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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson talk strategy during Game 4 of their Western Conference semifinal playoff series against the Dallas Mavericks. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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Why is there a need for a chat that is not about the Lakers? Are we not chatting in this blog in a slow motion? Are u competing with MagicPhil R & C site? Beats me, when the machine has been cold since Lakers collapsed and getting revved up today suddenly u discouraged people from going on with their discussion. Blogging is like singing, it is about timing with feelings.

Geez with the money he is saving Buss can buy his GFs (pretty sexy young things) more gifts or erect a KAJ pavillion outside of Staples.

LakerTom: Rubio and Love would be a great tandem to target. Rubio has really struggled with his shot in Spain this past Euro season but his handle/speed/passing would be a godsend to revitalize this team. I saw somewhere the T'Wolves are looking to move their picks, I believe a #2 and #20, perhaps a package deal could be put together.

I love L.O.'s size and versatility, but I'm with you on reluctantly putting him on the trade-block if that's what it takes. Pau too. Well, basically everyone not named Kobe or Andrew should be available. They could use some muscle, Artest might fit their needs. Pau. Veteran savvy in Fisher. For the right trades of course, not just blowing up and starting over.

Hate to talk like this, seemingly give up on this team but I disagree with Kobe in thinking this group merely needs to be tweaked and will continue to contend.

About Fisher, if anyone has 'earned' the right to retire in purple and gold he is it. He might have a low trade value, but unfortunately it's a business and the Lakers need to stay competitive.

Should be interesting, that's for sure.

- - -

Hobbit: Que pasa hombre?

I was referring more to slow/plodding players at the 4/5 positions rather than strictly 7-footers. I don't believe Horace Grant was a 7-footer either, more like 6'9 or 6'10.

Rambis was a scrapper, a battler. He was undersized like Noah or Kevin Love now, but he had a big heart. I was referring though to his speed because that is one thing you mentioned in your previous post as a reason you thought 2 slow 7-footers couldn't coexist.

You are also arguing that Lamar and Pau are both not 7-footers. That is true since L.O. is technically a couple inches short. But they are both post players, both bigs and even though L.O. is a couple inches short of being a 'true' 7-footer, he could play center on about 20 other teams and PF on all of them. Look at how he was used in the FIBA's last year.

So, are you arguing more about footspeed? Two slow bigs can't coexist on the floor together? Or is your argument more about size, and you hold that two players that are 7-footers doesn't work - and they must literally be 7-feet tall and not an inch or two shorter. Just wondering.

As for Jerry West, he has been making some irking-type comments for a while now. I don't consider him bitter, but when he came out last year and said LeBron was a better player than Kobe - and later reversed himself I considered that to be more of a jab at Kobe than a real reflection of things. Anyways, I think Kobe would make a terrific distributor at point, it's at the defensive end of things that we would see him wear down. I don't believe he ever had to defend as much quickness at the position back then than we see now.

We can agree to disagree about Bynum's play during the Finals, we've already had that go-round a few months back. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lakers in '08 would have given the Celtics a much tougher time - if not won it - if Drew wasn't injured. Remember, we were also down Mihm our backup center and the C's correctly exploited our frontcourt. But there is no doubt the last two years Bynum has played a tremendous role in getting us those rings.



The PSP is getting handle jacked too? Haha, I literally laughed out loud while reading the comment. Btw even with moderation idiotic comments like that are still getting through; fact is moderation or not, anyone that is determined and has an ounce of IP networks knowledge can wreak havoc on this blog.

PSP Officer


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


@CCX... As usual, we’re thinking on the same wave length. I would love to somehow manage a trade for Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio. The problem is that Love is on his rookie contract and only makes $4M per year while Rubio counts as zero in a trade. Would Minnesota trade Love and Rubio for Lamar Odom? If so, that could work. More likely, they would want Pau Gasol in trade and want us to take back a bad contract, which we would not want to do.
That is also why I am doubtful of a Bynum for Dwight trade. There are going to be other teams out there who would love to get Dwight and would be willing to take back a bad contract with Arenas or Turkoglu. That is why I think the chances of the Lakers making a Drew for Dwight deal are just a fantasy. Drew and Lamar for Dwight and Turkoglu. I don’t see that really helping our deficiency at the point guard position or improving our perimeter defense.

@888... It’s a shame the way the trolls have forced MM to turn off instant posting. It makes the LA Times Lakers Blog slow down so much that people are jumping off like rats on a sinking ship. Hope MM can change that. Far as I am concerned, it comes down to a commitment to respond to posts more quickly, whether to delete unacceptable posts when instant posting is on or to approve posts when moderation is on. Either way, delays will kill the dialog that has been a big part of success.
Frankly, I don’t think much of Ford, Telfair, or Barea. None of them play defense or are outstanding 3-point shooters. I also think chances are high that the Lakers are NOT going to promote Shaw and are going to go outside the organization for a coach who is younger and will return the team to a more wide open offensive strategy. Buss wants to say so long to the Triangle Offense. That means that we must trade Pau or Lamar for a premier true point guard if we are going to run any other offense.
Personally, I think getting a top flight point guard who can defend and penetrate and shoot the 3 is the right move at this point in time. We would be better off trading Pau or Lamar for Cp3, DWill, or Felton. Personally, I would prefer the Pau for DWill trade. It would give us a great lineup with Kobe, DWill, Artest, Odom, and Bynum as our starting lineup. I salivate at the thought of DWill feeding the ball to Drew and Lamar in the post or setting Kobe up for easy midrange jumpers off screens.
My problem with Curry is that he is small and does not play defense and the Warriors will not trade him without requiring that a team take on Biedrins’ bad contract. With the new CBA around the corner, I seriously doubt the Lakers want to take on more salary and a Gasol for Curry, Biedrins, et al trade. If we really want to trade Pau, why settle for anything less than Chris Paul or Deron Williams. At least that’s my take on the situation. And while I would rather keep Lamar over Pau, the easiest deal to probably make would be Odom for Felton, which I think is a serious possibility.

Half of Jax's salary is probably too much IMO.

This is the problem with players also. Why should someone like LO get half the salary of KB? He's surely not bringing in half the value - producing half the results, generating half the jersey sales, etc... same thing here.

If you can find me a coach with half the rings, say 5 of em, then pay that guy half the salary. Unfortunately, there's only one of those out there and JB would have to give him a massive ownership stake to come back to LA.

I don't even think Sloan would be worth half the salary.

Am I wrong? If so, please tell me

Posted by: Practice Season Police | May 24, 2011 at 12:47 PM

actually you were not handle jacked. in his enthusiasm for sauna action, the "poser" misspelled your handle:


not a smart "dude"

@PSP/edwin... Count me in as another disgruntled blogger these days.. I don't even know where to start.. Is there even a suggestion box around here? But one things for sure.. MM will just keep on marchin to the beat of his own drum!

Just so everyone knows, I will take the job for 1/2 of Jackson's salary.


I have arranged lunch with one of the top online editors next week to go over some of these issues. I'm doing the best I can but frankly it's a lot that's beyond my control regarding the tech issues. Unfortunately this is also some of management's control too because the Typepad format is under the direction of Tribune based in Chicago. But hopefully I can find some resolutions because I don't like this situation either.

@Laker Tom - yes, I agree that ORL will insist on taking Turkoglu's contract. I doubt anyone would sniff that Arenas albatross. It is worse than the Rashard Lewis contract Smith traded away to get it.
I think the same problem would exist in NO. They will probably want you to take Okafor AND Paul. Yes, that would help the PG situation, but unless it's Bynum that would leave you with two centers!!
And Bynum doesn't work, so you'd have to add LO. NOW, the question is - do you think Paul, Bryant, Artest, Gasol and Okafor is an upgrade on your current team?

Good luck to BOTH teams.............I heard Rondo and Krstic for Steve Nash, Lopez and Pietrus! The things that are out there, huh?


Hola. Que tal?

my argument is more about footspeed/quickness vs. actually height. The
caveat to this is that you do get quicker as you get smaller. So.

I don't have a problem w/ 2 7-footers. However, both of our 7-footers
are slow. We could probably get away with one, but not both. In additon
to them being slow, they're not defensively minded. This year, neither of them
hustled. Hence my comments about 3/4 on 5 basketball.

re: Kobe as a distributor. I don't disagree with this at all. I think our
personnel is the problem. At this point in time, we have no one who can
create their own shot except for Kobe. Therefore, if Kobe is in distributor
mode, I just play stay at home defense and the lakers lose.

re: Bynum's play. Sure. Let's agree to disagree. I've clearly argued that it
was the SF's play that doomed us in 2008 not the play of Pau at C. Furthermore,
I substantiated my hypothesis by looking at the record of the bulls &
the record of the Lakers against Orlando & Boston in 2010. If we had had a
healthy Ariza, circa 2009, in 2008 we would have beaten Boston. Fwiw,
I still have one or two of the Lakers vs. Magic games on the recorder and
looked at it w/in the last few months just to validate my observation about

It is also validated by what Artest did against Pierce last year.

Drew would have been a non-factor against Boston in 2008. He would have
been in foul trouble. He wouldn't have known how to play with Pau. He
hadn't gotten the memo that "defense wins championships".

The Celtics exploited our SF position more than anything else. Go back and
check the numbers. There's a 15 pt. differential b/n Vladamir Radmonivic
and PP for just about every game. Oddly enough this ties into Pierce being
the NBA finals MVP that year.

@GGBHL ... Obviously, I am not in favor of trading Bynum for Howard or any player. It just seems foolish to me to try and upgrade the center position when we have far more serious needs at point guard and small forward. Trading Drew and Odom for Dwight and Turkoglu would totally change both teams but still leave the Lakers with a problem at point guard. Now trading Gasol for Chris Paul or Daren Williams or trading Odom for Raymond Felton would be better moves in my opinion.
I had not heard about the Rondo and Kristic for Nash, Lopez, and Petrius trade. Talk about crazy stuff. I think trading Perkins in the long run may be good for the Celtics. Both teams have this problem where their starting lineups have a couple of guys who just cannot shoot the damn ball. With us, it’s Fisher and Artest whose slowness and lack of offensive punch is killing us. With you, I always thought it was the combination of Rondo and Perkins on the floor that made you easy to guard.
@MM... Is there any possibility that you could require TypePad logins in order to post? If so, that would be the best solution to this dilemma. It would not require changing blog software. A few luddites might quit rather than signing up for TypePad, FaceBook, or Twitter but if a real old timer like me can do it, so can everybody else. It only hurts for a couple of minutes. Anyway, just a thought.

Laker Tom - I already tried that experiment and most were opposed to it. I now have it as optional.

Mark M.

With due respect I think it is within your control. LakerTom gave u the formula which was the way we were during the KBros time i.e. ..."Far as I am concerned, it comes down to a commitment to respond to posts more quickly, whether to delete unacceptable posts when instant posting is on or to approve posts when moderation is on." The key there is if there is a moderation, don't go beyond two minutes now if it is instant posting, once a poster reminds you that it is his not post, delete it. We are not really that difficult, it's easy somebody must just be at the barn watching the cows. Another thing, we are in slow state of Laker affairs right now, people are having some conversation in the other thread, it takes time for them to compose their read-react-respond,(because there is also a life to live) suddenly u cut it with intro of another thread. The question on the blogger: Shall I' repost or shall forget it and move on. Let the blog continue on its crescendo, in fact u should intervene to join conversations but don't intervene to halt conversations. YOur blog is like a plant, you'd know when it needs watering and more fertilizer. Of course, when there is a breaking news.... UNLESS they chose a new PJ successor or traded a Laker player, then u can interject anytime. MM, I hope u don't mind if I make constructive criticism, it is for the good of your blog, you are a great writer but a momentum- stopper moderator.

@MM... You’re going to have to make a choice. You cannot continue to remain lodged between the rock and the hard place. This blog will die as far as commentators unless you do. If you do have the ability to require logins via TypePad in order to post, I think you need to implement that immediately.
I would bet after a small rebellion from a few posters, most of us would gladly accept the login if it would restore instant posting and keep the trolls at bay. Let’s take a vote on it. Here is the poll:
(1 ) Require TypePad login in order to post comments on blog. This would restore instant posting and prevent trolls from hijacking blog handles or posting obscene or unacceptable comments.
(2) Continue as we are now with moderation but no instant posting. This would allow comments to be posted without having to login to TypePad, Twitter, or FaceBook.
So people, speak up! We have a simple solution that will work if you support it. For the good of the blog, I am willing to sign in rather than see this great community crash. How about you?

(1 ) Require TypePad login in order to post comments on blog. This would restore instant posting and prevent trolls from hijacking blog handles or posting obscene or unacceptable comments.


Perhaps I don't understand the technology, but how would signing in prevent trolls from posting obscene or unacceptable comments?

Why couldnt they continue the hit and run procedure of just making up a name and signing in with it then have at it?

yellofever - I apologize for your grievances. We are trying the new system tomorrow regarding requiring everyone to sign in. Hopefully this helps solve the issues we're having

Edwin - I don't take any of your criticisms personally. I'm glad you are honest. But at times I wish you'd keep in mind that as annoying as you may feel that your gripes about the login system aren't being handled, I'm equally annoyed. That being said, I've already laid out the issues that we're tied down with typepad and the limited options we face. The ultimate solution is frankly something beyond my control as well as The Times because Tribune is dictating that all its papers use Typepad. I am meeting with one of the online editors to discuss these type of issues, but please understand that the limited solutions isn't because of any negligence on our part. I've stated my grievances with Typepad to management numerous times. They equally share that sentiment too. But unfortunately these kind of things take painfully long to solve.



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