the clouds
Hungrier > Kobe is hungry for #6 and isn't about to 'waste' another season
David Stern loses revenue
We're still 16 time champions & only compete for rings

Laker haters talking more ish than ever before
Championship title goes to another team this year
Several local businesses lose revenue

I hope Thunder will do what the Mavericks did to us, eliminate Dallas via sweep. And I wish the Bulls will sweep the Heat likewise. With that, all the pains that I'm feeling right now because of the ousting of the Lakers prematurely will somewhat subsides because I hate both the Mavericks and Miami. With Thunder and Bulls in the Finals I don't care who wins as long as the champion will not come from a team from Texas and Florida.

On a completely different topic, the PSP was having an argument with the PSP's brother and cousin. Somehow they believe that Steve fricken Nash is a top 3 all time point guard!! Someone help me out here; where do I even start to argue against such blasphemy?

Even in deep slumber, you can name 3 point guards >>> Steve Nash; I mean damn!! Infact I don't think its an argument worth having so the PSP will just tell them yes, they win.

PSP OFficer

We Want Tacos,

All I know is that many a Lakeraholic is experiencing a profound sense of loss right now.

What are we supposed to do? Start following that game where people hit a ball with a stick? I mean, come on. Be serious.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Here's a new one everybody. Tell me you never heard of it before.

"It's because the players are not running the triangle correctly!"

Yes, when all else fails blame it on the players. Not the system. Not the coach.

Think about the logic of this for a second.

Most of the Laker players are veterans of the triangle already. They can probably run it in their sleep. So why is it they suddenly decided NOT to run it "correctly"? because they like to lose?

Of course not. Doesn't it occur to anybody for a moment that the opponents "might" have something to do with it? or for that matter the opposing coach?

It figures that since the triangle is pretty predictable it's only a matter of time before the opponents and their coach came up with a way to severely disrupt it. Elite coaches such as Gregg Poppovich or Doc Rivers already knew how to do it. Lakers were able to overcome that in the past thanks to superstars such as Shaq or Kobe but as they age they won't be able to bail the team out as before. Lakers can no longer just dump the ball into the superstars when all else failed and the clock has rand down which is more and more the case.

But we all know the offense is just HALF of the Lakers problems. Just the mere fact that the triangle has SEVERELY limited the Lakers in their ability to attract and fully utilize speedy and athletic players have cost them DEARLY on defense.

And that's why they should JUNK the triangle to the trash heap of history. It "might" have worked once but it is no longer relevant and has long passed its time.

$45 M Hardcap???

Has Stern lost his mind? That's barely enough to cover Kobe's and Pau's salaries!

@Jonk.. Did you try downloading newer browser version? Had the same problem for awhile where username didn't show but simple upgrade fixed it.

@trollman.. Thx for that link. Hilarious!

"Give Bosh his points and contain LBJ and Wade."

Posted by: Troll Man | May 16, 2011 at 01:28 PM


That certainly looked like the game plan. Now the ball is in Eric's court. Let's see if he can make the proper adjustments. I love the playoffs!

some time ago, kobe was talking about he and d-fish's roles in the locker room. he said essentially, that fish gives the other player's the props, while he rips them a new one. as time goes on , i think that we will be hearing the consequences of this dynamic. after watching some of the other teams moving the ball, i have to say that you REALLY can't play the triangle if you have ron-ron stopping the ball movement, or kobe just taking the ball and doing what he wants to. it seems that pk knew that he would not get the backing from jim buss ( who he has not spoken to since the beginning of the season, per pj) or dr. buss, so he just did what he could.this all seems bad, but the rest of the teams left are really fun to watch,and i love basket ball more than i love the lakers. so that makes it easier, but what happens next year? first get superman, then we'll see.

Dude...All you HEAT haters, one bad game doesn't make a series. Let's see how the Heat comes back and SPANK that @ZZ of theses BABY BULLS. You do remember that two time BEATDOWN @zz Spanking we gave you...DON'T YOU?
Just take a DEEP breath HATERS, it only hurts when you tense up your BUTT... relax.

JUN - I can't carry on a conversation with an IDIOT, surely SIR you are an idiot.

The HEAT in 7, Kobe please pass the're hogging AGAIN dude.

The league has apparently moved to a wing players only league. After watching these playoffs it has become obvious that having a back to the basket post player (or players) on your team, is not the way to be successful. Defenders are allowed to use their knees and two hands in the back of the offensive post player which makes it nearly impossible for him to do anything the way he's supposed to.

The NBA wants wing players and drives to the basket or phenomenal jump shooters. The league has shifted from the way things were done the past decade. Better to get on the new bus than try to continue something the NBA isn't favoring.

L.A. would be smart to trade both Gasol and Bynum for the best wing players or PGs they can get.

"$45 M Hardcap???

Has Stern lost his mind? That's barely enough to cover Kobe's and Pau's salaries!

Posted by: The Snake | May 16, 2011 at 03:17 PM "

That link shows why much basketball this year looks so unlikely. The Kings are the only team in the NBA with a payroll under 45 million.

My answer to the
"Should the Lakers stick with the triangle offense?" thread


Jon K sounds like you still running Windows 95. Cough up a few bucks and get a new pc with Windows 7. That parody was funny but it was so real man. Shannon Brown is a dirty dog to sleep with Gastrong's fiance. I remember being a bit down complaining about his marriage shortly after he got married. The team knew about Shannon beating Gastrong's girl anf gastrong just recently found out. Kobe encouraged Brown in the affair obviously.

Jon K - feeling YOU my friend. I am still experiencing a very deep sense of betrayal - and anger. I NEVER expected such lackadaisical play. I NEVER expected to witness such a pitiful display of sucktitude. I NEVER expected to see a sweep of this group of players. I'm still at a loss.

That said, I'm a fan of the game and am loving the energetic play of the baby Bulls. The Lakers need to somehow get a case of whatever they're drinking over there and pass it around.

Seriously though - if 3peating and/or sending PJ out in style isn't motivation enough for these guys, they need to have a long hard look in the mirror and ask themselves why they're even there at all. Us fans have more heart than they did. Too bad we don't play the game.

Was anyone else surprised that Miami went small and didn't even dress their centers? Think that'll change Game 2?

Gastrong my friend I know it was hurtful for your own teammate to do that to you. But the good thing is, it was not Andrew The Beast Bynum doing that damage on the future Mrs. Gasol. Kobe could have told you long time ago but he chose to tell vanessa. Kobe is a snake no doubt.


I have not. I'm at work and I'm hesitant to make any alterations on their computers.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



We were betrayed.

The Lakers are the biggest stars in a city of celebrities. It seems like EVERY player was spending their spare time doing things that distract from basketball AND aggrandise their egos.

T-shirts with their faces on it.
Reality TV shows.
Television cameos.
Rap albums.
Club appearances.
Music and promotional videos (with utter toolbags like Kanye West)
Product spokesmen
Opening restaurants
Drama with drama queen girlfriends and wives.

The team COLLECTIVELY did a Rocky III before they fought Clubber Lang.

They lost the Eye of the Tiger.

I thought these guys were multi-millionaires because they were BASKETBALL PLAYERS.

So fricken play basketball!


So upset still.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


after watching the game last night. I think the Lakers needs more athletic players.Letting Farmor go for Blake was silly. The need to fire Mitch,he has not done anything right yet.West made the move to get Gasol.PLEASE GET A PG.AND HOWARD.

@JonK - are you talking about baseball, golf, or cricket?

Mary Chandler, why aren't you a GM for a team? No other GM seems to know how to put a team of 10-12 allstars together like you do.

Posted by: Bay to LA | May 16, 2011 at 05:00 PM

Bay to LA,

that's because I just turned 14 years old last month.

I would want to be the only woman to become a GM in the NBA in the near future.... especially for the Los Angeles Lakers!


Are you really only 14? If so, please accept my apologies for being so rude to you before -- I honestly thought you were some old nutty hag. Now it makes a lot of sense. By the way, I hope your dreams do come true!!!! I hope one day you become the GM for the Lakers and replace Kupcakes!!! I think you could do a better job RIGHT NOW in fact, Mary!!! Keep your dreams alive!!!

The road to getting back to the finals must include: Signing a big time Point guard that is under the age of 28 and quick enought to break down collapsing defenses while being able to score at least 16 points per game themselves. That is priority #1. The next priority is to get rid of Ratliff, Smith and allow Barnes to Opt out so the GM can bring in a "quality role playing big man." Someone in the mode of Carl Landry or Big Baby (both free agents). Priority #3 resign Shannon Brown who is our life off of the bench (and give him the same money that sorry Walton is making sitting on the bench every game). Priority #4 - acquire a consistent, knock down shooter...Guys like Peja, James Jones, Mike Redd (if he can get healthy) are available for cheap. All of this may require trading Gasol but if that is the case then so be it.

I think the we should hire Shaw, stay with the triangle and run it, and start LO at the PG position and bring Fisher off the bench. I think LO can be close to Magic Johnson on the floor if given the chance. Pippen played more like Johnson as "point forward" and I think that would be good for us and LO. He can rebound the ball and run the floor. If you look at alot of plays where LO rebounded the ball and ran the floor, that led to alot of transition baskets for the Lakers.

Posted by: Bummi | May 17, 2011 at 06:52 AM


I completely 120% agree with you!!!! This should have been done long time ago!

Lamar Odom as POINT GUARD make it happen!

Lakers is over? I don't think so!



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