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Ron Artest suspended for one game, will sit out Friday's game

Photo: Ron Artest walks off the court after being ejected in the second half of  Game 2 against Dallas on Wednesday night. Credit: Chris Pizzello / Associated Press Lakers forward Ron Artest will sit out Game 3 of the playoff series against the Dallas Mavericks because of a one-game suspension handed down by the NBA.

Artest was ejected from Game 2 with 24.4 seconds left after smacking Dallas guard Jose Barea in the face with his forearm. It was Artest's second technical foul of the game.

The Lakers will start either Lamar Odom or Matt Barnes in Artest's place Friday. Luke Walton might see his first playing time of the playoffs.

Artest will forfeit $57,476 in pay for the suspension. He had a strong start to the playoffs against New Orleans but has tailed off in the Western Conference semifinals against Dallas, averaging 6.5 points while making only five of 18 shots (27.8%).

Artest didn't exactly express remorse for his suspension, citing the need to "move forward" or "move on" no less than seven times in two minutes with reporters.

The Lakers trail the Mavericks, 2-0, in the best-of-seven series. Games 3 and 4 will be in Dallas.


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-- Mike Bresnahan

Photo: Ron Artest walks off the court after being ejected in the second half of  Game 2 against Dallas on Wednesday night. Credit: Chris Pizzello / Associated Press

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'I have been a Lakers fan since I was a kid and I am now 42 -- I have never seen such a flagrant, ugly, embarassing foul.'

Not even close to Kermit Washington's knock out of Rudy Tomjanovich back in 1977.

I have watched Lakers and Mavs for 15 or so years now, and have enjoyed the competitive spirit between the two teams, however, last night the Lakers sunk to a new low. Ron Artest - Kennedy Good Citizen of the Year, showed his true colors last night. This clown is nothing but a gutter scum loser, as he always has been. What was this, his 13th or 14th suspension? Some losers just never learn. Get rid of him LA, you deserve better.

Yep Ron deserved the one game suspension. That was not basketball.

I gave up my aliance to the Lakers when they traded for Ron Artest. He is a liability. He is not a Laker. Not the Jerry West, James Worthy, Kobe Bryant, Gail Goodrich, and the rest. He's just a thug.

@rafanico - stop being a sourpuss man. Im telling you we got this!!! see you monday!!!

Besides LO, the Lakers bench is garbage. Brown doesnt play defense, Barnes cant hit a layup, and Blake is completely lost. And Im amazed the Lakers still cant defend the pick and roll

ELADAVE, ron artest is a liability? i guess you quickly forget, as do the rest of you lakers "fans", in game 7 of the finals when everyone was struggling to hit a shot, ron ron was the most clutch laker. i guess you forgot game 5 in the WCF when kobe threw up an airball, and ron ron won the game. i'm not even sure to this day, if ron ron had not gotten that putback, if the lakers would have come out of that suns series. so keep on hating, you all have short term memory.

l Lakers fans, you can't win home,how you're going to win in Dallas.

Ron Artest is an animal. He should be in wrestling or any combat sports. He should be remove in NBA. Bad example.

PATHETIC Laker fans who pour your blind, ignorant hatred on Ron Artest -- they forget that BUT FOR the great Ron Artest the Lakers lose Game 7 last year against Boston!!! BUT FOR the great Ron Artest we would've had to suffer through a HORRIBLE green celebration on our home floor!!! BUT FOR the great Ron Artest, Kobe would be 0-2 against the hated Celtics, and his legacy marred for eternity!

**PATHETIC** Laker fans with no memory, honor, shame nor loyalty. The less of you cowards the better!!!

I am glad we are going to Dallas, maybe they will find their focus. If I had to choose 1 team that could come back from a 2-0 hole it would be LA. LA won just as many games on the road as they did in LA.

ludwig, you are one of the few logical, true lakers fans here. the rest of you are a bunch of whiners, you should go work with chuck on tnt and demonize everything the lakers do or say. ooh boohooo, ron artest slapped a guy in the face, kobe offended the gay community, waah waaaah. get a life!

Jerseylakersfan --

Logic and a little short-term memory are a good thing -- it's not like this was 5 or 10 years ago, it hasn't even been ONE YEAR since game 7 against the hated Celtics!!! But for Ron Artest, the Lakers would've been behind by 23 instead of 13 points in the 3rd quarter -- that's a FACT!

How quickly jackals forget!!!!

very good point, ludwig. these people are so judgmental it's ridiculous! behave like men, you whiners! ooh i'm so upset, ron artest hit that guy in the face, and now i'm ashamed to call myself a lakers fan. i have been hit in the face dozens of times playing street ball, and i didn't cry foul. the nba is a joke, and the rules are made to hurt non superstars. paula pierce should have been suspended for rubbing his face like a homo on jones' face, but nooo the celtics' superstars are untouchable. kevin garnett, the world's biggest piece of crap, calls villanueva a CANCER PATIENT and the nba does nothing, not even a fine! calling someone a cancer patient is 1,000 times more offensive, than "offending" gays.

maybe ron got tried of the home crowed booing. i stay up late to see my favorite team play and not only they get beat like they never played before the crowed booing again.maybe ron trying to tell pau,fisher,and bynum stop letting them come down they middle and please someone tell pau to play defense.shannon,blake,barnes keep them off the three point line and make them play defense.dallas havn't played defense in two series they just out scoring everybody they playing like a slow phoenix suns come on lakers make history and 3peat ,4trip

What's all the yelling about. The Lakers got beaten the first two games AT HOME.

And everybody is worried? What me worry?

So Ron "Thug It Up" Artest has been suspended for what... his 13th time or so??

Frankly I was surprised the Lakers took Artest in. He totally misrepresents what the Lakers are, historically. Pat Riley brought the term "thugs" to basketball after game 4 in 1984, referring to Kevin McHale's clothesline tackle of Kurt Rambis. It was exactly the same cowardly swing Artest took at JJB. Riley used to criticize opponents who didn't understand the Poetry of "Showtime."

Artest is a polar opposite of everything the Lake Show represents.

Once a punk ass, always a punk ass! The Lakers should have known what they were getting after the Indiana horror. Artest can't beat Dallas with skills, so he basically punked out by beating up the smallest guy. I'm sure Trevor Ariza, the former Laker Artest replaced, is laughing. He had somne good plays against his former team.

Goodbye and good riddance!

right jeff, trevor ariza is laughing all the way past the first rou... oh oops, they didn't make it past the first round.

You Laker fans have smoked yourselves retwated. Stop kidding yourselves, these mavs are 4real. you might take a game or two at most, but you guys are done. artest, barnes,walton, and possibly gasol will be gone by next season. kobe will be a year older, and odom isn't quite what they are looking for (sam perkins).Phl Jackson is a goner too, so there goes anyshot of you clowns winning anytime soon.BTW....its not lovely in lakerland

Me and my size 42 dd coconuts say the clippers will take the series in 7. Any questions? didn't think so cowboys fans...

jerseylakerfan --

Excellent point regarding paula pierce and his homo rub! It is a joke, suspending Artest for this quasi technical foul -- it was so harmless, he even hugged the guy a little. Artest was just trying to stop the clock, so was Odom. It was not flagrant!!! This is a joke, all this hatred against Artest. He's been a great citizen the last few years, the guy paid for his mistakes and helped the Lakers win a championship against the uber hated Boston, what else do you nitwit jackals want???? Wtf!!!

He ought to compensate a little something to LamOdom, for catching him in the family jewelry section on the same play ... reminds me of an old ditty on the Jim Healy Show, appropriate for cinco de mayo ... "aye, yi, yi yi ... OOOF!" (as some boxer caught a low blow in the berries)

The LAKERS are NOT done! We CAN and WILL win this thing in six!!! Ron Artest...that was "BUSH" man. No need. UNCALLED for...lacked PROFESSIONALISM. Now go OUT THERE and Kick some A*&!!!

Shoulda been two game suspension.

Punk move, punk player.

Aimed for his throat, caught his face, purely bad intentions.


They weren't going to with Artest let alone without him. Artest is just a small part of the teams problems. Kobe looks worn out. The bench is weak compared to Dallas'. Barkley said the same thing. Fisher looks old. He fouls more because he can't keep up. Dirk looks like Jordan as in unstoppable.

if pj is going to start luke in place of artese,well the lakers might as well cancell game 3 ,luke have lost all sense
of how to play basketball.

Send artest back to south central where he belongs with the thugs that beat up brian Stows. And artest you can take that cry baby kobe bryant with that Kotex on his shooting finger hes been milking for 3 years now with you. And then take that free ride derik Fisher who cant carry himself as well, get him out of here as well. I'm sick of all of you for an LA team. if you get my Dallas which I don't think you will the heat will show you what basketball and new life is all about. Further more artest you show how small you really are by hitting on little berrera. Why don't you try that with Lebron cause he would stuff your nose flatter than it already is.

game day tomorrow.
and lalaland, cross your fingers, your toes,
scream, be energized
show the team we care
even if we are half way around the world
let the team feel us

i bleed purple and gold
i believe lakers will win


Hey Atest......dye your hair red and green again and get the heck out of california. Your not wanted here anymore.Actually I think the lakers want to lose to dallas so they don't have to deal with the heat and james. Gasol is the best that ever happened to the lakers as they have 2 championships due to him.I wouldn't want to play for that ignorant artest anyways. Odam is awesome and a gentleman.
fisher can't take matters in his own hands. He'll always be a follower and a free ride. Besides, he only makes peanuts what do you expect. And Kobe all he does is run up and down the court looking at all of the blondes and not paying attention to the game. Dallas is pretty smart if you asl me. watch how they place hookers all over the floor.And Jack Nicho; need to get a life or get laid. My father was getting laid at 90 years of age. theres hope for you. do something else. my god what are you thinking and doing with your life.

Lakers in dreamland.
Going on the road down 0-2 will help things?
Oh yeah. Sure thing.
Look for the Lakers to be swept. 5 games at the most.
They are a confused, demoralized team.
All clueless.
Goodbye Lakers. Been fun. Real fun.

Mark in Garland,TX

haha greg g
you must be kidding with this comment, right? "Why don't you try that with Lebron cause he would stuff your nose flatter than it already is." queen lechoke is the biggest little girl in the nba, how many altercations has he been in? it's amazing how all these laker hating trolls come out of the gutter when the lakers are down, but where were all of you sh*t talkers the past two years when our mighty lakers were throwing parades, and your teams were watching from home?

Artest is a jerk and a lousy pro(?) baller. His totally unsportsman-like conduct shows that he has mental problems; he should spen his time tomorrow seeing a shrink.

What a jackass! had me at hello, you are %100 correct. as i have stated the last 3 months, fans need to ask themselves are you a kobe fan or a laker fan. huge difference. if you are a true laker fan then you will know it is time for a farewell, for the better. and kobe is the golden ticket for dhoward. its been unforgettable but its time to let go. we can get a small country for kobe right now. he and bynum have to go. we rebuild with odom, artest, possibly gasol, and dhoward and hopefully cp3. there is life after kobe. i remeber how hard it was when magic left, and he left in a days notice, hell there was a game that night. i was devastated. but we made it, as we will again.but until then keep the faith fans, rest assure we WILL NOT GO OUT LIKE THIS and if we do exit this round we are the team that matters...forever .. LAKESHOW BABY! ALL UP IN YOU!

One word FARMAR

the lakers dont have anyone on the roster that truly La do they. This is where they miss FARMAR. A LA beat in the locker room and on the second team

Artest? classless a##. No confidence in his own ability, so he resorts to thuggery, like Pacers' Foster. Ick D. ROSE is the Man! On and off the court. D. Rose-way to represent!

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