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Kobe Bryant has no comment on the Mike Brown hiring

Photo: Kobe Bryant. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times Apparently the Buss family followed through on its declaration not to “consult the players on these matters,” as Jerry Buss said in a Tuesday radio interview about the hiring of a new coach. The Lakers and former Cleveland Cavaliers coach Mike Brown agreed to a deal Wednesday.

People familiar with Kobe Bryant’s thinking said that the All-Star guard was confused by the decision.

When reached Wednesday by The Times about the Brown hire, Bryant had no comment.

Bryant said earlier this month that he would be comfortable with Assistant Coach Brian Shaw getting the job because of Shaw’s overall knowledge of the franchise, the triangle offense and, of course, the players.

“He’s very familiar with all of us and how we like to be coached,” Bryant said after his exit meeting with Lakers officials. “[Shaw] communicates very well. One thing about Brian is that he shoots from the hip. He tells you what he expects from you. He’s very clear on what your role is on the team and I think that helps him.”

-- Broderick Turner and Mike Bresnahan


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Photo: Kobe Bryant. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

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When you are winning championships then maybe, as in maybe, some key players may be allowed to offer some input as in last year when you guys wanted PJ to come back.

But when you crap a big turd and get bounced 4-zip in the second round then you guys get no say in who the team hires as a coach.

As it should be...

I think I'm going to disagree with pfunk here. You might be right in theory, but let me tell you what happens when a lesser coach steps in for a legend...

it generally does not go too well.

This would be especially true with a veteran team.

The best thing Mike Brown could do would be to come up with a list of very obvious problems the Lakers had, with obvious solutions, that were also overlooked (if this seems contradictory, that's because it is). Unless Mike Brown can gain some credibility right away, he's going to be fighting an uphill battle.

This is going to be interesting to say the least. And Kobe's "no comment" is comment enough

Ultimately it doesn't matter what Kobe thinks and I'm sure any "no comment" comments he makes shouldn't be misconstrued as negatives against Brown. Phil Jackson has been a pretty constant staple in Kobe's life and his coach behind all 5 of his championship victories.

I have no doubt Brown will bring a much needed grounding to the Lakers and hopefully lead them to victory next season.

on comment on Jim and Dr Buss

they never once interview Shaw for the Job wihch makes me kind of mad! they sent him everywhere to interview except his freaking Team that he coaches, part-time (assistant) so thats over with now, they didnt give the poor guy a chance..

at least with Shaw you know what to excpect a little but with Brown, its really really hard to even guess what is going to happen. I mean the guy was only coaching Lebronz and made him do everything, so how would that translate to our team with 4-5 all star players that can score???

or how about the Triangle offense? what are we going to run now? pick and roll? sets? a new offense?

a lot of questions that cant get answered yet until the first games of the season!


Before you react to this story you must first realize "division" has been the culture of the media in the Phil Jackson era. Habits are hard to break. Phil Jackson has created a culture of second guessing and manipulation............this has been the modus operandi for the Lakers beat writers and columnist.

With the Mike Brown hiring the culture is about to come to an end. No more publicly second guessing Kobe and no more manipulating the press and making Kobe the scapegoat.............some local writers have become used to this culture and have become lazy as a result. No more will you be able to place everything at Kobe's will now be required to think.

Remember Bloggers...................Kobe has made no comment so please do not overreact to a non-story..................This is a great hire for the Lakers and Kobe I'm sure realizes this especially after the defensive schemes thrown at him when Brown coached Cleveland. It seemed Brown outcoached Phil the majority of the time these teams faced each other .............especially on the defensive end.

Great Job Jim Buss!!

Yikes! Hang on to your hats, folks!

Word is out that Jim Buss doesn't really care what Kobe thinks (says 'Kobe will only be around a couple more years anyway, so who cares what Kobe thinks'), which, if true, means they couldn't care less about working the roster/team for any more rings with Kobe! OR IMPORTANTLY - we fans!!!! Yikes, indeed!


I respect your opinion and we can agree to disagree about what this does for the Lakers. You are assuming this roster is coming back intact...........I say the reason Brown was brought in so early is become roster changes are forthcoming. Roster changes will change the chemistry of this team...........for the better..............No more excuse making for the ancient Derek Fisher, no more entitlement programs for Luke more "I need more touches" for Gasol and the subsequent exuse making for Gasol by Phil Jackson

Defense will be the name of the game now............this requires hard work and effort ...............Also this principal of Defense will be the standard by which future roster spots are determined along with roster changes this more will you hear "Walton understands the triangle"............because the triangle for the most part will be buried along with the philosophy and ideas of Phil Jackson

Great job Jim Buss!

Phil Jackson - MJ & Kobe = Kurt Rambis

@PSYCORP ... (I assume that is you) Excellent post about how important upgrading the point guard position is going to be with a new coach and an obvious move away from the Triangle Offense. I am hopeful that Kobe’s “no comment” will eventually give way to appreciation for the team hiring a coach who perfectly fit his definition of being defensive oriented and to embracing Mike Brown as coach.
Although it appears that the front office is not going to “blow the team up” as recommended by Magic Johnson, I hope the tweaks they have in mind include getting a top notch point guard like Raymond Felton even if it requires trading a key part of the Lakers core in Lamar Odom. There is no way this team is going to be good enough to compete for their 17th championship with DFish at the helm.
@MM ... So far so good. It definitely is great to have instant posting again. It’s works like great drugs work. Once you’ve gotten used to it, going back to moderation is like trading your Porsche for a horse. While we may eventually get some trolls who create FaceBook or Twitter accounts in order to access the blog, I hope you will still be able to ban certain IP addresses or specific posters as before. If so, then I think this is the best possible solution to the instant post vs. moderation issue.
@PFUNK36 .... One good thing about blog handles like yours is they are easily transportable to another system. LakerTom was available on Twitter but on FaceBook I had to use LakerTom6161. LOL. These have to be heady days for you with Phil no longer in the picture. As much as I liked Phil, it was obvious that the time had come for the Lakers to make a change. Now if we can apply the same strategy to our point guard position and find an upgrade for Derek Fisher, we will be back at it.
NUGGETSCOUNTRY ... HaHa. Good to see you relent and sign up. Frankly, I am glad to see Jim Buss take charge and not just because he is Andrew Bynum’s godfather. Sometimes you just need toi make changes. The more I think about the decision to hire Mike Brown, the more I like it. I think the team needs a new coaching style and approach in order to elevate their game to the next level. I also think it’s about time that we finally learn to take advantage of our superior front court.
As for Jim Buss not caring about Kobe, I don’t think that is the case at all. In fact, I think the front office moves are focused around trying to win another couple of championships while Kobe is still in his prime as well as setting up the roster to be competitive down the road. Jerry and Jim know that this team can still win it all if they can upgrade the point guard position. The last thing they want to see is Kobe going out on a sour note like Phil did. Our primary need is for an elite point guard.

Top 10 NBA teams (IMHO) 2012-13 Season

3.New York Knicks
7.L.A. Lakers ( Mike Brown signing 'thumbs down'/Aging team

I think over all is hard to tell what is going to happen, this is another Bynum sittuation that Mr. Jimmy puts himself in. This can be an inginious move or the dumbest move that can ruin the lakers. More then anything Mike has to get Kobe on board and the rest will follow the thing is Kobe is no push over if he don't agree he don't agree.

We'll see

I just don't want to become the new San Antonio Spurs.

And by "new" I mean the Spurs of the last 4 seasons


When you are winning championships then maybe, as in maybe, some key players may be allowed to offer some input as in last year when you guys wanted PJ to come back.

But when you crap a big turd and get bounced 4-zip in the second round then you guys get no say in who the team hires as a coach.

As it should be...

Posted by: Art_Lakers | May 25, 2011 at 02:05 PM

Is this some kind of a joke? I don't know about you but the series I watched was Kobe playing his heart out only to watch his team mates crumble around him. I watched the Lakers make 3 straight finals, and finally collapse with exhaustion. I watched our bench get punked and fall apart. I saw Andrew Bynum completely and utterly embarrass the Lakers franchise.

Kobe has played with Phil for a majority of his playing career, why wouldn't he want him back? Why at 32 years of age would he want to learn an entirely new offence, anyone would be cheering for Brian. Someone he won 5 rings with.

Yeah maybe they shouldn't get a say who their coach is after falling apart and embarrassing the organization, but don't criticize Kobe (the face of the organization for at least the last 10 years) for wanting to voice his opinion.

I personally don't like the coaching choice as if he can't tame Lebron, how is he going to tame players like Ron Ron and AB (attitude check?) Only time will tell. Maybe we will see a new gutted roster come October.

This is completely bizarre to me. Mike Brown? Did anyone see that coming? Weird....

Well - let's get behind the new guy in town. Our team can be very potent on O regardless of what they run. I can't see an entirely new offensive system being put in place - some modified triangle...maybe some more PnR.... a wrinkle here or there.... Our guys know how to get it done on O for the most part.

Our D is where we could use work. Lots of work. If Brown can bring a solid defensive scheme to the Lakers, then I think we'll be golden. Our D failed us miserably during the PO's. Slow energy...miscommunications all the time... Yeah - complete understanding of a solid defensive system would definitely be a huge plus.

I'm ok with this - like WE had any say in the matter LOL!! Brown's got big shoes to fill, not to mention this organization has winning expectations - and he knows it. If nothing else, I expect that we'll see/hear about him constantly working hard. That should hopefully translate into getting the respect - and attention - of the team, which in turn should lead to winning.

Or at least here's hoping....

@LakerTom "As for Jim Buss not caring about Kobe, I don’t think that is the case at all. In fact, I think the front office moves are focused around trying to win another couple of championships while Kobe is still in his prime as well as setting up the roster to be competitive down the road. Jerry and Jim know that this team can still win it all if they can upgrade the point guard position. The last thing they want to see is Kobe going out on a sour note like Phil did. Our primary need is for an elite point guard."

I was just reporting what I heard on BSPN, regarding Jim.

I don't hate on Mike Brown, as I have been ranting for significant changes all year! I always wanted a defensive coach (Sloan/JVG/etc.), but we'll see what the FO gets done in the off-season to get the pieces we need to compete in THIS version of the NBA. Fast waterbug PG. 3pt shooters (two - one can also be that PG.) 2 bangers who won't wimp out on the boards (Noah/Scola/Landry/DeAndre Jordan/Tyson Chandler/Boozer/etc. etc. like-type). AND can we get a high hops act like LaMarcus Aldridge - seems like the Lakers are the only challenging team in the NBA without a 3 or 4 or 5 who fits that bill! I know that sounds like 5 new players, but really it could be 3 if they do it right.

I do worry that Kobe may not be onboard with whatever is going on & to ignore his input and desires is just plain foolish, but something I expect out of the entitled prince Jim Buss, frankly.

I'll take a wait and see until about December 15, 2011 to give whatever they have in mind a chance to show itself.



Kobe didn't voice his opinion, he said no comment.
The article states Kobe was "confused by the decision".

You seem to be stating Kobe is beyond criticism and that's fine if that's your opinion, I just disagree.

You ask how is the new coach "going to tame players like Ron Ron and AB?"

I don't think Ron and AB are the biggest concern, taming Kobe will be the challenge.

If Brown can't win Kobe over it will be a disaster.

I suspect in the beginning everyone will fall in line and try to work with the new coach. If they really jell it should go well. If they struggle and lose too much, it may not be so fun.

This is still Kobe's team like it or not, he is the one Brown must get on his side and get him to buy into the program.

I wonder how Brown will deal with Kobe's 'I eat first' mentality, with Bynums desire for a bigger role in the offense, with Pau's whining about touches, with LOs and Rons outside interests and the roster upgrades needed.

He has his hands full for a number of reasons.

I'm looking forward to someone new and really hope he does well.
He wasn't my first choice but I will be rooting for him.

And I still think the Lakers did the right thing in not asking the players including Kobe for feedback in this matter. They won as a team and they stunk it up as a team and they all need to accept responsibility for that, not just some of them.

I am the last person who'd claim Kobe was beyond criticism.

However, he is the center of the Lakers' universe. The authority of ownership is beside the point. For the most part, for 15 years, Kobe Bryant has gotten what he wants. Now, he has the cachet to expect if not demand input on major franchise decisions. So if he wasn't consulted prior to this hire, and/or was publicly rebuffed, Kobe is going to be mad, and that ain't good.

If the ownership, team, or fans don't like that, then the solution is simple: trade him. But when The One That Brung Ya doesn't like The Dance you chose, don't be surprised if you're in for a long night.

Posted by: Xavi Alonzo | May 25, 2011 at 03:01 PM

hey its Xavi from Barecola lol shouldnt you be practicing for WEMBLEY?? we need this CHAMPIONS LEAGUE TROPHY...



While I understand your point of view I don't agree that Kobe is entitled to have a say in major franchise decisions.

As for trading him, that is a near impossibility. Kobe would get to pick where he wants to go and I don't think it's really a possibility due to his salary and trying to match up players and dollars.

Also, I don't think the Lakers would want to trade him even if he requested it.
Worst case is a disgruntled star, and that would be bad.
Brown must get Kobe to buy in to the program.

I think it wouldn't have hurt to run the idea by Kobe. But it's not like management has really listened to him about management decisions or else they would have traded Andrew Bynum


The only prob with running it by Kobe is what if Kobe said he didn't want him.
Better to just do what they think best.

@Art_Lakers - I don't mean to get his permission, but more of a courtesy heads up.

We should have hired Brian Shaw.

Mike Brown does not run an offense.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Art_Lakers and MM: I don't disagree, all I'm saying is that the organization must reap what it has sown with Kobe. Any number of personnel and coaching moves have been made with Kobe's interests in mind. That isn't unusual for a franchise with a superstar, but it is what it is.

And as Art says, if Kobe isn't happy nobody will be. And history shows that isn't good, which was my point.

That being said, if D-Laker is supports the move then assuming Kobe IS angry then he'll come around.

since when to paid athletes who work for an owner have the privilege to tell the owner and public who should be their boss, unless they are asked, which is not the case here. If they want to make those decisions, let them buy a team or be in management like Magic Johnson.



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