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Lakers experience another fourth-quarter collapse in 98-92 Game 3 loss to Dallas Mavericks

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant wipes his face as he prepares for the final minutes of Game 3 on Friday night in Dallas. Bryant finished with 17 points in the 98-92 loss to the Mavericks. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times / May 6, 2011 Forget about Phil Jackson's increased animation and tightened rotation. Forget about Andrew Bynum showcasing his inside dominance. And forget how impressive the Triple Towers lineup looked with Lamar Odom taking Ron Artest's spot in the starting lineup.

I'll break down all of these issues later, but all that matters is that the Lakers lost, 98-92, in Game 3 on Friday against the Dallas Mavericks at American Airlines Arena because of a fourth-quarter implosion. The Lakers have another game on Sunday because this is a best-of-seven series, but there's no way they become the first team in NBA history to overcome a 3-0 deficit. I don't care that the Lakers have the talent and experience to pull off the feat, or that the Mavericks imploded in the 2006 NBA Finals after having a 2-0 series lead over Miami. There's no way the Lakers win this series. So the lasting images of the Lakers' dynasty points to their fourth-quarter unraveling. Below the jump, I explain how it all went down in the final 6:48 of the game.


6:41 - 6:35: Bynum set a screen on Dallas guard Jason Terry for Steve Blake in the far corner, giving him space to penetrate and throw a swing pass at the top of the key to Shannon Brown. Despite there being 14 seconds on the shot clock and Gasol establishing solid position in the post, Brown launches a three-pointer that hits the back iron.

After Gasol didn't try one bit to box out Dirk Nowitzki for the board, Jason Kidd and Nowitzki ran a pick-and-roll play. First Bynum and Gasol switched on Nowitzki so that Bynum could handle him at the free-throw line and Gasol would mark the lane and defend center Tyson Chandler. After Nowitzki set a pick on Kobe Bryant, he stayed with Kidd while Bynum stayed with Nowitzki.

Once he had the ball at the top of the key, Bynum gave him very little space to operate. After dribbling left, Bryant went out to double team, prompting Nowitzki to throw a swing pass to Kidd. Brown immediately shifted over to guard Kidd, but that opened up room for Peja Stojakovic. Since Gasol didn't rotate to guard him in time, Stojakovic made an open three-pointer that cut the Lakers' lead to 81-78.

5:11 - 4:54: It appeared that Gasol regained some confidence, showing tremendous footwork and poise in nailing a turnaround jumper over Nowitzki that gave the Lakers a 85-78 edge with 5:07 remaining. But he continued to show his poor focus on defense on the next possession. Nowitzki set a pick on Bryant, but Gasol wasn't nearby to cover Nowitzki, though Bynum was ready to shut off Kidd's lane to the basket. Bynum clearly had his eyes set on Chandler, but Gasol picked him up for some reason, leaving Nowitzki wide open for a three-pointer. His shot cut the Lakers' lead to 85-81.

4:22 - 3:48: Credit Gasol's eagerness in drawing a big-time charge on Nowitzki. But just like on the previous sequence, Gasol messes up on the next possession. Bryant for some reason ignores Bynum being open on the nearside and instead fires a pass to Fisher on the perimeter. He immediately feeds Gasol, who posted up against Nowitzki, lost his dribble, picked up the ball and forced a high-arching 15-footer that hit back iron.

After Chandler boxed out Bynum and grabbed the rebound, Kidd runs the offense on the other side of the floor. He immediately feeds Nowitzki, but Gasol shuts him down as he crosses the lane, prompting Nowitzki to fire a near-side pass to Stojakovic. Odom was too consumed with stopping Chandler, understandable since Bynum wasn't in his rotation. But Odom didn't respond quickly enough to closing out on Stojakovic, resulting in him nailing a three-pointer that closed the gap to 87-84.


3:25 - 2:57: These next two plays show Bryant making a few mistakes. In triple-threat position at the top of the key, Bryant drives left past Kidd, pulls up for a jumper at the free-throw line and then delivers a jump pass to Gasol, who was focusing on boxing out so the ball bounced off his chest. This was equal parts Bryant passing way too late and Gasol not angling himself so that he could receive a pass just in case Bryant changed his mind. Kidd picked up the loose ball and then drew a reach-in foul from Bryant. After Kidd's two free throws cut the Lakers' lead to 87-86, the Lakers took way too much time setting up their offense on the next possession.

With 13 seconds left on the shot clock, Bryant directed the offense from up top and found Odom open on the wing. Bynum established post position, but Odom shied away feeding Bynum the ball with Chandler fronting Bynum. So Odom passed the ball out to Bryant at the top of the key. With five seconds left on the shot clock, Bryant drove right before Stojakovic and Kidd doubled him. That left Odom wide open on the far side, but Bryant dribbled twice and settled for a 23-foot fallaway jumper that nipped the front of the rim.

2:40 - 2:00: After Nowitzki hit two free throws, Odom fed Bynum on the near side at the other end. Once Odom set a screen at the top of the key on Terry, Fisher cut to the near side and picked up Bynum's dump pass. He dribbled into the lane and converted on the left-handed leaner, giving the Lakers an 89-88 lead with 2:27 remaining. But that play was quickly short-lived.

On the next possession, Nowitzki ran a pick on Bryant, but Gasol continued to mark him. Still Nowtizki set a pick on Bryant's left, allowing Kidd some space to drive. Bryant ran through the pick, however, and shut off Kidd's penetration. Nowitzki received a pass from Kidd at the free-throw line and immediately attacked the lane before getting double-teamed by Bryant. That left Kidd open on the far-side perimeter, prompting Fisher to fill in the gap and close off Kidd's space. Bynum failed to rotate, however, leaving Terry wide open on the far side for a three-pointer. That shot gave the Mavericks a 91-89 lead.

1:47 - 1:10: Odom immediately quieted the cheers at American Airlines Arena by going one-on-one with Stojakovic, posting him up in the lane and then spinning around for a six-foot jumper that tied the score. But Dallas immediately answered. Gasol guarded Nowitzki, who had the ball at the top of the key, but he immediately drove left before Bynum shut off his drive. Still, that didn't stop Nowitzki from nailing a left-handed shot to give the Mavericks a 93-91 advantage.

1:10 - :18.2 - Odom tries to take Stojkaovic off the dribble again, but his drive into the lane for a left-handed runner bounced off the backboard and rim. Nowitzki immediately tipped the ball to Stojkavoic, setting up Fisher's worst play of the game. Once Nowitzki had the ball below the top of the key, he tried a series of jab fakes to throw Gasol off balance before dribbling inside. Bryant went for the steal, requiring Nowitzki to pick up his dribble and throw a quick pass to Kidd.

Bryant immediately rotated over, as did Odom once Stojkavoic received the ball in the near corner. That's why his off-balance jumper hit the back rim, but Terry saved the ball from going out of bounds. With a new shot clock, Kidd fed Nowitzki on the near post with Odom guarding him. Meanwhile, Bynum and Fisher shut off Chandler's baseline penetration before Bynum met Nowitzki with a double team, prompting him to fire a pass to Stojakovic on the far side. As soon as Stojakovic passed to Terry in the corner, Fisher immediately marked him. But Fisher overextended himself and bumped Terry with his waist, granting him two free throws that Terry converted for a 95-91 Mavericks lead.


:18.2 - 16.6 - Fisher makes another blunder on the inbounds pass. After Bryant ran off Bynum's high screen on Kidd, he continued to be marked. Meanwhile, Gasol flashed to the lane, but Nowitzki gave him little room to post up. Fisher threw a lob out of Odom's reach, prompting him to extend himself but he couldn't control the pass. Fisher immediately fouled Terry on the inbounds pass, and he hit two free throws to give Dallas a 97-91 lead.

:15.3 - :07 -  Gasol threw an inbounds pass to Bryant at the top of the key and he immediately hoisted a three-pointer. His shot hit off the back rim, but Gasol grabbed the rebound. After two missed put-backs, Gasol drew the foul, made the first free throw and then missed the second on purpose. But Kidd grabbed the rebound over Gasol and secured the win, hitting one of two foul shots.

--Mark Medina

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Top photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant wipes his face as he prepares for the final minutes of Game 3 on Friday night in Dallas. Bryant finished with 17 points in the 98-92 loss to the Mavericks. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times / May 6, 2011

Second photo: Lakers point guard Derek Fisher is fouled on a driving layup by Mavericks guard DeShawn Stevenson in the first half of Game 3 on Friday night in Dallas. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times / May 6, 2011

Third photo: Lakers forward Lamar Odom fumbles the ball out of bounds on an inbounds play in the final minute of the fourth quarter of Game 3 on Friday night in Dallas. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times / May 6, 2011

Bottom photo: Mavericks guard Jason Terry grabs irritated forward Dirk Nowitzki after he was fouled during Game 3 on Friday night in Dallas. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times / May 6, 2011

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You looking to go on vacation early or something, Medina? Wheres the faith? Anything can happen in sports. Don't sound so sure its over pal..

the greatest dissapointment about all this is that i won't have the chance to watch the laker girls perform their routine until next season. thanks for a great year lakers!


No NBA team has ever managed to come back from a 3-0 deficit in the playoffs to win a series.

REALLY NOW??!!!! Try the Lakers on Sunday! Just try our effin LAKERS!!!!!!!!!

Sh*t! I'm gonna ride this LAKESHOW no matter where it goes!!!!

Call me crazy or what, I STILL EFFIN BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One game at a time! Be back on Sunday after we win and a 1-3 series.

For tomorrows boxing match , Go Manny Pacquiao!!!


This is a great chance to EXPLOIT the losers by re-threading over and over again as if the score will change. Do you really believe people read the threads and keep up with the lousy news. Is it catering to the weak and wicked to earn more bucks. Wow, this is yellow journalism at its best.

Why put up the schedule for the Western Conference Finals at the middle of the night. Ride on....

Praaaaaaaaaaaaactice Season .... KobeMVP888 you best drag your ass back here; you are the one that brought this practice season nonsense here so you have to answer for it. Habits are ingrained; you cannot expect to morph from a lazy, slacker to a workaholic machine overnight, it just does not work that way. Shaq was the sole owner of the switch, and only he could flip it.

PSP Intern

Great Recap Medina

"3:25 - 2:57: These next two plays shows Bryant making a few mistakes. In triple threat position at the top of the key, Bryant drives left past Kidd, pulls up for a jumper at the free throw line and then delivers a jump pass to Gasol. Gasol was focusing on boxing out so the ball bounced off his chest. This was equal parts Bryant passing way too late and Gasol not angling himself so that he could receive a pass just in case Bryant changed his mind. Kidd picked up the loose ball and then drew a reach-in foul from Bryant. After Kidd's two free throws cut the Lakers' lead to 87-86, the Lakers took way too much time setting up their offense on the next possession.

With 13 seconds left on the shot clock, Bryant directed the offense up top and found Odom open on the wing. Bynum established post position on the other end, but Odom shied away feeding the ball with Chandler fronted Bynum. So Odom passed the ball out to Bryant at the top of the key. With five seconds left on the shot clock, Bryant drove right before Stojakovic and Kidd doubled him. That left Odom wide open on the far side, but Bryant dribbled twice and settled for a 23-foot fallaway that nipped the front of the rim."


@VoiceofReason - Hah. My vacation isn't coming anytime soon regardless of whether the Lakers advance in the playoffs or not. With the NBA labor and offseason stuff, I'll still be pretty busy. I'm just sharing my honest opinion.

@Edwin - How is breaking down the game's final moments "yellow journalism" In fact I consider it quite the opposite. I dissected these plays in detail, leaving no stone unturned so readers can see how the final plays turned out

@Edwin - How is breaking down the game's final moments "yellow journalism" In fact I consider it quite the opposite. I dissected these plays in detail, leaving no stone unturned so readers can see how the final plays turned out

Posted by: Mark Medina | May 06, 2011 at 11:11 PM



Yes it's not over yet but come on, two games that were given away. Whatever put in, it's not worthwhile to defend players who have no backbones. We are proud to win b2b but when it's over, got to be the man and a good basketball fan to admit defeat and move on. This is not our year, don't waste passion on players who can't hold on the lead in the 4th quarter. As Chick says, it's all over except the shouting. We will try again next season perhaps not even next year because there has to be changes made. The restive fans of Los Angeles will not accept this quietly without huge changes in this team. As a gentleman approach, I hope Mitch Kupchalk should tender his resignation and give a chance to another GM. He had his time and didn't foresee the old age predicament in his team. This happen to all teams in every generation and a good manager is paid based on his foresight in re-seeding and blending the right mixture of youth and veterans. Where are the Laker youths? Move on Mitch go to another team and bring Brian Shaw with you.

my two cents: saw the format of this blog entry. skimmed it briefly and that's it.

go to espn and read the k bros at the buzzer and later tonight or tomorrow morning, their mcten ... much better read

Mr. Medina,

That's your style of breaking down thread after thread as if fans here did not watch the game. I say YJ because of the frequency of change when it can be summarized in one thread. How many hits do you want to generate out of the angry fans?

I apologize if I expressed it harshly in this manner. This morning, handles are being stolen while the moderator has the penchant of putting up more threads ignoring other problems. Don't you find that the equivalent of YJ in blogging?

Lakers in 7!



Dude....Now can we get a BANDWAGON for the Heat, C'mon HATERS....."YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE"


that pass Kobe didn't give to Odom was devastating in my opinion. Odom was pleading for the ball, but instead of passing to a wide open Odom he attempted a low percentage shot.

Kobe use to say stuff like "be agressive" or "demand the ball" and he would get it to you but that is not the case which is very disappointing.
Kobe is living in the past.
Even Shaq came to this reality and announced it was Wade's team when he went there.

It's time to pass the torch Kobe, you are not who you use to be, hell you couldn't even get by the slow footed Kidd. But you can help your team in other ways.

Gasol screwed up a few plays, missed his rotations on defense, and showed bad offense. I will contend that Kobe's "mistakes" were more Gasol & Odom's responsibility. I expect players who get the ball with five on the clock to shoot it- there's danger of the 24 expiring. Yes, Kobe should probably have passed it to Odom, but with five on the clock (and about 2 by the time the double came over) there was a real risk that they wouldn't get a shot off. And Gasol should have been looking for that pass. I don't let Kobe off the hook for some of his play in the middle of the 4th quarter, but those were not particularly egregious basketball plays.
On the offensive end- why can't the Lakers pass the ball to Bynum in the 4th quarter?

Wow...that was even tougher to stomach than game 1........

Give Dirk and the Mavs credit. They are making all the big plays down the stretch. The left handed layup he made over Pau and Bynum was incredible.. Peja caught fire from 3, and the Mavs didn't allow the Lakers any offensive rebounds when it mattered.

Drew had a very good game. LO and Kobe were good. Blake and Brown were solid. But Pau had another non all-star type performance.

How is it possible to play the "big" lineup and yet only block 1 shot?

Where is the energy from Barnes? He hasn't been the same player since the surgery.

Sooner or later an NBA team is going to comeback from a 3-0 deficit. It's very bleak, but until it's officially over I'll hold out hope.

Good work Mr. Medina. While the Lakers broke down at key moments, they did work hard... finally. If they would have some sense of urgency before now, maybe they wouldn't on the verge of being swept.

On Phil Jackson

It's too bad he didn't do some some chest thumping during the regular season.

Oh yeah Gunner, you are present at the lowest ebb of the Lakers.

You represent DEFEAT since 2006. You are a loser. You gloat when Lakers lost, time and time again. Go to the archive and read where your posts appear. They are all there for people to watch. How can we ever admire your loyalty to your team? You blame LakerTom for all his optimism and yet you are pure pessimist. A fan who only appears when team has lost the game, that's defeatist mentality. What a miserable fan you are!

Professor Gueco,

how will the line up with Gasol - Fernandez - another Spanish PG will do at this moment?

and now you want to promote PJ as a GM?

how many "STIFFS" do you want to collect on this team.

the NBA has changed slowly in the past few years. Bigs are a little shorter but more dynamic, PG are running circles around the arena in 24 seconds.

what STIFFS players like Cupcake and PJ know about this?

it's another ERA. BB is different. players are twitting and

Kupcake and PJ are still using typewriters with carbon paper. it is great for "nostalgia" and "museums", but not for "this new NBA reality show".

We should be up 2 - 1 on this series... This lost hurts so badly, but it isn't over yet.


"If you want to make history you have to do historic things."
- Kobe Bryant

Edwin - I had put it on automated posts this morning because my Internet was being fixed. It's not like I was writing at the expense of that. When I fixed it and saw the mess, I immediately started cleaning up

I know I said this before, but please refrain from speculating about anything about Pau's off-court issues. I know there are Internet reports aren't there, but none of us have confirmed anything and it would be unfair for us to speculate or even allow such unsubstantiated comments to pass through.

It's tough being a Laker fan because you're expected to win. If you're a fan of the Jazz, 76ers, Nuggets, Warriors, Clippers, Knicks, Rockets, Suns or some other "good" team you're basically happy if you get out of the 1st round or make it to the Playoffs at all. But deep in your heart you know the disappointment's coming.

But not the Lakers. You EXPECT to win and you EXPECT no less than the NBA Finals. That's been the Lakers tune for nearly a decade and while the dismantling of the Lakers after the Kobe scandal was a rough period, a Finals appearance was basically expected.

Then they came back and were the only team since themselves to get back-to-back titles.

But then this season comes along and shatters our hopes and dreams with 5-game losing streaks, blow-outs by some truly horrible teams at Staples and a beat down by the Cavs just before All-Star break.

But down 0-3 the party is definitely over and that's okay. Maybe this is just what the Lakers need: to be the underdog for once. To be the expected yet unexpected champions that they are.

It will likely also mean some BIG changes which could see players like Gasol, Barnes, Artest, Blake and probably most of the bench (just hope they keep Brown) putting For Sale signs in their front yards and a new jersey. Gasol was the bigger disappointment. I've never seen Phil that pissed off before and although he's retiring he'll likely recommend Gasol be traded just as soon as the Mavs sweep them.

Thanks, Lakers, for a horrible, frustrating season. We'll see you again in November. Hopefully with a better PG and PF so we can get that ring again.

Whats the big deal? We as Lakers fans are spoiled! I've been on this earth for 33 years, and in my lifetime the Lakers have won 10 championships and appeared in 16 NBA Finals. Personally, I am proud to be a Lakers fan, we as Lakers fans really have nothing to complain about. So what if the Mavericks end up sweeping us on Sunday, they have never won anything, all they have done is make it to the finals once and lost. I read the LA Times everyday to keep up any Lakers related news, because I am a dedicated Laker fan for life, no matter what happens. I grew up in Iowa on a farm, far away from LA, but as a kid I watched Magic Johnson and played basketball all day and night wishing I could play for the Lakers and be like Magic. Its the Best organization in the NBA, we have only missed the playoffs 4 times in our storied history, we are spoiled brats as fans. Sure I would love to see another title this year, but as I watched the Mavericks beat us in the 4th quarter once again, I felt more pride then anger. There are plenty of good seasons and title ahead. We will surpass the Celtics 17 titles while Kobe is still with the team and probably blow past them one day..Im not giving up on this team, anything is possible but lets be thankful no matter happens for all that this great organization has accomplished! We as Lakers fans are very lucky to have enjoyed such success, leave all the panicking to the writers.

I tell you my vacation is really sucking

At least I broke even at the track today.


I will give Gasol B- in this game. It was not enough but it's much better effort compared to the last two games. However, he has good trade values to improve the Lakers. I'm sure if Rudy Fernandez is a Laker, he could help this team in a triangle. How can u implement a good triangle when the outside shooters have louse shooting percentage? They just clog up the post and crowd Drew and Pau which always happen in Laker plays. I also applaud Blake and Brown for trying to be good role players tonight. We just gave up the lead due to poor defense. A team that has a bad defense will not move deep in the playoffs. Lakers are slow in switching their man to man so they are always 2 seconds late in guarding the perimeter shooters.

Mark Medina

do you really believe that at this moment there is ANYONE who cares what you write? except YOU.

if you will care about the lakers fans and bloggers who are paying your salary, you will open another chat to let people to vent or to exchange opinions.

You are the Gadaffi of the BB Blogosphere.

wake up, really nobody cares about you un-turn stones


but if you really want to be a "surgeon blogger", pun intended, please write a long post about all the GASOL plays in these playoffs. Actually you can start with the Utah game in November, when the one and only ZEN Master, decided that Gasol is the leader of the TEAM. Or you can go back last season when after the Memphis game when Gasol wanted more "TOUCHES".

from those 2 moments, the Lakers started to go downhill even if they won the Championship. Trust issues?

Of course there are trust issues, when PJ drivels about who's the LEADER of the TEAM

it totally backfired on PJ. On the Lakers and on the 3-PEAT.

so do some REAL analysis, not only "transcribe" some plays during the end of the GAME.

Lakers Sweep if ...

1. Kobe makes a conscious effort to find the best shot available each possession
2. Pau returns to form
3. Bynum continues to play at his current level
4. The Bench contributes anything
5. The defense rotates out quicker to the 3 point shooters.

"3:25 - 2:57: These next two plays shows Bryant making a few mistakes. In triple threat position at the top of the key, Bryant drives left past Kidd, pulls up for a jumper at the free throw line and then delivers a jump pass to Gasol. Gasol was focusing on boxing out so the ball bounced off his chest. This was equal parts Bryant passing way too late and Gasol not angling himself so that he could receive a pass just in case Bryant changed his mind. Kidd picked up the loose ball and then drew a reach-in foul from Bryant. After Kidd's two free throws cut the Lakers' lead to 87-86, the Lakers took way too much time setting up their offense on the next possession."


This breakdown right here lets me know that you have NEVER played organized basketball in your life. It's amazing when you look at the composition of the NBA then view the composition of the media that covers it.

The composition of the NBA is based on talent, tangible goals and results.......all of which is public. The composition of the media is based on some subjective decision maker who has no idea what he's doing. How in the world can a discipline be covered by folk who have no empirical knowledge of the subject matter? This is a classic case of entitlement issues from a whole class of people............but that's another story within itself.

Lessons for Mark Medina:

BASKETBALL 101..................

A rebounder never takes his eyes off the shooter or the ball until it has left the shooter's hands.............There is no debate on this subject...............If you do not know that then you have no business covering the sport.

This is true because until the ball leaves the shooters hand you as an offensive rebounder are a potential target!!

If Gasol wasn't such a dimwit and kept his eyes on the ball when Kobe went up............he could have had a layup...................that is 100% the fault of Pau Gasol and a very amatuerish play from Gasol. This has to be beyond frustrating for Kobe because that is just a mindfart from Gasol.

Stop making excuses for Gasol or you will destroy any credibility you have left on this blog.

PSP, just for you from you know who.

The Lakers remain in good hands. Reading Jeanie Buss's book assured me about that. But you know what? I'm an NBA fan, too! Kevin Durant excites me. Blake Griffin excites me. Derrick Rose excites me. The next few years, we will watch teams trying to match up and defeat the Miami Heat just like teams have been trying to match up with the Lakers. It will be exciting stuff!! With Bynum anchoring the paint, we might just try to do some of that matching up ourselves. Who knows? Look. You give champions an opportunity to defend their title. It is ONLY fair! And that is what this loyal owner of the Lakers has ALWAYS done!! In that vein, he has remained consistent. So now we can get excited about some potentially radical changes that lie ahead. Rather than speculate about what those changes might be, let's kick back, relax and enjoy the Lake Show!! Let's see what our now seasoned and brilliant GM has up his sleeve. Let's see what our generous, competitive owner is willing to do. Many Lakers fans threw a fit when we traded Shaq, but look what unfolded and 3 short years later we were back in the NBA Finals. Man is it ever GREAT to be a Lakers fan!

gag me


Probability-wise, it is difficult to win four-in-a-row when Lakers have no answer to the perimeter prowess of Dallas. Maybe we can win Game 4 and 5 but hard to imagine to win the 6th game in Dallas. Mathematically, a good betting will end up in 6th. Brez was right in saying Dallas in 6. We won't admit it eagerly being die hard fans but based on how the game was played in the last 10 games, Lakers have lost their chances to get out of this prison of complacency. It is what it is whether regular season or playoffs, our players lost the hunger and mojo, they are tired of getting rings.

@GDub - From Cliff to one of his protege's. Nice. Sonny can definitely blow. I hope Amit is checking out your selections.

@ms - I wish the Lakers would've took heed to your perfect theme of "Get It Together". They tried but unfortunately Dirk & Co. wouldn't cooperate. After the first couple of selections I was waiting on J5's "Get It Together".

@Edwin - Enjoyed the Martina


The truth about the Lakers over the last few years is, despite the success they have been a flawed team. We have not had any true outside threats to spread the floor. We have all seen Kobe string together some 3's but he is only a 33% career shooter at the 3. Lack of outside shooting makes it tougher on our bigs because Dallas is flooding the paint. Even Jordan helped the last couple of years because he always seemed to hit a few timely 3's during a playoff run. The Lakers had 8 more baskets but still couldn't pull it out because we could only manage three 3 pointers. Dallas had 12.

If we are to make a run, we are going to need someone to hit a few from the outside. It's a shame because we played the right way but were unable to hit a lot of wide open looks so Dallas never really had to challenge us. Start hitting some of those shots and Pau will become more effective. The crowded paint doesn't bother Drew as much because he is just massive and can absorb the pounding but for Pau he really needs the space.

Never say never but in this case, it might come down to Ron Ron having to hit his open looks and we all know what an adventure that can be.


Lakers Sweep if ...

1. Kobe makes a conscious effort to find the best shot available each possession
2. Pau returns to form
3. Bynum continues to play at his current level
4. The Bench contributes anything
5. The defense rotates out quicker to the 3 point shooters.

Posted by: Troll Man | May 07, 2011 at 12:12 AM


evening everyone. excellent summary of what needs to get done troll mang!

jovbatz, i'm right there with you.. FAITH!!

still not panicked about this whole "ordeal." i said i'd panic if we were down 0-3 and down 10 points going into the 4th quarter of game 4. we're down 0-3 but we're not down 10 points going into the 4th of game 4. i'm with kobe on writing history, and there would be no better time to do it.

records aside, this could be the worst team in nba history to win a ring... 3, 4 and 5 game losing streaks in the regular season, a 3 game losing streak in the finals, and overcoming a 0-3 playoff deficit.

we gots it. if any team is capable of blowing a 3-0 series lead with the current remaining playoff teams, it's the mavericks.

game 7 is on 05/15/11 =]

Go Lakers! We still have 1 game to play! Win one and the mountain starts to look easy.


I don't know who you are but you're beautiful! OMG...........what a joy to find such a kindred spirit...........YOU hit the nail right on the head........and if any journalist had the "balls" to write THAT story specifically from that Memphis game last year.............I know the exact game of which you speak............Feb. 1 2010.............Kobe had 44 points and went 16/28 for 57% shooting and gave Ron Artest the wide open shot for the game winner and of course Ron missed it.

It was after that game that Pau wanted more "touches" and Derek Fisher said there should be more "balance" in shot distribution............and that idiot Phil Jackson agreed with it.........................UNFREAKINBELIEVABLE!

That was the beginning of the end for this team and Phil Jackson because Phil destroyed and confused the pecking order in his attempt to "control" Kobe.............Phil has a lot of demons that need to exorcised but it's really too late for this guy and he really should be put out to pasture............while all of his ideas should be boxed up and placed in the hottest incinerator that can be found...................have the ashes removed and taken to the deepest part of the Pacific ocean and buried underneath the plate tectonics of the ring of fire and delivered to the underworld.............never to be seen or heard from again!!!!


Ayyyy, it never ends; but like the PSP said, someone has to answer for the practice season theory just like Carlo had to answer for Santino! Where is my garrote?

PSP Intern


we are the only ones that pointed out that game … MEMPHIS

also WE, you and ME pointed out game 3 of the Lakers OKC in the last year playoffs when the lakers were up by 7, and with 3:42 in the second.

PJ pulled Kobe out.
OKC got confident, Lakers lost the game and the myth of OKC as Juggernaut started.
they were just some kids who had to be swept. But lakers had to win in 6 because PJ was JUST predictable.

And Kobe had to cover Fishers "non-intangibles" of guarding Westbrook!

as much as i want the "Leakers" to come back from 3-0 and to make history, I agree that PJ out of this BB world will be a blessing. And if HE GOES DOWN, I want a GRAND FINALE with all the bells and whistles.

Go Kobe!

I hope at least in Game 4, we will see some KOBE ball, ignoring PJ and all the brain midgets on the TEAM. Whatever the outcome …

The only triangle is the politics of Gasol - PJ - Fisher. They are teabagging US. No0t for LONG.

@Michael H

Yes, the Lakers have won the last 2 titles in spite of their flaws, they are now being exposed by a team capable of exploiting these defects.

@pfunk37 and archived

I also remember that Memphis game and the fallout from Gasol, Fisher, and Phil's reactions and comments. Can't tell you how mad it made me. Ingrates.


It is beyond reason the extent to which Phil has used his zen crap to cloud people's mind. How can anyone not see through his crap? The idiot cannot draw up a simple basketball play, not to talk of come up with a defensive scheme.

Lets not even start with the 'almighty' triangle offense that never gets any of our players good looks. Oy Vey!

PSP Officer

This reminds me a little of the 2002-2003 season when the Spurs re-tooled with Speedy Claxton and Stephen Jackson, etc. and beat the Lakers in 6 games (the Lakers almost came back from a 25-point deficit in game 5, but Horry's last second shot rimmed out).

The reason the Lakers lost then (and now) is because unlike other contenders, the Lakers stood pat during the season at the trading deadline, when others improved. Dallas brought in Peja the dancing queen and we brought in Joe Smith. Peja killed us in the 4th quarter, killed us tonight. Joe Smith, God bless him, never had a chance. Time has killed his talents.

I know Jerry Buss loves money, and I'm aware that the Lakers have the highest payroll in the NBA, but the Sasha deal was made purely to save money, but even after the money was saved, they could've brought in Peja because what this team has lacked for a decade, since Glen Rice, is a knock-down 3-point shooter. As if Dallas needed another 3-point shooter, but they went out and got Peja anyway, while we stood pat, frozen in the past.

I never thought I would say this but the euro dancing queen killed our season tonight with all those dagger 3s. Killed by a dancing queen, what a sorry sight. Mitch, submit your resignation and leave with PJ. That would be the honorable thing to do.




it aint over till boston fan comes to this blog and tells us its over after another mav win.


The truth of the matter is, from what I can see, and from what other fans and media people have said, Pau Gasol is obviously not playing to his full potential. You can see it in his lackadaisical play, you can see it in his body language as well as what he says in interviews. I'll bet my last dollar that he's gotten into some type of heated exchange with one or more of the following people: Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant or Andrew Bynum. IMO, I think Gasol is satisfied with the fact that he's won 2 championship rings with the Lakers, and he doesn't give a dang about winning another one with the Lakers, which would help both Phil's and Kobe's legacies with the organization. Pau is INTENTIONALLY not playing like he should, and in turn, the Lakers are not getting his offense or defense, and the team is down 0-3 because of it. That's my opinion, and I'm sticking with it.

If this turns out to be true (not that we'd ever find out what why he's acting uninterested in the team winning), I don't want him on the team; let him go elsewhere.

All but one man died,
There at Bitter Creek,
And they say he ran away ...

Marked with a coward's shame.
What do you do when you're branded,
Will you fight for your name?

He was innocent,
Not a charge was true,
But the world will never know ...

Scorned as the one who ran.
What do you do when you're branded,
And you know you're a man?

And wherever you go
for the rest of your life
You must prove ...
You're a man!

The end of the Civil War was near
When quite accidentally,
A hero who sneezed abruptly seized
Retreat and reversed it to victory.

His medal of honor pleased and thrilled
his proud little family group.
While pinning it on some blood was spilled
And so it was planned he'd command F Troop.

Where Indian fights are colorful sights
and nobody takes a lickin'
Where pale face and redskin
Both turn chicken.

When killing and fighting get them down,
They know their morale can't droop.
As long as they all relax in town
Before they resume with a bang and a boom
F Troop.


we want 888MVP.
he is accountable.
no JUDGE will save his a$$ from his 6 months of TRASH.
but i will defer to …

What a wasted assessment of the game and of course the fault lies with Kobe. What else is new! Medina give me something real. 79 - 71 Lakers three straight possessions up court empty no execution. Dallas 3 straight possessions resulting in 3 open jump shots behind the arc. There went the game. Everybody has an opinion but unless you exactly understand the game of basketball, exactly played the game of basketball and understand the thinking of the guys around you, it would be hard for you to analyze just how these Lakers lost this game.

In the fourth those 3 Laker possession were the clue to what ails them, each time down the court they neither ran the offense nor took advantage of the matchups. Kobe was on the bench by the way and Odom had Stokavic guarding him and the guy could not guard me. Up eight, even a college coach would have called timeout to talk things over to get a good shot but not PJ. He wanted them to work through it which tells me he was not in tuned with his team but from here in Madrid I could see they were missing an opportunity. When your basketball team is struggling miss opportunities come back to kill you. The coach or the team leader has to guide the team through that mess to wind the game. Neither PG nor Kobe did that and that is the only blame I can assess to Kobe.

PJ eventually called timeout but old MO was with Dallas and the Lakers lost and he watched this unwind. Sometimes as they say the writing is on the wall.

The Lakers will not win this series because:

1) Kobe is damned if he do and damned if he don't meaning he either shoots too little or too much for some people. He is in an unheard of situation because he is playing in hand cuffs.

2) Gasol is lost to these Lakers both mentally and physically and it is painful to watch

3) Odom is the live version of what is wrong with the Lakers right now. On the 3 possessions that I mentioned earlier, he did not accept the challenge of taking the shot or putting a teammate in position to make a shot. His defense was late on Peja. He did just enough when just enough was not good enough

4) The bench contributes nothing and what ever they gain on offense when it happens they give away on defense

5) The Lakers are a fragile team both mentally and physically. Mental xample: Artest clothesline a little guy who didn't even miss the game. Physical example: Ratcliff, Joe Smith, Luke Walton.

Looking forward now to an exciting 2012 season for LA. Kupchak should immediately work on trading Gasol, Brown, Blake, Artest, and Walton.

Kobe, get one for LA. Let's have a graceful exit.

Troll Man -- nice.

MM, you sound pretty sure of yourself that there's no chance the Lakers come back in this series. I wonder if you said the same when the Red Sox fell behind 3-0 to the big bad mighty Yankees in 2004. It had never happened in baseball either, until it finally did. I'm not saying it will with these Lakers, but the NBA is certainly due and these very beatable Mavs ain't no 1989-1990 Pistons, not even the 2004 Yankees.

The Lakers should be up 2-1. Oh, well, it ain't over 'til the fat lady does her thing, and I ain't talking about the fat tub of goo on TNT.

Carrying on the tradition!

Come on, get happy!

Just think! You get to spend the next few years basking in selected memory
of tainted championships and greatness!

Just as predicted.

That's what you have now.

It fits!


Well said.

MITCH KUPCHEK, if you don't do the honorable thing and resign, you BETTER work your ass off trying to be creative and bring in a knock-down 3-point shooter in here! That's what this team needs the most!

Nice job, by the way, on bringing in Ratcliff, Joe Smith, Barnes and Blake. My granny could've done a better job last off-season and she's nearly blind.

WHY is it that you fall in love with any guy who has a great game against the Lakers? Last year, in the final game of the season, you fell in love with Steve Blake after he had a triple-double in a meaningless game against the Lakers. And in 2009, you fell in love with Shannon Brown after he scored 23 points against the Lakers as a member of the Bobcats. Three weeks later, Brown became a Laker as per the Radmanovich trade (another 3-point shooter who didn't worked out).


According to Marc Stein, the Lakers had a "staggering" advantage last night with a 56-20 advantage with points in the paint.

This Dallas team is so beatable, AND WOULD BE, if the Lakers had a knock-down outside shooter (like Ray Allen or Kyle Korver) to complement the inside game!!!!

Stein also brought up another gem: the 2003 first-round series with Portland and Dallas. The Mavs went up 3-0, but true to the Mavs sisssy ways, the series went 7 GAMES!!!

You do a good job, Medina, of giving us the breakdown of the closing moments of the game. And I guess your a journalist, so you have some editorial rights. Still, "There's no way the Lakers win this series" seems a bit overarching. We're talking about Phil Jackson's last season with Kobe Bryant. We are talking about the forging of legends. Can Odom have a legendary game? Yes. Can Fisher save us again if we get there? Yes. Will Kobe Bryant reach Saiyan Level 6? Probably. And can Gasol get his hoops back? It seems more unlikely that he won't.

The Lakers can beat the Mavs 4 times in a row (knocks on wood). The Heat, on the other hand, is a whole other question.

The lowest of days is today. I'm lifeless, listless and plain old PISSED.
Dirk The German have a term for it: "This sucks!"

Cause all complaints aside, I KNOW these guys can keep this series alive!

Could've won Game 1 for sure,
Should'a won Game 2 at home,
Had to win Game 3 to keep me barely happy...
But sadly Wins there were none.


The Dream boils down to Just One Game,
Though it seems many here think we're already dead.
No more looking forward, fans, and no more looking back,
Cause Game 4 is all our Lakers have left.

They either get it together and do it,
Or I too will admit it's time to FADE TO BLACK!

Boston sucks!
Lakers Win Game Four!

It hurts like hell... but like in real life we have to move on.

When the chips are down is easy to attack the same players that gave us 2 championships.

Last year everything came our way so this time we must accept the outcome.

It's frustrating watching Andrew playing his heart out and the team won't respond in the 4th quarter.

It's important to achieve success but it is also important to accept failure.

Keep supporting the team!


ummm,,, look here laker fans,,, derek fisher been old and slow for years. kobe aint no lebron . and phil jackson wants the lakers to lose in a conspiracy to stop kobe from catchin up wit jordan

furthermore,, yall thought it was so funny when my hometown team , memphis beat the spurs, san antonio fans gonna be laffin hard when lakers get swept :) // ahh life is good.. snitches like kobe dont deserve to win , nor psycho thugs like ron artest ,.. but good luck u spoiled , ford focus drivin, cream latte sippin , ed hardy wear , leather smelling laker fans ...

Well, I took my own advice and waited until 4 AM to find out if the Lakers won or lost. Looks like it was a good idea, if only for my personal health perspective.

One of my major takes on this season goes like this: PJ really wanted to get out after last year, but the begging of KB and DF to try one more 3-peat attempt for THEM was his only motive to stay one more season. The problem was that he barely coached the whole season, and really was mentally in Montana as of the last parade. The players felt it and never responded to whatever minimal coaching he threw at them this year. So, Phil just went through the motions (mailed it in) for Kobe and DFish's sake. Kobe had nothing left in the tank and due to his cumulation of injuries and poor attitude teammates he had no chance to work past all the negativity.

I haven't watched the DVR game 3, nor will I until July. I can see from the box score and this summation what happened clear as a bell, because we saw this many times this year and even some last year.

I'll have much more to say on all this off-season stuff, but I already have been putting out much of it over the past 2 months anyway. I agree with whomever said it that MK must go, although maybe without the restrictive rotation garbage PJ has, he may actually be able to bring in more decent bench players and FAs. Knowing PJ has his favorites and doesn't play rookies or much of anybody past #7 (Luke is always around during PJ's run, but will go to #13-15 of the rotation with anybody but PJ starting next year or Monday, however you want to view it), no free agents worth a crap want to come here. A couple tried to get a ring this year, just on the knowledge that Kobe is still here and got at least one more All-Star year in him, but even that will not attract anybody next year, as they have seen this year's meltdown. I hope Kobe gets surgeries he needs in the next two weeks and starts a restful recovery for one last run with what I hope is a rejuvenated team without at least 7-10 of its current roster including Pau. I went through how Pau is their only viable trading chip, in recent posts, and his meltdown this past month or so is reason enough to know something has been wrong and it is time for him to go. Maybe ZBo+ a PG for Pau or some similar trade would get us started towards an actual team that can compete with the current style of the NBA.

I really see only one non-tradeable asset, which is Kobe. LO would normally be there, but his inconsistency throughout a year is maddening. The Hollywood focus of many on this team has got to go, so RA, Shannon also gotta go. Blake was a bust....along with Barnes if we are truthful with ourselves. The vet bigs (TR, JS), and even Caracter will need to go. Maybe keep Ebanks and see what upside he has. DFish will still be here as nobody else will take him although I personally love his leadership style if not so much his recent game. Now there are many assets the Lakers have that are not tradeable because they would never get what the FO thinks is comparable value, like AB, but really outside of Kobe, there is nobody who should be protected. If PJ was unwilling to send a message to his team at anytime this year, except for one quarter this game 3, then maybe shipping them out to some lesser franchise will.

I mourn Kobe's last best chance at another ring. I would also welcome a complete and historic turnaround, but the Lakers that are on the floor this year are not the team that could do it....maybe the 2000 Lakers, but not this one.

Sad.........very sad.

The Lakers can beat the Mavs 4 times in a row (knocks on wood). The Heat, on the other hand, is a whole other question.

Posted by: eddie brock | May 07, 2011 at 02:23 AM

Not going to happen Brock. Go back look at the tape or the highlights. These guys are mentally and physically spent. You can see it in Gasol's face. He just wants this over now. 2/5 of the starting lineup (Gasol and Artest) cannot be relied upon and the bench does not contribute much beside Odom who refuses to accept that he has to do more. Does not make me believe they can win 4 games in a row. Probably get closed out of Sunday. Maybe it just too much to ask.

look out come the lakers

One game at a time. And love to see Drew bringing it. Rest of the Lakers need to feed off of his youth, passion, and strength. Win Sunday and then it is business time.

Face up to the fact that the Lakers lost the series in game one; they have had a miraculous amount of good fortune over the past three seasons when it comes to playoff matchups; injuries to other team key players, upsets that allowed home court advantage to fall into their lap, a lot of balls bouncing their way and winning a lot of games that the other team really should have (think back with a clear mind to games with Orlando, OKC, Boston, Phoenix, Denver etc.). Game one it finally went the other way and that was when the series was lost.

If they had won game one the whole series at this point would be different; much like San Antonio never recovering from losing game one to the Grizz, game one of this series was the end of the Lakers run.

Now Kobe is on the books for 24, 25, and 30 million a year until he is 36, with Andy Bynum at 16 million and Gasoft at 18 million the Lakers are in salary cap hell (Luke is still on the books for two more years at 6 million, Yikes!)

That is how you end up with scrubs like Blake and Brown playing critical minutes in playoff series; not a good format.

This era is over, they have been exposed as the posers they are.

As the leader of this blog The Priest, is optimistic about the lakers future. Not the immediate future because by sunday or wednesday the boys in purple and gold will be bonefishing in Bimini of The Bahamas. But all yall attacking Gastrong should ease up. On a side note I have watched the transformation of a fellow blogger Eddie Gueco. He went from attacking critics of Kobe to calling for them to be banned. Now after the lakers are down 0-3 he launched a vicious attack against the man who went out of his way to protect him and made sure he is comfortable. But the Priest is neither surprised or shocked with the lakers premature demise. I saw it from early in the season and the problem was Kobe Bean Bryant. He was taking too many shots at the expense of his teammates. Then he went on this diatribe about him eating first. To top it off he boycotted attending his mentor and the man who made him a star Jerry West statue unveiling ceremony. People like shaq, pat riley, bill russell all bothered to attend but not the aloof Kobe. Then at the allstar game he hosted an all star bash and didn't invite any of his teammates. Nor did he invite any of his teammates when he had his hands and feet imprinted. i saw this as not only selfish but detrimental to the team's chemistry and comraderie. When i pointed out these ttransgressions i was attacked viciously by mud, hobbitmage, sean, justa etc. Now where are they now because just as The Priest predicted from Jnaury that the SS Lakers ships will sink? I saw kobe playing tentative because he was trying to play team ball yesterday for most of the game. But it was too late as he has spent most of the season destroying team chemistry. It is akin to damage done by termites because from the outside the lakers looked shiny and good but the inside was suffering from decay. But at the end of the 4th his selfishness returned as he refused to pass to Bynum in the post. Next year the lakers need a strong coach who will enforce team play. Fisher's contract will be bought out and kobe will have to be the leader unless they can get CP3. Kobe must spend this summer transforming from the former ball hogging and selfish Black Mamba to.....Magic Johnson.

But people who are depressed should look at the silver lining. First it is better to be beaten by the mavs in which most of the games are competitive than to be destroyed and embarrassed by the Heat. Second Kobe now knows that team beats individuals and he must change. Third, LO now knows that he should stop doing corny shows and concentrate on basketball. Fourth ron knows that he is not a star and no one will ever buy any of his corny rap songs. Fifth derek fisher knows that he is indeed ready for the glue factory. Sixth Jerry Buss now know that he needs a Pop type coach and it is time to let the Phil "Bob knight" Jackson go to Montana. Seven the laker fans especially hobit etc now know that The Priest is always right, the regular season is important and no champioship is automatic. Yall might see these on David Letterman.

All yall were able to see the magnificence of the Beast. He has been shackled and held down by Kobe and his wingmen. If la had unleashed him the series would have been reversed. LA needs a strong coach who can develop rookie players. Everyone is saying the lakers are tired when you have solid rookies like ebanks and caracter gathering dust? Finally this is very important in that nolstalgia doesn't help you win a ring. Fisher represents nolstalgia but he is washed up and we need an upgrade desperately. You look at fisher and he can barely make a layup and is always looking to get a bailout from obama i mean the refs. But i must credit where credit is due to S. Perkins on that one.

Everyone assumes that Kobe realized there was enough time on the shot clock to even make a pass to Lamar (and enough time for Lamar to shoot it). There was enough time, but barely. Just because he was open doesn't mean he would made it either

The Mavs are just better.

The Lakers swapping down and getting worse while Cuban is willing to spend whatever it takes is what did the Lakers in.

Haters and troll time whatever you say haters we dont care...

Its now clear to me that MM is a KOBE hater...its ok MM no worries my friend.We thank you for all youve done on this blog...

To the people who continue to blame this game, and others on Kobe your foolish. If you watch and listen to people who actually played the game, the consensus is the team is tired, Kobe is forced to play as he does because he has to, Pau Gasol has not had a good game all series, and the bench with the exception of Odum is unproductive.
It may make you feel warm and fuzzy blaming Kobe. However, the reality is Kobe is the franchise player and he going to be laker for some time. Deal With It!!!
The bottom line is The Lakers need a new voice PJ can no longer motivate.Pau Gasol is a good player, but he is to fragile mentally and physically to be on this team. Fisher needs to retire, so the team can get a younger point guard. The bench needs to be rebuilt.
Now you folks can sit here all day, and throw insults back and forth. However, the reality is Lakers need to rebuild.
It’s been a frustrating season for me as a fan, and quite frankly I hope it ends soon. Hopefully, Lakers make the much needed changes in the off season. I’m done posting in this blog for a bit, because it is an exercise in frustration reading this blog with the trolls, over emotional fans, etc.

The truth of the matter is kobe is a fantastic individual player but a mediocre team player. But kobe being a mediocre team player is by choice. Rebuild? The lakers have the most talented team in all of basketball. It was just mismanaged. True kupkake filled up the team with old, slow and lumering players but the core is fantastic led by the Mamba. But let's all take a big helping of humble pie and get ready for the lakers off season.

The more I think about this season, the angrier I get with one Mitchel Kupchak.

Why didn't this bastard sign a competent knock down shooter? I know Peja wanted to come to the Lakers. Maybe even Mike Miller. Anyone. Why couldn't he realize that this Laker team has NO pure shooters? How can you have an inside/out offensive philosophy with no pure shooters on your team?

The blame truly belongs to Kupchak.

I miss the Triangulator quotes:

Adande this team is built for winning championship and that is what they do
Buss even when they didn't win i still thought that they would win the ring
kobe is the logo of professionalism
Odom is the swiss army knife of basketball
And the beast goes on

bryant should have been benched when he refused to give the ball to drew
at the beginning. now it's biting them in the butt and it's too late. this is all on bryant wanting to be the big cheese. shaq was right. bryant is no team player. ship him out.

If we can somehow get Howard, play him at the power forward position, keep Bynum and get Kobe healthy, think of what type of team we'd have? Could anybody beat a Kobe/Bynum/Howard team?

Damn you, Mitchel, GET ON IT!

You too, Dr. Buss. Leave your poker games, exotic vacations in China, and your personal 19 year old 'hos alone for a moment, AND GET HOWARD ON THIS DAMNED TEAM.

Damn the both of you.

Put me on the "Lakers can win one game" bandwagon.

If it's not the last bandwagon to go down in flames, I'll consider joining another.

The lakers need knock down shooters but they need speed to get easy buckets. It can't be half court all game long. Get a guard who can push the tempo. We need athletes.

I wouldn't mind getting Jerry Sloan as our coach. I'm not keen on Shaw, and especially not Rambis, who's been hanging around alot lately...

I now want Dallas to win the West. Why? Because they have a better chance at beating Miami than Oklahoma. Dallas has a deep team and good outside shooters, and they have veterans who won't wilt under the pressure of the championships.

Dallas must represent the West in the Finals. There is no other team left that can stop the Heat, damn them.

It's been an ugly season. I remember losses against Cleveland, late season losses against Utah when the Jazz had packed it in, Golden State, and a collapse in a late season loss against Oklahoma City and countless other losses where the Lakers were outhustled and,yes, outcoached.

This team won a lot of games this year, but did not show consistent effort EVER. That's what makes it hard. There is a difference between championship swagger and srrogance. The Lakers have been arrogant. They are about to be swept by a team that is playing harder they are. If they do get swept, arrogance will not be their problem next year. The players who return (and there will be changes) will work harder every game.

This team has been lazy and soft all season and even though I am a huge Laker fan, I can say I hope these players are embarassed by their play and if they get swept, will give great effort every game next year.

Phil should show them the game tape from the game in the regular season when LA ran dallas out of the gym 109-82. Just 2 show them that they can beat dallas. If anyone can overcome 0-3, its the Lakers and Phil Jackson. They can do it.

Where have ALL the shooters gone, to Dallas one by one. Where was Mitch when Stojakovic was in play. He's the difference in advancing. Sad.

Shannon showed some grit and then was on the bench for the non-finish. Why?

Get Donnie Nelson in the off season by hiring his father as coach. Senior brought Dirk to the USA 10+ years ago. An eye for talent that we don't have

Time to Salvage the totaled season....

/\\ _____
/ \\____/__|__\__
/ | _ | _ `|

Now that the wheels have blown completely off the threepeat-mobile, the Laker Tow Truck will attempt to tow the broken vehicle back to Los Angeles.

We'll do our best, but in cases like these, usually the totaled vehicle is auctioned off for parts once we get it to the lot. In some cases, a mechanic will repair the damage and make the vehicle like-new again. The title will read "Salvaged"

There is hope that someday this thing may drive again.

So who's with me?

Take this thing back to LA!!

Ah man... how do guys get the space bars to work on these things?

Can someone repair the Laker Tow truck? LOL

We have been blowing 4th quarter leads throughout the season. Now i wonder where that Kobe MVP dude is. Dude called me a poser just for calling the team out on that. Championship teams do not do that. So here we are. SO i hope we all agree that the regular season is important after all.

Dude and dudettes...Yes the time has come to look into the mirror and say...IT'S OVER. All the talk over the practice season about breaking the Bulls record, arrogant players, arrogant coach and ARROGANT fans. No respect for the GAME, now faced with humiliation and embarrassment. Couldn't happen to a better organization. Ask yourself this question...leaving now to the BEAT DOWN of Mav's or Completely DESTROYED by the HEAT. And ooh yes, the same Heat the team I've push all season with the KING, would MOP the floor with you. I'm not here to talk crap today knowing that most of the blog27 won't show up because of shame. Due to their STUPID post all season, I'm here to let you Bozo's know that it's not worth taking your SAD and Pathetic life. The sun will shine tomorrow, maybe not to bright.
And the NEW NBA Champs your MIAMI HEAT

don't know how true is this, buy pau is heart broken from breaking up with fiance...

Ok ... We finally got what we wanted didn't we?

Inside-Outside basketball.

Odom took 16 shots. Bynum 16 shots. Kobe 16 shots. Pau 13 shots.
Kobe had a team high 6 assists.

Kobe shot 50%. Odom shot 50%. Bynum shot better than 50%.

and ... We dropped the game in the 4th quarter.

Wouldn't it have been nice if we'd had someone who could create their own
shot last night?

Wouldn't it have been nice if we'd had a shooter coming off the bench last night?

I'm looking at the points for Chandler & Haywood. hmmm .... don't see a lot
of points or shots for them. Yet, they seemed to have contained our
greatest assest [ our size/length ].

And that *TALL* lineup that has been talked about for years ... made what
kind of difference?

re: Blaming Kupchak. Why would you blame him? He makes no trades w/o
authorization from the Buss'. You know that.

Missing a super-quick 6'9 defensive minded SF who was a cutter.
Missing a sharp shooter with nice hair.
Missing some youth.

Grateful to Kobe for playing hurt & not mailing it in.
Grateful to Bynum for growing up.

Island Priest,

What Island are you from? I ask, because I want to make sure that I *NEVER*
visit that island. You post the most idiotic things I've ever read.

example: The truth of the matter is kobe is a fantastic individual player but a mediocre team player.

The fact that you wrote this about the individual who had the most assists
last night, while playing injured, is just a sign that there is nothing logical/
rational about your posts.

Bottom line Lakers lost b/c Jerry Buss refuses to spend beyond luxury tax limit.See Mark Cuban.

Keen Observer,

you wrote: We have been blowing 4th quarter leads throughout the season. Now i wonder where that Kobe MVP dude is.

my response: You mean that Kobe MVP dude who's playing with the jacked-up
fingers, sprained ankle & the knee that's almost bone-on-bone?

While there is a chance for a historic come-back ...

very few believe.

Here's a silver lining. Kobe can get whatever surgery he needs because he'll
have plenty of time to heal.

might as well have him do the fingers as well. :)

S.Perkins- Dude... I read your comments all season, most of the blog27 posted and treated you like a TROLL with no respect of your knowledge of the game. To me you've been spot on all season regarding Fish play on the court, hell Ray Charles...well not Ray, but Stevie Wonder saw Fish game was DEAD.
The Heat...I know people don't want to hear this, the Heat Wade, The KING will ring SUPREME. Just one man's opinion, just sayin.

Island Priest,

I can't answer your post if I'm sleeping, now that I'm awake I will give it a try.

First of all, I'm not a leader of this blog, I'm just an aging fan too like precious artifact, Fisher to be preserved in the Lakers museum. I am not ready to jettison Kobe Bryant if that is what you are alluding too. He has his weaknesses but in terms of efforts and spirit, he is the only player there wanting to win. Is the fellow misdirected with his wants? Maybe. Does he still have the fire in his belly? You bet. He needs new teammates and perhaps prepare also for his glorious exit at some time in the future. Fisher and Kobe gave us a good run for Championship since 2000, tho' they started 16 years ago with the team. All we can say, THANK YOU Fish for the great run but it is now time to hang up the glove or your jersey (Fisher) in your own closet. Please don't drag the reputation of this city to oblivion.

At 0-3, Island Priest we are and I am still a Laker fan. I know it we are in the edge of defeat and only a miracle could save this team. As a fan, I'm also a realist. This is like saying I love my car which benefitted me all these years but it's time to change for a new one. You can't do anything more when the engine and transmission are giving up. It is also like a tire or a battery, they have a prescribe life for prime use, afterwards need to re-tire or change batteries endangering one's life.

How about you Island Priest, what good have you done as a fan aside from appearing as a CONJUGAL HATER of Kobe? You love to put yourself in the pedestal as if you are a basketball know-all columnist. Unfortunately, with all your posts, you are repeating yourself, beat more drum in order to attract attention. Having said that, you have not created a niche in this blog to believe on what you say. You are too predictable with your usual drawl in hating Kobe. Reading your post is like taking a placebo pill just to beat Cancer. If you believe with your pills of doubt, go ahead tell us more. We have to just forgive you for dragging the reputation of priesthood to your casual narcissism.


No NBA team has ever managed to come back from a 3-0 deficit in the playoffs to win a series.

REALLY NOW??!!!! Try the Lakers on Sunday! Just try our effin LAKERS!!!!!!!!!

Sh*t! I'm gonna ride this LAKESHOW no matter where it goes!!!!

Call me crazy or what, I STILL EFFIN BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One game at a time! Be back on Sunday after we win and a 1-3 series.

For tomorrows boxing match , Go Manny Pacquiao!!!


Posted by: JovBatz24 | May 06, 2011 at 11:03 PM

JovBatz24, thats not believing, thats just being delusional.

Laker Nation stand up. Is this the end of the dynasty? I just don't think so! Let's get one, and then go home. The more we win, the more DAL will fold. Those contested threes they nailed cannot keep happening! Stop hating!

Dude...How about a BANDWAGON to "NOT GET EMBARRASS THE NEXT GAME". You know you're getting SWEPT, just please don't HUMILIATED on national TV on MOTHER'S DAY. Have a little pride and self respect for yourself.... ooOOH my bad, this is the same team that loss to the CAV'S. What PRIDE, please not the ky jelly again.

Hobbit you remembered what Jerry Buss said in one of his rare interview? That aross the board this laker team was his most talented. Of course he had better individual players west, wilt, kareem, magic worthy shaq etc. But from 1 to 9 talent except Fisher. So if the Priest is a moron explain to me how the Lakers team is getting swept by a choke artist Mavs team?

my response: You mean that Kobe MVP dude who's playing with the jacked-up
fingers, sprained ankle & the knee that's almost bone-on-bone?

Posted by: hobbitmage | May 07, 2011 at 07:38 AM


Hobbit, not funny! If you are granting the lawyer asylum in your dojo, you better flush him out. He has to answer for the practice season theory like Carlo had to answer for Santino. The PSP already has an "arrest warrant" ready for him; the charges include fraud amongst others.

PSP Officer

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