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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar elaborates about frustration with the Lakers via Twitter

53965254Various postings on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Twitter account reveal that his frustration over the fact the Lakers haven't honored him with a statue outside Staples Center reflects a larger picture in his fragmented relationship with the organization.

"It's not about a getting a statue, because I'm over it. It's about RESPECT! Lakers have given me the absolute minimum of respect."

Abdul-Jabbar first shared his misgivings about feeling "slighted" because the Lakers have honored Magic Johnson, Chick Hearn and Jerry West with statues outside Staples Center but haven't done the same for him with the Sporting News' Steve Greenberg, who interviewed him about a wide range of topics. They discussed Abdul-Jabbar's recent documentary work with "On the Shoulders of Giants" and his storied NBA  career, in which he became the league's all-time leading scorer (38,387), won six NBA titles (five of them with the Lakers), made history with his legendary sky hook and established himself, in the opinion of many, as the best center of all time.

Another grievance Abdul-Jabbar shared included his disappointment that Lakers General Mitch Kupchak refused to provide him a playoff share in the team's last two championships for working as a special assistant coach in instructing center Andrew Bynum. Lakers spokesman John Black explained to Greenberg that Abdul-Jabbar was considered a part-time coach for the last six seasons and that all the compensation arrangements were specified in his contract. Still, Abdul-Jabbar's interview with the Sporting News was just the beginning of Abdul-Jabbar's account of his frustrations with the Lakers. In addition to planning to appear on ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike in the Morning and Comedy Central's "Colbert Report" on Thursday, Abdul-Jabbar shared his grievances about the Lakers via Twitter.

The most pointed exchange came in a reply to follower who tweeted, "Cap I don't know where the breakdown is. But YOU will get your statue! That's unthinkable! Buss is not Sterling!" Abdul Jabbar replied,  "Re the Buss Family, I don't [know] if you can be sure about that!"

Among the his other tweets:

-- "Bill Russell is getting his statue after 40 years. Laker immortal Jerry West waited 37 years for his statue. My wait has only been 22 yrs."

--"Rumor has it that I will be getting a statue. A caveat for all my fans-don't hold your breath. Lakers don't care about me."

-- "The only reason I endure is because of all the support I get from Laker fans everywhere I go. Thanks to all for your appreciation."

-- "Magic waited 8 years to be honored in that way. So maybe I am chopped liver?"

-- A fan tweeted, "You are a legend. Why does it bother u so much? Ur accomplishments on court mean a lot more then a statue."

Abdul-Jabar responded, "Your right but there is principal involved so I can't ignore the situation any longer.""

After the various postings, a fan asked Abdul-Jabbar on Twitter, "what kind of actions should the Lakers take that can translate into respect, in your opinion?" Abdul Jabbar replied, "I don't think at this point this can be rectified as this is the first time I have ever made my feelings public. Moving on."

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Former Lakers center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar told the Sporting News that he felt "slighted" that the Lakers haven't honored him with a statue outside Staples Center. Credit: Reed Saxon /Associated Press

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In the olden days when the Kansas City-Omaha Kings were playing against the Milwaukee Bucks, this was the KAJ we farmboys saw. Approached him once, never did it again. Doubt there fans out there in Laker Town that the Staples statues cannot make smile and proudly say "I met him once".

Kareem should be getting a statue outside of Staples Center. He certainly deserves it. His records speak for themselves. And 5 of his 6 rings are with the Lakers. You tell me how many of those championships would have happened if he wouldn't have been on the team.

Kareem has always been a special athlete and person, a great role model for people from all walks of life. No, the Laker Family would be commiting a major foul if they did not erect a statue of the Cap and his famous skyhook out front and 'center'.

Kareem's complaints (at least some of them) have merit, but his methods are self-defeating, and reminiscent of how he sometimes conducted himself as a player. His prickly relationship with fans and media have gone through a long rehabilitation. Now he is throwing all that away.

This reminds me of the admonishment that we should simply allow our actions to speak for themselves, and allow others to praise us if they will. It saddens me whenever a person of accomplishment in any public arena shows them as needing to pump themselves up after the spotlight has moved on to others. The spotlight will always move on. That's why we shouldn't get attached to transitory things like fame or the praise of others. At a time when such a person should be able to enjoy the fruits of their labors and be at peace, it appears Jabbar has a lot of animus.

Is he deserving of such an honor? Of course. Is he OWED it? Nobody is.

Twice I received national honors in my own field. Both times the presentations were a complete and tremendous surprise. I never felt deserving or even gave it a thought. Others said, "It's about time," but I never felt that way for a moment. I just felt honored and humbled.

I would encourage KAJ to focus on the treasures of his own life; and let others deal with such mundane matters in their own way and time.

KA-J not only should of had his statute already but even before Magic which is probably if not the best Laker ever. KA-J breaths CA, from his stellar career at UCLA, and of course with the Lakers. He to this day, had the most incredible shot ever on a consistent basis-"The Sky Hook." This is ludicrous that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in return of not having his statute on display is getting KREAMED BY HIS SKY HOOK!

I love Kareem. Without the Cap, the Lakers never would have won so many championships when he was a player. He also made a great contribution to Drew's career. But if you recall, Drew dissed the Cap by saying he was ready to spread his own wings. While the Cap is very skilled as an analogy think about your office. Who gets the promotion? The guy who charms everyone and is on great buddy buddy terms with or the competnent guy who doesn't market himself? Magic is more charasmatic. But Kareem is an equally good if not better player in my opinion. Buss owes Kareem an apology. Kareem can tell bus to SMD and f the statute.

The VERY GREAT Kareem Abdul Jabar has every right to be saying these things. Naturally, he's older and vulnerable, perhaps in his mind nearing the end of his life, and he feels slighted, for a number of reasons, not just because he's been overlooked in getting a long overdue statue. Over the years, the Laker organization has mistreated this giant of basketball, arguably the most awesome force in the basketball universe.

Let's be honest, Kareem deserved a statue long before Magic. The Lakers even made Magic a head coach even though he was clearly not ready for the job. Kareem can't even beat a non-Laker Chuck Person to an assistant coaching position. There's obvious bias there and this obviously has hurt Kareem for a very very long time.

Only Dr. Buss can make this situation better. And he should. It's the right thing to do. As someone else pointed out, Kareem won a championship without Magic; however, Magic could never win one without the Captain.

Kareem deserves his statue and he deserves to be an assistant coach on this team next year!

It used to be statues are placed at the center of the town as a badge of honor, today it became political because they put up the statue while he's still alive. How do you now differentiate the accomplishment of KAJ from Magic from JW, then how about the other Laker legends or soon to be legends like Shaq lol! Kobe and the beast of Jimbo. Had you honor them when they are already dead, then there's nobody would complain.

As I said in previous post, statue is just the smoke but the real fire is respect for coaching consideration. His name has not even surmised from the coaching line up nor Lakers gave him a responsible position in the organization. He was given a special assignment to train a tall high school hoopster who learned his basketball at the later age, Kareem did a good job. Don't we recognize now Drew's pivot moves, free throws compared to when he was a rookie. Kareem's accomplishment is beyond basketball, he's also the symbol of the civil rights movement that's why he changed his name to Jabbar. I hope UCLA or the City of Westwood would construct a statue for him instead.

This is a good lesson for the owners Staples or any organization. Don't use statues as a marketing tool because such badge of honor is sacred and also political. How about the Clippers, will they not also claim for recognition since they're playing at Staples? A statue for Sterling or Blake Griffin. The best statues are those at the Olympic Coliseum which are headless with great physique. Haven't heard anybody complaining that it symbolizes that athletes have no brains.

Dude...Loved the Cap, My greatest Laker Player EVER. Kupcake still haten on the Cap from his Playing days, kupcake will always be a SCRUB. I know you Lakerholics enjoyed the King putting a king size Butt kicking to those BABY BULLS. C'mon haters, you only wish your Mamba can still play like the KING. Let's just seat back and appreciate the Kings run for the RING, Kobe PLEASE pass the POPCORN.

I think AEG has a large say in which statues are placed in front of the staples center. They can't only give statues to the lakers and not the other teams which call the staple center their home. Also, AEG owns the Kings which is why Gretzky got a statue. They are also business partners with Del la Hoya through MLS's Houston Dynamo which could be a reason why he got one.

Lakers are really getting bad publicity after the playoff's meltdown. At the end of the season, it was gay bashing, then got humiliated with a unsportsmanlike conduct of its players after being swept by a 3rd seed Mav's. The other day, PJ was giving Mark Kriegler a bad analysis of the Lakers in general on barfly. Tonight, it is all over the news including on MSN & BBC of Kareem's protestations against his team.

Where's the Lakers love at the time when they needed it most? Did they foresee this bad publicity? I hope there will be no soap opera developing among its players in the next season though unforeseen winds of change are coming from different directions. Joe Black is now on crisis management mode with the upcoming lockout, fan's disgusts over lack of team efforts and this ex players rants.

Kareem is arguably the best basketball player EVER, let alone the best Laker. I don't think he requires a statue of himself... that doesn't sound like the man I remember. However, I don't blame him for feeling slighted by the Lakers. Dr. Buss... do something for Cap... PLEASE, while he is still alive!

Time for a reality check! It is not a surprise who has a statue in front of Staples...Jerry West...Magic Johnson...Chick Hearn...what do they ALL have in common? They were Lakers their entire career! It is about the franchise NOT individuals. If anything, the next statue should go to Elgin Baylor!

Kareem has always been bitter. He should be thankful for the opportunity to play for the top franchise in sports and contribute to one of the top tems of all time. Remember, during the eighties, Kareem was on the downside of his career and it was being surrounded with the array of talent the Lakers had that allowed him to continue to produce at a higher level than would have otherwise been possible. Kareem thanks for the memories, now go back and tale a nap.

"Is he deserving of such an honor? Of course. Is he OWED it? Nobody is."

OnMiller nails it. Kareem is unquestionably one of the greatest Lakers ever, but on a personal level he has been remote, detached, and dare I say it, bearing a sense of entitlement like a chip on his shoulder. Unlike Magic, for example, who always exuded warmth, was always involved with the Lakers and their fans in a very outgoing way, and seemed genuinely surprised and grateful for any honors, Kareem by contrast never embraced a proactive public role with the Lakers and fans. And this sulking on Twitter is definitely not going to warm people up at this point.

Cap, you were truly great, and yes, you do "deserve" a statue, but your chances of getting one will improve greatly if you skyhook the 'tude into the trash can.

Let's face it, L.A. is a town known for its entertainment value, and as much as I love Kareem, and as much as I think he is the best center of all time, the reality is that his career was on the downward slope until Earvin came along. Magic rejuvenated Kareem and gave him the championships he wouldn't have won without Magic. For those who said Kareem won one without Magic..yeah, don't forget he won it with the Big small chump in his own right. The point is, I get why Magic got his statue over Kareem. I get why Jerry West did too. I mean this is the guy whose figure is the frickin logo of the NBA!! Chick brainer. The voice of the Lakers. Anyone listening to the two tools who broadcast Laker games now surely misses Chickie Baby. Having said all that, Kareem does deserve his statue...not before the ones who already have them, but definitely before any of the current crop of Lakers or ex-Lakers. Time to honor the big fella. Then make room for Dwight Howard when he takes his mantle as the next franchise center for the team.

Have a feeling Cap will be regretting his words soon enough...

If ANYONE deserves the next statue he does. I remember writing that sentiment when they announced West would get his statue at the ASG weekend. I know most Laker fans agree with that (along with MICHAEL COOPERS #21 hanging from the Staples Center rafters!)

But I don't think the Buss family likes to get called out like that. Remember Shaq game 1 of '04 training camp? Hitting a shot in Hawaii then shouting to Dr. Buss sitting courtside the infamous 'so now you gonna pay me?' line? Well, not only did they not pay him, they shipped him straight-off soon as the season was over.

The Lakers have done a lot for Kareem. Bringing him in as an assistant coach, even though the rest of the NBA shied away from hiring him due to his surly nature. Afterward they retained him and gave him an advisor role, keeping him on the payroll. Yes, they did treat Magic better but the situations were different.

Anyways, I think Cap is top-5 player all-time, but in my book Magic is the GOAT, Chick was possibly the single-greatest Laker of all-time and West did so much for this franchise as a player and as an executive that clearly merited his statue being third. Next up, logically, would follow Kareem. Now though this throws cold-water on the whole thing, if anything it would make the Buss family a heck of a lot more hesitant to give Cap a statue after this.

I'm starting to think it's gonna be a while before we see the greatest shot in NBA history, the majestic sky-hook, immortalized in bronze...


If Luke Walton can get a 6 year gigabagillion contract, then surely Kareem can get a statue. I side with Kareem on this one.


not news.

No playoff share? Peanuts compared to the millions you made, Kareem!

The King is the best player on the planet right now but still hasn't tap into his full potential. People accused the Priest of being a Kobe hater but the opposite is true. I wouldn't want Kobe to get embarassed by The Chosen One. Now a younger Kobe vs LBJ would have been a great battle. But unfortunately Kobe is now a bitter old man. LBJ after winning his first ring should develop his post game to take advantage of his incredible size, strenght and quickness. Go work with The Dream for a few weeks King. What is so amazing about LBJ is his pre game ritual. All of the NBA players will be doing some lay ups and some shooting drills but not LBJ. The King rocks the rim by dunking the ball. I am a laker for life but some players I just want and wanted to see win a ring. I wanted to see Sir charles, The Dream, Ewing, John Starks etc win a ring. Today I want to see The King win his first ring and later on Durant, Westbrook, Rose, Nowinski etc win rings.

This just goes to show how difficult it is to be an effective owner. He has to worry about the current roster and laying a solid foundation for a future roster, and meanwhile has to make sure that the legends of the past are kept happy.

Kareem was neglected for years. Then we threw him a bone to have him work with Bynum. Once it became obvious that he succeeded with Bynum, it became time to complain about all of the neglect.

No matter who's fault it is, this fire needs to be put out. A statue now will not atone for a few decades of neglect, but it's a start. Repairing the damage will take some time.

Aside from all that, let me just say that when it comes to treatment of fans, being a positive example, and generating good will toward men with your legacy, Mohammed Ali >>>> Kareem. It's not even close.

I'm not trying to placate someone that has a legitimate gripe. I' m just pointing out that I've noticed a huge difference in how these two greats have chosen to interact with common people that cheered for them for so long.

@OnMiller - I agree with your take on Kareem's situation at 8:46pm. Excellent post.

@Rocky - Not sold on Kyrie Irving's game. How many times have you seen him play?

Another clutch performance by Lebron last night. Too bad he always "melts" under the playoff pressure....or at least that's what the talking points I've read here say.

Reality Check Time,

It's not Kareem's fault he played for the Bucks; it's the NBA's fault. Kareem went to UCLA, so what else did you want him to do? He did his part.

The bigger difference between those with a statue and those without is their long term association with the Lakers and Laker fans. West worked the front office for decades. Magic worked as a coach, player, and executive. Chick was the voice of the Lakers for decades. Kareem was a player on the Lakers for about 10 years and not a whole lot beyond that. Elgin was an executive for decades... for another team.

Look at how each of these players represented the Lakers beyond their careers (or in Chicks case, his whole life) and you will understand why some have statues and others don't.

Kareem is handling this wrong (do I need to say that?). His way of handling things, emotionally and interpersonally, has been his biggest issue from the start.

BUT really, Chick Hearn before Kareem? Kareem has to be in the conversation about greatest Laker ever (along with West and Magic among retired players). He WAS under-appreciated because of his personality, and Magic's. The way the guy played in his 30s was unprecedented and never matched since. He brought 5 titles to LA. And , since Staples is about LA Sports, not the Lakers (De la Hoya, Greztky) Kareems 3 dominating seasons at UCLA should also be a factor. The dude was incredible.

Chick Hearn made a living talking about what Kareem actually DID. That Chick was honored ahead of Jerry West, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Elgin Baylor was ridiculous. I know Chick was beloved in LA. I grew up listening to him. He was a good basketball announcer. He was embarrasingly racist on Bowling for Dollars. He lost it a few years before he retired. But even as a GREAT announcer he does not get a statue before Jerry and Kareem. Chick will be forgotten. Kareem will stand out in record books and film for decades to come.

Kareem looks petty in this thing. But that doesn't mean he isn't right.

Lew Alcindor became a Sunni Muslim named Kareem Abdul Jabbar.
I'm not saying that he hasn't gotten a statue because he is Sunni Muslim.
I am saying that he should think about the meaning of the name he took, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and why he took it.

Whining about not getting a statue makes him sound like a hypocrite and someone with an over blown sense of entitlement.
Whether or not Kareem deserves a statue is debatable but complaining about not having one is beyond ridiculous, especially after he has already been told he'll get one in the future.


Dude...Loved the Cap, My greatest Laker Player EVER. Kupcake still haten on the Cap from his Playing days, kupcake will always be a SCRUB. I know you Lakerholics enjoyed the King putting a king size Butt kicking to those BABY BULLS. C'mon haters, you only wish your Mamba can still play like the KING. Let's just seat back and appreciate the Kings run for the RING, Kobe PLEASE pass the POPCORN.

Posted by: G.Money | May 18, 2011 at 10:10 PM


You didn't get the message last time so let me rephrase it for you loud and clear before I address Kareem Abdul Jabbar. I know you like the history of the Lakers, and you enjoy your opinion, and you know where to turn to, but do you know who has a lot of class in saying what he says? Yes, the Captain, you know that well, not the self-pumping King. Do you know why we don't take kindly to what Lebron did when his posse engineered that decision and gave the teams the run-around as a cover and ultimately already had his decision made 2 weeks to3 years ago? He represents a microcosm of what we all hate, which is overzealous, overpaid, attention-mongering, psychopaths thieving and conniving. You know why Magic, and Jordan and everybody who was anybody criticized him for what he did, because of what I said before, and because you don't engineer these moves (and cry about it during the season) and expect to be respected from a competition stand-point.

Let me conclude with what I was going to say: Until... you 2 championships... to ...back,... you ...flap... your... gums...

-As far as the KAJ situation is concerned, he deserves a statue because of what he is, has done, and has achieved with this organization, being that he was a focal point and is now an ambassador for this organization. His stats, his patented Sky Hook.. so he has the right to say what he wants, and the worst thing is he is right. Specially the fact he is a living-legend. Was he overlooked? Definitely, likely. Should he have gotten a statue before Magic? Jerry? maybe..maybe not. The point is the message got heard, and obviously the situation will be resolved, because it should, and that's all that matters.

To CornerJ;

You are way wrong dude. You better reboot yourself and look back and review the history of Lakers. I definitely think you are a teenager that don't know who Kareem is and what he has accomplished for the Lakers and the city.

"Just a friendly recommendation"

I'm not clear on this so please excuse me if I'm wrong but I thought his faith prohibited statues being erected in his honor?

The fact that Kareem doesn't have a statue yet IS a crime! The man is arguably the greatest player in NBA history and holds the league's most prestigious record. West, Magic and Chick need a Captain to stand alongside.

This is unfortunate. Most Laker fans support the team because of its excellence, both on and off the court. Classy does mean lack of toughness. Kareem is the greatest center to ever play the game. More points, more dominant, more championships than West or Magic. Timewise, he should have been honored after West and before Magic.

there is PLENTY of room ALL AROUND the staples center.
I would love to see ANY and ALL Laker "personalities/players" that truly "deserves" a spot in a "ring of Laker legends" to have one, regardless of any other teams he may have played for.
Statues are cheap compared to the contributions these players made to the overall Lakers history/brand/glory. Quite obviously, the Lakers would not be the franchise they are today without these people.
having said that, who would YOU, put in that ring Laker fan?

I'm disappointed in the way Kareem has displayed his disappointment, BUT, there should have been a statue of him after Jerry West.

Abdul Jabbar?
dancing Barry? (just kidding)
"iron man" AC Green?
Michael Cooooooooper?
B. Scott?
"big game" James Worthy?

it is sad that there even needs to be this issue. the laker organization prides itself on doing things the right way. i guess kareem made this issue public when he was not able to get a good outcome privately. i am only speculating here of course, but really, how pathetic is this, that kareem, now WHEN a statue is put up,will now have it tainted by this . i still think that the skyhook was and is the most beautiful shot in basketball and it should be a wonderful thing to see, but for it to go this way is a shanda (shame)

On the real we should crowd source this through kickstater just like they are doing for a chicago with the robocop statue.

I'm willing to donate 20 buck to the cause i didn't have the benefit of seeing Cap in action i know he was the man and i appreciate all he's done to mentor bynum into the player he is today.

Tom Daniels: Disagree with your take that Chick shouldn't have been honored before some Laker greats. One could argue that Chick was as important as any single player, he contributed more to the Laker organization over the years than possibly anyone else had.

But it's another part of your response I was interested in, how you mention Chick was "embarrassingly racist" on the old Bowling for Dollars. Can you describe how? I can only vaguely remember the show, remember watching it sometimes but being only 8 or 9 or so I can barely remember it. I tried looking on youtube and around and can't find it at all. I really wish the gameshow network had reruns but I guess it was a regional show vs a nationally broadcast one I don't think they ever would.

Anyways just curious, what were your recollections of that show?

they were able to raise like 60k
i'm sure if we talked to the people that are making the robocop one we could get cap one done with no problems

I don't know what Lakers management's thinking these days. But, we're talking about one of the greatest centers of all time not getting his proper due from a team he's helped to win the many championships that they have. So what if he's complaining! Abdul-Jabbar has a right to complain, and if L.A. is really interested in remaining a competitive team as it once was, they might strongly consider giving Abdul-Jabbar the head coaching position. Right now, I don't think there's anyone more qualified to lead this team to another finals victory than him!

Kareem is the Man. He is the standard for which basketball greatness is measured...

Laker's would've never got any titles in the 80's if it wasn't for his dominance. No one absolutely NO ONE could stop the Sky-Hook!!

I totally agree Its like Thurgood Marshall hornered all over the world . And playing second fiddle to a bunch of store front preachers. Kareems problem was like Bill Russells. And anyone who has children. The squeaky wheel always gets the grease. A retort from and old dude of color. Been there don that lived that.

I totally agree. Its like Thurgood Marshall highly regarded all over the world playing second fiddle to a bunch of store front preachers. Kareem like Bill Russell learned like anyone who has children. the squeaky wheel always gets the grease. A retort from and old dude of color thats been there, saw that, and done that. So hop aboard jabbar. there is plenty of room under the bus. ps I am a die hard Celtics fan. but all warrior deserve their props.

Tact isn't a prerequisite for greatness.

22 years is a long time, but as with many issues people lash out about, this one has deeper roots than a statue. It isn't difficult for me to see his aggravation over the playoff share slight. He was portrayed in the media as a team savior for coaching Drew. Being a living legend has its downside.

There will be a new sheriff in town coaching the team and that doubtless means new assistant coach opportunities opening up. Were I Dr. Buss I'd consider all of this as water under the bridge and be discussing Kareem with the incoming coach. Not forcing the issue. He's already proven he has at least assistant coach capabilities. Who knows? Perhaps the man who follows the Zen master might agree with me.

Then I'd be in discussions with the folks over at AEG about how much longer it might take to erect that statue.

22 years. Just imagine the scene in 22 years with another towering Laker legend. Better leave room for Kobe's statue, too.

Twitter is the Devil.

Let's all face it. Kareem is a little bit of a jerk.

Kareem converted to Islam because he was disgusted at Christian nations complicity in the slave trade (understandable), but completely ignored the vastly more brutal (and enduring) Islamic slave trade out of East Africa.

So, clearly he has a reactionary element to his personality.

If, to this day, Magic had not received a statue, he wouldn't be complaining and would probably be recommending others for statues.

That's why Magic deserved to have a statue so quickly.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


G. Money,

>>>Dude...Loved the Cap, My greatest Laker Player EVER....

Definitely could make an argument. Even for best NBA player ever. Jordan never had ANYTHING like the skyhook. People use shooting % as a reason why Jordan was better than Kobe, because Jordan shot close to 50% for his career... Kareem shot closer to 60% for his career.

>>>...C'mon haters, you only wish your Mamba can still play like the KING.

I put Kobe just behind Magic and Kareem in the list of GLOAT.

On the other hand, I've seen Magic in public and spoken to him and I've seen Kobe in public and spoken to him. They weren't all buddy buddy or anything, but at least they acknowledged me as a human being and a fan. I've seen Kareem completely ignore people and have a security person to keep people from even trying to speak to him. He considers fans to be pests - you're not "a source of his popularity" to him, you're a leach. A mosquito. The tax-man. A vampire.

So you may love Kareem, G. Money, but the feeling is definitely not mutual.

Thanks _ for the internet. The newspapers no longer control the thinking with there agendas. They are mostly intertainment. I made statements on this Blog and they were not cherry picked and actually printed. I will continue to read the thoughts of others to broaden my mind. After 50 years of newspaper anointed baffoons as quote unquote leaders and exsperts this is verey refreshing. Old dude of color. i purposely leave of the spell ck. i know my styl.

Gotta love an argument where both sides are wrong. Reminds me of an average night out fighting with my girlfriend.

I personally think that Kareem is not given in just do. Should have been had a statue before Chick may he rest in peace and also feel that Kobe should already have in front of the Staples Center as we speak.Why wait to show love for those who Won Multiple Championship for the organization and the countless fans world wide. Kareem,Magic,Shaq and Kobe have given us fans many years of EXCELLENCE. Not to mention years of "Bragging Rights",and seeing our Laker Team go Deep Into The Play Offs Year after year..............Enough already dammmmit. Give them There Just Do In EVERY RESPECT !!!

I personally think that Kareem is not given in just do. Should have been had a statue before Chick may he rest in peace and also feel that Kobe should already have in front of the Staples Center as we speak.Why wait to show love for those who Won Multiple Championship for the organization and the countless fans world wide. Kareem,Magic,Shaq and Kobe have given us fans many years of EXCELLENCE. Not to mention years of "Bragging Rights",and seeing our Laker Team go Deep Into The Play Offs Year after year..............Enough already dammmmit. Give them There Just Do In EVERY RESPECT !!!

>>>Kareem converted to Islam because he was disgusted at Christian nations
>>>complicity in the slave trade (understandable), but completely ignored the
>>>vastly more brutal (and enduring) Islamic slave trade out of East Africa.

Not to mention Islam's virtual enslavement of women.

I find most of the comments above as having missed the heart of the matter: I'm writing from a far away part of the world, and I have no idea who the Guss family is, but I can tell you that KAJ is a great legend of the basketball world, belonging to the whole world in fact, and if some players get statues he surely deserves one...And he has every right to declare his dissatisfaction with the situation. While living. That's not whining, that's only a reminding of what should be done in the name of basketball. I don't know who owns the Lakers, it is totally insignificant to me. Ownership is a money issue; KAJ's achievements are beyond what money can achieve or buy; his accomplishment for the world of basketball and sports is above this family or that family. Recognition of KAJ's greatness should not be subject to the decision or appreciation of some family having sympathy with him or not... Simply put, what more could KAJ have done to get the sympathy of this one family? There won't be another KAJ.

>>>Kareem was a player on the Lakers for about 10 years and not a whole lot beyond that.

Disagree. If not for 1-on-1 coaching from Kareem, Andrew Bynum wouldn't be half as good as he is today.

And look at the massive level of mayhem the Muslim Arabs (the "Jinjoui") are leveling against the native peoples of Darfur -- they've murdered over 350,000 blacks in the last 5 years!

And without the Muslim Arabs as the all important "middle-men" in the slave trade, the Europeans would've NEVER been able to enslave and ship so many blacks to the New World.

Muslim Arab merchants (by the way, the Prophet Muhammad was a merchant himself) were the DEALERS who purchased slaves from African tribe leaders and then sold them to Europeans for a profit.

Them's the facts, folks!

Growin' up in Brooklyn, I remember this guy as one of the greatest centers that ever played the game. From his days at Power Memorial to UCLA to Milwaukee and then to L.A., it's only fitting that he be honored by the Lakers. Even if he doesn't want a statue, some sort of honor should be bestowed on Kareem. you're talking about a Laker icon. Yes, he should have had a statue before Magic. I wasn't a Laker fan, but his accomplishments for that organization, should be recognized far beyond thoses who played that center position. you can retire a number, be one of 50 great players, however, when you've accomplished a lot for the Lakers (5 titles), give the man his due.

They've already said he's getting a statue, by he's only reaping what he sowed. He was one of the most selfish, angry, arrogant athletes coming down the pike, which is one of the reasons he's never been considered for a coaching job.
A buddy who was an ad exec told me about an exec in his company asking Kareem for an autograph for his kid, on the way to Chicago. Kareem ignored him. Kareem was on his way to Chicago for a meeting with execs for a prospective ad. Guess who was one of the execs of that company?

Look we love cap and all that he did for the Lakers through the years. If there are hard feeling there at work so be it, we have somebody at work or school we don’t get along with so live with it and move on in life. Ok great others got something cap didn’t, so what. Last time it was checked B-Ball is a business and money changed hands for he efforts on and off court. Now to go around talking about a statue that he and we think should be doesn’t help or change anything but the way we look at him for this it’s all about me. Maybe he should look at what’s happening in the real world and the things that’s happening to the USA. Look I have been a LAKER fan from the days of Jerry West so I have seen a lot and this is just adding to a very bad ending of a season.

Ludwig .. we are talking about Basketball here and not your talk about slaves / muslims or any other thing you posted, ask yourself is what you posted have a thing to do with the NBA.
Dude take all that stuff elsewhere, this is all about Hoops.

Kareem is arguably the greatest player to wear a Laker uniform. If you look at Kareem's points, point by point, when the organization had to decide whether to do something in his favor or not in his favor, they consistently chose to go NOT in his favor. Thats called "slighting" someone. No bones about it. Their reasoning on the pay cut is shameful to say the least. Why are they "nickel and diming" Kareem??? When you are the "greatest Laker" you don't pull out the contract and tell somebody to read the fine print. What is the Laker organization definition of "taking care of" a Hall of Fame player?? To me that means you look for reasons to do right by somebody not look for reasons to cut somebody out. Kareem shouldnt have to ask for handouts from the Lakers. They should be hooking him up with perks and revenues like they do anyone else they cherish. At this rate, Phil Jackson will get a statue before Kareem. You watch.

We do not know the inside stuff between cap and the LAKERS so can't really say one way or the other. But we can all can still remember the great things he has done to this point in his life. I do not want to remember him as a statue seeker and not the giver he once was and still maybe.

That's Roger Murdock, he's the co-pilot...

For god Sake stop acting like a big baby.You are the Kareem of the Crop an Stuatue or no statue they'll never be another. Thanks for the momories.




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