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Kobe Bryant sarcastically claims he's "not clutch."

One curl off a screen, one catch at the top of the key and one game-winning three-pointer could've continued the narrative of Kobe Bryant showing how he's a clutch player and how the Lakers are poised enough to win close games.

Instead, Bryant's potential game-winning shot hit off the front rim, the Lakers lost Game 1 to Dallas in the Western Conference semifinals and Bryant is dripping with sarcasm about his late-game shooting.

"I'm not clutch," Bryant said.

In fact, there is data to support that argument. Bryant missed two of his final three shot attempts and committed a turnover in the final 2:42 of the game. Ever since Game 3 of the Lakers' first-round series against Utah in 2009, Bryant has missed five consecutive game-tying or go-ahead attempts in the final 24 seconds of a playoff game. And according to NBA Statscube, Bryant has gone shot six for 30 (20%) from the field in what the site calls "clutch moments," the last five minutes of games when the margin is within five points.

Stats don't lie, but that doesn't suddenly bolster why Bryant was warranted to finish in fourth place for regular-season MVP and it doesn't invalidate preseason surveys that indicate the majority of general managers would prefer Bryant take the final shot. Citing his seven game-winners last season as a rebuttal clearly misses the point. The numbers indicate there's a problem with how the Lakers run their offense in the final moments of a game, but it has nothing to do with Bryant's clutch shooting. If it did, the Lakers wouldn't heavily depend on it when they need to secure a close victory. 

Bryant's pull-up jumper that gave the Lakers a 92-87 lead with 3:42 remaining revealed Bryant's effective lift and jab steps. But it also featured everyone else standing motionless while Bryant ran in an isolation set. Bryant's off-the-backboard three-pointer with 2:48 remaining looked ugly, but how the Lakers ran their offense looked even uglier. Bryant established position and didn't even receive a look until eight seconds remained on the shot clock. Meanwhile, no one else established post position or set a screen for any other teammate to get open. 

Bryant's initial defense on his high volume of shots may have put too much blame on the second unit. It also ignores,, as ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetky explained in great detail, how Bryant's shots, even when some were warranted, fundamentally changed the offense of the game. But it at least explains why what happens on the floor instead of statistical trends should dictate decision making.

"It had nothing to do with me," Bryant said. "I had games where I shot the ball 30 times and Pau had big offensive games those games. I'm going to do what I do. The second unit and crew has to get a conscious effort to get the ball into Pau and the ball into Andrew. I had games where I shot the ball 10 times and Pau and Andrew didn't contribute that much. I had games where I shot the ball 30 times and they had big games. It has nothing to do with my shots."

--Mark Medina

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Miami is playing very confidently

Memphis calls a timeout they are down by 6 early

Has anyone addressed the Mavs shooting 57% in the 2nd half?

Jon K – I didn’t see the post, but I can’t be fooled by jackers anyway. All good.

@Troll Man – those aren’t “my” stats. Blame PJ for his defense that allowed 57% shooting in the second half, blame him for the crazy substitutes on the last Mavs possessions, but I can’t go with you on blaming him for leaving the starters on the bench to long. Lakers had 5pt lead with 5 minutes left and didn’t close the game.

@GDUB - What you got for a pick me up?

I love CP3's game because he can score 30 points and also hand out 15 assists which means that he's getting his teammates involved. Kobe dominates the ball the same as CP3 but he doesn't look to pass. There is very little difference between the play of Anthony and Bryant. They both receive the ball in the offense and everything comes to a halt. They both automatically start to go one against however many defenders and they only look to shoot. They only pass the ball when the defense covers them to the point where they can't force up a shot. It appears that both Gasol and Bynum are much more effective and productive on the offensive end when Kobe has an injury and can't play at full speed. Bryant might get 35 points per game but the Lakers are guaranteed to lose this series unless the coaches put some balance back into the offense. If you takes 30 shots and only get 36 points, you're not having a good game. The Mavericks Coach said it perfectly! We dont know where our points are going to come from because we look for a balance attack. In the Mavericks win over the Lakers, they had five or six players in double figures.


would you take CP3 over Kobe?

Doc Rivers taking responsibility for doing a poor job coaching

The Celtics just aren't the same without Kendrick Perkins, sorry local Celtic bloggers.

Miami could win it all this year JUST GREAT and probably with Darth Stern's blessing.

Just can't stand watching post game interviews with Lebron and Wade

Dave, good stats. I still had the image of Kobe missing shots in game 7 against Boston last year. I thinks Kobe is old, nothing wrong about it, the important thing is when you get older, you should play smarter. This Lakers team won 2 championships, but they play like the team with no experience.

If 38 years old Kidds can guard Kobe. What does this tell us ? Is it means Kobe please shoot more as much as you can because we can beat you ? The Mavs think no way Kobe can beat them by himself.

After Lakers beat the Mavs in LA in regular season, Dallas fan was crying and want Mark Cuban to fire Dallas coach, because they think no way Kidds can guard Kobe. Who is right ? As the serie goes on, we will find out.

ESPN also shows that Derrick Rose had one game this season, he scored over 30 points and 17 assts, Michael Jordan had 3 games in which he scores over 30 points and 16 assts.

despite what black mamba says, or all of you kobe haters calling him a ball hog, the dude single handedly gave the lakers the best record in the west last season with SEVEN game winning shots! but you know, he's not clutch.

I feel worse about Miami being up by two than the Lakers being down by 1.


you need to go back to insta posting or you'll force me to go to the renegade Chat

oh wait they wont take me

Good win by OKC
Lakers need to do the same now

Now that I've had my 24 hours of PJ bashing, back to rational thinking

Farmar and Sasha need to step it up these playoffs, it's like they're non-existent.


I know the Lakers have the highest payroll in the NBA (Dallas is second), but how is it that the Mavs and others can pick up a player like Peja and the Lakers sit on their hands without addressing very critical needs???

I've felt all along that what the Lakers lack the most (no, not a backup big man), but a clutch shooter. I was hoping that the Lakers would get Mike Miller in the offseason or a Kyle Korver type player -- that's what the Lakers need desperately when they're desperate for a shot. Sasha was supposed to fill that void, to no avail.

Other than Kobe, who can the Lakers turn to for a clutch outside shot? Fisher? During the playoffs, yes, but who else? Brown? Barnes? Blake? Who? Seriously, why couldn't Mitch Kupcake pick up Peja, to shore up the non-existant bench, specially after they saved millions in shipping Sasha out. I know, it's a salary cap issue, etc. So how did Dallas pull it off when they have the 2nd highest payroll?

Where's the creativity in the GM position????? Kupcake stinks. While Memphis pulls off fabulous trades for Battier and Z-BO, even Pheonix was able to bring in a very speedy PG in Brooks (a great pick up), what did the Lakers do? Pick up Joe Smith! Are you kidding me? Joe Smith 10 years ago, yes, good, but Joe Smith now??? And who did they bring in during the off-season? Theo Ratcliff! Unbelievable!

Truly, our GM leaves a lot to be desired!

Troll Man are you dumb or what? Farmar and Sasha do not even play for the Lakers anymore.

Laker Laptopper --

Please go buy a clue, I believe he was being sarcastic.


my bad now that I read again its kinda funny and ironic

S. Perkins (aka DFish):

You're pure slime -- you have a notorious (belligerently BIASED) hatred against the Great Derek Fisher. Did he not give you an autograph once? Or did he father you and leave you and your mother when you were a toddler? Your obscene hatred of DFish is so extreme, CREEPY, and unwarranted, it creeps into EVERY ONE of your pathetic posts!

Dude you're PATHETIC!

Laker Laptopper --

No problem, it happens.

It was a funny comment.

testing ... this gotta be on insta post; I mean, we are on moderation and getting all sorts of idiotic comments going through?

ahh just like i thought

Ah the power of Troll Man

just threaten to go to the renegade chat (even though I've been pre-banned there) and voila...

insta posting reappears

your welcome

Dude....I see some of the clowns on this blog are starting to feel the VIBE of the HEAT. Thinking maybe it's possible that the Heat can win it all, I've been telling you Lakerholics this all season LONG. But your all just HATERS, theres a changing of the Guards in the east and west. Boston is OUT and so are the Lakers, OKC or Griz are the new and up coming kids. Now if only you Lakerholics can only live in the MOMENT, not ...I've 5 rings. Living in the NOW, there will not be a six ring this year.

And the New NBA Champs....Miami Heat. Hell... has a nice ring to it, DEAL with IT.

Advanced Warning

Troll Man is on vacation and since he has no life will have to spend his extra free time (when not golfing or losing money at the casino) posting innane, irreverent, and not so well thought out takes about his favorite team.

Sorry for the inconvenience and for the dummying down of this highly intellectual forum.

One last thing, the Lakers better win tomorrow or else Armageddon shall really be upon us all.
Can't see the refs allowing the Lakers to lose twice in a row at home, even they aren't that stupid.

Kobe is the best closer, Bynum the best center, Pau the best forward, Lamar the best 6th man, Buss the best owner. I GARRRRANTY the Lakers will make the necessary adjustments, just like the last series, just like last year and WIN tomorrow night. I GARRRAANTY they steal one in Dallas and I GARRRANTY the World Champs will have at least one game where they mop the floor with the Mavs. Lakers in 6. Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


only one word


1 more thing, Ron ron the best defender and the best mental health spokesman. lakers in 6. Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luke the best benchwarmer.

Ludwig von know nothing aka Jonny boy K. Fishers insane defense left Jason Terry wide open for 3 pointers. If he is so smart why does this happen to this total CLOWN !!!!

D Fish the best motivational speaker in the huddle. Lakers in 6. Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!


really?? the Mavs shot 57% in the second half??


Can't really blame that on PJ, though I'd like to.

G.Money you do a lot of trash talk for a team that has done squat! Beating up the Celtics? LOL Thats your teams claim to fame? Beating a team that wouldnt have won 45 games in the West. The Cheat might make it out of the East, I really dont care, Chitown, The Cheat, Celts, the Hawks, IT DOES NOT MATTER!! The Lakers have the most talent in the West and will be standing at the end to meet any of the FAKERS from the East. Lakers are destined to win this year to send the greatest coach ever off with his 4th 3peat.
Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Troll (scumbag) Man

Likes to bash PJ every chance he can. I always eat crow but it's ok as long as the Lakers win Championships.

Anyone who gets upset should just take a chill pill because it's not worth fretting over. Like I said I eat crow every year the Lakers win a Championship and hopefully I'll eat a hearty portion again this year

Let me recommend a movie to anyone who gets bent out of shape
"The Rainmaker" starring Burt Lancaster

S. Perkins (Pathetic tool who used to abuse the VERY GOOD name of one Great Derek Fisher):

Dude, put down the crack pipe! BUT FOR the very great Derek Fisher, the Lakers lose game 3 in Boston last year and probably never get back to L.A.


That by itself, not to mention COUNTLESS other big shots in the playoffs (games 4 and 5, 2009 Finals against Orlando), is enough for this Laker fan to love, honor and treasure the glory of one GREAT Derek Fisher!

All of us TRUE Laker fans love you, Derek!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you hear me, Sam Perkins, aka, loser crackpot?

Wait a minute Ludwig

Sam Perkins was a former BB player, sleepy eyes wasn't he?

I think of Sam Perkins whenever I watch Chris Bosh

Do you have to be a Phil Jackson lover to be a true Laker fan?


dude, your post that was deleted was right on but you went overboard with the extra emphasis if you know what I mean.

your Heat team looking real good right now but the true test will come when they go to Boston, that's one tough building to win in, especially in the playoffs.

Troll Man --

This scumbag "S. Perkins" uses the names of actual NBA ballplayers as his moniker on this site -- presently he's using "S. Perkins" -- last year, he was using "DFish" while at the same time belittling Derek Fisher in every one of his pathetic posts.

What a pile of sewer garbage, this guy. His mother never gave him a hug -- I don't blame her!!!

And yes, Sam Perkins was a former baller, he even played for the Lakers, most notably for Dallas and Indiana.


Sam Perkins was a great 3-point shooter. Why does he remind you of Chris Bosh, their games have nothing in common really.


got it
I didn't get the DFish, S.Perkins connection

I still think of Sleepy Sam when I see Chris Bosh.

Their eyes, Chris not as droopy as Sam's though

Sam Perkins did have droopy eyes, btw, they call T-Mac the "Big sleep" because he loves to sleep a lot, hours and hours before game time -- he does have those droopy eyes sometimes. Sam Perkins reminds me of bad times actually, because he arrived at the end of the glorious showtime era, which was the start of the long decline, the beginning of the long journey into the Lakers night. They did get into the '91 Finals against the Bulls (their first), but lost in 5. Worthy got injured before the Finals, and that was that.

My question to the Chowder Fans that frequent here...

Is Shaq ONeal still healing on company time?

For insightful commentary don't read espn or even mark medina but read my comments. When the whole sports world was predicting a boston beat down i knew that miami will prevail. LBJ quit on his team last year there is no doubt about it. He even teased the audience by showing them that if he wanted to he could have vanquished the cs without hardly any effort. This year he is hated upon and he is angry and he knew the only thing that will cure that will be a ring. The Cs are going down and going down hard. Now for my lakers problems. Most of you guys are coach potatos with 30% body fat and know nothing about team sports. The main problem with the lakers is our greatest warrior Kobe. Kobe cannot take 29 shots but only have 1 no i mean none assists. I thought the older he got the smarter he would become. It happen to me. I was kobe's biggest fan back in the day when he would dominate the ball even though shaq and his team would complain. I got wiser about team play so why can't kobe?

The Lakers are such a talented team i dare say the team with the most collection of talent in the nba. Don't take my word for it but dr buss said it. He said that this year's team is his most talented team top to bottom since he became owner. There is no reason why the lakers shouldn't have won 70+ games and dominate the playoffs. Actually there are two reasons, ball hog kobe and weak leader phil. Kobe is a glory seeker and always must be the hero.

Wait a minute...your stats are self contradictory. How can he be 0-5 on game-tying or game-winning shots since the '09 playoffs, but also have hit seven game winners last season? Those two facts can't coexist. Is the 0-5 in the playoffs only? If so, then you needed to clarify that in your column.

Actually there are two reasons, ball hog kobe and weak leader phil. Kobe is a glory seeker and always must be the hero.
Posted by: island priest | May 04, 2011 at 02:51 AM

Dude....IP you're on point with that one, I'm in agreement 100%.

Every game that Kobe takes a lot of bad shots the Lakers either struggle to win or lose. Also, the Lakers don't have any consistant outside shooters. Mitch Kupchek has got to address that situation.

When Kobe jack up every shot at the begining of games, the other players on the floor just stand around. As long as Kobe has been in the NBA he sure can't seem to read the body language of his teamates. All Kobe has to do is play within the confines of the game and the Lakers can win another title.

Kobe took more shots than Gasol, Bynum and Odom and he is talking about the bench not performing!!!!

The ball actually hit off the back of the rim! FAIL!!

Correction - The ball hit off the back rim.

This time for diving for loose balls is NOW!!!

If I see any turnovers as Lakers helplessly watch the ball bounce out of bounds, I'm going to march over to Staples Center myself and begin throwing scalding hot nachos on the court!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Kidd was not able to gaurd Kobe. Kobe just threw a bad pass or Fisher did not come in the passing lane. Fisher stood really far like almost in the stands watching instead of following Kobe into his sight. Can't really blame Fisher though. Kobe ended up throwing the ball away.

Pau fouled Dirk and bailed out Dirk and Dallas out otherwise it was 50-50 that Dallas takes the lead with 20 sec on the clock. At least leave it to good defense and luck but Pau just bailed them out.

Third Kobe had a good look and as much as other 3 pt shooters are in this league only a few guys can step back with a man on them and take that shot like as if it is an uncontested shot. Kobe is the number one at that creating the space kind of player. Well, he is 33 % shooter so 2/3 times he misses but of that 1/3 times he makes he made sure Lakers had that 33% game winning shot.

Thats like the best that man could do.

With like couple seconds to go you all could come up with better plays and stuff. Like me for instance thought Kobe had better chance going to the basket and taking foul, good shot (highr percentage), or dish it to Pau. Kidd could not stop him throughout the game and I don't know what game all of you watched.

But in the end Kobe took the best shot he could and had it gone in you all would be saying how great he is and blah blah blah..

By the way.. he will knock that shot and many more in the next game. Pau takes time to adjust to new teams so as bad as Lakers played they only lost by a point that Pau handed them.

If I were the Cowboys I would be worried about it.

It went off the back rim. Not front.

After reading those comments about Kobe's low percentage is Bogus. Dust Bin material.

How many players do you know even know can get a shot up in the last second. Ray Allen is great but how many screens are set for him to take that final shot.. ever wondered. Paul Pierce and Garnett set up two screens for him and who sets up anything for Kobe?

I am not sure if Bynum, Gasol, and Odom are really lethargic or stupid. Or Coach has it easy like he never sets up anything for Kobe. Kobe makes space for himself that I don't think Ray Allen or any of those players can. Those players rely on their team mates and I not sure if they do it by desgin or by their own instincts.

Phil Jackson has always relied on the greatness of his players to play the game out and I don't remember any design for Michael Jordan taking any kind of shot in last 5 minutes of any meaningful game bulls played in their 6 championship runs. I don't remember any sophisticated plays for Shaq to bulldoze through teams for 3 championships.

Other than Tex winters copy of triangle and greatness of MJ, Shaq, Kobe + Gasol .. I do not see anything from this coaching unit.

Oh yeah.. pass to shaq.. two pple gaurd him.. bring ball back up to Horry and voila a 3 pointer. Rockets basically did that for 2 championships but u need a strong center and a reliable power-forwrd shooting the 3 (horry).

Not that I like Kobe but the best chance for Lakers Title is for Kobe to take over because your bigs are not doing their job.

Last year was a fluke when Artests and Bynums played out of their minds but they r no Greats.

Kobe has something left in the tank I bet he wills his way to the next round.

This is where stats don't matter, IMO. In clutch situation, you have to give the ball to your best player. Kobe sure is your damn best player no matter which team you put him on. How many times we've seen Kobe make crazy sick game winning jumpers with everyone guarding on him? No surprising that NBA coaches and Team USA coaches keep giving the ball to Kobe in the clutch.

GOOOOOO LAKERS!!!!! WE can win this!!!

Kobe is not as clutch as other players in the league, like a Melo or Dirk however He has been such a strong leader he hasn't needed to be clutch. They have won 5 championships because of the team he has had around him. I would take a great team over a clutch player any day.



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