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Lakers' 96-94 Game 1 loss to Dallas Mavericks points to inconsistent execution

61328944Turning to each other in the locker room, the Lakers reached a consensus on why their 96-94 Game 1 loss Monday to the Dallas Mavericks proves more frustrating than others.

"I'm not so sure Dallas didn't outplay us," Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said, "but the players felt like they gave it away."

They gave it away with Kobe Bryant clanging a last-chance three-pointer on the final possession off the rim, finalizing a finishing stretch that included a poor shot, a turnover and a shot getting blocked.

They gave it away when Pau Gasol's dump pass to Bryant resulted in a turnover after he was bumped by Jason Kidd chasing Bryant at his side, a play that could've been avoided had Gasol found an open Derek Fisher in the corner.

And they gave it away with Gasol's ridiculous foul on Dirk Nowitzki during an inbounds pass with 19.5 seconds left and the Lakers leading by one, something that could've been avoided had Lamar Odom been guarding him.

This script might read similar to their Game 1 loss to New Orleans, an outcome that eventually resulted in the Lakers waking up and winning four of the next five games. But this game's different. The Mavericks were supposed to collapse after Jason Terry fouled Lamar Odom at half court with 0.7 seconds left in the second quarter, when Dirk Nowitzki elbowed Ron Artest and drew a technical foul and the Lakers stormed out to a 60-44 lead with 10:39 remaining in the third quarter. Instead of ratcheting up the intensity, the Lakers simply coasted.

"I'm very concerned," Bryant said. "They can beat us."

Dallas beat the Lakers in a lot of ways. Gasol and Odom giving Nowitzki just enough space that they didn't disrupt his mid-range shooting much, the 7-foot power forward scoring 28 points on 11-of-22 shooting. The Mavericks went on a 20-6 run in the middle of the third quarter to get to within 66-64 of the Lakers with 4:04 left in the period, never allowing the Lakers more than an eight-point lead. And Dallas' off-season acquisitions of Brendan Haywood and Tyson Chandler proved to be the size it needed into fronting and disrupting Andrew Bynum, who scored only eight points on three-of-eight shooting.

Meanwhile, the Lakers spent three days preparing for the Mavericks, but had very little to show for it. The Lakers never ran a balanced offense with Bynum's ineffectiveness contributing to the problems and pointing to his teammates only allowing him to have eight field-goal attempts. After proving surprisingly effective in the first-round series against New Orleans, Artest went one of eight from the field, lacked the focus he had in finding quality shots and the energy he had in hustle plays (three rebounds). Bryant's 36 points came on a 14-of-29 shooting clip, a dicey formula for a team wanting to ride his hot streak while making sure the offense remains balanced. But his hot streak eventually ended and the offensive lapses remained. And then there was the Lakers' reserves, which sparked Bryant's ire during his postgame news conference. With exception to Odom's 15 points on five-of-10 shooting, the rest of the bench appeared equally ineffective in scoring only 10 more points as it was in feeding the Lakers' bigs inside.

"We should've pounded the ball inside," Bryant said. "Our second unit has to do a better job in that regard. I felt like we stayed on the perimeter too much. ... It had nothing to do with me. I had games where I shot the ball 30 times and Pau had big offensive games those games. I'm going to do what I do. The second unit and crew has to get a conscious effort to get the ball into Pau and the ball into Andrew. I had games where I shot the ball 10 times and Pau and Andrew didn't contribute that much. I had games where I shot the ball 30 times and they had big games. It has nothing to do with my shots."

But the loss has to do with a series of small problems that the Lakers have discovered is a dicey formula to follow against a team that suddenly matches up well with them both on paper and on the court. 

 --Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant launches the final shot of Game 1 as Jason Kidd arrives late to challenge the shot. Bryant missed and the Mavericks took a 96-94 victory. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times / May 2, 2011

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Another critical aspect of that loss was Phil's decision to bench the starters for nearly half of the 4th quarter. Lakers had a 7 point lead and Phil, unsurprisingly, puts the disappointing subs to start the 4th. That lead vanquishes in 2 minutes. I thought the starters would come back around the 9 minute mark but Phil must have read that 9 upside down. Come on Phil. An extra 3 or so minutes for your starters won't hurt them.

There is also the mindset of going for the win, when you are at home, and extending the game would have also resulted in a victory. This game was another putrid effort at home by the Lakers, who seem to always give away home-court advantages.

The Game One collapse should be a wake up call for the Lakers. They should never take the Mavericks lightly because they are a veteran squad determined to prove they can knock off the defending champs. Dirk Nowitzki is at his peak, making him even more dangerous.

The key to the lakers being successful against Dallas is simple... just start Lamar instead of Artest. This will switch the advantage back to LA because now lamar can gaurd Dirk, Gasol can gaurd marion which is a matchup in Gasol's favor because marion is not a consistent jump shooter so Gasol will not have to respect his range and go out there. This will also make stevesen have to gaurd kobe and marion cant because if marion decide to gaurd kobe then that means steveson will have to gaurd lamar instead of artest and lamar is far too big for steveson.Bynum can then stay on chandler and fish and kobe can switch back and forth on kidd and steveson. I feel ron ron comming off the bench can still provide some scoring and defense but he may have to play less minutes this series because of the matchup problem with Dirk. Please send this to Phil or someone in the Laker organization because they are making this harder than what it is lol!!

Kobe is right the mavs can beat us. Unlike the hornets, they have planty of talent and size. But i disagree with kobe taking 29 shots.

More worrisome is the fact the Lakers won just one quarter
and that Kobe thinks there's two Laker teams. Him and then the other Lakers.
He escapes blame with his 38 points, but not a single assist.

Kobe needs to make it up for the whole series with his 2 turnovers in the last 2 mins. In no way am I a Kobe hater or 24 basher, but if he decides to shoot that amount of shots the whole game, why does he choose to pass on the last minute? Every Laker player already saw him take those shots without him passing, why would they think differently at the end?

The Lakers have Andrew Bynum who is the healthiest he has ever been in the past 3 playoffs run. Either use him or bench him.

Man, the Lakers really should've went for the tie. The only reason I can think of that makes Phil go for the win all the time is energy conservation. If they extend the game into overtime more minutes are played and precious energy used. And if it becomes a battle (or worst another overtime), then that's even more energy used. And then, given how the Lakers were playing practically giving the game to the Mavs at the end, it would've been bad for all of that energy to be wasted should it still end in loss. And then you're still tired going into Game 2. So Phil says, "Eff it, if we win it, we win it. If not, take care of business in game 2 and 3. Maybe now my guys will wake up."

Any takers on this theory?

Kobe had 38 points on 14 for 29 shots with 0 assists. Dirk had 28 on 11 for 22 14 rebs and 3 assists. Give me Dirk's production tonight. All kobe did was win the scoring battle but lost the war of game 1. Dallas played a bad game but still won. Someone made a good obserbation that kobe uses alot of energy by taking all of the shots then gets tired and expects his team to bail him out. This team is too talented for kobe to take 29 shots.

Oh and kobe had more turnovers than dishes.

It simply defies comprehension that some are blaming Kobe for the loss. The 2nd half scoring:

Everyone not named Kobe on the first unit, 12 points.

Kobe, 21 points.

2nd unit, 8 points.

When you consider that 4 of the 1st unit's 12 came in the first minute of the 3rd and 4 more on Pau's 4 FT over the Lakers' last two possessions of the 3rd, it becomes fairly clearly that Kobe was the offense for the first unit for very nearly all of the 2nd half. Ron scored on a layup following a turnover at 11:48 of the 3rd and didn't square again and Fish scored a whopping 0 points in the 2nd half. Kobe was not responsible for either of those realities. He also is not responsible for Bynum missing 3 layups over the game. Bynum was 3-8 with a monstrous 5 rebounds on the night. 3 players came to play, Kobe, Pau and Lamar. And Phil might want to put some ice on his bruised "lame duck" ego as well. The 16 point lead went to do 3 and then back up to 7 with those 4 Gasol FT to end the 3rd. No way in hell that the Mavs have their scrubs out there to start the 4th, so Dirk, Marion and Terry were on the court with Peja and Haywood. That matchup was not going to end well and so it didn't end well, and I'm still wondering why Phil saved Kobe minutes during the regular season if he wasn't going to bring him back into the game until 6:30 or so were left. And did I mention Phil's brain fart in thinking that Gasol had a hope in hell of guarding Dirk there at the end? The foul, a zip code away from the basket, was Pau's subconscious telling the world, there's no way I can guard him all the way out here, as he'll surely drive past me to the basket, or hit the wide open jumper should I hedge back, so I might as well just foul him now and hope that Mr. 90% has 1 of his 1 in 10 misses this time at the line (almost worked, as that first FT almost didn't go down).

Sorry, almost forgot, but for the brain dead morons who are blaming the loss on Kobe, the Lakers' possessions from 10:37 to 5:19 of the 3rd, when the Lakers' 1st unit not only surrendered the add on 9 points but also 4 of their 7 point half-time lead:

Bynum 2 PT made
Artest TO
Fish 2 PT miss
Kobe 2 PT made
Kobe 2 PT miss
Artest 3 PT miss
Gasol TO
Gasol TO
Artest 3 PT miss

Little hard to blame Kobe for failing to get an assist when the other folks miss their shots and turn the ball over.

It's a dangerous game the Lakers are playing where they feel that they can turn a switch and beat any team whenever they feel like it. I lived in Dallas for awhile, and i know they are very very passionate about their teams in any sport. The Lakers do not know how intense it gets in that arena in the playoffs. They have never met in the post season. Therefore Game 3 in Dallas is going to be much harder than they think it is.
For the Laker fans who haven't had the privilege to visit that beautiful city; across from America Airlines Arena; passing that freeway sits a correctional house. Go Lakers

Game 1, sux!

Looks like the "Sweep Bus" has gone berserk! Let me ride another one!LOL!

Prediction Adjustments (while Phil is entitled to in-between-games adjustments, me too can have my prediction adjustments!lol):

Lakers in 5 or 6.. I still feel confident about playing against these Mavericks. Nothing the Lakers can't handle in a race to four.

Be back for Game 2, WE STILL GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care Lakers Fam!


@alekesam.. I'll take that theory and expand a little. While I do think that going for the tie in the end would have been smarter, Kobe could have easily kept going and got to the rim, I think the real reason that Phil went for the W in that situation is to potentially send a psychological dagger to a fragile Dallas team. Look, alot of people are saying already that Phil left the bench out there too long and I'll agree with that, however, I don't think it's because Phil was not coaching but rather doing what he always does, placing players in situations to see how they handle it. Phil coaches games, series rather like chess matches. He will sometimes sacrifice his pawns to better his overall position in the series. I also feel that since the bench hasn't been playing particularly well he was allowing them to try and play through the funk. It didn't work. But let's not forget what Phil and his staff are best at...adjustments. None is better. They will make adjustments. I like the suggestion made danny bryant to play Lamar at the 3. Interesting but I don't see that happening. Lamar is too valuable a contributor off the bench. Although he can disappear at times, he's much more reliable offensively than Artest.
Reasons we lost this game are simple:
1. Didn't continue to play through Bynum. For a solid stretch of the 2nd and early 3rd, Bynum got the ball and put pressure on the Dallas team. We built a 16 pt lead this way. In the 4th, I don't even recall him touching it besides a brief time when he drew the foul and hit the FT's.
2. Kobe. 29 shots is too many. Especially when you mix in ZERO assists. If Kobe shoots 29 times and scores 45 or more, fine. But 29 to get 36? Too many attempts. But be prepared for more of that because Dallas has noone to guard him effectively. If Kobe plays it smart, he'll utilize that fact to get teammates a ton of easy looks. He'll see that in the film session and that will be one adjustment in Gm2.
3. Bench play. Shannon Farmar (as I like to call him). For whatever reason Mr. Brick thinks that he is the explosive scores off the bench. Has all season. Problem is, he can't dribble very well, doesn't pass and can't shoot to save his life. Too many times he dribbles out the clock and then passes to a teammate who has to chuck up a rushed shot. OR he dribbles off his foot/leg and then has to hoist up a 35ftr as the shot clock expires....or has TO's. Steve Blake. Many people are saying he is a bust. I disagree. He hasn't been bad, just not the same guy we thought we were getting. I have seen Blake in person at least 20 times up here in Blazer country and it's not that he's bad, it's that he's not being aggressive. He defers to our better players too much. His mid range game is solid and from 3 on the baseline he is absolutely deadly. He just refuses to shoot for some reason. He needs to realize that he was brought here to play the way he did then and next season he'll get back to that.
4. Lastly, Mr Gasoft. It's confusing to me why he has digressed into a much softer player than he was 3 yrs ago. Last season he shedded some of that persona with a pretty solid playoffs and solid finals. This season he is 1-ply, extra soft charmin. Is he perhaps burned out? Does he not have the passion for the game? Can't really put a fix on it. I'm sure some are wishing at this point we had his brother back (who is playing tough right now). If he doesn't play better, we won't win the title again. PERIOD.
All in all, I do think we will get back to the Finals if we run our offense thru Bynum, Kobe remembers that he can't "will" his team to victory EVERY night and plays together and the bench at least keeps the score the same in most situations. I do think Dallas will push LA like OKC did last year but they do not have the mental toughness to hang and that will show thru before the series is out. Trust what you know and that is Phil will make adjustments, LA will play more desperate and the length will eventually overwhelm Dallas. Lakers will win the series, 6 is possible, 7 more likely.

I knew Medina would blame Gasol and not mention the two critical turnovers by Kobehog or the ridiculously poorly managed timeout by Coach Phillip.

The Mavericks did what the Lakers usually end up doing, they won a game they had shouldn't have. For the Mavs this is like Gasol tipping in the winner from Kobe's brick in game 6 at OKC last year, or Artest clanking in a 3 pointer against Boston in game 7, or Derek Fisher's entire career, or the ball somehow ending up in Horry's hands for a 3 against Sac town in game 4; or Dick Bavetta allowing Shaq to run over every Blazer in the building in game 7 4th q, or Magic somehow getting the ball over McHale's hand in game 5 1988 or West throwing in a prayer against the Knicks in 1970.

The list goes on for miles of sheer good fortune that has fallen the Lakers way until last night............and somehow Laker fans and Medina think it was because the Lakers coasted in the third quarter, unbelievable.

BTW; Kobe is a D-word; he hogs the ball for 29 shots, commits two critical turnovers in the final minute of the game, has no assists and bricks a fall away 3 point attempt when all you needed was a two to tie and then blames his teamates; if that isn't being a D-word I don't know what is.


Jeez, this utterly stupid squad gives me fits. This is EXACTLY what I was talking about yesterday. Lakers could learn a thing or two (or a hundred...) from watching gm 1 of the Miami-Boston series. Miami, whithstanding numerous runs by the Pukes in green, always kept them at arms length, holding on to their big lead. What do we do? Either dig a hole the size of Grand Canyon or start playing like beheaded chicken after building a big lead. But our team will NEVER learn they're just too damn stupid. These have been the most frustrating champions EVER to watch. Letting us down time after time, taking so much fun out of basketball. I can't wait for another dynasty where bright minds and killer instinct prevails.

Btw, I'd like to see a team of Navy Seals come into the Lakers' locker room and kick some ass teaching them not to let Mark "Psycho Eyes" Cuban celebrate on our floor.

And uh oh yeah, looks like Ron Ron is back to his usual self. 1st round was certainly a fluke! I wish he could play his usual D though.

Our team simply did not capitalized the advantage they have on the post. There were match ups that they have advantage but they did not utilized their basketball IQ. One is the Artest vs Stojakovic, how the hell they did not allow Artest to play low post against him? They kept on shooting from the outside, instead of getting the ball inside. Bynum vs Chandler is another, it does not matter if Bynum misses a lot of shots but every time he can pummels his way inside the paint, there can be a basket or a foul. Brown vs Barea, Shannon is very athletic but how the hell he keeps on shooting from the outside, can he not play low post against the smaller Barea...i hope they utilize their inside game, that's their bread and butter besides Kobe....Lakers 3 peat and beyond

The Second Round of the playoffs that TNT is covering includes the Lakers vs Mavericks. Didn't I mentioned before that Barkeley has a bigger stake in LA losing to Dallas? Honestly the Lakers could play a clean game and win, but it's not going to fly with Charles, the BIG gambler who never won a ring on the court and wants to win it by prediction.

Laziness and unproductive bench. this has been Lakers problems all season long. Bench seems to think if they just show up the first unit will take care of everything, and everyone fell asleep when we had the lead. cut down on the silly mistakes, and the bench needs to contribute then we got this series. don't do the aforementioned and the season will end in this round. forget the blame game because its Nosiness, just get it done.

What was Kobe Bryant trying to prove? Didn't he also score 39 points in Game 1 against the Hornets?What happened then? Lakers lost. I love you Kobe but your ego and stubbornness is making you look more of a fool than a hero; let alone a savior. Pride comes before the fall.

Kobe has what Jordan didn't, a Center.

Losing at home when you have them by 16! Choking down the stretch making mental mistakes.
It's better to get this stuff out of the way and out of the system now against Dallas then having to face these problems against the Cheat because the team is stronger and without home court, the breakdown is much more serious.

I wondered earlier if Dallas could win 1-2 or 3-4. Looks like the answer is 3. It's going 7.

USE that damn Center. A team can win titles, but a one man team cannot.

you all blaming Kobe need to give it a rest. with OKC when Westbrook was taking so many shots, what did KD do? he spoke up and said something to Westbrook. problem with Lakers big 3 is , they are so passive aggressive they won't say anything to Kobe. DON'T BLAME KOBE because the big 3 lack aggressiveness.

Tough Loss last night...

I think there are a few reason that let to the loss last night :

1) Why was Bynum not utilized enough! He is healthy and has a great advantage out there...I dont get it it!

2) Pau...I just do not get it. It is even funny at this point, some times it seems like he is okay with people punking him.

3) The Bench- Matt Barnes has never and I do not think will ever be the same after his surgery-his jump shot is gone and easy scoring opportunities are lost. All season people said Steve Blake was useful because of his "high basketball IQ"...that is great, but at what point will he actually score. He was SCORELESS last night and last series with the Hornets was no different. For the bench to be useful on the offensive end he has to show up more than every 6 games. I do think his inability or reluctant nature to take shots makes Brown think he needs to do more than he is doing. Brown had a decent game...make some offensive contributions (shooting 50%), but some of those shot selections could have been much better. Lamar was productive as well.

4) Phil's coaching- I am sorry when lead was starting to slip away..why didnt he call a time out, like most coaches would have done or subbed guys who were making mistakes.

5) Ron Artest- didnt seem to be there at all last night

I quite confident that the Lakers will win Wednesday and win the whole series. However, changes need to be made and last night was more so mental than anything.

GarySmith, make sure you post again when the Lakers WIN banner 17. You are an opportunist. Just like every other Faker that doesn't know basketball.

Come in off the ledge folks! The only thing that went wrong is the Refs forgot the script! They were suppose to call another ticky tack foul with 3.6 to go in the 4th. Nowitski or Chandler would blow up and get another T. That would give you three foul shots to win it. Dallas is not suppose to win this series. They are just fodder to get you guys to Miami where the big TV ratings will be. Mark my words, you will see more ticky tack calls on the Mavs and more non-calls for the Kobes.

Lakers lose a game and everyone who hates LA/Lakers foams at their mouths including Plaschke. They claim that the Lakers are done and are overrated that the Thunder are the next in heir, but yet the Thunder are down 0-1 to the Grizzlies.
When the Lakers win the criticism is that they they didn't win big or didn't convince the analyst that they are legit?
Since when do 2 time defending champions have to convince or be legit in defending their title or prove anything to any so call basketball analyst? How many of those ESPN or TNT analyst have won a a ring? Besides Steve Kerr , or Cheap Shot Mchale, no one.

Stop blaming Kobe about his assist total. Who is he going to pass it to to get that assist? Pau "I might break a nail" Gasol? All he's going to do is either pass it back out or fumble it. Ron Artest? If he's not on, he's horrible. There's no middle ground with him. Andrew Bynum? Phil "I can't wait to get to Montana" Jackson doesn't play him enough.

Kobe is a shooter. His job is to score. When he's not in position to score, he wants to rely on the team's second option, but that would be Pau, who disappears into his happy place when the going gets rough. And I don't give a damn about what Pau's done in the past, because even in the past two winning seasons, he hasn't dominated. So, screw the past. Pau Gasol has NEVER been a post season force to be reckoned with, and it's going to catch up to the Lakers this year.

Pau Gasol cannot remain a Laker much longer. Ship his less than masculine butt off somewhere and get a real power forward that actually knows how to use a jock strap.

So it's the second units job to distribute the ball? Kobe should keep flinging
shots up at will and not getting anyone on the floor involved when he's in the game. That's a captain?

What do they know about championship basketball? Maybe on how to lose it

Gary Smith
I have paid close attention. The Celtics won their titles in the 60's, when the league was weak and had fewer teams. I love the Lakers as you claim you do, but I'm not throwing in the towel as u seem to do

Well, another game 1 loss at home. This could be the mantra for this championship run.

This was careless, reckless and certainly NOT Laker championship team basketball.

On the other hand, maybe this was the Lakers way of letting Cuban have a little glory. I can't stand that guy and his smug mug at the end of the game. Hopefully, the Mavs will start to slowly choke. I feel another Laker beatdown for tomorrow night........its coming folks.

Cheers - PLG

LA Lakers Best Franchise In NBA. As a player, if you want to make yourself a name and be known among the greatest; you join the Lakers Not the Knicks or the Celtics. Discussion DONE

I am with Kobe on this one:

"I'm very concerned," Bryant said. "They can beat us."

The Lakers might be two-time defending champions, but this season they're highly over-rated about their size and length inside, because what really matters is power and nastiness.
This could also be that the bench was better the last two seasons with Farmar, Sasha, Powell, and Mbenga. Brown is highly inconsistent this season, played much better during the championship runs. Even Luke was slightly better last year.
Blake and Barnes do not have a winning mentality, and are very inconsistent.

I can't believe that Jackson, with all of his experience blew the game last night. And yet refuses to take any blame for it.
Of course, the blame should be put on the bonehead plays of Kobe and Gasoft at the end.

In a game of supposedly two of the best closers in the NBA, Dirk schooled Kobe.

How could the Lakers allow a 10-2 run at the end of the game? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

How can you give a game away when you're the defending champion and you're playing a team owned by Mark Cuban? Pathetic.

Maybe Kobe did shoot too much, maybe. Maybe Pau was too passive (he was), maybe. Maybe Phil Jackson sat Kobe too long, maybe. Maybe Phil Jackson sat Kobe so long because Kobe was shooting too much, maybe. I don't know, but one thing I do know is the Lakers wasted a good game from Fisher and I mean that. Props Fisher.

simple- bryant doesn't know how to play basketball.
incredible after 15 years
he still takes too many shots

0 assists
shaq must be laughing

Horrible on so many different levels. I really didn't need to be reminded of being at Game 4 vs, the Chowds in 2008 last night. It was only Game 1, but losing Game 1's at home like this can't be good. Me no likey.

These things really grind my gears:

1. Phil keeping the 2nd unit in just a minute or two too long. Even Mrs. DBDH questioned this move around the 8 minute mark in the 4th.

2. Kobe's brilliance being overshadowed by his blatant disregard for utilizing his capable teammates' skills and not trusting the offense. Costly turnover in the fourth quarter cemented the win, and put me in a bad mood.

3. Shannon Brown & Pau Gasol's incessant dribbling prior to making a basketball move. When the ball stops moving, so does the offense.

4. The zebras deciding the game with phantom calls and no-calls.

5. Tyson Chandler backdoor plays.

6. Going to bed upset over a playground game millionaires play for a living.

7. Americans cheering an overseas assassination of the Boogeyman.

8. The Lakers new trend of giving up HCA in accordance to their "we don't need HCA" mantra.

9. The score was once 60-44. The Lakers lose, 96-94. WTF?

10. The Lakers habit of giving a team undue confidence after giving away a win in their house. True, many deciding games have been won on the road, but a close-out win at home would be pretty cool.

* I still think L.A. and Boston are on a collision course for the Finals again. Miami, Dallas, and Atlanta are making things a little interesting early, but let's get real. The Bulls get the obligatory loss linked to a MVP award. The Lakers get the obligatory Game One homecourt loss. MEM vs. OKC? Oops! Game Two will restore order to the world. Just wait... Laker fans love drama, and that's just what we're getting.

Until next time, y'all...


We're going to get swept.

Tonight was a very bad omen.

This team doesn't have it.

Definitely disappointing loss, with plenty of blame to go around, but it's only Game 1 and the Lakers have plenty of time and plenty of weapons to still win this. My biggest concern isn't Kobe taking too many shots (especially when he's making nearly 50% of them), nor Phil's sitting on bad rotations too long, it's that this team has a serious structural deadeye, spotup shooter.

The inside-out game works consistently ONLY if you've got a lockdown shooter, like Kerr, Kukoc, Horry, etc. to drain the 3s when the opposition collapses on your bigs. What good does it do to "get it in to Bynum (or Gasol) if they're going to get doubled and hacked with no calls? Who are they going to pass outside to, Artest? Airball. Shannon? 35-ft brick.

Anybody else but me notice that Terry, Peja, Barea, and Nowitzki were all draining their outside shots? How many Lakers besides Kobe consistently did that? The only way you get an "assist" is if the guy you pass to can hit the shot. Ergo, Kobe got no assists.

I love the Lakers. I still think they can bear down and tough it out. But the other coaches in the league have learned how to take away the Lakers strengths...collapse in the middle, pressure Kobe, and let everyone else on the Lakers shoot.

Mitch, it's too late this year to do anything about it, but you better get some gunners next year.

I don't know, but one thing I do know is the Lakers wasted a good game from Fisher and I mean that. Props Fisher.

Posted by: Magia32 | May 03, 2011 at 06:56 AM

Same Fisher that left Terry open on all those shots? Or the one that left Barrea open?

Same Fisher that left Terry open on all those shots? Or the one that left Barrea open?

Posted by: archived | May 03, 2011 at 07:33 AM
Yup, the same Fisher that I seen making his layups, making his freethrows, making good passes, causing deflections on D. Dallas moved the ball well last night, you can't blame Fisher for leaving Terry open here n there. Dallas had the Lakers D scrambling a lot in the 3rd n 4th quarter.

@El Matador - If someone is not distributing the ball to you. do you sit back , stand around,blame someone else, or do you man up say something? IMO you stand up and say something. Don't blame Kobe, because the rest of his team lacks aggressiveness.. THE TEAM LOST THIS GAME with turnovers, part time defense, passive aggressive issues, poor bench play, etc.

good thing i picked the lakers in 5 bus instead of the sweep bus. relax. we're allowed to do it since our team does it

... silence

we probably played 50% of what we were capable of last night and lost by 2. who cares. we'll be fine.

for once, i'd have to agree with island priest because 0 assists looks fugly. i still blame pau for the foul. i blame shannon for dribbling.

on the plus side, we didn't get booed off the court this time!

I swear... 80% of you are posting under false handles. Please stop.

We need a little troll be gone so that we can talk objectively about the Lakers.

TEAM they gave up in the 3rd! I saw flaw in everyone's game last night. There is equal blame to go around!

They will come back and win Game 2 and the series...but it is frustrating to see games like last night.

Kenny Smith's assessment of Phil's player rotation seemed to be spot on.

we got trouble in river city. now is the time to look at this clearly, remember though, this is all speculation. why would we think that these mavs when pressured, are going to fold? they didn't seem soft to me. i saw confidence out there on the mavs faces. NO ASSISTS?, no even one? i know that the rest of the team has to make their shots but not even one for the "facilitator" ? now it would be a very nice thing if the team doesn't give up on drew getting a sense of how to move on the mavs bigs. it seems that they just stopped. one game. the sky is not falling.

Can someone please tell me why our best low post player and defensive stopper Andrew Bynum is on the bench the last 4 minutes of the game and soft Pau Gasol is in. We need to trade Pau to Memphis and get his brother Marc in a Lakers uniform. Marc is not soft, he plays physical.

>>>More worrisome is the fact the Lakers won just one quarter
>>>and that Kobe thinks there's two Laker teams. Him and then the other
>>>He escapes blame with his 38 points, but not a single assist.

Oh no. The blame Kobe patrol is back...

I saw Kobe pass to people for WIDE OPEN SHOTS several times in the game. Shots they normally hit. If suddenly Artest can't hit a shot to save his life, or Pau decides to dribble and get the ball stolen instead of shooting a 10 foot jumper that he normally makes, how is that Kobe's fault?

There was one point in the 3rd quarter where they got the ball in to Bynum or Pau on four consecutive possessions. They doubled Bynum, he kicked out to Artest who bricked a shot. Then Pau turned it over TWICE IN A ROW. Then Pau kicked out to Kobe who hit a 3-pointer.

Pau gets the ball. Bynum gets the ball. If they're so intimidated by facing a 7-footer on defense that they brick, kick the ball out, or turn it over, then that's not Kobe's fault.

Kobe came through. He wasn't wildly flinging the ball up over a double team with 20 seconds left on the shot clock. Most possessions, they at least TRIED to get the ball inside, but if it came back to Kobe later in the clock, he usually shot and frequently hit.

>>>Dallas played a bad game but still won.

WTF? How can you call a team that shot 49%, held their opponent to 43% shooting, got 40 points from their bench, and hit 45% of their 3-pointers "played a bad game".

Dallas played a GREAT game. And the LAKERS played a BAD game.

The Lakers normally hold their opponents to much lower shooting, and likely will for the rest of the series. Phil will make adjustments.

Commercial break.

Might wanna share with that hard working woman in your life, especially this Sunday.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog...

>>>The inside-out game works consistently ONLY if you've got a lockdown shooter,

That is a HUGE point.

One of the REASONS Kobe ends up shooting so much is that teams constantly double and triple team Bynum and Gasol, and they kick the ball back out. Early in the year, lotsa guys were hitting 3's -- Artest, Blake, Brown, Barnes, even Lamar. But lately Brown and Barnes can't buy a 3, and Blake still seems timid to ever shoot.

It also hurts Kobe's game when they brick the outside shots - a couple of times, Kobe drove the lane, got doubled, and kicked out to a WIDE OPEN Artest, who bricked the shot. They need one or two players to hit those shots more consistently, and then those defenders will have to stay honest, and that will open up the floor a bit for Kobe's slashing and Pau/Drew's post game.

Kobe Bryant is now 6/23 game winning shots in the playoffs:


Play smart, share the ball with Lakers talent team mates. Do not attempt shoot more 20 shots. Every time Koke shoot more than 20 shots, the Lakers lost such as game 1 against New Orlean or game four 5 of 18 shooting. Except MJ, THERE ARE NO TEAM WON THE FINAL WITH THE GUARD (KOBE) SHOTTING MORE THAN 20 A GAME. BE SMART KOBE.....KOBE field goal percentage rank 85th in the NBA and He keep SHOOTING.

@K Hog Ball - so you make up a name; then further enhance your absurdity by blaming the loss on Kobe. The Team lost this game with turnovers, lack of focus, poor defense, and deficient bench play. My only objective is to isolate your stupidity. Try thinking outside the box, and deal in realities not conjecture.

Man, I see that LA is full of basketball Einstein's, much like San Antonio, Portland, Dallas, and just about any other NBA city. One loss and the panic button gets pushed, at which time the Einstein's chime in this blog with all sorts of advice for PJ. I suppose that the 10+ NBA title rings and that wealth of knowledge obtained over his NBA career are a direct result of listening to advice from the local bloggers. Yeah!

Win the second game in LA Mavs, we all know you can do it!!!
Just keep fighting game by game, put yourself in a position to win every single game and see what happens but make sure to leave EVERYTHING OUT THERE before the game is over!!
Got to love those Mavs, just awesome team right now!



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