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Kobe Bryant named to NBA's all-defensive first team for ninth time

61107159In an honor that NBA coaches must mostly determine by reputation, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant made a league-tying ninth appearance on the NBA's all-defensive first team list.

That total puts Bryant in a four-way tie with Kevin Garnett, Michael Jordan and Gary Payton for the most All-Defensive First team honors in NBA history, but even the most vocal Bryant supporters admit that he's mostly avoided playing defense this season out of injury and energy-level concerns. There's no doubt Bryant was once a great defender, has a strong defensive awareness and helps with pointing out where teammates need to rotate, but his responsibility playing the centerfield position hardly warrants him having stronger consideration than even some of his teammates.

Lakers center Andrew Bynum took a large ownership of the team's defensive scheme that emphasized funneling drivers to the lane, averaged two blocks a game and intimidated players with his length and size, a huge reason why the Lakers went 17-1 after the All-Star break. Though the effort came with varying degrees of consistency, Lakers forward Ron Artest was often counted on to shut down the opposing teams' top player and closing out perimeter shooters, a quality that gave the Lakers a huge advantage when Artest lived up to that billing.

That doesn't necessarily mean Bynum and Artest should appear on the NBA's all-defensive first team in place of Orlando's Dwight Howard, Miami's LeBron James, Boston's Rajon Rondo, or Boston's Kevin Garnett or on the second team in front of Memphis' Tony Allen, New Orleans' Chris Paul, Dallas' Tyson Chandler, Philadelphia's Andre Iguodala, or Chicago's Joakim Noah. But there's no question that Bynum and Artest played a larger role in the Lakers' defense than Bryant. This isn't necessarily a knock on Kobe. His role was to score and he played tremendous defense when he needed to, such as when he primarily guarded Paul in Game 2 of the Lakers-Hornets first-round series. But he's hardly the defensive stalwart he once was, even if the awards suggest otherwise. 

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant cuts off the drive of New Orleans point guard Chris Paul during Game 3 of their first-round playoff series. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times / April 22, 2011.

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If Kobe ups the effort next season, you'll see him there again.

My guess is that he does, but the guard spot isn't exactly lacking in defensive players right now... it's just I think Kobe will have more hop in his step with all the extra rest.

Lamar, Ron, and Kobe get individual honors and the team collectively forgets that we win through heart.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K - I'm at my computer for the day. So the moderation will go through. Lots of the regulars were upset about the trolls always coming in and they're our core audience. Sorry the trolls have to ruin it for everybody but it is what it is.


whats this Kobe-wife destroyed Lakers comments I keep seeing earlier posts' comments??

Anyone please explain me on what is it? I am here in Phuket (Thailand) and have no access to US Tabloid news. Please help out!!


Yes on your number 6.

Jon K - I feel you. Outrage. Disgust. Sadness. Bitterness. All of the above.... but I have to say I'm glad MM's keeping most of the stupidity out. It's what keeps some of us away... :)


why were all my posts deleted from yesterday?

Also, people, people, baring a strange CBO or no league play next season, the LEVERAGE is with Howard, CP and DWill. They will ultimately decide where they will play, just the same as Melo. Melo was not going anywhere but NY because that's was what he wanted. I can repeat again the process, but hopefully you've got it by now.


As I understand, the All-Defensive team selection is voted by the coaches. I am sure the coaches know a thing or two about who the good defenders are.

So unlike the All-Star voting, this is not a popularity contest. Unless you think the coaches are Kobe fans? 8-)


Those regulars need to shut the hell up.

Dealing with trolls is part of life. They should get some heart and learn to deal with it instead of running off to renegade chats or whatever.

They're a reflection of the same energy that consumed our team during these playoffs:

No heart to deal with adversity.

I'm so tired of this crap.

The whole world is falling apart and I've had one refuge that I could count upon: The Lakers' commitment to excellence.

Well, I guess they decided that making movies with Kanye West, selling t-shirts, do retarded reality television programs, doing cameos on "C.S.I.", tweeting, and dating women with borderline personality disorder was more important than committing to the gifts that God gave them for which they are paid millions of dollars and brought so much joy to so many people who aren't given an equal opportunity to succeed in life.

I guess petty distractions are more important.

I am so utterly furious right now.


Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Steve Martin,

Kobe's wife is a lunatic.

It's just another case of our Lakers deciding to marry women who are selfish control freaks.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Posts about the Gasol engagement break up weren't really allowed until Plaschke mentioned the rumors in his article today here at the Times. I'd look it up on the sports page, should answer all your questions.

@Troll Man. Some of your comments were inappropriate and your most recent one was a personal attack

Okay, in today's poll of trade-able assets, Lamar barely registered.

I've admitted to being one his biggest critics over the years, but this season, the guy really stepped up and played great basketball and he DESERVED to be called an All-Star (which arguably would have increased his trade potential). I personally do not think Lamar's trade value will EVER be as high as it is now.

Is Lamar more valuable as a player moving forward, or who we might be able to bring in with him?

I'm only posing the question, I'm not arguing one way or the other...

I don't think we've gotten into trade mode quite yet, so perhaps in a few months I'll have to pose the question again


You're obviously have no clue about triangle when you're saying it's predictable. In fact properly executed triangle almost impossible to predict, example – 6 rings in Chicago, 5 in LA. New Lakers have a trouble 1st year to execute, do you honestly believe team playing against triangle 4 times per year have a real shot? You got be kidding me and everyone else here. Whatever system our team was playing in this series it has nothing to do with triangle. I’m pretty sure Ron still have a trouble to know what he suppose to do so as Shannon. Key word - "properly executed" Second, no one said triangle or for this matter any system should not include tough D. Showtime? For Showtime you need to have players, and starting PG a la Magic. Did you see this happening anytime soon?

Jon K,

I don't think anyone has a problem with people who come on here and make thought provoking but unpopular posts. The problem was handle hijacks that did nothing but make the atmosphere look horrid IMO.

But, I wanted to mention that all is okay in the world even with "the force" seemingly out of balance at the moment. The hero just needs to rejuvenate before he takes on the Empire again.

Turns out, the ENTIRE season start to finish, was just practice. The real deal is next year and beyond.


Lamar played much better in postseason than Pau and trading him would not be that difficult baring in mind Pau would be next to impossible to trade, Lakers still owed him close to 60M for another 3 years.

The triangle does require good basketball players though. It doesn't quite work as well in a place like Minnesota where the talent lacks.

Hey we're going to have a live chat at 4 during the Miami game

Today I feel sorrow deep down in my bones.

The political correctness of moderation feels particularly egregious today.

Another sign that we live in a society where we are not allowed to communicate the truth in fear that it may offend someone.

It's evil. Pure and simple.

I should have flown out to Ohio and used the lucky barstool.

Stupid work. Stupid responsibilities. Stupid bills.

At least our millionaire Lakers have the time to record crappy Rap albums and compose tweets of broken English.

Thanks for keeping sight of what matters, guys!

Thanks for being a beacon of values in confusing times.

Thanks for remaining role models for the rest of us.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Hmmm... always good to know where you stand with people.

i thought it was steve blake's wife, when did it become bryant's wife.
but it figures, vanessa is a mean woman.


Of course, handle hijacking sucks, but it happens. Deal with it.

I've had my handle hijacked hundreds of times over the years. Probably more than anyone else.

I deal with it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Unfortunately, you are only as strong as your weakest link. And like dominos, defense and offense starts to tumble when that weak link is exposed. Now many want to call out D-Fish as that weak link, but not so for this series. His ability to be effective required his teammates to be fully functioning on both ends of the court. (However, I do believe that Fisher should retire as a player and become an assistant coach.)

It's said that many a great empire had fallen because of a woman. And Pau let a woman affect his play on both ends of the court. Pau became the weakest link. They were blaming an upper respiratory infection, but he was definitey Pout Gasol throughout. If your mind's not in the game (preoccupied with things other than the game at hand), everything you do is a delayed response. Then you start to over think and it becomes even more delayed. You become flatfooted and your teammates lose faith in your ability to cover on D and to make good decisions in the triangle. And then you start to get confused on whether your teammates are going to trust in your decision making and pass the ball to you or whether you should rotate on the defensive cover (i.e., will your teammates trust your defensive cover). It then snowballs for both you and your teammates. And so, yes, Pout Gasol was a major reason for the fall of this empire.

An example of this was in game three in the 4th quarter when Pau and Kobe ran the pick-and-roll at the foul line. Except Pau, now thinking that Kobe and the rest of the team didn't trust him, didn't turn his head to see the ball coming. The pass hit Pau in the center of his back (perfectly right on the numbers) and resulted in a turnover. 

After all is said and done, if a feud has evolved out of Pout's loss of his fiancé, then Kobe (and whomever else was involved) and Pau need to sit down and clear the air. If they are unable to resolve this problem, then Pau is the one that needs to be traded. We need Pau, NOT Pout on our team. This is about chemistry and, if Pau can't get over this incident, then it'll be a nuclear winter for many seasons to come. And Pau's trade value will continue to plummet. However, if Pau can resolve his issues and get back to playing with Kobe the way we know he's capable of, then there's no need to trade him.

As for Drew and LO, they let their passion couple with their frustration which resulted in a moment of turning to the dark side. Unfortunately, Drew (being young and impressionable) followed LO's lead. I wouldn't trade either of them. And Artest walked Drew off the court to make sure his passion didn't get him into trouble with the fans. He made sure that Drew didn't have an incident like he had at The Palace.

As for Ron's so-called close line of J.J. "The Garden Gnome" Barrea, looking at it on replay (I didn't watch the game live), Artest's foul wasn't anywhere near the level of Raja "Ding Dong" Bell's close line of Kobe. Bell threw Kobe to the floor, whereas Artest held Barrea up and didn't follow through.

I had a feeling about the final game being another blowout and posted that in the first quarter of the game. The snowball effect was in play from Game 1 after the 16 point lead was blown.

Whatever happens, lockout, trade or no trade, it's been great up until this debacle. And so I dedicate the following to the 2008-2011 Lakers core:




In Minnesota I think any system will fail. You have to have a good players, some IQ is real plus.

Got you MM

None of my posts were deleted (except for the last one of course, which was for your eyes only), for some reason and I don't know why, my posts were gone and then reappeared????? Computer glitch or did I just miss it?????? Anyway, understand why I was so peeved.


So why would you respond with...
"Some of your comments were inappropriate and your most recent one was a personal attack"

Surprisingly the sun came up this morning here in NYC. I'm very disappointed in the Lakers' performance in this series, but I can live with it because I have no other choice.

Some thoughts....

The Lakers paid a price for the years of success they have had in the past decade. Not being able to add younger talent via the draft has a way of catching up to a championship level team after a while. Our Lakers are gun shy about the draft and are reluctant to spend anything on late first rounders. An organizational choice that came up short this year.

Dallas' shooters made the Lakers pay for a lack of perimeter quickness and an inability to close out on 3 point shooters. All NBA teams play basically the same way on defense...they pack the paint and try to force their opponents to beat them from outside. Dallas, to their credit, shot lights out the entire series. On defense, Dallas doubleteamed Kobe and packed the paint. There were plenty of open shots for the Lakers. Dallas made their open shots, the Show didn't. It's a make or miss league.

I think Phil is one of the classiest individuals ever to grace the NBA. Sure, at times, his percieved arrogant personality manifests itself in some ill advised comments. But the man took a disappointing loss with dignity and strode off into retirement like a colossus.

It was so sad to see the players quit on each other. Dysfunction on such a highly scrutinizing stage is very unattractive.

We Laker fans have been thrilled by some great teams over the years and have been bitterly disappointed by some not so great Laker teams. I, as a fan look forward to next season.

Were you here when the handles got hijacked? Even MM's handle was hijacked, it was pretty bad. The moderation today doesn't seem overly oppressive or anything IMO - but I do agree with you in principal that people have thin skin and can't talk things out rationally in our society.

And the minute you say something that might take some time to understand, you're often slapped with a label that you're against this person, that group, or somehow less than human... I see it everyday

Glad you're around. Nice to have the long time guys here on a day like this. Curious though, going with your thoughts on Pau - it was only months ago that people said he WAS the best "big" man in the league! Certainly the best power forward post up type player. Do you think a fatigue riddled season and an off series will devalue him THAT much that he's virtually untradeable?

Jon K,

One thing I want to say to you, as true fans we're all in this together. We lived through 2005-2007 seasons and I hope it did not come to that.


Thanks for live chat, I think I need to vent bbal out of myssystem for a while.

In reflecting on the season, I should have known that this was going to happen. No team can just flip a switch and start playing championship basketball after a whole season of mediocre, inconsistent play.

This Laker team just wasn't that good. We got old and slow real fast. We have guys like Fisher, Artest, Odom, Bynum and Gasol trying to close out on shooters and they're just too slow to get there in time.

I appreciate what Pau Gasol has done for the Lakers. There was a point where I considered him the best PF in the game. But what he showed in these playoffs was absolutely unacceptable for a Laker. His time as a Laker should be finished. I really don't want to see him ever play another game as a Laker. Strength and Pau Gasol just do not go together. I just wonder what we can get in a trade for Pau. I would imagine his trade value has gone down considerably after what he showed the world these playoffs. My pipe dream is that we can trade him for Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio.

*Aside from Pau Gasol, I think it's time to look at trades for Lamar and Ron Artest. These guys still have good trade value and should be able to get us some good new players.

*Fisher is done. I appreciate what he's done for the team, but everyone has their time to go. Now it's Fisher's time.

*I say rebuild this team around Kobe and Bynum. If we can get Dwight, by all means, get it done.

*As for a coach, I have no clue. Nobody will be better than Phil Jackson.

With a couple of good trades to get us some more team speed and shooting, I think we'll be back at the top sooner than later.

Go Lakers!

Wow...that all defensive team is becoming like basketball's version of baseball's gold gloves. Seems like it's largely based on reputation and past performance. I love Kobe, but I don't think he deserved to be named to the first team this season.


Kobe's wife first creates an issue out of nothing that ensures that Karl Malone leaves the Lakers, not she generates some issue that ruins team chemistry.

Great. Fricken great.

I'm so tired of this crap.

We live in a Khloe Kardashian world where heathy boundaries have been replaced by societal borderline personality disorder.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K.,

Honestly, I know you're upset. It's a tough day after a tough loss. But you've got to let go of a couple of things, just for the sake of truth.

1. Moderation is not about political correctness. Don't you want to know who ACTUALLY writes something on this blog?

2. Political correctness is not "evil." Please stop using this hyperbole. Throwing around the word "evil" and attributing it to so many different things only dilutes your intended meaning.

3. This whole "broken English" thing you have. It bugs the you-know-what out of me. I've let it go for a long time, but it's time for YOU to let it go. There is no such thing as "correct" English. There is no such thing as ANY "correct" language. Language is meant to communicate, plain and simple. If you can understand what someone writes, then the language is working. If you can't, then it isn't. Tweeting, Ebonics, Creoles, etc., are ALL examples of different discourse communities. Your English isn't the "right" English any more than Ebonics is a "wrong" English. Trust me on this one.

This isn't the time for stratification. This is the time for unity. As Phred would say, "It's all about the love."

Go Lake Show!

Jon K,

re: Kobe's wife. What information do you have to support "she's a lunatic" ?

[ note: Just because she's female isn't a valid reason. :) ]

Can we please trade Vanessa Bryant?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I missed the most recent case of handles being hijacked.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jeter - how do those players have the leverage? They sign with their team, or they become FA's and go to MN or CLE for less money. (the only ones with cap space)
There is going to be a lockout, so they can make all the demands they want. They will let them all walk AFTER this year..........they don't have to do anything for a year. I predict they ALL sign with their current team for the max, or someone better clear some cap space. They will not dictate to those owners where they will play..........NYK is NOT LAL, why would people want to make the lakers better by taking lesser players!

This witch just cost us a Championship.

Another witch destroyed the Cavs last year.

Shallow, selfish drama queens.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Andrew Kamenetzky communicated the she was a lunatic.

He told me via chat that one time he made a funny, playful face at one of her daughters and Vanessa Bryant literally came right in his face and began threatening him and cursing him out at the top of her lungs for something innocent.

She has mental issues.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The Outlaw,

1. I truly believe that political correctness is evil.

2. If you've studied English or any other language, there are somethings called grammar, punctuation and spelling. They have rules.

Communicating in broken English/text speak is a sign of an immature, selfish, undereducated individual. Period.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



How many titles would Kobe win had Jerry West not traded for Kobe?

Hint: Rhymes with hero...

LOL :-)

I am so upset right now.

I hope Vanessa Bryant is greeted by boos everywhere she goes forever.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


@ Laker Tom - I posted something similar but it was lost in moderation and multiple threads so here it goes again. I know you need to vent about the epic collapse that was the Lakers 2011 playoffs, but maybe I should give you a day to gain some perspective. Since his arrival Pau has helped bring the Lakers to three Finals appearances and brought home two NBA championships, all with an absent or limited Bynum. That is the perspective you should have on this issue. Pau Gasol will not be going anywhere unless the Lakers can find equal or greater value which is going to be difficult. Offense can be run through Gasol due to his passing ability, he shoots well (admittedly not this postseason but as a constant Bynum supporter I am sure you can see potential), he rebounds well, and can be an adequate defender. If the Lakers can find a big man that can at least replace those traits or maybe is strong in other areas that will make up for Pau's skill set then so be it, but they are not going to find anyone who fits that billing. I am not saying Bynum should be traded, although just like Pau they should at least explore what they can get, and I say that for the same reasons as Pau will probably not be traded there is nothing on the market that is really worth the trade. If the Lakers can get Dwight for Pau or Bynum and whatever junk thrown in than so be it, but that probably will not happen. The Lakers lost this series partly to Pau Gasol but I would argue outside shooting, bench play, perimeter defense, and lack of spacing due to not being able to hit an outside shot were the biggest factors in this collapse.

The End of an Era

As the sun sets on Phil Jackson's career I'd like to thank him. Thanks, Phil, for helping the franchise almost surpass the Celtics in terms of total championships won. Thanks Phil for trusting and getting the most out of Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol, and Luke Walton. Thanks for thrilling wins and head-scratching losses, no matter the outcome I've always enjoyed the ride.

Thanks for giving Kobe another chance (Kobe, thanks for making the most of a second chance, as well) to prove he is the player he believes himself to be. This latest hiccup in your legacy, though undeserving, didn't morph out of thin air. This Laker team has been playing with fire since 2008-09 when they waltzed into the Finals thinking we had Boston's number. We didn't and the lessons on over confidence were never, truly, learned.

I'm sorry your last Laker game was so appalling on so many levels but breaking up is always hard to do and so the messy factor here shouldn't be over-analyzed. The players respected and admired Phil, they felt terrible about the way they were sending him off, ergo, they did stupid, out of character things. If that had been KG delivering that forearm to Barea he'd be lauded for his tough, no-quit attitude but the Lakers always get the short end of the national media stick, now with Magic evidently leading the negative charge. Strange times indeed.

When October rolls around and we head into a bright, new season with some new parts, a new coach and an old goal I'll remember Phil Jackson for all his zingers, for his cool demeanor and his love of the pure aspects of the game of basketball. A sport I consider to be the best on Earth. I'll wish the new coach and team well, as I do every year, but I'll feel a tinge of regret that Phil didn't get to a nice, even number. It's all good, like Phil said recently: "It's a game."

Have a good summer, all. Jon K, remember to breathe :-)

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!

Who's in favor of a new NBA rule keeping wives and girlfriends out of the locker room, out of team buses and out of team air planes?


I've had enough of reality television stars and drama queens.

These humans are toxic.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K.,

I promise that I know more about this than you. Yes, I studied English. Extensively. I also studied language acquisition, discourse communities, and a couple other languages. EVERY language has a grammar, the "rules." Those rules are ever-changing, and anyone who thinks you can "lock" a language into a "perfect place" just doesn't understand how language works. Perhaps you don't understand that every dialect of every language--including "text speak"--has it's own set of "rules."

This has NOTHING to do with being selfish or uneducated. You don't use "text speak" when you talk to your grandmother, just like you don't use academic language when you talk to your friends. We ALL negotiate these different discourse communities. It's one of the things that makes human beings amazing.

Your assertion that anyone not using "proper" English is "immature, selfish" and "undereducated" makes you look like all of those things.

Go Lake Show!

One last thing, I don't think they'll blow up the team. They'll settle on a coach first. If it's Shaw, I would imagine he would want most of the same guys. Brown and Barnes will not terminate their contracts after a poor post season in the face of a lock out. They will take the guaranteed money. Trading Gasol after his poor play, too, will yield in not getting enough back for what he brings to us.

Mostly the same team next year, y'all.

just got back from working out my frustrations at the gym. BUT then i was even more depressed because epsn was on all of the hi def tv's. hell, i can't even workout without the constant reminder of yesterdays debacle. so many things going through my head regarding our beloved Lakers. i don't even know where to begin. there's just too many to mention! first and foremost.....i can't freakin' believe we got SWEPT! secondly, i can believe we lost by 36 points in a "win or go home game!" 3. where was L.A.'s will to compete? 4. when did the Lakers become such a terrible outside shooting team? 5. dallas has been killing us the previous 3 games with the 3-ball, so why didn't they defend the freakin' 3? 6. INSANITY: definition, doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. 7. how could you let phil jackson get swept in his final coaching appearance? that's just beyond me!

KL_Beast- the same number of championships LeBron would have won if he stayed with the Cavaliers?
Both had to go to good teams eventually. West recognized his talent immediately, thankfully.

It just got worse.

Who is making these decisions?

Don't they care about the health of our society?

Can't we just say "No!" to this and all the problems it creates?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The funny thing is that ultimately, in the fourth year of a championship run, the Lakers made a very similar mistake to last time.

Last time around, they failed to add new blood and allowed the supporting cast to age around the core.

This time around, they DID add new blood, but continually swapped out the younger parts for older parts.

It would appear to me that it's wise for a team to swap out parts, but get younger and more athletic (and hungrier) in the process. But just my take on the situation.

Triangulator made some awesome points. I happen to agree with you about Ron's foul - it was flat out STUPID, but I can't even really call it dirty because it was harmless. Lamar's foul was also STUPID and obviously out of frustration. Andrews foul and tantrum was both stupid and dirty.

The Outlaw,

Dude, today is not the day.

By the way, I'm a professional writer. Communicating that you have superior awareness on this matter is just asking for a fight.

People who do not put sufficient effort into communicating their words with an awareness of their audience are inherently self-absobed/selfish. Period.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jamie Sweet,

I feel like a family member has died.

I'm all broken up.

I can't believe that Vanessa Bryant did this to us.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I'm also glad veterans like you still around on one of the darkest days. Regarding trading Pau, ask yourself, would you pay Pau salary of franchise player? This is exactly how much Pau is making for the next 3 years - close to 60M. So in truth, Lakers indeed in bad shape, because in 2 salaries, for Pau and Kobe they tight up close to 2/3 of NBA cap, around 44M per year. Easiest thing to do, is to trade Drew, he has a one year left on his contract with the following year as a team option. The big question, is it a right thing to do? I disagree with Magic, when he said this team needs to be blown. It’s easy for him to say after he sold his stake in Lakers and does not have any vested value in this team. It was a comment from Magic sports commentator, not a Magic shrewd business owner. Lakers need some tweaks, and they need a couple of good perimeter shooters. How to accomplish this, with so much money tight in so few contracts, Mitch really have to get creative. It’s another thing why I don’t understand people cursing Mitch. Yes he had some mistakes, Luke’s contract for example. But when he signed Steve Blake, he and majority of Lakers fans thought we’re getting Steve Blake circa Portland or Clips, when he was lighten up Lakers all those years. Does Mitch had the way to predict the future? I don’t recall anyone cursing him last summer. With labor dispute and real possibility of short season or no season at all this all looking like murky water as of now.

WoW The Outlaw - you should be a lawyer man!

@Jamie Sweet...

Nice comment in regards to Phil. Ther'll never be another Zen-master. Truly a unique individual. I'll miss him.

I, too, love Bball, but the version played in the NBA has become bastardized and is too dependent on referee performance and maybe to referee whim. I watched the Memphis game the other night and saw Tony Allen take at least six steps on a layup with no traveling call. Things like that make the NBA increasingly hard to watch.

I agree with bronxlakersfan Kobe should not be on the 1st defensive team this year. The vast majority of the regular season games Ron was playing better D than Kobe. And he was not even on 2nd defensive team. I guess coaches voted by reputation only.

Wait,... Are you claiming Vanessa Bryant is the Lakers Yoko Ono?

Dude, I was blogging here in 2005/2006 and I feel like we're having the same arguments all over again...OMG

"Kobe needs better teammates"....

Never-mind Pau, Bynum, Artest, Fisher, etc. replacing Kwame, Smush, etc.

"Blame everybody BUT Kobe"....

Kobe's the unquestioned #1 (not like the Shaq Era where kobe was robin), but somehow it's Pau's fault....or it's Bynum's fault....oh even better, it's Pau's girlfriend's fault

"Malone hit on Kobe's wife"

Why the eff is Kobe's dumb wife in this conversation again? a $3 million "i'm sorry" ring from Kobe wasn't enough attention?

No need to trade Pau...Kobe/Pau makes a good tandem assuming the "trust issues" are resolved....

But you never know with a snake like kobe (and his wife)...

Kobe's always scheming and doing underhanded things for his self interest (ie, he's selfish)...

The Outlaw -

I am interested in what you studied - did you do linguistics?

Considering that I am working on my thesis (and that it has to do with reference fixing of particular scientific terms), it might be interesting do discuss my project with someone who knows more than me.

Depending upon the new collective bargaining agreement, Pau is not untradeable if and only if it was off the court issues that caused his demise in the playoffs. How many times has a player imploded psychologically and resurrected his career by switching teams.

If and only if Kobe (and whomever else Pau believes wronged him) can't work things out off-season (sooner rather than later), then I say go after Kevin Love. Since Kevin McHale is no longer with the team to nix the deal and Love is rumored to receive a 5 year $70 million contract extension, it may be workable as a sign and trade.

The Lakers, albeit getting smaller in the front court, would be getting a strong rebounder (offensively and defensively) and a scorer. A 20-10 guy. LO could start at the 3 and the team would become much quicker at both ends of the court.

Pau would give the T-Wolves size, experience and versatilty at the power forward. This is a possible sell for the T-Wolves (especially running the triangle) since, even with Love, they can't make the playoffs yet. All this is contingent on selling the T-Wolves on Pau's issues being off-the-court and that the T-Wolves are interested in making the playoffs sooner rather than later. Pau is still in his prime physically so that the T-Wolves would be getting an all-star with championship experience.

Again, I'm saying this should be explored if Pau can't resolve his issues with Kobe, et al, in the next few weeks.

For those of you that ask what I've been smoking. The answer is nothing. But I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express.

Stranger trades have been made...


It was a great run and I'm thankful for the great energy in the last few seasons that brought us 2 more championships. I see our chances better than after the 2004 season when we stunk. We'll have to make some adjustments and it will be interested. I'll be a fly on the wall watching as usual.

I will now enjoy the summer with my great family. I need to buy my daughter a new softball glove and throw the ball with her. Those are the moments that truly matter and are limited.

Colorado loves our Lakers!

Jon K.,

I feel like you're spiraling down the drain here, man. In the end, this is JUST basketball. A game.

I'm also a professional writer. As a writer, you're going to be held accountable for what you write. So when you write things like you've written in this thread, you gotta expect people to call you out.

You and I go way back on this blog. I'm not looking for a fight. But I'm asking you to bring a sense of reason and rationale to this (very sad) day. That's all.

I hope you feel better soon. I hope we all do.

Go Lake Show!


Are you familiar with Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Wait, so now it's Kobe's WIFE that cost you the championship?

Holy Cow - she didn't play in any of the games. You got beat by a better team - just like in 2008 - can't you accept that?

Calling out the wife of a player is an immature act of the highest magnitude. For God's sake, Kobe's WIFE????????


it's been awhile, but it seems like very little has changed ...

you're still ripping Kobe and Kobe's still winning. mostly.

So .... Where were you when Kobe was winning back to back championships?

re: blaming everybody but Kobe. Ok ... Let me ask you a couple of questions:

Which Lakers played with serious injuries? [ hint: Bynum & Kobe ]

Which Laker took less shots this year compared to last year? [ Hint: He's
won an MVP ]

Ok. Back to questioning your hatred of Kobe.

If Pau complains about touches and he gets more touches and acts like a
chump ... How is that Kobe's fault?


says that Kobe played 5 mins less, averaged 1.5 less shots and averaged
.3 less assists.

I'm one of the biggest Kobe fans out there, but this may be bordering on blasphemy:

Kobe Bryant was the best free safety in the NBA last year.

His man-to-man D was a little weak for multiple reasons... we all know them well.

This individual (and worthless) accollade is similar to Tim Duncan's latest All-Star appearance:

"Yeah, I guess _________ deserves it. Dude's been a ________ ____________ throughout his career, so let's just give it to him. This one will be the last one, though. Really."

Apparently, defending the 3-point line (at least in Dallas) is not considered requisite criteria for this honor.

Lockout, here we come!


I will now enjoy the summer with my great family. I need to buy my daughter a new softball glove and throw the ball with her. Those are the moments that truly matter and are limited.

Colorado loves our Lakers!

Posted by: Hugo Boss | May 09, 2011 at 01:44 PM


That was the most beautiful thing I have read all day, sir.
Perspective has not been completely lost after all. Kudos. You are blessed!


kobe can't get rid of vanessa, no pre-nup.
he's stuck.


whats this Kobe-wife destroyed Lakers comments I keep seeing earlier posts' comments??

Anyone please explain me on what is it? I am here in Phuket (Thailand) and have no access to US Tabloid news. Please help out!!"

Posted by: Steve Martin | May 09, 2011 at 12:06 PM

You're joking right? It's called search engine. Try google. If they can read it in California, you can read it in Thailand.

"...EVERY language has a grammar, the "rules." Those rules are ever-changing, and anyone who thinks you can "lock" a language into a "perfect place" just doesn't understand how language works. Perhaps you don't understand that every dialect of every language--including "text speak"--has it's own set of "rules.""

If you haven't read it yet...pick up the 'Mother Tongue', by Bill Bryson.
Funny stuff, and it sounds like your thinking is in sinc with his.

All-defensive first team??????

A joke, right??????

KL made my point perfectly.

Shaq needed Kobe to win a title; he never won a title as head honcho on a team that didn't have Kobe Bryant as #2.

Kobe needed Shaq.
Kobe needed Gasol.
Gasol needed Kobe to even get past the first round.

Michael needed Pippen.
Pippen needed Michael.

Magic needed Kareem.
Kareem needed a killer PG (Oscar or Magic)

The Lakers, right now, NEED Kobe - to pay the bills, to win games, to give the fans hope, you name it...

Giant Green Bald Headed Lunatic,

Something was clearly emotionally wrong with Pau. Online accounts support that his fiance dumped him because Vanessa Bryant spread false accounts that Pau was cheating.

Pau's lack of energy and focus destroyed our team chemistry.

If this all begins with Vanessa Bryant's paranoia, then she should be held accountable for it in the court of public opinion.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Giant Green Bald Headed Lunatic,

As much as I want to vomit up blood for saying this, I hope you guys beat the Heat.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


kobe can't get rid of vanessa, no pre-nup.
he's stuck.

Posted by: sally | May 09, 2011 at 02:05 PM

lol at that, maybe thats why KOBE stayed with her all these years! even after the colorado incident! I always wonder, that these athletes would end up marring a supermodels or something like that, but I guess not, One married a Celeberty bimbo, the other a controlling freak, and the rest Im not so sure about! how come Fishers wife dosnt have anything going on with the other wifes? or how about matt Barnes's wife for that matter!

Hey heres a great idea for VH1... why dont they collect all the Laker wife drama, and make a show called " Laker wifes" because "basketball wifes" is already done! should be interesting to see how these ladies, tear each other up, at least they will be away from their husbands! hehe

I agree with bronxlakersfan Kobe should not be on the 1st defensive team this year. The vast majority of the regular season games Ron was playing better D than Kobe. And he was not even on 2nd defensive team. I guess coaches voted by reputation only.

Posted by: LAL_Fan | May 09, 2011 at 01:34 PM


It does not matter whether Ron was a better defender that Kobe. The selection is based on the position. It is an indication that the coaches think that Kobe is the best defensive shooting guard, followed by Tony Allen.

Ron has to compete with the other small forwards, Lebron and Iggy for the All-Defensive selections.

Did we all forget that the lakers have been to the Finals 3 straight years and they are 2-3? How many teams can make that claim? Last time I checked players in the NBA would be grateful to be able to get to the Finals at least once at a shot at a title.

I am a laker fan and unghappy of the way the Lakers went out. However, thnk about all of the extra games the have played within the last 4 years? It's not like they have a vacation. They have been winning unlike the rest of the NBA.

Kobe has been injured and has never had a chance to have a full rest. I regret that we were knocked out of the playoffs but grateful for Kobe getting the need rest he needs to be dominate for the next 3 years. Remember that Jordan won his last 3 rings at ages 33, 34 and 35.

More to come and remembering that winning solves everything and we will back on top again pending a couple to tweaks in personnel ala Dwight Howard.

hey a quick questions for the BLOG CREW..

aside from Lakers being sent of in an emberassing fashion...
What are your takes on the Wester Conference Finals champs?
how about the East and who you think will be in the NBA finals this season!?

switch the subject so there wont be any arguments!

@ Did we all forget that the lakers have been to the Finals 3 straight years and they are 2-3?
However, thnk about all of the extra games the have played within the last 4 years?

Is this the new math ;)

This is a major joke. Kobe played his worst defense in years. There was a time that whenever everything and every one else failed, Kobe would take on the other team's best or hot shooter. Not this season.
It was given solely on past performances and reputation.

Oh my... Now people in this blog want to turn it from a Lakers discussion to talking about Kobe's wife and Gasol's girlfriend "issues."
Dudes, you're on the wrong blog. Try Oprah's or Dr. Phil's, enough of that celebrity gossip garbage. There is no real proof, this is not TMZ.

KL Beast.

>>>"Kobe needs better teammates"....

Kobe got better teammates.

They won 2 rings and made it to the finals 3 years in a row.

What else do you need to know?


Kobe's CONSISTENT defensive effort throughout the season is one of the reasons the Lakers even made the postseason. Between Artest's cuddly-goofy, Bynum's (every season) injury rehab, Gasol's Euro-puzzyness, Fisher's age and Odom's TV show-first game, what else could the Lakers depend on?

@MarkMedina: spot on analysis and comments about Kobe this year! Agree.

@131-92...your comments posted today at 11:18 sounds a little HOLIER THAN THOU!!!!!!!! I seem to remember Kevin Mchale clothes lining Kurt Rambis in 84! I guess cause it's a Celtic THAT'S
CLASSY!!!! The ratings will be going down hill and nobody will be watching your Celtic's ride off into the sunset!!! Our bloggers don't care about your Celtic's, so go have a conversation with your fans that care!! Why don't you and the Bald Green Weinie have a chat? Your both on the same level!!! The Laker's will be back!!!!!!!


The question may not be if the Lakers want Dwight Howard, but does he want the Lakers? This Laker team is no longer defending champions and Kobe is not as dominant as he once was. Trading Howard for Bynum is not Orlando's only option. Can't you imagine them trading him to NJ for Brook Lopez if they are forced to do a sign and trade? How about to Chicago for Noah and Deng? Or to New Orleans for West and Okafor? Mind you, I haven't checked any of these scenarios on a Trade Checker to see if they are feasible, but Bynum is not the only possibility. Orlando is going to want a lot for Howard. And Howard may want to hook up with a younger player like DRose or Chris Paul or Deron Williams, rather than an aging Kobe Bryant.

if we stoop to blaming kobe's wife for being a women, we were lost as fans and team from the beginning. women does this every day all day and men have to go to work and vent to the next friend or good co worker. if men are still letting women break their friendship up we are lost as a nation. im just saying if we can play through injuries we can play through gossip and bitterness. all will be said, during trade talks. i love u vanessa, kobe, gasol, but what i saw on the court from gasol is what i care about. gasol does not have it in him to be forceful. thats just that. period. ride was fun but its not over people. magic kobe and lakers, have what it takes to get things done this summer. keep faith and budget correctly. can be done.

Art - Here's clarrification:

For This Lakers Group

Final appearance in last 4 years = 3 (Including these playoffs)
Championships in last 4 years = 2 (Including these playoffs)

Total trips to the Finals for Kobe = 7
Total Finals victories for Kobe = 5

I think Paul not being focused really screwed up the chemistry. But if we get back to the finals next year this will be all forgotten.


Im not "HOLIER THAN THOU!!!!!!!" Thats actually my point. Laker fan always call us thugs, yet the Lakers are no different.

Stay classy and dont watch us!!

Its great Kobe won the award considering how physically beat up he's been for about 2 years now...No he was not perfect but when he had to step up and guard someone, he did it..

for purposes of this series, the whole team sucked and it was basically due to Phil's philosphy to not guard the 3pt line and not double Dirk so they crushed us!

"The whole world is falling apart and I've had one refuge that I could count upon: The Lakers' commitment to excellence."

John K, you're sounding more emo than Pau! hahahahaaha!!!

Lakeshow will always be awesome!

Wow- Kobe all league defender?
Does the award go to a player who usually sags off his man and messes up the defensive rotation?
Obviously this is one of those awards they don't put much thought into

Jim Townes, the All-defensive award is chosen by all 30 NBA coaches. I am pretty sure they know something about their players being properly defended and ineffective by opposing defensive player.

And as far as losing this series. WE JUST GOT BEAT BY A BETTER TEAM. THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE.

No excuses, No ifs, no buts... the comments some of the people here have made are just out of this world. I can't believe you are basketball fans.

Go lakers! Go Kobe!

Kobe is by far my favorite plyer in the NBA. That being said, there is no way in hell he belongs on the all defensive first team or second team for that matter. Last years honor was very questionable, this year it is not even debatable. Between his injuries and his strategy of saving his energy for the offensive side of the floor by floating, Kobe was lit up several times this year. Not only by premium players, but others as well. Giving Kobe this award is a slap in the face to players that worked their tails off on defense every game and every possession. An award of this magnitude should be earned on the floor and not based on reputation.

I think OKC will be looking to move Westbrook and although he is a LA kid I hope that they don't bring him home. He has a star complex and that isn;t going to fly with this group

Get Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, & Kevin Love

Keep Bynum

Trade Kobe for Derrick Rose

and also Blake Griffin!!!

GET Kevin Durant in the next 2 years!!!

Get Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, & Kevin Love

Keep Bynum

Trade Kobe for Derrick Rose

If we keep Kobe Bryant we should also keep Lamar Odom simply because he is the poor man's Scootie Pippen

We should also go after Kevin Durant & Blake Girffin within next 2 or 3 years.

Bench Ron Artest (he is not a starter/ we may not need to trade him), he is good where he is BENCH.... he would make the bench a lot powerful, he is simply not a starter. Also, we got him very cheap.

This sweep couldn't happen to a better team or a classier guy than Bryant. I loved the team in the 80's but there's nothing to love there now. Bryant is a baby and the team rises to the occasion...with cheap shots when they see they're losing the 4th. Good riddance to this so-called team.

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