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Lakers' Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson, Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol, Derek Fisher and Lamar Odom discuss 93-81 Game 2 loss to Dallas Mavericks

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson on 93-81 Game 2 loss to Mavericks

Lakers center Andrew Bynum

Lakers forward Pau Gasol

Lakers guard Derek Fisher

Lakers forward Lamar Odom

--Mark Medina

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Don't know if I can stomach to watch. But maybe I will.

Laker season has high odds of coming to an end.

Thank you Lakers for all the wonderful memories! I LOVE You guys!!!

Let the discussion begin on how the Lakers will manage to win game 3 without Ron Artest and without Blake playing significant minutes (due to what has to be severe mental damage after the worst playoff performance I've seen in years)...

Will Blake start?

Will Lamar?

Will Trey Johnson get minutes?

Sorry, did I say will Blake start?

Freudian... LOL, I meant Barnes

Sorry, wrong B

Laker's have really got to pull the rabbit out of the hat for game 3

Did fans really start booing Gasol last night?

Lakers HAVE to and WILL game 3. They can win in Dallas...they just need to be out there working....all I saw last night was a team who is not amazing but was playing with heart and energy (Mavs) and a team with all this talent but just going through the motions (Lakers). Come on Lakers!!!

I doubt the boos were for Gasol specifically, even if Kerr thought they were.

Yeah, Gasol has had a rough playoffs, but I wouldn't boo the guy.

Now, there was a guy out there that made me wish for Smush, Cook, and Kwame to come back... but it wasn't any of the starters

Do you remember last summer when I kept repeating that the Lakers ought to at LEAST look at TMac? I didn't say they had to sign him, just to do some due diligence.

This place thought I was off my rocker.

Let me ask you, given what you saw of him this year in the role he played, and given what you saw last night, would be better off or not?

Dumping MBenga was a fail also, and that one I knew at the time.

@hobbit – still half full for me. It ain’t over til its over.

@Corner J – I with you 100%. It’s going to be a huge challenge, but I believe the Lakers are capable of pulling it off. However, I do think the Mavs are capable of playing better than last night. It’s just that the Lakers are capable of playing much, much better and I think they will.

@131 – I’m with you. It looks bleak for the C’s …and even worst for the Lakers, but Champions never concede defeat until the series is over.

@hobbit – still half full for me. It ain’t over til its over.

@Corner J – I with you 100%. It’s going to be a huge challenge, but I believe the Lakers are capable of pulling it off. However, I do think the Mavs are capable of playing better than last night. It’s just that the Lakers are capable of playing much, much better and I think they will.

@131 – I’m with you. It looks bleak for the C’s …and even worst for the Lakers, but Champions never concede defeat until the series is over.

If I were PJ, I would:

1. Bench Blake!

2. Play Trey!

3. Run plays for Bynum and have him shoot 25 times.

4. Start Odom and bring Pau off the bench.

5. Make everyone practice free throws and three point shots today.

6. If the league doesn't bench Ron for a game, bench him anyway. That was f*^%$d-up. We are supposed to be the good guys. He was trying to intimidate or start a brawl or something. It was embarrassing as hell. Picking on a little guy…

7. Play Kobe 40 minutes and let him shoot. I have mentioned many times that he needs to be the facilitator. I have changed my mind. I would rather him play 40 minutes, shoot 40 times and get the win. Who is he going to pass to anyway besides Drew? Kobe is the only true shooter on the team at this point. Kobe and Drew need to step up and score a lot. They are the only ones having any success at it.

8. Play Trey!

9. Call Mamba24 and explain to him that he needs to man-up, apologize, whatever, and come back and support his team.

10. The Trey thing… ;-)

sorry for extra spaces

wait, we're in a playoff series???

can somebody let the team know too, I just found out......

YES, YES, and YES!
Trey needs some tick- he could not play any worse than Blake.

Artest needs to be benched not only because of his stupid foul, but because he can't hit a wide open jumper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imposter Pau is still playing and when he shows up, we have no chance of winning. Kobe can't do it all by himself, especially when he is constantly double teamed.

I still have a tiny glimmer of hope that we can steal the nextr two, IF:

1. the real Pau shows up

2. one player on our team not named Kobe can hit an open jumper

3. we play defense like we did during the 17-1 run

4. Bynum gets more touches down low

First he neglects his dogs, now he tries to decapitate a Maverick - what's Artest's problem with animals?

Seriously - that warrants a 2 game suspension. No play for the ball, aims for the throat and whacks him in the face - hard. Had nothing to do with making a play or trying to save or win the game, just bein' a punk baby 'cause Lakers ate it... again.

Punk move.

Doesn't undo the shellacking.

Eat it, Artest.

No to Mamba24's return. What he did is inexcusable and he needs to stay away.

I too was killed in my own home!

saw a tweet this morning that asked obama to find the lakers since he found the all time hide and go seek champion... couldn't agree any more. they're so asynchronous =[

my facebook timeline was full of people jumping off the bandwagon last night... it was pretty sad. i'm a die hard fan and the team honestly hasn't proven this year that they deserve another ring, except maybe kobe and fish. i can accept and respect dallas being the better basketball team. i can't accept the fact that there's no drive to make this competitive, interesting and entertaining.

either way, it's still early. dallas needs to win 2 more games. we need 4. i'll be nervous if we lose game 3 and are down 10+ in the 4th quarter of game 4.

heroes are remembered; legends never die. TIME TO WRITE A HISTORY BOOK. LIKE A BOSS

The Lakers offense has been totally shut down by Dallas defense. We can't score. The Lakers are averaging 87 points per game in this series which is not going to win you many games. With all of this supposedly great talent the Lakers have! Why cant we score? We got rid of Farmar to get Blake and this guy can't throw a pea in the ocean. What a huge blunder that was. In the off season, the Lakers can and should get better talent than Brown, Blake and Luke Walton. The coaching staff made a huge mistake in not developing their rookie small forward Devin Eubanks. He is long and athletic and can score.


Last night emotions got the best of me and I conceded defeat to some friends n family but HELL NO... I take it all back... Today is a new day.. I can think with a rationale mind again and if anybody can win in dallas its the LAKERS.

- believe it or not lakers are still the better team.. We are getting thoroughly outcoached and i still think the turning point was game1 when dallas mounted their huge comeback.. This is a game of momentum.. Prior to that lakers were firmly in control (and once had a 16 pt lead remember) but dallas clearly gained momentum and have turned into the aggressors since.. I see no reason why lakers can't adjust or even play more focused in a hostile environment

- if the regular season is any indication.. if anybody can win on the road its the lakers.. Let's be honest here.. 4 straight trips to the finals is a herculean task and can take a toll on ur body physically... But more blame on phil for not building the benchs confidence and getting them playoff ready

- lakers need to stop forcefeeding pau. Just STOP relying on this chump.. its obvious phils game plan was to go inside and even kobe on several occassions spoonfed pau downlow hoping to ignite his game.. forget it kobe pls just ACTIVATE like game 1... And if ur gonna go inside let's make bynum our #2 option..

- its gonna be hard to win without the old pau.. Its obvious this guys SWITCH is broken.. He's mentally and physically burnt out and has checked out. I still can't believe a certain well nba educated blogger who has BAILED out on us called this guy "one of the best PF of ALL TIME".. Yeah I'm callin YOU out again.

- pls make note throughout the whole game phils only major adjustment was playing blake alongside dfish??!!! HUH?? That's phil jackson 101 for u folks.. But pls lakers just forget the freakin triangle and just run the offense through the black mamba.. Its our ONLY HOPE

- damn u ron... What a waste of a flagrant 1 and possible suspension.. Next time save that suspension with a strong clothesline or right hook across nowitzki face when he comes in the lane.

- and I know blake played like horses**t last nite.. He missed a lot of open looks but so did everyone else.. But to give up on him over trey (a guy with NO nba experience) or put any blame on a guy who barely gets on the court is asenine.. If u wanna blame anybody start with the starters and work ur way down... In fact this years bench may still be better than last years bench but its the STARTERS that have failed us

- now its still a first to 4 last I checked.. Take it a game at a time.. lakers win just ONE game and all the pressures back on the mavs.

@archived.. Looks like u may finally be vindicated on gassy.. But why a bone to pick on edwin. He's our professor remember??


all i know is that if i showed up to work and didn't perform, i'd be fired........


Posted by: yellofever | May 05, 2011 at 09:44 AM



It is not over yet, Lakers can win 2 in Dallas.

During the 80's, it happened also to the Showtime Lakers several times, first to the Sixers in 1983, to the Celtics in a see saw Championship, to the Piston in '89. Anything is good and great will come to an end, as a Laker fan it is the manner how you accept it calmly and gracious in victory as well as in defeat. Therefore, if Lakers don't come back to Staples.....that's OK, thanks for the memories, at least we moved forward from dark period of Kwame-Parker-Cook era.

I say, it is not over yet because Lakers needs adjustment in guarding the perimeter while not leaving the post open. Secondly, fight those high p & r being applied with foxy guards like Berea and JKidd. Thirdly, get to the gym and practice shooting from sunrise to sundown today and tomorrow in Dallas. Fourthly, don't believe on naysayers Lakers are still the defending until they are dethroned.

Do we have to convince other posters here on their negative theories? You may read and assimilate it as their opinion but it is not constructive enough to help the team, why subscribe to it? We know who we are since West/Elgin/Wilt so for what reasons should we jumped out from being a Laker fan?

Was the game frustrating to watch? You bet. Our TV received a hundred curses not only boos. Why? First, luck is not with them; Second, lack of effort and not using some common sense; Third, weaklings and amateurism on some players; Fourth, cockiness from facial expressions of Kobe and ranting by Odom as well as dirty play of Artest and Barnes. What is the solution? CRAM, PRACTICE and LISTEN to what the Coach says.

Anyone think it's time to "flip the switch" yet??

If any team that is capable of coming back from 0-2 deficit then it is this Lakers team. With Phil, Kobe and Dfish leading the charge I would put my money on this lakers team. I believe game 3 will change the complexion of this series and the final outcome, Lakers win 4-3!!

I have faith in Phil Jackson!!!

I was pretty down last night... But the real Outlaw is back in action.

I still believe in this team. They're playing HORRIBLE basketball, and they can play a lot better. Remember that team that smoked Dallas by 30? The one that beat SA (in SA) by 30? That's the team I want to see. That's the team I will see tomorrow night.

Silence that Dallas crowd, boys. Do it for the fans who have been rooting for you through this turbulent season. Do it for your legacy, for PJ. Do it for yourselves. Do it because you do NOT want to go out on Dallas' home court.

Go Lake Show!

I'm in it to win it, people. I will concede nothing. As bad as the communication on the defensive end of the floor was last night (and it sucked), the Lakers couldn't make a basket last night - not from the free throw line, not from right around the hoop, not from 10 or 20 feet away - that won't happen again.
The Lakers will rebound in Game 3 and then let's re-evaluate.

I understand the fans' frustration . But I'm more disappointed that there seems no blame pointed at the coaching staff, specifically, Phil. Horrible defense at this time of the NBA season? This "help defense" (funneling opponents to either left or right) is laughable. All that's done is create problems to the bigs, particularly, Pau, (who's not a shot blocker) by forcing them to commit fouls. Phil's treating these games like they're regular season games. These are the playoffs. Check his substitution pattern, never changes with the flow of the games. He sends in his second unit at exactly the same time, each and every game. In this series, you can see that the Mavs bench is a lot better, so why can't you sometimes play one or two of your starters w/ your bench. Every time Kobe & co. come in and make a run, it's just to even up the score. Dirk is in his top form. You can't deny him. Give him his points but be sure to make it tough on his teammates. Barrea, Haywood?? C'mon. Welcome, Dwight!!!

Yes, PLEASE play Trey Johnson and Devin Ebanks in the next game. Throw Luke a bone as well. Maybe Stern would let you package all of them for Chris an outsider, ladies and gentlemen, you don't need Dwight Howard, you need a point guard......but what do I know??


Inside out basketball only works when:
- the inside player has an advantage against single coverage.
- the outside shooters can hit open shots when the inside player is double teamed.

Thus far, neither has been the case against the Mavs. The team, especially Kobe, was force feeding Pau last night to get the inside-out game going, but Pau was ineffective. The offense completely stalled in the third quarter because the team went away from its biggest matchup advantage (KOBE) to get Gasol going. Bynum had a solid game, but most of his offense came from offensive rebounds, or when the outside players created easy opportunities for him. He is also having a difficult time scoring against Chandler/Haywood one on one. Basically, our supposed biggest advantage (our length) has been neutralized. The exact same thing happened against the Suns in last year's playoffs, when the Suns packed in the paint, and Gasol seemed lost the entire series. The Lakers won because the team played KOBE BALL to take advantage of the single coverage from Grant Hill. Against the Mavs, Kobe has a similar advantage, and to beat the Mavs, the offense has to go back to playing KOBE BALL.

There are several advantages of running the offense through Kobe.
- he is the only person on the Lakers who can create his own shot against this Mavs defense, and the only person who can create open shots for his teammates. The White Swan is in full force, and rather than force feeding Gasol, it will be up to Kobe to get Gasol easy open shots.
- more offensive rebound opportunities for Gasol and Bynum. When Pau or Bynum shoot, it takes away one of our best offensive rebounders. When Kobe shoots, he attracts the defenses, creating more opportunities for offensive boards, and resulting in an extra big going after the offensive board. This was one of the main offensive strategies for Larry Brown when he had AI. When people look at AI's FG%, they ignore the fact that many of his shots created easy offensive rebounding opportunities for his teammates.

The Lakers were awful last night, but they still could have won if they made some FTs and hit more than 10% from 3 point range. Everyone knew going in that the third year of the threepeat would be the most difficult. I was expecting scenarios where all hope seems lost, similar to the Sacramento series the last time the Lakers went for a threepeat. This team has faced adversity before, and this series is no different. Do not lose faith Laker fans. Adversity will only make this threepeat that much sweeter.

It can be done, especially against the Mavericks but...

nothing we've seen so far suggests it'll get done.

It's offensive, pun intended. 81 at home? Somehow, someway, they gotta get hot now.

GO Lakers

I read allot of stuff and frankly I am putting allot of this on Blake. We were right in it and he misses 2 WIDE OPEN 3s from the baseline. Dirk hits one on the other end (six point swing). Also what about the horrible ball handling and stupid highschool passes he was making out there. I say work inside out with Kobe and Drew.

LakerTruth, with all due respect sir, if a guy takes 49 shots in two games, how much more can the offense go "through" him?

Green Leaded Lunatic,

When the offense ran through Kobe in game one, the Lakers had a 16 point lead until the bench gave it up. In game 2, the Lakers rarely led while trying to establish an inside-out game. You do the math.

Ahh....I love a bit of revisionist/selective memory, especially from new blog posters. Consider the following:

"You losers dont have a good history against Texas teams. The Fakers are goinghome in a dustpan and theres nothing you can do!! HAHAHAHAHAH

Posted by: DJ Screw | May 05, 2011 at 10:09 AM "

Did you happen to forget what UCLA did to the longhorns this past college football season? That was actually in Austin, correct?

Just checking if you remembered.

Please also remember the following, since you're citing history:

May I make a recommendation for you? The next time you decide to cite historical facts as a backing for your argument, you *actually* might want to do some historical research and figure out what *actually* happened. That way, your posts will *actually* have some intelligent content. Again, this isn't to say that *you* aren't intelligent, but your most recent post was, unfortunately, sorely lacking in import.

And, lest I should forget: Welcome to the Lakers Blog. This is the first time I've seen you post, and I'm pretty sure that the rest of the blog community would appreciate your future posts given that you consider the truth-value of your claims before you actually post them.

Hope you have a good day!


Yes, Blake was horrendous last night, but part of the blame has to go to Phil. It was obvious to EVERYONE that Blake lost ALL confidence and rhythm, and rather than benching Blake, Phil decides to give him extended minutes. Phil's motto has always been to let the players work it out, and it's been a successful strategy. In games one and two, however, this strategy completely backfired. I hope (pray?) that Phil realizes that there is no more time left for the players to figure it out. It's now on Phil to figure some of it our for his players, and I think he will.

Laker Truth - in Game 1, kobe took 29 shots and had ZERO assists.......not sure I'd want more of that if I'm a lakers fan!!

The Lakers are going to grind out a couple of wins in Dallas ard return the favor...relax people we've got this.
GO LAKERS the Black Mamba will strike!

Feed The Big Guy the ball, maybe it'll open up for Pau.....put Trey Johnson, he looks rested, maybe Blake still recovering from Chickenpox....not having Artest maybe not such a bad thing...Everybody needs to step up especially the bench, our bench is getting outscored/outhustle/outplay, or either that we might not see them back in our house for Game 5

Lakers can still pull this series out. Funny thing, the Mavs were the team I was least worried about in the Playoffs.

The reality is the Lakers let the first game go. We credit the Mavs, but the refs also played a big role. Calling a non-foul on Pau in the last 20 secs that didn't effect any part of the game was a bad call. Mavs go up by 2.

J.Kidd pulls a veteran move and holds Kobe with both hands when he tries to make his move to get the out of bounds ball, and then releases him which causes Kobe to fall forward and lose his balance. A foul that wasn't called. Then Kobe misses a good look at a 3 to win.

The Lakers, despite playing poorly in game 2 could have still won had they made some free throws, and made any reasonable amount from the 3-point line. It would have been another win.

So yes, Mavs are playing well, but the Lakers are having a stretch of bad luck right now. So it's not time to throw in the towel imho.

exactly have faith people..geesh.

I mean seriously The mavs played well, but we played absolutely HORRENDOUS.....what were we like 1-18 from 3s?

stop doing that.

move the ball..our defense was atrocious.

everyone is counting us out...i want to see FIRE , just like i saw FIRE game six in New Orleans...bury the mav nots..i HATE that team, I HATE mark cuban (he is so #@$#@#@#@% annoying...I had the DIS privilege of living in DALLAS for 5 years, and had to put up with obnoxious fans....and cant stand them, and well they are i say..lets go in to dallas and win TWO

bring this thing back even...then we bury them in 6 or 7.


we believe, even though everybody else is too busy burying us already....

we will not, and should not, and cannot go down without a FIGHT,


go lakers, I love you are my team.


we gave them game 1..we should have buried them by 30 or so points..period.

The mavs have this air of confidence, lets deflate it.....we usually play better in hostile environments (game 6 close out game in Denver back in 09)

exactly..lets DO THIS PURPLE AND GOLD.

I cant stand Dirk for the record either..i hate how he sticks his tongue out when he shoots....annoying.

mark cuban......more annoying(yes i said it again)

Lake show will bounce back!!!

get rid of fish,luke,pj and the team will win dont forget to
bench blake send him to the d team for the summer so he can
get his confidence back.

>>>The Lakers offense has been totally shut down by Dallas defense.

Not. They're playing better than average defense for Dallas, but not like stifling Boston defense or anything. The Lakers have just been missing open shots in a lot of cases.

Blake was wide open on all his 3's on Wednesday. Artest has been wide open more often than not when he shoots 3's. And they're both laying bricks like a mason.

And it's not like Dallas defended those 9 missed free throws.

If Artest and Blake were hitting their 3's at their regular season rates, and if the Lakers were hitting 75% of their free throws, this series would be 2-0 Lakers.

And that ignores Pau's lower than average shooting (which could be because of Tyson Chandler's defense) and Barnes 0-for-the-series shooting.

As I said, Dallas is playing better than their typical level of defense, but not lockdown, by any means.

>>>get rid of fish,luke,pj and the team will win dont forget to
>>>bench blake send him to the d team for the summer so he can
>>>get his confidence back.

1. Luke hasn't played in this series. Last time Luke played a significant role in the playoffs, the Lakers won a championship. The guy who usurped all his minutes this season (Barnes) has done nothing.

2. Fish actually played well in game 1, though poorly in game 2.

3. There is no d-league in the summer. There's summer league, but they won't be sending Blake there.

4. Stop whining. It's going to sound mighty weak when the Lakers come back and take this series.

You can tell the fair-weather fans from the real Laker fans right now...

The fair-weather fans (they'll probably call themselves the "reasonable" fans or the "sensible" fans) have already given up. They desert the team at the first sign of weakness. Like rats deserting a sinking ship.

True fans don't base their support of the team or their expectation that the team will win or lose on statistics. They base it on their belief that the players on their team are capable of beating any team in the league if they play up to their level of play. If Kobe, Pau, Lamar, and Bynum play at the level they're capable of playing, this team is still capable of winning a championship. If one or two other players play at the level they're capable of, then they could go back to dominating like they did after the All-star break.

You've all seen that team that played right after the All-Star break. You saw Kobe and Pau and Bynum and Odom and Artest and even the Killer B's playing at a higher level than they are playing right now. And they not only beat teams like Dallas and San Antonio but slaughtered them. They have the power inside of them.

I'm sure there were lots of Miami fans who gave up after the Heat lost the first two games to Dallas in the 2005 finals as well.

There's not a single media person who's now predicting the Lakers to win this series. When they win game 3, one or two will jump back on the bandwagon. When the Lakers sweep the two games in Dallas, all the pundits will be saying that they always believed the Lakers could do it all along.

I'm still predicting Lakers in 7.

>>>Laker Truth - in Game 1, kobe took 29 shots and had ZERO assists.......
>>>not sure I'd want more of that if I'm a lakers fan!!

If you pass to your teammates and they miss shots or turn the ball over before taking a shot (as happened several times when Kobe passed in game 1), then you don't get assists. He passed. They bricked or turned over.

If Kobe got on a hot streak like in game 1, I'd be perfectly happy with him playing 40 minutes and scoring 60 points. It wouldn't be the first time he's done it against Dallas. And that would require Dallas to start doubling and tripling him more frequently and aggressively, which would open Pau and Drew up for some easy baskets, which might help them get their confidence back.

Gents Listen Up

If Pau and Kobe arent speaking at all because of Kobe's wife telling Pau's fiancee to leave him the series and this team ARE OVER. I love my Lakers but you cant take personal shit from off teh court and inject it into the middle of teh playoffs and expect chemistry. We cant win it all without chemistry and Pau has been betrayed by the player who called him his "favorite player in the NBA". Mark my words- Pau will ask for a trade this summer and him along with another player and some picks will get us Dwight Howard. That still doesnt work for Laker fans because we dont have a real PG and Howard cant play his game without one. So unless Phil has a fireside chat with Pau and Kobe about life and legacy and what it means to be a part of the pantheon of eternal sports gods and put their personal feelings aside...we are screwed. It has nothing to do with matchups. Dallas cant play with us at full strength...but the locker room is broken and that's why Bynum made that comment...he cant believe they are going to the Finals because two bitches killed the best duo in the league...and he had to get that off his chest. One love. Go lakers tonight/



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