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Lakers Chat: Talking NBA playoffs, Lakers coaching search

Join the chat box in the jump below. This very well be the last Lakers chat ever since the world is supposed to end tomorrow.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Pau Gasol of the Lakers slam dunks against the Minnesota Timberwolves on March 18, 2011. Credit: Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times

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Still can't comment.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



received an email from a business associate in New Zealand. It's already the 21st there and apparently the world hasn't ended there yet so we maybe safe. whew.



the rapture is supposed to take place the 21st at 6 pm EST. Still a ways to go. I personally am dressing for warm weather.


Why Jerry Sloan's name is not in the article? Or in the ballots?

Dunleavy? That's a joke, right? Adelman would be ok or not, we can discuss. But Dunleavy? No way Dr. Buss will do that. BShawn or any other coach would be better than Dunleavy.

Is the image above photo-shopped?

Never seen Gasol dunking the ball. Or not when it mattered!

All his pretty layups ending with 2 foul shots and the mandatory one missed FT. When one can have And 1.

yellofever - Haha thanks for the report card. I actually think it was very fair. But please keep in mind that this is a blog. When there's news that happens, it'll be frequently updated. I actually thought Silver Screen and Roll's article was very well done and as it clearly stated, the writer's disagreement with me was nothing personal. You can disagree with people without being contentious

Posted by: Mark Medina | May 20, 2011 at 12:40 PM

no worries MM. i understand news are hard to come by these days and ur the doing the best you can.. your efforts are always appreciated here eventhough i'm always bustin ur ba**s as they say.. just tryin to rile you up a lil bit about that silver screen and roll article... :-)

but i have to say i've been disagreeing with you just about everything lakers these days esp your report cards and to your coaching choices and to your preferences on keeping the triangle... but i wish i had you as a teacher growin up cause you're way too easy of a grader... you can start with PAU and work your way down all the way to ebanks... and what about phil? whens his report card comin out? cant believe ur not putting much blame on phil for this seasons demise... he severely overplayed the starters and it cost dearly them in the end.

these mike brown rumors by bspn have to be a complete joke... maybe some cheap negotiating trick by mgmt to keep their candidate of choice second guessing... much like the dunleavy rumors.. yellofever aint buyin that crap for a second.

and finally here's yellofever takes on the remaining series..

dallas vs okc- if nowitzki doesnt go to the FT line 24 times then OKC is up 2-0... nuff said

miami vs chi- too bad lebron didnt choke last game or chicago is also up 2-0.. but i'm sure its a lot easier to make those shots with little to no pressure as the SECOND option on your team.

and yellofever will conclude this segment with a final message:

for anyone upset that one of the GREATEST lakers of all time jerry west has left to GS than one need to look no further than PHIL JACKSON.. yes thanks to phils humongous ego the logo is no longer part of our front office. argghh!

yellofever - Dude....Pure HATER.

Well i am in Adelaide,South Australia and its 4pm and its a little cloudy but i cant see the end of the world yet...

Well if it's at 6pm then i had better order my fave Pizza before 6pm.

And feed my dog...

Its 6.41pm and the good news is that the world still has not ended..

Anyhow....I understand we are in a win now situation as an organization,but i would love to have a high enough pick to grab Brandon Knight from Kentucky..

But maybe there wont be a draft because its may the 21st and the world is going to end....

Its 6.47pm and the ground is still not shaking......

My seat just shook because i farted...

Damm false alarm.


I feel the same..How can Jerry West not be a part of this fricken Lakers front office?.

Phill is gone.....Don't ever forget his 5 tittles..

He may frustrate you,but its damm hard to win 1 let alone 5..You may have great players but unless they buy into your system your nothing.

6.57pm and still no end of the world...So before the world ends im going to get some sushi...Ciao.


Jerry West hasn't been part of the Lakers front office in years. You may
recall there was this team called Memphis where he was the GM?

A better way to phrase it is that Jim Buss is driving away all of the old

Consider: Magic sold his portion. Kareem feeling disrespected. & now
Jerry West will advise GS.


you also wrote: cant believe ur not putting much blame on phil for this seasons demise... he severely overplayed the starters and it cost dearly them in the end.

my response: while I do put blame on Phil, it has nothing to do with
over-playing the starters. Time wise, Kobe played less, Bynum played more
& Gasol played about the same.

*I* put this season's ending primarily on 3 entities.

1. Pau Gasol. He played like a chump for 80% of the year. It's less about the
numbers that he put up and more about the way he put them up. It was
clear, on a number of occasions, that physical contact was throwing him off.
Also, I just don' t think he came in w/ enough focus this year. He didn't
understand how hard it was going to be.

2. Jim Buss/Mitch Kupchak. Kareem indicated that he was only giving
lessons to Bynum per the last few articles. WHY wasn't Kareem working
w/ all Centers? Why didn't Kareem ever get to mentor DJ Mbenga or
Gasol for that matter?

Trading away Sasha for Joe Smith & $$ was stupid & short-sighted. Sasha
could play positions 1-3 in the triangle offense. Think about Sasha getting
playing time after Barnes hurts his knee. Think about Sasha at pg after
Blake gets chickenpox. Think about Sasha's defense during a couple of
those losses after we were up. Now before anyone blows a gasket, I am
not saying that Sasha was a lockdown defender. I am saying that he *tried*
to play defense, he's got 3-5 inches on Steve Blake, & he's a better shooter
when his shots are falling. Think 2008 or the finals in 2010.

Our bench & team became much older over the last two years. Letting
Ariza go was foolish. Is Artest better than Ariza defensively? Yes. Is
Artest a better fit in the Triangle offense? No. NO. HELL NO! We lost
speed/quickness with Trevor. We lost a cutter w/ Ariza. We got older
w/ Artest. The blown dunk by Artest, where the ball doesn't get over the
rim EPITOMIZES the offense of Artest.

Jerry West made the point that the pairing of Gasol & Bynum wouldn't
work due to foot speed issues. This is the first season where we've had
a healthy Gasol & a healthy Bynum in the post season. Despite the Lakers
consistently trying to get the ball into them and depending upon them as
the catalyst for success, the post season was a failure. The regular
season was the most infuriating season in 7 years. That pairing of Gasol &
Bynum is a Jim Buss/Mitch Kupchak decision. Phil Jackson, obviously,
is not being consulted/believed on player decisions.

Not trading for Chris Bosh or Carmelo Anthony. NOT TRADING FOR

3. Phil Jackson. If *I* can see problems brewing, and I did, then Phil did a
HORRIBLE job coaching this season. To allow the players to exist w/ such
complacency, for the entire year, is in-explicable. You could also argue

Honorable mention to all Lakers not named Kobe,D-Fish & LO.

Pau- Complacent.
Bynum - Complacent.
Artest - Complacent.

Our bench just sucked! Our defense sucked! Our 3-pt shooting sucked!

Just throwing this out there, because I find it VERY odd - aside from Magic Johnson's 16 game stint (and he's MAGIC, after all), the lakers have never had an African-American coach!!

Thoughts? Just found it a bit odd, is all. As NOT a lakers fan, just wondering why that is!!

@Tim4Show - again, the deal for Garnett was 5 for one, including Theo Ratliff. NO WAY the Grizz knew Marc Gasol would be that addition, you are DEAD WRONG about the acquisition of Randolph....he was acquired in a TRADE from the Clips for Quentin much for your theory....oh, well...maybe Stern will allow you to trade McKie's contract again...for Stephen Curry!

I really look foward to these chats and when I can't get on it makes me think it is done to me on purpose.

Someone was impersonating me on the chat, as I love the idea of Mike Brown coming here. Resign Kwame Brown too.

@hobbit - I agree with most of your post however I will add NO ONE performed at their expected level in the Dallas series.

Coaching was bad
Pau was pathethic
Drew was good in only two of the four games
LO didn't play like the 6th man of the year
Kobe didn't play like the 4th place MVP


Sorry but this is a bottomline business. We bash teams all the time for poor trades and draft choices. So we have to give them credit when their transactions work out. Memphis acquiring Marc Gasol has turned out to be a good deal for them. Just like their acquisition of Tony Allen , who importance Celtics fans seemed to downplay when he departed.

Jon K upgrade from windows 95 and you will be able to chat. Of course you will have to buy a new computer cause 8 mb hard drive and 4 mb ram will not cut it anymore. The Priest has a 320 gb hard drive and 4 gb of ram and use windows 7 on his lap top. Come into the 21st century Jon K.

LRob -
Yes, kudos to them for the trade and YES we did miss Tony Allen this year. Ainge has admitted it many times.

However, the issue was between myself and Tim4Show - while saying the Gasol trade was a good one, he then bashes the KG trade as underhanded. My view is that they are either BOTH good, or BOTH underhanded.....and I say they are both good - three teams got better.
He then went on to say that Randolph was acquired through the money saved on the Gasol trade - which is categorically untrue........I respect your opinion, but his leaves a lot to be desired at this point


Just read the article about the triangle offense

I have been saying these things for years but finally someone has done an analysis of why this offense IS NOT THE REASON FOR THE BULLS OR LAKERS SUCCESS.............can you say Jordan or Kobe?

I could have saved the writer a lot of energy with just this simple equation

Phil Jackson - MJ & Kobe = Kurt Rambis

Jerry West hasn't been part of the Lakers front office in years. You may
recall there was this team called Memphis where he was the GM?

A better way to phrase it is that Jim Buss is driving away all of the old

Posted by: hobbitmage | May 21, 2011 at 06:23 AM

i disagree.. thats not what i remember... if you recall during west's days as our GM there was clearly a rift and power struggle between west and phil.. to two clearly did not like each other and if i remember correctly it was a specifically when phil kicked west out of his lockerroom that precipitated his unexpected resignation... see this link

how do you kick out the TRUE ARCHITECT responsible for our showtime era and the kobe/shaq dynasty out of the lakers lockerroom??!! phil is such an arrogant prick!


nice post and i do agree with your reasons but not necessarily in that order... here are mine:

1. PAU... he did play like a CHUMP all year.. no way lakers can compete when our #2 scorer gettting paid $17MIL (6th highest salary in the league!!) flames out in the playoffs with career lows in pts and rebs.. can you imagine MJ winning a ring with pippen choking? or magic with worthy or kareem choking? never happened.. not possible! fact of the matter is without paus 18 and 10 lakers never had no chance.

2. PHIL... looks like everybody on the team had enough of his zen crap and didnt read any of his books... i will stick with my contention that phil overplayed the starters and severely underutilized our bench and that ultimately hurt the benchs chemistry.. derek fisher averaged 28 MIN in the regular season and blake and shannon barely 18MIN... and as horrible as joe smith and ratliff looked even they couldve used more minutes to rest pau.. even the rookies caracter and ebanks got less PT than luke

3. BENCH.. blame the bench or blame phil?? like the chicken or the egg dilemma? either way the bench did NOT get enough minutes on the court together because phil did NOT give them enough minutes to gel... but barnes was injury at the end of the year also really hurt so i wouldnt go as far as blaming buss and mitch... as for sasha i doubt even he wouldve made any difference considering how pathetic our starters looked.

I mentioned this but just wanted to pass along in case any missed it. I'm going to be taking off on weekends during the offseason so today and tomorrow our sports desk will help with comments and keep the blog active. I will work through during the week all the way leading up to the NBA Draft on June 23. I'm going to then work from home back east from June 25-30 and then take off on 4th of July weekend. I will then keep the blog active again the following week from July 6 - 8. I'll figure out the rest of my schedule later on, but a lot of that depends on what happens with the impending lockout and other offseason developments.

Enjoy the day, everyone

yellofever - Dude....Pure HATER.

Posted by: G.Money | May 20, 2011 at 11:03 PM

hey Gmoney would you like some cyanide with your coffee today?

and u really think you scare anybody here with your lil gangsta rapper handle? haha.. why dont you take yo fake $2 dollah lebron imitatin ass outta my hood befo i pop a cap in yo aZZ?? are we FO SHIZZLE NOW? and where do you get Gmoney? is that from new jack city? cause the more you talk the more you sound like POOKIE than Gmoney?

Also I'd completely forgotten about Mike Brown as a coaching candidate......................He would be an excellent choice as well............Brown is from the Popovich tree and stresses defense and rebounding first. I would rank him right below Jeff Van Gundy

The Lakers however may be heading to the dark ages with Jim Buss at the helm............If he doesn't make the right decision when it comes to the correct coach for this team and the right off season moves the Lakers may be headed toward the dark ages................I think people underestimate the tremendous influence Jerry West's decisions has had on this franchise and technically the jury is still out on Mitch Kupchak...............We will not know Kupchak's effectiveness until Kobe Bryant retires............That's when we will find out about Kupchak..............anybody that would sign Luke Walton to $30M over 6 years has to placed in the ? category.


Lakers made some mistakes by freezing their search for a reliable PG and 3 pts. shooters while Celtics made some panicky acquisitions in two O'Neals while parting on players that brought them to finals like KP and TA. These two players if given enough explanation on contract issues, they could have settled for less. However, Danny opted for headjob West and injury prone old stars while baby sitting two old stars in KG and Ray Allen. As such, Lakers and Celtics got eliminated early because they could not compete with their fading roster.

This one year in 2011 made so much difference that it is equivalent to five years based on the up tempo basketball versus veterans' mileage in the playoffs. What is the use of veteran's wisdom when the old legs are crumbling and could not keep pace the with up and coming young stars. That is the job of both GM to foresee the chemistry of their roster balancing it with talents, experience, youth and coaching skills on plays. Celtics should have surrounded Rondo/Pierce after losing last year's Finals while Lakers should have focused in bolstering Kobe/Bynum after the All Stars. Unfortunately, Lakers were not really sure who to support whether Bynum, Gasol or Odom. All of them made some disappearing acts that paved way to the proverbial switch.

Is Adelman now the final answer? Why is there no word or even an attempt on Coach K or Coach Sloan? Or, the media is just taken for the ride because every time the Lakers points a coach, he's also being considered by other teams like what happened in 2005 when Mitch was shopping for players. There is a strong probability that they're hiding their real ace and leave everyone guessing.


Phil has no choice but to over play the starters. Bynum was out for almost one whole month. The new acquisitions like Blake, Barnes, Ratliff, Caracter and Ebanks did not really help the team. If they played huge minutes, Lakers would have lost a lot of games. We could be competing for the 8th seed if he limited Kobe, Pau to20 mins. Therefore, my theory our new guys did not contribute much to the team. Whether that poor development was the fault of the coaches, that remains to be seen. Coaches should have pointed that to FO and the latter could have reacted by replenishing the underachievers. What did they do? They treated Sasha as an excess and were more interested on the trade exception and luxury tax savings. Those are the trust blunders committed by coaches and FO in analyzing their rosters make up viz a viz with competition.


agree.. great article complete with facts and stats to back his argument instead of links to numerology or forbes or comparisons to WWF wrestlers?? haha. i'm afraid this blog might be turning into the TMZ of laker news!

and yes phil - kobe/MJ = rambis = jim cleamons..

lets not forget cleamons also bombed running the triangle in his brief stint in dallas in 96-97 as head coach.. just like rambis is bombing in minnesota. heres a interesting factoid..

rambis record in minny last 2 years: 32-137.. NOT A TYPO FOLKS!

hello edwin!

miss chatting with you.. but i will disagree with your ur assertion lakers lose a lot of games with their bench... now case in point lets look at the san antonio spurs.. they had the best record in the league mainly due to #1 reason of popovich effectively utilizing and building up the benchs confidence..

you CANNOT tell me george hill, matt bonner, blair, gary neal and splitter are better players than blake barnes odom brown or caracter ebanks... but in the regular season the spurs bench got major minutes and averaged almost 38 PTS a game where our bench averaged a measley 27PTS. so i know its easy to blame the bench for lousy play but if not given minutes it doesnt matter who you play.

now that said i know spurs flamed out in playoffs mainly due to duncan being officially over the hill but their bench was a big reason the spurs had the best record in the league.

lakers biggest weakness in playoffs was also speed... we had speed in our team. but the problem was it was never used and was sitting on our bench!!

Great NBA GM is the guy who can look at the player and say, this player can play on my teams, you can't say he has potential,or he can improve... Shannon Brown, is short, can't shoot, can't defend, can't pass, Shannon can dunk the ball but Kupchack should know better than us that it counts only 2pts. What did Phil say about Blake ? He said that Blake has a small body. Kupchack still did not understand what Phil needs.

Phil jackson in his final year as lakers coach was a terrible leader and coach. His team showed zero discipline and accountability. Phil failed to control kobe and ultimately that caused the premature demise of the lakers. Phil fed into that practice season nonsense. Yall remember after another head scratching loss in the regular season, phil asked the media in the post game if it was april yet. This mean that the lakers would play up to scratch once the playoffs start. Therefore the humiliating sweep that phil got was his own fault.

I don't REALLY believe the KG trade was underhanded.

But it was pretty stupid of McHale (acting on behalf of the Wolves) to pass up Bynum (if he actually did pass him up) in the trade.

There's also a second half of the equation... KG himself.

KG made a conscious decision to pursue the Celtics after they acquired Ray Allen, in part because of Ray Allen, and in part because the Lakers appeared like they were in serious trouble. According to KG, he didn't even know if Kobe would be on the Lakers that year!

So, not underhanded - and certainly some trade HAD to go down, but McHale did blow it.

And Mitch has blown it many many times, and even more recently than that.

And oh yeah... I agree with all the negativity regarding Dunleavy.


Give me any of the other people ahead of him: Shaw, Adelman, Sloan, Brown, Van Gundy (and not necessarily in the order I listed)
All of these guys would be better than Dunleavy, IMO

You got to love the playoffs. After getting dunked on Durant, here’s what Brendan Haywood said about Peja’s defense and the Mavs coaching staff…

"I was like, 'A little late for that, Peja. I don't really want to hear your bad. Just move your feet a little bit better next time. Just move your feet,' " Haywood said. "I think that's the problem. There's no way in the world we should have had Peja on Durant. That's wrong. We're going to blame that on a coaching error. If Peja is on Durant, we should automatically as a team yell zone. It should definitely be a zone."


Yes, Ainge did admit to missing TA and I know he tried to resign him. I was speaking specifically about a few other Celtic fans that post here…who downplayed Tony leaving. (But I should address that with 131-92 and not you).

I agree the trades in question were great for the Lakers and Boston, good for Memphis, and bad for Minnesota.


Police here; with MM gone for the weekend, does this mean comments will take half a day to show up?

Island Priestess,

How is your weekend going beautiful? Hehe, you know the PSP love to take little jabs at you, all in good fun my good woman.

PSP Intern

Great - now JWest our hero is going to be GM for golden state? Damn lakers better pick one of the great coaches now!!

JWest might end up "stealing" one of the ones the lakers really want/need. Come on - let's not waste time - there are really only 3 or 4 great coaches that the Lakers will choose from. Decide on if they are going with the triangle or not and then make the decision.

Obviously the lakers are the greatest organization to work for but who knows what could happen in these negotiations and the CBA. Maybe a coach who wants to work for the lakers takes the GS job cause he can't wait for a potential offer.

Too bad JWest wasn't back with the laker org. I thought he got out of this business because he became too obsessed with winning?

Last comment approved over 2 hours ago and counting ... Can someone recommend another good Laker blog (not BSPN) ? Because this blows hard.

If you're a lance armstrong fan don't forget to tune in to 20/20 tomorrow night

Must see tv

lance fans better get new wristbands


Jimmy Supefly Buss is going to turn this franchiseinto the Raiders

Danny Ainge is a horrible GM, perhaps worse than Mitch Kupchak (and that's saying a TON)!!!

AFTER the Celtics won the championship in 2008, a title that was won with huge contributions by James Posey, and to a lesser degree, Eddie House. After the 2008 Finals, Ainge let Posey walk and sign with the Hornets, and then later, he traded House, a clutch 3-point shooter, for one incrimi-Nate.

James Posey was a monster for the Celtics against the Lakers in the 2008 Finals! It was because of his dagger 3s that the Celtics made that ridiculous 24-point comeback in game 4 against the Lakers (and instead of 2-2, it became a 3-1 series). A very sound argument can be made that if the Lakers had Posey on their roster, they would have won the title in 2008 (addition to the Lakers and a HUGE subtraction from the Celtics).

And then, last off-season, Ainge fails to step up and re-sign Tony Allen, who I thought was/is a great defender, perhaps even better than Artest at this point in Ron's career. How do you not re-sign Allen? Not to mention, the guy signed with Memphis for less than $4 million per year (that's what the Lakers paid Blake!).

And then, Ainge pulls the mother of all dumbass trades, moving Perkins specially at the time that he did -- a timing that even Doc Rivers has come out and questioned lately. One can argue that the Heat beat the Celtics in large part due to the absence of Kendrick Perkins. The Celtics lost their size advantage with that asinine trade.

As far as the Kevin Garnett trade, I will forever believe that McHale purposely tried to help out his old teammate. They were always very close (McHale and Ainge). And if Ainge got lucky in that trade, it was because he had a willing parter to work with in Minnesota, as in Kevin McHale, who bent over backwards to help the Celtics.

There are other ridiculous moves that Ainge has made, like signing Shaq, etc. The guy stinks as a GM, as does Mitch Kupchak.

Well, since I haven't been on the chat for a VERY long time AND I've posted once about the rapture (oh and I'm still here), there is someone jacking my handle...again. MM, I always have my email addy and URL attached to my posts so you can easily tell me from the other dope pretending to be this dope.


You guys are welcome on the RC for the game if you like. As long as peeps are respectful, you're more than welcome to come on by.

Just make sure to create an account - it's free. Anonymous posters are automatically banned.

Hello Yelloriver, after going to park with grandkids, roam around the mall for few more hours, @ 6pm, we're still in this thread. Indeed, we're in off season where everyone is on vacation.

What I said earlier about those newcomers except the old odumb reality who finally got recognized this year, is that they did not support the starter that much to allow PJ to rest is overused starters. Here is what your favorite players said lately: "Gasol: Maybe I did. There could have been a little more depth, especially if Joe Smith was able contribute to the team. The Theo Ratliff issue was difficult because of his health and where his career is at, but that's another thing. It would have been good for us to have a four-man rotation instead of three, but that's something I don't want to talk about because I don't want to argue with a guy that has been pretty successful - our coach." I think he was just saying that I was tired playing, I'm not improving in every game, I was checked in all of my favorite move and we have been fully covered and contained without any new dynamics coming from within. Of course, the Spurs are also another example of peaking early and Grizz' found a way to poke some holes and they could not recover in the first round.

I used to think Mitch Kupchak was a chump after trading Shack, but I later realized he was merelly doing what his boss asked him to do. Since then he has been brilliant, and deserves some props. Phil Jackson is the greatest basketball coach of all time. Don't blame him for a team that ran out of gas.
This team just tanked, period, and you have to blame every player for that. I would agree that Gasol deserves the most blame, but besides Bynum I think you would have to say the whole team underperformed.

PJ gone.
Jerry West moved to Warriors
Kareem cut ties with Lakers in unfriendly manner
Who is next? Well, it was reported that Former NBA player Mychal Thompson, who hosted an ESPN radio show in Los Angeles until losing his job under new management in December, is being given a tryout with KXTG (95.5 FM “The Game”) in Portland, where the 1978 overall #1 pick spent the first nine seasons of his 15-year career. Thompson, who has also worked as a Lakers radio analyst for the last eight years, will begin an audition on Wednesday to host the 10 a.m.-to- noon slot.
Rick Adelman coming to town.
Mike Dunleavy being considered.
Jerry Buss handling the reins to the new bash.

Here is my bleak scenario from a sinking ship. When a ship is about to sink, everyone wants to get out including the rats. If Lakers will have the same roster as last year without any addition or subtraction, I predict we will be at pace with Sacramento Kings, Houston Rockets or the worst part competing with LA Clippers. It could be also the last season for Kobe either being traded or will ask for a trade for mutual parting. Lakers will be the "on & off" team depending on the health of Bynum and newbies will use this team as revolving door. We're back to the nineties from 93-99 season. It could be a 7 year itch before we will recover from maladies.

I hope someone out there will inspire us with another rosy viewpoint especially if Bynum is your man and his pal is the Lakers CEO. Give us something to cheer that we're just in hallucination at early sign of relapse (lancearmstrong) or rehab (oscardelahoya). lmao!


Another sinking ship are the Boston Celtics, here is an interesting read from Hoopsworld.

How can you sign a Center like Kaman if you will not package Rondo and Big Baby with it. Who is willing to take the Celtic high profile players KG, Shaw, JO, RA with their salaries or health problems. Tough job isn't it? leprechaun fans are just as demanding as super beaver laker fans. Are we inseparable partners in demise?

@Ludwig - after 22 years, I'll take the one title!!

We love Ainge in Boston!!

"You guys are welcome on the RC for the game if you like.

Posted by: justanothermambafan | May 21, 2011 at 05:57 PM

What's the 'RC'?

@Edwin Gueco - it will be interesting if there is a hard cap. Will Kobe take a HUGE pay cut to help the team? As far as Kaman goes - you never know with the Clips, but I feel this scenario is possible:
re-sign West, Green and Krsitc
sign and trade Baby for Andray Blatche- since Kanter wants to play for the Wiz and they have 4 years left on his contract. He can play 4 and 5.

Use MLE if such a thing still exists on Jamal Crawford and draft DeJuan Johnson from Purdue - Shaq has a player option, so he will probably be back. Jermaine is interesting, since he says he wants to retire a Pacer, and he MAY retire this year. I can see Jermaine for maybe Dahntay Jones - who doesn't play much for this case, we have upgraded our bench significantly, and improved the starting team as well.
Both teams are in trouble, and I hope we both make it back soon - aside from Sox/Yankees, it is THE best rivalry in all of sports. Good luck to you, sir!

Hey Guys!

This is my tribute article to Phil Jackson. Please take a look at it when you get a chance. Hope everyone is having an excellent weekend.

Yello Fever- Damn dude that a VIRTUAL kick in the STONES, Not POOKIE...for my GOLF game. I've been told it's like MONEY in the BANK.

I think the right coach for the Lakers is Brian Shaw,he knows the players and he knows the system,Lakers should keep their coaching staff too but get 2 or 3 news players who are clutch and could play make 3 pointers,players who can adopt to the triangle offence and play defence too.If the Lakers are to quit with their entire coaching staff i think that they will return to the dark ages and Phil Jackson may have to return in some form or other whether to coach or in decision making,i think the entire Laker organisation and the fans owe Phil Jacksons for his generous contribution to the team.He is the greatest ever,how will the Nba as a whole will perform without Phil Jackson?I know since Michael Jordan left there is no one to fill his shoes and there is a big down turn in world wide viewing of the Nba.That is such the impact MJ had on the nba,even my Granny stop watching the Nba since Michael Jordan left.


Our blog has gone straight down the toilet this year, just like our team. NO COMMENTS POSTED IN NEARLY 12 HOURS!! Seriously, who the heck is running this pile of junk?

Justa, don't have the RC link anymore ... can you post it here or email it? You can get my email addy from MM .... oh wait MM is AWOL! lol, just let me know. Thanks

PSP Intern ( Verry Disgruntled)

As a Laker fan I do not recommend Brian Shaw for coach of the Lakers. The Lakers need an outside coach and one with proven talent in coaching not as an assistant. Brian Shaw is Kobe's boy and would do whatever Kobe tells him to do. That is not the type of coach we need. Anything that Kobe's says yes to leads to no good for the team and only good for Kobe. Lakers need a coach who brings discipline to the team along with loyalty to the team and not outside business like realty shows and music and making videos. Jackson lost control of the team at the end because of his upcoming retirement. Coach Sloan and Adelman are good starters. Lakers need to be looking at a starting PG because staying with a loser like Fisher is not what is needed. Can anyone imagine Fisher guarding Westbrook ?? Fisher and Kobe did nto last 5 minutes and passed the assignment to Artest and anyone else on the bench. Come on Mitch and the right thing for the team.

How about a little Janis to get us going into summer? Classic......... 'no,no,no,no, don't you cry'.........

I am hopeful Jerry will drive the summer hires and not his son!

You guys, I now know why Jerry West is "consulting" the GSWarriors!

It's a ploy to convince them to trade Stephen Curry to us for Lamar Odom or some of our bench garbage!

The Lakers should hire Brian Shaw and be done with it...the longer they wait the more it will help tear whats left of this team apart. Trade for a point guard since we let our point guard of the future from UCLA walk. It kills me to see Russell Westbrook against Kid, should be against another UCLA point guard we drafted! Our bench would have been better, our 3 point shooting would have been better, our team speed and quickness would have been better. Oh wait...thats right, these are the areas where we were real weak last year and failed in the second round. Coincidence? I think not!!! Release Blake period!!!!

Giant Green Lunatic --

You should love Kevin McHale instead of Ainge. McHale was far more responsible for winning you your SOLE championship than Ainge, who since that "insider" trading (of KG) has sabotaged your chances at every turn!

Too bad you green fools don't have a FORMER CELTIC GM on other teams! That's the only way you tools can win these days, cheating.

RC - Renegade Chat - it's a chat room for Lakerholics open 24/7/365...

Everyone's welcome unless you're just there to start problems. But that said, all opinions are welcome. We talk Lakers and basketball of course, but a lot of other stuff too. It's fun - and instant!! No waiting half a lifetime for moderation LOL!

The link is

Just make sure to CREATE AN ACCOUNT when you first come on. It's free and just takes a few seconds. If you come on without an account, or post anonymously, you WILL be banned.

Ludwig - cheating?? Really? How clever!!

Aaron McKie was a retired COACH for the 76'ers. In order to make the Gasol trade work, he had to come out of retirement for one day, and report to the Grizz. THAT is illegal, and underhanded. Last year at the trade deadline, the Cavs tried to trade Szerbiak's contract (a la McKie), Stern said NO.......and it is no longer allowed...a little fishy perhaps.

You guys need to get over yourselves. Just because McHale wouldn't take Bynum and Odom for KG, doesn't mean it was corrupt. Did you know the Bulls offered the Grizz Noah and Nocioni for Gasol? For every McHale you throw at me, I'll throw a West back at you!! As you can see, there are already some posters on here waiting for ole' Jerry to help the lakers out with Ellis or Curry.

Have a good day, and thanks for playing!!

A great find for the Lakers, Roddy Beaubois of Dallas. Fast, good shooter, play maker, 3 things we desparately need. Barea's buddy, probably quicker, salary $1.1 Million.

Get him!

Personal to Determine Coach

I mentioned this trade earlier i did not get much of a response. Someone tell me what you think.

Bynum to 76ers for Holiday and Igudoala and # 1

Sign Gasol from Memphis: he is a restricted free-agent

Line-Up Holiday-Kobe-Igudoala-Gasol-Gasol

Younger Gasol has stats close to bynum except for blocks. Those blocks from bynum did not help to well in playoffs.

Use the #1 we get from the 76ers to draft Marshon Brooks from Providence. 6'5 with a 7' wing span and likes to shoot (reminds me of Prince) FG% close to 50%. Great guy coming off bench with odom, brown, fisher, barnes.

with kobe, holiday, and igudoala we would have great perimieter defense and be very athletic. This personal might fit the triangle so Brian Shaw would be a great coach

piKa - RESTRICTED FA means MEM can match any offer. And since you can only offer the MLE, I'm sure MEM will match it.

In addition, WHY would PHILLY trade both those guys for Bynum.? It is short-sighted of you. You need to see how it helps BOTH teams, not just the lakers....and NO WAY are they trading you a #1 pick. Other than that, there is nothing wrong with the trade!

Giant Green --

The kind of maneuvers that you mentioned, ala McKie, Ilguakus in Cleveland last year with the Wizards, those things are weasel moves that happen all over the NBA by everybody!

The Cavs last year traded Ilguakus to Washington, which everyone knew would turn around and waive him and the Cavs ended up picking him up in the end!What McHale and Ainge did was ala Wall Street "insider trading" for the betterment of one team at the expense of the other.

That's not the normal course of conduct in the NBA. And don't tell me that the Pau Gasol trade hurt Memphis! In fact, it helped them greatly. Memphis ended up with Marc Gasol and had cap room to sign Z-bo. Overall, the trade helped both teams.

How did the KG trade help Minnesota???

Mhhhmm... NOT ONE BIT, bro. And you sure as hell know it!

LBJ is raining fire and brimstone on the bulls heads once again. We as laker fans should be thankful that our hero doesn't have to face King James in the finals.

Where is the Royal Fool Hobbit to lead the chant, "All Hail King James"!!

Ludwig -
WRONG on two points:
1. I said Szerbiak, not Ilgauskas - that was wink, wink deal. The Szerbiak deal was not allowed because you are not allowed to make that kind of deal after the theft of Gasol for Aaron McKie's contract (Jerry West in on that?)
2. Randolph came to the Grizz in a TRADE with the Clips for Quentin Richardson - NOT CAP SPACE!! Can you get that through your head? They did not know Marc Gasol would be that good, and they got Randolph in a trade. Finally, the Bulls and other teams had better offers on the table for Pau. I have yet to find a reason why that trade was allowed, while the others were not. Your explanation?? (this should be good!!)
Thanks for playing IYF Celtics basketball!!


Sources nonetheless insist that McHale has had the Celtics at the top of his list from the start, mainly because of his fondness for Jefferson and Minnesota's natural desire to move Garnett out of its conference.

You have your opinions, I have the facts!!

Pat Riley, upon appointing a rookie coach to head the Heat in 2008, remarked:

"This game is now about younger coaches who are technologically skilled, innovative, and bring fresh new ideas."

Riles, who was himself a rookie Laker coach, certainly knew when to pass the torch to the next generation of coaches. And perhaps it would be prudent for the Lakers FO to consider the words of wisdom from one of the greatest Laker coaches.

Green Giant --

We all know Randolph came to Memphis in a trade with the lousy clips. The point is, without having to pay Pau's would-be hefty contract, it made it far more likely that the Grizz would be able to hold on to Randolph, once the two-years remaining on his contract at $33 million expired. This is a team that also has to pay Rudy Gay. Rudy, Pau and Randolph? I don't think so. Obviously they could do it without incurring salary cap concerns, other than possible luxury tax implications, but would Memphis (before they became a hot ticket) shoulder those three hefty salaries? Without Pau's salary, it obviously became a much easier task to hold on to Randolph.

And who are you to say that the Grizz didn't know HOW GOOD baby Gasol would end up being -- it just may be that they had a very keen understading of Marc's potential. You say the Bulls deal was better (for Gasol)? That's not so clear cut. Noah is a great defender and energy guy, that's about it. I still think Memphis did well IN THE END, who cares how little (you think) they may have thought about Marc's talents or anybody else. In the end, reality is that they fared far better than Minnesota in the KG deal!

That's a fact.


re: A better way to phrase it is that Jim Buss is driving away all of the old

Posted by: hobbitmage | May 21, 2011 at 06:23 AM

i disagree.. thats not what i remember... if you recall during west's days as our GM there was clearly a rift and power struggle between west and phil.. to two clearly did not like each other and if i remember correctly it was a specifically when phil kicked west out of his lockerroom that precipitated his unexpected resignation... see this link

my response: so ... Phil Jackson was here. Left. & Came back. & is now gone
again. While you article definately lends weight to Phil getting rid of
West during the initial run ... You *MUST* blame Jim Buss for everything
that has happened after he's gone. That's ~ 10 years.

Island Altar Boy,

What do you want with me you incompetent troll?

Ill chime in on all the whining. First you cant pin this on Mitch. Everyone was ecstatic over the off season when we acquired Blake and Barnes and then re-signed Brown. Who knew they would all tank. But they did all tank. Not Mitchs fault. Would Sasha have made a difference? No. One think I think Mitch could have done that may have proved fatal was let Peja go to Dallas. He could have been had. Props to Mark Cuban. He built a team to kill the Lakers and thats what he got.

B Shaw has got to be the coach. If they re-has Dunleavy or Adelman kiss Kobe's 6th ring goodbye. Its already coming apart at the seams. They have to stay in house. Kobe has 3 more years and unless they plan on trading him they have to stay with someone he listens to. He listens to B Shaw. B does not have to play the triangle but he will have the luxury to use it if he wants to. If we go with an outsider and it doesnt work, there will be no time to start over. Kobe will be done.

Im not expecting miracles with personnel. Mitch said no one is going to be eager to make deals with the Lakers. With the CBA running out Mitch will lay back and wait for other teams to come to them. But here's the deals the Lakers can make, should make, and might make.

1) Bynum or Gasol and Fisher for Deron Williams and Brooke Lopez. Works for everyone. Gets us a young stud point guard and a very talented young 7 footer. No lose for New Jersey because they get two expiring contracts.

2) Dwight Howard for Gasol or Bynum Straight up. This one's a long shot and it will have to be initiated by Dwight.

These deals work.

3) Gasol for Kevin Love.

All of these deals can happen. But its all about timing. Lakers must get young and they have the chips to trade. My two cents.

If it were my team Id be looking at

Kobe Deron Williams in the back court
Artest Howard and Love in the front court

Brook Lopez coming off the bench. Maybe Gilbert Arenas.

The Buss family has given us fans 3 Finals appearances and 2 Titles in 4 years today. Why do you all doubt them in the near future?

Brian Michaels,


you wrote: Ill chime in on all the whining. First you cant pin this on Mitch. Everyone was ecstatic over the off season when we acquired Blake and Barnes and then re-signed Brown. Who knew they would all tank. But they did all tank. Not Mitchs fault. Would Sasha have made a difference? No. One think I think Mitch could have done that may have proved fatal was let Peja go to Dallas. He could have been had. Props to Mark Cuban. He built a team to kill the Lakers and thats what he got.

I disgree. Let me qualify. My disagreement is about the Lakers getting old.
I was never in favor of that. I questioned the Artest for Ariza swap. I was
never in favor of letting Sasha go. I don't think it made any sense to swap
Sasha for Joe Smith. Would having Sasha have made a difference?

It couldn't have hurt. We gave up a player who could play 1-3 in the triangle
offense. We gave up chemistry. We gave up one of our best shooters. Those
things just don't make sense to me regardless of if we lose. We also gave up
youth. We have *NOTHING* to build around Bynum, should he become the
face of the Lakers.

That's just my .02 cents. :)

Ludwig - the fact that Al Jefferson did not live up to RAMBIS' expectations is hardly the fault of Kevin McHale. Jefferson was traded to Utah after Rambis installed the triangle offense. Big Al didn't get it!! He was a 20/10 guy for MN when McHale was was Rambis who wrecked the team by trading away Jefferson and Ryan Gomes....RAMBIS!! That, too is a FACT!!

Thanks for playing!

@LUDWIG ... It was common knowledge by the time that the Lakers and Grizzlies made the Pau trade that Marc was the top ranked center in all of Europe. He was a main reason why Memphis was willing to trade Pau. They got a top center prospect as well as Kwame’s expiring contract.

Very few franchises in the last 50 years have won three straight titles, not only in basketball but in all of professional sports. Probably because few teams can play the amount of games with the requisite health, intensity, motivation, and luck/fate to do so. When we really think about it, regardless of the pedigree of the Lakers, their coach, or their franchise player, the odds were stacked against them.

Fatigue played a huge role in the Lakers' demise. They played 400 games, including 14 playoff series, in 4 years. Their starters remained intact, and 4 of them were over 30. The supporting cast changed. The bench got older, and then got hurt. The starters broke down physically at different points in the regular season. The young players didn't get much time to fill the gap. Complacency was a factor, but not as much as the minutes and miles they logged between 2007 and 2011. If a champ stays in the ring long enough, he'll get knocked out.

Kupchak gets a lot of flak for what happened in the last 12 months. But in the offseason, his signings made sense. He filled 2 needs at backup PG and C. The talented players he did shed, Farmar and Vujacic, did not fit the Triangle, and LA was determined to dance with the system that brung'em to 3 June dances in a row. He drafted 2 guys, Caracter and Ebanks, who were seen as legit NBA prospects who could contribute. As for his refusal to pull the trigger on 'Melo (and I didn't think LA could say no to that deal), he may have had no choice, a la Shaq 2004.

Now, LA has said goodbye to its coach, its threepeat bid, and apparently, its winning chemistry. We'll see if he can retool and adjust, and whether he'll be given the flexibility to do so. I think a PG is job one for LA. It is the only clear mismatch they suffer from. Acquiring a Williams or a Paul means far more to me than D12. Next, they'll have to find a way to get more out of their bench or find new bench players that can contribute.

Each of this year's Final Four have played well. But none of the Final Four are so imposing that they could not be challenged (or beaten) in the next season. LA could contend for a title next year. But we'll have to see how things unfold. For now, the rest is the best thing for them.

The last time they were dethroned in embarrassing fashion, they returned to the Finals the next year. It can happen again.

@Ludwig - talking around people is rude, and last time I checked, EUROPE was not the NBA....if Marc Gasol was that good, how come he couldn't even be on the lakers roster?? Weren't they looking for a center? Yet........he could not even get on a roster until he was traded to the Grizz. And if I have something to say to someone, even if they root for another team, I'll be sure to say it right to them and not THROUGH anyone else - that is arrogant and rude!

Giant Green Bald Headed Lunatic,

If you read about 76ers they want a big man period. if you haven't noticed 7 footers who can score are not a dime a dozen but 6-7 and under are every where. I might have been drinking a little kool aide on the #1 but we might throw another player in the mix to get that #1. That wont be the deal killer for me. As long as we get Igudala and Holiday we would come out on top.

As for the Gasol trade there are was of getting what you want in the NBA: Carmelo, Howard, D. williams just to name 3. If Gasol is dead set on playing with his brother they have to trade. This is how the NBA works it is sad but it helps the Lakers. Plus they don't have much cap room either just signed Gay to a max deal, randolph to a huge deal close to max, and Conly just got 40 plus million.

I did look at it at both sides 76ers and Memphis. Thanks for commenting. Did this change your mind? Let me know


I miss spoke I got gay and randolph's contracts mixed up. Zack has the max and gay's is pretty close to being max.

piKa - Conley only got 24 mill - and Gasol is a restricted FA. They will see what the market is, and match it. They have taken care of their own as of late, and Marc Gasol is not going anywhere! As for Philly - they are looking for a big - in the draft!! Trading Iggy and Holiday weakens their team greatly.
The days of helping the lakers are over, my friend, I'm afraid!!


Don't forget Gasol has to sign. Europe is where he is from and the Euro is about 1.5 X us currency.

The reason why philly is looking for a big in the draft is becasue 7 footers with skill hardly get traded much less for 1 barley all star and 2nd year player.

But we can agree to disagree. You have some valid points and I was wrong on the contract of conley. Memphis is also a small market.

Lakers have to do something to get more athletic on wing and pg plus also have 2/3 good/really good bigs. How does that happen????

If we could get Kwame back, that would be sweet, he's a physical beast and his offensive game has improved and thinking the 2nd time would be a charm, under the LA lights..I think he could handle a second time most def!

I hope we can keep Devin Ebanks but honestly everyone else on the bench including, painfully Lamar and even Pau can "get to steppin" as Martin Lawrence usedta say!! Relegate ole boy Fish to the bench to mentor the youth, bring in some young bucks that are fierless and hungry and can play under control..I think those players are out there with a little bit of crafty work, maybe we can nab them.

correction, ^ fearless^

@Hobbit. You can argue till the cows come home that Sasha would have got you to the finals. But that was never happening. The problem was at the time Shannon Brown was playing better and more consistent minutes and Sasha and Phil were not clicking. There were no minutes for Sasha. So I had no problem with it. Sasha was no better a defender than Brown.

Building around Bynum? Im not so sure Bynum will be there next year to build around. With 3 major injuries this is the healthiest and strongest he has been. Why gamble? Move him before he goes down again. Keeping him is a tremendous risk. I like Bynum going to Jersey if we cant get Dwight. It gets us that all star point guard we need to compete in this league and can bring along another 7 footer in Lopez.

We have lots of all star caliber players to move this year to small market teams who will likely lose their star players to free agency including Bynum. Use em or lose em. This is our last chance to rebuild and get young.



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