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Lakers' 122-86 Game 4 loss ends underachieving season and a dynasty in embarrassing fashion

Lakers7_600 The slight smile on his face masked Lakers Coach Phil Jackson's emotions when he stopped midcourt of American Airlines Arena and shook the hands of Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Coach Rick Carlisle. What was going through his mind as he left the court after what was probably the last game of a storied coaching career? The slight smile also masked his obvious frustration at the Lakers' embarrassing 122-86 Game 4 elimination loss Sunday to the Dallas Mavericks.

The lasting images that stain the Lakers losing in horrific fashion point to forward Lamar Odom throwing a shoulder into Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki and center Andrew Bynum throwing a forearm at Dallas guard J.J. Barea in separate fourth-quarter incidents that earned them ejections. But it also points to the Lakers' sending off Jackson's 19-year NBA coaching career that spanned 11 NBA championships, 13 NBA Finals appearances and 229 playoffs wins in the most unimaginable way possible.

With the exception of Kobe Bryant's 17 points on seven-of-18 shooting effort, no one brought the necessary intensity to prevent a sweep. With the cheap-shot plays from Odom and Bynum, the Lakers didn't handle the end of a Jackson dynasty with the necessary class. And in direct contrast to the Lakers molding themselves as a defensive-oriented team, they displayed little semblance of that as they continued struggling on rotations to mark open perimeter shots, resulting in Dallas shooting 60.3% from the field and 62.5% from three-point range.

"This is the worst I've seen the Lakers play in a game that they needed," Lakers Hall of Famer Magic Johnson said as an ESPN analyst. "The Lakers are already on vacation and they didn't want to play this game."

The sad thing: Johnson only needed to see the Lakers' first half in which they trailed 63-39, shot 14 of 38 from the field (37%), allowed Dallas to shoot 11 of 15 from three-point range and appeared outplayed in reserve play (40-7) to make that assessment.

Lakers8_250 Nothing changed that narrative in the second half, with the Lakers' 7-1 third-quarter run led by Ron Artest quickly turning the other way after he couldn't even reach the rim on a fast-break layup with 7:43 remaining. Bryant's plan in setting the tone early quickly was nullified because of problems continually plaguing the Lakers, including a tepid Pau Gasol (10 points on four of 10 shooting), a perimeter-happy offense (37.8%) and a discipline-lacking defense.

That's why it's unfortunate for Jackson that he spent what's presumed to be the last game of his coaching career like that. Within a three-minute, 15-second span in the second quarter, Jackson stood up on the sideline performing a series of moves that hardly defined his storied coaching career. He called three timeouts, demonstrating his belief that he should grant players trust in learning on their own doesn't apply to this group. He yelled at players, including Gasol, Bynum and Odom, showing his belief that exuding calmness helps the Lakers' psyche doesn't apply to this group. And he immediately re-inserted his starters, revealing that his belief that empowering players to learn through their mistakes doesn't apply to this group.

Jackson deviated from his general philosophy for obvious reasons, knowing the stakes of an elimination game were so high. But this illustrates perhaps the biggest indictment on the Lakers. With all the concepts Jackson taught this experienced team in maintaining its composure, staying in the moment and trusting one another, the Lakers spent all series doing the exact opposite, finger-pointing, refusing to help out on defense and never taking responsibility.

As disappointing an end this marks for Jackson amid the lost opportunity in collecting a 12th NBA title and three-peating for the fourth time in his coaching career, this loss hardly stains his storied legacy. But it surely stains the legacy of the Lakers' 2010-2011 team that never gave Jackson the storybook ending he deserved.



Lakers-Mavericks Game 4 box score

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Mavericks sweep Lakers out of the playoffs

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: (Top) Coach Phil Jackson leaves the court after the Lakers' Game 4 loss in Dallas on Sunday. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times. (Bottom) Guards Kobe Bryant of the Lakers and DeShawn Stevenson of the Mavericks embrace after Game 4 on Sunday. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times.

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I think Odom and Bynum made the choice of who is going to Orlando easier ( that is, if Orlando wants either ).
Phil just stayed a year too long.

The Lakers fail to win the title and the team needs to be blown up? Last I checked, Magic Johnson was not a GM for anybody's team. Add some perimeter quickness and buckle down with the crew you've got.

That is unless Kobe decides he wants to fire the entire team (again), then whine that Mitch hasn't given him his pieces.

i keep hearing about the two dirty plays committed by the lakers. the one by bynum might be considered dirty by 2011 standards but the one by odom was just a regular off the ball foul. ball out of bounds mavericks. enough allready of this nanny state that is the nba.

Bynum's cheap shot was about as classless an act as I have ever seen in "professional" sports. Get rid of that immature baby. If anyone understands what it takes to injure someone it would be him. How many games has he missed in his career to injury? What a bone head.

did anyone really believe they would win a title this year?
they were extremly lucky to win last year, with kobe
choking in game 7 and perkins unable to play. the
lakers luck just ran out.

Kobe is 2nd All-Time in playoffs minutes played....All-Time....thats a ton of high intense mileage

The Lakers are an embarrassment to not only L.A. but to the league. I hope the league issues stiff fines for the behavior in the fourth quarter. Shame on them for a totally lack of class. Kobe, shame on you for NOT being a team leader or a class act either. You and the rest of the Lakers were and are pathetic!!

Nothing breeds fan hatred like on going success, and we here in the Bay Area should know when decades ago, yes literally decades, our beloved 49ers kicked some Super Bowl booty at least five times in 13 years.

But the 49ers never earned competitive fan disrespect and hatred when they lost in the playoffs, even when doing so spectacularly. But that's the Bay Area. Not LA, a town I have a home in and love despite its over-glamorization of the most pathetic narcissism any city has to offer. But like with all great recipes, when a rotten, spoiled apple or two or three gets thrown in there, no matter how shinny it looks on the outside, the cobbler is going to stink and likely make you want puke to boot.

Hubris is a cancer few truly successful people are inoculated from. Auerback found a way to avoid this dreadful emotional disease. As did Wooden. Even Phil Jackson, though he failed to know when to bow out for good. (Hint: Last June would have been the best time, dude!)

Hubris eventually ruins. Badly, too. (Just look at Shrub's legacy.) It did the Lakers in this year as much as anything. Well, that and the unwillingness to realize that mentally weak young NBA knuckleheads with serious arrested development (are you listening Rob, Lamar and Andrew?) are a sure way to not advance the cause.

It's time for the Laker owner to channel Marshall McLuhan and reconstruct a team of champions from within, and not with a bunch of egotistical misogynists, homophobes, philanderers (and probable rapists), public liars and cheap shot chumps who lose worse than they play.

There Magic is that kind of character-rebuilding.

It’s not about “rings”, Los Angeles. It’s about being a city of angelical class.

Not classless demons!

Fisher has got to be the slowest point guard in the league. I bet opposing guards go to bed the night before playing the Lakers with a long prayer that Fish will be "guarding" them. He is 37 years of age, but he moves like he is 47. Time to make room for some younger legs if you are going to play any team defense and move further in the playoffs.'re an idiot....think about that....Go Mavs!!


He screws the Lakers & fans for the better poart of the first half as he chose going to watch soccer, lover having surgery, thus delaying his rehab, camp & getting into game shape!

So who the hell is he to first mouth off, a fea days back, then throw a flagrant forearm to a guy much smaller ? & Dirk approaches him & the wus walks away!

He has yet to playt a full season & now he's a bonafide cheap shot thug ! Magic was right !

And Pau was off, no doubt, but for any/all that call for his head, are dead wrong - we don't, that is we DO NOT get the past 2 rings without him - we could without the Thug

Trade him for all you can get, bring in DH & be done with the soft, selfish, injury prone, whiny over paid, under achieving thug !

As bad as Pau was, he still did better than Thug today !

Phil Jackson left his last game with a smile on his face because he had experienced enlightenment.

Its time for Superman to leave Orlando and come to LA like Shaq did in 96.

Does anyone know why Bynum and Odum committed those flagrant fouls?
Because they were so embarrassed they didn't want to be out on the court any longer so they committed the fouls to get thrown out. Thats why. Can't blame Gasol any longer, you have to blame the whole team. You have to blame Dallas because the way they engineered the home court advantage was brilliant. They put all of the gorgeous looking women on the floor so when Kobe would dribble the ball up and down he was distracted by the women Thus couldn't concentrate.

Fish also needs to go - love ya Derek, but his age is catching up as he can't stop anyone anymore & had his hsual game - 25 minutes, 5 points, 1 assist & again, check out the guards for the Mavs & New Orleans - Fish, sorry, but you're no longer an asset, rather, a liability.

So w/ Thug neeeding to be moved, along w/ Fish, that opens up 2 starting positions; DH for the middle & a few options for the guard slot.

And a soild bench we also need; Blake the Bust was a joke, & who else, Luke, Smith, Ratliff ? & the 2 young ghuiys, who have showed very little. Mitch has his work cut out for himself!

Earn your money Mitch!

chris paul is a free agent next year and there is no way hes staying in the big easy. lakers might be able to talk hornets into taking bynum or gasol if they feel they might lose to free agency.

hope memphis griz takes the cubans team down. there's nothing wrong with the Lakers they just need couple of shooters. this was a fluke in the portland-dallas series dallas didn't shoot the 3's high ratio in fact they had couple games where Dirk and Terry could not buy a 3 pt shot in fact if anyone goes back and analyzes that series you'll find that they won with high # of free throws. they just got lucky in this series with 3 pt shooting they lived and died by the 3. they will go down they don't want memphis they know they can beat okc. I am sure next series with memphis they will not be very successful with 3s this series was a fluke. The lakers just hit a wall with a team that got hot with 3's and we went cold with our 3's that's all it was. shame that they are out they deserve to move on to the next round as they are the more talented team. Lakers don't need major trades keep the core just add couple of descent pcs like Ariza and DWill and some speed and they will be right at the top.

kb24 - without a "major" trade, how do you expect to acquire DWill?

I just hated seeing cuban celebrating the guy gives me the creeps he is very strange. he can be happy now and desparatly hoping for okc but he will get memphis and that is one series I will watch and cheer for memphis.
LAKERS rest up and reinvent yourselves and you will be at the top no doubt. no need to blow up the team just few tweeks.

lakers cannot retool without giving up one of their big men. they need to get talented guard like williams or paul and that means giving up gasol bynum or odom. the lakers have been weak at the point for years but have always had a young unstopable kobe to bail them out. sadly to say those days are gone.

think of all the demons exorcised today by the basketball gods.

Terry is actually big in a big game, Dirk plays a tough series and loses the euroimage and gets closer to redemption, Peja hits big shots, Kidd gets closer to the finals with a team tht can win, Shawn Marion gets revenge for losing to the Lakers so often.

Can we now get some credible backup big men so Pau doesn't ever have to play center and play 40 minutes a game? Phil that was terrible. Even some young bodies that can get a 6 point 6 rebound game just by playing with energy in the paint would have helped. I barely know how Joe SMith was, but I already forgot the other guy cause he never played.

Troy, Jon K....

The real laker fans..we all feel was embarrassing..pathetic..we quit.

However, this team will rebound, like we always do.

To all Mavs trolls/fans aka ....whatever you are...

Keep on telling us how great your team is, you one 1 series, so?

No titles, and you will never have one.

Everything you say or do on this blog is not even upsetting, it is comical....

Mainly because you seem to feel you are relevant after beating a lakers team that really beat themselves (no way in HE LL you have a chance if we played up to our potential)......

So there we go, we quit, you won....what did you win? a playoff series.....good luck with never winning a title....still wont happen.

I hate the mavericks, I hate mark cuban (he is annoying),.....

Oh, and I agree Bynum and Odom's moves were CHEAP and uncalled for, however, What does that punk Jason Terry do? yah shoved Blake out of bounds..

Speaking of blake or the bumble bees (they should all retire)...where in the world was our bench? NO BENCH PLAY, giving up wide open 3s....

We couldn't have beat a junior high squad the last four games.

Anyway, I didnt know all that internal turmoil with Pau, that is unfortunate...


I want to see this line up.

C-Dwight Howard
SF-Ron Artest
PF-Pau Gasol

What a team....

We can only believe that Buss family will shake up the core of this team, what an embarrasment!

Lakers 4 life...

How do I love thee Lakers? Let me count the rings!

For the 'haters' out there:

Lakers have been in half of the finals in the history of the NBA.

They have won half of those.

It's good to be a Laker fan!

lakers4realz - that lineup is not realistic in any way, shape or form. How do you propose to get those two elite players, who play on two different teams??

Lakers has got no class. I can't believe some of their fans actually thought what Odom and Bynum did was okay because they did it out of frustration. If all the teams that the Lakers beat in the past had taken their frustration out on Kobe, he would probably be dead by now. I'm glad the Lakers dynasty is finally over. It's all down hill now for Kobe... He was just way too cocky and selfish for me. Some of the Laker fan are smoking too much weed. Why the hell would the Magic give up Howard (best center in the league) and Williams (all star) for Bynum (immature spoiled brat) and Gasol (an all star at the end of his career). It just makes no sense.

Blogs bring out idiots...

This whole argument about kobe not winning without shaq...

Perkins not injured last year....

Lakers wouldnt have that many titles if...


it is all dumb!

Anything you say about the lakers, can be pinpointed and found on another team...

We are classless punks? look at terry push and shove blake....

We couldnt have won if perkins was in Game 7"? WE COULD have won had we had ariza and bynum in 08....

And round and round it goes.

Mavs fans, we DO acknowledge that you beat

Go hold your parade for making it to the second round!!!whooopp dde doo dah.

I lived in dallas for five years, and was so happy when dallas got their Asses beat by the number 8 seeded warriors, then collapsed against the on and so guys are STILL chokers in my credit I will give you......Lakers just played like TOTAL and UTTER garbage..and that was the only way you could pull this series off.

Consider yourselves lucky......they should give trophies for second round victories.....!!!

GO lakers , now and we WILL return next year...STRONGER. and most importantly, RESTED.

Lakers are old news. You the old ish, these remaining teams are the new ish. Lakers look more stupid than an Oscar De La Hoya comeback attempt and twice as gay.

I say that the Lakers should blow up the team and obtain talented players who really want to win championships

I'm a mavs fan and I'm not here to talk trash, in fact, lakers are my second favorite team. The Odom foul wasn't bad and didn't deserve the ejection. The Bynum foul was pretty dirty, ironically, Barea still made the shot. Just wanted to say that I appreciate the class from Kobe, Jackson, and Fisher... just received news that they visited Barea after the game to congratulate him and to apologize on behalf of the Lakers. Don't worry Laker fans, y'all will be back in full strength within the next 3 years. I just wish that some of yall somewhere deep down want Jason Kidd and Dirk Nowitzki to win a championship. These guys have poured their blood, sweat, and tear into this game and more than anything I hope that anybody within the basketball community can appreciate their contributions and hope them the best.

SSM...preach on brotha!

you are very right.

it IS good to be a laker fan.

We are true fans....glad the bandwagon fans will be gone...we dont need em.

Speaking of bandwagon is always fun to see all these "mavs fans" out all of a sudden, when you couldnt find one a couple years ago as their team kept getting eliminated playoff after playoff after playoff...yah, exactly.

Next year, can be our year.

Even though Kobe has a lot of mileage on his legs, I am a firm believer his competitive nature is still there, he has 2-3 rings left in him, with the right supporting cash.


come on guys......we welcome you to LA.


To say that Bynum and Odom displayed a lack of sportsmanship would be the under statement of this NBA season.

Yo. Bynum and Lamar's fouls were a little rough....but nothing you don't see all the time. Lamar's was semi-hard foul. Bynum...yes that was a little excessive and no play on the ball. I can't see how a 7 footer can't make a legit play on the ball and block that little 5' 5" dude or whatever he is. Really? just swat the ball. So that was a little cheap.

they couldn't give Phil a respectable series before retiring??!!!?!? Sweep is ridiculous!!

kb24, i agree. Lakers don't need major changes (although that can always help -- but a little speed and couple pieces would do). they just ran into Mavs who were on fire w 3's most of the series. And LAL was way off shooting most of the series. Plus the biggest issue for the sweep is their 2nd best player (Pau) lost his game this series somehow. Looked lost and never got a good game going. Also they never looked very hungry against the Mavs. If I lost the last 3 games...I would come out fighting in game 4 full steam. but nobody seemed to have any fire today. they mostly just laid down. til next season!!!

I've read of some outrage that a big strong man (Bynum) would dare harm a small player (Barrea).

If you drive the lane you get pummeled sooner or later. He is actually pretty lucky, he drove the lane 10 times before and was so fast no one hit him.

Play the game like men, and do not give excuses to the little guy that falls down. I say Bynum caomes back next year and is a beast.

Who do you think taught Bynum how to protect the paint and give a hard playoff foul? Jabbar. I didn't read yet that Jabbar was outraged.

Phil Jackson should take a large part of the responsiblility for his team poor showing in a playoff game and for their display of poor sportsmanship while losing. Andrew Bynum has had no other coach but Phil Jackson. Phil may be a great coach but he has major flaws. His players could never defend the pick and roll. In this series they did not adjust to the great three point shooting of the Mavs. The Hawks on the other hand won against Orlando by staying on their three point shooters and dared Dwight Howard to beat them. I can never name a player who made a dramatic improvement under Phil Jackson. Popovich on the other hand has numerous such players. Kobe Bryant gives credit to Phil stating that he grew up under him. To me he has become a foul mouthed tyrant under Phil. He never developed his passing game and he is overrated defensively. Guys have always driven by him and he stands there and pouts. What happened to the Lakers was not accidental. They had bad habits and the chickens came home to roost. I am saying these things as a long time laker fan.

Funny how time catches up with everyone..Bynum is 23 years old and was embarrased so he lashed out..Big deal... Bryant was ineffective... Gasol was done since his girlfriend left him...Fisher was to old to be playing...
They have went to the championship Series 3 years in a row..Its done.. Lakers will have a couple of down years and then we will be rooting for new superstars..Unless they rebuild via Free angency

Cheer up Guys its sports..lesson to be learned here is that you cannot outrun father time as a athelete..The lakers had to much milage and broke down

Dallas was younger, faster, and the legendary Lakers switch was rusted by to much wear and tear

Here is the question? What other franchise has been so good for so long?
Let the Fans of other teams celebrate for awhile...

There is no comparing franchises...Period Because as great as the celtics were in the 60's who did they always play?? Lakers!.. They have been in more championship series ......than anyone period...Nuff said

Okay, I'm wrong. In the heart of losing, I thought I couldn't take wading through pages after pages of rants by haters, but I'm back. Let's start with the Big Green Lunatic:

>>>there are many, many, MANY people outside of LA who have been waiting
>>>for this day for a long time......that having been said, WHY would ORL
>>>trade Dwight Howard to the lakers, and WHY would NO trade CP3??

Three names: LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Carmelo Anthony.

When James and Bosh left Cleveland and Toronto, respectively, they devastated the teams. They went from being two playoff teams (one with the best record in the league) to being the 2nd and 3rd worst teams in the league.

That is why Denver was willing to trade Carmelo. By giving him up they got some pieces back that allowed them to stay a playoff team. They'll have a much shorter rebuild than Toronto and Cleveland did.

And if Dwight threatens to opt out and leave in the summer of 2012, then Orlando might be compelled to accept a deal for the second best center in the NBA (Bynum) rather than get nothing back.

And if Orlando refuses to trade him, then the Lakers start dumping off pieces - Bynum + Artest to Minnesota for expiring contracts and the rights to Rubio... Pau and Luke to any team who will take both and give them mostly expiring contracts. Lamar + Blake to whoever will take both and give them expiring contracts and draft picks. Suddenly they're left with the rights to Rubio, a couple other mid-first-round picks, Kobe, and enough cap space to sign Dwight Howard. It would be like the Shaq acquisition all over again.

Orlando remembers the Shaq migration to LA. If Dwight wants to come to LA and LA wants Dwight, then about the only thing that would keep him from coming here is if the new CBA includes a franchise player tag.

>>>Bynum is not as good as Howard, and NO already has addition
>>>to that, Kupchak needs to pay for his arrogance, and his utter theft of

1. True, Bynum is not as good as Howard... but he's a top-5 Center in the league. If it comes down to a choice of replacing Howard with another top 5 center who's younger and makes less money, or having Howard walk in free agency, then Bynum looks pretty darned good.

2. Chris Paul can make the same threat that Howard can make - "if you don't trade me, I'll LeBron you". Though you're kinda correct here that they'd probably want to get a good PG back for Paul, not an all-star PF.

3. THEFT of Gasol??!?!? THEFT??!?!? Right now, there is one Gasol brother playing in the playoffs. He's a tough player and he's averaging 15 points, 11 rebounds, and 2 blocks, and he's paid less than 4 million a year. His team knocked off the #1 seeded Spurs. That player is Marc Gasol. Pau played like a pussy this year and was one of the main reasons for his team getting swept (just like he was one of the main reasons for the Lakers getting beat in the 2008 finals). Memphis ALSO got Darrell Arthur from that trade, who's a roatation PF who's playing well.

Memphis got a fair deal. Unlike Minnesota, when they took a double-reaming from Kevin McHale and Danny Ainge in the help-out-my-old-team KG deal.

>>>For those who blame gausol. Remember he was a HUGE reason we won last
>>>year... you cant just turn on him once things get rough. Also EVERYONE on
>>>the lakers played horribly. Stop being a b*tch and pointing fingers..

He was a reason for the wins the last two seasons. But just like Lamar and Fish, and even Kobe to some extent, Pau just didn't play up to that standard in these playoffs.

Fish is clearly just too old to get it done.

I think Lamar is distracted by the whole reality show thing and not focused enough.

And Pau turned back into the softie that was a primary reason they lost to Boston in 2008. If Pau played like 2010 playoffs Pau, then this series would still be going on.

Wow... I didn't get to see all the games here in the St. Louis area, but I did pay attention. It's amazing to me how much effort goes into hating the Lakers, and then assigning negative characteristics to their fans. Being out of California was hard enough, but missing most of the games was even tougher. And, now this sweep. But, you know the Lakers will be back, maybe not right away... And I think that is the rub to many Lakers/Kobe haters... most other teams have never come close to what this Lakers team has done in the last four years -- and most never will. So go ahead and hate the Lakers and shout that imbecilic "Beat L.A." or call them the Fakers. However, the chance that the Lakers get back to the finals is much greater than pretty much any other franchise or "your" team will. So take that... this is one season and one lost playoff series... no more no less... Lakers fan sinse 1968

>>>Yikes. This long time Laker fan says trade Bynum and Odom.

And the LTLF might agree with you... but it depends on what they can get for them. That's a TON of front court players to give up. If you could get back Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson for that, then I'm on board. But it's gotta be at least one All-Star level front court player and a big upgrade at PG, if you're giving up those two.

But to be more broad, I'd be willing to sacrifice any two of Bynum, Gasol, Odom, and Artest to get some upgrades.

>>>How do you expect to get Howard or Paul?

If Otis Smith hangs up, then they'll get Howard the same way they got Shaq. Orlando didn't want to trade Shaq off either, but we got him.

>>>He was just way too cocky and selfish for me

Ask Steve Nash how many rings being humble and selfless gets you.

>>>I just wish that some of yall somewhere deep down want Jason Kidd and
>>>Dirk Nowitzki to win a championship.

Hey Matt. I want them to win it all. I'd especially like to get to see them exact revenge on Miami for the ridiculous 2005 series. I want Dirk getting calls on every play and for LeBronze and DWade not to be able to buy a foul.


>>>kb24 - without a "major" trade, how do you expect to acquire DWill?

I doubt the Lakers can get DWill. New Jersey is trying to build - they have a good Center in Brook Lopez, so I don't think they'd trade off a top-3 PG for Pau or Drew.

To be honest, I also doubt the CP3 potential.

I think a Dwight Howard trade is extremely possible. If Orlando thinks they are going to lose DH for nothing if they don't trade him, then Bynum and Gasol and Odom all look like good trade pieces.

As for getting a good PG, the Lakers either have to find a team that has TWO good PGs and is weak in the front court (e.g. Golden State - Curry & Ellis) or they've got to acquire a 2nd tier PG (e.g. Calderon or DJ Augustin), or they've got to trade a major asset (Bynum or Gasol) for a lottery pick and take their chances on a draftee like Kyrie Irving or Brandon Knight or Jimmer Fredette

@oldtimey laker fan

Lol.... Nowitzki had only 17, Barea 22 (off the bench) which combined is nearly half Kobe's 62 from whenever... Kobe probably sat out 4th that time because he was tired from shooting all night, the hog.

p.s. it's clothesline not closeline

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