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Lakers' 122-86 Game 4 loss ends underachieving season and a dynasty in embarrassing fashion

Lakers7_600 The slight smile on his face masked Lakers Coach Phil Jackson's emotions when he stopped midcourt of American Airlines Arena and shook the hands of Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Coach Rick Carlisle. What was going through his mind as he left the court after what was probably the last game of a storied coaching career? The slight smile also masked his obvious frustration at the Lakers' embarrassing 122-86 Game 4 elimination loss Sunday to the Dallas Mavericks.

The lasting images that stain the Lakers losing in horrific fashion point to forward Lamar Odom throwing a shoulder into Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki and center Andrew Bynum throwing a forearm at Dallas guard J.J. Barea in separate fourth-quarter incidents that earned them ejections. But it also points to the Lakers' sending off Jackson's 19-year NBA coaching career that spanned 11 NBA championships, 13 NBA Finals appearances and 229 playoffs wins in the most unimaginable way possible.

With the exception of Kobe Bryant's 17 points on seven-of-18 shooting effort, no one brought the necessary intensity to prevent a sweep. With the cheap-shot plays from Odom and Bynum, the Lakers didn't handle the end of a Jackson dynasty with the necessary class. And in direct contrast to the Lakers molding themselves as a defensive-oriented team, they displayed little semblance of that as they continued struggling on rotations to mark open perimeter shots, resulting in Dallas shooting 60.3% from the field and 62.5% from three-point range.

"This is the worst I've seen the Lakers play in a game that they needed," Lakers Hall of Famer Magic Johnson said as an ESPN analyst. "The Lakers are already on vacation and they didn't want to play this game."

The sad thing: Johnson only needed to see the Lakers' first half in which they trailed 63-39, shot 14 of 38 from the field (37%), allowed Dallas to shoot 11 of 15 from three-point range and appeared outplayed in reserve play (40-7) to make that assessment.

Lakers8_250 Nothing changed that narrative in the second half, with the Lakers' 7-1 third-quarter run led by Ron Artest quickly turning the other way after he couldn't even reach the rim on a fast-break layup with 7:43 remaining. Bryant's plan in setting the tone early quickly was nullified because of problems continually plaguing the Lakers, including a tepid Pau Gasol (10 points on four of 10 shooting), a perimeter-happy offense (37.8%) and a discipline-lacking defense.

That's why it's unfortunate for Jackson that he spent what's presumed to be the last game of his coaching career like that. Within a three-minute, 15-second span in the second quarter, Jackson stood up on the sideline performing a series of moves that hardly defined his storied coaching career. He called three timeouts, demonstrating his belief that he should grant players trust in learning on their own doesn't apply to this group. He yelled at players, including Gasol, Bynum and Odom, showing his belief that exuding calmness helps the Lakers' psyche doesn't apply to this group. And he immediately re-inserted his starters, revealing that his belief that empowering players to learn through their mistakes doesn't apply to this group.

Jackson deviated from his general philosophy for obvious reasons, knowing the stakes of an elimination game were so high. But this illustrates perhaps the biggest indictment on the Lakers. With all the concepts Jackson taught this experienced team in maintaining its composure, staying in the moment and trusting one another, the Lakers spent all series doing the exact opposite, finger-pointing, refusing to help out on defense and never taking responsibility.

As disappointing an end this marks for Jackson amid the lost opportunity in collecting a 12th NBA title and three-peating for the fourth time in his coaching career, this loss hardly stains his storied legacy. But it surely stains the legacy of the Lakers' 2010-2011 team that never gave Jackson the storybook ending he deserved.



Lakers-Mavericks Game 4 box score

Lakers-Mavericks Game 4 photo gallery

Mavericks sweep Lakers out of the playoffs

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: (Top) Coach Phil Jackson leaves the court after the Lakers' Game 4 loss in Dallas on Sunday. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times. (Bottom) Guards Kobe Bryant of the Lakers and DeShawn Stevenson of the Mavericks embrace after Game 4 on Sunday. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times.

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and if bryant would hit his shots, fine, then he can be a ballhog.
but he misses shot after shot, and still won't get the ball inside.
no wonder andrew went nuts.

This Was Not What Everyone Wanted....

But this will be the Best Thing for us Laker Fans.

Wait for it, Kobe and Buss will have alot on their plate to consider in bringing Howard and others to LA to carry our Team.

Phil has like 13 rings since he won 2 as a player. The Triangle has one flaw, when players get old walking the ball up the court and letting kids setup on defense becomes hard for Kobe and others to outplay.

Expect Showtime Style of play vs Triangle in the years to come.

Congrats to Mark Cuban and Dirk for staying on board, they have brought a nice core of players to help them compete.

Now its time to Reset the lakers again.

Expect good things in years to come,,,

Lakers FTW

You people act as if no one has ever intentionally fouled anyone before. Get over it. What Odom and Bynum did was classless, but they definately are not the only two to do something like that. Fine them and suspend them. Be done with it.

Thank you Phil for the memories. I wish your last season would have ended different. What caused the Laker meltdown? We may never know.

P.S. Please keep Shannon Brown on the team!

Lakers Forever!

Kupchack made a mistake making the team older.

Ron A used to score 17 at Houston, if he was allowed to score at LA the team would be better. Pass the rock...everybody scores...

"NBA needs to look into the racial basis/implications of the two assaults occurring during game four of this series."

It's been studied. Odom and Bynum are victims of racial profiling.

"With the exception of Kobe Bryant's 17 points on seven-of-18 shooting effort, no one brought the necessary intensity to prevent a sweep"

It's amazing how the media falls all over Kobe even when he shoots 7 of 18.......


enjoy your 15 seconds.

Totally loss any class they had. In Bynum and Odonm's case, figured the quickest way out. Total chumps, total punks, hope they get hefty fines and suspensions.

Mav Fans...

You have to understand that we Laker fans have seen our team dominate the NBA for years. You can write stuff here to make yourselves feel relevant, but honestly, I'm fairly certain you are not upsetting not one Laker fan on this blog. We Laker fans have had so much success, nothing you can say even registers. I have personally been to 7 parades held in Los Angeles. How many have you guys experienced?

Think about that...

Posted by: troy


It all starts and ends with Mr Bryant. He is a poor team leader and still doesn't understand that this is a team game no matter what. Whenever it gets tight he believes he by himself needs to rescue the team so he can be the hero. In the process everybody else loses confidence and rhythm and he sets them up for failure. This may work (sometimes) during the regular season but not in the playoffs. No wonder the locker room is in pieces - who really wants to put up with It's all about me? Not even Phil Jackson was able to get Mr Bryant to understand the game of basketball. Pathetic.

The thing that really sucks when you think of it is that the Mavs are probably the 4th or 5th best team left playing.

Was Pau's girlfriend really hot? Haven't seen any pictures of her.

m dude, i could kinda go with that, but less about wanting to lose, and more about wanting to finally get away from the stupid and empty LA circus that the Lakers become everytime they hit their dynasty years. I mean, who in their right mind could stand such exposure everyday, and yet focus on being a badass team? I could understand that the Lakers have their "switch." There are waaaay too many things to pull them off course, and three-peating as a Laker is waaaay more tough because you become part of the giant media fishbowl that is even bigger in LA. In a way, im'm glad we lost, because I think the team lost its hunger.


"Lakers were lucky w/bad officiating and Perk being out last year and they barely got by Boston."

Boo hoo Coward. Boo hoo. Sucks you lost last year. Cried alot?

You people DO realize Deron Williams and Dwight Howard play for 2 different teams, don't you?
And PAUL? IF there is a season next year remember this:

there are many, many, MANY people outside of LA who have been waiting for this day for a long time......that having been said, WHY would ORL trade Dwight Howard to the lakers, and WHY would NO trade CP3??

Bynum is not as good as Howard, and NO already has addition to that, Kupchak needs to pay for his arrogance, and his utter theft of Gasol. There is a rumor out there, you know, that many teams feel they gave MEM a better offer, but were rebuffed by the Weasel Stern..............I do feel badly for lakers fans today, it was humiliating.....but realistically speaking, the fix will not be as easy as some people on here think!!

Class move by Kobe and the other guys who checked in on J.J. Couldn't believe the foul when I saw it. Looks like the rest of the Lakers felt the same way. Bynum should get a 20 game suspension and a huge fine. He should count himself lucky that he isn't getting charged with assault and battery (assuming he's not). Glad to see Kobe did what we would expect from the storied Lakers franchise. Tough to see Phil go out surrounded by that. (from a Mavs fan).

Doug writes:

"I am a Dallas fan. I know you Laker fans got beat, and you dont know how to deal with that. Your dynasty is amazing...and you should be proud...even if Kobe can commit any crime and manage to buy his way into the NBA anyway. Troy, you are a moron. President? You suck for your lack of sensitivity. Come down to the streets of Dallas and say that, see if you make it home. I dont blame LA for stupid actors that are loser, earthquakes, and Charlie Sheen. So grow the hell up.

You just got swept. Face it like a real fan. Say you will be back next year. I know the Mavericks are not the best team in the NBA...but we beat LA. Face it. I love your dynasty...but you got beat! Come back next year. Meantime, congratulate the winner, manup, or shut up. You got beat, but you don't have to like it..."


Well said, Doug! I wish all Mavs fans mirrored this kind of humility, considering they have yet to win anything. This is only the 2nd round. Anyway, well said!

The end was embarrassing and classless. And, I am not referring to Odom, Bynum and the meltdown, I'm speaking of the whole series.

Everybody I heard or read, except Barkley, clearly had LA to win. A lot of the radio shows in this town expected a sweep.

Yet, all the problems we saw in this series, were the same ones as in the Hornets series, and they were there all season long. The Lakers underachieved as back-to-back champions but were also overrated.

There were problems with Fisher's defense against the quicker guards, Artest's focus, and the disappearing act by Blake and Brown. There were supposedly problems with "lack of effort" and taking lesser teams seriously. But, people just shrugged it off, "wait till the playoffs," "switch will be turned on," no one worried ever. In particular, those who are now the most critical.

And yet, something nasty was getting dug deeper and deeper into the mindset of the team. Now known as the infamous "trust issues."

As always, the local core of Lakers "insiders" were in lalalandia. Something was deadly fishy, and not one of them smelled it.

Remember early in the season, it took national reports to find out about the riff between Artest and Jackson, and about Kobe's bone-on-bone knee.

How were all these deep-rooted "trust issues" kept from the LA public for so long?
Why didn't the local snoops and scoops know about them?
Why did it take the press by surprise, at least according to several reports, when Bynum spoke about the "trust issues"?
Were those "issues" also what discouraged Gasol into oblivion?
How much of these "issues" are Kobe-centric? as I believe they are.
Is Kobe the reason why Jackson was unable to do anything to correct them?

Obviously, I celebrated Bynum's courage to speak out, in what I thought was a timely manner that could have saved the season. However, by speaking out only helped send the team into a downward spiral and bury the team. I am sure those were not his intentions, and just like the hit on Berea, were done in frustration, and just like Artest, he was classless.

Doug in Toronto,

loved it when Bosh left your sorry ice box of a city and left you with nothing but cap space. Ha ha ha ha. Enjoy your next few years before your sorry excuse of a team leaves you sorry excuse of a city for Las Vegas. What u goin to watch? Hocky??? Ha ha ha. Baseball??? What a joke.

Bynum you are finished. Every GM knows you have bad knees at a young age and a hot head. How Odem beat Jason Terry for 6th man is unreal? Who would you rather have right now Odem or Terry who was money today for 3's. Fisher is finished. Blake can't play. Barnes is a thug. The only ones I would want would be Kobe, Brown, Gasol the rest can go to the Magic for Howard (another hot head). Have fun in LA LA land it is nice in Big D right now. Good run but it is OVER. Phil Jackson enjoy your retirement you deserve it. Too bad your career had to end this way by the whooping that the Lakers took today. A 4-0 sweep over the two time defending champs OMG.

I used to admire the Lakers, when they had Magic Johnson, Kareem and company. But I haven't cared for them since they've had Kobe Bryant. The Mavericks have been my favorite team since 1986.

It was pathetic to see Odom and Bynum take their cheap shots, especially Bynum. If it was up to me, Bynum would never play in the NBA again. He is a thug, and he's got a promising career in rap music ahead of him. It doesn't matter if he can rap or not. He's got the thug thing down cold, and rap is all about image and style over substance.

Absolutely disgusting! This Lakers team should be disbanded.

Look, everyone is acting like this is the worst thing that could possibly happen and we should blow up the team and start over because the guys on the team are old, immature, soft or just plain bums!

Sometimes everyone is right!

Go Celtics!! (man, love how that Rondo showed guts, backbone and a never say die attitude, kind of like the Lakers today..............NOT!)

Good Gawd, Toby !! Show us some more of your 'Tats' .........Get lost! Nice to see the Lakers go out so classless.

it is pretty bad when greatest laker ever says team was classless and did not compete but of course we saw this in 2008 finals when fakers got thumped by 39...glad to see phil go out like a loser and ring chaser that he is...i have never seen a contending celtic team embarrass themselves like this, maybe the fakers shouldve watched a real warrior like rondo

Ok, we the lakers lost, SO What? We still love them, Do we like the way Odom and Bynum acted ?Hell no! But we are still champs to the Laker fans, We still love the Lakers and always will, They did not play Laker ball at all, Really didnt understand that?But you are the GREATEST and we the laker fans Love all of you and will see u next season. FOREVER LAKERS!!!!! We win together we loose together. Thank God for the Lakers and the Laker Fans we are Family! We love Mr Jackson he is the best.....

Listen who cares . All these players do not care they make lots of money and they will go home relax in there beautifull homes and us fans are just poor cheerleaders. All NBA players make money $$$$$$$$$$$ even if they lose!
Talk to your president and ask him to generate jobs for the unemployed . That is more important then LAKERS losing or MAV's winning.


To Brian: Anyone who expects more than a 5 game suspension for thug Bynum has to be a Lakers hater? This wasn't about the Lakers, what Bynum did was solely about Bynum and his baby temper tantrum about losing/not playing enough/not getting the ball enough. Giving a forearm/elbow to another player who is up in the air and defenseless ???? And that's not even addressing the size difference....Bynum didn't even have the guts to hit someone his own size. And as Bynum was walking off the court, with all the security guards protecting him, I felt that true justice would be served if this big, tough man were just thrown to the Dallas crowd. Seems like that would be justice.........

Judy T, finally a true Laker fan with some cajones. I mean that in a good way.

Giant Green Bald Headed Lunatic, you can come up with all the conspiracy theories that you want, but lets see who's in a Lakers uniform in 2011-2012.

Clay, 20 games??? How many game suspension should that punk Terry have gotten for instigating that fight by throwing Blake to the floor? Was he charged with assault? 20 game suspension for that little love tap? Tool.

"Listen who cares . All these players do not care they make lots of money and they will go home relax in there beautifull homes and us fans are just poor cheerleaders. All NBA players make money $$$$$$$$$$$ even if they lose!
Talk to your president and ask him to generate jobs for the unemployed . That is more important then LAKERS losing or MAV's winning."

Well put.

""There are three players I'm satisfied with in the playoffs: Andrew Bynum, Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher."

You might want to check Fish's FG% over the last 2 games. Well, that and the fact that he stopped playing defense last season (not that he's not trying, he just can't; he's well past his sell by date).

Next year's team, if all goes well:


With Howard and Jameer Nelson coming over in a Gasoft and Bynum trade.

If you all haven't figured it out yet, Gasoft and Bynum are too similar. They are both low post players and there hasn't been a team that has had two dominant low post players. Just doesn't work. You can't get 2 pegs into the same hole. That problem was masked with Bynum's prior injury history but not after he came back this year and managed to stay healthy. One of the reasons why the team was up and down following the on fire initial start with Bynum out. Big 3s otherwise tend to be complimentary, so think Kareem down low, Worthy on the wing and Magic up top, or Garnett down low, Allen on the wing, and Pierce up top. The mental makeup is otherwise not there. There is only 1 ball and so not enough touches for Kobe and a Pau and Bynum who will get all pouty and mouthy when they don't get what they think are enough touches. By the way, one of the reasons why the Celts work, even with Rondo added as a Big 4, is simply because Garnett realizes that he is old and so doesn't get all pouty and mouthy when he doesn't as many touches as he once did. Kobe is not at that stage yet and we've heard all year Pau and Bynum get all pouty and mouthy over perceived lack of touches. So Pau and Bynum for Howard and Nelson. And if we need to match salaries by taking more salary, please, Orlando, gives us someone who can stop penetration and shoot the three (don't need anything more than that).

Lastly, I will again repeat a comment from a few threads past, but do some watch the same games as me? This team has zero, repeat, zero guard defense. Kobe is no longer a lock down defender, witness Terry torching the team the entire series (and Chris Paul having his best games of the year the series before), Fish is already a statue gathering bird feces, Blake is a meh, and Brown has no lateral movement whatsoever. And so they got torched and swept out of the playoffs in humiliating fashion as no guard could stop the penetration, so either layup or pass back out to a wide open deadly 3 pt shooter when our big came out to deal with the penetration. That was probably Bynum's frustration, by the way, not simply losing, but having to spend all year watching the other team's guards simply torch the Lakers perimeter "defense" (with the " " indicating that the quality in question was simply non-existent). And someone please have Ebanks in the gym every darn day shooting threes, literally hundreds a day. Then he becomes someone off the bench who can hit the three and play lock down defense on the other team's wing player (along with Ron). He might have helped us this series, as he is both tall and quick (at WVU he guarded the likes of Wall), but since Phil refuses to play rookies... And thanks to Phil for all he's done, but time for some fresh blood as coach, someone from outside the organization.

For an almost forgot, if you didn't see this coming from a mile away, you are not very observant. All year long, up and down, with multiple, multiple game losing streaks. You just can't do that and expect to flip the switch. There is no switch, only the accumulation of bad habits and the failure to realize that in some respects it wasn't bad habit but the fact that we have near zero guard defense. Pushed to 6 games by a NO team that didn't even have its 1A player (West). As Hubie Brown so aptly observed when he commented today on Dallas' penetration at will, the penetration means defense breakdown as now everybody starts having to rotate, and since the Triangle is based on the premise that the ball travels faster in the air than on the ground, and faster than a player can run, our constantly having to rotate owing to constant penetration wasn't going to end well, and a team preaching the Triangle should, of all teams, know that (why the salary dump trade of Sasha for Joe Smith was simply absurd, since even if Sasha's shot was all practice, he was a good on the ball defender with good lateral movement, something that this team desperately needed this series, and owing to how he plays, he might have also got in Terry's head a little as well, which could only have helped). Lastly, for how bad this was, the Mavs could have reduced their 3 PT % by half and they'd have still won this game. JJ Barea as the second coming of the ultimate penetrating point guard. Pretty much sums it up.

The Lakers were able to look good while winning, just like any other winner.

But it's not until a person falls or fails that you see what their character truly is. And the Lakers true character showed today. Now we really know who they are.

fireplug, you said:

"And as Bynum was walking off the court, with all the security guards protecting him, I felt that true justice would be served if this big, tough man were just thrown to the Dallas crowd."

So let me get this straight. You want the crowd to physically hurt Bynum? Is that what you're saying? Are you threatening Bynum? Should I be reporting you to the police?

Phil jackson is happy to be leaving guys.

This lost was for him. Wakeup guys.

If the team respected him, and he had a desires. Wouldn't you give him that.

What if it is his desire to leave and losing would not mean a thing , wouldn't you give him that.

Lakers gave him that. Mavs wouldn't know that the series was given to them, as they continue to beatdown on them, Odom and Bynum needed to remind them.

Look and listen to his interviews. For Phil he wants out , For the world they wanted more wins.

Umm. Phil knows.
Media are deceptive and the world is deceived.

To: MVMario,
What color is the sky in your world?

Did you even watch the game, or did the guard take away your TV privaledges?

Well, don't worry Laker's fans. You were lucky enough to steal a championship from Celtics last year which did not belong to you. Well the game of basketball has room for chance and you got your luck over there. It is better to lose at game 7 at the last minutes with an injury, away from home by 4 points than getting swept in the 2nd round. I hope Celtics eliminate Heat and we will see who deserved that 2010 championship. As much as it is sad to see the villain fakers fade that way, It also gives me great joy to see how cheaply they died...

Simple fact Lebron chokes against Boston. In the end Boston takes on Hawks then cake walk in finals for banner 18. Oh ya the Bruins are on way to the cup. Sports town USA lives on.

I love the lakers and always will. this doesn't change it one bit, we'll be back and badder than ever. watch. it happened back in 04 and it's happening again the lakers are the greatest franchise in sports and no matter the tough times we gotta stick with them. we love you phil thanks for everything.

Getting beat in the playoffs is one thing, going out like that is brutal.

Gotta laugh at all the wienies rubbing it in...get it while you can, bozos, the Lakers will come back; they ALWAYS DO...just check the history of the league, ha-ha-ha!

"Go Celtics!! (man, love how that Rondo showed guts, backbone and a never say die attitude, kind of like the Lakers today..............NOT!)"


So 1990s. Who uses that these days?

For those who blame gausol. Remember he was a HUGE reason we won last year... you cant just turn on him once things get rough. Also EVERYONE on the lakers played horribly. Stop being a b*tch and pointing fingers..

This Lakers team had no such a heart. As a Lakers fan, I saw this coming when they struggled to put the hapless Sac'to Kings away in their last game of the season.

This is the biggest underachievement, embarrasment and disappointment I have ever witnessed as Lakers fan.

Mitch Kupchak has gotta be the worse GM in the NBA. Enough said.

The Lakers have won so many titles . People can say what they want but they have won alot and have been to so many finals. The Mavs will lose eventually. The Lakers are the best and always will be the best , fuck you assholes who diss the lakers your jealous motherfuckers

Tommy Stedham,

too bad it's not up to you. I bet the only thing you get to decide is how long to cook the fries.

I'll always be a Laker fan! These guys have been such a big part of my life. The NBA season is too long and grueling. But it seems there are a lot of emotional issues with the this team. Maybe they all need to spend time with a therapist. Anyway- rest/heal up Lakers. Already looking forward to next year when Kobe's assist record goes through the roof.


enjoy your Western Conference Semi-Final Championship, followed by 20 years of 1st round defeats.

Yea Lakers lost but why is everyone so upset? Any other team makes it to the playoffs and it's the best thing ever in basketball. Hey, what has Dallas won? Unless you win the title it's not an accomplishment. For the Lakers it's either win the title or it's a failure. For anyone else it's beat the Lakers and you are the best. I've been a Laker fan all my life and this was tough to watch. Dallas beat them plain and simple, I don't believe in excuses for anyone..

Random Thoughts...
Been watching the Lakers for almost 50 years, they have won many titles and had some very disappointing losses but have always played with class.
Sad to see them lose the series but sadder to see them lose their class.
This team is missing something, I don't blame Phil - I blame Mitch. The bench is worthless, the Killer B's killed us. Dallas's bench was the difference.
Pau was always considered soft but now he is sporting a permanent tattoo - SOFT.
3 - peating is hard, looked like their tank was empty.
Still bleeding Purp & Yellow.

I somehow blame Lebron James. Ugh~ Lakers fan, but not of what they did today. Phil Jackson - class act. You will be missed.

bil Turner and Celtic Green,

Celtics suck, Red Sox Suck, and the cheatin Pats suck. Enjoy living in your garbage strewn dump of a city with no class. Everyone knows Boston fans are the worst behaving fans in all of sports.

As a Dallas guy, I was happy with the result. However, I was kinda hoping that the Lakers would have made this a better series. These two teams, playing at a high level, could have made this a classic. That wasn't the case. Dallas shot better, especially late in the games. From what I saw, a great deal of this was caused by the relative effort each squad put in on team defense. The Mavericks hustled to contest perimeter shots, while the Lakers either missed assignments or simply didn't put forth the necessary effort to guard the Dallas shooters.

Now a note on the Odom and Bynum hits. Bynum's was bad, but forgivable. He put a hard, off the ball foul on a man his size, who had his feet on the ground. Odom hit a small guard, in the air, who had already beaten the defense and was going for a layup. That's just classless.

This wasn't a fitting end to Phil Jackson's career, but it's also not representative sample. One hell of a coach. The numbers speak for themselves there. Go Mavs. See you all next season.

Yikes. This long time Laker fan says trade Bynum and Odom.

Oh, and Lamar? Take the Kardashians out of Los Angeles with ya. Don't let the door hit your flabby rears on the way out.

right now there are chicks on Sunset Blvd. who are jealous of how the Lakers rolled over in game 4. haha

I love it when Celtics fans still bring up game 7. I enjoy it because it lets me know that they still feel pain from that game. LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!!

Mavs were better team. No big deal. We'll rebuild.

Let's see if Rondo will ever be an all star without Pierce, Garnett, Allen. Let see if he ever leads the league in assists. Rondo = Avery Johnson.


I am willing to bet you can use that same moniker for at least another 5 years.

Or as someone once said "they are who we thought they were."

Does anyone know what time the Lamar and Khloe show comes on? I didn't catch the last episode.

Old. Slow. Gutless.

Good riddance you losers.


uh, you got the players backwards. It was just payback for Terry's cheap shot.

Terry is a punk. Cuban is a punk. If not for these two punks, I'd root for the Mavs. But I can't bring myself to root for those two punks. As much as I DESPISE the Heat and Celtics, I just can't bring myself to root for the Mavs.

Phil Jackson has my TOTAL admiration!!! One classy gentleman!

It's unfortunate that more than a couple of players unraveled when it was time to pick up momentum. I don't know if the rumor mill is correct. It's not for me to judge their performance. Yet, I believe those player(s) will reflect and if, in fact, they are to blame for their meltdown and lack of performance, it will be for them and the Laker organization to clean house! In the workplace, one must be PROFESSIONAL and keep their personal life away from their job performance and duties. Athletes are paid an outrageous amount of money to perform at a HIGH level. Then perform!!! Keep the personal drama off the court.

Now - I'd like to know why WALTON is on the Laker roster? Honestly, does he have a contract for life? What's the deal on that?

Kobe Bryant is #1 and Laker Fan for LIFE!!! Looking forward to next season!

"Yea Lakers lost but why is everyone so upset? "

Uh, if you don't know, then you're not a true fan.

Yeah I'm not as upset as I was after they lost game 1 when I knew they'd eventually lose the series, but not that upset today. But if you're not VERY unhappy, you're not a true fan.

Kobe in 2006 scored 62 against the Mavericks and then had the decency to sit out the entire 4th quarter. That is respect. Clearly JJ Barea and Dirk don't recall that night in Dallas! No wonder they got closelined!

Are those losers back out there yet?

Hey Dan
I see you are upset with everyone dumping on your team after all those titles. Just remember my friend you can always watch the Celtics on Monday night and root for a real champion.

One of the most classless games I have seen. Lakers are losers with "professional" athletes who in no way are professional. And for too many Laker fans, what LA team flags are you going to put on your low rider now?

Jon K - "...we're Lakers..." Who's this "we?" Are you on staff and writing incognito? There's no "we" - just a sycophant who can't seem to separate your basketball fantasy from reality. "What do 'we' play for?" VACATION! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

I have always admired 131-92. And I notice he is not here tonight thumping Laker fans. That is class if you ask me, a true reflection of a Celtic fan.

Oh Laker Tommmmmmmm, where are youuuuuu????

Anyway, this has been fun but it is after 10 out here in Boston so I am going to have a steaming hot bowl of chowder and a frosty Sam Adams and go to bed with a big smile on my face.

Hey faker 17
Almost forgot you can watch the Bruins in the playoffs next week too.
Your friend from title town

It's the same old problem for the Lakers...they have no outside threat that allows the opponents to pack the paint. That stops Gasol's post game and the rest of the team's ability to drive. They are very easy to defend. Get us some outside threats an a quick little guard to push the ball up the court.

This should end the comparisons of Phil Jackson to Red Auerbach. Auerbach never quit or had a team quit on him in a playoff game.
Nice way to go out, Zen Master. You couldn't shine Red's shoes.

under the gun and under pressure the Lakers simply didn't have the intestinal
fortitude to withstand the onslaught from the Mavs'. Jackson buckled in depseration sadly - his legacy intact but rather discomfiting to watch him wither and panic in the waning moments.

Its Ok the Lakers only won 2 championship in a row been there 3 in a row.To all the fans itching youre the spoiled ones.No team still in it will be able to accomplish what they have.
THEY will be alot hungrier next season and wont forget what happen today.Itll be Kobys fuel you know him.

The Lakers disrespected Phil Jackson, the Buss family, and their fans by not bringing their best effort to this seriers. The cheap shots at the end were an embarrasment to the purple and gold.

Magic is right. Start over, building around Kobe, Fish and Artest. They have a team-first work ethic that is the essence of good sportsmanship. I would be willing to live without championships if I could just have a team that played like a team, always gave its best, and when it was beaten by a better opponent, lost with dignity and class. Until that time returns, our flags go in the closet.


"Bynum and Odonm showed they have ZERO class and resort to street ball tactics when they get out played. "

I could not have said it better. Fire these clowns.

If Jackson really is the demiGod of NBA coaches, then let him move to alternate weeks and prove it by taking the Clippers to the Promised Land.

lakers guards totally exposed for being to slow to switch on defence. our front line is still very strong. we dont need howard we need a couple of quick guards to close out on shooters.

Sorry you lost but cheap shots doesn't make better, face it know one want to
hear "OLD TEAM" but face fact they are. Crying for new players not the way to go.

The refs (and the mafia) robbed the Lakers yet again. The outcome was predetermined (Guido to NBA refs "Don't call any fouls on the Mavericks or you'll be swimming with the fishes!"). Keep Kobe, Lamar, Pau, and Drew; trade everyone else. Hope the Mavericks, Thunder, Bulls, Heat, Celtics, and Hawks all choke! Go, Grizzlies! Lakers will win it all again in 2012. So let it be let it be done!

lu writes, "Mitch Kupchak has gotta be the worse GM in the NBA."

Correction, lu. Cupcake is the worse GM in professional sports!!!

This year, he brought in Joe Smith in the middle of the season. Dallas brought in Peja Sojakavic. In 2008, Cupcake brought in Ira Newble midseason. The Celtics brought in PJ Brown, who was a huge and tough defensive presence against Gasol in the Finals that year. In 2003, Cupcake could've got Chauncy Billups, instead he signed Devon George. Billups was the 2004 Finals MVP against the Lakers! And of course, the coup de grace, Cupcake gave Wonder Boy Walton a lifetime contract!!! What else do you want? Brian Cook? Theo Ratliff? He even traded Caron Butler for Kwame Brown!

Enough said!!!

Kupchak STINKS!

STINKS, I tell you!!!

MvMario. You're just upset because the Mavs wore that arse out! They 3 pointed that arse up and down the court!Take it like man, not a chick!

hey peter gordon shaks old kobe is a baller

Hey Lakers 17, yes celtics suck dude, sorry my bad, well tomorrow we have a game, when is the next lakers game let me know man.

Celtics 18

I think Jackson lost touch with his group of muggers. Remember when Pat Reilly, Manut Ginolbi a while back and 2 days ago, 5'2" Barea was horse collared by Artest. Today, two men who think there of NBA caliber, demonstrated how bush league they are. Barea should legally press charges against Bynum who couldn't make it in the Canadian Basketball League. No one is telling me there isn't racism in basketball. It's always a white guy getting pounded by a black guy. The days of trying that with men like Dave Cowens are over. He didn't stand and take it so he was respected. The announcers commented on the unprofessionalism of the Lakers during the playoffs. This professional team should be so embarrassed by two players. Get rid of them.

Bynum should be suspended for the season without pay. And he should be fined $1,000,000. That should teach that Bynum, the Bully a lesson. That was the most classless act ever.

I have to the following opinion if you have ever played basketball competitivly you know it takes a 100% effort to play defense especialy and even to play for 30 minutes straight in a pick up game. If you all had to play 100 games in six months for three four years straight for i.e Kobe, Fisher and Pau who has been in the playoffs for almost 10-15 years straight plus Kobe and Pau olympic ventures I think these guys in particular had nothing left to prove especialy to us Laker fans. I will suspect Mitch will do something this summer. But remember this. What team wants to help the lakers out next year? It is up to Dwight Howard to not sign his extension and just walk after next year.And if you think Orlando is going to trade him to us after it took them 15 years to recover from Shaq leaving thats unrealistic. Same would go with CP3.
But if you told me last year that Ron Ron would single handley win game 7 of the NBA Finals agianst Boston I would of laughed. I think we all forget that Kobe never put over the top. Remember Big Shoot Rob helped the Lakers win two of the three championships himself or Brian Shaw three point shot to give some momentuem into that fourth quarter against Portland. How about giving credit to Rick Fox or Ariza in 2009 it is the role players that didnt mix this time around.We should have kept Ariza but if we did do we win game 7 last year? I just think these guys were tired of playing Bball.
I think change is always good but chemisty isnt something that Mitch or any GM can expect or know ahead of time well Maybe Jerry West Did. But I say blake, brown and the rest of the bench need to a make over. I love Luke but he hasnt been a factor ever. Phils hands are tied with his options. So its all on Mitch, Dr. Buss and Jimmy Buss to get creative in the next year or two. But I just think it will be Miami's time anyways for years to come so we might not see a parade for quite sometime. Miami is only going to add better players in the years to come. So even if we get Dwight Howard can he guard Dwade or Lebron? We know Kobe can not. Jerry West himself commented "this succes of the recent Lakers can not go on forever at some point they will have to go with a youth movement". P.S you can thank Jerry West for assisting us with two more Championships with the insider trading sort to speak with the Pau Trade.I say to Mitch get younger not older!!!


None of Boston's teams 'suck.' You know it, I know it. Bruins and Celts are in Conference semi-finals as we speak. Sox, Pats - all champions. Don't trash them because the Lakers showed no class or character today. They didn't show up for this series . I'm surprised they showed up - in the literal sense - for the second half today!

Stop trolling, deal with the humiliating sweep and the Mothers Day Massacre.

Get over it, woman!

Odom's foul was a T, not an ejection - but at the point in the game, and the series that it happened - I can live with the ejection. Bynum's was just bush league. The dude has no class, an doesn't deserve to represent the Lakers. Embarassing. Flat out embarassing. Kobe went to the Mavs locker room after the game to check on Barrera and apologize for Bynum...sadly, because Bynum is too much of a p*ssy to do it himself. Bynum gets the Garnett 'fake tough guy' award.

He was getting beat like a rented mule all game, and couldn't handle it.

My bad: Bruins are in Conference finals, not semi.

Your Kings are golfing.

(No offense, just speaking the truth. I like the Kings.)

And win or lose, Boston don't burn down the town.

Hey Lakers 17, let me know when the next lakers game is. If you want to watch basketball there is a celtics game tomorrow, check it out.

Celtics 18

(and yes it does hurt to remember last years finals and will never forget it. Which you lakers fans will not remember in a couple years. But it hurts in a nice proud way. Now your hurting, we won't remember in a couple years but i doubt if you will ever be able to forget won't how cheap you went down)

lakers need quicker guards that can close out on shooters and someone who can come off the bench and hit some 3s there front line is still one of the best in the league. we dont need howard.

Lakers wat happen you guys are loosing now! Please get this act together you guys. . . Next game if you win I will be so happy! :)


hey preacherman giant smack really? 50 plus years in frisco and they finally win a championship. hope your around in another 50 so you can see them win number two.

I honestly don't know what Laker fans expect. A ring every frigging year? They went to the finals three years in a row and won the whole thing twice in a row. Get a grip. Was Bynum classless? Yeah he was. Odom's foul wasn't nearly as bad but he still embarrassed himself. The truth is that compared to the Showtime Lakers this team has never really been all that fun to watch, but then again those were probably the best basketball teams of all time. Were these guys the Champs? Yes, but really fun and exciting? They're big, slow, lumbering and plodding. Dallas was a horrible matchup for them. Who do the Lakers have that can get out and defend the three point line? Fisher? Artest? Kobe is now a jump shooter with as many minutes on his legs as Jordan had at 40 when he retired. On top of all that they really don't have a Magic type leader who inspires his teammates. Kobe isn't a real leader. He's just their best player, and not by much anymore. I doubt he'll play out his contract.

Lakers, please pick up Deron Williams. Luke Walton, bow out like a man and let the Lakers buy out your contract so they can free up something because you are not tradeable or playable. Steve Blake and and the other 2 old Centers need to go.

In order to get a Dwight Howard, Orlando will want Bynum and Gasol I'm sure..... We need a more reliable bench and we need a shooting small forward. Ron is good on Defense but not consistence on offense. Shannon, go back to practice your shooting and hope you can be more consistent during the whole season.

Lakers are still my team but I knew they would have trouble with Dallas because Dallas was built like the lakers team of the early 2000 good starters, good bench.

The Lakers played like a bunch of gang-bangers. I am a Dallas resident and a Mavs fan, but the Lakers have severe internal problems and it was evident today for the world to see. I hate to see Phil end his career like this.

Best move next should be for Dallas DA Watkins to file assault charges against Thug Bynum. Might not go far but, the journey would be fun to watch. The phuqer ought to go to jail.

Sad way for Phil to end his career. Even sadder the disrespect the players showed. Good Luck Phil.

PEJA FOR THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just count how many 3's were dropped on the Lakers and it will be like counting sheep, you will be asleep before you get to 22, LOL!!

it's kobe's fault drew went nuts,'
that's what happens to a fella when he has to play
with a ball hog.

your right none of bostons teams suck. just the city itself.

Totally exposed as the bush league losers they are. No way the refs could fix this game for you like last year's game 7 finals? The Lakers and the NBA are frauds and now we know the Lakers are toddlers as well. WAHH! They didn't give me the championship this year. WAHH! It's not fair! WAHH! WAHH! Watch the NCAA if you want to see untarnished basketball. It's not fixed and the kids play for the sport. The Lakers are an embarrassment to all humankind.

@ dan - nice language on Mother's Day

@surf clone - you will not win in 2012, it is written

@lakers 17 - if you can give me ONE good basketball-related reason why ORL would trade Howard to the lakers for your piles of garbage, PLEASE tell me. If I'm Otis Smith, I'd hang up on Kupchak!! What comes around, goes around, and it is now Mitch's turn............NO ONE wants to deal with you guys. How do you expect to get Howard or Paul? Remember, basketball-related only - none of this, "what Buss want Buss gets BS.!!"

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