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Lakers' 122-86 Game 4 loss ends underachieving season and a dynasty in embarrassing fashion

Lakers7_600 The slight smile on his face masked Lakers Coach Phil Jackson's emotions when he stopped midcourt of American Airlines Arena and shook the hands of Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Coach Rick Carlisle. What was going through his mind as he left the court after what was probably the last game of a storied coaching career? The slight smile also masked his obvious frustration at the Lakers' embarrassing 122-86 Game 4 elimination loss Sunday to the Dallas Mavericks.

The lasting images that stain the Lakers losing in horrific fashion point to forward Lamar Odom throwing a shoulder into Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki and center Andrew Bynum throwing a forearm at Dallas guard J.J. Barea in separate fourth-quarter incidents that earned them ejections. But it also points to the Lakers' sending off Jackson's 19-year NBA coaching career that spanned 11 NBA championships, 13 NBA Finals appearances and 229 playoffs wins in the most unimaginable way possible.

With the exception of Kobe Bryant's 17 points on seven-of-18 shooting effort, no one brought the necessary intensity to prevent a sweep. With the cheap-shot plays from Odom and Bynum, the Lakers didn't handle the end of a Jackson dynasty with the necessary class. And in direct contrast to the Lakers molding themselves as a defensive-oriented team, they displayed little semblance of that as they continued struggling on rotations to mark open perimeter shots, resulting in Dallas shooting 60.3% from the field and 62.5% from three-point range.

"This is the worst I've seen the Lakers play in a game that they needed," Lakers Hall of Famer Magic Johnson said as an ESPN analyst. "The Lakers are already on vacation and they didn't want to play this game."

The sad thing: Johnson only needed to see the Lakers' first half in which they trailed 63-39, shot 14 of 38 from the field (37%), allowed Dallas to shoot 11 of 15 from three-point range and appeared outplayed in reserve play (40-7) to make that assessment.

Lakers8_250 Nothing changed that narrative in the second half, with the Lakers' 7-1 third-quarter run led by Ron Artest quickly turning the other way after he couldn't even reach the rim on a fast-break layup with 7:43 remaining. Bryant's plan in setting the tone early quickly was nullified because of problems continually plaguing the Lakers, including a tepid Pau Gasol (10 points on four of 10 shooting), a perimeter-happy offense (37.8%) and a discipline-lacking defense.

That's why it's unfortunate for Jackson that he spent what's presumed to be the last game of his coaching career like that. Within a three-minute, 15-second span in the second quarter, Jackson stood up on the sideline performing a series of moves that hardly defined his storied coaching career. He called three timeouts, demonstrating his belief that he should grant players trust in learning on their own doesn't apply to this group. He yelled at players, including Gasol, Bynum and Odom, showing his belief that exuding calmness helps the Lakers' psyche doesn't apply to this group. And he immediately re-inserted his starters, revealing that his belief that empowering players to learn through their mistakes doesn't apply to this group.

Jackson deviated from his general philosophy for obvious reasons, knowing the stakes of an elimination game were so high. But this illustrates perhaps the biggest indictment on the Lakers. With all the concepts Jackson taught this experienced team in maintaining its composure, staying in the moment and trusting one another, the Lakers spent all series doing the exact opposite, finger-pointing, refusing to help out on defense and never taking responsibility.

As disappointing an end this marks for Jackson amid the lost opportunity in collecting a 12th NBA title and three-peating for the fourth time in his coaching career, this loss hardly stains his storied legacy. But it surely stains the legacy of the Lakers' 2010-2011 team that never gave Jackson the storybook ending he deserved.



Lakers-Mavericks Game 4 box score

Lakers-Mavericks Game 4 photo gallery

Mavericks sweep Lakers out of the playoffs

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: (Top) Coach Phil Jackson leaves the court after the Lakers' Game 4 loss in Dallas on Sunday. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times. (Bottom) Guards Kobe Bryant of the Lakers and DeShawn Stevenson of the Mavericks embrace after Game 4 on Sunday. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times.

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I believe it was not the fatigue nor the injury but internal issues between the players. It is time to clean house, get rid of extra fat and bring on the Superman. Kobe still has 2 or 3 championship left in him.

This feels a lot like when we ended the 2003-2004 season. Bad taste in my mouth.

hopping on the Bynum and Pau for Dwight and Deron Williams train... i hope it makes it to LA

Bynum didn't throw an elbow, it was a forearm.

So upset.

I am literally fighting off the powerful urge to break down in tears.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Dude..I didn't see anything wrong with what Drew did, it's all good

Shooting down the Bynum and Pau for Dwight and Deron Williams train with a rocket while riding the better trade Pau and anyone not named Kobe, LO and Bynum for Dwight Howard and some shooters train.

Dear Lakers:
Na na na na..HEY HEY!...Good-bye!
(And good riddance!)

Does it really matter if it was his elbow or forearm? One of the dirtiest plays I'ven seen since McHale clotheslined Rambus. Either way that play is going to draw a major suspension from the league, making Bynum a unwanted commidity in the NBA.

If they lost as Champs, no problem. But they lost like Chumps, like a splintered bunch of un-coachable malcontents. Magic is right Dr. Buss - blow up this team.

When the Laker season is over

the basketball season is over.

Toast: Phil Jackson, most successful coach in NBA history. It was a pleasure being a part of that.

Bring on the off season.

Even though I feel sad for the Lakers organizations but I am happy for Jason Kidd and Dirk and I really hope they win it all. Both of them deserve a title!!

Lakers will be back next season, stronger and better!!!

Kobe should rest and heal his injuries!!

This I like:
@johnhollinger RT @ArtGarcia_NBA: JJ Barea said Kobe & other Lakers checked how was doing after game & apologized for Bynum cheap shot

Acceptance has set in..... let's put together a strong roster for the next run, no missing pieces this time, please!

HA HA its about time that another team showed the lakers how it feel to leave smoke in the air!

Jon K.,

It all gets better with time. It was a crappy, unfitting way to go out. The organization will do some major changes to fix the issues that we have, many of which seem to be hidden from the public.

The only thing more pathetic than the punk antics of Bynum and Odom are the delusional super-fans who write in ALL CAPS to fire up the players. Way to lose, Lakers. Real classy.

Should have kept Shak and gotten rid of Kobe.

Doesn't seem right, but it is what it is. I guess if its any consolation, todays performance makes it clear that the Lakers didn't deserve to win this series, as horrible and unbelievable as it seems.....

So how long does Bynum get suspended for? I say the league will levy a $125K fine and a 20 game suspension.

This is a good analysis of the unraveling we witnessed today. Felt sadness for Jackson, after how much he's given this team. Sorry he had to go out that way.

Think his comments on Saturday about the refs ignoring the rules, forcing Pau to change his low post position, etc. are disturbing. We know NBA refs have gotten paid before....

***Hoping that eventually someone tells us what was really going on inside the Laker locker-room that led to such a meltdown. Gotta be a whole drama there. ****

Love Odom, but his reality tv show had to be a distraction. Did the Kardashians beat the Lakers instead of the Mavs? Also, Ron Ron's music career. Guys, you can't have it all. The only reason you have a reality show/recording is because you're Lakers. Playoffs require pushing the rest of it onto the back burner.

Andrew Bynuman Lamar Odom take the "Professional" out of professional basktball.

They should be banned for life.

I am a lifelong Warriors fan and have never been embarassed for the Lakers.

Today is a first.

SCRAP THE ENTIRE TEAM!!!! MINUS Kobe and Gausol.....that includes the bench as well!! Good luck Phil in your future endeavors!!!!! God bless you and your family always!

Excellent example by Bynum and Odom for all 12 year aspirants to the game of basketball. Looked like a community center rumble.

Tough way to go out for the coach. I think they Lakers played very classless though.

utterly embarrassing. Mitch Kupchak has his summer assignments cut out for him.


Someone missed the all important point of this was supposed to be a professional basketball team playing in this game and apparently only the Dallas Mavericks managed to show up with one. As for the other team, Mr. West should ask them all to retire from the sport to salvage some level of integrity for the game itself if not the fans of Los Angeles who are expected to pay hard earned money to see professionals not school yard whiners. God, please give us back the people who used to love this game for the shear enjoyment of playing it and dismiss this bunch of calculating fools as untalented school boys severely underdeveloped in the integrity department. When you take someone's money to perform a service, you should provide that service regardless of your personnel feelings about your coworkers. The Lakers Team of 2010-2011 does not possess that caliber of player from where I sit.

Good grief. I am a Mavs fan, but more importantly I am a basketball fab going back to the Knicks-celtics-lakers of the 70s.
I want the Lakers to do well....just not too well.
They embarrassed the lakers of old. They embarrassed the NBA. What a bunch of chumps.
And Bynum? Set him down for a year. Punk.

The saddest thing for the Lakers?
This Mavericks team is not going all the way. They are a good team, not a great one.

And Phil......thanks for the memories guy. All the way from when you were knick in the golden days until this tour.....bad ending......but endings usually we get to old to start over...again.

its okkk i still love lakers no matter what and is not like there gone right?? 2012 lakerssss foreverrrrrrr kobe bryan#24 yeahhh (:

DING DONG the witch is dead!!! Congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks. I hate the lakers, and I hope their entire organization is dismantled.

If there is any justice in the world, Bynum will sit out next season. This was a pre-meditated attack. It reminded me of some stupid street thug who "pops" somebody.

I see the Final's with the MIGHTY Heat and the Mav's and the Heat in 5, I see this very Clearly.

Bynum gets a 5 game suspension tops. He does have a short history. His foul didn't go after the ball and could have gotten someone hurt, but he also didn't throw a punch and it was in the context of basketball play (even though it wasn't a play on the ball).

Anyone predicting these 20 game suspensions is nuts, pretty much a Lakers hater.

Your team got absolutely whipped in a do or die game today but the cheap shots you took on Dirk and Barrea should make you feel pretty tough. Mavs made you look sick. Oh yea, Nicholson is simply a little spoiled punk. Enjoy the playoffs from home.

@Ray Charles Agreed, what are they talking about?

Too bad for Phil Jackson. They say that the final leg of "a journey" is the most important. It will dominate your feelings about your whole career.

Lakers folded like a cheap lawn chair. As Sir Charles says...gone fishing!

wow bynum and lamar were not classy at all

Quick! Sell the team to the Dolans!

Great example by Bynum and Odom to all 12 year old aspirants to the game of basketball who need every POSITIVE influence they can receive. Looked like a community center rumble with the message from those two being "If you're going to get drubbed take it out on the smallest opponent or their big guy 25 feet away from the basket."

Great SEASON...ended on a less than classy manner; but, there's time for reflection to get ready for next year! Proud to be a Laker fan and proud of Dr. Buss, Phil Jackson, Laker players and Laker organization!!! Looking forward to next season and many more! LA fans love the Lakers!!! Phil Jackson our sincerest THANKS for making the LAKERS a dominate team for so long. Enjoy your retirement - wishing you the BEST! It was NBA basketball at its BEST!

I have been a Laker fan since 1967. Watching the antics of Bynum, Odom and Artest bring back sick memories of Kermit Washington. It is not the first sweep against LA. There is the 1983 76ers / Lakers final series. The Magic Johnson era Lakers rebounded well from that defeat. But, the poor sportsmanship and meltdowns are unacceptible. I am hoping Dr. Buss and Mitch Kupchak do the right things with the malcontents, and rebuilds a fundamentally sound Laker team into an even greater unit.


At least they went out with some dignity.

Oh wait...

Whom would have ever thought that the biggest "bust" in Hollywood this season would be the Lakers' semifinal appearance?! I guess Bynum is the new "Ted McGinley". I'd rather have a losing team than to win titles with him. Kobe would love to have Jose Barea to fall back on I bet.


i agree with anybody that says gasol needs to be traded.. this sorry excuse of a man has been a complete embarrassment to himself the team and the city. there is no way he should return to this team... NO FREAKIN WAY... i'd rather trade him for less than market value and make sure he never wears a laker uniform again... if theres absolutely any truth to the rumors he let his girl problem spill over onto the court then hes lost any last ounce of respect i had for him.. i dont care what anybody says.. he is the MAIN reason the lakers lost he is mostly to blame for this monumental playoff collapse.

Posted by: yellofever | May 08, 2011 at 04:08 PM

One thing to keep in mind on the off season is that Stern and the owners may follow the NFL and lock out the players which could have an effect on any off season activity. Why do I have this ugly feeling that this could be an NHL type lockout with the whole next season cancelled. They want drastic cost cuts in player salaries.

Gee, street thug Laker fans ( I know ...oxymoron) will have to find something else to riot about this year....I'm sure you scumbags will find some reason to burn & destroy other people's was nice to see the true character of the Lakers surface it's ugly head today....pathetic pieces of crap just like their fans.

Disgraceful way to go out with those two hitman fouls. FROM CHAMPS TO CHUMPS!

At least Kobe held some composure.

Nice article

There are three players I'm satisfied with in the playoffs: Andrew Bynum, Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher.

Everyone else let us down.

Pau, you really let us down. We lost because of you. Literally.

I blame your ex-fiance a lot more. She is a horrible, selfish human being to dump you during the playoffs. Quite frankly, you're better off without her. She is an awful human being to do that to someone who she had committed to marry.

So upset.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I'm glad the Lakers got swept and lost. Reason being? I'm not a Mavericks fan nor am I a huge basketball fan but I am a fan for safety and peace and quiet.

Whenever the Lakers win a championship or a big game, the area where I live people begin to act like savages and animals. Shaved head gang-member types start screaming/yelling/cursing, even to random people walking down the street. The female versions start screaming at the top of their lungs whenever the Lakers score a basket. Loud, annoying parties in their front yards (with shaved head, gang member types getting drunk) late into the night and then leaving piles of trash and beer bottles on the surrounding sidewalk. All in the name of the Lakers.

Not surprisingly when the Lakers underwhelm, you don't hear a word nor sound from these people. No parties, no littering, no stupidity, almost like a real neighborhood.

Good riddance.

I just don't know what to say :/




Bynum is absolutely looking at a suspension; my guess would be five games.

Kobe still has 2 to 3 rings in him? Really, that is just delusional! Welcome to the world of your team has finally out lived it's over hyped expectations. It is really unfortunate for Jackson to go out this way, Phil deserved much better than that...

Lakers have a great coach, but Bynum and Odom don't belong on the court. I don't care how frustrated you are; you don't intentionally foul your opponent they way they did. The Lakers were classy at one time but those two bozos flushed the class act down the toilet...not to mention Bryant and his homophobic slurs a few weeks ago.

Mav Fans...

You have to understand that we Laker fans have seen our team dominate the NBA for years. You can write stuff here to make yourselves feel relevant, but honestly, I'm fairly certain you are not upsetting not one Laker fan on this blog. We Laker fans have had so much success, nothing you can say even registers. I have personally been to 7 parades held in Los Angeles. How many have you guys experienced?

Think about that...


It's not okay.

We're the most talented team in basketball and we got swept by the fricken Cubans.

It's not okay.

Excuse me, I'm about to get so drunk that I pass out.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Laker Scum, trying to hurt people when you are 30 points down is disgusting. You dont deserve a team

Classless team and coach. Good riddance!

I cannot fricken believe I am rooting for the Celtics over the Heat now.

The Apocalypse is fricken nigh.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Wow, that was fast!

Enjoy the cold winters in the Eastern Conference. are an immoral moron -- your pic is in the dictionary next to idiot!!! What a loser!!!

I dont want to hear any excuses. When you can't come up with an answer to stop that perimeter offense after 3 games,,,,,then you deserve to lose. When they substituted with the bench coming in to play the last 3 minutes, I couldn't see the difference in caliber of play from the two squads. They got their butts kicked!!!


Reasoning with idiots will get you nowhere.

We need to circle our wagons now, throw off the bandwagoneers and return to our core.

We're Lakers. We learn to get better.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Lakers need a Versatile point guard and a athlectic wing man who can shoot 3s All Day. CP3 and Superman ontheir way?

What a classless way to thank a seasoned coach for his efforts and what a lack of sportsmanship displayed today.

The Mavs played great, and the Lakers fell apart before our very eyes. Nice job, Mr. Kardashian. Maybe he should pay less attention to the reality show spotlight and take responsibility for his lack of action. Can't make a real shot, take a cheap one must've been the rule for the Lakers today.


With a new CBA coming down the pike their no guaranteeing Buss family can package or reconstruct a championship caliber team.May be over folks.

this was a rookie fest. they played like clumsy rookies.

Many thanks to the incomparable Phil Jackson. You, sir, are simply the best coach ever. What a gift to have had you as our leader and teacher for these years. While I regret that your tenure ended on such a note, I know that this isolated defeat doesn't tarnish your legacy, nor our gratitude, in the least. You are a champion who made us into champions. May the next chapter of your life be full of happiness and success.

You all sound like Hollywood actors, pitching a fit.....they lost, and big.....they were embarrassed, and Drew shouldn't have elbowed the kid, but we have seen WAY worse you people watch sports? We will regroup for the next couple of years....let it go....

Even though I am a Mavs fan, Phil Jackson deserved far better then this. He is a class act and has brought joy to Laker fans more than once.

This is a wake-up call to address issues that will really help Kobe. He Still has a lot of gas left in the tank.

when ur team goes 5-25% in 3 point shooting, it happends that defenses close on the inside Game, which means strugle for gasol and bynum. Lakers have a serious problem of bench this year, and fisher is old aswell. But if they solve this problems and maybe get another three pointer instead of artest they can be champs again, noone needs to leave

Mavs Fans, you can celebrate your 'championship' by wining this series, but you will NEVER win a championship. Just like how Houston and Phoenix fell didn't win it all in the 80s. Enjoy this win while it lasts.

As for Bynum, he'll get a few games suspension, which will actually be good for him. If Raja Bell can clothesline Kobe's neck and only get a one game suspension, the league would be total hypocrites if they give Bynum more than a game or two suspension.

And Hubie Brown's pathetic over-reaction as if Bynum's foul was the worst foul in the history of the NBA shows what a sad Laker hater he is. His sorry excuse for a coaching career. I guess there's one person who won't be invited to an interview to coach the Lakers next year.

Odom's foul was a good foul. You're up 30 in the 4th up 3-0. That foul was to tell Jim Carey to take Dirk out.

JonK --

"There are three players I'm satisfied with in the playoffs: Andrew Bynum, Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher."


It is one thing that a team plays poorly and gets swept. But it is another thing when some of the players act like total crybabies and punks.

If any of us working people did what Andrew Bynum or Lamar Odom did today - I bet that at least 80% of us would be fired - right then and there - or at least seriously reprimanded.

These are professional basketball players, and what Bynum and Odom did today does not belong in the workplace - ever. We can all be frustrated (and we all do) but hey, just because one is paid millions does not excuse that person to act like a total fool. If it was up to me, Bynum and Odom would both be packing their bags and off the team - today. The Lakers clearly have a lot of issues to work through. They were an embarrassment today.

MacMan, just enjoy your Western Conference Semifinal series win. Are they going to throw a parade in Dallas for that? Are you guys going to hang a banner?

Congratulations to the Mavs. They shot the lights out of the basketball and completely outclassed the Lakers. I am ashamed and embarrassed by the cheap shots by Lamar and Drew. Learn to lose like a champion. That was shameful. Glad Kobe showed some class in congratulating the Mavs. It should be an offseason like none other. I don’t think the Lakers will blow the team up but there will be changes. Let’s hope we make the right moves and come back to compete again next year. Time for me to hope that the Yankees can pull off some October magic and Jim Harbaugh can lead the 49ers back to the top.

I hope the Lakers are proud of themselves. They finished the season in a thoroughly unprofessional and shameful way. Two ejections to end a four-game sweep that was unbefitting for such a great franchise. These guys are very high-paid entertainers who seem to think nothing of letting their fans down. Bryant's work ethic is unmatched by anyone on the team. This is just one major factor for the breakdown. I am sure there are many. The entire team needs to be torn apart and rebuilt. It's a business, and this franchise has a reputation for putting out a great product. The product we saw over the last few weeks stunk to high heaven. It's one thing to lose. It's another to loose in such a classless and unprofessional fashion. It's a cliche, but the higher they fly, the harder they fall. This Laker team fell deeper and harder than even their harshest critics could have imagined. The Buss family owes it to themselves and to their brilliant company, the Los Angeles Lakers, to thoroughly clean house and put out a product that they and LA will once again be proud off. The truth is, the whole season was sub-par in spite of the second place finish in the West. Bryant is a brilliant, once-in-a-generation professional who deserves to work with like-minded professionals. I hope the front office does what needs to be done. What a travesty for professional sports, and what a terrible example for kids to see their sports heroes behave in such a deplorable fashion. Yes, Dallas was the better team, and they very likely would have won the series even if the Lakers had put their best foot forward. But the latter did not happen. Again, shame on them. The truly sad thing is, I sense that most of them just don't give a damn. If they do, it's about themselves, and not about the huge ethical lapse that leads to such a hideous showing. If you are going to go down, go down with dignity. Can anyone really say that this was dignified?


Classy like how Jason Terry pushed Blake instigating a fight? Right. Like how that buffoon Cuban carries himself? Right, classy like that.

All I can say is, Lakers = 16 championships, Mavs =0. Nuff said.

Lakers fans riot..... Bynum and Odom assault like thugs...LA and pampered Kobe deserved every humbling second. Only Jackson showed class.

"Jackson deviated from his general philosophy for obvious reasons, knowing the stakes of an elimination game were so high. But this illustrates perhaps the biggest indictment on the Lakers. With all the concepts Jackson taught this experienced team in maintaining its composure, staying in the moment and trusting one another, the Lakers spent all series doing the exact opposite, finger-pointing, refusing to help out on defense and never taking responsibility."


You can't have it both Khalil Gibran the great Lebonese Philosopher stated........."If one wishes to teach others he must first teach himself"

If You urge the team to take responsibility then shouldn't ultimately Phil Jackson set the example by taking responsibility??

This team this year is a reflection of it's coach...........Poor gameplans, slow to make in-game adjustments, laziness, inability to accept responsibility, arrogance...............every weakness you can name with this club as a's microcosm lies in the person of Phil Jackson .........especially this year.

Phil Jackson's success has made him prideful and arrogant and it has caused him to stop growing as a person and a coach. Any man of wisdom understands that you seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave and once a man embarks on the road to knowledge he is on the path until he returns because knowledge and growth are infinite.

Phil Jackson has reached a plateau in his desire to learn and grow and instead of inspiring the troops his teaching has become a potpourri of excuse making, dissention, control by division and ultimately humiliation and death.

Nobody, not even the great Phil Jackson...... can avert this law for it is universal law..............Phil and his ideas being put out to pasture is as natural as the evening rain. Let his demise be a lesson to all of us to always be humble and to never stop learning and growing and being receptive of sources that you may even feel are beneath you.

Good riddance Phil Jackson................Now the re-birth can begin in Lakerland

Playoff Grades:

Andrew Bynum: A
Kobe Bryant: B+
Derek Fisher: B
Lamar Odom: C
Ron Artest: D
Pau Gasol: F
Steve Blake: F
Shannon Brown: D+
Matt Barnes: F

Everyone else, incomplete.

We literally would have done better if Luke Walton, Derek Caracter, Joe Smith and Devin Ebanks would have been given more minutes.

So many of our reality television show/t-shirt company/going on television to promote charity/gonna make a rap album/Twitter-addicted players let a Championship slip away because they forgot what they're supposed to be...


You guys let your fans down and your city down.

You failed not because you were beat. You failed because you didn't live up to what it is to be a Laker. And what it is to be a Laker isn't some toolbag hittin' da clubs in Hollywood, yo!

I am so disappointed in everyone not name Andrew, Kobe or Derek.

You guys let us down.

Equally important, you let yourselves down by being distracted by bullcrap.

And now you get to spend the rest of your lives regretting it.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


How convenient it's been to blame Pau Gasol as the scapegoat for the meltdown of the Lakers.
Yes, perhaps he should've scored more. But, in game 1 he only took 10 shots...while Kobe took 29. I guess there are only so many shots to go around.

Where was the best player to have ever played the game in the eyes of many LA fans? In a must win game 3 and elimination game 4 Kobe scored only 17.

Where was know the super-defender who can also shoot the 3?
Where was Bunym? 1 good game out of 4 isn't good enough if you're a defending champion?

Where was Fisher?

Today, the Lakers showed NBA fans that they didn't belong in the playoffs. Today, Odom and Bunym showed their lack of character. What a way to honor your coach on his last day on the job. Selfish and shameful.

Thanks Phil... bring on the lockout! See you all in 2012.

Dude...the Heat will be the NEW NBA Champs, don't HATE Jon K just appreciate the KING.

After the new CBA, there will be no retooling by just buying the players you want. Lakers will be on their way down for quite awhile.

And a 7 ft guy taking cheap shots at a 5' 7" guy, that's pretty low. At least teams like the Spurs and Celtice lose with class. There's no class in LA, and that's why everyone hates them.

Arrogance, thy name is Lakers. Begone!

I wonder how long before Phil’s next book comes out. Wish we know what happened to this team. Talk about reality TV. There were obviously serious trust issues on this team that need to be fixed. The end of a great era and five rings. Let’s hope the next coach is as successful.

I'd like to congratulate Kobe for winning 5 rings, and proving to his haters like KL and Gunner that he CAN win titles without Shaq.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | May 08, 2011 at 03:04 PM




WNBA would like to welcome back their former star: PAU GASOL!

I think Becky Hammon is tougher than GASOFT. Plus she is lost cuter too.

I viewed the replay of Bynum's tag on Berea and this is what I first thought: Bynum, you are no Bill Laimbeer. Laimbeer was a thug, but a thug's thug, I don't remember him taking down players a foot shorter than himself. Plus, Bynum did it in a cowardly fashion knowing he could not be hurt. Laimbeer's thuggery never took self love into consideration. Bynum taking off his shirt was a primitive violent response, and probably against some technical NBA rule. The only other thug who took off his shirt I can recall is Dennis Rodman, but that was part of his performance art. Rodman and Laimbeer together, those were the good ol' days of thuggery worth chatting about. Remember Rodman footing a TV cameraman in the crotch? Or Laimbeer's last clothesline that finally forced him to retire? Now we got Bynum taking out short players trying to make a basic lay-up.

Kobe brought intensity to today's game? Wow. You have to be a complete homer to utter those words. He was just as invisible as he was in game 6 vs Celtics a few yrs back, or in game 7 against the Suns. If he is the big-game changer that everyone keeps telling the world he is, it would be nice to see it ONCE during playoffs in his career, when things are not going right for his team. And no, hitting a few shots early in the first quarter does not cut it, if you do absolutely nothing the rest of the game.

4th blowout in his career in a close-out game, but he never gets any blame. Unreal. An average playoff performer his whole career who has never dominated a Finals series, just a part of the best team in the league, and after Shaq leaving, the best player on it. Nothing more, nothing less.

I also think Mr. Bynum, and I use the term "Mr." loosely, may have screwed future opportunities for the Lakers as well. I can tell you, guys like CP3, Dwight Howard and the like are competitive, but they're not gonna want to play with a thug like AB. Send him to Denver, if that's how he wants to play.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!! S-W-E-E-P!!!! You REALLY thought the Lakers were going all the way? Well, the Mavericks had other plans for them, and I'm not sorry! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Has Mitch left the building yet? Next sell the franchise. Triangle sucks and a creative coach needs to step in. We looked like Butler did in April.

Waiting on PJ's book blaming Kobe ... and this time I'll have to concur ...

Didn't see the game out hurr in Nigeria ... but really just 20 shots from Kobe in a win or go home game? ... really what gives?

Still 3 straight final appearances and 2 rings for the Kobe and Pau tandem ...

Went 2 school in chitown so tempted 2 jump on the d rose band waggon ... but dang, the mamba within me still beats strong ...

Cheap shots from Bynum and Odom ... hmm ... I kinda understand ... wasn't willing to be a sport when my roommate was tryna enjoy his 'i told you so moment' ... took a few cheap shots @ him, nevemind i'm always rooting for his soccer team, manchester united 2 lose ...

Well for the rest of d playoffs, i'll root for d rose ... but until Kobe hangs 'em up, I'll keep bleeding purple and gold ... looking forward to a change @ the coaching helm ... so long as it's not someone from the current staff, I'm cool with it ... lets get some new blood in there ... van gundy has my vote ...

That was a pitiful effort today by the Lakers. This team quit after game 3, it reminds me of the spoiled child when they don't get their way they will just pout and shut down.

Also, Bynum and Odonm showed they have ZERO class and resort to street ball tactics when they get out played. I think that was Bynum's last game as a Laker and he saw the handwriting on the wall. Lot's of changes coming to this team next year, assuming there is NBA basketball nest year.

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