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Lakers Chat: Lakers vs. Mavericks Game 2


Lakers Coach Phil Jackson on Game 2 against Dallas

Listen to Phil Jackson's pre-game interview above and join the chat after the jump. A few highlights:

--Jackson said it's "probably unlikely" Ron Artest would match up with Dirk Nowitzki, but he said it with a smile. "Ron has a penchant for sending guys to their left, which is Dirk's strongest point. I know you guys don't watch the game that closely. But that's his strength, taking away the guy's right hand."

Join the chat after the jump!

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Kobe Bryant #24 of the Los Angeles Lakers moves the ball as he is guarded by Jason Terry #31 of the Dallas Mavericks in Game 1 of the Western Conference Semifinals in L.A. Credit: Harry How / Getty Images

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Shalom, Lakers.

The bottom line is this, I want to see the 2 teams that have the biggest basketball fan-base to meet in this finals. That is, the Lakers and the Bulls. Once that happens, I'll call the games fairly. I need the ratings and the revenues. As you know, Phil has won 6 rings with the Bulls, and it's most appropriate (for me to) give a well deserved sendoff with a win and his 6th ring with the Lakers.

I thought I share this with you, the Laker fans, and allay any concerns you (may) have.

Lakers time-

keep playing like game ones can be:

for great Lakers play:

bottom line:

let's go & enjoy-


why is that the chat only appears once every 20 times i visit this page? this is ridiculous.

If the Mavs were samurai they'd be urinating on the Lackers just about now.

LaCkers going fishing? I can hear the fish laughing way out here in the middle of the Sonoran desert.

I am disgusted! Not at the lakers but disgsted at thespoiled fans who booed the lakers at staples tonight. How can you boo a team that has has gone to the championship the last 3 years in a row and won the last 2? How can you boo Pau Gosol who is is the main reason for these accomplishments? Shame on you spoiled little season ticket holders who show no appreciation for what the lakers have done! There is a reason it is called home court advantage and there was no home court advantage Wednesday night. Rather, a home court disadvantage to all you so called fans who booed the lakers.

I agree with G Henry--I love the Lakers but to boo these guys, especially Pau G., is pathetic. How many other cities would like to have a team that has been competitive for so many years (take away a few after Shaq left). Game 3 is key--if they win, you never know what can happen!!

Lakers are done! I don't think they can beat the Mavericks, not because of talents or ability, but their heart!
When Kobe blamed it on the beach for game one give-away, he broke the team spirit. A leader should assertively point out the mistake and encourage adjustment, and support the team mates, but not finding the scapegoat. Oh yeah! the leader take the glory and praise, and he takes the blame as well.

Now the Lakers look confused, they don't trust, share responsibility, nor supporting each anymore.

Laker Nation must be calm and cool as we head into Friday's game with Dallas. Lakers have presented themselves with an awfully tough task now, having to win 4 of next 5 games and having to win both games in Dallas Friday and Sunday to make it a legitimate comeback. This is not out of the realm of possibility but we have now shot ourselves in the right foot and left hand as it stands now.

No, things do not look good for the purple and gold but this Lakers' fan will not give up until 00:00 of the 4th game is considered a loss. It can happen. One thing that might happen is Artest missing game 3 which almost puts the third gunshot to the left hand as well. The Lakers will be teetering on that fourth limb while being forced to do what no team has ever accomplished, winning 4 straight after losing the first 3...

Props to the Mavericks' Dirk for his "Unstoppable" jump shot. Dirks' jump shot is almost considered a foul in itself. Jump shooters are not allowed to kick their feet out drying to draw a foul and I have wondered if kicking his knee up and out is anywhere near that foul for extending two feet.

Props to the Mavericks organization for hanging tough throughout the years. Respecting Dirks' game, I have to ask myself how come the Mavericks haven't this potent in past post seasons?

Good luck Mavericks
Go Lakers.

I am a bit worried, but not disappointed in my Laker Team. Time and time again they have shown their capabilities and that they are true CHAMPS. If you are a true fan you will stand by them win or lose. Don't get me wrong I want them to win....I just think that booing them is unnecessary and disloyal if you stand by them when they are winning calling yourself a fan and jump of the wagon when they lose. Stay true; win or lose I will always be a Laker fan!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like Yogi Berra said, "It's not over until it's over" and this play off AIN"T over.
I'm in Sacramento and I can't believe how narrow minded and feeble those fortunate people who get to see the games in person and have a chance to encourage the fabulous Lakers can possibly boo them. That doesn't happen very often on this league, only in Los Angeles. L. A. doesn't deserve the Lakers, matter of fact they don't even deserve the Clippers. I hope Blake gets away from them.
The Kings here in Sacramento are soooo grateful they weren't moved to Anaheim and it's obvious why.
The Lakers are my gods (small g) and they will survive and they will WIN.
So markedly is my faith on my team , but if they lose, which I doubt, I'll continue to adore them forever because they aren't GODS but just humans.
And for those who boo just remember that. HUMANS.
I'm an eighty year old woman who will see the LAKERS threepeat.
betty bishop

im also disgusted at all those bandwagoner supposedly lakers fans!!! IT's just so funny how people can be when there team loses!! dam WETTBACKS!! :-D HAHAHAHAHAAA!! I STILL HAVE FAITH IN MY LAKERS TEAM EVEN IF IM ALL THE WAY IN NORTH CAROLINA!!

What I want to know is if anyone else has noticed that the Young Thunder has been getting vacations during the playoffs. They got extra days off during the first round and now in the second. They played game 2 on Tuesday and dont play game 3 until Saturday, and the Lakers played game 2 on Wednesday and have to play again on Friday. Whats up with that. Some type of conspiracy going on there. The playoff schedule seems to favor the other teams, but the 2 time defending champs get no love.. What up NBA?? I guess you find Haters everywhere you go..

There is a lot of love for the nba defending champs and thats good ,but let's talk basketball. The other day in game one Ron Artest took a dirty foul on Dirk under the goal then Dirk get called for the elbow to him. Game two same person foul JJ with a forehand to the face. Now lakers fans is that basketball .



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