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Lakers' 122-86 Game 4 loss ends underachieving season and a dynasty in embarrassing fashion

Lakers7_600 The slight smile on his face masked Lakers Coach Phil Jackson's emotions when he stopped midcourt of American Airlines Arena and shook the hands of Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Coach Rick Carlisle. What was going through his mind as he left the court after what was probably the last game of a storied coaching career? The slight smile also masked his obvious frustration at the Lakers' embarrassing 122-86 Game 4 elimination loss Sunday to the Dallas Mavericks.

The lasting images that stain the Lakers losing in horrific fashion point to forward Lamar Odom throwing a shoulder into Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki and center Andrew Bynum throwing a forearm at Dallas guard J.J. Barea in separate fourth-quarter incidents that earned them ejections. But it also points to the Lakers' sending off Jackson's 19-year NBA coaching career that spanned 11 NBA championships, 13 NBA Finals appearances and 229 playoffs wins in the most unimaginable way possible.

With the exception of Kobe Bryant's 17 points on seven-of-18 shooting effort, no one brought the necessary intensity to prevent a sweep. With the cheap-shot plays from Odom and Bynum, the Lakers didn't handle the end of a Jackson dynasty with the necessary class. And in direct contrast to the Lakers molding themselves as a defensive-oriented team, they displayed little semblance of that as they continued struggling on rotations to mark open perimeter shots, resulting in Dallas shooting 60.3% from the field and 62.5% from three-point range.

"This is the worst I've seen the Lakers play in a game that they needed," Lakers Hall of Famer Magic Johnson said as an ESPN analyst. "The Lakers are already on vacation and they didn't want to play this game."

The sad thing: Johnson only needed to see the Lakers' first half in which they trailed 63-39, shot 14 of 38 from the field (37%), allowed Dallas to shoot 11 of 15 from three-point range and appeared outplayed in reserve play (40-7) to make that assessment.

Lakers8_250 Nothing changed that narrative in the second half, with the Lakers' 7-1 third-quarter run led by Ron Artest quickly turning the other way after he couldn't even reach the rim on a fast-break layup with 7:43 remaining. Bryant's plan in setting the tone early quickly was nullified because of problems continually plaguing the Lakers, including a tepid Pau Gasol (10 points on four of 10 shooting), a perimeter-happy offense (37.8%) and a discipline-lacking defense.

That's why it's unfortunate for Jackson that he spent what's presumed to be the last game of his coaching career like that. Within a three-minute, 15-second span in the second quarter, Jackson stood up on the sideline performing a series of moves that hardly defined his storied coaching career. He called three timeouts, demonstrating his belief that he should grant players trust in learning on their own doesn't apply to this group. He yelled at players, including Gasol, Bynum and Odom, showing his belief that exuding calmness helps the Lakers' psyche doesn't apply to this group. And he immediately re-inserted his starters, revealing that his belief that empowering players to learn through their mistakes doesn't apply to this group.

Jackson deviated from his general philosophy for obvious reasons, knowing the stakes of an elimination game were so high. But this illustrates perhaps the biggest indictment on the Lakers. With all the concepts Jackson taught this experienced team in maintaining its composure, staying in the moment and trusting one another, the Lakers spent all series doing the exact opposite, finger-pointing, refusing to help out on defense and never taking responsibility.

As disappointing an end this marks for Jackson amid the lost opportunity in collecting a 12th NBA title and three-peating for the fourth time in his coaching career, this loss hardly stains his storied legacy. But it surely stains the legacy of the Lakers' 2010-2011 team that never gave Jackson the storybook ending he deserved.



Lakers-Mavericks Game 4 box score

Lakers-Mavericks Game 4 photo gallery

Mavericks sweep Lakers out of the playoffs

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: (Top) Coach Phil Jackson leaves the court after the Lakers' Game 4 loss in Dallas on Sunday. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times. (Bottom) Guards Kobe Bryant of the Lakers and DeShawn Stevenson of the Mavericks embrace after Game 4 on Sunday. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times.

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1) This team needs just one ingredient added to be a great team for just a couple more years: outside shooting.

2) Kobe is just about done. He entered from high school, and we lost this series because his ankles can't follow his orders anymore.

3) In any case, based on the Lakers' track record we should trust Jerry Buss' judgment (maybe not Jim so much, though..?)

@Third World
That probably goes double for Dallas residents having to deal with the aftermath of Cowboys games.

"MacMan, just enjoy your Western Conference Semifinal series win. Are they going to throw a parade in Dallas for that?"

Parade? The last time Dally had a parade for anything, we lost a US President.


kobe aint no MJ. He's a super duper Scottie Pippen.

And MJ never got swept in a series.

The comparisons are over!

Bush league performance by the Lakers. Move over and Miami show you how a real team competes.

Jon K, I feel your pain and agree about jettisoning the bandwagoneers.

As a French teacher, I can only recommend this song for a time such as this. (Don't worry, in English)

Bring back magic ,Kareem, worries look at all the banners LA has.....ha ha ha...

Phil Jackson can't win without Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. Any fan of the game knows this. Adios old man.

Adios Minneapolis Lakers (can't believe they never changed the name after theiving the team from MN.-are there lakes in L.A.?)

Nice NFL team BTW.

JonK --

Are you drunk already?

Root for the Celtics? No way!!!

Root for Miami, bro. The Bulls will take care of the Heat, trust me. You don't want to risk the Celtics getting another banner and run up their total to 18 Championship, making us wait that much longer to tie them.

The Celtics must die, the sooner the better,


Root for the Bulls against the Heat!

And finally, Root for OKC, I hope they win it all!

Mav Fans...

You have to understand that we Laker fans have seen our team dominate the NBA for years. You can write stuff here to make yourselves feel relevant, but honestly, I'm fairly certain you are not upsetting not one Laker fan on this blog. We Laker fans have had so much success, nothing you can say even registers. I have personally been to 7 parades held in Los Angeles. How many have you guys experienced?

Think about that...

Posted by: troy

Absolutely nailed it here Troy. Couldn't agree more.

The fact that they didn't pick on Stevenson and/or Chandler tells us all we need to know of their character.....if you want a fight ...pick on a fighter not someone way below you in stature. Shows the chumps that they are.

Laker Fans are delusional! If it wasn't for Perkins getting hurt last year in game 7 vs Celtics this group would have one less ring. No team in their right mind is going to give up Dwight Howard for a couple of Laker rejects like Bynum, and Odom. Every team in the league has learned that lesson when Memphis gift wrapped Gasol to the L.A. Kobe's. What's wrong with America is what's wrong with the NBA, the Rich (teams like the lakers, heat, N.Y.) get richer and and the poor (small markets like Sacramento, Seattle, etc) get screwed! All the great players go to the big markets, small markets suffer. That's why the NFL is and always will be the model sports league in America. Every year, small or big market, any team has a chance....well almost every team minus the Raiders...LoL!!!

I remember when Kobe dropped 64 on the Mavs, in three quarters, got clotheslined, and have the player get away with no suspensions. So quit whining about Bynum. You should be happy that he proved why he should be traded, along with Gasol. To play softer than a soft front line is ridiculous.

LAKERS SUCK! What a terrible way to end the season. boohoo, Laker fans crying like babies. ha ha

The read up felt like a sucker punch. My 2 cents.

I'm just as devastated as everyone, but man talk about being unnecessarily harsh. It was a great run. 3 finals appearances, 2 rings. I love my lakers always have always will, even on nights like this. Even during an end of an era. GO Lakers!

what happened to the team is bryant is an overrated ball hog.
detroit series, boston series, sun series in 06. wade is better

Actually, I think this song from Les Mis is even better for this occasion.

This feels a lot like when we ended the 2003-2004 season. Bad taste in my mouth.

Posted by: NuggetsCountry | May 08, 2011 at 04:18 PM

Yeah and we lost that year because Mr Kobe "Scottie Pippen" Bryant was trying to prove a point and shooting everything in sight. The same year he force Jerry Buss to ship Shaq out. Now everything has come full circle now for him. Would be funny if Bynum ask Buss it's either me or Kobe!

As much as I have hated the Lakers ( because of their dominance- kind of like the Yankees)- I always respected them and admired the way they could win games. I am not a Dallas fan in any way but the sportnsmanship that a few players exhibited tonight was UN-LA like. Bynum will be the new Artest in the league. Pure classless character, and taking his shirt off walkign off the court- WOW only if you have the goods do you do that. He embarassed himself enough with the foul and the belly. Laker fans- you will be back- I just wish the Rockets had the opportunites that teh lakers have.

Kobe is still on #5. That is 5 for 7 with 2 Finals MVP.

MJ 6 Titles. 6 for 6. 6 Finals MVP.

I don't remember anyone blowing out MJ. He dumped 63 on Celtics (who won the championship) against Bird, Machale, Ainge, Dennis, & Parish.

I don't remember n e 1 embarressing MJ in a preseason game, regular season game, playoff game ... hmmm game 7 .. did MJ ever play a game 7? did MJ ever get swept? I cannot remember.

Please .. Please Laker Fans you have great organization and great future.. but do not put Kobe in the same sentence as you know who.

I hate to see COACH PHIL JACKSON go out like that and fr ODOM, RON ARTESST & BYNUM should be trades and if BYNUM should be suspened for the rest of the next yr season and further more when ODOM got rejected I guarenteed they had a plan if he went out BYNUM was going to come right behind them. They r a bunch of COWARD & QUITTERS they can enjoy winning but the tastes of loosing they can't deal w/ PRICKS I always wish my former coach and peaceful retirement and KOBE was going to be tie w/ the GREAT 1 of MICHEAL JORDAN b/c our BULL'S wouldn't let our team down like that in the first place 0 - 3 so LAKERS FANS go home and take yall cheating way w/ yall and u know what they say right (WHAT GOES AROUND --- COME BACK AROUND) and that CHEATER'S NEVER WIN

Congrats to the Mavs on their well deserved victory...I had issues with LA, in the manner we closed out the season, notwithstanding the 17-1 streak.

Thanks to Phil Jackson and the Buss Family for all the memories!! Dr. Buss is definitely the George Steinbrenner of the NBA.

I concede the Lamar-Nowitzki matter probably merited the F2 but an ejection??? Nowitzki is a whinny needler and was hacking left and right to no avail, hence Odom acted out, but he should have not done so.

Obviously, Bynum's was more egregious but I am not going down the Medina Road of bashing our players, without putting things in a broader perspective.

I have no doubt Kupchak & Company will bring in the right personnel, in due time and a proper coach, with my preference for Rambis or Scott, if available.

BUCK UP LAKERS NATION....time to re-load for '11-'12 !!!

Like Mac Arthur, we shall return to the promise soon enough and capture our 17th trophy.

God Bless the Lakers and our fan base!!!!

For lakers fans. Its life. you cannot be always a champ and winner all the time thats the natural cycle of life. Just accept the inevitable.

From outside looking in, this problem started when the management of La specially when Kupchact replace with vujacic and farmar they have heart and shooters of the bench. Whats the replacement a bunch of Old legs, smith and ratliff, Its a management descision but you know, the reality is if vujacic coming off the bench for kobe. They gamble on the untested vujacic for erratic brown. Remember vujacic have proven on pressure, He win a one game in the finals vs celtics in 2008. He win the most pressure free trows last years in the finals. Kupchack just want to save cash and salary cap penalties which if they go the finals and win will be overcom.( lets see some math here for vujacic salary = 5M - (2M salaries of smith ratliff and caracter combine).

they save 3m US for the glory ( whats a descision replacing the proven vujacic as a replacement shooters - remember the old days how kobe always kick the ball to vujacic all the time and the playoffs and most of the time make it.

Off the bench shooters decide LAs fate. ( thanks for mitch kupchack for sabotaging this 3 peat runs for small penny they save) the best sports manager you can swallow.


Hope mitch Kupchact also made a bold move for bynum vs carmelo.

See kobe its all kobe.

If you have kobe and carmelo maybe they survive this 3 peats runs.

Because LAs deffense begun with in only if the offense are running.

Melo is good for 20 pts out there. Bynum well what he have done today is just a disgrace for the franchise.

Another point they let stoichakovic go to dallas or not pick a 250K mike bibby out there willing very much to go with LA.

To summarize my comments this are the fault of MITCH KUPCHACK unwilling to make change in the organization and just sit out there and think Kobe and Paul and the old bigs will deliver.








LongTimeLakerFan writes:

"I'd like to congratulate Luke for his small contributions to those teams. This is the first year where he's been mostly left out of a playoff series, but I doubt he would have made any difference."

Dude, are you for real???

You congratulate Luke Walton, for what???




Congratulate Luke Walton!!!




I have been reading the last couple of threads and began to wonder who are all these guys on the blog? But then it occurred to me that all the nba have nots have fans as well so I guess they are releasing all of those years of pent up frustrations over the Lakers success. I would be annoyed to if I was a fan of another team and have to watch the Lakers go to the finals 7 times, with 5 rings over 11 years. So I guess it makes sense.

Oh by the way MAV FANS bashing Andrew and Lamar over their hard fouls. Remember the last regular season game. And we were blowing you out. Didn't Terry give a hard foul to Steve Blake and as he was trying to keep his balance and vulnerable, didn't he shove him to the ground for good measure? I seem to recall that. And wasn't it Dirk who shoved Kobe in the small of the back as went up for a lay up? Fortunetly Kobe was able catch himself. Just wonder what your logic is. O.K for the Mavs to lose their composure but it's not O.K for the Lakers? Just wondering.


such whiners. Oh no, cheap shots by bynum and odom. The horror. Grow up, the nba has become such a soft league. I remember a day when plays like that wouldn't even warrant a mention.


different times my friend. I remember that clothes-line by McHale vividly.
Yeah that didn't lead to Rambis getting a fractured skull, but McHale didn't even get suspended.

How can you compare what Bynum did to what Kermit Washington did? Totally ridiculous.

hey someone get security. i dont agree with what happened. ever. but odom is bynums mentor. his big brother. and seeing odom tossed for what was no doubt a flagrant foul, but no way a flagrant2. he wasnt going to let odom walk that tunnel alone, it didnt matter who drove the ball that next play, bynum was getting odoms money. hey your boy took his shirt off like" touch me. get 5 feet in perimeter of me and we can turn this place into the wild bunch" its dirty and un called for but as a lakeshow fan REGARDLESS of there outcome, you gotta love his loyalty. dont know who deserves what or who will be the champs. but it wasnt going to be us. i love my team even more and all of you laker fans as well. its been great times with most of you and we will make the hate continue again. my season is over, jon k, laker tom, edwin, troy, all you justa's and mamba's im proud to know your kind of loyalty exists, i wouldnt trade your fanship for any other. take care of yourselves and enjoy your summer, see you in november. this is still what it is and always has been, LAKESHOW BABY! ALL UP IN YOU!

As for Bynum, you guys lay off of him. I've seen much worse.

I don't know how many of us were around watching the Lakers in the '80s, but those of us who were there can attest that Bynum's tap on that little guard was typical flare back in the day.

That said, Bynum could have really hurt Barerra, and that's not cool. Bynum should be given anywhere between a 3 game suspension next season, and he'll learn from it.


Should the Lakers even be allowed to stay in Los Angeles, after today's meltdown? Forget the basketball score, I mean the lack of class the players displayed.


To the Mavericks,

Congratulations and good luck f0r the rest of the playoffs. You were clearly the better team and the team that actually wanted it.

"I'd like to congratulate Luke for his small contributions to those teams. This is the first year where he's been mostly left out of a playoff series, but I doubt he would have made any difference."

You "doubt"????


You have a "doubt" as to whether Luke may have made a difference in this series?



LUKE WALTON and MITCH KUPCHAK ****STINK*****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was obvious. The better team won.

SMH. The referees were on vacation more than the Lakers were. I'm talking games 1-3. I'm hope Dallas enjoys their win through cheating. Game 4 was all on the Lakers but 1-3 was straight B.S.! So much so that even Phil mentioned it. Everyone a Lakers fan until they lose and then people who don't even watch basketball want to make jokes and laugh, as if they haven't already won a million times before. It's truly disgusting and that's what I hate about these dumb fans. Let the Lakers put 3 fingers up and act like Dallas did or their fans and people would say they are showoffs.

You want to talk unsportsmanlike what about Dirk kicking the ball into the stands and knocking over equipment after he lost a few years ago? Right but because it's the Lakers its different. Andrews 23 years old and 2x champion. Dirk isn't and I doubt he'll win in the finals or even make it to the finals. NA NA NANA HEY HEY THAT!

To all you laker haters. Have fun hating. It is how the seven-year cycle goes.

all were non-championship years for the lakers.

All of you (except Boston) can't compete, and will probably never compete with the best and most classiest (except today of course) sports organization known to humankind. Lakers fans represent not what is socially good (god knows everyone's got issues on every team), but what the best is all about. From the ball boy to jerry buss, this organization was all about winning, and eff all off you complete morons trying to make a case for who is morally inept, all you haters in the end are jealous freaks, the kids who always hated the best because they weren't. Please, i ask you to flush yourselves down the toilet and do this blog a favor, and stick with your own 2nd rates.

Because at the end of the day, the Laker Fam will always retool to bring the best product out on the court.

To the Laker Lovers, don't fret. Winning 3 in a Row is almost impossible nowadays, considering the amount of distractions there are, even 10 years ago looking back to the Kobe/Shaq fiasco. And those dudes were tired and old. Anyway, we gotta be generous to the other teams to make them think they are worth something, so basketball life stays interesting, no?

LIke D stern said, " Lakers vs. Lakers"... the best show. Haters: Kiss our rings, u know, the ones u wish u had


That was a pitiful display of basketball and sportsmanship by the Lakers today. They flat out quit and when they didn't quit they resorted to BUSH league tactics that have NO PLACE in basketball.

Also, the arrogance of Phil Jackson was evident when he barely shook hands with the Mavericks and couldn't even look Carlisle in the face to offer up congratulations.

There are some MAJOR personality issues with this team and Jackson is a big piece of that. Go smoke your weed in Montana Phillip, you are done and so is this team unless Kupchak can really work some "Magic" in the offseason

Tried to warn everybody :

For the first 22 years, NOTHING goes right after winning that 16th title!

Lakers are cheap shot hacks. Can't win - resort to cheap shots. You had your hinnies kicked in every sense of the word. The Lakers are gone for good. BallHog Byrent is too old and not competitive. Sorry end to a sorry 'team'.


you know why I'm not sad? Because as much as you would hate it, the Lakers will be back and your small market team wherever they are will still be the chumps and never the ManU or Chelseas, the Yankees, etc. So keep yapping it up. We'll be back sooner than you think.

The Mavericks did not care that they hurt the feelings of the LA Lakers and their fans. They hit treys on purpose instead of working the ball into the paint. They could have cleared the bench earlier. lol
Honestly, Phil Jackson is a gentleman and a major credit to basketball at all levels. I never saw him throw a fit or abuse the referees. What a winner.
And, the Mavericks and their fans should be honored for not rushing the floor when flagrant fouls were made against their players. In some cities the same abusive attacks would have triggered riots.

Wow that is a lot different than playing a mediocre Utah team in the second round.
Or, a tiny little Phoenix team in the WCF.
Or, an injured Houston team in the second round

for the first time since Boston 08 Lakers finally met an elite team with only minor injury problems in the playoffs and got destroyed

(actually worse than destroyed but I can't find another adjective at this point)


and if Bynum didn't get hurt in 08, if Magic and Byron didn't get hurt, if Jerry West didn't get hurt in 1969, Lakers would have 20 championships, the Celtics only 15.

>>And Hubie Brown's pathetic over-reaction as if Bynum's foul was the worst foul in the history of the NBA shows what a sad Laker hater he is. His sorry excuse for a coaching career. I guess there's one person who won't be invited to an interview to coach the Lakers next year.

U are right on. since i assume u r 17 u r too you young to Remember 96 Finals .. First Round when Rockets were down on 1-2 I think against UTAH in 1st round. Grouchy Hubie (such a sell out) was like these Rockets will never be able to come back and blah blah blah... Rockets like put up 19/32 3 point shots.. Kenny had like 11 3 pters... That grouch still does not shut up.

Before the series Hubie prolly was like all acting goo-goo-gaa-gaa over the Lakers now u can see what he is like...

I don't like Bynum but who can take a beating like that. I would have to put a foot somewhere... Barkeley used to do that all time..

u should still be good sport though.. no excuses..

Thanks for your contributions to the Lakers, Coash Phil Jackson, I just wish we could've sent you off in glory, or at the very least, with our heads held high and with class. What a way for a Lakers team with so much talent to go, and here I thought the self-destruct button belonged to the Nuggets.

Thanks to all the Laker fans that I met and chatted with in the Renegades chat. Sorry, I didn't show up for the Mavs series. The Lakers' performance was so awful I couldn't chat without sounding like a horrible and crass person.

Congratulations to the Mavs. They were the better team throughout the series. I can't say I wish them the best cos a side of me holds grudges for any team that humiliates the Lakers. So I'm rooting for another team to beat the Mavs eventually.

Jackson didn't deserve to go out this way. His players played and acted terribly, well at least most of them. Especially the whole Bynum incident. Just pathetic. Oh yeah, hahahaha Lakers.

1) all of you idiots who are crying about odom bumping dirk, which is all it was by the way, a bump. and then bynum knocking barea down in mid air, ok that was a dangerous shot. but it's so convenient for you loser mavs fans, and lakers haters in general, to have selective memory and forget how that classles, thug piece of sh*t terry shoved a defenseless blake from the back, with two hands. the nba did NOTHING to discipline him, this is how we know cuban has his green fingers all over influencing the nba. you are all hypocrites, good luck beating a much younger, thunder or grizzlies team.
2)for all of you kobe haters without a good reason, look up his playoff stats and then talk your ignorant sh*t. do you trolls remember how he single handedly carried the lakers to a game 6 victory over the suns, with a broken finger and badly damaged knee? even alvin gentry looked dumbfounded at black mamba's greatness, and even admitted of kobe's greatness after the game. so until you chumps know what it's like to play in the nba, keep your idiotic mouth's shut.


how many rings did MJ win without Pippin? How many did Shaq win without Kobe or Wade? How many did Bird win without McHale? How many did Magic win without Kareem?

Overrrrrrrrrrrated, overrrrrrrrrrrated. What a beautiful day! The Fake Show is done!

Are we, 10-20 years from now, remember this ride? 2 rings, the Kobe-Fish-Gasol-Odom-Ariza-Artest-Bynum team?

Of course we will. 3 would be awesome, but 2 is good too. It's all about the memories. Those guys did it, not this season, but whatever.

Now, it's that time of the year, Dr. Buss (you know it was coming). You need to step up and rebuild your team, our team. The NBA is very different now, be wise and do what you always did very good: build a championship team. It will take a while, but we'll prevail at the end, as always.

Cheers (always).

The lakers showed what they are made of. Grow up, learn to play basketball, then try to keep up with the Big Boys.

Come on laker fans,think about it. First three games they're ready to close and Kobe forgets that its a team game and goes wild . I love the guy but he will never change.
Pau has been overrated since the beginning and the press has contributed to it. Lamar has been underrated and the press has contributed to it. Jackson deserves all the props but wish he wouldn't have waited so many years to get off the bench to rally the team and show some passion.
Byrum and Odom were frustrated, no excuse but you all have been there.Traded these two would be a huge mistake[ Ariza !!!! and others}.
Lets all relax and wait to hear what TJ has to say.

I am a Dallas fan. I know you Laker fans got beat, and you dont know how to deal with that. Your dynasty is amazing...and you should be proud...even if Kobe can commit any crime and manage to buy his way into the NBA anyway. Troy, you are a moron. President? You suck for your lack of sensitivity. Come down to the streets of Dallas and say that, see if you make it home. I dont blame LA for stupid actors that are loser, earthquakes, and Charlie Sheen. So grow the hell up.

You just got swept. Face it like a real fan. Say you will be back next year. I know the Mavericks are not the best team in the NBA...but we beat LA. Face it. I love your dynasty...but you got beat! Come back next year. Meantime, congratulate the winner, manup, or shut up. You got beat, but you don't have to like it...



"At least teams like the Spurs and Celtice lose with class."???

Like when that punk Garnett punched Channing Frye in the nards?

Like when the Celtics lose and they say that it's just because they didn't have the starting five? Or a player was injured?

Yeah, really classy.

Red's Love Child:

"Tried to warn everybody : For the first 22 years, NOTHING goes right after winning that 16th title!"

Gotta admit, Funny, very funny.

I am embarassed to be a Laker fan right now. I have never seen more unsportsmanlike conduct. It is just sad that Phil Jackson has to go out with a game like that as his last game. I have got to give it to Kobe for his post-game interview. He gave credit where credit is due. He was most unlike his earlier years, when he pouted or worse!

Mark Cuban and the Mavs should be shame of themselve, they know the game is out of reach, why they shoud score more ? Do they think this is the game 7 of NBA Finals ? They think they are the best team but they forgot they did not win any ring yet, i begin to hate those low-class owner and players.I can wait the day D-Wade and LeBron James kick their asses in Miami.

I hope there's no riots taking place in L.A. since they got lost, big-time. As for the ejections, man, Odom and Bynum are just schoolyard bullies. I know they're getting served but at least go down with class. intead, they just freaking snapped.....hope they get what they deserved.

Sorry to see Phil go out that way....Sweep.
The cry baby Lakers have shown their true colors. They're not a team. Rather they are a collection of individuals only worried about themselves. Odum, Bynum and Artest the thugs showed their true colors. The Lakers are a whiney bunch. They argue every call and every official decision. There was nothing to complain about today. They were out played and out classed. Enjoy your vacations!

Wow S.M it would be best to say you simply dislike Kobe....but avg playoff performer LOL ...The guys is 3rd All time in playoff scoring at 32.....He and MJ will be the only players in History with over 5,000 pts 1,000assist, and 1,000 rebs......Its easy to make lame statements when a player has been knocked off but you can't call yourself a true hoops fan w/ ridiculous statements like that .... A handful of bad performances in the playoffs doesn't negate the guys body of work.....the Record books really make you sound foolish you may want to check them b/f making such claims.....Its no secret Kobe didn't play his best basketball but his playoff resume/body of work only trails MJ according to the record books....If you choose to harp on his bad performances that your right but respect the game enough to acknowledge that this guy at 32 is already one of the top playoff performers in history....

The Lakers arrogance has always been a huge turn-off for me so watching them get there comeuppance is satisfying to say the least. Another plus: 'no championship, no LA riots.'

175 lbs.

285 lbs.

Bully, thug, took off the jersey as a statement that he's gone from the Lakers and he knows it... spotty play, bad knees, bad attitude... what's to like about him?

Bynum for Howard?


Throw in Gasoft and Mr. Kardashian... no thanks.

I see Dwight in GREEN.


Hopefully this humiliation will serve as a catalyst to awaken the competitive spirit of the Lakers again, the same way their humiliation against the Celtics in the 2008 finals gave them a sense of purpose the following season.

Laker Kev,

if Phil didn't blow games 1 and 3, we'd be tied 2-2. This is why you can't come back from 3-0. The Lakers led at one point in every game in the 4th, but blew it each time. It's possible that the Lakers could have been up 3-0 and this would have been a meaningless loss for the Lakers going home to close it out.

Phil Jackson is a good coach if he has good players, but he's definitely NOT an Xs and Os guy and his failure was that he couldn't draw up any plays to make the correct adjustments for a team like this. In the past, he could just rely on the system and allow his team to figure it out, or allow the stars like Kobe and Gasol to bail them out, but with this team, they just couldn't do it.

It's good PJ is retiring now. The Lakers need to move in a new direction.

Mavs played impressive. Madd kudos to them. They was never scared and Dirk is their MVP. They were/are better. None of them mofos I wanna see back but Kobe and Ebanks, and Trey Johnson. btw, I got banned from another website for calling Pau out of his name! This is soooo not my day!


So you're now a Bulls fan. Sooo bandwagon of you.


you're no Laker fan.


How many Finals MVP did MJ get 6 out of 6.

PJ Strategy:
5 min to go give ball to MJ. He took care of any team and any player got in the way. MJ was highest scorer in the league, for his team, and never did n e one including Pippen ever score more than MJ especially in Finals.

MJ gets credit for all his 6. No arguments by me, media, the paperboy, the Knicks, the Pistons, the Suns, the Jazz, Sonics, Trailblazers or anyone. All the teams he defeated knew he defeated them. You cannot say that for any player in history like you can about MJ.

Take MJ out and Pippen was throwing chairs in stands. Beaten by the Knicks.

MJ did not jack shots for no good reason and MJ did not get stuffed regularly by plays like Tony Allen and even Kidd. No player outplayed MJ when he was on the floor. If you beat him .. u barely beat him. like pre 88 when all 5 pistons would scratch claw and pull him down. If MJ played with ticky tack stuff as fouls no one would have ever stopped him for 50 plus pts avg.

Some Lakers fan should not thank Phil, he did a lousy job, he turns a good team to the worst team, Boston can't win in Miami, Miami can't win in Boston, it's tough, and Phil starts to coach on the road in Dallas, what's he thinking ? This season when i hear Phil coming back one year, i know the Lakers and fan had short memories, they forgot the season 2004.

Kobe: "I have a hard time trusting Bynum".

End of story.

Get these bum out and replace them with some players with heart. Kobe and some new cast will at least win one more when it is said and done.

CP3 + Kobe + Howard. Look out.

NBA needs to look into the racial basis/implications of the two assaults occurring during game four of this series.

LOL it's ok to be a Kobe fan but at least spell his name correctly. Bynum needs to pick on someone his size, what a coward and then to walk off pulling his shirt off as if he had just come off a street fight, the thug and criminal in him showed, no class whatsoever.

Hey Bluesky, If the Lakers had given up, taken their starters off of the floor, I imagine the Mavs would have let up, but you are a GD fool if you think the Mavs were low class because they kept scoring. Here is a thought, how about playing some defense. We aren't playing high school, this is the NBA, anybody can come back and win when down, remember the Blazers and Mavs playoff game? I'm sorry your team got swept, but act like a champion, not like the brat who is going to take his toys and go home.

MJ would not have one those champingships without Pipen,Kerr,Grant, ECT.If i remember correctly Mike always fell short until they built the team around him.If we never got Kobe you would not have seen this double run.Get rid of Bynum,Ron Ron, Walton, Barns, Blake and sad to say Fisher.Add Dwight Howard and a quick point guard and a couple out side shooters ande Kobe will pass MJ with rings

Fourth quarter was very Florence and Normandie
(Football Williams' gone missing, though).

AmI the only one who thinks Barea should be suspended for the first 3 games of the next series?

4th qtr. was very Florence and Normandie
(minus Football Williams)

A great weekend for us Celtics fans even if we aren't all mothers.

Unfortunately, the lack of class by Odom and Bynum takes away from the game and the Laker's organization. Is this what kids who idolize these players should see. Sad to see spoiled athletes act this way.

All you helicopter nannies out there calling for Bynum and Odom's head after a hard foul, you should be ashamed of yourselves if you call yourselves Laker fans.

We urge them to put in hard fouls and play with passion and then overreact and want to impose "martial law" when they do. Anyone who is over 30 knows these are not even suspensions back in Magic's time. David Stern has created a culture of punishing emotional players with his "respect the game" rules, which amount to a further society-wide free-fall obsession with a "theater of security."

Stop being reactionary wussies and remember that we loved these guys when they were winning titles. Bynum's foul was hard and he deserved to be thrown out, but those of you calling for his expulsion next year are just being emotional.

@ blackmambathegreatest and@pblaze

THANK YOU! People DEFINITELY have selective memory when it comes to the Lakers and I would bet ANYTHING that MARK CUBAN is paying off refs! I call all these people bandwagon haters! Last year everyone was a Lakers fan but now they all hate them and laughing at the weep as if Dallas has won already, which they haven't. I'd love to see their faces is they get swept in the next round. Dallas is a loser team who got lucky. Nothing more nothing less. First 3 games were the refs, they barely beat them. I will give them the fact that they played game4 and simple won.

To all you idiots complaining about Bynum what about Raja Bell doing worse to Kobe? Right! HATERS! KOBE IS STILL THE BEST AND HAS 5 RINGS TO GO HOME AND CHEER HIM UP! What does Dirk or the loser Jasons have? NADA!

Kobe's good, however he's a ball hog. After awhile team spirit is weaken with a ball hog. If you're double or tripled team, you got to pass the rock...

Odom and Bynum embarassed all the Lakers fans worldwide who were viewing the game. What a bunch of low class individuals. Odom showed up with a bad attitude and Bynum was his usual self with just 4 points maybe and 2 rebounds maybe. Kobe still cannot face the truth that he got his butt kicked around and the team go flushed down the toilet.
Glad Mitch was there and I hope Mr Buss was watching the game because Laker fans are watching the moves starting next month. Time for an overhaul and Howard and D. Williams should be top priority. Fisher, Odom and Bynum should be first to go. Let's go after a great coach in coachSloan and lets rebuild from that. Anyone player that does not practice should not play and that includes Kobe. No one player is too good and should respect his fellow players.
Mitch and Buss deserve what they got from this final season game.

The Celtics may be even older and may lose but will go down fighting like champions. The Lakers will always be second place to Boston. Hey Lebron and Dwade better bring your A game.

Captain Jack evident that you Love Jordan and that's cool but comparing Kobe and Jordan based upon Kobe failures only shows that you prefer Jordan ....No problem......Kobe doesn't have to do everything Jordan did the way Jordan did to be in the conversation not more than Russel, Wilt, or Kareem have to .....Jordan is Jordan no doubt but it may be a little premature to write Kobe off for never being in that conversation especially when the guys still has several years to play......Jordan did things that no other player did or may ever do....but so did Wilt, Russel, Kareem, etc. .... Each of the above players are great based upon their body of work: Winning, Career Stats, Individual awards, .....Kobe will probably end his career as the All Time playoff leader in pts scored and probably as the guard with the most career pts in history.......and it is not unreasonable IMO to say the guy will get another ring or two the guy may not meet your Jordan standard but as Russel, Wilt, Kareem, Jordan... Kobe's body of work will be as great as anyone's.....

Bynums cheap shot could have seriously injured the guy he hit, I am not as sad to see the Lakers lose as I am to see them lose like a bunch of thugs. Long gone are the days of losing like champions. I say trade Bynam for Howard, and lets get this thing rolling again!

Well at least there won't be rioting, looting and vandalism in downtown L.A.


Did you really see him play or are you just repeating what MJ just says he would have done???

I'm not arguing MJ's greatness so just relax, you brown-nosing MJ lover.

I've seen him play since his college days.

Jordan was surrounded by a sold defensive team as well as shooters. Remember that the Bulls should have won it all WITHOUT MJ if not for a horrible call. Did you see that game, I did? If you don't know what I'm referring to, don't even bother responding.

Those teams with Pippin but without Jordan was still a championship worthy team.

This Lakers team without Kobe is a lottery team.

Also, Kobe may be in his early 30s, but really, he's played 15 years. Jordan played only 13 seasons when he won his 6th championship after taking 2 years off which actually helped prolong his career.

You not acknowledging what a great defender and clutch shooter Pippen was shows your utter lack of knowledge for the game. If not, you would know the reason why the Bulls beat the Lakers for their first championship.

Loved the game. Simply loved it.

BTW: there is no Divine Right of either LA or NYC to buy championships in any sport. Get over it, start rebuilding and next time maybe it'll be teams like the Raptors kicking LA when they're down. Oh, and trade Bryant to anyone who'll take him for whatever you can get. The guy's a cancer.

GEM: R u crazy-they were a disgrace. The Celtics showed how it was done last night fighting all the way..Lakers were lucky w/bad officiating and Perk being out last year and they barely got by Boston. NBA basketball at its best -no way. They better hope they can by Howard ...For a supposed great championship team-they went out disgracefully.

To all those who are upset that there are some upset about Bynum and Odom:

Try an experiment: head or elbow slam a co-worker tomorrow at work. Talk back to everyone including your boss. If you do, come back and tell us if you are

(a) fired or
(b) reprimanded

What they did has no place in the workplace and to a basketball player, the basketball court IS their workplace. They were completely wrong to do what they did. End of discussion.

Lakers, 17 rings. Haters...? I cant hear you gunner

Ross pls get out of your sterile gated community once in a while

Phil Jackson can finally retire.

Seen his smile.

He could care less about any more basketball. He said that months ago.
He wants to passionate about other things

I guess nobody gets it.

He wanted his team to lose so he could retire. He could of done it with the Hornets but they were to lemon to make things look believable.
Laker players was not frustrated but mad they were trying to lose easily.

After game two in Los Angeles, Cuban went over and shook Jack Nicholson's hand and I got to thinking...barring the Lakers win at least one game in Dallas...this was the last home game for Phil. Not only that, who knows what this year's team will look like in October. Without Chick Hearn nor Phil any more...once Kobe and Jack quit being a part of the Laker "family," it won't be exciting to watch them anymore to me.

Chris Paul to the lakers. Please.

The shot that Bynum put on JJ was terrible. If you watched the Boston/Miami game the way JJ landed he could have easily broke his arm like Rondo did with the elbow. It was dirty, cheap, uncalled for, and thugish. Odem wasn't as bad but his cheap shot is getting over shadowed by Bynum. The league should really hurt Bynum with a HUGE fine. He could have changed the Mavs season with one dirty shot.

Dale C,

it was a great weekend seeing that punk Rondo faking that injury like Pierce did.

All I got to say about Rondo is... Check out Avery Johnson's career after he left SA.

Let's see the sports news today...hmmmm...
My World Champion San Fransisco Giants win...AND
The L. A. Lakers are eliminated...BY 36 points!! is good!

Mark Cuban = Dodger owner. Please.

At this point I would take Mark over Pau.

You still would have lost with Carmelo.

Bynum for Howard? That's like a Pinto for a Porsche.

The Black Mamba has become the Grey Mamba, age has taken its toll.

as long as the cancer bryant is with this team nothing will change.
a ballhog can't change who he is.

Bynum and Odom did the right thing. When you are getting beaten down you have to get a little nasty to let them know you are still fighting. I, as a Lakers fan am proud of both of them , everyone else gave up.

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