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Jerry Buss on Lakers' coaching search: "I would say very close."

Photo: Lakers owner Jerry Buss. Credit: Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times / July 6, 2010. Lakers owner Jerry Buss declined to provide a definitive timetable on hiring a replacement for Phil Jackson as the Lakers coach, but he said the organization is "very close" to finalizing its search.

"I don’t know exactly when but a week is a long time," Buss said in a wide-ranging interview Tuesday with Michael Eaves and Bonnie-Jill Laflin on Playboy Radio on Sirius/XM Radio. "I should say that."

Buss and executives Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak met last Tuesday to draw up an official list, but The Times' Mike Bresnahan and Broderick Turner have reported it's possible interviews with candidates might not happen until the first week of June. The possibilities, Bresnahan and Turner and other media outlets have reported, include Rick Adelman, Mike Dunleavy, Brian Shaw, Chuck Person and Mike Brown.

Meanwhile, players including Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher and Luke Walton have publicly advocated for Shaw to get the position, arguing his familiarity with the personnel as a Lakers assistant coach and willingness to directly and constructively criticize players will help ease the transition period in the post-Jackson era. 

Buss didn't talk about any candidates specifically, but he made it clear he wouldn't consult any players about whom to hire as the next coach. 

"Obviously, we have to select somebody who has a reputation that players would be happy with," Buss said. "But to ask a direct player to select a particular coach, that’s general manager territory. That’s out of the player domain."

I will have more on this story soon at


Next Lakers coach won't make Phil Jackson-type salary

Brian Shaw might be the right man for the Lakers job

Lakers contact Rick Adelman as coaching search gains momentum

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers owner Jerry Buss. Credit: Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times / July 6, 2010.

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.... And as we speak, another new thread!! Great job Mr. Medina ...


Are those the only two options we have? How about adding a third option to your poll? It would be something like instapost without a need to sign in via typepad or twitter or whatever those things are called.

And of course, repost below hehe ... the PSP know you are reading this, come on be a man!!

Wait hold on ... KobeMVP888 is here? Double Whammy! First a Luke thread, and now the 'practice season' king too? Show yourself son, you got a huge bone to chew with the PSP!

On topic, Lucas has been a complete waste of dollars ... that is all. Can't believe someone was actually arguing that Luke was better than Barnes or something along those lines. Then again same person said the regular season was meaningless ...

PSP Intern

Regarding the search for the new coach being "very close" to a decision, I'm not sure if I should be excited or scared. This whole thing makes me very nervous. Once Pat Riley left, quality head coaching was slim at the Lakers until PJ came along.

Dunleavy, Pfund, Magic, Del Harris, Rambis, Tomjanovich... these were mostly disappointments. Harris was the closest of these to being a quality coach. Unfortunately, he kept Kobe on the bench too much and allowed a talented team to go home prematurely every single year until the bosses upstairs had seen enough.

Color me skeptical with the replacements here.

I'm about as nervous as they get, because the expectation next year will be championship or bust, and if this guy busts, you can expect the whole team to truly be blown up this time around.

PSP - Are you seriously criticizing me for posting up a news post regarding Jerry Buss' comments on the coaching search? Give me a break.

Starting tomorrow, we'll try to the sign in system through Typepad. I'll be around all day so if there are glitches or what not, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] So hopefully this works. I have already tried this so far and met complaints but hopefully this will work out this time around.

@888... “LT
1) The "practice season" does not mean that the regular season is completely meaningless. That is how those stubborn "Lakers fans" at the other forum choose to interpret and ridicule its meaning despite my efforts to explain the concept to them. It's extreme only for the simple minded and it only applies to championship caliber teams. Believe me, a lot of "practice" (i.e., experimentation, tweaking, etc) went into Miami's season and look where they are now. Bay to LA loved to say that "practice season" = "regular season has no meaning." It's BS. TrueFan would have jumped all over that guy.
2) The Triangle Offense not only doesn't need a true point guard, it abhors them. BJ Armstrong was the closest thing to a prototypical point guard in the pure triangle. I'm not saying that the triangle can't be tweaked to accommodate such a player, I'm saying the opposite. It will HAVE to be tweaked. A player like Steve Nash could play in the triangle because he's a deadly three point shooter, but it's more likely that the offense would have to be changed to accommodate him than the other way around. Deron Williams and CP3 would be miserable in the triangle, just as Gary Payton was.
3) Re the head coach, I have no idea what is going on. To me, the fact that B-Shaw has been given permission to look elsewhere mean nothing. Every team goes through process. If I was the Lakers brass, I'd be struggling with this huge decision, too.
888, I do understand what you and TrueFan mean by the “practice” season. As for the Triangle Offense, I have long contended that it would actually run better with a true point guard. When you look at the play-by-play of most Laker games, you can see that when you count transition, isolations, and pick-and-rolls, it’s easy to see that we really only run the Triangle less than half our opportunities.
Regarding the head coach, I do think there are definite signs that the Lakers are going to hire from outside and get rid of the Triangle Offense. Frankly, I do not see the current roster as a hindrance from switching to an offense that looks to speed the game up or run more. All we need to do is trade Pau or Lamar for a top flight point guard and I think we could easily adopt to a Showtime type of offense. I also think it would be a move that would increase Kobe’s scoring and make him happier.

This would restore instant posting and prevent trolls from hijacking blog handles or posting obscene or unacceptable comments.


Perhaps I don't understand the technology but how would this prevent trolls from posting obscene or unacceptable comments?

Couldn't they just pick a name and sign in then have at it?

MM - Nothing wrong with this post.Totally relevant.No criticism warranted.If I hadn't seen your post I'd have thought PSP was complimenting you on your prolific nature.

@PSP... 888 is not here. I just posted a response to him that I made on another blog. I know you and he have a problem so just scroll by and we will all continue to be cool. Sorry to confuse you. :-)

My Luke Walton Report Card:


Best contract ever!!!!

pick Shaw!

@PSP... The problem with wanting to have instant post is that the Times does not want the obscenities and profanities, which is why they now want moderation (although I have to wonder how that handle jacking of yours occurred on the previous thread – some kind of moderation, huh?
The problem is that MM cannot as one person monitor us 24/7 and the Times financially cannot afford to hire even an intern to help. That means there is no way they will allow instant posting again even if we are willing to put up with the crap posts until MM deletes them.
Listen, I am probably as much a Luddite as anybody when it comes to social networking. I’ve always preferred to be off the grid if you will. But signing up for Twitter is completely non-invasive and using TypePad as a login gives you three options – register with TypePad, Twitter, or FaceBook.
I think we should have a trial of a week with TypePad login required. I bet if we do, it will solve all of our problems and allow the type of Lakers dialog and conversation to which we all have become addicted. Considering we are stuck with TypePad, let’s make lemonade out of these lemons.

If they are very close to do it and the media didn't catch any interviewing movement by the Lakers' management, Brian Shaw and Chuck Person may be the leading candidates.


Exactly; signing in is not the solution. Like the PSP already pointed out, even with moderation turned on handles are still getting jacked and obscene comments are still getting posted. It is hard even next to impossible to have a system where there will be no hijackers or trolls which is why the PSP always preferred insta post; at least then we would have just one issue to deal with. Like I always say it's better to be rich and unhappy than poor and unhappy.

MM the problem is not so much the topic of the post you put up as it is the number of posts we have had already today. If you would have resisted the urge to put up some of the earlier less critcal posts or COMBINE them it wouldn't be such a big deal.


Greetings from the PSP to KobeMVP888 ... :-) ; btw for all he is saying, the proof is in the archives. Whenever we would lose a game he would come here the next day saying it doesn't matter and why are we all getting angry that it's meaningless if we won or lost. Are you saying you agree with that?

PSP Intern

@MM ... Art had a good point. With a TypePad sign in, does that give you the ability to block certain posters from posting? Thanks.


I have no problem with signing up with TypePad or the twit thing if thats what it's going to take.

Thanks for pointing out. Thought 888 was back lol, you know how much the PSP and KobeMVP888 love each other.

PSP Officer

It wouldn't completely solve trolls but it would surely minimize it. It's definitive that no one could steal your identity so that's progress.

Why isn't Larry Brown in the discussion? He has an awesome track record of winning right away then leaving in a couple of years, which is perfect for our situation.

There were no problems with the Blog or "Posters." The real problem is two-fold:
- try being objective and you're labeled a traitor
- and the inability to ignore inflammatory comments by most readers.

It boggles my mind how difficult it is for people to ignore printed words. You don't have to finish reading a comment to know "where it's coming from."

Some "Posters" here are just plain Zany and because of them and not the so-called Trolls or "objective posters," the Blog has slowed to a mere crawl. I don't "comment" much more, if at all not because of Trolls, but because of "obsessed" readers.

"Carry On!"


Why isn't Larry Brown in the discussion? He has an awesome track record of winning right away then leaving in a couple of years, which is perfect for our situation.

Posted by: Dusty Dribble | May 24, 2011 at 05:16 PM
- What about Sloan?

I'm watching Miami vs. Chicago.

The Lakers are soooooo much slower.

I'm looking at the hustle/effort both teams are making.


I am 150% percent against signing in!!!
No Twitter, Typepad, or Facebook---Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!

Dude...J.Buss don't really like's all a front.



PSP Intern

Derrick Rose is an amazing athlete ... plus he is starting to hit his jumpshot. What are they giving athletes these days? They are soo much faster and more athletic. Watching these guys is just a painful reminder of just how bad we were. :-(

PSP Intern


Glad someone else is feeling my pain.

Just a reminder. Everyone tomorrow is going to have to sign in either using a Typepad, Facebook or Twittter account. It will be on insta post, but hopefully this minimizes any trolls. By having an account, it'll be harder to handle jack. But we'll see how it operates. I'll be around all day so if there are problems, I'll be able to step in and intervene

NO to Mike Brown....c'mon, The Family Buss....we want B Shaw!

according to Yahoo sports, Lakers are in serious talk with Mike Brown, I think Brian Shaw will be a good candidate so he will just continue the triangle until all the players contract expires, after that the Lakers can have a new coach and a new system.



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