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Lakers Chat: Examining the Lakers' issues

Lots of stuff to discuss, vent and argue about regarding the Lakers. The chat box will be alive and active throughout the Heat-Celtics game. Join below the jump

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Dallas Mavericks guard Jason Kidd (2) passes the ball in the third quarter of Game 3 against Los Angeles Lakers guard Derek Fisher (2) of the second round of the 2011 NBA playoffs at American Airlines Center. The Mavs beat the Lakers 98-92. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons / US Presswire

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Why are you discussing about Odom being in the starting line-up? It makes no sense at all,cause' we're gonna sweep you. Better luck next time. Sayonara.

Lakers, it's inevitable. We will take over. It's our Heat dynasty!
Go heat!


Dude...most of the blog27 to EMBARRASS to show up, what a bunch of COWARDS. Just Sayin, the king will get his RING.

don't listen 2 anybody else LA. just take it one game @ a time. u guys can do this. just look @ it as another challenge. i believe in u guys.


Just remember that the media has been crowning LeBron "king" for many years... and his hand is still blatantly lacking a ring. He's not the king yet. It might be prudent to wait until he's actually DONE something before anointing him royalty.

And, just to be fair, we all know to whom the Heat really belong. D. Wade might carry LeBron to a ring, but there's no way LeBron leads that team to the promised land.

Go Lake Show!


Posted by: G.Money | May 07, 2011 at 06:38 PM

Dude,don't count your chikens before they hatch.The west has the best and biggest teams right now in the playoffs and last time i check championships are won inside out.If the Lakers don't make it the Trophy will still remain in the west.

Go Lakers!

G. Money, isn't it customary that before you have a "dynasty," you have to win at least one NBA championship, you know, in a row? You might want to check today's scores then because your Heat are dying nasty in Boston, Dude.

Wow! I am disappointed with most of the comments today, embarrassing! Trade talks? I agree that Pau's been playing crap but most of you guys forget that he's a huge part of this team. Look closely, he looks fatigue/gassed ,what have you. Playing all those minutes over the last 3 years has taken it's toll. He's a big guy, he's not Kobe. He's covered for Bynum when he got injured, did his job. Now that he's down, some of you especially Laker Tom can't stop jabbing at him, trading him this and that! Shame on you! You call yourself a fan? Imagine if Bynum wasn't injured often then Pau could have rested more. Just imagine if Pau wasn't traded to the Lakers. Tsk tsk tsk! How soon could you "laker fans" forget. No matter what i will support my Lakers win or lose! If we lose this series, management just need to get a pure shooter that can defend too and a quick, decent point guard. Man how i missed Sasha. He could have helped us in this series. Go Pau! Please show up tomorrow! Go Kobe! Please do your magic! Go Lakers!!! Lakers all the way!

For some reason I still think the Lakers can pull it off.

Well Boston made a statement



I agree with you 100% that Magic was off base for talking about blowing this team up. Like you mentioned the 83 team wasn't blown up...just tweaked (although that's not really a good example because Big Game James was out for the playoffs with a broke leg).

The 86 team is a better example (like Cyber and a few others mentioned). That team had gotten a little older. They could no longer just throw the ball to Kareem (Kobe)at the end of games and have him save the day. They also were not athletic enough at PF with Rambis and Mo Lucas. Did they blow the team up? No, they inserted more athletic AC Green in the starting lineup or Rambis, released Lucas, then picked up Michael Thompson at the trade deadline.

I agree Peja hurt the Lakers in game 3, but he's only shooting 33% from 3pt in the series. And remember if he was on LA he wouldn't be facing the Lakers defense.

Also, Blake is a career 39% shooter from 3pt in the regular season and 44% in the playoffs.

Last but not least, what did you mean by the comment, "Go back to selling your Starbucks in Harlem?"

Game 3, Q4: do the Lakers realize that Peja is "guarding" Odom? Curiosly, Phil has Lamar bringing the ball up while kobe posts up Kidd. Shouldn't that be reversed?

Given his dearth of trips to the tin, Peja likely lacks a driver's license. But somehow this is apparently not noted in film sessions as LO and others play him as tho he's Chris Paul..poised to penetrate at a moment's notice...

Hey, it was a great run!. If only the Dodgers could win back to backs and make it to the WS 3 yrs. running...

I fully expect Mitch to look into the availability of...
Rasheed Wallace, Ben Wallace, Joel Przybilla, Yao Ming, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Jerry Stackhouse, Antonio Daniels, and Shaq

No seriously, if he isn't fired, and I highly doubt that, I think he's learned his lesson this year about aquiring old, slow, and non-athletic players, in addition to not getting quality players that are there for the taking.

Sometimes it's a hard lesson to learn

Kudos to Rondo...pure toughness. KG and PP both delivered HOF worthy performances.

I would have to agree Deron Williams over CP3 only because there is little difference between the two, but size.
The Whole Jerry Sloan episode would have me concerned though.

I can just imagine what the Lakers, especially Kobe, could be with an impact point guard.

Hi, I've been reading the blog since the AK and BK times, and I am surprised of the amount of heat that Pau is taking. Pau is playing like crap, but the big issue is not his crappy game, it is the fact that the team does not seem to be able to win with Pau at a 25%! Using Pau as a scapegoat is like blaming a cold for killing a terminal pacient. Last year the Lakers got a ring with Andrew playing with one leg, and when Kobe sat out four games during the last season the Lakers played decently well. Is Pau really that good, that important for the Lakers? Or is it just showing us the truth of this season's lakers?

I think that the team got used to win with a great Kobe, a consistent, boring, soft 20/10 Pau, half a Bynum and half a Lamar. The rest of the team didn't have to show up. Pau's horrible playoff season is just showing us that we don't have anyone else ready to show up in times of need. Hardly the stuff of which rings are made.

I am OK if the Lakers trade Pau, but fix the rest of the team first.

I kind of disagree with Magic. There do have needs that need to be address. but also, these guys are tired. Three straight final's, two wins and one lost. These three final's have been grueling, especially the last two of them and then you add in a few new players that don't quite understand the system and this is recipe for disaster. Then you throw in Ron Atrest, who after one champsionship season, and who is content with one championship and not playing with any kind of heart. All of these things add up. When there could turn the switch on and off, that switch is not working anymore. I wouldn't say blow up the team, but blow up the bench. This is the big problem. The starters are playing too many minutes and the bench is not producing.

I know most fans didn't want to trade Gasol for Melo but if you look at the trade from the perspective that you would be receiving arguably one of the best players in the NBA in his prime for a very skilled positional player, you might want to reconsider especially after Gasol's performance this year.

It's not like I don't appreciate what he's brought to the Lakers it just seems that the punishment he has taken these 4 years has taken its toll and he will never be the same player he once was. All the rest in the world will not rejuvenate him. He even took this summer off and what did that get him? A serious red flag people.

If there was a matchup size issue you still had Lamar at 6' 10"

The Best counter-argument was the fragileness of Andrew Bynum because if he went down we were in a world of trouble and Gasol had filled the center position admirably in his absense.

So it's understandable and logical that the lakers did not make a deal.
Thank goodness the Bynum for Melo trade never went through.

Of course no one foresaw the future and still to this day every time AB comes down awkward on his feet we all cringe, it has become a way of life for Laker fans.

Come on people Lakers are right on the brink of making a come back one good game 4 and were back home which Kobe will not let get away again. Down then only 3-2 all pressure would be on Dallas in game 6. Lakers would have momentum and a Game 7 would be see ya Mavericks.

P.S. Queen James will never get a ring. Too much better talent playing right now...

Of course if Pau Gasol's problems are directly related to his personal life then it's very unfortunate timing for his teammates and fans.
But the silver lining is we should get the real Pau Gasol back next year, you know the Pau Gasol we use to pick on because of his soft play but always brought out a more aggressive level in the playoffs.

thats the glass half full position

Miami fans don't know who is there future, Wade? Queen James?
You lose this year and the blame will be plenty to go around.

Question: Why is LeBron James referred to as a King. Most kings i have ever seen have a lot of jewelry on there hand in the form of RINGS. Last I checked the Queen has none, that is ZERO....

This is what it's come to around here?? Read this post from the prior thread:

"Oh pul-leze!
Reminds me of Magic's 1986 Lakers who got bounced out in five by Houston. (Ralph Sampson, anyone?) Instead of blowing up the team (remember, West wanted to get rid of Worthy!), Buss kept the team together, Riley figured out the twin towers, and the players got better/stronger, especially Kareem (remember Magic Rope!).
Try and get younger/more athletic, hope the players rededicate themselves, and make advantageous trades if possible.

Posted by: lone star laker fan | May 07, 2011 at 05:11 PM

Um dude - never heard of you, but this story is backwards.
Jerry Buss TRIED to blow up the team by trading Worthy to the Mavs, but it didn't work out AND Jerry West said he would flat out QUIT if Worthy was traded.

People forget, West put the Lakers together and Buss was responsible for choosing Magic Johnson. But your story here is totally backwards.

here's an interesting article... Phil Jackson on Pau Gasol

DALLAS – Watching Lakers coach Phil Jackson pop Pau Gasol in the chest during Game 3 Friday night made it seem like he was angry that his All-Star power forward has struggled to perform up to his own standards during this Western Conference semifinal.

But Jackson jumped to Gasol’s defense Saturday, questioning the officiating in the three games and why the Dallas Mavericks are being allowed to move Gasol out of the way with a “high knee” deep in the low post. He said the New Orleans Hornets did the same thing in the Lakers’ first round series, courtesy of the ways the officials have been instructed to call — or not call — the play in those situations.

“We didn’t complain about it against New Orleans, but the Mavs are doing the same damned thing,” Jackson said before the Lakers’ Saturday afternoon practice. “Until the league goes back to the rules that they have about playing post play, Pau’s got to move out and face the basket.”

I only have one question for Phil Jackson
Why in the heck didn't he say something in the New Orleans series?
Why Why Why
It coulda made a difference in this series if the league was aware of it.

LRob --

I only said that about Magic (opening up Starbucks in Harlem) because he's a big-time business man these days, going around as an entrepreneur, doing some good things -- I just meant that now that he's no longer an owner of the Lakers, he should just stick to his businesses and leave everyday basketball operations to the management (although I know he's still a vice president of some sort).

I just don't like how he's put himself in the spotlight, trying to somehow influence the offseason moves. Stick to your new business ventures, Magic, please leave player personnel to the people getting paid to make those decisions. Magic is such a huge and popular figure, what he says carries a lot weight, and I think he's dead wrong here -- 100% wrong -- and I'm worried Dr. Buss may just side with his favorite adopted son.

The Lakers are losing to the Mavs not because Dallas is faster and more athletic, but because the Mavs are hitting their 3's and we're not, as simple as that really. If that's the case, then all the Lakers need to do is buy themselves a sharp-shooter, not "blow up the entire team" (a team that's gone to 3 straight Finals) as Magic would advocate.

IF LA Lakers will lose out of round sweep!! LA Lakers will be next year 2011-2012..Dwight Howard trade to Lakers for send to Andrew Bynum or Lamar Odom? Also Matt Bonner can trade to LA Lakers for Matt Barne and Shannon Brown send to Spurs?

Russell Westbrook bring trade to Lakers for Lamar Odom?

Matt Bonner better than Shannon Brown for 3 points shooting Matt Bonner.

Free Agent sign likely to Aaron Afflalo former UCLA player.

Kobe and Howard will be together next seaosn 2011-2012?

C Dwight Howard
F Pau Gasol
F Ron Artest
G Kobe Bryant
G Derek Fisher
G Russell Westbrook eye want man sixth of the year award?
F/C Matt Bonner
F Luke Walton
G Steve Blake

No matter the outcome of game 4 tomorrow, I will always support my Lakers team and be a lakers fan till the end. I live in Dallas, Texas, and I wear my lakers t-shirt with pride wether they are losing or winning.

We do not know exactly why Pau played so poorly; It is something that the team will not disclose at this moment. If I remember correctly, he had an upper respitory problem during the first round matched up with New Orleans.
It was too bad that some lakers fans booed Pau during game 2 and insisted a refund for their tickets. Shame on those people; they are nothing but disgraced creatures.

Phil Jackson and his triangle offense should be all right sicne the system won 5 championship in a decade. The problems are that the lakers do not have 3 point shooter and point guard. The GM, Mitch K, made no efforts to fix them during the off season and before the trade deadline. In my opinion, the first thing Dr. Buss needs to do is to let him go and rehire Jerry West.

As for keeping Bynum, it will be a huge gamble due to his health issue. If he is healthy almost all the time, I will not trade him. But that is not the case. Trading him for D. Howard will be better while the lakers have a chance to do so. Remember, a good center is hard to come by lately.

It would be nice to have CP3, but it is almost impossible. The lakers might get D William relatively easy. For sure, the bench needs to be upgraded totally except Lamar Odom. May be we can get Korver, Mikael start with

Is there any way we can have this:

Pau Gasol
Marc Gasol

The sad part...looking at Pau "guarding" Dirk reminded me looking at Byron Scott guarding Jordan in 1991 finals...Seeing Magic old and not able to do his magic ...same as Kobe today....

The jealous part of me... I hate boston, but today seeing Rondo playing with one hand, seeing players step up like Garnet with 28 points, 20 rebounds..What a heart...I'm so jealous at them. I wish our lakers had 1/10 of that heart size.
The Celtics would not let Miami sweep them...Coz rest assured if that was 3:0... But they gave their best and didn't do foolish things like our lakers did.

Somebody to step up...with Pau performance (or lack there of), The lakers need someone else to step up and elevate his game. Something like 30 points from LO, or 30 from Bynum, or 20 from Artest, Steve Blake, Barns, Brown, etc. Without that we have no chance.

Lastly, I see no adjustments after games... Especially the needed adjustment after game 1...Losing game 2 after you lost game 1 at home was the signal. And not only losing, but the way they fire, no attack mode, no defense...


@buddy: + 10000000000
you are right on the money.

@Laker4ever: sadly, have to agree with you about the celtic players' hearts.

LRob --

And I appreciate the fact that Magic was making those comments in his capacity as a TV "analyst," which makes this all the more muddy. I mean, I love Magic, but this guy's wearing too many hats. There's some conflict of interest issues here. I mean, as an analyst, he's supposed to be objective, but he works for the Lakers as a "vice president." When he says that Buss should blow up the team, is he advising Buss as a subjective "vice president" or as an objective "analyst?"

I just don't get it withsome of these guys. I mean, I get what Steve Kerr is doing these days. He only has one job, as a TV color man. He's no longer associated with the Suns. But Magic is still associated with the Lakers, and at the same time he's trying to act as an objective analyst. It just doesn't work for me. That's why I said I wish he would just go tend to his business affairs (opening up Starbucks in Harlem and elsewhere).

Seriously, is Magic this stupid? I know he's not, but he can't in all good faith be advocating the drastic "blow up" of a team that has just been to the Finals the last 3 years, winning two championship, one of them against the hated Celtics no less. Maybe -- just maybe -- these guys need a break from all the post-season play? Maybe they're tired. And if so, what purpose would it really serve to "blow up" the team.

Seriously, this Laker squad just may need to rest, go on a longer vacation this year and re-energize their batteries and come back re-dedicated and more hungry! But the great Magic Johnson would have Dr. Buss "blow up" the team!


Get a solid 3-point shooter in the off-season ala Korver and we should be fine. Maybe even a guy in the mold of Matt Bonner.

No major trades needed, dear Magic. We have to give Gasol one more year. He has earned that privilege for helping this team win 2 championships.

Please just get rid of Walton!


Did someone suggest blowing up the Lakers?

That would be just magic!

Evidenced by what he is doing for the Mavericks against the Lakers,
had you picked up Peja,
in the final moment,
when it really counted,
he would have sunk you,

Playing for the Mavs, or, the Lakers,
this folks,
is what you call a win win situation.

Way to go Peja!

Not sure what Magic has going on upstairs these days.

This is gonna be interesting



After criticizing Andrew Bynum for the comments after GM 2, Magic made the same mistake.

I have great respect for Magic, for all he did for the Lakers. But he must be happy inside watching Kobe failure in surpassing him in rings.

I think this is the ultimate American Dream to watch a villain (Kobe) fail!
Every sport fan out there must be enjoying this a lot!

This is why I like Kobe a lot, because all the adversities he always has to battle against and usually he wins it. Maybe not this time, but he has had his share of victories.

This same mass media lobby's were also applied to the GOAT of basketball Wilt Chamberlain. He was vilified, named "loser" and they loved "Goliath" to loose.

But what these people don't understand is that there aren't many Kobe's or Wilt's out there. It is they who lose by not enjoying this great payers.

After Kobe there will be a drought of such competitiveness & pure talent.

So enjoy this ride of Kobe while he still plays.


Ah yes...

Is it possible? Well...yes, I suppose.

Down three to zero, can old Kobe win one or two, who knows?

My mind wanders and oh, does it play...

It takes me all the way back to Guantanamo Bay.

"I think this is the ultimate American Dream to watch a villain (Kobe) fail!
Every sport fan out there must be enjoying this a lot!"

Posted by: TidalWave | May 08, 2011 at 03:21 AM

Not every sports fan, but a definite majority.

Excellent point!

Hey, it was a great run!. If only the Dodgers could win back to backs and make it to the WS 3 yrs. running...

Posted by: LRM | May 07, 2011 at 09:01 PM

Good luck getting the World Champion San Francisco Giants
or the San Diego Padres on board with that one.

Besides, you've got to get your players paid first.
And then there's the matter of rounding-up
and sending a few Dodger fans to prison...
Are they even still working on that?

Majority of sport fans hate Kobe??? Are you freaking out of your mine millions of fans around the world love kobe.His jersey sales was number one for how many consecutive years and his number one in all star vote this year.What do you mean haters,probably if you all just shut up and enjoy the game and appreciate the greatness that we see in kobe.why hate people?Thats why this world will never be in peace as long as theirs people like all this crab mentality haters always jealous of what other acheived,and yoir one of themMagic Johnson i appreciate what you've done for this franchise in the past but your not perfect as well and now your envy of what this team acheived and specially Kobe as he replace you as the Lakers greatest of all time.Wow wake up people your hate is blinding you...

All the lakers gotta do is win at Dallas! Then they will most likely win at L.A! Then their right back in the series! And they will have all the movtivation to win a game 6 and make a historic comeback in game 7! Kobe needs to be Kobe! The bench needs to step up! And they need a 20pts 10reb from gasol! I know that sounds foolish. But u gotta remember this maybe their last game of the season so they will leave everything at the court! Just like Kobe said! " you're either in the train or in front of it"

Luke is signed for two more years at $6 million; no one will take that salary; he'll be there until trade deadline in February 2013; unless Lakers decide to release him at that point and open salary space that way.

Kobe makes 24, 25 and 30 million through 2014. That will be one washed up old ball hog making 30 million dollars by then.

Gasol is at 19 million through 2014, (that is if Phil doesn't choke him to death during a time out today) good luck trying to find a taker for that salary and disappearing act.

Andy Bynum is at $16 through 2013; Artest 7 mil through 2014

DFish is still signed to play two more seasons!!! at 3.4 million! Yikes!!!

This team is in deep s-word when it comes to flexibility of changing the roster; that is why Kupchak had to sign scrubs like Blake, Brown and Barnes to fill out his bench this year. Delonte West would have been a good gamble last summer but they went with Blake instead.

This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better...........

Trey Johnson at $76,000 a year is still a bargain

Expect major traffic problems on the LA Freeways tomorrow as the roads become un-passable due to the clutter from Laker flags being thrown everywhere.....

Hey, I think the Lakers are done. By the way, will somebody remember to the Mavs a little credit, please? Coming back to win the series means the Lakers will have to win the rest of the games, 4 in a row! That will not happen unless Dirk goes out with two broken legs and an arm. Even then, it still might be a tall task considering that Ron Ron might just decide to punch out some Mav fan at the end of the first quarter for no reason.

Here is something else for Laker fans to consider, for the first time in the past four seasons we are actually playing an elite team in the second round; Utah in 2008 and 2010 was pretty mediocre and Houston in 2009 was a really badly injured team.

And we also lost a game (game 1) that we shouldn't have; that also hasn't happened in four years, as a matter of fact we have been very fortunate an won a lot of games during that period that quite frankly the other team should have won.

Maybe that fact has something to do with the 0-3 deficit; just saying............

The main and possibly the only reason that the Lakers are strugglin so much is NO PRODUCTION FROM PAU GASOL!!!! I noticed in game 3 when the lineup I think was Steve Blake, Kobe, Barnes, Odom, Bynum; Lakers was killin the Mavs and the lead grew to 9 points and Phil decided to put Gasol back in and Bynum was screaming NOOO he did not want Pau back in the game!! And LITERALLY as soon as Pau came back in the game Dirk Nowitzki scored and Dallas went on a run. I agree with Magic Johnson Lakers need major changes and blow up the team! Possibly trade one of the big men and another piece for maybe Dwight Howard. Also maybe Lakers get some shooters to surround Kobe and Dwight. Also GET RID OF FISHER, HE IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also Lakers need athletes!! The only athletes they have is Shannon Brown, (Kobe can still get up as we saw against the Hornets; no disrespect Okafor LOL). I am not as stunned or mad I thought I would be if Lakers lost this series because this will basically have to FORCE Jerry Buss to make some moves. I would not be mad if Lakers kept Bynum and didn't get Dwight, they just shold get better players and athletes and a point guard upgrade! They need a better defender at small forward because Artest is just NOT the same defender. I was surprised that L.A didn't make more of an effort to get Tony Allen last offseason when he was a free agent because he is one thing that L.A needs which is: a lockdown defender at the 2 or 3, a HUGE energy guy, and a major athlete!
C'mon Jerry Buss WAKE UP MAN!!!

I see the blog cheerleaders have come out from hiding.

Thank you, Magic Johnson, for saying what knowledgable fans have been thinking lately.

You don't have mental breakdowns during the playoffs. You're getting paid millions of dollars a year to perform up to par.

Pau Gasol is a critical reason as to why the Lakers will be swept. He needs to be traded off season, and Magic agrees with this.

I'll take Magic's opinion over some stary-eyed blog cheerleader anyday.

GAME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Soshibo, Edwin G. - Thanks! We can still win this!!!


My Musical contribution for the rest of the series.....

~Mission Impossible Theme~


Cheering for a team that you love, and hoping they win. YES, eventhough the odds are not that great DOES NOT make you any less of a man.






For those who have given up hope, you may look for players in advance that may be good for the LAKERS. As for me, I still have a cheering to do for GAME 4.

LAKERS ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the typo... I got carried away....


The Triangle?

It's the way the World Champs play.

There are many stories written about the eternal triangle.

A fitting piece for today's event.

The guy with the pistola reminds me of someone.

Is that you Lewsters?

Helen of Troy were not hiding,were just tired of all of you trolls bashing our Lakers...Its not yet finish last time I check Lakers are still playing...Lets go Lakers...Prove the haters and doubters wrong...


Police here; well today it's win or go home, no more games to redeem ourselves with if we lose this one. But there is a God and He is a Laker fan!

Pau Gasol is the key because Bynum is already producing at a very high level. If Pau can finally wake up, it should give us the extra offense we need to get over the hump.

Judge Belslow how is it over at the farrrrrrr east ( that's assuming you're even at the real far east). The PSP like your new handle; it gives you some kind of illusion of power and control, possibly to compensate for other ehmmm ... deficiencies. Happy sunday son.

PSP Intern

That Memphis team is fun to watch and they are actually good.
I have liked OKC but now watching them with Perkins in there is such a turn off I can't root for them anymore.

That’s just too sad really.
Since the well-being (seriously) of so many of you
truly seems attached to the fortunes
of a basketball team and the game they play
(even to the extent that you raise your children
and grandchildren to have similar dependency),
it may be a good time to connect with lost family members,
the ones who never made it to the promised southland.

Reconnecting with family on such solemn occasions
can bring comfort, and that’s what I’m all about.
Hang down your head Laker Tom Dooley, hang down your....

Come on now, everyone sing along!


Thanks for the reply. Magic has his opinions just like any other analyst. But make no mistake, Dr. Buss is his own man. He’ll get with his management team and make what he feels is the best decision. I doubt it Magic words will carry much influence.

BTW…I believe Magic sold all his Starbuck stores when he sold his share of the Lakers.

Good Morning Laker Nation,

I still believe! Sooner or later some team will come back from a 3-0 deficit in the NBA. It sure doesn't look like this Laker team have the "attention to detail" necessary to pull it off...but I believe they'll win today and as long as they alive I'll believe.

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there! Enjoy the game everybody and don't be faint of heart!

@JovBatz - We do choose to accept this mission :-)

@Art - I agree about OKC with Perkins. BTW...I saw that episode with Worthy and Coop yesterday...good stuff.

Happy Mother's Day to all those Laker Game Day widows, also!

May your children appreciate your love and caring that brought them into this world, for better (2 rings in a row) or worse (down 0-3). ;-)

I was dissapointed with Magic, Lakers can't win every year, NBA managers will take advantage on Lakers because they knew Lakers need a trade badly. You want Howard, ok, but what about you take Gilbert Arena with him ???...I don't hate Kobe, but anyone who playing sports should know one thing, you can't win by yourself, in game 1 Kobe had zero assts, that tells you all about the guy with 5 rings, he still doesn't understand the game, after Lakers lost to Dallas, he said he was concern about Dallas, wrong, Kobe should be concern about helping teammates to beat Dallas, but it's already too late.


Yeah, that episode brought back some good memories, that was my favorite Laker team ever. But they had their run and then it ended.
No matter, when one door closes, another one opens. This years fizzle out has been building for a while but something good may come from this.

Bring Dwight Howard trade get LA Lakers for Lamar Odom and Ron Artest will send to Orlando Magic?

Matt Bonner will get trade to LA Lakers for Shannon Brown and Matt Barnes to San Antonio Spurs?

Until summer July see what happen Lakers will find out.

If Phi Jakcson will retire replace new head coach George Karl or Phil Jackson will one more next year season 2011-12?

Lots of people saying the teams tired,and there's no need to blow it up.I'll just ignore the fact that these guys are athlethe millonaires and some/most(pau) did get rest this last summer.(plenty more rest this summer it seems also). I don't think magic is saying trade everyone except Kobe,but anyone rhat thinks all these players so be back next year is definately a fan.Just not the rational one,but the crazed fan like the kings or something(lol). Just because a player is a laker doesn't mean he can do no wrong.Some people have the balls to call out kobe and list all why he's not good enough.Yet they still want mr intangables fisher to start(another year to boot),and praise sissy pau,tin-man bynum,disappearing acts odom,brick-layer artest,kwame's younger brother shannon,luke-the force is NOT with you,and the rest of the scrubs.You can't have it all fans.the team starts and ends with Kobe at least for a few more years.Someone has to go,that's why we are where we are.Remeber 03 and 04,Not much changed(fisher was even slow then lol).Then we got aging superstars and were abused.Something has to give,you either give rookies are chance,or you need fresh talent.Lots of these players this year have shown there not tough enough,not just pyhsically but mentally.

Bynum needed that surgery early,don't care who says what,it was the resbonsible thing to do.Remeber he made sure he did his shaq impression and got his pay me now payday.Yet instead of focusing on rebounding,defense he wants to score.Only during the 17-1 strecth did he really emerge

Gasol despite getting rest last summer has under performed alot this season.He got abreak because he was playing center.Yet he waits till the playoffs to emplode,weak all around player,he got his pay day too.(oh yea and you had balls to call out kobe about touches Paussy)

Fish be honerable like luke,hit the bench,player coach or something.You called kobe out too,and your shooting's been terrible more times than not.

artest, why did you raffle your ring?why did you do an album?why do you miss so much shots?why are you so distracted?and why,why,why??.......Btw your not as quick as you once were...

odom, yoa are another alot similar to your queensbridge brother,lots a skills but lost to many times,how's the REALITY of an early exit looking??

No need to call out the rest scrubs.
I'll say this though for the KOBE haters.He's playing with various injuries and still gives his all,and plays better than the rest.BTW di you guys get the memo that he is a SHOOTING GUARD and he does actually follow what the coach says.If he didn't the coach has a right to pull him.Or he can leave him on the bench while leads are given away.......

Funny how the mvp,a POINT GUARD, so far is averaging 27 shots per game,but gets no flak.He passes,so does Kobe,but his teamates play more like men and make their shots............

"Posted by: VI Lakerfan | May 08, 2011 at 08:33 AM "




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