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Lakers Chat: Will Mike Brown be a good fit for the Lakers?

Talk everything Lakers in the chat box below!

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Mike Brown, former head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Credit: Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

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you wrote: you guys are talking about hypothetical situation, so lets just leave it at that or else you can talk about this for eternity and you wont find a solution, but you will get different people stating different opinion, which means that discussion isnt going anywhere lol

my response:

you're right. it is hypothetical. it is opinion. it means less than a cow fart in

Oddly enough, when these same sort of things were argued in October,
November, December, Jan ... blah blah blah ... a lot of hypothetical things
were written about Phil Jackson going for 3-peats, practice season, blah, blah,

It turns out that a lot of those hypothetical issues, were actually spot on.
So maybe these hypothetical situations that we're currently discussing are
actually pertinent to the coming season/situation?

Everything is pertinent.

We were told that what happens in December has NO bearing on what happens in June. Apparently it does. What a shocker.

@MM... Even politics with all of its conspiracy theories can’t match the unadulterated drama and zaniness that surrounds the Lakers franchise. Before Phil even gasses his ride and heads to Montana, bloggers have criticized and condemned the Lakers decision to hire Mike Brown as their next coach and accused Jim Buss of disrespecting Kobe Bryant by not discussing their decision with him.
Frankly, I’m glad that the Lakers did not discuss their coaching decision in advance with Kobe who had already declared that he supported promoting Brian Shaw to succeed Phil as the next head coach. Including Kobe in the process would have just continued the sense of entitlement that led Kobe to free lance on offense and defense and make disconcerting comments about the team’s pecking order.
It’s obvious there is a huge disconnect between the players who supported Shaw and the front office that obviously believed it was time for a change because of the embarrassing way the season ended.
I also believe that the Lakers front office declined to involve Kobe in the coaching situation because they wanted to hire a coach whom they thought would be able to regain control over the players.
Kobe clearly laid out his requirements for the new head coach, which specifically included a defensive orientation. What he probably really wanted more than a defensive coach was just another coach who would give him the freedom and trust on the court that Phil had given him to do what he wanted. I think Jim and Jerry Buss were tired of a team that refused to take advantage of their superior length and wanted to clearly so in a new direction where the coach coached and the players followed orders.

I think Brown is a solid decision with the right assistant coaches to help with the offense. The addition of someone like Messina from Europe is a great idea also, but adding Perkins and any other defensive coach makes no sense. Brown needs an assistant coach that is an offensive guru to help implement an effective offensive scheme.

I think the lack of a consistent offense in Cleveland was due to a lack of offensive players besides Lebron, I don’t think that will be an issue here. We can only be optimistic from this point forward and excited for what the future holds.

Did I read that Hobbit would take David Lee over Bynum with some training from Kareem ect.? I know Hobbit is all over the place all the time but that was the most ridiculous and irrational of them all.

Before the playoffs started I stated that I thought Dallas was an excellent team that was two deep at every position and needed to be reckon with (of course I picked the Lakers), I pointed out that they have a go-to-guy with big men and shooter all around him. I said “what’s not to like about Dallas” (said it before the little man).
Seriously what is not to like about Dallas being the Champions? Dallas over Miami in 5! Dirk is a legend, one of the best playoff runs by an individual in years.

Have I mentioned how much I HATE R. Westbrook’s game, what a joke. The same people that like him were probably Vince Carter and T-Mac fans. I didn’t think they would get past Memphis nor did I think they deserve to. Van Gundy called him the “wild thing”; only time that idiot ever made me laugh.

I couldn’t believe that someone already had NBA4ever registered, it made me mad. Are you kidding me, I need to know who has it. I’m still trying to figure out everyone’s handle on here. Seriously though what are the odds that NBA4ever was taken already? I’m excited as ever about next year as I was bored with this season before it ever started, the longest strangest and most frustrating season in 30 years. Bynum SHOULD be the focus of our offense next year!

How long have you been following the Lakers intensely? Doesn’t matter, what does matter is that you study the Laker’s history and lore. The Laker’s lore has always been that the regular season was just a practice season; it started way back with Jerry West.

Just because the Laker’s went out like they did doesn’t mean it justifies your stance and makes MVP888 wrong. The regular season is just that, a practice season for the real season. That is why as a true historic Laker fan you don’t get too low when we lose one or two here or there or even if we lose 3 in a row.

This year however it was a foregone conclusion by the way they “practiced” all year, deep down inside I knew they were not going to win it; I just had to keep the faith and be optimistic and hope for the best. It was obvious at the end of the year there was no chance in hell we were going to win it. Was I disappointed? Only because I knew they had the talent, it was “a wasted year”.

It was like the grandpa dying slowly in front of our eyes all year vs dying suddenly. Disappointed but not devastated. You can’t flip the switch when you never had it wired in the first place.


You called?


The current system will work well the PSP think; once you sign up for one of the many options available then you are good to go. Of course handle jacking and such can still occur but it will probably be at a minimum. I suspect it's one person ( won't mention names) that has been doing the handle jacking but the PSP digress.

As for this coaching thing, of course they should have consulted Kobe. He deserves at least that much for all he has brought to the Lakers over the years.

Also Howard is in a different stratosphere than Bynum and anyone that is picking Bynum over Howard has been smoking some of that good good. (Again, not mentioning names :-) ... )

PSP Officer


I expect the title of your next thread to be:

"Derek Fisher should've been consulted about Mike Brown hire"...

As co-captain of the team and as the one that Kobe said they wouldn't have won those championships without him and as the Lakers inspirational leader, he surely deserved to be consulted so he could smooth the way for coach Brown with the other team members.

And this can be the last sentence of this new thread:

"Should this monumental gamble backfire, it'll be easy to trace back a few steps to where it could've all been avoided. One of those steps would've involved contacting Fish beforehand."


Haha, good choice on your new handle since the other was taken.

The PSP calling out 888 really borders on a lot of different things. The PSP is booking people into cells right now so dont have a lot of time but here are a few things:

First, whenever we would lose he would post that it didn't matter that we lost and that it's meaningless. I vehemently disagreed with that; perfection comes with practice and old habits die hard. You cannot expect to play like high school kids for 82 games then suddenly become all world stars overnight. (Shaq is the sole owner of "the switch", and he took it with him when he left)

Then of course the fact that he insulted and denigrated me for weeks simply because of my handle; Of course after a while the PSP responded in kind with insults as well but that is btw.

You notice that the PSP has never been in serious altercation/arguments with anyone other than 888. However, can you say the same about him?

To be continued...

PSP Intern


re: Did I read that Hobbit would take David Lee over Bynum with some training from Kareem ect.? I know Hobbit is all over the place all the time but that was the most ridiculous and irrational of them all.

my response: Why? Why is it ridiculous/irrational that a C/PF with
training from Kareem would be a match/better than another?

When will "size is everything" go away and we can actually start watching
how the players are playing?

Is Bynum bigger than Lee? Yes.
Does Bynum play harder than Lee? Not so far.
Has Bynum played through injuries? You betcha.

What I'm saying is that so much has been made about Bynum's size &
skillset w/o anybody asking the question ... if we gave the same tuteledge to
another player would they perform better or worse than Bynum &
would that translate to more wins or losses for the Lakers.

Y'all said repeatedly that the success of the Lakers depended on Bynum.

So ... It's May and the Lakers aren't playing anymore. Maybe some of the
comments about what Bynum brings aren't as accurate as we were led to

What I said before still stands. I'd like to see the Lakers field a team of players
who are committed to playing hard at both ends of the court.

Being 7-ft tall serves no purpose if you can't get back on defense.


Like I said it doesn't matter if it is a game here or there, or if we got blown out by Miami once. It does matter when you lost 2 or 3 and then lose to Cleveland and Toronto before the all-star break and then lose 5 in a row at the end of the season.


Exactly, the PSP agree hundred percent with you. However, the point still remains that when we were going through those horrible slump losing to chump teams, he was still calling those games/stretches meaningless and yada yada. The archives is(are) your friend.

PSP Intern


I expect the title of your next thread after the one that says Derek Fisher should have been consulted to be:

"Pau Gasol should've been consulted about Mike Brown hire"...

Pau can legitimately claim that before he arrived the Lakers were not a championship team. It wasn't until Pau arrived that the Lakers went to 3 consecutive finals and won 2 of them.

And your next thread after that should be:

Andrew Bynum should've been consulted about Mike Brown hire"...

After all, everyone knows that Jim Buss and Bynum are "bros".
Buss is Bynum's 'main man'.

And if Buss wants Bynum to be more of a focal point for the team what better way to elevate his status than consult him about the new coach hire to send a message.

And the next thread?

Luke Walton should've been consulted about Mike Brown hire"...

I mean come on, Luke has earned more money for less work than perhaps any other Laker in history.

He has a 30 yr contract so since he will be around forever, or has been around forever, (or maybe it just feels that way), certainly he of all people should have been consulted.

Oh that's right, he's Phils son.
Oops, never mind on that one...


Love the Captain and all but I think you are giving him way too much credit with the development of Bynum. The reason I think it is irrational is that saying David Lee would be that much better with that tutoring is the difference. That might be true if they had both been in the league for just 2 or 3 years, but at this point they are what they are with the exception of Bynum for numerous reasons.

First, He has never really been able to reach his potential because of injury setbacks.

Second, He has never been able to play as much as Lee from the beginning since he was a rookie coming to a team that always has expectations even in 06’. He never got the playing time that Lee has.

Lastly, if he had been the focal point for a team the last couple of years he would have developed more rapidly than having to eat third or fourth.

Finally, I do think it is time for him to eat first or second depending on the opponent or at least eat equally with Kobe and Gasol at the table. Only then will we truly know what he is capable of.

Do you think he doesn’t play hard at both ends of the court? Does Kobe? Just like Shaq needed to scale back his game for Kobe and didn’t, it is now time for Kobe to be the bigger man and do the same for Bynum.

Re: Kobe not being consulted on Brown

Yo Kobe, payback's a biatch isn't it?

Remember when you were a young whippersnapper in 2004 driving out Shaq so you can be the man in LA?

How does it feel being the "old guy now"? LOL...LMAO

I think the Lakers should trade Kobe...he's clearly done

Kobe = Kareem in the eyes of the Lakers brass

Anybody remember Kobe calling Jerry Buss a dumba** ?

@Art, don't hold your breath. On the just-completed chat Medina said that only Kobe need be consulted. Nobody else.

His response to the question of whether Kobe's teammates would have had the right to feel slighted by the team "disrespecting" them by not giving them the same "consultation" opportunity never came....


you wrote: Love the Captain and all but I think you are giving him way too much credit with the development of Bynum. The reason I think it is irrational is that saying David Lee would be that much better with that tutoring is the difference. That might be true if they had both been in the league for just 2 or 3 years, but at this point they are what they are with the exception of Bynum for numerous reasons.

my response: How can you say this? You do realize that Bynum played less
than 4 years of high school and no college ball, right?

secondly, you cannot use they are what they are. Why? Because according
to LakerTom ... Bigs take longer to develop. If you're going to give Bynum
leeway behind that argument then you have to apply it to other players as

re: Bynum eating before Pau & Kobe. We can agree to disagree. If Bynum
had eaten before Pau & Kobe, we would not have won a blessed thing.
Both Kobe & Pau are olympians and champions at some level. Bynum hasn't
won jack. Furthermore, Bynum is slow & doesn't know how to play w/

Go back to Lakers vs. Nets beginning of this year. *I* said, "Lopez should be
a good test." KobeMVP888 laid into me like a canadian w/ an axe. LakerTom
clowned me from the sidelines saying that I didn't know what I was talking

Then Lopez took a 4 x 4 to Bynum.

re: Shaq vs. Kobe and scaling back. You seem to be unclear on the concept.
Allow me to educate you.

2nd box down. His playing time was down by 5 minutes from 4 & 5
years before. His attempts are just about rock steady. If he's playing
5 minutes less, why did Bynum step up and score more?

The difference b/n Shaq & Kobe is that Kobe always comes into camp
ready to play & Shaq didn't. Furthermore, there's what happened when
Kobe went into distro mode, which Shaq could never do. Finally, you
still haven't addressed what the rest of the NBA said about the Lakers.
to quote KG: We thought we could run on the Lakers.

How many knee surgeries did Shaq have?

I am bouncing around a bit, but there are so many targets. The bottom line
is that Kobe has been far more professional than either Shaq or Bynum.
there's also the issue that no one can create their own shot except for Kobe.
Unless you want to argue that Ron Artest can do this? :)

We just played 4 games of throwing the ball inside and we got swept. The
bottom line is that Bynum has not performed up to the standards of his
promoters. I am not saying get rid of him. I am not bashing him. I am
saying that he's slower than molasses in the winter time and in this era of
athletic players .... going with a slow C as the focal point of the offense is
begging for failure.

Mitch Kupchak interview on the Dan Patrick show today...interesting

quick excerpt...Mike Brown's offense has similar principles (sp) as the triangle.

If Brown has similar principles as the triangle, then just implement the triangle and use Shaw as your offensive coordinator.

Easy Game.

Leo Goose,

Didn't see the chat, thanks for the info, not surprised.

Memo to Brian Shaw: get yourself a good agent. Look at Mike Brown...

Art, you didn't miss much. Just a lot of over the top exclamations about how the Lakers are an organization on the decline, as evidenced by their utter lack of respect for their best player. Lots and lots of that, as well as the nonstop "Mike Brown is a disaster" talk from the Chicken Little otherwise known as Jon K.

WOW! Lots of commentators here who seem like their real name is Andrew Bynum, not their alias blog handle! Losing respect for some of your memory retention and blindness!

For those of you throwing Kobe under the bus: he is the reason we had been to the Finals 3 years in a row, and I can easily make a case that "Shaq's Laker" teams in the earlier 3 peat were due, in at least 2 of those rings, also, because of Kobe! The next 4 years potential rings will be only because perrenial All-Star, perrenial first team All-NBA, Hall of Fame first ballot, Kobe is a Laker, not because a NON-All-Star, slow, unfocused, injury-prone, no-hops, offensive desirous, 'I-don't-need-to-play-no-stinkin'-defense' 'center' is on the team!

AND, your complete disregard for AB's lack of professionalism in getting his surgery last summer ASAP, which led to Pau collapsing due to exhaustion & AB's slow-post-ups-which-lead-to-turnover-when-the-pass-is-forced-into-him (and the 3 defenders in his lap and behind) & your ignoring that 17-1 run where AB actually took charge of aspects of his game that he actually can dominate, but failed to show after that & (do I really need to go on and on and on!?)


I think Jimmy wanted Kobe to piss Kobe off so he can demand the trade which he would gladly obligate to save some dough. He can build the new team around his prodigy, Bynum. Jimmy is now #2 most importance person in the Lakers organization next to his dad. Mitch is just a puppet. Mitch, do us a favor and admit that you failed the fans by staying put and not go after Brooks and/Peja. I know Jerry West, and you're not even close of being compare to Jerry West. You're lucky on Pau Gasol in 2008 but let's be realistic, you haven't sign any good players using the low #2 round pick or through free agent.

The main reason Mike Brown was hired as a new Lakers coach is he's cheaper than Adelman, Sloan or VanGundy!

@Laker Tom - You bring up a few good points. But let me clarify - I think it would've been helpful to consult Bryant for a variety of reasons. 1. It's good to give a courtesy heads up on who they're hiring so Bryant can then tell his teammates before they find out through the media. 2. Asking Bryant's input doesn't mean he's part of the panel selecting coaches. It's simply part of the research process. Mitch had acknowledged last year that Kobe was helpful during free agency with telling him the lay of the land. Sure that's different because it involves players. But it still should be part of their due diligence in doing their homework. The fact that the Lakers held exactly ONE interview with a coach is troubling. This is one of the most prestigious coaching positions in all of sports and they pull the trigger after interviewing ONE guy? Doesn't make any sense. 3. Sure, Phil gave Kobe the freedom. But it was also a balancing act. There were plenty of times Phil pulled him in to reestablish control. My problem with Brown is I don't know how much he'll really stand up to Kobe. I feel like he's going to be afraid of him.

@KL Beast
"Anybody remember Kobe calling Jerry Buss a dumba** ?"



@MM: "Posted by: Mark Medina | May 26, 2011 at 08:56 PM "

Exactly! It would be just common courtesy for your team foundation player, to include him at least in an FYI basis, who is: your perrenial All-Star, perrenial first team All-NBA, Hall of Fame first ballot, Kobe !!!!!



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